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tv   This Is Life With Lisa Ling  CNN  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> and in rich's case, taylor has given him a reason to want to stay young. and in many ways, that's better than sex. -- captions by vitac -- ♪ it's nearly midnight and these men are in the middle of a covert operation. they're moving precious cargo, and they don't want to be seen. why all the secrecy? they're followers of a new religion. but these men don't praise god. >> hail satan! >> they call themselves the satanic temple, and they're descending upon detroit to unveil what's underneath this tarp. and it's making some people in
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motown furious. >> the devil go out. >> why satan? >> satan is the liberator. he makes us question everything. >> a new satanic movement is sweeping across the nation, and they want their voices heard. >> this is our city, too. we are refusing to be censored. >> it's only the responsible thing to do to fight for your own deeply held beliefs. >> people expect us to be goat sacrificing weirdos, but we're the type that you probably like to have as neighbors. >> with satan coming to town, does the city of detroit have a reason to be afraid? ♪
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♪ america was founded on the idea that church and state should remain separate, but the u.s. constitution has always been open to interpretation. and today, one group is trying to close the gap. the christian right wants god front and center in all matters and not just on sundays. state legislators are pushing for prayer in school. presidential candidates routinely invoke god's name. >> the cross has power. >> and the ten commandments have popped up on state capitol lawns. but one group has formed to
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fight what they believe is the intrusion of christian values on american politics. and they're rallying around the most provocative figure of all time, satan. they call themselves the satanic temple, and they have chosen the city of detroit for their big debut. but why are they flocking here? the motor city was built on the promise of the american dream. in recent years political corruption, industry collapse, and bankruptcy have turned those dreams into nightmares, driving people away. detroit is one of the most abandoned cities in the country. just about everywhere you look you see vacant buildings and overall blight, but the city is changing and it's become this haven for artists and people espousing new ways of thinking, like satanists. the satanic temple has members all over the country but its largest american chapter is based here in detroit.
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and while they don't believe in an actual devil, they do identify as satanists. 29-year-old michael mars is an artist and member of the satanic temple, and his journey to satanism began with his own understanding of christianity. this is your bedroom? >> slash studio, yes. i like to live close to my work. >> there's some really interesting stuff in here. >> being surrounded by elements of death, one could perceive as being negative or scary, but i very much cherish life. everything that's in here actually has a meaning. >> and what do you do at the altar? >> every so often people like to water their plants. i personally like to water my statue of the virgin mary. >> i'm assuming that's fake blood? >> yes, of course. it's staged theater blood. >> i just wonder how it feels so deride so many of these
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significant figures and items in the christian world. >> none of these objects to me carry any spiritual value, so therefore i don't feel like it's hurting anything or anyone. the christian world can be very mocking to us in our beliefs. i keep my beliefs in my bedroom, and i don't impose them on others. >> in the judeochristian faith, god's greatest adversary is satan. a vitriolic figure perceived as a great deceiver. a liar and a perveyer of evil who can only lead humanity into one way, into sin. but michael doesn't see it that way. why satan? >> why not? what has satan done that's so evil besides rebel against god's ideas and will? to me it goes back to the garden of eden where mankind makes that decision, instead of eternity, he chooses knowledge, and i
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consider my path very similar to that. >> it's a path michael first started exploring as a young boy in sunday school. michael was raised lutheran but struggled to see the bible as more than just a story. by the time he became a teenager, he was ready to walk away. >> i was definitely looking into the other side of life i wasn't exposed to. i went to my parents and said that i just don't believe any of this and i would really appreciate it if i didn't have to go here on sundays. and they were furious. >> it's one thing to walk away from the church, and it's another to say that you are a satanist. >> it's a very big leap. >> three years ago michael started exploring a form of satanism first popularized in the 1960s. >> hail satan. >> the church of satan is an exclusive group of atheists known for their hedonistic and self-centered beliefs.
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attitudes and practices that michael ultimately couldn't get behind, so he continued his search. two years ago michael heard about a new religious group forming in detroit called the satanic temple, it promoted seven tenets designed to inspire noble action and thought. where compassion, wisdom, and justice always prevail. christians believe that satan is the ultimate arbiter of evil, that he is behind insidious things like murder and robbery and rape and lying. but you say satan represents none of those things? >> satan is the ultimate scapegoat. everyone needs someone to blame when things go wrong. >> since the early days of the bible, not only have we blamed satan but we have feared him.
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as recently as the 1980s and '90s, american talk shows linked animal sacrifice to ritual killing to satanic worship. >> no region is beyond the reach of devil worshippers. >> america is being affected. >> we find that minor cases of satanic activity light up the map. not a single state is unaffected. >> at the time it seemed satanists posed a real threat but further investigation would prove wide-spread devil worship was, in fact, a myth. the whole panic had captured the attention of this michigan native. a man who today goes by the name lucien greaves. >> i had this realization that everything we were told wasn't true. but i really wanted the know what draws people to satanism. >> in his search, lucien discovered book that is portrayed the fallen angel not as a tormenter or evildoer but as a rebel that challenged authority and judgmental voices. three years ago in an effort to
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rebrand satan, he helped found the satanic temple, a new religion that's main mission is to fight against church domination in the public sphere. in what way is the satanic temple a religion? >> religion helps define who we are. as satanists, we are fighting for moral progress. we see how much encroachment there is of religion in public affairs, and i think it's only the responsible thing to do to fight for your own deeply held beliefs. >> beliefs like these. the struggle for justice is ongoing. one's body is in inviolable. the freedom of others should be respected. and just how's the temple waging this fight? with satanic symbols, the news can't help but notice. >> this holiday display by the satanic temple features a snake wrapped around a cross, it reads its the greatest gift is knowledge and it's coming to the state capitol. put some distance between you and temptation with
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as a skilled artist michael is now using his craft to stand with the temple and their fight for religious freedom. when the michigan state capital put up a nativity scene during christmastime, the satanic temple placed their own symbol of faith on the state capitol lawn and michael helped design it. >> the snake is representative of lucifer when he chose to lead man to knowledge in the garden of eden. we support the idea of lucifer as a metaphorical figure and his influence on man. >> we live in a nation that's
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predominantly judeochristian, so what's wrong with a nativity scene on the steps of the capitol during christmastime? >> there's nothing wrong with it per se if other, you know, religions can be accepted, as well, and have their own displays. there can't be one dominating voice to all the voices. >> snake-tivity along the nativity. how is it received? >> people threatened to destroy it. but for the most part, i felt like it was met with acceptance and curiosity. >> do you celebrate christmas? >> i do, actually. i view it as a time to be with my family. >> you don't think christmas should go away even though it is the day that commemorates the birth of christ? >> no. not at all. i feel like everyone should have the right to celebrate their religion. but every voice has to be heard. >> while snake-tivity ruffled some feathers, it was only three feet tall.
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now the satanic temple wants to unveil something much bigger. it's a nine-foot tall, one-ton one-headed goat statue called baffemet and it's causing city wide panic. the satanic temple has received a number of violent threats and resistance from detroit locals. i'm waiting for the founder of the detroit chapter to meet me, and she is going to show me the event space where the unveiling is going to happen. and as i'm learning, when you call yourself a satanist, being able to rent spaces freely is not the easiest thing to do. 29-year-old jex blackmore is a michigan native and the director of the detroit chapter of the satanic temple. she, too, uses a pseudonym to protect herself from those who are hostile to her beliefs. when it was decided the statue of bafamet would make the debut, she was taxed with finding a
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venue that would host hundreds of satanists, but in a town where the name of god is everywhere, the name of satan doesn't open doors, it closes them. we're just two days away from the event and already six locations have backed out. the space i'm about to see is the temple's last hope. do you think that they got spooked because they oppose what you're up to or because of the controversy? >> the controversy. overwhelmingly. maybe one person was a little bit freaked out by not understanding who we were but mostly afraid of the kind of harassment and threats that some of the other locations were receiving. hi, leslie. hi, nice to see you again. >> hi. how are you? i'm lisa. >> hi, lisa. >> i wasn't sure what your church was about and maybe i thought you sort of sacrifice kittens. and then i went online and read up about it. >> what was it about the satanic temple that resonated with you? >> i like the fact that they do
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charity work and they believe people have their rights and shouldn't be suppressed by the government. >> the organization received a lot of threats so given that this is a building that you own, do you have concerns about those threats? >> i have a right to do what i want to do with my own property, and i also believe that everyone has a right to their own religious beliefs, and because someone doesn't agree with mine they shouldn't interfere. i don't interfere with theirs. i've never gone to a church before. i'm not a religious person. >> yeah. great. >> will you join the satanic temple? you are now a member. >> yeah, yeah. >> well, we are happy to have you. >> thank you. >> the space is raw, industrial, and dramatic. some might say it's the perfect place for a large gathering of satanists. so are you going to be transforming this space a lot? >> we hope to bring in some decor and thinking that we could put the stage here. >> so would baphomet be right here?
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>> i don't know if it's going to fit. we might have to place it on the side. >> is it that big? >> yes. it's huge. >> and as the founder of the detroit chapter, what does it mean for you to have this statue unveiled here? >> it's really amazing to have it here. but not just for me, for all of our members. detroit's where we live and we work and it's incredible to have it in our own backyard. >> so let me just get something straight. ticketholders right now do not know where this location is and that the event is going to be here. we've just been given this exclusive opportunity to come here first. why is that? >> well, the number of threats that we have received, been particularly violent, we want to make sure that we have some privacy and some confusion surrounding where we're actually going to be for the evening. i have kind of avoided going out in public because i faced a little bit of negative interaction in person. >> is that why a lot of you go by pseudonyms? >> absolutely. to be attacked not only by members in your community but by
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representatives in your local government, is not a joke. but that's also why we exist. those threats and that misunderstanding, it does expose bias. >> as baphomet makes its way downtown, satanists from all over the country are embarking on a pilgrimage to detroit. i have been to detroit many times throughout my life but this time is different. there is just this incredible energy in the air and people are coming here, but not everyone is happy with the changes that are happening. >> detroit is god's city. we are here to stop satan. >> and it really does seem like there is a battle going on for the soul of detroit. ♪ sing girl, come on. ♪[ singing ]♪ sorry, ariana you gotta go.
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when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. it's after midnight, and the statue has landed. >> it's good. keep going. >> but detroit is not its permanent home. when oklahoma placed a monument of the ten commandments on state capitol grounds, the satanic temple conceived baphomet. they argued that if america truly embraces religious freedom, a symbol of satan should also be welcomed and filed for an application for their own spot on the lawn.
11:24 pm
oklahomans were outraged. the state supreme court finally intervened and made headlines with their decision. >> it must be removed. that is the order on the ten commandments monument outside the state capitol in a 7-2 vote by the oklahoma supreme court. it says that it is not constitutional. >> the satanic temple considered this a victory. >> so this is baphomet. >> this is baphomet. >> pretty impressive structure. >> the image itself is based off of pagan sabbatical goat. part animal, part human. the cadausis is a symbol of negotiation which means quite a bit i think when we're putting it juxtaposed to the ten commandments. >> why the children? >> the monument if looked upon with pure eyes like children, you can see it for the work of art that it is. >> why is it important for the satanic temple to have this
11:25 pm
monument at all? >> it's important for us to have this monument only because there is other monuments on public grounds. if there's a single monument representing a single religious point of view, it gives the impression that there's government endorsement of a single view. we never pushed to have the monument put in a public space where issues of church and state separation was not already at issue. >> so after the unveiling tonight, where will this one-ton statue go? >> we will keep it in storage until we fight the fight to put it up. arkansas is in the process of putting up a ten commandments in little rock. >> so satan isn't going away at any time soon? >> satan or other voices. we offer a monument that reasserts we live in a pluralistic nation that respects religious freedom. >> it's a satanic belief that is drawing crowds. just outside the venue i ran into two temple members from out
11:26 pm
of town. dakota and xander drove 14 hours from oklahoma to witness the unveiling. i can't imagine it's the easiest thing to be a satanist in oklahoma. how were you guys raised? >> my parents are both missionaries. as you can imagine there's a lot of bible study and going to church on sundays, but as i got older it was sort of something didn't really comply with who i was as a person. >> and was there something in your life that kind of propelled you to turn your back on the church? >> i came out, and i was basically shunned after everybody in my church found out. >> do you feel like you were really hurt by the church? >> i wouldn't say that i was hurt by the church. i would just say that it's very difficult to want to be a part of something that is so against what you believe in. >> you both grew up in the church. do you believe that there's a god? >> no. we let religion warp our minds into believing that there could
11:27 pm
be a god or a devil. >> i don't discount the possibility of there being a god, but i don't think that i should base my life decisions off of something that's not visible to me. i want to help people here instead of worrying about what's going to happen after this. >> how do your missionary parents feel about this path that you have chosen? >> i'm still kind of figuring out what the road is going to look like with them. >> acceptance, it's something every kid wants from their parents and something a mother from st. louis, missouri, believes is worth fighting for. nikki mungo has been an atheist most of her life but she's finally found her tribe with the satanic temple. a group that she says understands her broken heart. >> i see this one and i look in his eyes and i see pain. >> as a gay teen, nikki's son
11:28 pm
austin struggled for years to find acceptance from his peers, and at 21 years old it came to a head during a trip to texas. >> he took his love interest to meet some people that he knew and they weren't very kind. all i was told was there was some humiliation and jokes and, you know, a little religious bent to it. he was on shaky ground to begin with and it was just kind of the last thing that he needed was that sort of rejection and humiliation. he had an accidental o.d. the next day after that experience. >> it was an accident that left austin brain dead, and nikki had to make one of the most painful decisions a mother can make, to let him go. your son is one of so many gay kids who have, you know, committed suicide or died as a
11:29 pm
result of pressure from communities for being gay. do you blame the church? >> oh, yes. absolutely. i blame any religion that thinks that they can dictate not only our marital laws but who you love. there's a lot of people that are hurting because of these christian precepts, and i don't want any more kids to have to go through what he went through. >> i'm sorry, nikki. >> i know that's all you can say. you know? if i thought prayers would be useful, i would be happy for them. the only thing i would find useful right now is a time machine. that would be great. satanists, they understand my
11:30 pm
pain and my anger. when i read the tenets for the satanic temple, it all worked for me. i'm passionately religious about civil rights and humanity and, you know, i don't know why that can't be a religion. i don't know why people have a problem with that. i just want to protect the rights of future generations so that they will have a brighter future without this type of ridiculous discrimination that should not even exist. there's a lot of work to be done yet. >> and while i'm in detroit the satanic temple is taking on yet another mission. at a time when conservatives are calling for legislation to defund planned parenthood, the satanic temple hopes to reveal what they call a dangerous state-funded pro-life movement. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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there's a war raging in america over abortion. in michigan, nonprofit clinics called crisis pregnancy centers are being funded by conservative politicians with pro life agendas. the centers claim to provide medically sound advice, but the satanic temple suspects false advertising and another instance
11:35 pm
where the line between church and state is being crossed. >> these laws are religiously motivated and very harmful to women. >> 29-year-old shiva honey is always passionate about women's rights and struggled to put her ideas into action. that is, until she became a satanist. today shiva's planning to show me some of the undercover work she and the temple have been doing in michigan. so you believe that these conservative christian values are interfering with women's rights and women's reproductive rights? >> i absolutely think so. crisis pregnancy centers often masquerade as abortion clinics and don't provide the services at all and provide scientific inaccurate information to women and scare them out of the idea of an abortion. >> to prove it, temple members are posing as pregnant women and are calling the clinics to
11:36 pm
determine what counseling and medical advice they're dishing out and they're recording their calls. >> this is a call from one of our members that we found particularly disturbing. >> okay. let's listen. >> there's a big connection between breast cancer and a woman being pregnant for the first time and not carrying it through. you could be one of those women having a high, high incidence of it right now. >> i mean, i'm no expert but that's a boldface lie. >> that's completely a lie. >> to fact check, shiva pulls up the website of the national cancer institute, a leading cancer research center. >> studies consistently show no connection of induce abortions and breast cancer risks. this information they're provided is absolutely wrong. >> if this woman said to the caller, this is my own personal opinion, i don't think it's a good idea, i would be less upset about that. but she was just giving completely inaccurate information. okay. does this go on? >> it does go on.
11:37 pm
>> as far as abortion, the procedure itself can be very dangerous. you could get an infection. and it can cause the tissue to scar so that later on you wouldn't be able to have a child. >> so rather than comforting this woman and giving her a realistic list of options that are available, she seems to be kind of imposing these scare tactics. >> uh-huh. absolutely. >> about abortion. are these christian facilities? >> i don't think they advertise as christian facilities but from my understanding most of them have the backing of the more conservative christian community. >> and the crisis pregnancy centers receive a lot of federal funding? federal or state? >> both, actually. people call up and hoping to get factual information and the things being presented are completely inaccurate. this is the legislation passed down based on religious beliefs. i don't think the well being of women is being taken into
11:38 pm
consideration at all. >> let me see. camera's right here. just like, you know, trying to not be super obvious. >> in a suburb of detroit, jex and shiva are ready to take the satanic temple's investigation one step further and requires urine from a pregnant woman. >> so what are you doing today? >> i have an appointment at a crisis pregnancy center for counseling. i have some pregnant urine to pass a test and then i have a pen camera so i hope we can document the kind of information given. >> they're traveling to a rural area an hour outside of detroit. they brought their own recording equipment and hope to see for themselves what happens when a woman seeks counsel at one of these facilities. jex and shiva are now inside the pregnancy center. we'll see what happens when they come out. nearly three hours later, we meet up. so what happened when you got inside?
11:39 pm
>> they had me in a room. i wasn't allowed to bring in any friends or support. they wanted to know if i was leading to abortion to go through the dangers and risks involved in that. >> how evident to you in person that they were trying to strongly dissuade you from terminating a pregnancy? >> it was incredibly obvious. it really was you did not want to get an abortion. it will destroy your life. they were adamant, my own health is at risk. >> did you notice any like religious publications or anything like that? >> yeah, immediately. there was a question about god. they said one of the risks of abortion is damaging my relationship with god. then there was other types of religious propaganda in the room itself. >> what will you all do with the information you collected today? >> we'll compile the data together and figure out how to make it actionable and let people know what's happening so the people can be informed and public funds are being used for things that are not helping women at all but, in fact, are very damaging. >> i imagine one of the things your opponents will assert is that the satanic temple is
11:40 pm
pro-abortion. are you? >> no. absolutely not. >> i mean, the satanic temple wants women to be able to make choices about their life and their health using the best scientific and medical information available. women deserve to be informed when making decisions like this. >> their position may sound rational, but some in detroit are having nothing to do with the satanic temple and their beliefs. and with the unveiling a day away, a small group of temple members have gathered to address anonymous threats that are jeopardizing everyone's security. >> this is a very controversial, highly charged event. we have gotten threats. we are doing everything in our power to ensure that this event is safe. this is our wonderful head of security, owen. >> just like an airport, keep an eye out for mysterious packages that people walk up and drop and walk away from. remain aware. if everybody who's at this event observes our satanic principles
11:41 pm
of compassion, wisdom, justice, you'll put out the right vibe. >> in the event that the opposition finds us, and they are outside protesting and messing with people's security, is there any plan to that? >> yeah. we have plans. >> okay. our fight and our principled resistance happens in courtrooms and public demonstrations and where we put that statue. don't think you have to fight anybody. in fact, you have to not fight anybody. >> this is complicated but we are doing it to kind of spit in the eye of people who say we don't want you in detroit. we're saying, well, too bad. this is our city, too. this is our organization. we are refusing to be censored. >> i'm actually feeling pretty nervous about the event. this group has chosen satan, the most universally loathed and feared character.
11:42 pm
there will inevitably be people who will not be willing to understand the intentions of this group. and that could be potentially very dangerous for them and potentially dangerous for us by just being there.
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11:44 pm
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11:46 pm
it's day of the unveiling and we are just hours away from the moment that many satanists have long awaited, but while they're preparing for their big night, others are also gathering. a local protest has been organized by some detroit churches. it is not surprising they want to do this, and they're within their right to do this but one of them released this video this morning that is a little bit disturbing. >> not in this city. >> to stand as one unified voice against this demonic spirit that's trying to invade our city. they were kicked out of boston. oklahoma didn't want them. now they're coming to detroit. >> in this city, we will not
11:47 pm
allow it. >> so gunshots and splattered blood. the protest is supposed to start any moment now. since the event location hasn't been made public, christian groups from all over detroit have chosen to rally. and the man behind this assembly of god soldiers is pastor david bullet. >> we have the power of god even on court benches. >> amen. >> crying for the anointing. god, we lift up our hands to you. >> jesus. >> jesus. >> we're protesting today because we don't believe that the baphomet symbolism is the right symbolism for the city of detroit. also, we disagree with the political agenda of the temple.
11:48 pm
they're anti-church dominance and means they're anti us. >> this place will never be known as a house of satan. our legacy will never be that the devil erected his temple here. >> there's a battle going on right now for the soul of detroit. >> all values can't fit on the table. what will detroit become? we're trying to figure that out right now. >> do you think there is room in this city for everyone to practice what they believe? >> if you want to it in your basement, that's fine. parading it in public and trying to bring legitimacy to symbolism, that is not positive, with a statue of the devil is not the right kind of symbolism for the city of detroit. >> this country has always had profound people of faith who brought their faith values into the public square. how can a satanist tell me i got to be neutral?
11:49 pm
we must make a stand today to say our faith belongs in public. >> that's right. >> somebody say our faith. >> our faith. >> belongs. >> belongs. >> in public. >> in public. >> the satanic temple said they'll gladly go away if the government adheres to the separation of church and state and stops taking cues from the church. what do you think about that? >> i'm going to fight to make sure that the satanic temple's understanding of the separation of church and state and their political agenda does not gain legitimacy and authority. i don't think the world they want to shape is the world we should be living in. >> so all of a sudden it just started pouring down on the protesters so they dispersed. but they found out the location of the first checkpoint, and are rallying the troops and trying to go out there now. here they come. in fact, this isn't the actual location of the unveiling. this setup is a decoy, where ticket holders have been told to
11:50 pm
come so i.d.s can be checked, but the protesters don't know this. >> wow, they're going to the door. >> the protesters here see the rain as a sign from god. while new arrivals to the scene have brought along a symbolic weapon of their own, a statue of the archangel michael. peter and rodney are both catholics are unhappy with the satanists here. >> we're kind of offsetting the satanic vibe going on today with our statue of st. michael, the angel who's primarily tasked with fighting satan. >> what's wrong with these people gathering to unveil their monument? >> the very nature of their worship is a mockery to the true
11:51 pm
worship of god in the church. i do take offense to that. >> yeah, these people, from what i understand, are agnostic, not actual devil worshipers, but satan is real and they're messing around with stuff they shouldn't. >> do you believe in freedom of religion? >> yes. >> to that extent, do you not believe they shouldn't be able to practice their religion? >> i don't believe people are free for error. they're free for the truth, but never for something that's wrong. belief other than satan, would you be okay with them? >> no, i'm not okay with any other religion but catholicism because that's the only true religion. >> there's definitely a lot of tension in the air. we have satanists under the bus stop and christians to my left. very active right now. all right. well, with such opposition, the
11:52 pm
satanic temple is taking security precautions very seriously. before getting full access, attendees are required to sign their souls away to the devil. another move the temple hopes will dissuade protesters from infiltrating the event. here at the first checkpoint, tension between faiths is rising. >> there is a raving woman preventing us from entering our building. she's ranting about jesus. >> so some of the protesters came and literally blocked the entrance. the people inside called the cops because they didn't want to physically tear down the poster that they put over the entryway. they're trying to remain calm, not antagonize anyone, and try to make things go as smoothly as possible. it doesn't take long for the cops to arrive. and as they try to keep the peace, the line for the event continues to grow. studies show that increasingly,
11:53 pm
young people are turning their backs on the church. they're rejecting traditionally held values and creating their own rules. but passing on a judeo christian faith doesn't mean that young people don't long to believe in something. and that's why this group is here. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts
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the satanic temple will soon unveil their statue of baphomet in this industrial warehouse, and people are starting to pile in. we just arrived at the event. i did a quick change in the car, and it seems neither protesters or torrential rains are going to stop this event from going on. >> the temple has restricted press entry into the event. but lucien has given us exclusive access. >> steamy. >> the space has transformed. nearly 700 people have turned out tonight for satan. and some are even embracing lucifer's look. but mostly, this crowd is here to witness the symbol of their faith live and in person for the very first time.
11:58 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, i give you lucien greaves. >> let us always stand. this is a monument to them. this is a monument to you. >> this stuff has been pent up inside of us for a long time. but this is a moment to rip that veil open and say we're here. >> let them try to bomb it, burn it, and break it down. >> we claim our satanic status with pride and demand our rights are respected just as anybody else's. >> it is done, hail satan. >> hail satan. >> this is baphomet. whatever you make of it, this statue means something to these people. >> i feel like i found my tribe. a group of people who i really
11:59 pm
can identify with intellectually, creatively, philosophically. it goes back to the things we fight for. >> in the fight for religious freedom, baphomet is both a symbol and a tool, and it could show up in a town near you. >> i would have never considered myself ever belonging to any religious group or organization, but i'm now a part of that conversation. we're doing very good work that one day will set the seeds for something better than ourselves. >> while i did witness some things that could be construed as debaucherous, i didn't see any satanic rituals being performed or animals being sacrificed. and no matter what this group says their objectives are, no matter how hard they fight for people, because they've chosen satan as their representative, they will continue to provoke people. they'll continue to anger people.
12:00 am
people. but that's the point -- captions by vitac -- careful. >> it's 10:00 a.m. in los angeles. this is crazy. and i'm following rudy malano down treacherous ground. police have been waiting for rudy to inspect the scene. >> we have a floater. lifeguard personnel brought him ashore. >> but rudy isn't a detective. he's an investigator with the l.a. county coroner, the first person allowed to examine the body lying in the water a few feet away. what happens to us if we die suddenr


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