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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 5, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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i would like to introduce to you the next president of the united states. >> rapper jay-z and his wife, super sar beyonce show their support for the democratic presidential candidate. >> in iraq, people are being used as human shields. isis is forcing civilians, even children, to be on the front lines. >> they're sale saying not intimidated. that's what these procuredish lawmakers are saying.
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we're live in atlanta. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell from cnn news headquarters in atlanta. news room starts right now. we are in the final weekend before the u.s. presidential election. three days to go now. >> just three. are we down to just three? the candidates and their surrogates are on a bush for the battleground states. hillary clinton telling supporters that trump is unfit and bad for america. trump says a clinton presidency would be mired in investigations. >> imagine having a president who demeans women and mocks the disabled. who insults african-americans and latinos and muslims. who personally engages in busting unions and preventing
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people from having the right to bargain collectively. >> you were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. this will go on for years, toex. if she ever got into the oval office, hillary and her special interests would rob our country blind. >> a new fox news poll shows clinton with a two-point lead over trump. it has tightened up 42% to 43%. that is within the margin of error. >> and our cnn poll of polls, it includes that fox news report and it shows hillary clinton ahead now by five points. 47-42%. keep in mind, our electoral map has her slipping just below that magic number of 270 electoral college votes. let's talk about what happened in cleveland, ohio. hillary clinton called on her
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a-list supporters at a rally on friday night. jay-z and beyonce headlined a concert to get the crowd there excited. ♪ louisiana paragraph you mix that with that creol ♪ >> they wore pant suits. the ladies in blue wore clinton t-shirts. the candidate told the crowd she needs them to help crack the glass ceiling once and for all. her celebrity endorsers agreed. >> and i want to grow up in a world where my daughter has no limitations, where our daughter has no limitations, she feel like she can be whatever she wants to be in the world. and this other guy, i don't have any ill will towards him, but his decision is divisive and that's not an evolved soul to me. so he cannot be my president. he cannot be our president.
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once you divide us, you weaken us. we're stronger together. >> i want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country. and know that her possibilities are limitless. we have to think about the future of our daughters, our sons, and vote for someone who cares for them as much as we do. and that is why i'm with her. >> i want to be a president who helps everybody fulfill their god-given potential. and i can't do that unless on tuesday we decide what kind of country we want to be. will we reject a dark and divisive vision for our future?
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and embrace a hopeful, inclusive, unified america. >> now, in the meantime, donald trump had something to say about hillary clinton on stage with those celebrity fans. he told supporters at his rally in pennsylvania he doesn't need special guests to fill a stadium. he says trump being trump is just fine. >> i hear we set a new record for this building. and by the way, i didn't have to bring j. lo or jay-z.. the only way she gets anybody. i'm here all by myself. i am here all by myself. just me, no guitar, no piano, no nothing. >> yeah. in many ways, trump doesn't need a backup. voters in battleground states know they will be key to this election. they are very popular this
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weekends. on friday, one county in nevada broke a single-day record for the number of early ballots being cast. >> here is why nevada is so important. it has six electoral votes up for grabs and every electoral vote could count very much in this election. cnn's sara murray has more on trump's strategy to get those votes. >> 2016 toxic presidential contest led by two deeply unpopular candidates is coming to a close in fitting fashion. >> hillary clinton is under fbi investigation again after her e-mails were found on pervert anthony weiner's laptop. >> how did hillary end up felty rich? pay to mramp politics. >> donald trump amplifying his latest barrage of campaign ads on the trail. >> i think she's unstable. she's trigger happy. >> despite no new information from the fbi, trump is still tearing into hillary clinton over her e-mail server and insisting she'll eventually face
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criminal charges. >> how can hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her e-mails? did you ever see -- folks, let's forget all of this stuff. what a mess. all she had to do was follow the rules. unbelievable. and now she's going to run the country. she'll be under investigation for years. >> all part of his final push to convince voters he's the fresh face and she's the face of corruption. >> she's likely to be under investigation for a long time, concluding in our criminal trial. our president. america deserves a government that can go to work on day one and get it done. >> with the polls tightening, the gop nominee is campaigning in ohio, new hampshire and pennsylvania. and aim to go drive up his election day vote in key battle grounds. >> we have so many great polls. but you have to get out and vote on november 8th. >> trump's sprint to the finish still taking shape, but the gop nominee will campaign this
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weekend in six battleground states and is likely to wedge in more along the way with stops in north carolina and new hampshire planned monday. his campaign continue to go be a family affair. as donald trump jr. hits the trail in arizona and new hampshire, while eric trump barn storms michigan. >> even though the polls show donald trump trailing here in pennsylvania, the margins have tightenen dollars. and this is a day you're going to see him come back to before election day because it's a state with no early voting. so it's a strategic move to come here and try to rev up his voters and convince them to turn out on november 8th which is exactly what we heard from him on friday night. sara murray, cnn, pennsylvania. >> let's bring in eugene scott live via skype from washington, d.c. eugene, always a pleasure to have you with us this hour. let's talk about, first of all, where the race stands right now and a look at the map. the breakdown is changed a bit of the electoral college and it seems that states are now
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these -- some of these important battleground states are moving toward donald trump. >> very much so. i think i'm paying a lot of attention b to nevada, north carolina and florida. these are states with huge basis of donald trump supporters, but also significant urban areas. and we know that urban residents tend to vote left primarily because they are more diverse populations. and so we're seeing states become tossups that in previous elections were a little more easy to guess, but we don't know what will happen yet for sure. >> and very important to point out. donald trump would have to practically run the table here in order to even get close to that magic number of 270. it is a tall order. >> it is a tall order. we have hillary clinton still leading in national polls as of now. one of the states that donald trump is banking on, pennsylvania, has not gone red since about 1988. so he really is climbing an uphill battle. but he's certainly being
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aggressive in his campaigning in these final days. he'll spend tomorrow, i believe, or at least the early part of the week before election day in north carolina with the hope of bringing a win to the republican party like they saw in 2010. >> let's talk about the headliner for the clinton campaign, what we saw in cleveland, ohio, friday night on stage with beyonce and jay-z and their focus obviously to bring in millennial voters but to focus in on african-american voters. their concern, eugene, is that the turnout could be lower than what was seen in 2012 with the election of president barack obama. >> and it's not a coincidence that that concert was in ohio.. there's a chance that donald trump would win ohio. but hillary clinton is hoping that the obama coalition, the women, the hispanics, the blacks, the millennials come out and support her. and beyonce and jay-z carry significant parts of those fan bases. so hearing them on stage to try
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and convince their fans why they should be voters for hillary clinton was a move that hillary clinton's xap hopes will turn out a win. >> anytime you hold these big rallies, at these big stadiums, there's always a chance you will hear from people who support the u.s. president. u.s. president barack obama did that and there was one person who was there to support donald trump. i want to play two things here. we can talk about it on the other side. but first, let's hear this exchange when the u.s. president basically identified, you know, talked about this other person supporting donald trump in that particular rally. then donald trump, we'll hear his response to what the president did, his criticism of how the president responded to a protester. let's listen together. >> now, listen up. i'm serious, listen up. you've got an older gentleman who is supporting his candidate. he's not doing nothing. you don't have to worry about
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him. this is what i mean about folks not being focused. first of all -- first of all, we let -- hold up. hold up. first of all, we live in a country that respects free speech. so second of all, it looks like maybe he might have served in our military and we have to respect that. third of all, he was elderly and we have to respect our elders. and fourth of all, don't boo, vote. >> you saw it he today on television, right? he was talking to the protesters screaming at him, really screaming at him. by the way, if i spoke the way obama spoke to that protester,
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they would say he became unhinged. he became -- you have to go back and look and study. and see what happened. they never moved the camera and he spent so much time screaming at this protester and, frankly, it was a disgrace. >> so eugene just contrasting these two people on stage talking about protesters. just your thoughts. >> well, in the clip he just showed, president barack obama was not talking to the protester at all. he was talking to his base trying to get them to focus on the issues that matter most, not a distraction that as a protester who has the right to protest. i've covered many donald trump rallies. he does not spond respond to protesters or even his base the way that president obama responded in that situation. ultimately, both sides have to focus on the policy issues at this point and try to encourage their bases to come out and vote for them.
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that's what matters most at this point. >> election day, three days away, eugene. there are so many sterns factors and forces who are concerned about how this will play out november 8th, external factors like the threat of russia somehow undermining the u.s. election drawing -- creating seeds of uncertainty or doubt about the validity of it, the threat of terror, any terror that's a constant threat tr groups like al qaeda or isis. the concern about fringe groups out at polling stations and even white national groups out there, how does this play out when it comes to americans going to the polls to make that critical decision? >> well, we've seen a turn among black voters in north carolina decrease by about 5% so far at least in early voting when compared to 2012. and somesay that's perhaps because of voter suppression efforts in the state. he has a strong base there, mr. trump, as does hillary clinton.
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and the state has had history very recently of some difficult voting rights, laws and policies to pass to suppressed votes, according to on practice. and so what will happen remain toes be seen at this point. >> and there have been some rulings lately that have been favorable when it comes to voter suppression laws, favorable for democrats. obviously, we'll see how all of this plays identity come november 8th. eugene scott live in washington. thank you for being with us, as always. for vouters in the united states and around b the world, the best place to watch election coverage, it is here. cnn can tuesday night. we'll have our anchors and reporters on the ground bringing us the latest details as the united states picks its next president. >> it's really almost here. hard to believe. coming up, an iraqi soldier says isis is putting up crazy
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resistance in mosul. and that's putting it lightly. we'll tell you what isis is doing to very young boys here, coming up. plus, turkey continues to crack down on dissidents following july's failed coup attempt. we'll tell you who the government is targeting as "newsroom" continues. o eat heal. so i feed jake purina cat chow naturals indoor, a nutritious formula with no artificial flavors. made specifically for indoor cats. purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. as ai can embrace a worldber, full of surprising moments. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts today.
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iraqi troops continues to
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drive isis out of even neighbors in mosul. iraqi forces are inside mosul for the first time in two years and the cnn on the ground in mousel's outskirts has heard the sounds of fighting and artillery fire. >> one person on the ground says there has been crazy resistance. there are reports of rooftop snipers. >> nic robertson is in irbill, a northern iraq force. >> that's where we get the latest about the drive into mosul. nic. >> yeah, gormg, what's happening, yesterday the government went into about six different neighborhoods on the eastern side of mosul. these neighborhoods on the sort of eastern outskirts of the city. they're in the city, but they're right on the edge of the city. today, the picture appears as if sort of in half of those neighborhoods the government is sort of now trying to consolidate the ground that it has taken. and in the other half of those
2:20 am
districts, isis is still putting up a fierce fight. in one of those neighborhoods, yesterday, the army was quite literally force d to withdraw. they're still in a position that they -- in some of those neighborhoods, they're still sort of, if you will, struggling to keep the toe holds that they managed to get wred. isis claims a suicide bomber has targeted one iraqi army position. the iraqi army also says that they managed to intercept two suicide bombers on motorcycles shooting one, the other escaped. so isis is putting up a very strong resistance. to the south of mosul, the government forces, iraqi forces are approaching that town trying to get into that. this is the town just over the past 24/48 hours where reports that isis in there was forcing
2:21 am
civilians to go to mosul. they're trying to take young boys, as young as 9 years old, trying to take them from their families and force them to go and fight on the front line. so the government there pushing up from the south. but, you know, on the east of the city, we talk about them being in the neighborhoods of the city. in the south, the government forces are still quite some distance from mosul and this last significant town on the river, they're just beginning to try and penetrate that and push isis out of there this morning, george. >> and, again, children are being used on the front line here at human shields. nic robertson, live for us. thank you. we wish you and the teams there continued safety. isis is claiming responsibility for a blast that killed night people on friday in a turkish candidate. turkey earlier blamed the attack on the state-run media authority. a car bomb targeted a police station killing seven civilians and two police officers. the bombing came hours after a
2:22 am
dozen lawmakers were detained by authorities. state-run media say members of the people's democratic party, or hdp, have been detained in a error investigation. for the latest on these developments in turkey, we're joined now from is tall bull by will ripley. will, what more can you tell us about this? >> certainly a complicated situation here, natalie. that claim of responsibility by isis, the first time, we believe, that isis has claimed responsibility for one of the many bombings that they are believed to be tied to here in turkey. it's very rare because this is a recruiting ground for them. this is where they oftentimes recruit jihadists and, therefore, they don't want other muslims to recruit them from getting into the fold. but the isis founder put out a video message saying that turkey is a new target. but here is the thing that makes it unusual. all of the -- the characteristics of this bombing fit kurdish mill at that points.
2:23 am
it was in southeastern turkey in a city that has been targeting before. it targeted a police station, not civilians. nine people did end up dying and a hundred were injured. the turkish government put out a statement saying the turkish militant group, the pkk, is responsible. this is just coming after a major crackdown on a political party believed to be tied to these kurds. a dark nice for democracy say many here in turkey, police forcing open the door of the cochair of turkey's people's democratic party, the hdp. you don't have the right to enter my apartment like this, she says. your prosecutors are thugs, so you are. a shocking overnight round up, about a dozen hdp lawmakers detained. some now under arrest, including both party leaders.
2:24 am
the turkish prime minister says the government is only following the law. if those who are elected involve themselves in terrorism, he says, they must pay the price. the procuredish hdp is accuse canned of being a front of the pkk, the militant group locked in decades of conflict with government. outraged members of turkey's third largest party denied terror ties saying they only want equal rights for millions of kurds, shouting, you can't intimidate us. >> this is happens because of the totalitarian regime of erdogan. >> in july, the failed military coup. since then, turkey repain necessary a state of emergency, amplifying president erdogan's
2:25 am
power. >> they have the civil war going four years. we have a huge -- about that. this and everybody suffering in turkey. >> friday morning, a deadly car bombing in southeast turkey in the same mostly kurdish city police detained two mayors and shut down 15 pro-kurdish news outlets. they detained the editor in chief and a team of journalists from an opposition newspaper. >> they have been oppressing all opposition newspapers, teachers that those people have lost their jobs and with no -- relating them to any crime. >> protesters acute the turkish government of using post coup politics. outrage is growing and so is fear of what could happen next. so you really see these simultaneous battles happening here. on one front, turkey is fighting
2:26 am
kurdish militants and by extension, they're taking in kurdish politicians, which could create more unrest. there is a protest that can happened here in istanbul. the military police claim they and the isolation killed 13 isis mill at that points. they're fighting isis, they're fighting kurds and caught in the crossfire of all this is the kurdish people. >> are people there afraid their city could be targeted again? >> there is a -- an unsettled feeling here. people were still out last night enjoying their friday evening, going out to dinner and whatnot. but everybody is keep their eyes open, looking around. they remember the bombings in tourist areas that are tied to isis that are targeting civilians. people are fearful, at the same time wonder whag action the -- what action the kurdish militants might take as a result of this politial crackdown that's jo ongoing.
2:27 am
definitely an unsettled feeling. but people here trying to move on with their lives, being cog zant of their surrounding pes. >> thank you for explaining. it's complicated issues going on there. >> still ahead here on "newsroom," whole show youous the u.s. electoral map is shaping up. plus, the u.s. election is news all around the world, but as you will see, the coverage in russia is especially noteworthy for the way the two candidates are being portrayed. wait until you see the graphics from russia. we'll have that next. with directv and at&t you can stream your favorite shows without using your data. that makes you more powerful than being stuck in an elevator with a guy with overactive sweat glands. sorry, rode my bike today. cool. hey it's your tv, take it with you. watch all your live directv channels, on at&t, data-free.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom." it is good to have you with us. >> we're going to take you live now to south korea. thousands are gathering in seoul right now for a rally. critics are calling for the president to step down over an abuse of power scandal. president park moon apologized to thing nation saying she says responsibility. getting inside mosul. for the first time in two years, they're trying to drive isis out of mosul. the battle will be waged street by street, house by house. the u.n. warns that isis is using young boys as human shields in the battlefield. donald trump's campaign office in denver, colorado, was vandalized twice 20 friday.. police say they have one person in custody after a rock was
2:32 am
tossed into a plate glass window. someone painted graffiti on a wall. the presidential candidates trying to get voters out to the polls come tuesday. again, three days away before election day. donald trump and hillary clinton hitting those swing states all weekend. new national polls give hillary clinton a slight lead over donald trump. again, national polls showing hillary clinton with a slight lead, but the final outcome of this election will depend on a handful of swing states. that is the big focus right now as this election gets close. three days away. >> yeah. that's why you'll see both campaigns hitting those states. they're popular right now, hard over the next three days. john king takes us through the electoral map. >> so we're into the final weekend. hillary clinton, at 268. donald trump at 204 in the electoral votes. the gold states are in the
2:33 am
tossup. donald trump is on the hunt. hillary clinton is in the advantage. is she in the position president obama was in when he won a big victory in 2012? let's look at some way toes judge. that's much better. a lot of people forget this because of the outcome, the finish on tuesday, but heading into the weekend, this race was a dead heat. that's the national perspective. but we pick presidents by state. so let's go back to the map. think about the key battleground states. let's look at the states. in states where clinton is running just about even is where the president was four years ago, they include nevada and arizona, they include wisconsin and michigan and new hampshire. now, the gold states are tossups heading into this final weekend. president obama won four of these states. hillary clinton is in the same position the president was heading into the final weekend. she thinks she can win all four of these, too, but she heads
2:34 am
into the weekend about even with president obama four years ago. she's underperforming president obama significantly in big battleground ohio and iowa. we lean these towards downtownbecause he has a lead heading into the final weekend. clinton is underperforming oh bam blah in those two states and just by a bit in pennsylvania. she still has a lead in pennsylvania, it's just not quite as big as president obama's was four years ago. but she's overperforming and stronger than the president was heading into the final weekend in colorado by a little bit. in virginia by a bit and significantly in north carolina and florida. this is very important. president obama trailed in north carolina in 2012 heading into the final weekend. he trailed in florida by a bit heading into the final weekend. he ended up winning florida by a tiny margin, the closest race in the country state by state perspecti perspective. he lost north carolina a bit. he was trailing heading into the final weekend. she's ahead in both of these and that's a big deal as we go back
2:35 am
and look at the map and say how does clinton compare to the president four years ago. she thinks she's going thoeld these blues up here. she hopes to turn ohio. we still lean that one in faifr of trump. there's some talking to the democrats. we're going to lean that one donald trump. but significantly, they believe especially because of early voting, they can win out in nevada. most republicans in nevada are start to go think that, too. that would get clinton over the finish line. but they also think because she's in better position than the president was four years ago, they think she can possibly win one of these. if that were to happen, if clinton can win florida and north carolina and new hampshire, that puts her in the ballpark of where the president was four years ago. is that guaranteed? absolutely not. donald trump is fighting in those states to the end. if you're asking the question how does she look now compared to the president four years ago, she entered the weekend in a
2:36 am
contested race with donald trump, but confident the outcome can look a little bit just like it did in 2012. >> john king is very used to doing that part of the story. you bet he'll be in front of that map all day on tuesday, on voting day. there are concerns about whether russia will try to tamper with the u.s. election. another thing, though, is how our election is being reported in the russian media. it's no secret, and you're about to see this, which candidate is favored. here is how russia is looking at our election. chklarissa ward reports. >> the american dream is dead. >> russia's media is relishing every minute of this u.s. election, presenting it as an epic failure of american democracy. and it's not hard to see who the favorite is here. the republican candidate is presented as a match rick underdog, a political outsider
2:37 am
who speaks truth to power. hillary clinton, on the other hand, is cast can as a dangerous russia hater whose election could lead to world war three. russian media frequently labels her a witch with one tabloid even calling her evil incarnate. state tv anchor sergei labrov says it's an attitude. >> on the streets clinton as someone hostile to russia. while she's been haas tail, she's done all those statements, about hacking, putin, rush where a. just statements. >> president putin has dismissed allegations that russia is playing favorites in this race, but as the poles have tightened, russia media is now suggesting that the a election is rigdz and that the establishment won't let
2:38 am
trump win. one channel has predicted bloody social unrest if clinton becomes president followed by the overthrow of the corrupt regime. >> it is a very effective message for the russian aud wrens because russian audience is very suspicious of american, is very suspicious of westernand american democracy and someone who rebels against the system definitely looks very good with in the eyes of russia. >> can which is why media here is happily milking this election for all the propaganda value it can get. klarissa ward, cnn, moscow. >> and it's not just russia that is watching the u.s. presidential election. mat rivers gives us a look from beijing at how china views the race for the white house. >> i'm matt rivers in china, one of the country's most mentioned on the campaign trail. though one candidate certainly uses stroker language than the other. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country, and
2:39 am
that's what they're doing. >> it's rhetoric like that and chime's consistent mentions in the debates that have people talking about donald trump and hillary clinton. >> regardless of trump's slogan of make america great again, i think hillary definitely will be a better leader. >> i prefer donald trump because he's funny and interesting. but it really doesn't matter to china. we're just outsiders. >> pugh research report found 37% of the chinese public viewed hillary clinton favorably. for donald trump, it's just 22%. and while the chinese government doesn't officially comment on foreign elections, state run agency says this points straight at the corrupt practices of the u.s. political system. we would be overstating if we said the average chinese person
2:40 am
is paying close attention to this election. it's not dominatingcation in restaurants or cafes. but the results are relevant. whoever wins will help shape the relationship between two of the world's great powers. matt rivers, cnn, beijing. >> matt rivers, thank you. a country that cares deeply about its world image is dealing with a political scandal of its own. now thousands are calling on south korea's president to step down. we'll have more about that in a moment, plus how brexit will proceed and possibly not as the prime minister planned. ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] thousands of people are
2:44 am
protesting right now in south korea. i was asking if we had live video because we had it earlier. they are calling on the president to step down. >> you see this image here. tri, they saw hundreds of people demonstrating who has been emg broiled in a political scandal for the past two weeks. paula hancocks has more for us from seoul. >> it's not often the president of a company has to publicly deny being paut of a cult or deny carrying out rituals in the palace. south kraep's park kuhn heh did that. a confident who now stands accused of using that access for personal gain. >> i thought i was improving the economy and the leaves of the people, but in this process, a certain individual has committed personal corruption for personal gain. everything is my fault and i
2:45 am
feel personal responsibility for this. >> her familiar has long had influence over park geun-hye's family. which some say bring -- to the country. >> such a weird situation. no one has ever imagined that she would have such a deep rooted, strong, long standing close relationship with such an unqualified, unknown, unverified kind of the people. >> park voiced fears of a power vacuum, insisting the government cannot be allowed to come to a halt, saying the country's security is in crisis. north korea, largely responsible for those security concern social security covering this scandal endlessly. pyongyang never misses a chance to report on discontent with the country they're at war with or
2:46 am
referring to park geun-hye as a traitor been. >> now we have a la dwit many national crisis in the south. and you can bet every day on the korean media is full detailed reporting about everything that's going wrong in the south. >> so that second apology by park geun-hye is clearly not enough for the people on the streets here. there's expected to be around 100,000 on saturday night. just to give you an idea of what the latest president has done, her latest approval ratings are just at 5%, the lowest in her of any south korean president. cnn, seoul. the pentagon says the usair strike has killed one of the top leaders of al qaeda in afghanistan. farouk al khani died. al katani was trying to set up
2:47 am
safe havens for al qaeda in the country and was a key plotter of attacks against the u.s. japan has launched a new weather satellite and someone we know is very excited about that. >> someone our meteorologist derek van dam live in the international weather center. derrick. >> how couldn't you get excited about a geostationary satellite. >> i just love your spinning satellite. >> it's my job to make you guys excited about it and everybody at home, as well.. check this out. we're about to jump leaps and bounds in terms of our technological advancement in the metrological world. current satellites float about 22,000 kilometers above the earth's surface. it takes snapshots of our clouds and really is located at a fixed position above us. that happened every 30 minutes or so. but now with the advent of the new satellite that japan just launched about three days ago, we will have rapid scan continuous monitoring of the earth's weather systems.
2:48 am
and i'll explain to you why that's important in just a second. but first, take a look at the video of this actual satellite launching into space. this particular satellite is going to help monitor tropical cyclones in the western pacific. it's also going to make it possible to accurately study the distribution of volcanic ash and aerosols. by the way, this, what you're looking at, took place three days ago in southwest japan. here are the details. again, it is on stand by, believe it or not, this particular satellite. it will be taken over from the hemuari 8 satellite. but this is that continuous rapid scan technology i was mentioning just a moment ago. look at this typhoon that's currently over the western pacific. notice the detail, kind of that bubbling action that the
2:49 am
thunderstorms near the end of the storm is creating. those have not been captured up to this point. and by the way, the united states is quickly going to be catching up to this technology here within the next let's say two weeks ago by the launch of their gosr satellites. i know it's a lot of information to take in, but what it means for you at home is more accurate and timely forecasts as far as floods, droughts, duststorms. the good news about this, george and natalie, is this particular typhoon is not going to pose a threat to land. >> we don't need that satellite to tell us that, do you? >> you just got me. >> thank you, derek. so we rare hear from donald trump's wife, but when we do, malania trump stirs up
2:50 am
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welcome back. during this long, ever so long presidential campaign, malania trump hasn't made many appearances. >> she came back and jeanne moos has more. >> i'm not sure why they picked this song for malania trump's entrance, this astrological taurus flashed a peace sign. someone tweeted, this is the donning of something, but i don't know about aquarius. malania accepted love from the audience. >> love you! >> thank you. >> no surprise, she got mocked for saying that has first lady, she would focus on cyber pulleying of kids. >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. >> all i kept thinking was, have you met donald trump.? >> she can probably cut knit half just by taking her husband's phone away.. >> this was melania's first speech since she got burned for
2:55 am
bl bl plagarizing michelle obama during the convention. >> he's kind, he's a gentleman, he's kind. he's a gentleman. but my husband is real. he's raw. he tells us as it is. my husband, he's raw and he's real and he tells it as it is. it's damaging and it's unfair. >> wow. hey, look on the bright side. at least she's only plagiarizing herself now. >> it's not easy being a first lady. impersonators exaggerate you. >> all men are like this? >> yes. they're all animals. only a woman could be president. >> melania trump may be making
2:56 am
peace signes and talking about fighting bullies, but she's married to a guy who doesn't believe in turning the other cheek. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. it's been a wild campaign, has it not? with so many things, etcetera, et set are ra. >> november 8th, the place to be come election day, november 8th. >> i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. for viewers in the united sta s states, any day is next. thank you for watching "cnn newsroom."
2:57 am
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i didn't have to bring j. lo or j.j. i'm here all by myself. ♪ >> we have to think about the future of our daughters, our sons, and that is why i'm with her. >> we have unfinished business to do. with your help, a glass ceiling to crack once and for all. >> i'm asking you


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