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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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if donald trump is elected and if hillary clinton is elected they say said of the other militias will be out in the streets and they said if hillary makes any move at all to place any restrictions on gun or alabama you in addition ownership they'll be marching by the millions with their guns to washington d.c. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> it is midnight on the east coast and that means we are in the final 24 hours before millions of voters begin going to the polls. this is cnn tonight. this unprecedented race is almost over but we have one more bombshell tonight. fbi director james comey sending a letter to congress saying investigators found nothing in the recently discovered he e-mails that would lead them to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. most of those e-mails were
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personal and duplicats of what have already been seen. will this seal the deal for hillary clinton? meanwhile donald trump holding a rally in virginia tonight. we'll keep an eye on that for you. mark preston, it's midnight. 24 hours from now. we'll be reporting the votes. >> a big couple of hours we're heading into right now and it's going to be a big schedule for hillary clinton and donald trump. let me take you through a couple of the places they're going to be which will give you the idea of where they think the path to victory is. donald trump will start in florida and then north carolina. then pennsylvania. then he heads up to new hampshire. then he's going to close the night in michigan which is a state that we weren't talking about probably five or six days ago. hillary clinton is going to start her day in pennsylvania and then she is going to go to michigan and she is going to
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head back to pennsylvania for a rally with president barrack obama and the first lady and bruce springsteen is going to headline that rally. of course philadelphia is really a very important place for a lot of springsteen fans and then she is going to end her night in north carolina. so it just gives you an idea of where the candidates are going to be and where they think they need to gather as many votes as they can possible. >> there's a brand new poll that just came out that shows hillary clinton with a commanding lead. 49% to trump's 38%. previous polls had them at a tie. what do you make of this? >> this is surprising because the last poll had hillary clinton up 7. and as you pointed there's three other polls that we have seen in the past couple of weeks that had the race tied. we know that unh does a good job on their polling. 11 points is quite a lot at this point in the election. specifically with the new hampshire electorate which is
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fickle in how they choose their presidential candidates. good news for hillary clinton. the question is will the 11 points stand. >> new hampshire is a battleground. this is a big turn of events, right? >> well i think it just illustrates the challenge for the donald trump campaign. trump has seen a narrowing in national and some swing state polls in the-two weeks both before and after the comey fbi letter and issue rose but here's the thing. every state where clinton sort of solidifies her polling lead forecloses another angle for trump. right now he has 204 electoral votes. that's 2 less than mitt romney at the end of 2012. trump has to win a number of states. he has to put together a couple of big states and then new hampshire, nevada, to win.
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every state that appears like it's out of range for him makes it that much harder for him to get to that magic 270 number. >> i found this very interesting and millions of people voted early this year and this is what i found interesting. i want to read a tweet from you from one of hillary clinton's most vocal critics. and he said for nine days over 20 million people early voted thinking the fbi had something big on hillary. i'm a trump guy but man, that's not right. so i know you probably think it's interesting as well. if she loses does some of the blame go to the director of the fbi? >> i'm not going to put that on the director of the fbi. it's very fair to make the argument that starting all the way back in july when he made what was a non-traditional outside of protocol outside of the box speech to explain and detail why he was not recommending criminal charges to the justice department against her and then the subsequent
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leaks and congressional testimony. the letter nine days ago. the letter today. this was unorthodoxed. you could criticize it. on the other hand you go all the way back to hillary clinton with the home server. there's a lot of blame to go around. republicans have tried but not ultimately maybe succeeded. we'll see on election day. on driving home this narrative that she did something more than mishandling e-mails. they may have overplayed that with trump saying things like this is bigger than watergate. on the other hand, democrats have been a little too -- whereon if i want to say coy but they overdramatized the idea that they got this from the fbi when it centers around their candidate. >> from that polling will we be able to tell if the e-mail probe had how it influenced voters here?
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>> i don't think so it's baked into the cake, when it happened, when that her went out that the investigation was continuing on there was definitely some movement that we saw in the national polls and quite frankly in the state polls. piano polling tomorrow much doesn't matter. it really comes down to get out of the vote. what we have been trying to do is look at the dem graphics of who is voting specifically in the early dates, florida, north carolina, nevada as well. looking at some really hard data as well. by the time we hit tomorrow it's going to be the get out the vote rallies and massive rallies that we're going to see from hillary clinton and donald trump and we'll see where the chips fall on tuesday night if not into wednesday morning. >> let's talk about the election results. with all of those early voters, does that mean that we're going to know the outcome of this election sooner? how and when are those votes
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counted and reported, mark? >> it all depends what state that you're in and there's a different way of how they count them and when they report them. what it was -- we don't know how people voted so if democrats returned 2000 more ballots than republicans in any specific state there's a good chance that they voted for hillary clinton. that doesn't mean that they all did but there's a good chance they did and that get out the vote is by and large successful. as far as what this is going to be called who knows? there's going to be so many states close whether it's florida or north carolina. we think it's going to be close. we'll see what happens up in new hampshire. we'll try to think about the east coast now. before we start to move across the country and get out west to colorado and states like nevada but i can't imagine that we're going to see early calls in some of these states where the race is so tight right now. i don't think it's going to be
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an 11:00 call. when polls close in the west coast. it's probably going to be later. >> this high turn out effect any one particular party or candidate? >> well, in early voting high turn out usually helps democrats because they have a better operation by and large than republicans do in getting out the early vote and republican voters tend to be ones that go on the day of. i will say we're not necessarily sure. what we do know is that the rise of the latino vote in this he election and early voting is definitely helpful to democrats. a dip in the number when it comes for the african americans voting they voted in previous elections and i don't think we should be surprised by that given barrack obama was the first black president elected in 2008 and 2012. although democrats would have liked to have seen a higher turn
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out of african americans and that's why he's on the campaign trial trying to get out the vote. >> what about exit polling? what will we know and when on that? >> i'll be looking at the latino vote and right now it's up as of this time in 2012. the latino vote is up in florida and nevada and north carolina. that's going to be an indicator if that holds true through election day that's a strong sign for democrats. i also think that i'll be looking at where unmarried women and white women with a college degree land. if those two demographics go strong for clinton, then she is likely to prevail. even if he she ends up losing states like ohio. even with that african american
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turnout it will still suggest she will hold together the obama coalition of voters of color and women and voters with college degrees and urban centers and close end suburbs. >> thank you. two key states in this he election. florida and north carolina and gary is in charlotte. hello to both of you. today is the last day of early voting. what did you see there on the ground. >> there's long lines even though there's been so many counts including this one orange county that already set records for early voting. miami dade set a record. so did broward county in that part of the state. here 50% of the register voters already down 60% of the voters took part in early voting but this includes tampa and orlando
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and daytona beach. you have the republican supporters to the north and then the democrats that do well in the southern part of the state in broward and miami county but this is the county and what could you tell us about there in florida. >> as far as early voting donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck but it could get interesting because you have the latino population and a lot of folks here from puerto rico and then you have this very large portion and population of retirees white trending toward donald trump and then as mark was mentioning you have the african american voters looking like that has taken a dip but the latino voters nudged up a
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bit so maybe they'll balance each other out. we talked to him about this earlier tonight and here's what he has to say. >> one of the things that is unique is the growth of the vote and cubans and south americans tend to settle in the miami area so with the puerto ricans coming with citizenship it's easy for them to register and vote so that adds to the additional focus here and they tend to register democrat in orange county is a solid democratic county. >> with the latino vote that's probably why barrack obama came here to florida yet again today just outside of orlando to a
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very hispanic community to try to get to the polls to support hillary clinton and since obama won here in florida in 2012 and it's the retireees that i've mentioned so it will probably come down to who shows up to the polls and that can make all the difference. >> north carolina is hotly contested and a state where we have seen a lot of early voting. what are you seeing there tonight? >> well, just like elsewhere in the united states, many people in north carolina are disenchanted with the two presidential candidates but after early voting 16 days, 3.1 million voted. that's 52% more than four years ago. closed at 1:00 and two hours later still 250 people in line.
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this were enthusiastic voters behind this building behind me today. this is where rocker jon bo jon bon jovi performed a little while ago. what was interesting about the timing of this is before the concert that's when fbi director comey's letter came out and we talked to people in line about that. >> i feel overjoyed and very excited because everything as far as this whole campaign goes is innocent until proven guilty. every single american has that right and same with hillary. >> i think it's wonderful. >> it's so excited trump can't arrest her now. if something happens. >> are you being feticious? >> yeah. >> i'm very happy. >> if you have to go to something like e-mail to try to
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find something against a candidate then you're pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel. >> since the news first came out it was hurting her and now that it is finally put to rest it will boost her up to where she needs to be so we can get a nice clean victory on the 8th. >> this was billed as the get out and vote concert. many people told me it was even more of a celebration after that letter was released. >> make sure that you stay with cnn every race across the country. it all starts on tuesday. when we come back this campaign has not been america's proudest moment and a lot of voters aren't happy with their choices. listen to how seth meyers sees it. >> that's a problem for a lot of americans. they just don't love the two choices. do you pick someone that's under federal investigation for using a private e-mail server or do you pick someone that called mexicans rapists, proposed banning an entire religion from
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teachers, nurses and firefightes support prop 51. prop 51 will upgrade libraries, science labs, and classroom technology and relieve school overcrowding creating more opportunity . . . and better learning for students help students succeed vote yes on 51. in some ways this is between teleprompter trump and tough talking donald trump. i missed you guys. so let's talk about this. about teleprompter trump. when he got in the teleprompter in the last nine days after the first comey letter came out we
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started to see him stabilize and do better. should he have done that all along. >> he got better. so he started off being authentic and that worked in the republican primary and then they tried to script hill and it was stilted. he final hi has really gotten good at the teleprompter. hillary clinton wins this race but it is amazing that the last ten or maybe even two weeks of this campaign was essentially donald trump being fairly disciplined and fairly on message and mostly on offense. hillary clinton being on defense that's actually an anomaly. it happened during the entire general election. that's how the election has ended. >> it's not true anymore. does that help? is that going to help him close the gap with hillary clinton? >> absolutely. let's think about right now today the hillary clinton camp is celebrating the fact that she's not underneath the federal
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investigation. people are reading this and it's reminding people that she put our national security possibly at risk and this is all because of her secret server she was told not to have and she did. it's reminding people about all the corruption and the reason people want an outcider. >> do you think people are reading that much into it? >> no. i think that donald trump as we know has been judged by a completely different standard throughout the duration of this election. he is graded on preschool and kindergarten criteria where as hillary clinton -- and never has to be responsible mind you for his own mistake and his own wrong doing and certainly not anyone on his team. on the other hand hillary clinton has to be responsible for all of her mistakes past current and future and everyone on her team so it's more than unfair when you talked on this network at the sexism at play. about what it means to have 30 years of public service, three
9:23 pm
decades of public service experience and how you're judged on that and not on actual deliverable. >> i want to get back to teleprompter trump versus the off the cuff trump and this is what he said about our generals. >> whatever happened to the element of surprise? the element of surprise? what a group of losers we have? >> why? you find that amusing, why? >> because it's donald trump. donald trump, his secret isis plan is that it's, you know, it's a secret. he doesn't have one. that is the big secret. but donald trump it's amazing. when you see this teleprompter trump, that's what we call him versus this off the cuff donald trump it's amazing that people think when he reads from a teleprompter he's doing an
9:24 pm
amazing job. he's putting a subject and verb together and we're like there you go. >> but his supporters come on and laugh at how he reads the teleprompter, it's absurd because of the fact that he has low expectations. >> but he has gotten better at it. >> he can read. >> why did you not think the man could read? >> because he cone. >> or he wouldn't. >> he doesn't do any tough interviews anymore. >> hillary clinton has not spoken to an interview ever since it started. >> so he has not talked to reporters since the e-mail thing broke out ten days ago. >> you made the point. hillary clinton has avoided the press a lot too but i don't think there's much question that hillary clinton know what is the nuclear triad is. donald trump missed that question twice. it's a good guess that hillary clinton knew what brexit was. when donald trump was asked a
9:25 pm
week or so beforehand he had no idea so because trump doesn't do these interviews he can stay on message. what we don't know is whether he has the basic knowledge to be president. hillary clinton even though she has avoided the press they have a good idea of that. >> it's amaze houg the narrative returns. donald trump only sat down with hannity and fox news. he hasn't done a press conference and only softball interviews from people he appreciates and loves and adores. hillary clinton -- >> that's not impressive. >> it's amazing how it turned but it's like donald trump is hiding, period. when hillary clinton hid which was an awful strategy but they did it anyway. she was blasted for it. >> let me point out, we don't come in and we don't insult your candidate and call them elementary or ignorant. of all the things that has been used tonight to define donald trump that he's not intelligent
9:26 pm
and he can't read. i would never do that. >> you call her a crook. >> let's talk about what john did last night. >> we are going -- at this stage in the game i respect the supporters of hillary clinton. i support you guys. that's the stage that we're at so these conversations of calling him ignorant or we're so surprised he can read. mr. trump and his speech writer they sit on a plane and work on a speech back and forth. same thing they always is done. and i remind you guys, president obama, that was one of the big criticisms they had for so long is he is always on a teleprompter and now your criticizing for donald trump for being on a teleprompter. >> donald trump called barrack obama weak. >> no one said donald trump couldn't read. they said he can read. they were giving him credit. >> surprised that he can read.
9:27 pm
>> let me explain this. i want to be clear. if you missed the viewers also missed it. it's that we should hold him to a higher standard than simply reading off a teleprompter. it's not a question of whether or not he's ignorant or ill lit at because he's not. the point is that we're giving him credit for simply reading off a teleprompter when we need to know his plan for isis. when we need to know if he understands what's going on. >> and the point is when he's not on teleprompter he cannot stay on message and he's not going to have -- >> he's not going to have a teleprompter when meeting with our alabama lice and even those that don't support us. the oval office doesn't come. >> just yesterday -- >> he didn't have a teleprompter when he met with the president of mexico. >> that went terrible. >> you didn't read -- okay. i'm going to let y'all spin this. what did the mexican president
9:28 pm
say. >> signature line was that mr. president you're going to pay for this wall. >> one conversation at a time. >> you want us to talk about donald trump the way we talk about hillary clinton. >> you can. >> donald trump has again and again and again betrayed a fundamental lack of understanding about the way our government works. when he said he wanted to renegotiate our debt, right? in a way you would as a private business man so maybe we wouldn't have to pay it all off, that was a disturbing statement. you say that as president that could threaten the entire global economy. >> and continuously told lies but you don't hold her accountable for him. >> a very left leaning organization. >> lord have mercy. >> left leaning. >> 24% of her statements were.
9:29 pm
that was better than bernie sanders. donald trump, 70% of his statements -- >> left leaning. >> donald trump seems to be offended that hillary clinton had a big rally with jay-z and beyonce. listen. >> we get more people at our rallies than hillary gets with beyonce and j.lo and jay-z and jon bon jovi. and jayz and beyonce use the most filthy language you have ever heard. they use words that nobody would use and she comes out oh, thank you so much. thank you, hugging, and kissing. but to the public she says, oh, donald trump is lewd. lewd. give me a break. >> he's off prompter and you see
9:30 pm
what happens when he's off prompter and this is the most amazing thick here is he is not really bothered that hillary clinton says he uses lewd language. he's not really bothered about jay jay-z's lyrics. he's bothered they're coming out on the stage and saying they're with her. they cannot support a donald trump presidency and that damaged his fragile ego in all kinds of ways. it is shattered. >> i can actually say i think he was more bothered by the multiple uses of the mf word that night and the n word that was used within the lyrics in the songs and also when you look at jay-z. we talked about this that night. one of his main videos starts off with a crowd throwing at the police and this anti-police message beyonce has this this
9:31 pm
year. >> that's a song but what i'm saying is, when you use those kinds of words. >> the p word. >> the kitty cat word. the word i don't like to use. that type of language being used and the all the criticism that goes against donald trump for a word used 11 years ago is just a double standard. >> jay-z and beyonce are not running for president of the united states. jay-z is an artist. you cannot condemn rap music. if you do not understand the conditions of which they talk about and so for donald trump to actually sit here and talk bad about jay-z and beyonce to culminate his african american outreach is ironic. >> this is rich. >> the problem about what donald trump said 11 years ago is not
9:32 pm
that he used the p word. it's is that he talked about doing something that's sexual assault. there's a big difference there. >> he said this is what they let you do. >> that's not exactly what. he said grab them by -- >> there's no evidence to that. >> you're trying to make it -- i shouldn't say you. the timing and the whole thing is politically motivated. it didn't come out, one, two, three, four years after it happened. it came out when he was running for president. somebody held it. why were they running the tape at the time. he said this is what they let you do when you're a star. i'm not a star so i don't know. >> run the tape. >> i'm trying to understand his point. let him finish. i'm trying to understand his point. >> i heard over and over again that the accusation is that he
9:33 pm
forced himself upon these people but if someone invites you to do it then you aren't forcing it upon them. >> but that's not what the women said. >> there's no evidence that that actually happened besides words. >> and the one sitting next to him in the plane said that's not what happened. >> what he is saying is that you can abuse your power as a celebrity to do that. so like even a best case scenario is -- >> at what point will someone actually say that donald trump has crossed a line? i get it. hillary clinton should not have set up her private e-mail -- this is not just for you but i get it. hillary clinton made an enormous mistake that drug down her campaign. >> drug down america. >> and the word e-mail has been -- is all over the campaign. thrown shade all over the entire campaign but if donald trump literally says that he sexually
9:34 pm
assaults women at what point can you say donald trump was wrong? can we say that? as surrogates of donald trump, is that okay to say that? >> the e-mail thing dragged down america. >> national security. we don't know where these e-mails went. >> we do. >> time and time again we heard she said they turned everything over and now we find out there were e-mails on this -- >> 33,000 e-mails. >> we don't know what we're on and we don know the national security that was risked and she signed off she would not do and it criticized her staff members. >> but this is what i'm talking about because in the response to sexual assault you say e-mails. >> response to everything they say e-mails. >> let's be honest, that's what the trump surrogate folks have been doing ever since the general election. >> what effect america. >> donald trump sexually assaulted -- >> e-mails.
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we're back again now. okay. so matt this is a 12-year-old boy that has a severe case of cerebral palsy in a wheelchair. he went to protest trump mocking of those with disabilities. trump reportedly yelled when he saw them. the same boy went to meet with president obama took that took time to meet him. >> i don't know the details but based on what you told me that sounds horrible and i would just
9:40 pm
oppose it with what president obama did the other day which was a great example of literature where he said this was a veteran. however he put it, he was right this is america. you can protest. you can do it peacefully and i would just -- i would urge donald trump supporters if you see a protestor not only is it stupid from a public relations standpoint but it's just not good from a human standpoint. you know, so i know things get crazy. we get close to an election but that's not how you treat people. it's not a good rerepresentation. >> i also want to bring this up. they said it was an assassination attempt against donald trump. he son retweeted a tweet saying there was an assassination attempt. his head of digital tweeted. there was no assassination
9:41 pm
attempt. the guy did not have a gun. he was a republican who was anti-trump. so what is going on at these rallies? why did this happen? >> let's also talk about that he actually canvassed for hillary. >> it doesn't matter. >> and his name came up in these wikileaks e-mails. >> he could have given clinton $1 million to president obama's point is that he's an american. he has a right to protest. >> absolutely. >> so then why not treat him as such. >> trump supporter yelled gun. >> he didn't yell gun. >> once again we don't know. you show one of these stories and later on we find out the details about it. and we're still finding out the details on this. i don't think that trump supporters would randomly attack. and secret server would attack somebody. something set them off. how they handled it and posted
9:42 pm
it out that's another issue but until you know all the details and all the facts that happen at any of these events -- >> there's the one incident that james o'keefe video that appears to show a leftist activist saying that back into spring they were going to rallies with the intent of inciting people. not saying that's what happened here. >> so we have somebody with democrat ties that causes trouble again. >> we don't know. >> again. it's a little bit like the conversation about that. once, twice, here's what we can say. i don't remember a lot of reports about people being man handled at ted cruz rahllies marco rubio rallies. but again going back to last fall we have seen these incidents at donald trump rallies and that donald trump has egged people on by talking about how great it was when they used to carry people out on stretchers in the old days so it
9:43 pm
seems to me there's a problem here. >> your demonizing trump supporters. >> feature children watching trump's most controversial molts. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her where ever. >> you have to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> just saying that he's not the right candidate for your children. how is he the right candidate for your children? >> because he's going to change the direction of where this country is going. he's going to get rid of the problems we have in washington. at least address them and at least discuss them. no matter where you are on government all of us are frustrated and i thought part of us with the republicans. republicans have not done a good enough job between themselves and the democrats. we continue to let spending get out of control and people make
9:44 pm
careers out of public office. >> how does that effect the children? >> because that's where the future of this country goes. so i supported donald trump not because i support everything about him but because i wanted to see substantial change in washington and how we do business as a country and he is the only one that's actually talked about doing that and so everything he has done, no, there's things i would change. there's no perfect candidate. i'm not running for president. >> real time host bill mar says it was wrong for democrats to portray former republicans as the enemy. >> liberals made a big mistake because we attacked your boy bush like he was the end of the world and he wasn't and mitt romney we attacked that way. mitt romney wouldn't have changed my life that much or yours or john mccain. they were honorable men we disagreed with and we should have kept it that way and we cried wolf and that was wrong
9:45 pm
but this is real. this is going to be way different. >> so we discussed that a little bit earlier. does he have a point? >> he mostly does. if you go back to those campaigns in 2008 and 2012. barrack obama again and again and again said john mccain is a good man. he called mitt romney a good man. the thrust of his attack was their tax policies and and that was his argument. it's a totally different kind of argument. >> oh, he ties the dog on the roof. >> i was in 2012 i remember that one. >> there was -- i'm not saying there weren't some democrats in the country but if you look at what the obama campaign did, the campaign was come immediately different than the kind of campaign because it's a differ republican nominee. >> i think what bill maher is doing is accurate.
9:46 pm
there's a leclear delineation. they're not on that spectrum. i think that donald trump poses a clear and preseb danger and it has a lot to do with the things that he embraces and, you know in twitter just a minute ago i found out that john mccain voted against him but at the end of the day wrote question whether or not donald -- whether or not john mccain feels differently about me because of the way that i look. >> part of the problem is the other side of the coin is that conservatives and republicans who watch this play out over the course of decades began to get the sense that we can't win. we can put up a guy that's thoughtful and charismatic and they will destroy him and call him a racist. so don't bther nominating marco rubio because they'll eat him
9:47 pm
alive. >> that's not fair. >> so absurd. >> i'm not saying this is right. i'm saying this is the calculus of a lot of conservative primary voters. right or wrong. >> wrong. >> they essentially came to the conclusion that if you nominate a marco rubio he's going to get eaten alive because we need a tough guy that's not going to may by the rules and fight fire with fire and that's not politically correct. i'm not saying that that's why donald trump was elected. i'm saying it's one factor among many. >> here's my issue with that. what you're saying to me is republican voters made a decision that because there are issues of sexism, bigotry, homophobia in this country, we're going to double down on that bs and get somebody completely -- i'm not saying that's what you wanted. it's one of those -- what i hear
9:48 pm
you saying is -- right so the challenge i have with that is there are some real issues in this country with all of those things. on both sides of the aisle. and i don't see dem raocrats mog into a posture but trying to understand implicit bias and it was like she was saying let's start world war iii. >> but both sides are more polarized. >> absolutely. which is why i was making faces at andre earlier. >> he wasn't the normal republican and he was something different. >> but i think the point he was making is it doesn't matter who we put up there you're going to make the same comments against him whether it's right or wrong. >> why don't you put someone up there that doesn't do that. >> you're going to call him a
9:49 pm
racist anyway. >> that's not true. >> there's people that i hear moderate republicans who say why does the republican party get bogged down in these social issues. it does not help them. they should get off of that and they should become a bigger tent party. >> and that's what donald trump is. if you talk about mr. trump it's about his economy and security. everything else is like leave it to the states when it comes to the social issues. >> how can you say that considering many of the things that he said. >> but when you're looking at things -- he has told he has to talk about those things but when it comes down to his policies, why most americans like him he is asked about his questions by reporters. >> we normally think about things like abortion and gay rights and donald trump doesn't talk about those issues much. >> there's reasons why he said it and they did ask him that
9:50 pm
question and he didn't randomly come out and say that. >> no one made a racist statement about the judge. >> it's a racist statement in your mind. >> that was not a racist speech. and the majority of people who were supporting trump, he had a better momentum catapult than any of the other candidates did with his initial speech. once again, it doesn't matter who the republicans put forward. in four years you're going to apologize and say we didn't mean that. this guy is worse. >> this is why that statement is not true. because if you take someone like a marco rubio or take someone like a john kasich, john kasich got 20% of the black vote in ohio when he ran for governor again. when you look at the background of these people, yes, they're very conserve. yes, i have a problem with a lot of their policies. but the first thing that comes the mind when i sauk about john kasich is not xenophobia, is not bigotry. >> matt, let me give you another
9:51 pm
example. let me give you another example. someone also on the spectrum that we haven't talked about as much. michael steele. michael steele who was demonized by the gop. michael steele who not only gained a lot of ground as chairman, but also was fired after he ensured that y'all got back the house. >> he was also demonized by the left. >> so that is one of those -- this is one of those moments where i'm acknowledging that. you start to look at the spectrum, you realize, you know what? we're not that far off. a decent human being completely demonized. so much of it has to do with race. i'm not done. he said that donald trump is racist. that is in your party. what i'm saying to you is -- >> i don't like trump either. >> the fact here, can i tell a fact here? >> i got to take a break. >> okay. real quick. the reason why rnc was taken from the rnc is the amount of debt he ran up being the chairman. i love michael steele, but he put us through a lot of debt that reince priebus has had to work to get out of.
9:52 pm
>> we'll be right back. >> facts matter. only on verizon. okay, google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. (google assistant) i found a few places. (announcer vo) the only network than can power the first phone with the new google assistant, unlimited photo storage, and a stunning vr experience. how is this possible? (announcer vo) so buy a pixel, only on verizon, and get up to $400 back. and right now get 20 gigs and four lines for just 160 with no surprise overages. all on america's best network. ( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ ♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪ ♪ tintroducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion all-wheel drive. soon to be... everywhere.
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back now with my panel. the president hit donald trump
9:56 pm
hard on his staff, keeping him off twitter today. take a look. >> you may have heard that this was just announced. i just read it. so i can't confirm it's true. but apparently his campaign has taken away his twitter. in the last two days, they -- they had so little confidence in his self-control, they said we're just going to take away your twitter. now, if -- if somebody can't handle a twitter account, they can't handle the nuclear codes. if somebody starts tweeting at 3:00 in the morning because "snl" made fun of you, then you can't handle the nuclear codes. >> all right, matt, what is your reaction? >> well, first of all, i think president obama is really good
9:57 pm
at trolling donald trump. and i think that part of the goal here is probably to get him to respond. >> right. >> but, look, i hope the campaign for donald trump did take away the phone. they should have confiscated that and duct taped him at night. and that would have solved a lot of problems. >> but he gets it back if he is president. >> but he is being so good. >> then that's his reward. >> have i kids. >> just be careful. you're insulting everyone who supports donald trump, and there are millions of them. hen the president talks like this and in 48 hours you're saying that we're supposed to be unified as a country? >> how is that? >> because you're talking about him as a child. >> kellyanne conway. >> he talks about historical things for our party and for america. >> people made this choice. >> once again, this is something written in "the new york times." it's not true. mr. trump -- let's give him credit. the man has accomplished a lot for the republican as well as -- >> do you think he has access to
9:58 pm
his phone? >> i 100% know he has access to his phone. he is not a child. >> what if he were to tweet right now to let us know? >> hi. >> i double dog dare you, donald. i double dog dare you, donald. >> and say you're doing great would be perfect. >> you bring up a very good point. he is probably goading him. how much does that take? >> let me tell you something, the president of the united states america -- >> hillary clinton's ability and the surrogate's ability. >> the president is the best campaigner we have, period, on either side of the aisle. >> on the candidate. >> yes. the candidate will tell you that barack obama is better than she is. the only person who is comparable is george w. bush. and george w. bush is in texas not supporting the gop nominee. >> not publicly. >> at least publicly. >> but what this does, i think that -- and matt, you were right. if you're running a campaign and your candidate has certain bad attributes, you hide those attributes. >> quickly, because we're almost
9:59 pm
attend. you get a prediction for tuesday? >> i think that early voting is suggesting that her organizational advantage is real and significant. and so she is going to do better than the polls suggest. i would say 5 point. >> what do you say? >> i'm going to stick with 290 electoral college vote. >> mr. bauer? >> trump. >> i'm sorry, i meant for hillary. >> she gets 323. if she adds ohio which she may she'll be above 330. >> i am going to be very, very humble wednesday morning when all of you wake up and you're crying. i promise i will not gloat too much when mr. trump is our next president. >> go. >> i'll be in new zealand. >> i'm not going to be crying. it's over. no matter who wins. i just want to put this up, because i think that you see, scottie, you thought this was something terrible. but we all need this. >> you are kind of trolling him right here. you're trolling the hell out of donald trump. >> it just says make america laugh again.
10:00 pm
and we could use that. make america laugh. >> donald trump would love that. >> make america laugh again. can't we all just get along. wednesday, let's hope that happens. >> kumbahyah. >> my lord. >> not yet. >> speak for yourself. that's it for us tonight. thank you so much for watching. i'll see you right back here tomorrow. "america's choice 2016" with miss poppy harlow starts right now. 1:00 a.m. eastern, 10:00 p.m. pacific. i hope you are awake, ladies and gentlemen, because this is it. this is the moment that the last year and a half has been building up to. i'm poppy harlow in new york. so glad you're with us. you have a front row seat to history. this is cnn's special election coverage. we begin tonight with yet another twist, and perhaps the wildest presidential race of your lifetime. less than 48 hours before the election, fbi director james comey throws a curveball and wraps up


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