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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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a woman in philadelphia asked benjamin franklin, what have we got a republic or monarchy. franklin responded a republic if you can keep it. that's what we have in america, the world's greatest republic, if we can keep it. so vote on tuesday with that sense of history in mind. and don't forget to watch cnn on election day. in fact, stay with us until the very last vote is cast and the final result is in. thank you all for being part of this special program. i will see you next week. and here we go. we're live. washington, d.c., the heart of the capital for special coverage right up to the finish line, that home, the new home for someone in the next couple of days, depending on how you all
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vote. we're less than 48 hours away. millions of other americans will be casting votes and later that night we could know who will be the next president. first right now an all out sprint to the finish, donald trump is swinging through five states and just finished up a rally in sioux city iowa and heading to michigan and pennsylvania and virginia. as for hillary clinton, she's continuing her star-studded campaign tour today. she'll be joined by two very popular james, first you have king james, lebron james in ohio. and then james taylor later tonight in new hampshire. and minutes from now, even more star power coming out for the former secretary of state. you have stevie wonder who will be performing before president obama addresses the crowd down there in florida. this as a brand-new cnn poll of polls shows hillary clinton with a three-point lead over donald trump, nationally but as we know, it all comes down to one
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very important number, 270. right, electoral college, 270. let's begin with jeff zellany. she has to win. it's the cleveland suburbs must win for hillary clinton. >> reporter: you're right, the number is 270. the number in ohio is 18. that is the number of electoral votes she's trying to win and if not more important block donald trump from winning. his path to 270 are much narrower than hers are. she's back in cleveland for the third time in the last week. that's how important cleveland and its suburbs are to her chances here. she will be with lebron james. he endorsed her a month or so ago but never appeared with her. he's shot been involved with politics before. that's why the clinton campaign believes his endorsement may attract more attention and draw more people to the polls on tuesday of the early voting is
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under way this afternoon as we speak in ohio. earlier today, hillary clinton was in philadelphia and she talked about the stakes of this election. >> and this election in many ways is about what kind of future our country will have. will it be dark and divisive, calling up the specters of our past as cory said, a re-run of some of our worst moments, or will it be hopeful and inclusive and united? i personally believe we have come too far to turn back now. >> she's clearly trying to make the case to democrats there in philadelphia and later here in ohio the stakes of this election. for the next 48 hours or so, ohio is so central to this. i was struck by the front page of the cleveland plain dealer, has ohio lost its electoral
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clout. we'll discuss that after the election results but for now the 18 electoral votes so critical to both sides, that's why she's back here in cleveland as i said for the third time in the last week. >> jeff, thank you so much. a reminder to viewers, we'll dip in and out of events as we roll along this afternoon. jeff, thank you so much. from team clinton to team trump, we know donald trump moving to minneapolis where he'll stay the stage there, part of thf five-state sprint he's making today, all of them battleground states except minnesota. when you look at polls, he's quite a bit behind. you think of the last time a republican won that state it was the nixon landslide in 1972. why is he there, sara? >> reporter: there's no doubt this is a questionable stop just days before election day, and i think the trump campaign is
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outwardly projecting confidence, they do feel they have momentum, they are very aware of the electoral map and donald trump has fewer paths to victory than hillary clinton. they are trying to touch down in a number of these states. minnesota hasn't voted for a republican since 1972. just to see if there's an outside shot they could make inroads in one of these places. when you talk to advisers, they still feel they have a better chance of flipping a place like michigan and pennsylvania, but donald trump said he wanted to go to minnesota and now we are here, this campaign manager kellyanne conway was insisting this morning the internal numbers show a closer race. all of the public polls suggest the trend will hold in minnesota and once again go blue on election day but donald trump will show up shortly and try to make his best pitch to turn that trend around. >> all right, sara, thank you so
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much. let's begin with my panel. let me bring in my voices. kevin madden, senior adviser to mitt romney's 2012 campaign and mave reston and rebecca berg for real clear politics. nice to see you all on a sunday in washington. >> thanks. >> to my sartorial blue wall, i want to begin with minnesota and trump dropping by today. you see the packed crowd but still, why is he wasting his time? >> i think this is such a so representative of the fact that trump's advisers have always argued they had these different paths to 270, but i think as zelleny said looks like throwing spaghetti at the wall. >> see what sticks. >> his chances aren't as good as a place like michigan.
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you would wonder why he isn't spending all of his time there. clearlily they see the momentum behind them and think they have a chance of some of these states but it feels like gambling on the day before. >> let me ask you, we were talking about the romney team in 2012, you had that 11th hour push and swung through pittsburgh at last minute. we want your vote. didn't pan out. >> right, a lot was driven by metrics, we were looking at polls that showed pennsylvania tightening and and we saw polls with minnesota was tightening too. we made late plays but the numbers didn't pan out on election day but one of the things that the trump campaign is trying to do that we were also trying to do in 2012, send a message to the supporters nationwide about our optimism that we're -- we're on offense here. we're trying to expand the map. there's momentum on our side. >> that's interesting. >> and not only do republican voters across the country feed off of but volunteers. the idea that they are -- that
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their work on the ground matters at that moment. when you're in the stage of the campaign as dan knows, it's less about persuasion and more about mobilization, that's an important element that the campaign has to take into consideration. >> what about throwing michigan in. talk about somebody who has been out and about so much for hillary clinton, they are sending him to ann arbor the day before election day, not going to be kicking it in the house behind me, but stumping for votes. that tells me though i'm wondering if that means the dems are nervous, that the president is there the day before. >> there are two reasons he'll go to michigan. trump has no path unless he can pick off michigan, wisconsin or pennsylvania, no other way to do it. that's one. let's look that. you don't get extra points, you get 270. lock that down. second, michigan, like pennsylvania where they will also be on monday night, states where they do not have significant early vote. all of the vote will be decided on tuesday. they've already banked most of
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the vote in florida and most of the vote in nevada and colorado and north carolina. they can decide entirely by tuesday. you put your weight where there's the most opportunity to move the vote. >> and then rebecca, let me ask you about ohio. i was looking at -- it was the -- you had obviously jay-z and beyonce and star power, which starts the question of whether or not popularity and stars and celebrities means votes. but it's cleveland. we saw zeleny ahead of lebron james and ohio, it is close, close, close for them. >> i would argue that ohio is different than a state like michigan or pennsylvania. >> why? >> in that trump has a slight advantage in terms of demographics of this state and proportion of white working class voters there. it's really whole case for the campaign was that he could appeal to rust belt voters. if he cannot win in ohio, that's going to bode poorly for him on
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election night and deal a mortal blow to his campaign. clinton and democrats are playing a smart game and spending time there because they recognize how important it is to donald trump's sfrat gtrategy. if he's not winning in ohio, there's no way he's winning in the other states. his night would be other. >> it shows you how fluid the race is. a couple of weeks ago we were saying hillary clinton looks like she's done in ohio, not going to happen and there's just so much movement in the numbers that clearly she's back there. >> what does it feel like in the campaign, both of you being former soldiers and knowing in those final days and final hours and the crisscrossing and sleeping with the phone under your pillow -- >> that's weird. >> i believe you did that. the final 72 hours are a blur. i mean you almost can't remember the difference between a friday
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and monday. and you can't leave anything to chance. that's win of the things that's driving so many of these campaigns to pick up and go to minnesota or shift an event to wisconsin at the last minute. because they don't want to leave anything to chance. again, it is a mobilization game right now. and you have to basically make sure that you're putting every last ounce of effort you have in the campaign into getting people out to vote. >> isn't it sort of a mind game in a way? i remember cheney went to hawaii in the final days of the -- >> i remember when the obama campaign went with radio ads in minnesota, which was essentially to draw our resources and time there. that's something too that those type of mind games i think -- it's all of the three dimensional game of chess in the last 72 hours. >> this is a trump ad that is now out and tapper had on al franken responding, his own perception of this trump ad. here you go.
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>> the establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election. for those that control the levers of power in washington and global special interests, they partner with these people that don't have your good in mind. >> well, when i saw the ad, i thought that this was something of a german shepherd whistle, a dog whistle, to sort of the certain group in the united states. i think i'm jewish, maybe i'm sensitive to it but it clearly had sort of elders of zion kind of feel to it, international banking -- plot or conspiracy rather. and then a number of jews -- >> you know whose pointing the criticism of janet yellen and folks who are jewish.
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he's saying it was anti-semitic, does anyone agree with him? >> i don't think he's being too sensitive. if you spend any time on twitter or follow the jewish reporter who says something critical of trump or some supporters don't like, things you could never imagine being said public in america in 2016 are being said on their twitter bios and this has been an element that's been fueling some element of trump supporter. not all of them but it is an element of campaign and part perpetuated by bright bart -- >> i think dan has a lot of good points on that. i think from a campaign perspective, the last thing you want to do in these last 72 hours is invite these type of controversy that becomes a distraction for your campaign. the campaign should have been well aware of the type of message they could be sending by
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running something like that and whether or not it would have a decompressive effect on republicans who are coming home at the last minute here. it's -- unforced error. >> it shows what a close mind meld at the stage in the campaign they have. this wasn't always the case. trump didn't work well with paul manafort his prior manager. he agrees with steve banon. >> staying on point. keeping him on message and off twitter and when you looks at the polls it seems to be working for him. let me ask you all to stick around. don't forget, did you know tuesday is election day? surprise if you haven't been under a rock. all leading up to the super bowl of politics, election night in america. we'll have every race and result. stay with cnn until the last vote is cast. coming up next, we want to talk about the ghost offal gore. why perhaps the clinton campaign is back in new hampshire, perhaps fearful of what happened
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in 2000. we'll recommend nis. >> donald trump is suggesting that parading out stars is cheating. let's discuss that. speaking of stars and celebrity, stevie wonder, moments from hearing from him as he'll introduce the president of the united states in florida, all part of the democratic party's full-court press. live in washington, d.c. and this is cnn. i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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baldwin, you're watching cnn on a sunday afternoon. new hampshire could be putting a crack in hillary clinton's fire wall. right now the candidates there are neck in neck. clinton edging out trump by just two points. tonight campaigns will battle it out with dueling events there. vice presidential candidates mike pence, and clinton will be with james taylor. that's where we find chris frates, we're talking about how it is officially now a battleground. >> reporter: that's exactly right. both of these campaigns looking to energize their supporters tonight. remember, no early voting happening here in new hampshire. the big event is on tuesday. the get out the vote operations had been huge this weekend. let's look here. hillary clinton, 600,000 door knocks, 2 million phone calls, they have 12,000 volunteers spread out through new hampshire, making sure their supporters come to the polls on
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tuesday. donald trump, 1.4 million door knocks and 1.3 million phone calls. if you look at the star power, you get a sense how important it is. on hillary clinton side, elizabeth warren from neighboring massachusetts, madeleine albright, former secretary of state and of course barack obama himself coming on monday to make that closing argument. on the trump side, we've seen invanka and mike pence will be here later and donald trump himself coming to make the closing argument. you start to understand why there's so much activity here. the cnn poll showing hillary clinton up two points, 43 to 41%. last month she had a 15-point lead. that's why there's so much activity here and this is coming down to independents. if you look at the independents who voted in 2012, 43% of those who cast a ballot cast a ballot independent and broke for barack obama. hillary clinton hoping to do that again on tuesday because
11:21 am
they are looking at the ghost of al gore. if you remember, al gore lost new hampshire, he had won new hampshire, he would have won the white house, even though george w. bush won florida. hillary clinton and her team trying to make sure history does not repeat itself here in the granite state on tuesday, brooke. >> lost 7,211 votes and democrats were irked he did not spend more time in new hampshire so therefore hillary clinton is there today. another reason why hillary clinton is now returning to new hampshire is al gore and lessons learned from the past. gore only held one event in new hampshire in 2000, campaigning to become president and ended up losing the state of new hampshire. democrats are hoping that same mistake will not haunt them this go around. and with regard to the former vice president, he's said to stump for hillary clinton tomorrow in colorado, a state where clinton is in a close race with donald trump. to anna cabrera we go live in
11:22 am
colorado. he was with her before in miami talking climate change and reaching out to millennials, learn from me, every vote matters. >> reporter: absolutely. he'll be here tomorrow in jefferson county. this is one of the state's bell weather counties. twice voted for george w. bush before that. it's a microcosm at the state at large. when you look at the population, jefferson county has the renewable energy laboratory but it's a western, rural rooted town with blue collar workers who tend to lean more conservative and large college town, young educated people who tend to lean more to the left and more liberal and also 15% of the population in jefferson county that is latino. now statewide about 1.5 million voters have already sent in their ballots and cast their vote, that's about half of all registered voters in the state.
11:23 am
when we look at the early vote returns, we can tell you democrats have a slight edge according to the latest the secretary of state numbers but the republicans have been closing the gap. democrats also have an edge when it comes to total registered voters in this state. that is the first time since 1984 that there are more registered democrats than republicans here in colorado. and yet, the largest voting bloc in colorado is still unaffiliated voters, those who are registered as independents. that's why we're seeing this huge push by -- getting out the vote, visiting colorado last night, having his rally at the denver national western complex and then al gore coming here for clinton tomorrow to try to rally those liberal voters and try to turn out the millennial vote in particular here in jefferson county and boulder as well, brooke. >> love that sign. howdy folks, welcome to golden, colorado. we'll look for that tomorrow.
11:24 am
meantime, we're taking you all around the country here. a busy afternoon. the zigs and zags from the candidates and surrogates, donald trump rallying in minneapolis, minnesota, a state ha hasn't gone republican since 1972. why is he there? stevie wonder and president obama about to campaign together near orlando, florida. and next, with a major offensive under way against isis, donald trump once again questioning u.s. military strategy in iraq. >> whatever happened to the element of surprise? the element of surprise. what a group of losers we have. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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we're live here, it is sunday, pretty pictures, blue skies over the white house on this sunday afternoon, a couple of days until someone else will be calling that home. today, donald trump is weighing in on the war in isis and battle for mosul that is rages as we speak, the nominee is criticizing american military leaders again for discussing their battle plans. >> what are the reasons we're going to mosul, we want to get the isis leaders we think they
11:29 am
are staying in mosul and we want to get them. well, before the announcement is over, they've gone. whatever happened to the element of surprise? the element of surprise. what a group of losers we have. cnn white house correspondent michel michelle co-sin ski is live. i wanted to ask you about this new ad the clinton campaign will be airing tonight, i imagine referencing donald trump's quotes on the military and speaking specifically to this country. tell me about the ad. >> reporter: these are two spots, 30 seconds each and they are going to air during tonight's nfl game. hillary clinton is going to feature white men, republicans and members of the military reinforcing why they are voting for hillary clinton and not for
11:30 am
donald trump. and this military element has been big throughout this campaign as you know. some of the states that donald trump made remember, he at one point said he knew more than the generals about how to counter isis. it was back in september that he was touting that he had 88 members of the military current and former endorsing him and then hillary clinton came out with a larger list of 110 at that point. so she was able to say then that even though she's a democrat, she was able to garner more military support and higher ranking members of the military as well as former members that were supporting her and clearly tonight while this football game is on, while so many millions of eyes are watching, she once again wants to hammer that point home and again, it fits the timing of these recent remarks by donald trump. >> so she grabs the attention of millions during the game tonight. meantime, we'll watch leading to see the president and also
11:31 am
stevie wonder to help introduce him near orlando. thank you so much in florida. and speaking of celebrities and these surrogates, did you watch any of the jay-z beyonce performance? the trump campaign said it was controversial because of the language used and also suggesting that hillary clinton is cheating by parading out all of these stars on the campaign trail. let's discuss that. also ahead, as senator bernie sanders campaigns right now for secretary clinton, here he is, there was a student who was selected to introduce him and he got booted from the stage after he actually shared some very choice words about hillary clinton. we'll play that moment for you if you've missed it and with michelle there, we're moments from hearing from stevie performing in florida. part of the democratic party's full-court press on this sunday afternoon before election day. you're watching cnn's special
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moments from stevie wonder and president obama taking the stage in florida, part of the democrats out and about before election day. we'll take you live when we see that. hillary clinton has been deploying an army of celebrity supporters down the stretch of this campaign. the a-team, have been attracting mega crowds and also stirring up a bit of controversy. let's begin with my political panel in d.c., alice stewart is with us and angela wry and former communications director for the rnc, welcome to the set in front of the white house here in just a couple of days everyone turns out officially to vote. i want to begin with the mega
11:36 am
concert friday night, cleveland, ohio. you have surprise, beyonce pops out along with her hubs, jay-z. it's a huge event for the clintons trying to get the millennial vote. if you're not familiar with jay-z. some people may not be or his lyrics, if i can quote without -- you know, your turned into the mother bleeping greatest he was saying. if you're feeling like a pimp bleep go and brush your shoulders off. you know the lyrics. the issue is it was a huge event for the clintons but the trump campaign said are you kidding me? you're using that language and did she have a point? >> to a degree. we know jay-z is a potty mouth. coming on the heels from the access hollywood tape, it's hypocrite cal to call that out. there's no doubt the star studded galas are drawing huge
11:37 am
crowds and it's cool and hip. americans want to feel safe and feel their financially secure and want to feel as though they are going to continue to have jobs. it's important to have context when it comes to that's all well and good. however, we need to make sure we are supporting a leader that will make this country safe. >> you disagree? >> i agree and disagree. i was troubled by the language i heard. i went to the watch the throne concert when jay-z and kanye came here. i'm a fan of jay-z. the language i heard crosses a threshold, doing a song or not, bad place for america. we know that ted nugent will be with donald trump and will probably say something out ageous, whether it's in the confines of the song or not, given the bad language we've seen for months and months, i'd hate to see that replicated more and more. >> it does make you wonder if there was a conversation -- i'm looking for the quote, jay-z does what jay-z does.
11:38 am
do you sort of say this? >> brush your shoulders off, yes. here's the thing i'm struggling to understand when jay-z started running for president and struggling to understand -- >> he's on a mega stage go vote for hillary clinton. >> and using lyrics from his songs. this wasn't a concert performed at the sesame street stage. it was at a college campus in cleveland ohio. donald trump is the new white dj quick, talking about jay-z and this man is running for president. you would never hear me use this lewd language. if there was only one more tape in time to be leaked. furthermore, we're talking about jay-z, who use the his personal money to bail out black lives matter -- and not mad about the lewd language. he's mad because jay-z said we cannot elect this man as the next president. >> when don king used bad language at the trump event, don
11:39 am
king was attacked for it. >> and it's different. >> that kind of language i don't think we need in the discourse in politics. >> why is it different? >> surely there's a calculation on part of the clinton campaign, given that whether he offered to give the concert or he asked them to, you're not going to get him to sing nice songs or clean songs because jay-z will be who jay-z is. clearly they felt that was a calculation or risk that have the worth taking. >> why is it different? both are surrogates? >> i think it's much different. don king is not a rapper. he's up there using racial -- epithet to talk about a person. jay-z is using a cloakial term in hip hop. there are black folks who gr with me, the n word is different to me and other folks who i think are similar in age and status to me. if i'm going around calling
11:40 am
somebody the "n" word it's different than saying somebody is your friend or homey or -- there are those who disagree with it. >> for me, it's not a partisan issue. we have kids to go to these events, that's my concerns. >> i can't even let me kid watch the coverage because of the language being used but you look at the column of celebrities under hillary clinton and today she'll hang with king james, lebron in cleveland and stevie wonder is performing with the president and bobby knight and chachie. donald trump says i'm able to fill these airport hangars and you're cheating. here's what he said. >> we didn't bring any so-called stars along. we didn't need them. you know, the reason hillary has
11:41 am
to do that is nobody comes for her. she can't fill a room. we can get stars. we don't need them because we just want to make america great again and we know what to do. okay. we don't need that. that's almost like a form of cheating, right? >> now, if beyonce called up donald trump and said hey -- i don't think he would say no to her. >> or stevie wonder. >> clearly we're outshined when it comes to putting on big events like that. donald trump is out there by himself, the reality is people are waiting 12 hours to see him in some places. they are. >> true. the question is why aren't there other top names with him in the republican party? it's lonely at the top when you pea and insult on people at every wrung of the ladder.
11:42 am
but at the same time he himself does the care is ma and drawing power where he's getting good crowds. there's a reason why he didn't have top named surrogates with him. >> let's pause, i'm told we're going to listen to stevie wonder. he's going to play a song he wrote last night. ♪ ♪ ♪ i already live in america that's great together we'll make it greater ♪ ♪ we already live in america that's great we're going to make it greater ♪ ♪ we already live in america that's great it will make it better ♪ ♪ we already live in america that's great ♪ ♪ we already live in america
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that's great united we will make it better ♪ sing it. ♪ united we will make it better ♪ sing it ♪ ♪ we already live in america that's great united we will make it better ♪ ♪ >> stevie wonder down in kisscymy florida, ahead of the president stumping for hillary clinton. singing a song he wrote last night, hearing over and over we already live in a america that's great. we'll be back after this break.
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want to come up live on a couple of pictures to show you the full-court press on this sunday before election day. you have stevie wonder in florida. we're about to hear from donald trump in minnesota. senator sanders, arizona, governor pence in florida. you get the picture. we're two days away from election day. tens of millions have already cast their ballots. in the battleground state of nevada, one county shattered their early voting record on friday but the chairman for the republican party doesn't think it was done fairly. listen to this. >> in clark county, they kept a
11:50 am
poll open until 10:00 at night so a certain group could vote. it wasn't in an area that normally has high transition. the polls are supposed to close at 7:00. this was kept open until 10:00. you feel free right now? >> the spokesperson for clark county nevada says no early voting stations extended their closing times but people who were in line at closing time were allowed to vote. so, how is the early voting shaping out in the rest of the country? cnn politics executive editor mark preston is here to go through the numbers. what are you seeing? >> good afternoon, nearly 37 million people in 39 states across the nation have already cast their vote before election day. two states we're going to look at first is florida, where more than 5.7 million people have already voted. if we look into the numbers,
11:51 am
democrats hold an advantage of about 7,000 ballots returned over republicans about two days ago republicans had a 16,000 ballot advantage over democrats but not all good news for democrats when you look at what happens in 2008 when democrats had 146,000 returned ballot advantage at this same point in the campaign. let us dig deep into the demographics and see who's participating. african-americans are participating about 12.8% in the early vote hispanics, 13.4%. two key constituencies for hillary clinton. if we look what happened in 2008, african-americans were at 16.1% at that time and hispanics were at 10.1%. however, if you look right here, even though we're seeing about 71,000 more african-americans have actually cast their ballot in 2016 than in 2008. this share of electorate has dropped by more than 3%. good news for democrats and hillary clinton is that we're seeing this right here, this
11:52 am
hispanic participation increase by about 4.3% or 363,000 more ballots. let us go up the coast to the state of north carolina where more than 2.5 million people have already cast their ballots. if we look who has the lead there, democrats outpacing republicans by 266,000 ballots returned. we dig a little deeper, look at 2012, they are about on pace right now democrats are, about 14,000 more ballots returned, even as we're seeing the overall participation of democrats in early voting has dropped. let us dig into the demographics of whose participating. african-americans at 22.4%, hispanics at 1.9%. we compare that now to 2012 and this is a troubling sign for hillary clinton, we're seeing the get out the vote for democrats in the state of north carolina. this dropoff equates to 31,000 lessor fewer votes in 2016 than
11:53 am
we've seen in 2012. hispanic votes increased by 22,000. florida, north carolina, two key states in this race for the presidency, we'll keep an eye on them all the way through election night. brooke? >> all right, mark preston, thank you so much. let's dip back into stevie wonder performing for a crowd ahead of the president of the united states. here he is. ♪ higher ♪ higher ♪ higher ♪ higher ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> are you ready? are you ready? here we go.
11:54 am
it doesn't need superstitious, your vote does matter. go out and hammer your business, all right? let's hit it. are you all ready? ♪ ♪ ♪ very superstitious ♪ writing's on the wall ♪ very superstitious ♪ about to fall
11:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ if you believe in things that you don't understand ♪ >> mr. superstitious himself, mr. stevie wonder. he is just good, isn't he? ahead of the president of the united states in the important state of florida for hillary clinton. we'll dip into that and also donald trump. he will be on the stage moments away making a play in the blue state of minnesota. this is a huge, huge day. this is cnn's special live
11:56 am
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