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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin here for my final day in our nation's capital. what a week it has been but on this friday, on this veterans day, i wanted to begin this hour with this. yes, we live in a divided nation and yes we have just witnessed one of the darkest presidential races of our time and even though i know so many of your emotions are still so raw in matter where you stand on the outcome, we're all americans and we're grateful to the men and women who serve and sacrificed for us so i wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you
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do and for what everyone who came before you did so thank you. now to the news and this, the fallout from donald trump's victory and the tensions that surround it. we are watching now day number three of some of these anti-trump demonstrations as the president-elect today holds his first meeting with his transition team behind closed doors and the democrats, they're not reflecting on hillary clinton's crushing defeat, they are also starting to deep soul searching about how exactly it happened and how they move forward. let me bring in jeff zeleny, he's back here in washington, our senior washington correspondent, sally kohn, a cnn political commentator and columnist for the daily beast and bill burton is co-founder of priorities usa super pac served as deputy press secretary during obama's first term. welcome to all of you, jeff zeleny, let me turn to you, we have heard bits and pieces from the clinton's camp on how the heck it happened, the loss.
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what are they doing? >> they're having conference calls with top donors and supportsers. i'm told by a couple people on that call that john podesta, the campaign chairman, is still saying that the decision at the 11th hour by james comey to sort of reincert this fbi e-mail controversy into the campaign contributed. he says the hostile media coverage she received contributed to the defeat. but talking to other democrats, they believe one thing is missing from this list and this is hillary clinton herself. so the campaign is trying to slow down the finger pointing but that is what is going to happen as the democrats fall into this new order here of being more decimated than they ever have been, at least in generations. >> i want sally and bill to weigh in but first a big part looking ahead of shaping the future of the party is who leads
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the party as the next dnc chair. some names being tossed around, howard dean has led the party before, you have former maryland governor and presidential candidate martin o'malley, he's also interested, new hampshire democratic party chairman and dnc vice chair ray buckley is exploring the possibility and you have congressman keith ellison, senator bernie sanders is one of the voices really pushing the congressman to give it a go. sally, to you on the names i just threw out, thoughts and also what really will you and will other democrats be looking for in a leader and why is this pick so important? >> well, i'm a proud member of the warren wing of the democratic party and i am a long-time fan of congressman keith ellison, also a friend. i think he is exactly who the party and, frankly, america needs at this moment in time. he has a rigorous commitment to
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the ordinary people, to their struggles, to their challenges, to their fears and aspirations and hopes and, by the way, it also would not be incidental that he is one of our country -- one of two muslims in congress and would lead the dnc at a time when we can expect if donald trump makes good on his threats to see the muslim community under sustained attack. it's really important, i think we can talk about the dissections of why this election happened but there is no question that two forces came into factor. there is still a profound economic anxiety in this country felt in particular by working class and poor folks of all races. and at the same time -- and that is we need to do something about that, we need to have an economy that works for working people and not just for the rich in big business. at the same time, the other issue is that donald trump and the republicans have convinced, especially white working class and poor folks, to blame that
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crisis on immigrants and people of color and muslims and that kind of -- >> hang on, before we jump in on president-elect trump, let's talk about more about hillary clinton and billet's reflect back on jeff's point about if we're looking ahead we have to look at what went so wrong and you heard about this call from the clinton camp talking about the james comey's decision, the letter and also just the e-mails and the hostile media. shouldn't there be more of an acknowledgment to jeff's point about it was also just the candidate herself? >> this is a time for real reflection for the whole broad party of democrats and i think when you look at this election -- and i've been talking to my friends on the clinton campaign and democrats who are depressed across the board it's hard to say that james comey didn't have some impact. if you look inside the data and
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following how things are going, among college-educated whites there's a total depression of turnout and activity after that first letter came out. and the second letter, which was probably meant to undo the damage he had done had the opposite impact and just reminded people again that this was the story they were tired of hearing about, so i think james comey is incon trow verdict kbli o one of the reasons hillary clinton is not the president-elect but there are other reasons and as we pick a chair for our party, we have to be reflective about the fact that this wasn't just outside forces it also was we were -- hillary clinton was running trying to put together the obama coalition of voters and she was never going to do as well with those voters as president barack obama did for a variety of reasons. >> but so many of the voters she was hoping for that you could have called a clinton coalition, they didn't show up, either. >> well, 10 million people didn't show up compared to where we were in 2008. but those white working class voters that felt like they weren't spoken to, they dent
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look at washington in terms of left and right politics is different now, there's a different axis it's the people versus the establishment. the populous versus the institution and the next chair of the dnc needs to be able to reflect that and we need to talk to a broader swath of people outside of the old way of looking at things. it's people versus powerful interests now. >> sally let me get to you. we're talking to congresswoman debbie dingle in just a bit and she will say to me, i think, live on cnn, i warned the obama administration, i warned the hillary clinton campaign about working klaas vocational in my whom state who feel frustrated even though the numbers and the economy news goes up they don't feel it. and i'm not feeling the love. hillary clinton didn't even go to, say, wisconsin. >> again, i don't think -- there are a number of factors that led to this happening and i think bill is exactly right.
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profoundly this is about a realignment of a broad swath of the country, black and white and latino recognizing rightfully, by the way, that our economy, our politics, are rigged for the elites. now that being said, what's interesting in that dynamic is that you still ended up with two elite people running to be president. effectively hillary clinton may be a candidate of the political establishment, donald trump is a candidate of the economic and business establishment and so there are other factors at play here, including, i think, how donald trump mobilized racial resentment and divisions of the country and undoubtedly how the fbi put its thumb on the scale. bear in mind while they were investigating hillary's e-mail, they were also investigating donald trump's campaign relationships with russia but when they reached conclusion on that, comey didn't hold a press conference and send letters to congress, he didn't make a big hay out of it, it just got kind of burr'd. meanwhile -- >> not to mention these other trump cases that are happening in the future perhaps they'll
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reach some conclusion before then but that's also ploeting out there as well. i have to go because i want to move on to breaking news, sally and bill and jeff, thank you. breaking news just into us here at cnn, we're learning more now about donald trump's transition team and who will play the key roles in a trump administration. let's go live to new york to trump tower to phil mattingly who was there. phil, what are you learning? >> it's not just who will play the key roles going forward in a trump administration, it's going to play the key roles on the transition team. chris christie has been leading trump's transition operation for months, he's been the direct contact for the obama white house. he's basically been running the show. we have been told over the course of the last couple weeks chris christie has stepped back, squaef sessi jeff sessions has played a more robust role. now the source tells us mike pence, the vice president-elect is coming in to run the transition operation. chris christie will be bumped down to vice choirm, he will still be involved in the process but pence is taking the reins.
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now this isn't unusual, dick cheney had a similarly large role once the president-elect was named but it's an interesting moment because of a couple reasons. first and foremost, chris christie has been an interesting voice throughout this process inside donald trump's orbit but people are saying he has been urging trump's inner circumstance toll allow a number of people who were never trump or critical of trump to be allowed into the administration saying it was crucial, particularly on the national security and foreign policy side, that these people be included, people that a r had more expertise than people in the field, they needed to be open to that. well, chris christie has been moved at least officially further away from that inner circle, mike pence taking the reins. it will be interesting to watch because we know there are a lot of positions that need to be filled fast, a lot of speculation about who will be filling those positions and now mike pence will have the biggest role in this whole process short
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of the president-elect, donald trump. brooke? >> chess pieces moving around. other key pieces about to be filled. we've been really focusing, phil, on who will serve as president-elect trump's chief of staff, right? and so the latest reporting had been could bit campaign chair steve bannon who headed up breitbart or could it be rnc chair reince priebus and from what i'm hearing now sources are pointing to reince priebus, is that correct? >> that's right. that's what we're hearing now. it's worth noting this has been a roller coaster. reince priebus was the initial favorite to get this position and when you talk to republicans around washington, when they try and figure out the person they want close to donald trump, reince priebus is the first name they put forward just based on his work with the campaign and outreach to the broader republican establishment over the course of these six, seven, eight, nine crazy months if you will. while reince priebus's name was being floated as the favorite,
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steve bannon, campaign chairman who came on and, frankly brook, when he came on, things changed for the better if you were a supporter of donald trump, started to make a play for that position. now as you noted, people are starting to say that things are moving back towards reince priebus's direction and here's a good reason why. i'm told when donald trump was in washington, d.c. yesterday it was made clear by both house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mit eer mitch m is that precious is the one they would be comfortable with. it's a crucial and powerful position inside the white house. the big question now and this extends to all of the major positions that need to be filled, which way does donald trump want to go? there's been reporting, we've heard from people that donald trump was leaning towards steve bannon, feels most comfortable but with everybody outside, including trump's inner circle leading towards reince priebus, is that the direction he will head? sounds like yes at the moment but this is very fluid and all up to the president-elect, brooke.
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>> it is indeed. phil mattingly, thank you so much for the news from trump tower. i have gloria borger who has just been seated, jeff civzelen keeping you around as well. it's fascinating this push/pull, not that we can climb into president-elect trump's mind but the inner circle, the gut who he knows really well versus a choice of someone who's perhaps best for the party, reince priebus. >> well, reince priebus is somebody who he owes a lot to. we remember after the indiana primary reince priebus tweeted and said "it's over, donald trump is our presumptive nominee." so he has been with him and has taken a lot of guff for it from within the republican establishment but there's also a sense with trump that reince priebus is so close to paul ryan, who's kind of been his nemesis this entire race and the thing about steve bannon is bannon comes along with kellyanne conway and trump starts doing better so i think he listens to bannon and likes him but the question is whether
11:14 am
the people on capitol hill can work with bannon. bannon has been in charge of breitbart which has criticized paul ryan and a lot of the republicans on capitol hill so they don't like him. >> he's slung more arrows at mitch mcconnell and paul ryan than he did at democrats. >> didn't he write a book criticizing the bushs? when we talk about alt-right, this is breitbart, this is steve bannon. we have a republican controlled house and senate and reince priebus goes way back in wisconsin with speaker ryan, how might that help the cogs turn along. >> it would help? terms of the relationship between the white house and the house but i'm not sure donald trump will need that much help in that respect. the chief of star position, as soon as we know that, we're going to know a lot about who donald trump is going to be as president. he is the most evolving sort of unformed figure i think that we have seen in a recent president
11:15 am
and many people in this town, many republicans, hope he simply becomes an old-school republican. i don't think that's likely to happen but we'll see, but reince priebus is not exactly going to be an emissary to all of the hill, either. to chuck schumer and others because he's been the head of the opposition so there are people who also questioned does reince priebus have the chops for this, the foreign policy chops. the chief of staff of the white house is the second most important job in this city, probably, most stressful. some republicans wonder if he has the chops for it. >> you don't have to have foreign policy experience per se. bill daley was chief of staff, rahm emanuel steve of staff, not a lot of foreign policy experience. you have to be able to talk -- >> but he'd been in the cabinet before. >> right but you have to talk to capitol hill. that's right, bill daley was commerce secretary. you have to be able to talk to capitol hill but they also have mike pence, don't forget. and pence came from capitol hill. he's an alum.
11:16 am
>> not to mention running a state. >> but he's an alum and a conservative republican so he can talk to conservative republicans. and i think reince priebus also understands the national republican party very well. i think with donald trump it always comes down to a question of loyalty, complete loyalty. you know, the fact that chris christie is now no longer in charge of the transition -- >> you have more scoop on that. >> well, yeah, everybody's reporting all of this but -- >> tell me more. >> i think the point is that christie was first on board but i think there's a sense among some trump people that when the going got tough christie got going. after the "access hollywood" videotape. and i think even though he prepared trump for his debate right after that that he wasn't there at the debate and so i think it is kind of a loyalty
11:17 am
test. trump demands 100% loyalty and if there is a crack, somewhere he's going to question you. >> gloria and jeff, thank you so much. coming up next, president-elect trump, taking heat for a tweet condemning protesters who are speaking out against him across the country. then later, pull a total 180 on twitter and praised them. hmm. and was megyn kelly poisoned before that first debate, including with donald trump. she has new revelations about this drama over her faceoff in this new book of hers. we have a sneak peek into that. i'm brooke baldwin in washington. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. now that karen's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort...
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such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. we're back, i'm brooke baldwin, we're talking about the protests taking place across the country. thousands of protesters poured into the streets across the u.s. most rallies were peaceful but in portland, oregon, tensions
11:22 am
exploded. police referred to this as a riot, deploying flash-bang grenades to break up these crowds. across the country police have arrested more than 200 people and more anti-trump demonstrations are planned for tonight, night number three. trump, by the way, is now weighing in on twitter. he tweets "just had a very open and successful presidential election, now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. very unfair." but then this morning an about face, the tweet reads this way "love the fact that the small groups of protesters have passion for our great country, we will all come together and be proud." barry bennett is with me, the former campaign manager for dr. ben car zorn and a trump supporter. joshua dubois is back, from
11:23 am
president obama's faith based partnerships and former spiritual advisor to the president. gentlemen, welcome. >> great to be here. >> congratulations to you, sir, on the big trump win. let me begin with you. you have that first tweet where he mentions incited by the media and then this 180. this is no longer candidate trump, this is president-elect trump, the rules have changed. >> yes. >> yes. you have to admire growth, right? that's what we want. >> it must have been the quickest turnaround of some sort of cleanup on the trump side we've ever seen. >> i like the trendline. >> appreciate the positive response, but can we go back to the initial tweet if i may. "from the president-elect, just had a very open and successful presidential election, now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting." that's not okay for a president-elect two tweet that, don't you think? >> they were protesting. i don't know exactly what they're protesting.
11:24 am
they don't like the electoral college, i guess. >> or the person who won. >> but, you know, i don't have any problem with peaceful protests, peaceful protests are good. >> why didn't he say that off the bat? >> there's a fine line between growth and schizophrenia and that's what it seems like we're seeing and we need him to calm down and be presidential if he's now the president-elect. to speak to what folks are protesting, this is something i think people are getting wrong, folks folks are not out there in the streets because their preferred candidate lost, they're out there because they take donald trump at his word. when he said he supports stop and frisk around the country, african-americans took him at his word and they're in the streets because they're concerned about what that would mean for black families. latino communities out in the streets because they're concerned about mass depour decontaminations and this big beautiful wall. women are out there because they're taking donald trump at his word about how he sees the
11:25 am
standing of women in the world. this is not a protest because the candidate lost, it's a protest based on what donald trump has said his agenda is going to be and if he wants to address the protests, he has to speak to his agenda. >> i see a bunch of millennials out there who, had they spent time calling people and knocking on doors they would have been more effective. i would like to cross -- that 200 people that got arrested with who actually voted? >> don't you think for president-elect trump it was a missed moment? i remember not even a week ago we had president obama doing a rally for hillary clinton and there was a trump protester who disrupted the whole thing and i thought it was classy how he said listen, hey, that's his first amendment right to speak up, looks like he's a veteran so we'll respect that and that is something that the president-elect could have done. >> but, i mean, he did do this morning, right. >> he did do this morning.
11:26 am
>> so we can't -- we should be encouraged by what he's done and the obama meeting yesterday, i don't know if you were there, joshua, those were good statements on the hill and in the white house. >> very good statements. >> and the trend line is very, very good. now this guy is a first-time candidate. he's never run for anything before. the transition to take over the white house, my wife worked for george w. bush and was one of the liaisons to the obama administration. it took months. >> it's a learning curve. >> so he has a lot of learning to do in the next ten weeks. >> will he be tweeting about it along the way. >> i hope he's too busy to tweet. >> one thing that's important, though is you can't foment hate and division around the country for 18 months and think you'll solve that -- >> but which is more hate, what's going on in the streets -- >> you have to solve that with a positive speech and a couple good meetings. >> harry reid is appalled by that. harry reid is appalled by the rush to normalize trump.
11:27 am
>> he has seeded this division and it's come to fruition so he has to speak to what he has done and his agenda. >> there's never a justification for violence. never. >> but he's the one that said rough them up. >> burning someone in ef-figy i not acceptable. >> in 2012 donald trump tweeted we should have a revolution in the streets after president obama won. this is what this man has said and done for 18 months. he can't just roll that back now and act like it didn't happen. >> so that justifies people burning the american flag in the streets. >> that's never justified but donald trump has set the agenda and it's an agenda of hatred and division and he needs to speak to that and turn that around. >> you have to tone that down, too, though if we want to get along. you can't call -- i mean, he's been called a racist now for months and months and months, right? we have to tone down our rhetoric or our country will continue to be as divided. >> donald trump, i think, as the president-elect, he should set the tone with toning down his rhetoric. >> i think he did this morning. >> and speaking to the things he
11:28 am
has said about his agenda, what that agenda will be moving forward. when he does that i think people will respond and hopefully we can come to a place where he is implementing policy that brings us together rather than divides us. >> amen to both of you. it looked like a positive meeting in the oval office yesterday calling president obama a good man, realizing it could have happened, the meeting could have been 15 minutes, ended up being 90, hopefully that's a good sign, we have open minds. >> got to. >> open minds. >> up next, back to our breaking news as we're learning more about trump transition team and the shakeup within. new jersey governor chris christie now no longer leading that effort. we have more on that. also ahead, my next guest considered running for president as an anti-trump independent. david french joins me to discuss the next chapter for the so-called never trumpers. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. instead of draining the "washington swamp" which is what we heard from so many of those rallies with donald trump, looks like he's wading deep into the waters in washington. the president-elect's transition team has revved up with a staff of long-time washington experts, veterans, k street lobbyists, think tank veterans and among these names being tossed around you have chris christie, newt gingrich, reince priebus, rudy giuliani. not exactly a pool of political outsiders. david french joins me now, writer for the "national review," an anti-trumper
11:34 am
conservative whose name was floated as an al ternive if to trump, perhaps is a candidate and he's also a veteran of the u.s. army so first and foremost, david, thank you so much for your service. >> well, thank you, it was the great privilege of my life. >> beginning with politics, now the news that it will be the vice president, no longer chris christie heading up the transition team. it will be the vice president, mike pence, vice president-elect mike pence. what does that tell you about what the trump administration might look like based upon that change? >> it's telling me good things so far. it's telling me rather than trump saying i'm going to go with who was with me first he's going with someone who would -- he believes would be best calculated to do the job and do an effective job and reach out to conservatives who were never trump conservatives. i like mike pence, i have always liked mike pence. this is saying he's reaching out
11:35 am
to people across the entire gop spectrum, that he's not valuing first-in loyalty over everything else, he's looking at who could be effective in the job and i think it's an encouraging sign. >> let me throw another name in there, reince priebus, rnc chair reince priebus. now sources telling cnn all signs point to reebs as trump's chief of staff. your reaction? >> look, if it's between the -- one of the heroes of the alt-right and steve bannon and reince priebus, consider me team reince priebus. i mean, again, that's a very, very good move. for those of us who were concerned about a trump administration, we had concerns about character and ideas and we had concerns about some of the character of the people that surrounded trump and i had disagreements with reince priebus. i had disagreements with mike pence as a never-trump conservative but i never sat there and thought that these guys are alt-right, that these guys are authoritarian, these guys are demagogues.
11:36 am
no they're constitutional conservatives and if he's surrounding himself with constitutional conservatives i'm pleased by that decision. this is another good step. >> how about, in my hand i have the -- this is from the trump team, this is this list of men and women who would be involved in the transition. on the list i'm looking at jared kushner, president-elect trump's son-in-law. farther down the list i see don, jr., eric trump, ivanka. do you think that's a good thing that he picks his own blood, his own family members as part of the transition playing roles and might it be a conflict of interest? >> yeah, that's starting to get more problematic. >> why? >> it's to be expected you'll have loyalists around you. it's to be expected he'll trust his family above all else but when you're talking about a transition team -- let's be clear what transition teams do. they're responsible for locating literally thousands of people who are going to be the gop
11:37 am
talent, the conservative talent hopefully to fill the ranks of this administration. this requires an awful lot about knowledge, not just about policy but about people and when you choose people around you, yes, i get he trusts his family, do they have the depth and knowledge required and are there conflicts of interest when the family is running trump businesses while he's in the oval office? so that's much less encouraging but if the process is being run by pence, truly run by pence, again, that's far more reassuring than these other aspects are troubling. >> what about also just as a never-trump guy we had heard that even though he's no longer in charge of transition he's an ally of trumps, chris christie, governor christie, so apparently governor christie was trying to persuade trump to consider never trumpers to play roles in the upcoming administration.
11:38 am
a, do you think that would happen or would hell have to freeze over first? b, would you be interested in. >> look, a, i think that particularly when it comes to foreign policy it's going to be really hard to fill the ranks of the foreign policy experts and the foreign policy professionals without dipping into some never-trump ranks. so there's a little bit of necessity is the mother of invention here and necessity can sometimes be the mother of reconciliation. that may happen. as far as i'm concerned, look, here's my view. i am praying for the next president. i hope and pray that i'm fundamentally wrong about his character and that i've been fundamentally wrong about what policies he'll pursue. that's what i'm praying for. if the next administration wants my help in any given way, i sincerely doubt they would, i'd be happy to serve my country. >> i'm hearing a yes. >> in any capacity.
11:39 am
okay, david french, thank you so much. keep us posted. meantime, let's listen to former new york mayor and ally of president-elect trump's rudy giuliani speaking here. >> reporter: what's your expectation going to be? >> i have no expectation, i just give my advice. donald has been my friend for 28 years, my work for him has been out of great loyalty and friendship for him. i can see already how he is going to be a great president and i'm glad i could play a small roam. >> reporter: what's your advice for him in picking his cabinet. >> that i give to him personally. >> reporter: do you expect to be part of his cabinet? >> more from trump tower, more on the comings and going here on this friday afternoon now that we know the next leader of the free world is president-elect donald trump. we'll be right back.
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a new book a raising eyebrows about her actions with president-elect donald trump. according to the "new york times" review, ahead of this book's release, megyn kelly says trump called fox news the day before the first debate and said he heard the first question would be a "very pointed question directed at him" and of course we now know that to be true but her story gets even more bizarre because on her way to the convention hall on debate day her driver, she writes, enthusiastically offered to buy her some coffee. she finally said yes, okay, i'll take the coffee only to become, she says, violently ill 15 minutes later. these are some of the revelations we're getting a peek into. sara ellison is joining me, contributing editor for "vanity fair," has written extensively about megyn kelly and brian stelter is with me as well. sara, to you first, i read the "new york times" review as well,
11:45 am
what was your biggest wow moment in reading it? >> my biggest wow moment was that this was an incredible window into one high profile journalist's relationship with the president-elect. and it wasn't necessarily the ailes stuff it was how donald trump not only threatened her in public ways but tried to woo her as well and i thought that was a very interesting window into the way he operates with journalists. >> the bit about i'll take care of you and your girlfriends at the hotel room for a weekend. she said no, no. stelter, what did you think? >> and he says -- megyn kelly says trump tried to do the same thing with other journalists as well. she says it was an untold story of the campaign. let's remember the verbal barrage, the assault kelly experienced from trump and his aides. one of his aides said kelly should be gutted like a fish. there was a lot of incendiary commentary about megyn kelly during the campaign so to some degree this might be a preview
11:46 am
of what a trump administration would be like with regards to the press. it's an open question about whether president-elect trump will treat other journalists the way he treated megyn kelly and her book, which officially comes out next week so we'll see her doing book tour stuff next week, could be a window into the future. >> but some of this about the questions ahead of time and the coffee she drank and when you jump on her twitter today, ryan, it seemed to me she was walking it back. >> technically you're right. she's on there saying for the record in my book it does not suggest trump had any debate questions in advance nor do i believe he did. certainly, though, in the book she insinuates trump knew something she also said on twitter she does not believe she was poisoned by anybody, she does believe she got a stomach bug, the same one rand paul did but she insinuates she wondered if it was possible there was some sort of conspiracy to make her sick before the debate. given that she's been so
11:47 am
critical of donna brazile sharing questions ahead of time with clinton aides which was an awful thing for donna brazile to do, she was attacking cnn and donna brazile for that. now there's an issue of whether someone at fox was helping donald trump. you have to look at roger ailes, former fox news boss and wonder if ailes, who was talking to trump all the time, might have given trump inside information about the debate. >> i have a little bit of -- >> if she had that inkling, sara, as a journalist, shouldn't she have disclosed that? >> what, that he expected that the first question was going to be difficult? i mean, i think that -- i think that it's unclear. when you're dealing with somebody like donald trump, when you're working with somebody like roger ailes, how much is smoke and how much is real? does she disclose that on the debate stage? does she say i heard -- i'm sure her employers knew. i know roger ailes knew donald trump was saying there was this
11:48 am
pointed question coming and she was sharing that with her producers and people she worked for at fox. was she supposed to disclose that publicly? i don't know exactly how she would necessarily do that. i do know one piece of reporting i've picked up since this morning and i have it on good authority that roger ailes was evidently as angry about megyn kelly's first question in that first debate to donald trump as donald trump was. so he was not the one that fed the question. he was just as angry with her about that question as donald trump was. it's possible that someone else was feeding information or he gave donald trump a sense of that but it was not that specific question. >> interesting. >> okay, sarah ellison, thank you, brian stelter, thank you. billionaire investor warren buffett said he is 100% optimistic with a president-elect trump. in an exclusive interview with poppy harlow, buffett, who, remember, supported hillary clinton says he's putting his
11:49 am
concerns about trump aside and giving time respect he deserves as the commander in chief. >> you are the eternal optimist. you're the one who wrote the opinion piece in the middle of the great recession saying bet on america. >> absolutely. >> do you feel object mistic about america right now? a divided america? >> 100%. >> why? >> it's the great -- this is a fantastic country. in my lifetime -- i was born in 1930. the real gdp per person has gone up 6-for-1. we were the most advanced country in the world when i was born and one person's lifetime, 6-for-1. i've never seen anything like it. we have $57,000 of gdp per capita. family of four $228,000. they don't get it, but this system will produce more and more stuff and better and better stuff and services. >> the system works regardless of who the president is? >> the market system works but
11:50 am
it doesn't work for everybody. it works in aggregate. >> let's talk about the markets, long term, the market reaction to all of this, to president-elect trump. what do you expect it to be long term given the policy proposals he's laid out if he carries through with them. >> are you talking about the stock market? >> i'm talking about the stock market. >> the stock market will be higher 10, 20, 30 in years from now than it would have been with hillary and will be with trump. >> so these predictions that the market was going to tank under president trump? >> they're silly. >> let's dig into some of the proposals that donald trump has put out there. economic proposals and your take on them. he has suggested and proposed instituting a 35% tariff on goods imported from mexico and china to this country. a lot of business leaders say that would cause a trade war, that would cause a recession. what do you say? >> well, i think it's a bad idea, a very bad idea.
11:51 am
but i'm not going to say it will cause a recession. any time you start playing around with retaliatory type trade things is very likely the other side is going to play, too. that's been the history. the problem for trade -- and this is why you need what i would call an instructor in chief as president, because you cannot blame anybody that lost their job because industry -- their industry moved abrosz because there was a comparative advantage for some other country. you can't expect any of them to say i'm for free trade because it helps the society as a whole. it does help society as a whole but the benefits are very diffuse. i may buy the stocks i have, the underwear i have a few cents cheaper because of the comparative advantage of some other country in producing it but i don't get down every time i go to walmart and buy them i
11:52 am
don't say "thank god for free trade." >> does it worry you then to hear donald trump say he will scrap nafta, which he will have the power to do as president? >> we'll see what happens. it is true with the republicans in control of the senate and house -- >> you don't think he'll do it? >> well, he has to get the house and senate -- he has to get support on it. there will be a lot of -- this is not exclues toy donald trump. there are a lot of things said in campaigns that don't happen after the election. >> donald trump ran on the flat form of being a billionaire businessman, arguing that gives him the unique ability to help all of the americans, millions of people who are strug wholg cannot get by on one job who cannot support their family and they believe he is their answer. do you think that donald trump is a good businessman? because you certainly went after him on his business record during the campaign? >> he had major failures and he was very good at licensing and very good at things that involve
11:53 am
promotion of his name. actual operation of the businesses in the 1980s and 1990s? it left him essentially bankrupting multiple companies. but he -- i would say this, he understands business but his record has been better at licensing and -- >> than operations. >> than putting out his own capital, yes. >> his publicly traded trump casino empire. no u.s. casino filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy more. are you concerned about his ability to operate big businesses? >> he's not going to be operating businesses. i don't have to worry about him running a business at all. he's the one that -- you know that doesn't really in my judgment determine whether somebody makes a great president. harry truman went broke in a has beener dashry store. he turned out to be a terrific president. haberdasher. >> that's just a piece of poppy's interview with mr.
11:54 am
buffett. please tune in when you're watching poppy's show 3:00 p.m. eastern. up next, back to breaking news in washington. a shakeup within the trump transition team. governor christie no longer heading up that effort. trumps' kids are taking on roles. we'll be back to discuss. first ingredient? (vo)s corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain , real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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now that fedex has helped us we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive.
11:58 am
hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce. silicon valley was strongly pr pro-clinton and now entrepreneurs are thinking about the role of tech community in the election in this week's upstarts.
11:59 am
>> reporter: you guys have traded your technologies that you can code your ideas into the hands of billions of people. what questions in technology with these leaders who have so much power should we start asking? >> one of them is have we created systems that bring people together to find common ground or have we created systems that dwietd us into different parties, republicans, democrats, i think that's a hard question, through technology it's very possible to live in your own bubble. in my president bush feed you would never believe trump would be elected and the information sources that i was consuming failed to examine the things that were appealing to large body of americans. >> what's the responsibility? you look at someone like mark zuckerberg who has incredible power, he can tweak and algorithm and it could affect an election. this is the new era we live in so what responsibility or conversations within should these tech companies be having? >> we've lived in a feedback cycle for technology that's around how do i drive the most engagement?
12:00 pm
how do i drive the most page views? same in media as well. and consequently you get things that are click bait, things that feed people the information that they want. you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin in beautiful washington, d.c. on this friday and specifically on this veterans day if i may take a moment. yes, we live in a divided nation and we have witnessed one of the darkest presidential races of our time and i know so many emotions are still raw, no matter where you stand, we are all americans, we are grateful to the men and women who sacrificed for us so i just wanted to say thank you, thank you for all that you do and for what everyone who came before you has done. now to politics of the day. chris christie out, mike pence in. sources tell cnn that governor christie has been relieved as head of