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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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top of the hour, 3:00 p.m. eastern. for the presidential candidate candidates, crisscrossing america, it is noon in reno, nevada. i am poppy harlow in new york. so glad you are with us. buckle up. it is the final or the finale of the wildest election season perhaps of your lifetime. you have a front row seat. this hour, we will take you live to the battleground states and we'll decide who wins the white house. you are watching cnn's special, election coverage. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." take a look at this. i want to show you exactly where donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing their efforts today. what a day it is on the campaign trail. donald trump is on his way to nevada and colorado after stops
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earlier today in north carolina and florida. his surrogates are stumping in new hampshire, wisconsin and new hampshire. the clinton campaign has heavy focus on florida and pennsylvania. she will rally in philadelphia and joe biden will campaign near pittsburgh. clinton surrogates will appear in north carolina, iowa and colorado. we have our teams of reporters and every single one of those major campaign stops. so let's get started. we begin first in north carolina. it is fast becoming a must-win state. one of trump's biggest female supporters, his wife, melania introduced him. republican, mitt romney, won north carolina by a slim margin in 2012. it went to obama in 2008. the latest cnn poll of polls there shows trump trailing clinton four points. clinton at 46. trump at 42. let's go straight to sunlen.
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how are they feeling about their chances in north carolina? >> reporter: i just talked to donald trump's campaign director who said they are cautiously looking at the polls showing clinton up by a few. it is an essential must-win state for their path to 270. we are seeing such a flood of nearly the full contingent of campaign surrogates and family members into the states. that surprise add to melania trump and tomorrow, mike pence. they are leaving making sure the state is not remaining unattended from now until election day. trump just wrapped up his rally
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where he went right after hillary clinton and vice-president, joe biden. >> she doesn't have what it takes to do rallies all over the place. she wants to go home and go to sleep. so she has got biden. he challenged me. i would like to take him behind the gym. i dream of that. i dream. let me just tell you, hey, folks. let me just tell you, if i ever said that, if i ever said that, they thought it was so cute. wasn't it wonderful what our vice-president said? if i ever said that, oh, he is a bully, he is a horrible person. he challenged our vice-president to a fight. can you imagine what a bully he is? >> now, that is just like pure meat thrown out by donald trump to his supporters here, which is what these last-minute rallies
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are, not about persuading any new voters. making sure your supporters are motivated to get out to vote. >> thank you so much. hillary clinton campaigning in flo florida. a pretty important speech for her. not exactly in her favor. three days out from the election, our cnn poll of polls shows the battleground state in a dead heat each coming in at 45%. jeff zeleny joining us. what is clinton's message to the voters? clearly, latinos are helping her here a lot in florida. he has a lot of help from retirees and seniors. >> the message that hillary clinton was giving today really to this crowd here, there were some hearty folks out here. not the biggest crowd ever.
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it was a torrential downpoor. she was doing stops along the way, in west miami and little haiti trying to get out the hispanic vote. that is central to the clinton campaign strategy here in florida. those 29 electoral vote ns this state. i am here in broward county, florida, just north of miami. poppy, this is the third time in the last week that hillary clinton has campaigned here. this is the heart of democratic florida as you know. it is so important to their effort here. this is what hillary clinton had to say a short time ago here at this rally. >> my friends, you are a hearty bunch standing out here in the rain. i don't think i need to tell you all of the things about donald trump. here is what i want you to remember. i want to be the president for everybody, everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me, people that vote for me, people that don't vote for me.
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so let's get out. let's vote for the future. let's vote for what we want for our country and our children and our grandchildren. god bless you. so poppy, a little multitasking there in her closing argument. she is still trying to draw a contrast and disqualify donald trump and she is also trying to say she will be the president for everyone. still trying to get any voter in the mid who is not decide. this weekend is about what is happening behind the scenes. it is about getting their identified supporters out to vote already. 6 million, nearly 6 million people in florida have already voted. that is about 60% of what the projected elec tore at witorate. >> thank you very much, from florida. let's talk more about this with our political commentator, bernstein. alice burns is with us and
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margaret hoover, a sight in yellow, a republican consultant. she does not support donald trump. thank you for being here. >> gents, if you had yellow suits on, i would be complimenting you too. >> carl, let me begin with you. you say hillary clinton and you wrote the book on her, is best when she is in warrior mode. was that warrior mode clinton? why is she best like that? >> she gets into a zone in which she knows what she has to do, she is focused, she is calm and she is destructive of the other object of her destruction. i think we've been seeing it the last few years -- the last few days. what we are also seeing, though, is somebody who realizes she is on the edge of becoming the president of the united states. it's within her grasp. the polls that we are going to talk about seem from internal polling by her campaign, by trump's campaign as well to be accurate and they are really the
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trump campaign in a hail mary territory, some kind of disruption that might occur, some kind of tote little unforeseen event or people going into the booth and surprising everybody and saying, the hell with it, i want change, even if it is donald trump. >> as some would say, some told me in these swing states undecided, i'm willing to roll the dice. i want change. margaret, to you, when you look at latino voting, it has been huge. perhaps headed towards record levels in this election. it is really helping her in places like florida. north carolina, she is not getting nearly enough african-american voters. the president was pleading with them saying if you come out, she will win this election. will one offset the other enough. >> you have to go state by state. a state like florida where you have a depression of african-american turnout, specially in the early vote, what you have is almost one for one, new latino voters showing
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up in the early polls. you are right about north carolina. the offset is, what about all those white voters that trump was going to drum up that didn't necessarily vote every four years. the republican side, we have talked about it for four years. where is the missing white voter? can trump get them out to the moles? we are seeing equal numbers of white voters showing up in the early turnout. there isn't that sort of one for one in north carolina. in nevada, you have incredibly high latinos there. >> and clark county, two-thirds of the votes come in. we are going to have new numbers when early voting closes for good. alex, to you. when you look at if there is a hail mary going on by the trump campaign, mike pence is going to my home state of minnesota on monday. aides to the campaign say, we see this map widening.
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minnesota hasn't gone red since '72? smart? >> and in downballot elections, minnesota is such a reliably democratic state. even when democrats got shellacked across the country. >> we elected jesse ventura. >> i am surprised you bring that up willingly, poppy. look, this is something we see every four years that a candidate who sees the math kind of closing in around them and their paths are getting cut off one by one. in states like nevada start to slip away from something like donald trump the same way it did for mitt romney four years ago, it is less that you see it expanding organically and you start battering up against the fence to try to find a weak point. it is why mike pence has been spending so much time in michigan. it is why donald trump went to michigan and new mexico last week. these are states that have voted almost exclusively for democrats
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and president. >> carl, to you. when you look at the cnn poll of polls today and you look at it pre comey sending thatl letter. was too much made of him doing that? >> this election comes down to the character of the two candidates. even though there is disdain for both among most of the elec tore a rat, there is a larger enough of people that have some confidence in the notion that hillary clinton could be a competent and able and informed president of the united states. where there is real fear of a trump presidency. >> are republicans coming home? >> you saw ted cruz, something you have seen marco rubio out. the only ones that are not behind him are some of the big
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names that have felt insulted. >> you have more than 80% of the republican party turning out for donald trump. he have had higher margins for mitt romney and john mccain. 83% is what it is around right now. that's a significant portion. that's not a divided party. that's a party that's behind its nominee. >> that's not a divided party? >> at the popular vote level. >> certainly in the leadership level. >> when you ask republicans point blank, who are you voting for? >> how many show up to vote is the question. >> there are a share of people that are uncomfortable. how craven the leadership of the republican party is to fall in line at the last minute behind trump the way some of these folks have. i think there will be a big fight in the republican party for many years to come as a result of that. >> i'm out of time, guys. thank you very much. margaret and alex, we'll be
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back. a lot ahead this hour. in pennsylvania, we go where clinton leads. trump is well within striking distance. why in is such a crucial win. how a third party candidate and the mormon vote have turned the rubie red state into an outright battleground. three days out and there is chilling talk about what the republican party could do if donald trump doesn't win. more on "the washington post" piece everyone is talking about. you are live in the "cnn newsroom."
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are some republicans vowing total war if donald trump doesn't win? they have a strong opinion piece. >> something truly frightening is happening, something with far-reaching impli okayings for the immediate future of american politics. republicans, led by donald trump but by no means limited to him, are engaging in kind of a ter might-level assault on american democracy. one that looks on the surface as though it's just aimed at hillary clinton. m.j., everyone is talking about this today. he points to a number of things, including let's just begin with and larnlly his argument here is based around what he calls a war going on inside the fbi, post
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comey'sler to congres letter to? >> what democrats are very worried about, the timing of comey's letter. they perceive it as lack ng important information. that's why the clinton campaign has been so forceful in saying it is time for comey to release more information so the public can judge whether there should be a continued investigation or whether this amounts to anything real. the question for hillary clinton is, remember, fbi directors are appointed for ten years. the question is whether she can work with someone who she has been so critical of. >> both have been critical of director comey at different times. >> this is so remarkably unusual specially for an agency that historically is known for being politically independent. it does not get in the ins and outs of politics. this is a huge question for a potential clinton
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administration. top aides had a call and i asked robbie mook who was on the call, how do you plan to deal with the fact that you are going to have an fbi director that you have now putted heads w the campaign is not commenting on this. they say they r focused op winning. this could be a dragged-out war if she wins. they are arguing that if she wins, the 9th seat won't be filled in a republican is in the white house. this is not just bare knuckle politics. >> in the supreme court, regardless of what happens on election day, this is going to be one of the biggest flash points of the clinton administration, trying to fill
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that vacancy in the supreme court. if you listen to harry reid, he has said that he manages that the fill buster will be reversed if republicans are in the minority. senate democrats would reverse that in order to allow a democratic president to fill that vacancy. >> it doesn't seem that different from eight years ago when mitch mcconnell said, our number one mission is to make president obama a number one president. this is politics. we have to leave it there. m.j., thank you. we appreciate it. >> coming up, hillary clinton and donald trump both spend ag lot of time in pennsylvania in the final days of this election. the keystone state is key to both candidates in their live to win the white house. live from pittsburgh, a huge event for democrats tonight. a pretty top yar for them to take. we will talk to miguel marquez
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live next. >> i cherish women. i am going to take such good care of women's health care issues, you won't even believe it. i'm surging with women. >> he doesn't think much of equal pay for women because he doesn't think much of women it turns out.
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i know we all want to think that our state is the most important but that's just not the case with the electoral college. the only states that really matter to the presidential candidate this weekend in the final push are the battleground states, both trump and clinton desperately need them. neither of them have them in the bag. a big one is pennsylvania. the prize there, 20 electoral votes. our most recent polling found trump and clinton almost tied in pennsylvania when you factor in the margin of error. people that work closely together, they are split right down the middle. >> how are you both registered in. >> democrat, republican. >> last presidency, i've switched. >> i've always been democrat. >> i'm all for trump. you have people coming over here that isis and it is scary. you don't know when it is going to happen. it is happening all over the
12:26 pm
country now snch. >> what do you think if hillary clinton is elected? >> more refugees will come over. >> i support hillary. hillary clinton's ads aren't her saying anything. they are just quote fs from him. we are trying so hard to get away from that. i think he would bring us so far backward sfwch backward. i think it is scary. >> that was in scranton. our miguel marquez is in pittsburgh. mig get, she spent nine days campaign ng pennsylvania since the dnc. it is so important to her that she will be there with bill clinton and chelsea clinton and with the obamas on monday night. how does her camp feel about their ground game and chances
12:27 pm
there. the ground game is enormous. they have 50,000 volunteers, hundreds of campaign staffers. they are making a play for everywhere. pittsburgh in allegheny county is the democratic strong hold in the western part of the state. the western part of the state is a trump strong hold. they have been here. hillary clinton was here last night. joe biden was here today talking to steel workers in far south algain any. donald trump will be here tomorrow. it gives you a sense of how important this little area of pennsylvania is. bobby. >> you know, i just wonder if there is that hidden trump vote there. it has gone democrat. clearly, his team thinks they have a real shot there. is that what they are banking on, the hidden trump vote? >> this is precisely what the trump campaign has been saying all along, that there is a vote here in the rust belt states you
12:28 pm
have miners and ironworkers and others that are upset with washington, upset with where jobs are right now. if they can peel off places like pennsylvania and ohio and michigan and wisconsin, they can put together that coalition to put them to the white house. they did not have a huge campaign effort here. it grew over time. the rnc mainly running the trump campaign in pennsylvania. they feel comfortable with that. they feel they can get the vote out. one thing they point to is that they have much more enthusiasm than hillary clinton. we'll see come election day. no early voting here. it is all going to happen on tuesday. let's hope the day is as beautiful as this. >> exactly. it all comes down to tuesday. an interesting int point, migue. >> this election could determine, will determine frankly our strategy in the war against isis. up next, we will take you for an
12:29 pm
exclusive look inside, live inside iraq truly frightening video from our incredibly brave team on the ground there in mosul. a critical battleground in the fight to take back that area from the terrorist group. arwa day m arwa damon was trapped there, will join me next. ow. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex.
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the intense fight to push isis out of iraq's second largest city and our teams right there in the middle of all of it. some incredible and frightening pictures that you will only see here on cnn.
12:33 pm
this is mosul, where iraqi troops are fighting house to house, push them out. listen to these word. they are the raw notes from our senior international correspondent, arwa damon. she was right in the middle. these are her word. a massive flash of orange, a s massive explosion when we were stopped. my ears are ringing. everybody coughing from the dust and the dirt kicked up. out the back window, i saw family running with kid. it was a suicide car bomber, they said. i can't stop thinking about that family and all of the others. let's go live to arwa damon. those were her words. she is now safe, just about 55 miles away from all this happened. arwa, you and your photographer, 24 hours, you are stuck in the middle of this. i read the entirety of your notes. it's remarkable. talk to me about living through it. you have covered so many war
12:34 pm
zones. how is this different? >> reporter: well, poppy, our photographer and i were with this unit of iraqi counter terrorism forces. what happened was isis ambushed them in a very complex attack on one of these narrow streets that they were going down and they managed to split the convoy in two. t i have to say that this is the most harrowing experience that i have personally been through despite having covered war zones for more than a decade. once they managed to split the convoy in two with gunfire, rocket propelled grenades, they began to systematically take out the convoy's vehicles, hum-vs and m raps starting at the end and forcing the soldiers and eventually us out of our vehicles on to the streets and into the building, basically
12:35 pm
putting the troops in more vulnerable positions. then, the isis fighters were moving in and attack the buildings that the troops were sheltering in. at the end of a very long 24 hours, the bottom line is that we were under siege with around 22 wounded soldiers. six who were not wounded. it got so bad at one point in the morning, poppy, despite the fact that the unit was repeatedly call ing in for backup. none came. they were running out of ammunition. this is how close the isis fighters were, in the building right behind where all of us had spent the night along with an iraqi family. an air strike took out the building, the house behind us. we later found out that eight isis fighters were there. they were throwing grenades into the courtyard that wounded more of the soldiers we were with. they were screaming for anyone
12:36 pm
who could walk to come up to the roof and defend this position. the reason why backup couldn't arrive. based on what we were told, the units that were supposed to be coming at reinforcements also got bogged down because of classes that they were undergoing with isis. this illustrates the challenges that the iraqis are going to be facing as they try to clear iraq's second largest city. >> the family, arwa, in those notes that you send back in the midst of all this. you talk about the family with their children. do you know what happened to them. the family we were went that we spent the night with shall they didn't want to be filmed. they were very friendly, welcoming. at the same time, they were terrified. overnight, we were chatting, laughing, joking. in the morning when the isis counter attack began, they were crying, hiding under the staircase. they were trying to leave the
12:37 pm
house to go to their neighbors, because they thought they would be safer there. they made a few attempt toss run out. one of the little boys was screaming out, i don't want to die today. eventually, they did leave their own home running out without their shoes on. another family that we did agree to be filmed, we met them early on in the day. one of the daughters, she was just 19 years old. she was shaking. her body was visibly shaking. her hands were shaking because of the fear of the fighting that was happening all around her. she was frayafraid the iraqi security forces were going to take her family away. mosul is a city with a population of 1.2 million people. there are civilians living within these homes, civilians that often times their presence
12:38 pm
is not directly known. the other concern, poppy, this happened on a number of occasions. sometimes a house will have a white flag outside of it. sometimes that house will even have a family on the lower floor. as one of the soldiers told us, he went upstairs. five ice sis fighters were hiding in the upstairs room. he threw a grenade. two were killed. one grabbed for the gun. they are hiding amongst the civilian population, using them as fighting positions. >> what can you tell us, arwa, about the man, this taxi driver that we are seeing in some of the new video that you have from this harrowing experience? >> that really just illustrates the chaos of the battlefield and how it is very difficult to discern whether someone is friendly or an enemy and how tense the entire situation is. what happened is that the soldiers asked this man in the
12:39 pm
taxi to stop. he stops his vehicle. he gets out of it. he begins moving towards him. remember, their biggest threat in all of this is suicide car bombs. the initial assumption is that he is a suicide car bomber or a suicide bomber himself. he moves towards them. they start shooting. one is screaming at them to come, to go. he ends up on the ground. they drag him awhiay. they try to treat him. he eventually dies of his wounds. they don't know who he is. they still think the vehicle was packed with explosives and then there was such an intense fire fight that ensued right afterwards that the last i saw, his body was on the side of the street wrap in a blanket with pink flowers on it. these are scenes that aren't unique to our experience, scenes that unplay everywhere as these troops move through. every single unit is coming
12:40 pm
across similar experiences. >> they are unique to us and our viewers. >> you see this. you and your team are living this hell frankly. this is what the 1 million plus are living. this is the first time they are seeing some of the images like this. it certainly brings it home for people. talk to us, arwa, about how you, your entire team, your photographer, how are you protected when you are in the middle of these streets, when you are in the middle of chaos for 24 hours on end, not knowing when you are going to get out? how are you protected? >> well, our experience is pretty much very similar to the soldiers' experience. we are traveling in their vehicles and their armor is fairly solid. we carry our own protective gear. we have basic training. but this is a war zone.
12:41 pm
that experience and the experience of a lot of our correspondents, was among the most intense we have been through. you do really gain this greater appreciation. i have stood in front of the camera on numerous occasions and talked about iraqi troops being ambushed, being under siege, about rocket propelled grenades flying in. those words right now carry much more meaning. i know and through the images the world knows to a certain degree what it is to actually be in that situation. for us, we were lucky. we were able to leave and now i'm standing in a fairly safe area reporting back to you on this. those soldiers are still out there. those civilians are still out there going through what we have been through on a regular basis. >> those children are still stuck helplessly in the middle
12:42 pm
of it arwa damon, brave does not begin to do justice to what you and your team have done today. much more inside this program on tomorrow night. we return to the campaign trail. we will take you next live to utah, a traditionally rubie red state, a republican stronghold. a third party candidate has frankly put all of that in jeopardy. we will explain the story of utah in this election next. approve this message.
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i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f**á themselves. you know you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. you gotta see this, i don't know, i don't remember. he's going like 'i don't remember.'
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rubie red utah, evan mcmillan has changed the state for d for donald trump. the latest polling shows trump ahead of clinton by six points whachlt wi what will happen come election day? who knows. >> never hillary and turned off by trump voters like brad fix are turning deeply red utah into a battleground state. the difference in the beehive state is evan mcmullen, running as an independent. the 40-year-old mormon says he is advocating true conservative
12:47 pm
values. fix, a mormon who votes republican, chose mcmullen for president. >> looking at the two main party candidates, neither one of them pre really the values i feel and the character that this country needs to represent the united states of america. >> reporter: of the republicans in utah, about 85% are mormon. >> it is pretty surreal this year to see electoral maps that have utah painted as a battleground state glchlt is never before has a republican nominee been so out of sync with traditional values. >> you have mormons that are siding with trump. another group who have been waiting for some alternative that they could live with. they couldn't vote for hillary clinton. you add on top of that his own personal morality, the reaction to the tape, the way he treats women, the way he lashes out at
12:48 pm
people. >> this has made mcmullen appealing to many members of the church of latter-day saints in utah. there are more than 515,000 active registered voters unaffiliated with any part in the state that may bode well for the independent candidate. for some, a mcmullen victory is ultimately a clinton victory. lds member, maureen anderson, voted for trump. >> reporter: you weren't persuaded to vote for evan mcmullen? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> it is a two-party system and voting for a third party candidate is not the way the system works and just because he is lds isn't a reason why i would pick someone to vote for. >> i think you need to vote your conscience. vote what you feel is best for us as a country. >> stephanie elam joins me live from salt lake city. stephanie, good to see you. independent evan mcmullen was on
12:49 pm
the erin burnett show. he said, they are not factoring in the lack of excitement they get for trump in utah. is that the sense you get on the ground? >> reporter: there are some people na athat are excited abo trump. another poll came out yesterday that was just done. it puts evan mcmullen in second place behind trump here. of the people that i talked to, they all said they are not excited about this election. people are not showing up like they thought they would. usually, if there is a republican candidate, they run away with it. >> some of them supporting it while holding their nose.
12:50 pm
others say, i can't do it. people i spoke to who are mormon part of the church are saying they are not the fact that ed is also mormon. very important for them to do something that lined up with their believes, but also what they thought was best for the country. >> stephanie, thank you. we'll see what happens come tuesday, if we see a first since the 1960s with the republican candidate not taking the state of utah. thank you. coming up the battleground of north carolina and also colorado in a brnd new cnn poll shows folks this race is getting even closer. talking about a three-point race now. we're live. >> i call it trumped up, trickle down. that's exactly what it would be. >> they gave me a defective mic. did you notice that. my mic was defective within the room. @!@!
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here we go. hour two. so glad you're with us. this just in to cnn. this is now a three-point race. buckle up, america. it's the finale of the wildest election season in your lifetime. you have a front row seat. take you to ballot grounds. you're watching special cnn election coverage. you're live in the cnn newsroom.
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here's with donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing efforts today. appeared in florida and north carolina earlier today. now headed west for rallies if nevada and colorado. also visiting new hampshire, michigan and wisconsin. cut short earlier today due to heavy rain there. later visit philadelphia. vice president joe biden will campaign for her in the west of the state in pittsburgh. also clinton surrogates will appear in north carolina, iowa, and colorado. we have teams of reporters positioned at every single major campaign stop. no one gets a weekend off. we'll get to them in just a moment. first i want to show you a brand new cnn poll that drives home just how tight this race has become. it is now a three-point race that is not the right poll. here are the right numbers. clinton at 46. trump at 43. do you remember a week or so ago it was a nine point then a five point spread now a three-point spread. that's what's going on here. a historic battle and a battle that's


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