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tv   New Day  CNN  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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stacked with d.c. insiders and lobbyists, taking the move today announcing this lobbying ban. really trying to return to where the core issues that really ignited donald trump as a candidate and his promise to clean up washington. president-elect donald trump's transition team now moving to uphold this campaign promise. >> we are going to drain the swamp. >> unveiling a new lobbying ban. requiring anyone under consideration for a job in the trump administration to sign a written pledge to terminate their lobbying. and when they leave office they will be banned from being a lobbyist for five years. >> you talk about draining the swamp this is one of the first steps. >> but as they make headway on some aspects of the transition, other parts are still slow moving. trump's team has not yet contacted the pentagon, state department, or other federal agencies to inform them about the transition. with major washington agencies
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saying they're still left in the dark. but trump's team says they're moving forward on this today. ready to announce their so-called landing teams made up of transition staff that will deploy and interact with the department of justice, state defense and national security with other agencies to follow. >> i think we made tremendous progress in giving the president-elect some ideas about how to move forward with his core team and potential members of his cabinet. >> reporter: today in trump tower, a flurry of meetings lined up for the president-elect. including south carolina's governor nikki haley, a former trump detractor -- >> that's not who we want as president. >> reporter: now under consideration for secretary of state. meantime, new reports suggest that jared kushner, ivanka trump's husband, could wind up with top national security clearance and become a key adviser to trump. trump team's rejecting over nepotism. and a potential conflict of interest. >> jared has, obviously, been a very important part of this campaign and he's someone that
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the president-elect trusts very much. what that role is, like anyone else, is going to be up to the president-elect. >> reporter: the transition team continuing to dispute reports of internal disarray and infighting. >> it's false to say it's not going well. >> reporter: this as the head of the transition, vice president-elect mike pence sat down with joe biden wednesday. biden promising his successor he will be available 24/7 for advice. >> no administration is ready on day one. we weren't ready on day one. but i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands. >> reporter: and donald trump will be meeting with japanese prm abe later today here at trump tower. this is noteal because this is trump's first face-to-face in-person pleating with a world leader since becoming the president-elect. >> sunlen serfaty, thanks so much. here to discuss the transition right now, and some of the policies that president-elect trump is expected to pursue, senator from ohio, recently
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reelected republican senator for ohio rob portman. senator portman, thanks for being with us. congratulations on your re-election. an election a lot of people considered sort of a model for how to run campaigning in this country. a lot of people praising that thanks so much for being with us. i want to read you a tweet from donald trump this morning on his transition. just a few minutes ago. he said my transition team which is working long hours and doing a fantastic job will be seeing many great candidates today and the #makeamericagreatagain. today nikki haley among others some of the people going to trump tower to meet with the president-elect. what are your general impressions of the transition so far? >> well, i think it's going fine. every transition is a little chaotic. almost by definition you go straight from a campain, and into governing. but it sounds like they've made some good choices already. and i know a lot of people who are involved with it, and advising, and you know, i think they're going to be able to pull some very good people out of the private sector, which i think is important. it seems like it's going fine. >> one of the people that may be pulled out of the private sector is donald trump's old son-in-law
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jared kushner. "the wall street journal" reporting this morning he could end up with a senior advisory role in the white house. you worked in administrations. you think that's a good idea? to have a president's son-in-law working maybe in the west wing? >> well, it's a good idea to have people around you you trust. i don't know jared well. i've met him. but my sense is he's a very bright guy and more importantly donald trump trusts him impriss italy. he played a big role in the campaign. i think there's a role for him and others, as well. it's interesting, i've been doing some interviews about this over the last few days, and having worked in the first bush and second bush white house, in different kinds of roles, it seems to me ultimately it comes back to the president. in other words, advisers will give him advice. ultimately he's going to make his decision about how he'd like to proceed. so i think with regard to this pick or even others, he's made certain commitments in the campaign, donald trump has, he has reached out, with his victory speech and since then to say he wants to work with both sides and try to get some things
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done and move the economy forward, for example. so i think that's perhaps more important than the individual picks he might pick for adviser. >> these nepotism laws, there are laws in place and you said you've worked in white houses, two separate white houses, what would the effect of having a family member in the white house be? if you were sitting there as a young staffer in george h.w. bush's white house, his son-in-law walked in and said no, this is the way it's going to be, what would the effect be? >> well, again, i think what would matter more is the degree of trust and confidence you have in somebody. and you know, people have different titles in the white house, too, john. sometimes those titles mean less than again the respect and personal relationship. and so i don't -- i don't know, you know, precisely what role they're talking about for jared but my sense is that he's a guy who president-elect trump really trusts and has a lot of confidence in. >> it doesn't really seem like he's highly trusted by the president-elect. quickly on a couple of issues, iran, you ran strongly that the iran deal the iran nuclear deal
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was a very bad deal just yesterday the chair of the senate foreign relations committee bob corker suggested you know what i don't think this deal is going to be torn up right away. do you think this is a deal that, as donald trump campaigned on, should be abrogated immediately? >> well i don't think it's a good agreement for our national security. i do think that it's very important to work with the other parties so there are six other countries involved. and this is something that i think is incredibly important. i saw that you noted that prime minister abe's going to be meeting with donald trump today. i know he has said publicly that he reached out to world leaders and i think that's really important to rebuild this sense of american leadership around the world not just in terms of rebuilding our military and the ability to project force but also rebuilding relationships which i think have been frayed over time. one thing george w. bush did well in my view was spend a lot of time on the phone talking with world leaders, working with them. so in this particular case, with regard to the iran agreement, it's important to reach out to our allies in europe, it's
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important to reach out to the russians and the chinese and be sure that we're doing this together. i think that's possible. and i think we can come up with a much better approach. protects our national security more, but also, protects israel's national security better. >> put you down for gradual approach there. you brought up george w. bush. another thing he did often was work with free trade. he was a pro-popent and his father, obviously, of nafta. donald trump not. says he wants to renegotiate part of nafta. where do you stand on that right now? you are our u.s. trade rep. do you want to see nafta a thing of the past? >> well it's a 20-plus-year-old agreement. when it was negotiated there was no e-commerce as an sample which is a significant chapter now in all of our trade agreements. i did not have the environmental or labor standards we have in all of our agreements. so it should definitely be updated. i think that's, you know, an important thing for my state of ohio where we have a lot of trade with nafta countries, particularly canada. we sent more exports to canada than any other country. so i think updating it is an
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important thing and my sense is that the mexicans are open to that. so that's one thing we could do right away. but i do think we have to keep in mind that we could do more on trade enforcement, level the playing field, ensure that currency manipulation doesn't occur as an example, make sure companies aren't dumping product and subsidizing product. we can be tougher there and crack down on unfair imports. but we also need to expand exports. what the trade agreements let you do, if they're good agreements, is knock down barriers to our farmers and workers. we send, as a country, about half of our exports to 10% of the world. and that's the 10% where we have a trade agreement. where there's a trade surplus with the united states we have the opportunity to do more of that with good trade agreements. i would be cautious about saying that we don't want to have trade agreements. we want to have them and make sure they're expanding our exports. >> let me ask you about steve bannon. his pick as chief without strategist is controversial. a lot of democrats have signed on to a letter asking donald
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trump to rescind it. when he ran breitbart, had a lot of headlines that were controversial including many that were anti-gay. gay rights have been -- time to get back in the closet. kids raised by same-sex couples twice as likely to be depressed bad adults and on and on. senator portman you changed your position on same-sex marriage over the years after your son came out to you. do you feel comfortable with someone whose organization was putting out headlines like this being so close to the president? >> well, i don't -- i don't know about those headlines what you just told me i'm certainly not comfortable with. by the way, i'm not comfortable with discrimination, period. and i think that's something that, you know, needs to be reiterated. and i know donald trump feels the same way. so again, as i said earlier, a lot of discussion about different staff members, roles they're going to play. ultimately this goes to the top. and it goes to donald trump, and he will, i'm sure, contine to reiterate his view that you know, discrimination, whether
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it's with regard to the gay and lesbian community, whether it's regard to ethnicity or race, is unacceptable. and i think that's -- that's the message that needs to be sent loud and clear. >> senator rob portman of ohio. again congratulations on your re-election. >> thanks, john. >> alisyn? >> retired army general michael flynn is one of the top contenders to become donald trump's national security adviser. so who is he? and could some controversies prove problematic for him? that's next. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside us are trillions of good microflora that support digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you. clear, taste-free, benefiber®.
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he already has donald trump's ear. now retired army general michael flynn appears to be on a very short list to become the president-elect's national security adviser. general flynn, no stranger to controversy. he has a reputation for having a fiery temperament, much like his potential new boss. want to bring in cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. barbara? >> good morning, john. i've covered general flynn for a number of years as he served in various military positions and now we've talked to a number of people who know him very well. they all say that fiery personality could be a deciding factor for anyone who wants to go work for him. >> i have called on hillary clinton to drop out of the race because she, she put our nation's security at extremely high risk. >> reporter: retired lieutenant general michael flynn now considered a leading candidate to become donald trump's
5:15 am
national security adviser. flynn harshly criticized hillary clinton's handling of sensitive information during the campaign. >> this overclassification excuse is not an excuse. if it's classified, it's classified. >> reporter: but flynn's own record with classified information has been called into question during his military career. on at least two occasions, his handling of classified information came under scrutiny by the u.s. military. two former government officials with direct knowledge of the issue tell cnn during the time flynn oversaw intelligence in afghanistan, he shared classified information with pakistan on terror networks responsible for killing american troops. intelligence, the sources say, came from another agency. flynn wasn't supposed to share it. they say he was trying to convince pakistan to stop sheltering terrorists. asked by e-mail about the allegation, flynn told cnn, it
5:16 am
is not true. not even close. flynn declined to comment further for this story. in a separate incident, the two officials cnn spoke with, said flynn did not follow established security procedures when he shared classified intelligence with allies. flynn has acknowledged that one, telling "the washington post," the investigation on me was for sharing intelligence with the brits and australians in combat, and i'm proud of that one. that was substantiated because i actually did it. flynn says he had permission to share the classified information. in both cases, sources say the retired general was informally representry handed at the time but never charged with wrong doing and in 2010 while still serving as a senior officer he published an article criticizing the state of u.s. intelligence operations in afghanistan. cnn has learned that the cia has so furious at flynn for publicly disclosing shortfalls it
5:17 am
complained to the pentagon, which had signed off on the article. flynn joined tremendous access and credibility with dwm. >> what makes donald trump so different from so many others is he's the one with the real experience fighting on afghanistan in iraq. >> and in 2014 general flynn was pushed out as the head of the defense department's defense intelligence agency. flynn has talked about that. he believes he was pushed out because of his very strong views on islamic terrorism. others i have spoken to say he was pushed out because of his contentious management style. alisyn? >> okay, barbara, thanks so much for all of that background. so here with more on national security issues and general flynn's potential role is democratic congressman from massachusetts and iraq war veteran congressman seth malten. nice to see you, congressman. >> good to be here. >> what do you think of general flynn possibly being national security adviser?
5:18 am
>> well, you know, general flynn testified before our committee several times, and i would say that his views were pretty extreme among all those who testified before us. >> such as? what were some of the things that stood out to you? >> well, for example, he was so focused on just the terminology around islamic terrorism, without real regard, i think, for how isis was actually recruiting people around the world. you've heard people like general petraeus for example talk about how language matters, and how a lot of the things that we say back here in america are used by the terrorists to recruit people to fight against us. and so, a lot of time it seemed like he was more interested in the political point than in really our national security policy. but that said, he has a long history of service in our united states military, and should be respected for that. and obviously he has views that should be heard. >> what about the claims that barbara starr just laid out there in her reporting, that he,
5:19 am
himself, may have had a history of mishandling classified information? >> well, obviously that's concerning. but we need to know the details. because, there are a lot of accusations flying around about the mishandling of classified materials in this election. not all of which bear out to be true. we have to understand whether there was real intent to mishandle classified materials. or -- or if, in fact, it was well substantiated and he wasn't charged. so clearly we need to know more about this situation. but i think one thing that we should have learned from the last election, and the accusations against secretary clinton, is that we should not jump to conclusions. >> so, from what you know of general flynn, would you be comfortable with him having any position -- i mean obviously he seems to be a favorite of donald trump. it seems as though he's going to be name to something. he's long been a supporter of donald trump throughout the campaign. are you comfortable with him having any position? >> well let me put it this way. his military judgment aside, i
5:20 am
think that his personal judgment for donald trump is questionable. you saw how many republican national security experts, and retired military officers came out against donald trump during this campaign. i mean that's unprecedented. we've never seen so many republicans come out against their nominee as we did in this last election, and it was solely on the grounds of national security. i personally have grave concerns with the dangerous agenda that donald trump has put forth, and he clearly has no clue about national security himself. i mean, this is the guy who's been around praising saddam hussein, who said that putin wouldn't invade ukraine long after he did. >> yeah. >> so the fact that general flynn supports donald trump for president raises a lot of questions in my mind. now his military judgment is -- is often -- >> yes -- >> -- you know i think on one extreme of the spectrum. but that doesn't mean we should discredit his service. >> yeah. >> but i do seriously question anyone in his position who
5:21 am
thinks that this man would be a good commander in chief. >> okay. let's talk about something else you're questioning, and that is democrats' judgment, and democrats' way forward. you this week have written a letter about the way forward i'll just read a little excerpt of it you, you and some of your colleagues have written it is vital that our caucus take the time to listen to the american people and learn the lessons of this difficult election in order to put our caucus in the best position to fight the potentially dangerous agenda of president-elect donald trump and have a realistic chance of taking back the house in 2018. are you saying -- i mean basically you i think were suggesting going slow in terms of leadership positions. have you lost confidence in nancy pelosi? >> no. but what i am saying is that we need to have a serious discussion within our party because the last few elections have been horrific. i mean the last three or four elections in the house have been terrible. we lost the white house. the senate. in addition to the house of
5:22 am
representatives. we only have 16 governorships across the country. and we don't have a majority of the state legislature. so the american people have sent a clear message to us democrats that the status quo is not acceptable. so rather than just rush into elections for leadership positions, and essentially just maintain the status quo, let's take the time to just have a conversation. we have an incredibly diverse caucus. we need to hear -- >> yeah. >> those views and listen to the american people. >> but should nancy pelosi in your opinion remain as a leader? >> nancy pelosi has done extraordinary things for our party. i mean let's not forget we're talking about the first woman to become speaker of the house. we're talking about someone who shepherded obamacare through a very contentious congress. but we clearly need to have a plan for the future. and what i'm saying is that we ought to have several different competing views and law out a plan for the future the best strategy to carry our caucus and our party forward if nancy pelosi has the best strategy
5:23 am
then we should vote for her. but let's hear some competing views. i got here through a competitive primary. >> yeah. >> i listened and learned from the constituents i would come to represent. we've got to have time for that conversation. >> if not nancy pelosi, who? >> no one else has announced that they're running yet. so we don't know who that other liter might be but we do have an incredibly diverse caucus and we have a lot of potential leaders. but a lot of people i think in our caucus right now just feel like they don't have much of a voice. so part of the discussion should be not just who our leader is but what is the agenda and how do we empower minorities, young people, in our caucus that are such an important part of the democratic party, but don't always have such a large voice in what we're saying today. >> yeah. you have a lot of thinking to do. it sounds like. congressman moulten, thanks so much for being on "new day." >> thank you. >> thanks, alisyn. hate crimes on the rise. so how is the political climate influencing people's actions? we'll discuss that next. ance coy won't replace the full value of your totaled new car.
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we reject, the president-elect!
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>> ever since donald trump's election victory we've seen many reports of violence and harassment between trump opponents and supporters. and an uptick in racist and bigoted language. as well as some of these assaults. that you're seeing. the southern poverty law center reports more than 400 incidents of harassment and intimidation since election day. such as this. a black military veteran was denied a free meal promotion at chili's restaurant in dallas on veterans day. he says a man in a trump t-shirt accused him of like about his service. chili's manager took the trump supporter's side. chili's has apologized for that incident. and in indiana heil trump, a swastika and an anti-gay slur spray painted on a church. president-elect donald trump says he is saddened by the reports of harassment. >> stop it. if it -- if it helps, i will say this, and i'll say it right to the cameras, stop it.
5:29 am
>> joining us now to talk about this is reverend kelsey guto of saint david's ee piscopo cal church in indiana, also is a generalist for slate magazine. nice to see both of you this morning. reverend, tell us what happened on sunday at your church. >> first, thank you for having me with you. sunday morning i was alerted by my organist that our church had been vandalized. when i arrived, like you said, there was a heil trump, a swastika and an anti-gay slur painted on the side of saint david's. at first i was pretty disheartened at seeing a scene as we're a pillar in our community. and we were very saddened to see it. but a second thought i was excited in some ways, which sounds weird, i know, because we were targeted for the right reason. and our presiding bishop-elect
5:30 am
michael curry says sometimes that doing the right thing is not always the popular thing. and if that's why we were targeted we're okay with that. >> reverend, what's your plan? i know there was some talk of leaving it up, letting this conversation play out, not turning your eyes away from something that's so painful and ugly. so what is the plan? >> yes, actually our plan is to leave it up until november 30th. and at that time we'll have an event for all of those who have wished to come out and support us to take it down. the reason we're leaving it up, though, is symbols are what you make of them. and if we decide to look at these and be embarrassed, and consider them hateful, and angry, and we decide to cover them up, then we give power to the idea that hate is more powerful than love. and that's not the case. by leaving these up, they're symbols of hope. we allow those in the area, and in the nation, to know that we are a safe haven and we are welcoming. and if you're in the nation, and you see these things on the
5:31 am
news, and in articles, to know that an episcopal church around the corner is welcome and inclusive for you as well. >> that is a powerful message. ammontel us what's been hang with you. i know you have also been confronted since tuesday's election. >> yeah, a person that i never met before comes up to me and asks me what country i'm from. after i told him i was from egypt he said wow that's close to iraq, right? even though it's not. then he threatened to shoot me in the head for who i was. and this isn't something that's new for the muslim community. this is something we've been facing long before even 9/11, and i'm actually finally happy that we're able to have a platform to discuss what's been happening. >> and how do you respond to something like that? what do you do when somebody says that? >> i mean, you can't really respond as a muslim person, because part of the stereotype is that we're angry and we don't like criticism. and, because of that, you're -- you sort of have to neutralize your own feelings and give them
5:32 am
an opportunity to ask questions, and to be curious about you. i've been answering people online any time anyone said something like go back to your country, or questions whether or not i'm a terrorist, i give them an opportunity to ask me questions about my faith. rather than to block them. >> that is awfully big of you. i don't know how you're finding the mettle to do that. because you know look online i mean even i, who am not a male muslim man, that, the hate that is heepd on people online it is it just gets so crushing and so tiring it's hard to sort of stay above it. one last question, donald trump -- you've heard donald trump on 60 minutes he looked in the camera and said stop it. what do you want to hear president-elect trump say? >> since the beginning of his campaign, violence has been a focused around his -- his entire trump speeches and rallies. this is something that he needs
5:33 am
to show more leadership and confront. not tell an interviewer that oh, this is the first time i'm hearing about this, and just say stop it. that's not really how it works. he needs to understand that his words have consequences. real consequences that puts american lives at risk. and he really needs to show some leadership right now. >> reverend what do you want to hear donald trump say? >> to be honest, i think it goes bigger than donald trump. i do want donald trump to be more pro-active. but i also think that it's up to all of the candidates who ran, including hillary clinton, even maybe even bernie sanders, and our current president barack obama, to say that this goes beyond political divides. it goes beyond religious divides. this is human decency. we need to treat each other with love and not hate. and to start a conversation, rather than, you know, close our -- close your ears and go
5:34 am
oh, i'm not listening to you. >> by the way we want to mention that donald trump supporters have also been the victims of assault, and verbal attacks, um, a, people wearing donald trump hats have been accosted. and we're reaching out to them, as well. we would like to -- them to come on the show and we're hoping that they -- um -- this was a trump supporter who was obviously being assaulted. um, we want to hear from them, also. we hope that they will accept our invitation to come on. you know, everybody has to hear both of your messages of healing. so thank you very, much for coming on "new day" and we will check back in with you. thank you for that message. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> what's your take? you can tweet us at "new day." you can post your comment on we know you will keep it kind. john? >> the minnesota police officer accused of shooting philando castle during a traffic stop now looking at criminal charges.
5:35 am
the evidence that made up the prosecutor's mind. that's next.
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5:38 am
time now for five things to
5:39 am
know for your "new day." donald trump's transition team pledging to continue president obama's ban on lobbyists. and impose a five-year lobbying ban on anyone leaving the administration. today he's set to meet with south carolina governor nikki haley and japan's prime minister. hillary clinton urged her supporters to stay engaged for the sake of children and families. she did this at a dinner in washington. secretary clinton acknowledged returning to the spotlight was not so easy. this was her first public appearance since conceding the election. more than 200 people in tennessee hospitalized with breathing problems. as wild fires spread in the southeast. officials say more than 30 large fires are burning across seven states from kentucky to georgia. one dead, eleven injured after a powerful gas explosion in canton, illinois, 30 miles southwest of peoria. a three block radius now blocked off by police as investigators try to figure out the cause of this crash. >> twitter cracking down on harassment. the site suspending members of
5:40 am
the alt-right movement because of what they say are violent threats or hate speech. >> go to new day for the very latest. >> a police officer faces a judge tomorrow charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of philando castile. you remember this deadly encounter during a routine traffic cop and streamed live on facebook by the girlfriend. now his grieving family is speaking out and cnn's rosa flores is tracking all of the latest developments. this was such a terrible story, rosa. what is the latest? >> you know, alisyn, we're learning a lot more from the criminal complaint including the timing. hear this, according to this complaint it took one minute for this officer to stop philando castile and then to fire seven shots. 40 seconds after that, that's when the world started watching. they started watching this. take a look. >> i told him not to reach for it!
5:41 am
>> reporter: philando castile's final words according to court records, i wasn't reaching for it. meaning his gun. >> he let the officer know that he was -- he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him in his arm. >> reporter: his girlfriend diamond reynolds live streamed the tense traffic stop this summer, her 4-year-old daughter sitting in the back seat. >> oh, my god. please don't tell me he's dead. >> reporter: castile's death sparking protests in minnesota and across the country. demonstrators asking for justice. >> i will, sir. no worries. [ bleep ] >> reporter: wednesday the officer was charged with second degree manslaughter and two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm. >> no reasonable officer would have used deadly force under these circumstances. >> reporter: the criminal complaint, revealing that yanez stopped castile because he
5:42 am
looked like the suspect of a prior robbery due to his wideset nose and a failing brake light and that castile calmly informed yanez, sir, i have to tell you that i do have a firearm on me. yanez interrupted castile twice while castile tried to explain. >> we believe that castile never removed, nor tried to remove his handgun from his front right pocket. >> reporter: officer yanez firing seven shots. one bullet striking the armrest between castile and reynolds. another puncturing the driver's seat and hitting near reynolds' daughter who was sitting in the car seat. >> it's okay. i'm right here with you. >> castile's mother says she's pleased with the charges filed against the officer. >> we have gotten to this point and it is necessary for everyone to understand that we want peace.
5:43 am
>> officer yanez is expected to turn himself in, and he is scheduled to face a judge on friday. now we are hearing from diamond reynolds, philando castile's girlfriend, speaking to our affiliate wcto saying that these charges are a good step forward. but alisyn and john, she's also counting her blessings, because as you heard in that piece, one of those bullets hit the arm rest between her and castile. the other one, the back seat right next to her daughter. >> it's just incredible, rosa, that to think that that whole episode could have been much worse because it was so horrible to watch it unfold. rosa, thanks so much for the update. >> all right. it's a big day at trump tower. the transition team getting visits from high profile candidates including some who trump.een critical of donald so, what will the cabinet look like? we get the bottom line. >> but first, john, as you know, the return of cold weather means dry skin for many. and your diet plays a role in common skin concerns.
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all right, donald trump holding team meetings today and tweeting about it. he says quote my transition team which is working long hours and doing a fantastic job will be seeing many great candidates today. he will have face time with a one-time detractor, south carolina governor nikki haley who is, we are told, potentially
5:49 am
now on the list for secretary of state. which is very interesting. >> hmm. >> he's also going to meet with his first foreign leader, japanese prime minister shinzo abe also very fascinating considering what he talked about during the campaign. for the bottom line let's bring in cnn political director david chalian. david the list is interesting. of people going to trump tower today. pull it up. let's take a look. there's that one name that that that jumps out at you and it's nikki haley governor of south carolina. not only endorsed marco rubio during the primary but in many cases was a little bit of the poster child for, you know, people with reservations about donald trump. >> without a doubt. i actually think this is a really important signal that she's on this list and that she's coming to meet with him. that he is not blowing himself off from people who are opposed to him. i wouldn't call her a never trumper. obviously she did get on board eventually but she certainly was part of that very vocal opposition and concern inside the republican party of donald trump and the fact that he's willing to consider her,
5:50 am
obviously it serves some of his needs no doubt to look like he's reaching out but i just think it tells us something that he is not given some law that says absolutely nobody that's ever opposed. he doesn't have to hire her. that's a whole separate thing. the fact that he has them in there and is considering it, that's -- >> hold on a second. is he really considering it? or is this just a head case? because we've heard that secretary of state is going to rudy. >> according to rudy. >> exactly. >> that's -- that's our source, yes. >> but -- >> truly considering her or are they i think the media -- but is it for real? >> we've seen over time donald trump doesn't like it so much when other people get out and reveal his news very much. so if, indeed, giuliani is the leading contender and got out there, it's not terribly surprising to see them want to float a different name and bring someone else in to brush back giuliani a little bit. whether or not she ends up with the job, though, i do think you have to say that all these people coming in that are reporting indicates are on a list and meeting with him are under some form of consideration.
5:51 am
>> donald trump is also meeting today with his first foreign leader. prime minister abe. how has he prepared for this? what, what's that conversation going to be like? >> it's amazing, right? we're seeing the president-elect meet with his first foreign leader and we know that he has not -- the protocol of this, what are the state department points right now what u.s. relations are with japan. this seems to be a thrown-together meeting of hey i'd like to come visit you, sure come visit me, very focused on logistics but not the abe folks apparently have been trying to figure out what should be the agenda items of this meeting from the trump side. i do not think that we are going to see, as we didn't during the campaign guys, donald trump doesn't do things the way that we've seen them practiced in washington. and i think that is going to be true with dealing with foreign leaders. he's going to do this and march to his own drummer on this. i'm surprised he's having a foreign leader meeting this early. i would imagine they wanted a bit more of the team together before he sat down with a big
5:52 am
foreign leader. >> and one whose big issue is tpp. abe is pro-tpp and trump is anti-tpp and not only that but abe as prime minister of japan they're anti-having nuclear weapons. they don't want nuclear weapons and donald trump said during the campaign they should have them. there actually are -- >> although he said he never suggested such a thing even though he did. >> will they really talk about things like that or is this just a meet and greet? >> i imagine it's more of a courtesy call. i don't think they'll get deep into defining what the relationship is going to be going forward. i think it's going to start forming a relationship. >> he has to do it. let's talk about a person who is not president-elect this morning and that's hillary clinton. who spoke last night at the children's defense fund. this was her first public appearance since she conceded the election. let's take a look at a little of what she said. >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book, or our dogs, and never leave the house again.
5:53 am
>> which would be understandable. >> you know, it's interesting to see her out there. she kept this commitment. she agreed to go speak to the children's defense fund before the election, this would be one of her first speeches when she thought she would be president-elect. >> and she kept the commitment because it matters to her. but that is the very essence of a defeated person. and her remarks i thought were actually quite candid. i mean, it reminded me of that bruce springsteen lyric about hiding beneath the covers and studying your pain. it's sort of what she was describing. i think we can all understand after suffering such a tremendous defeat feeling that way. but i also thought it was interesting that she was once again, she did this with donors over the weekend, she did this with supporters, pleading with democrats to stay in the fight. and almost, please don't feel like i feel. i want to just sit home. but you got to stay out there, and i think it is totally unclear right now how hillary
5:54 am
clinton plans to position herself as what -- where is her voice in that fight going forward? obviously it's not for elected office. but how is an elder of the democratic party, but one that lost this election, how does she fit in to being a part of that by going forward? >> there are only elders in the democratic party right now. >> so much interesting soul searching going on. david chalian thanks so much. your late night laughs, next. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount,
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is that what you do? is that what happens here? president-elect donald trump with that theme music is giving comics some new material in this edition of late night laughs. >> according to a new poll almost 60% of americans believe donald trump should compromise with democrats, like instead of a wall at the mexican border, maybe a beaded curtain? experts say one of the biggest threats facing donald trump's presidency could be north korea. they said that. that's true. evidently kim jong-un is so incompetent and unstable they're worried trump will give him a cabinet post. >> hillary clinton tonight made her first public appearance since someone found her roaming in the woods last week, she was in washington, d.c. tonight to be honored by the children's defense fund. it was their 26th annual beat the odds celebration. and no, the irony was not lost on her. >> the mayor of london said
5:59 am
recently that if people based in the u.s. want to escape donald trump's administration, quote, london is open. said melania, taxi! >> does vladimir putin have some strange influence on you? >> steve, it absolutely not. even though vladimir putin is a great leader, strong, warm, like steaming bowl of boreish i will nyet be told what to do by anyone. >> president obama began his final foreign trip in athens, greece, while back at the white house, joe biden held his final toga party. >> that's awesome. >> i think joe biden probably has been to a toga party in his day. >> i'm pretty sure he has. all right. that's all of your news for today. thank you for being here. i'll see you tomorrow. >> i'm coming back. >> that's fantastic.
6:00 am
you deserve it. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. good morning, carol. >> good morning. you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. a surprise from the trump transition team next hour it will launch a daily briefing for the news media, days after mr. trump ditched the press pool and angrily tweeted about stories in "the new york times." we're now told that reporters will be allowed to ask questions. but right now, we're watching the gold elevators at trump towers, waiting with the parade of experts and job candidates to file in, expected today south carolina governor nikki haley. a trump critic in the past, who's now reportedly being considered for secretary of state. all this after hillary clinton delivers her first emotional speech since losing to trump in that stunning upset. >> i know this isn't easy. i know that over the past wee


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