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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 19, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm alison kosik in today for christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. this is "cnn newsroom." it is a busy weekend for president-elect donald trump. he is spending today hoping to fill crucial cabinet positions in his administration, but this morning it appears that trump's first concern was attacking the cast of the broadway musical "hamilton" on twitter. last night they had a message for vice president-elect mike pence who was in the audience. we'll talk about that in a moment. >> today trump is set to meet with a full roster of prospective cab knelt
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appointees. those include mitt romney, who earlier this year called trump a phony. >> the president-elect is also taking to twitter to defend his decision to settle three lawsuits against trump university for $25 million. i'm going to start with cnn's jessica schneider who is standing by in bridgewater, new jersey, near where president-elect trump is holding the transition meetings today. jessica, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, victor. you know that meeting between mitt romney and president-elect donald trump a highly anticipated meeting. it will happen later this afternoon at the trump national golf club, just a few miles from here in bedminister, new jersey. these men have had quite a contentious relationship, their war of words reaching a crescendo during the primary season when mitt romney stood on a stage for 20 minutes and blasted donald trump as a fake and a phony. all eyes will be on their meeting this afternoon. on the docket this afternoon, could it be that they could work
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on mending fences or coit also be that they're discussing the secretary of state slot. mitt romney has expressed to close friends if he would get back into the government he would be interested in taking the position as secretary of state, but one close friend has expressed healthy skepticism that mitt romney would ever take a post in a trump administration. of course, their contentious words well known. how will it play out today? we'll be keeping an eye on it when they meet later this afternoon. >> jessica schnieider reporting for us, thanks very much. they are the stars of the hottest ticket on broadway. he was the star of the winning ticket of the 2016. we should say support role because the star is the guy at the top of the ticket. last night they collided. >> vice president-elect mike pence, that is who we are talking about. he was in the audience of "hamilton" last night on broadway. as he entered the theater with his security team in tow, there were boos and there were cheers. listen.
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okay. but then after the show, the stage -- it turned into a platform, a political platform, for the show's cast and creators. one of the lead actors read this statement addressed to pence who was listening in the hallway. >> you know, we had a guest in the audience this evening, and vice president-elect pence, i see you walking out but i hope you will hear us just a few more minutes. there's nothing to boo for, we have a message for you, sir, and we hope that you will hear us out. i encourage everybody to go home and tweet and post because this message needs to be spread far and wide. vice president-elect pence we welcome you and truly appreciate you joining us here. we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new
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administration will not protect us, our families, children, our parents or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. all of us. [ cheers and applause ] again, we truly thank you for sharing this show. this wonderful american story told by a diverse group of men and women of different colors, kreeds and orientations. >> all right. reading that statement was brandon dixon. he plays the role of aaron burr. so the reviews are already in this morning about that statement. we're hearing from the president-elect himself right on twitter. donald trump tweeting this. our wonderful future vp, mike pence, was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of hamilton, cameras blazing. this should not happen!
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the theater must always be a safe and special place. the cast of hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man. mike pence. apologize! should he? joining us by phone, patrick healy, a political correspondent for "the new york times" and he was in the theater at "hamilton" last night covering mike pence. patrick, you caught wind that the vice president-elect was going to be there. you were sitting in the theater. do you think that was harassment? >> it was really unusual for a cast of a broadway show to make the kind of statement that they made from the stage. however, it was a very polite, deeply felt appeal from the cast and the creators and the producers of "hamilton" to vice president-elect pence. now, this is not really unusual in a political context, because
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"hamilton" is the most successful and hottest and critically acclaimed broadway show in many years and it is a political show. president obama and hillary clinton have both held fund-raisers around the show. vice president dick cheney, republican, and his wife lynne said that they loved the show. a lot of politicians have been there. the cast and creators are very political group of people on twitter. they have made their feelings known, many of them supported hillary clinton. i have to say inside the theater, you know, the cast members on stage were polite, professional. they felt that they wanted to take this chance to say something directly to vice president pence. there was nothing harassing in the language that they used on the tone. while the statement was unusual, it was a chance for people who
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wouldn't otherwise have a chance to say something to mike pence face to face. >> okay. but this is a show that is celebrated for its diverse cast. do you think that in this case mike pence was kind of walking into a hornet's neflt or is this a situation which by the way he went with his nephew and his daughter that he should just be able to go to a broadway show and sit and enjoy it? >> well, he's vice president-elect in the united states, so he's not an average ticket holder. the secret service was all around the theater. people knew that he was there. he was getting cheers as well as boos from audience members, so he's not a normal kind of guy. what was unusual was that the creators and cast decided to kind of seize the day and take this chance to say something. they said, look, this election was extraordinary for so many americans who were horrified or were thrilled by donald trump being elected president, and
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they felt like they should take this chance. again, it's very unusual for this kind of statement to be made, but here's the thing. we're only about a week and a half away from an election that, you know, really has shaken a lot of americans, a result that sort of stunned them, including these folks at "hamilton." so i don't think, having known some of them and talked to some of them, they saw this as a sign of disrespect. they didn't get up there and start saying, you know, cruel and nasty things to vice president-elect pence. to his credit, you know, he was getting up and leaving the theater as politicians usually do when the curtain call is under way so they can get out quickly and safely. but he stuck around in the wings and listened to the full statement brandon victor dixon told me, and then he left. he was photographed smiling and leaving the theater, so smiling
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as he left the theater. >> all right. patrick healy, thanks so much for your perspective. so this morning donald trump is standing by his decision to spend $25 million to settle the trump university lawsuits and stay out of the courtroom. about an hour ago, trump was on twitter again. i settled the trump university lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award because as president i have to focus on our country. he went on to then after tweeting about focusing, he tweeted the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i did not have time to go through a long but winning trial on trump u. too bad. the settlement covers about 6,000 former students of trump's now defunct real estate seminars. they say the courses promised to teach real estate investing techniques they could use to get rich, but instead the students say they were misled with deceptive claims. joining me now is cnn political analyst and reporter for, rebecca berg. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> is there some irony here in
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trump on such a busy day with these potential cabinet picks tweeting about how he doesn't have time to focus on trump u. but he has all this time to tweet about it? >> well, certainly a tweet takes a lot less time -- >> certainly. >> -- than a trial, so given the choice, i think donald trump, for him there was really no question that he needed to settle this case and just kind of explain that to americans as opposed to going through the process of a full trial. and remember, this wasn't just one case, we had a case in new york, a case in san diego that was set to come to trial later this month, and so by settling all of these, trump is able to really clear the decks and move forward with his transition, move forward with his presidency. certainly it doesn't look great for him because donald trump said in the past regarding this case in particular that he wouldn't settle, that he looked forward to fighting this, and now of course he's taking the opposite course of action. but judge curiel, the judge who
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famously donald trump insulted during the primary, during the general election, saying that he would not give him a fair trial because of his mexican heritage, well, judge curiel even recommended that he settle this case because of the presidency now hanging over his head. >> donald trump said several times during the primary and the general that he doesn't settle. well, now he has. but i wonder what this means for the dozens of other civil cases that donald trump is involved with. i'd imagine this would be just far too an expensive proposition to think he's going to settle these cases for potentially millions of dollars one after another. >> that's true. this one was unique because he was going to need to appear in person, he was going to need to give his side of the story. some of these, you know, you're able to go through depositions privately, as we saw with the restaurant lawsuit regarding his hotel here in washington, d.c. he already gave that deposition, so even though that has not
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concluded, his role is finished. and so it will depend. if you have a situation where he's going to need to appear in court, certainly i would anticipate you don't want the president-elect or the president, once he's sworn in, to be taking that step. but if he's able to sort these out privately, certainly that's the best course of action for him at this point. >> rebecca berg, thanks so much. >> thank you. donald trump, mitt romney, two menu wouldn't exactly call friends or confidants, but they are set to meet face to face this afternoon. they're going to discuss possibly working together in government. we speak to one man who knows mitt romney well. ♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for,
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good morning. >> hey, victor, good morning. >> i want to set aside the personal attacks between these two men that we've talked about this morning and go to the heart of world foreign relations here. if donald trump offers the position of secretary of state to mitt romney, i want you to listen to what mitt romney said about donald trump on the world stage. let's start in that context. let's watch. >> this is a very dangerous world and requires a person who is thoughtful, knowledgeable, curious intellectually, willing to listen to other people, to change their mind based upon the advice of other people, and i haven't seen those qualities to the extent i'd want to see them in a president in mr. trump to this point. >> so why then if he's offered the position would mitt romney work for donald trump? >> well, victor, i think it's important that we step back for a minute. the two gentlemen, mr. trump and governor romney, they're getting together today because governor
7:17 am
romney is going to provide mr. trump, the president-elect, with some perspective on a whole range of issues. i think it's very difficult for us to make presumptions about what might be offered or what he might do if he's asked to serve. really this meeting is about getting the two people together. i think it was good for the president-elect to reach out to governor romney because he's got good perspective on the very issues governor romney expressed concern about. >> what we just heard from mitt romney is that this is not a person who, as i'm quoting here, thoughtful, knowledgeable, curious intellectually, willing to listen to other people, change their mind based upon the advice other people had. how is he going to offer a man who has those qualities advice? >> well, i think the hope is, now that mr. trump has been elected and he's the president-elect, you know, he'll be open to taking perspective from people like governor romney who have a lot of perspective to offer. ultimately the ball is in the president-elect's court. he's the one who's got to be able and willing to accept now
7:18 am
the thoughts and opinions and recommendations of republicans and democrats as he begins to govern. >> let's listen to what donald trump had to say about governor romney. >> romney let us all down. he was a very poor campaigner. mitt is a failed candidate, he failed. romney choked like a dog. he choked. he went -- he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees. he would have dropped to his knees. poor mitt romney is sad. he's going around oh, oh, he's a sad case. i have a lot of friends -- by the way, mitt romney is not one of them. >> you know, you've been mitt romney's political opponents say he's a principled man. would mitt romney, who has questions about donald trump's quoting here again, character and integrity, why would he want to work for a man who had those things to say about him? >> those were not nice things,
7:19 am
there's no doubt about it. but look, i think, first of all, governor romney has thick skin. he's been through the political battles before and understands. but ultimately i think the one thing that defines governor romney perhaps more than anything else is that he is a patriot fundamentally. i know him well enough to know that it's not just talk, he truly is. and i think the question now is going forward what can he do to help the president-elect be successful. he has said publicly, governor romney has said several times he wants to help the president-elect be successful as he begins to govern. so i think the question now is what does the president-elect potentially want from governor romn romney? governor romney now believes we need to move forward as a country together. >> there is no offer on the table, according to the reporting, but potentially what they're discussing would be secretary of state. we also know that former new york mayor rudy giuliani has dropped some not-so-subtle hints that that's a position that he wants. is there, from your perspective, another role that mitt romney could play in a trump cabinet?
7:20 am
>> oh, i don't know, victor. look, i voted for governor romney again this year even though he wasn't on the ballot. i think he would be tremendous in any presidential administration. he's got a variety of different policy areas where he knows a ton. he knows a lot about the economy from his time in business and as a candidate. he knows a lot about our foreign affairs and our military. he would be great in a lot of different positions but any administration would be fortunate to have him. >> lahnee chen, thanks for the perspective. >> so how does a president-elect build his white house team? we'll talk with someone who's gone through this transition and he's going to walk us through this massive process. that's next. ( ♪ )
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donald trump making moves to fill out his cabinet today. trump tweeting earlier this week the transition is going really smoothly. but some reports say it's been chaotic with trump aides scrambling to put together a government. let's bring in anita mcbride. she was the former chief of staff to first lady laura bush and is now with the american university center for congressional and presidential studies, my alma mater. yay. and david eagles, director at the center for presidential transition. good morning to both of you. anita, to you first. >> good morning. >> you've worked on four presidential transitions. can you walk us through just 8 bit on how it works and what kind of vibe you're getting about how the trump transition
7:25 am
is going. >> well, actually this transition now has the benefit of a lot of legislation and support and resources that previous transitions have not had to this level. as david eagles will be able to tell you as well, legislation that allows for the top candidates of both parties to get started much earlier than we ever had before, and certainly the transition of 2000 is the one example no one ever wants to have again because we lost so much time. so i think despite reports of chaos, i think that they're moving along just as they should be. they have had people looking at agencies, looking at lists of candidate names to be able to present to the president-elect when it became time. and you've seen the announcement of landing teams going into two of the most important agencies, defense and state, which signals to me, you know, that is the priority for the president is to keep the country strong and safe. and that's what they're looking
7:26 am
at now are those agencies. >> david, you think about it, you look at president obama in 2008, president clinton, 1992, you didn't see these top positions being filled until december. so if we do look at how the trump transition is going between election day and inauguration day, the trump team, they have got to get their leadership in place. do you think the trump team will be completely ready by then? trump is not a politician by nature. do they know what they're doing? there's this perception that they don't know what they're doing. >> i'll say we've been working with the trump team for several months. take a step back too and look at the enormity of this task. they're inheriting a $4 trillion budget, 4 million employees, and they have to make 4,000 political appointments and they do all this in a span of less than 70 days. we've been working with them for the last six months in this governing process. your seeing normal settlement between the campaign and the transition appearatus that existed preelection.
7:27 am
so i think they're progressing nicely but the next few weeks are critical. they have to go through the next level of cabinet and subcabinet and white house positions. if they can get their top 100 leaders in place and prepared alongside the white house staff by inauguration, to me that's the measure of success. >> and speaking of getting their top leaders in place, anita, trump is sitting down with some people like mitt romney, who he's been at odds with before. do you think these two can really bury the hatchet and actually work together? have you seen something like this in previous transitions where a president-elect brings in somebody on the team who they have really, really not agreed with? >> well, sure. look at in 1980 ronald reagan selected george h.w. bush. that was a brutal campaign back then. at the end of the day the solemn duty and responsibility to a president-elect has and feels after they have been elected to take on, you know, this task of
7:28 am
leading, you know, the -- leading the free world, frankly, they need the benefit of other patriots like mitt romney and others that really have a perspective that they can offer and help and support. at the end of the day, this was a divided election, we get that, we know that, we have to move on. i'm listening to people like president obama and even hillary clinton herself saying we have to give -- he has won the election, we have to give him a chance and he deserves our support. >> anita mcbride, david eagles, thanks very much for your perspective. very interesting. >> you're welcome. donald trump settles. the president-elect avoids having to testify in the trump university case. we'll explain what this means for his other pending lawsuits. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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telling us you can't do that, you're too small. you can't do that, you're too short. i want to show any other person who's short statured, if they want to do something bad enough, they can do it. >> it's a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run. unfortunately for john on the day of the race, weather conditions were so bad, organizers were forced to cancel the swim. >> i'm disappointed but not angry. what the heck. i'm a man, here i come. i don't think my race is any harder, it's just my race. when i'm at my lowest and things are really hurting, i'm going to think about people who tried their best to ridicule me and make fun of me. those people are going to motivate me to dig deep and keep going. >> and john kept going for over 14 hours until he crossed the finish line. >> i'm pretty proud of myself.
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this morning a settlement by president-elect donald trump. he is agreeing to pay $25 million to settle three lawsuits against his now defunct for-profit business school, trump university. but trump did -- or rather did not acknowledge any liability in the settlement. also today trump is set to meet with a full roster of prospective cabinet appointees, including mitt romney. he earlier this year called trump a phony. but the two are expected to discuss possible cabinet positions, perhaps including secretary of state. and steve bannon, the ex-breitbart exec turned trump's chief strategist is blasting political attacks against him and breitbart. telling "the wall street journal" he has no interest on wasting time on the accusations, calling them just nonsense. meantime trump's picks for his national security team are under scrutiny. >> many are calling on the
7:35 am
president-elect to reconsider his appointments, calling into question the lack of diversity of those picks. >> when it comes to washington, d.c., it is time to drain the damn swamp. >> it was a rally crowd favorite in the last days of the campaign. president-elect donald trump's promise to get rid of washington insiders, but as he staffs his white house and top cabinet positions, many of the president-elect's picks are part of the so-called political establishment and so far they're also all white men. and some of the choices are receiving major resistance. >> this is someone who ran a campaign on hatred and bigotry who has since he has been elected chosen some of the most dangerous people possible to staff his white house with. >> the most recent pick, alabama senator jeff sessions. if confirmed, sessions will serve as attorney general. in 1986, the then u.s.
7:36 am
attorney's nomination to a federal judgeship was defeated over claims he made racially charged remarks about blacks and referred to a white lawyer as a race traitor. >> i am not a racist. i am not insensitive to blacks. i supported civil rights activity in my state. i have done my job with integrity, equality and fairness for all. >> the former prosecutor has opposed immigration reform as well as bipartisan proposals to cut mandatory minimum prison sentences. sessions has been accused of calling civil rights groups unamerican and communist inspired, criticizing the voting rights act and its impact on southern states. he once said he was fine with the kkk until he found out they smoked pot. sessions later dismissed that remark as a joke. kansas representative mike pompeo has been tapped to be the next cia director. he will also need senate confirmation. elected to congress in 2010, pompeo was a tea party favorite and one of the lead republicans
7:37 am
investigating the 2012 benghazi attack. he was a sharp critic of hillary clinton's leadership as secretary of state. the third-term congressman has been accused of being anti-muslim. during his run for congress in 2010, he personally apologized after his campaign tweeted a link to a blog that referred to his indian-american rival as a turban topper and president obama as an evil muslim communist usurper. he called the posting a mistake. president-elect trump has turned to michael flynn, an outspoken critic of president obama and was forced out of the pentagon's top intelligence job in 2014 for his combative style. flynn has tweeted a series of statements calling fear of muslims rational and in august he compared islam to cancer. >> islam is a political ideology. it is a political ideology. it definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion.
7:38 am
i don't see a lot of people screaming jesus christ with hatchets or machetes or rifles shooting up clubs or hatcheting -- literally axing families on a train. so it's like cancer and it's like a malignant cancer in this case. it has me taft sized. >> and then there's steve bannon. he spent seven years in the u.s. navy, was an investment banker for goldman sachs and was a hollywood investor. he's made it his mission to take down the republican party establishment. >> what we need is to [ bleep ] slap the republican party and get those guys heading to. >> hes is the former chairman of breitbart news. the site has a history of inflammatory headlines like meltdown continues, wave of fake hate crimes sweeps social media and anti-democracy cry babies march my thousands nationwide.
7:39 am
another reads bill kristol, republican spoiler, renegade jew. and this, birth control makes women unattractive and crazy. and finally the chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus, who will be the president-elect's chief of staff. while he's a mainstream pick that many congressional republicans find encouraging, one tea party leader fears priebus will make it more difficult, not less, for president trump to achieve the change that people voted for. trump's spokesperson is defending jeff sessions and michael flynn. he said sessions filed a number of desegregation lawsuits in alabama, voted in favor of the 30-year extension of the civil rights act, voted to confirm eric holder as attorney general and spearheaded the effort to award the congressional gold medal to rosa parks. yesterday democrat senator joe manchin announced that he will support jeff sessions' nomination. and on general flynn, the spokesperson says flynn is widely regarded as one of the
7:40 am
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donald trump has a long list of prospectives for his cabinet and those high level posts he's going to be meeting with today, but we know that the trump team insiders tell "time" magazine that this transition is chaotic. i want to bring in philip elliott, washington correspondent for "time" magazine. philip, good morning to you. >> good morning, victor. >> let me start here with an excerpt from your article here. you write that trump's aides, who themselves were just coming to grips with the enormity of the task they faced, nearly all implored their boss to focus on the decidedly unsexy task of putting together a government instead. in the end, trump agreed, and in the process perhaps revealed the most important lesson of his
7:46 am
first week as leader of the free world in waiting, only when he faces a united front will he reverse one of hi decisions. i want to get back to that claim of chaos, because we just had on david eagles, who's working with the transition, anita mcbride is watching from afar. they say this idea that there's chaos is overblown. but what did you see? >> well, i think any time you're setting up a brand new government, you have more than 4,000 positions you need to hire, mr. trump visited the white house and he didn't realize that even the receptionist didn't come with it. for him he thought this was like buying a company, it's a merger and acquisition where everyone except the top brass keeps their job and all of the support staff stays in place. that's not the case. the receptionist, the people who answer the phones in the press office, the policy team, everyone needs replaced from scratch. mr. trump just didn't quite get that this was coming to his desk. he wanted to do a fly-around victory tour. we now understand he's going to do that. but he wanted to be spending
7:47 am
this weekend going around to places like the florida panhandle thanking supporters for their backing of him. >> has donald trump, from what you've learned through your reporting, fully committed to the work of this transition? because when he woke up this morning, he started tweeting about trump u. and "hamilton." and here you're writing that he agreed to focus on this task of putting together a government. >> the problem that mr. trump's senior advisers tell us is that it's not enough for one person to be in his face or two, you need three, four, five people simultaneously telling him the same advice. they call themselves the foxhole. that there is just -- they need to constantly have a united front against him. and without a united front, it's very difficult to make mr. trump -- president-elect trump, excuse me, focus on something that's really not fun. the business of putting together a government is not fun. it's a lot of hard work, a lot of vetting, a lot of resume, and a lot of positions that really
7:48 am
don't sound sexy, but deputy assistants, undersecretaries, they have great power in how americans interact with their government. >> you write that the trump team is, i guess, getting a pretty difficult lesson in what the impact of what they have said over the past year and a half, what that is now having on their ability to hire people. let's put up another excerpt here. you write here that trump's team realized that the rhetoric it had unloeshed during its campaign was having consequences and not just in the abstract. what are some of those consequences? >> well, it's tough to ask someone who spent eight years working for george w. bush, who loved president bush, to set aside donald trump spending 18 months trashing your former boss. it's another -- i mean there are loyalties that are developed inside presidential campaigns and inside white houses. and if you've been a george w. bush loyalist, you're not going to ignore that people called him a loser. if you were a senior staff member on john mccain's
7:49 am
presidential campaign or worked for him in the senate, you can't set aside very easily that mitt romney called him a loser and laughed that he got taken prisoner in vietnam. you just can't -- you internalize a lot more, especially staffers internalize this more than the candidates or the bosses. >> you brought up mitt romney there. we just learned that mitt romney and president-elect trump will be meeting at 1:00 today. so in a little more than two hours you talked about some of the consequences of the mud that was thrown. in this case both ways. but these two men will be sitting down at bedminster, new jersey, 1:00 p.m. today. we'll watch that. philip elliott, thanks so much for the reporting. >> thank you. when we come back, a huge weekend for college football and our coy wire is there in the middle of it all. coy? he's back after this. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
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in case you missed it, here's jimmy fallon's take on where things stand more than a week after the election. listen. >> i heard that donald trump is now planning a victory tour where he's going to visit all the places that helped him get elected. so i guess that means ohio, pennsylvania, florida and russia. a new poll found that donald trump's favorability rating is up eight points since it's being elected and hillary said, yeah, i wouldn't trust the polls too much. >> it might be too soon for the hillary poll joke. >> never too soon for a joke. >> well, we've got four years. so this is the day that college football fans wait all week for. it's gameday. >> coy wire joining us from one outside of one of the biggest stadiums in the nation, at the university of tennessee.
7:54 am
hello. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's a great day. big game today all across the country. number 16 lsu versus number 21 florida. but i'm here at the university of tennessee, and they have a big game today. such rich tradition here, guys. my first stop was to the memorial for the late pat summitt, one of the winningest coaches in ncaa history. she won eight national titles over a 38-year coaching career. she inspired thousands of people over the years through coaching and writing books. not just athletes, i left a note for her thanking her for being an inspiration. you see my dad, who travels around the country speaking to student athletes, met coach summitt about ten years ago and to this day his photo with her is the screen savor on his computer. pat summitt is a legendary difference maker. another place that makes this
7:55 am
place special is ball navy. this stadium is one of the biggest and baddiest stadiums in the entire nation. i want to introduce you to my new friends. ben, i've never been in a stadium that big with that many people. how is it on gameday? >> it is extremely loud. something you have to experience, just go to a game and experience it. it is insane. >> and sierra, real quick? >> just, it's a chilling experience from running the team onto hearing all the fans scream. rocky top is amazing. >> we are in the rocky top of the world this morning. back to you. it is great. >> shoutout to the drummers, coy. >> let's hear it for sail gate. there's much more ahead in the next hour of "cnn newsroom." we have martin savidge in for fredderica this weekend. stay with us.
7:56 am
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7:58 am
go. >> when you have a kid that has fled their country, has had a horrible experience, comes to this strange country, the one thing that they understand that they get is soccer. >> good morning. good morning. a. >> a lot of the kids have had little to no formal education so i started a school to take care of their academic needs and give them the opportunities they all deserve. when you see them, you can see how much they love this country and how appreciative they are to be here because they feel like they belong. they feel like they have a home here. when people have that, they integrate a lot better. when i started the military service program, i was looking for something that we could reward unsung hero jobs. i honestly believe that we have the most dedicated enlisted force that we've ever had in the history of the military service in this nation. it's a way of saying thanks as a company and as a nation.
7:59 am
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