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  CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 7, 2016 12:01pm-12:18pm PST

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going to be very, very soon. the theft of north carolina jobs will end. you've taken it harder than most states. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. sadly, it's just been announced that the residents of north carolina are going to experience massive double-digit premium hikes. 95 of the 100 north carolina counties will only have one insurer in the obamacare exchange next year. lots of luck negotiating. honestly, it's not going to matter because we're going to win and we're going to terminate it. you'll have much better health care for much less money. it won't matter.
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premiums are surging, companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting. by the way, doctors, they're leaving. they're quitting. i have a friend who's a doctor. he said, i have more accountants than i have nurses. it's so complicated. and deductibles are going through the roof. yet hillary clinton wants to double down and expand obamacare and make it even more expensive. i'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obamacare and save health care for every family of north carolina. thank you. thank you. thank you. [ crowd chanting "trump" ]
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people are pouring in, folks. pouring in. did you see last night in michigan, the crowd we had? and the crowd we had -- by the way, how about 24,000, maybe 25,000 right next to ft. bragg. you saw that the other night. and we went to minnesota. minnesota's been treated very, very badly. we went to minimum, where we're doing very, very well. everyone said, why minnesota? that doesn't go republican. it's going republican this year, i tell you. minnesota. great place. and, you know, you've been watching and you've been seeing and these people are being driven crazy, the dishonest media. we're winning ohio. we're winning iowa. we're winning, we think, new hampshire. we're going to do great in new hampshire.
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i hear we're winning north carolina big, i hear. we're winning florida. winning florida. headlines today on drudge, how well we're doing in florida. and i think we're going to win the great state of pennsylvania. i do. and we're winning plenty of other places. so, we have to go. the big key, you have to go. we're in a rigged system, folks. we're in a rigged system. have you to go. have you to vote. make sure that vote gets registered. real change also means restoring honesty to our government. [ crowd chanting "we want trump" ] >> thanks. great, great spirit. i have a job -- we have a
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beautiful property right near charlotte. you know about it, folks? it's great, right? some of the people. but it's an amazing place. it's an amazing place to work and to live and we love it. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. she threatened national security. she sold her office to the highest bidder. then to cover her tracks, she deleted 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. and nothing happens to her. nothing happens. she's being protected by a totally rigged system, folks. she's being protected. you know, james cartwright, general james cartwright,
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four-star general, probably going to jail for for doing nothing in comparison. he said he did it for national security reasons. i can understand that. going to jail for up to five years. general petraeus, his life was destroyed. and here she is, running for president. she's done 25 times worse than anybody's ever dreamt. it's a rigged system. it is a rigged, rig system. don't worry, folks, the cameras will never spin around and show the crowd behind me. the show my face and the two behind me. they don't show the thousands behind me. they never do. they never never do. so dishonest. there they are.
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there they are, my group. women for trump. they've been following me, these ladies, for a long time. how are we doing? are we doing well? great people. women for trump. and now it's up to the american people to deliver the justice that we deserve at the ballot box tomorrow. at the ballot box. we're going to win. i think it's a great way of showing what we have to show in light of what's going on with justice in this country. i really do. i think it's a great way. you show it tomorrow. you show it tomorrow my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take our country back from the special interests. folks, i was on the other side for a long time. it's a very good place to be.
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but i love the country. i really love this country. i've really got ton love the people of this country because i have been everywhere. we have the greatest people on earth, but i love this country. and i couldn't watch it when they made the iran deal. they give them $150 billion to a terrorist state. a state that was ready to collapse until we made them rich and powerful. we gave them a path to nuclear weapons. they were ready to collapse. we gave them, remember, $400 billion, right? we gave them $400 million. then we found out that was wrong. it wasn't $400 million. it was $1.7 billion in cash. in cash. you know what $1.7 billion in cash is? you could take that whole side of the arena and you wouldn't have enough room. how stupid are we to allow this to happen? our leaders are incompetent.
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president obama is campaigning today with hillary clinton because she can't campaign. she can't campaign. so obama is taking air force one, which costs a fortune. you know, he's very much into the environment. and you don't take a massive old engine 747, very much into the environment, very much into the ozone layer, and yet he'll fly that 747 all over the place to campaign for crooked hillary. and i don't think it's going to work. and she's not getting any crowds, so she gets beyonce and jay z. i like them. i like them. and you know what they do? i get bigger crowds than they do. it's true. i get far bigger crowds. look at this place. i mean, look at the crowds we
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had in michigan. by the way, michigan is in play. you know, it hasn't been in play for republicans for 30-some years. michigan is in play because they're tired of watching their car factories be taken out. they're tired of losing their jobs to mexico. ford right now moved all of its small car production to mexico. they're building the biggest plants in the world in mexico. and michigan's going to vote for trump because i've been complaining about it for five years to michigan. tomorrow's going to be a very historic day. it really is. i think it's going to be a brexit plus, plus, plus. does that make sense? plus, plus, plus. it's going to be amazing. going to be amazing. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear the words, we're all about to sing, this is a phrase, i told you, i didn't like it.
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i thought it was hokie but it's not hokie. it's called drain the swamp. we're going to go to washington. we're going to drain the swamp. can't believe it. i told this story, i hated that expression. i said, no way i'm going to say that. no way. that's so hokie. i said it and the place went crazy. i said it to another place, it wasn't crazier. then i said it with more confidence because, you know, confidence is -- and it went wild. now i love the expression. i think it was genius. drain the swamp. drain the swamp. [ crowd chanting "drain the swamp ] >> is there anyplace better to be than a trump rally? are we having fun?
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and i don't have a guitar and i don't have a piano. all we have is great concepts for our country which is the most important thing. frankly, when people get on stage, and they're entertainers, and they entertain in order to get people to fill up a room for hillary clinton. by the way, they use the dirtiest language the other night. many of the people left. you know, they're political people. they heard words they've never heard before. they left. so the place was half empty -- actually, it never got full, even with them. then it was pretty much empty midway through. and then most of the people just left. when hillary got up, there was practically -- she might as well just started with a few people. it would have been easier. hears those words -- i won't even address the words because if i do, crooked media will say, did you hear what donald trump said today? but, honestly -- yeah.
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those words were disgusting. if i ever said those words that jay z said or that beyonce said the other night, you know what would happen to me he? the reinstitution of the electric chair. it would be -- how about if i got the answers to the debate or if i got the questions? supposeding instead of hillary getting the questions to the debate, which is cheating, she's a cheat, she is a cheat, she never reported it. she's a cheat. so, supposing instead of her -- supposing somebody gave donald trump the questions to the debate, headlines all over the world. he must withdraw from the race. you don't even hear anything about crooked hillary. she got the questions. to me that's such a big deal. my people say, oh, don't mention that. i say, to me it's a big deal. it's a big deal.
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but it's not a big deal for the dishonest media. they don't want to report it. but just think about it. supposing it was us. at the core of my contract, is my plan to bring back our jobs. bring them back to america. and, by the way, you have a great governor. support your governor. he's a great guy. where is he? he's here someplace. he's a great guy and he's in a tough fight and he's going to win that fight, but he's a great guy. hopefully you'll support your governor. north carolina has lost nearly half of its manufacturing jobs since nafta. a deal signed by bill clinton and his lovely wife, hillary. now, think of it. think of the numbers of jobs. here's the one that gets me the most. two things get me the most.
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two things that just don't seem real because we're going to take care of our veterans, right, big league, because our veterans are great. but two statistics i can't believe. 22 suicides a day for our veterans. think of it. you wouldn't think that's possible because they're treated so badly. they wait on line for six, seven, eight days for a simple procedure that could solve their problem or for a prescription, but two numbers, it just doesn't make sense. 22 suicides a day for our veterans. doesn't make sense. here's another one. america has lost 70,000 factories. i thought they meant 700 or 7,000, maybe. it's 70,000 factories since china entered the world trade organization. another bill and hillary clinton-backed disaster. think of it, though, think of what 70,000 factories is. so those are the two numbers
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that sdoent don't seem to be real. sad, sad numbers. especially the vets, to be honest with you. we're living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of our world. there's been nothing happen to a country like has been happening to the united states. our jobs are fleeing. our companies are being taken and leaving and leaving. a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving america and we will stop the jobs from leaving north carolina. believe me. if a company wants to fire their workers and leave, as an example, north carolina, and move to another country, and then ship their products back into the united states through what will be a very strong border, by the way, we will make them pay a 35% tax on every product that they ship back here. and here's what's going to
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happen. they're not going to leave. they're not going to leave. now, your politicians, some of them don't understand it. and the ones -- >> we wanted to dip in and listen to donald trump on this election ever in raleigh, north carolina. we talked so much about north carolina, how it really could come down to that state as one of the key battle grounds. hearing a familiar chorus, drain the swamp, hearing how this could be brexit, plus, plus, plus, staying on message, talking about those rising premiums under obamacare next year. that's the flavor of donald trump. that is part of his closing argument to you, the voter, ahead of election day. i should tell you hillary clinton and her campaign plane just landed in grand rapids, michigan, so we'll be looking for her momentarily as we zigzag along with these campaigns. i'm brooke baldwin as you join our coverage from the nation's capital. let's bring in the panel and have