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tv   New Day  CNN  November 23, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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the president-elect is now in florida for the thanksgiving holiday, but we're told we could get more cabinet announcements as early as this morning. let's begin with sarah murray. good morning. >> you're right. donald trump is showing more flexibility on promises that were calling cards during his presidential campaign. support he is getting from white supremaci supremacists. he doesn't want to be the candidate energizing these groups. president-elect now suggesting he won't push for hillary clinton to be prosecuted over her private e-mail server or dealings within the clinton foundation. in an interview with "the new york times" trump saying i don't want to hurt the clintons. i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways. while it may be up to trump's justice department to make the final call on the matter, the tone is a sharp departure from the one he struck on the trail. >> she deleted the e-mails. she has to go to jail. if i win, i will instruct my
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attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> reporter: trump also hinting he has changed his mind on waterboarding and now says he might not abandon the international climate accord, saying he has an open mind to it. trump trying to brush off repeated questions about how he'll ensure his actions as president won't benefit his business business saying, in theory i could run my business perfectly and run the country perfectly. there's never been a case like. the law is totally on my side, the president can't have a conflict of interest. trump reiterating that he will step back, leaving the trump organization for his children to run. >> i don't know if it's a blind trust, is that a blind trust? i don't know. >> reporter: but that, too, poses a problem since his daughter, ivanka, has been meetings with foreign officials since her father became
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president-elect. trump complaining if it was up to some people i would never see my daughter, ivanka, again. and his son-in-law have a position. i would love to be the one who made peace with israel and the palestinians, that would be such a great achievement. trump trying to distance himself. after this video surfaced of white supremacists cheering him on just blocks from the white house. >> hail trump. hail our people. hail victory. >> reporter: trump denouncing the group, of course, i disavow and condemn them. it's not a group i want to energize. if they are innenergized, i wano look into it and find out why. in addition to this, dawned trump found himself defending chief strategist steve bannon telling "new york times" he would have never chosen him if he felt like this was a person who had tied to the alt-right movement. those are all cruteak critique
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against bannon before he was named. >> all right, sarah, stay with us. let's bring in the rest of the panel. campaign correspondent maggie tweeting for the rest of ous to get our information. thank you, thank you. and political anchor of spectrum news errol louis. good to have you all here. maggie, you were in the room where it happened. what was it like? >> it was very tense initially. when trump came in, you know, he shook everyone's hands and moved around the table and there were, i guess, about 20 people there. he stat down sort of very stiff. he had his armed folded and almost like he was waiting for some kind of blow back or waiting to say something. he did criticize our coverage pretty forcefully. it was not nasty in tone and not aggressive, but he did say that he thought "the times" had been incredibly unfair to him. the most unfair of anyone. i had heard him be clear make
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that accusation against "washington post" at various points in the campaign and then he basically moved on and took a number of questions. the most surprising thing that he said was on climate change where he appeared to at least be open to the possibility of the paris accords where he said he thinks that there is "conductivity between humans and the environment." >> that is very different. he tweeted that global warming was a hoax. >> and on a range of other issues, you know, i asked him about torture which he enthusiastically and his exact quote in south carolina was torture works. when i asked him about waterboarding specifically, he sounded like he was backing off a bit, essentially after a conversation with general mattis who he is considering very seriously. likely to be named for department of defense. i asked him about his son-in-law jared kushner what role he would play. trump wants him involved in some
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way but an outside law where it wouldn't face the nepotism laws. a president can't have conflicts of interest. we asked him about his business entanglements and he said that's not definitionly possible. >> should have been a lawyer because very clever reading on absence of law. no clear conflict law set up for the president and that a conflict is impossible, which is clearly not the case. >> that literally is his argument. in theory i can do these two things simultaneously. he did not use the words that we heard in the campaign, a blind trust. he didn't even go there yesterday. he literally said i'm going to have my children, primarily, ivanka running and he did not say, i will have nothing to do with it. >> very quickly before we get to our other panelists. what did he say about that alt-right white supremacist just
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blocks away from the white house which is energized because he is now president. people want himmed him -- >> that's not something he wants to energize and something he wants to support. steve bannon who has come under heavy criticism primarily from democrats running breitbart and comments he made. trump defended bannon and said this is a good man. if i thought he had any connection to the alt-right, i would never let him in. >> steve bannon created the platform at breitbart. how can there be no connection? >> same thing happened -- same thing happened with manafort. it is pretty simple. he does not deny this group the way he denies other things. >> let's just read what he said to maggie and everybody else at
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"new york times." i don't want to energize the group, i don't want to energize the group and disavow the group. next sentence he said, it's not a group i want to energize and if they are innenergized i want look into it and find out why. >> one thing i was struck there, too. our white house, d.c. bureau chief followed up and tried to ask it, again. but he got annoyed when he was asked about it, again. he said, boy, you're really stuck on this. and that is the kind of reaction i would get throughout the campaign when i would approach him about david duke praising him. >> he knows it's bad for him. he wants to deny the connection and be as subtle about this for trump as he can be. he's just not like this about anything else he doesn't like. >> he wants to excoriate people about asking about it in the first place. he didn't the first time. >> he got that talking point yesterday. one of his supporters kept saying, do you think he's a --
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how do you decipher these big changes by trump? is this a positive side because it shows he can be more open minded or a negative sign that what he says ultimately means nothing? >> it's really both. if you were concerned and some people were very, very concerned about some of these statements that he made around climate change and jailing his opponents and so forth, you maybe have a little reason for hope. there's some reason for hope even in that statement. i want to find out why they're being innenergized by me. that's a little curiosity. that's probably not a bad thing. on the other hand, i take it as him being trump. meaning these are his commercial negotiating skills. nothing is final until the deal is done and as we're going into sign maybe i have a couple clauses i want to slip in. this is how he's operated throughout his business life and this is how he operated, frankly, through the campaign. he has migrated on a number of different issues. complete and total shut down of muslim immigration that migrates into, well, just from the
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regions where there is a terrorism problem. that, in turn, has changed into syrian refugees are vetted and so forth. he puts a lot of different statements out there. lets it wash around and then tries to see -- >> for a guy who's not a politician, he seems to do what's worst about politicians saying to your own advantage, sarah, i'm going to find you and put you in jail and appoint a special prosecutor. you must go jail, you must go to jail. you suffered enough. at his hand you suffered enough. >> this is about hillary clinton and not wanting to appoint a special prosecutor. i don't want to hurt the clintons. >> any more. >> you're ad libbing. >> i really don't. she went through a lot. go ahead. she suffered greatly in many ways and i'm not looking to hurt them at all. it is hard to get your mind around that after everything that was said on the campaign trail. >> the other thing he said during the interview is that he said he doesn't feel very strongly about it. i went all over the country with
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donald trump while he called her crooked hillary and said he was going to lock her up. but i do think that you have to remember that the people who supported donald trump and the people who voted donald trump into office see him differently than we do. they see him as a vessel for a lot of different feelings and a lot of different positions. even talking to them on the campaign trail a lot of them would say, i don't necessarily believe donald trump is going to build a wall and i don't believe he is going to deport everyone here illegally or throw hillary clinton in jail. i like that he sounds tough when he is talking about it. put out a tough stance. that makes it really difficult for us to say how he's going to govern as president and that means that he has taken different sides on every single issue. for his core supporters, i don't necessarily think a lot of them will be surprised to see him begin to change. >> they don't have any choice because they're with him. a lot of my friends who voted for trump wanted it, wanted the wall and wanted these things and a check on corruption in
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government that they saw hillary clinton as the face of and they're disappointed by this. >> the question i didn't get to ask him yesterday is how is what you are saying about your business as president that a president cannot definitionally have a conflict of interest and how is that any different chelsea clinton running the foundation. and he talked about the e-mails from her server or the wikileaks document all showed some sort of overlap. there's no huge difference, as best as i can tell here. >> we're going to talk a lot more about that and the c conflicts of interest. coming up, more of "new york times" interview with donald trump and those growing ceoncers about his business ties and his children. we dig deeper. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money.
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president-elect donald trump sat down with "new york times" yesterday for a wide-ranging interview and it made a lot of news. let's get back to our panel. maggie haberman who was part of that round table interview and errol louis and sarah murray. let's talk about conflicts of
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interest because we never had a business mogul, as you say, become president before. so, just since winning the election. here are some of the things that have cropped up that have raised eyebrows and certainly questions about how he would handle it. let's pull this up. donald trump and his children met with indian developers. they had businesses there. trump and his family met with the japanese prime minister abe. trump's children are on his transition team. ivanka trump was on a phone call with the argentinian president. s substitute the word donald trump in there and put in hillary clinton and substitute ivanka trump and put in chelsea clinton. why such silence about these conflicts of interest? >> because republicans for the first time have congress, senate and the white house. and, so, i mean, among other things they're waiting to see what happens. i don't think this is
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sustainable for a long time. one thing i would point out with the exception of the hotel story, which is an excellent "washington post" story. every one of those is something we learned from the foreign press. we're not really being told a whole lot from his transition team and not getting traditional readouts other than it was a good phone call. they talked about world issues. >> totally different than in the past. >> there is a huge drum beat on editorial pages that trump does pay attention to including "new york post" and you really can't continue this way with your business. that is going to become complicating for him if this is just a daily coverage and it will be. it will swamp him. the other thing i would point out that happened since the election, according to "washington post" his foundation was basically admitted self-dealing. and violating the law in that respect. that's -- >> we have dave on today. he did the reporting on that and he's coming on to say what he found and didn't find on the foundation. his thing that he has working
3:18 am
for him and against him at the same time is the lack of information. >> right. >> these are all privately held concerns. trump doesn't run a public company, so no public filings. so, he has put out no information. that's what the tax returns were a metaphor for. do you think at some point he will have to put out information or one of his kids will have to open the books, at least to a select congressional committee who will -- they do have oversight over this. even the democrats, not in power, will have investigative authority. do you think that happens at some point? that some information from the president of the united states will have to be offered. >> if he allows it to go that far. it really is, you know, the joke is that this is a full employment bill for investigative reporters. there are so many conflicts and so many businesses and so much to look into and every day that the transition team and the trump organization refuse to make any of this available, more people will find more stuff. and it's not just the
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investigations and the bad press that can follow it, not even just the congressional investigations, but there can be lawsuits. you know, even a possibility, you know, because his name is plastered on so many buildings around the world, they become terror targets. huge, important questions that surround all of this stuff. it's not just a matter of whether or not the president-elect gets to make money for his family any more. it's really sort of a big deal and can end up hampering almost everything he tries to do following the inauguration. >> this is sort of an ironic blind spot for donald trump because he did make the case regardless of anyone presses charges against hillary clinton, she was crooked and it looked bad and you shouldn't be allowed to do it and drain the swamp. he is saying there is no rule that i am subject to conflict of interest laws. who cares how it looks, i'm allowed to do that. you can go on like that from a legal standpoint for a while, but i do think you've already seen some republicans in the
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house fire off warning shots saying, look, this doesn't look great. i think you need to start taking a look at how you're going to handle this. >> you asked him about jared kushner. one of the big open questions. his son-in-law. what will his son-in-law's position be in the white house? what did he tell you? >> his son-in-law is exploring the possibility of joining the white house. i haven't spoken to a single ethics lawyer who thinks that would be permissible under the nepotism laws. >> why? >> because the antinepotism and it is very clear whether it's son-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law. >> it's about collecting a paycheck and he said i won't collect a paycheck. >> it's very clear that that is not what it is about. i reported this on cnn soon after the election that he was talking to people about whether he could be a volunteer. i still think that it would face a huge even possibly preemptive
3:21 am
legal challenge. when i asked him what role he hopes kushner would play he made clear, once again, we know this, how important jared kushner is to him and in all of his governing and campaigning and thinking, he said that he would volunteer that he thought that jared could be involved in attempting a mideast peace process again. and trump, as you know, has talked about this not kushner, but has talked about wanting to get a peace deal done for a very, very long time. critics say you can't do it. having kushner play a role and that's not a surprise. kushner helped write his apex speech earlier this year and kushner has advised him on israel. but, again, it's a really interesting and unusual and public co-mingling of personal family and the white house and policy in a way that people were concerned about with the clintons. >> panel, thank you, very much. thanks for sharing all of your reporting with us. as we start to measure progress going forward after this election, we do have new
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poll numbers. cnn/orc has some good news for the white house. president obama's approval rating is at a seven-year high as he's preparing to leave office. 57% of americans approve of the outgoing president. that's as high as ratings in september 2009. what we just lived through in the election and that president obama looks better than ever. when george w. bush left office, he had 24% approval rating. very different moment in time as we were entering the biggest economic depression of this time. reagan matched obama's numbers. clinton actually surpassed them. now, take a look at the contrast between the favorability numbers for president obama and the democratic party. 59% of americans but only 39% of americans have a favorable opinion of the democratic party since hillary clinton lost the presidential race. millions of americans are doing what we love and hate to do. getting ready to travel for the holiday. thanksgiving is drive time. but you're going to have severe
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the thanksgiving get away is on. millions of people will be on the road and in the air to get to their holiday destinations, but severe weather could impact your travel plans. cnn's ryan young is live at what is soon to be one of the busiest places on earth, chicago's o'hare airport. what are you seeing, ryan? >> well, absolutely. are you ready for this? that's what you have to say when you come to this airport. look over here, already the lines are pretty long. this has been going since 4:30 this morning. looks like a lot of people packed their patience. you're talking about 48.7 million people who are going to be traveling. this is some of the highest numbers that has happened in the last ten years not only people hitting the road, but hitting the air. when you come to the airport, you have to think ahead. pack a little extra time and pack that patience when you come out here. what we've seen so far is a steady flow of people and a lot of talk about the idea that there might be a strike. that's not going to happen. that's going to happen here on tuesday at the airport with
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those workers here. what we're seeing on the boards all clear, all the flights are going out so far. severe weather not having an impact yet. >> we're noticing the goatee, ryan. >> i'm not sure yet. thanks for the call out. >> don't cover up that handsome face. don't cover up that handsome face. you only need that when you look like me. have a good thanksgiving, my friend. >> i have to watch out for you. thank you, man. you're going to get snow, you're going to get ice and you're going to get rain. you could look at them all reasons to be thankful. thankful if you make it to where you're going at all in several different states. cnn meteorologist chad myers has a look at that forecast. what do you see, my friend? >> really it's a midwest thing. a great lakes thing all the way down to houston. the corners are great. new york city all the way down to florida and the west coast, perfect. so, i guess this could be a lot worse. we've talked about a lot worse thanksgiving or christmas travel in the past. this weather is brought to you
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by humana. we think great things are ahead of you. a little bit of weather through minnesota and chicago and all the way down to st. louis. this is the low that we're worried about. it does not make it to new york until after the parade tomorrow. louisiana and maybe some bumps in the road around houston but other than that, i think the forecast looks pretty good. here it goes across the northeast. rain coming in late tomorrow afternoon and should be dry for the parade and we'll get to that in just a second. here is the forecast now for your travel. all the northeast airports are green. we should have less than 30-minute delays there. the big one, the major hub that does anything wrong today weather wise will be chicago. and chicago you could get 60 to 90-minute delays. detroit probably close to the same. down to st. louis it clears up later on today and then some snow into minneapolis. other than that, the west coast airports are in great shape and i think everybody else is really going to enjoy this change. other than the midwest, the change in the forecast looks
3:30 am
pretty good and i think snoopy flies tomorrow. the winds get to eight miles per hour at noon and that is good enough to let all those balloons fly. >> that's our litmus test, does snoopy fly? yes, he does. thank you, chad. donald trump disavowing the support from the group in a wide-ranging interview with "new york times." did he go far enough? his critics say no. what else can he say? not getting your best sleep?
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grief turning to anger in chattanooga. friends and family members mourning five young children killed in that school bus crash. the driver of the bus is charged with several counts of vehicular homicide. steve vule nick valencia is live with the latest. >> a devastating way to start out this thanksgiving week. mourning the loss of five children. 24-year-old johnthony walker is in custody charged with five counts of vehicular homicide and gathering from eyewitness this appears to be an intentional act. he was going well above the 30-mile-per-hour speed limit when the bus flipped and hit a tree killing five children. we're standing outside a
3:35 am
hospital in chattanooga where 12 remain in the hospital. we mentioned the grieving families well, so, too, is mr. walker according to his mother. she spoke to cnn and said her son called her immediately after the crash to say, "there has been a drastic accident." she actually claims her son tried to help get the kids off the bus before police arrived. we know that he has also been involved in past incidents. we looked into his driving record. he side swiped a vehicle in september. only gotten his certification in april. part of this investigation is going to focus on this private company contracted by the school district. investigators are going to be looking into whether more could have been done to stop this tragic accident. >> nick, thank you for the reporting. he disavows the support of white supremacists and he doesn't know why they're energized by him. >> hail trump. hail our people. hail victory.
3:36 am
>> this is a taste of what we're talking about here. trump's team did put out a statement and did disavow this group and their support to "new york times" and, yet, he has been a lot stronger and more specific in his criticism and other groups. why? simone sanders and mary katherine ham. m.k., let me give you a shot to shoot down my premise. my premise is i heard donald trump when he doesn't like somebody or something and how he comes out against them, it is different than what he's doing with these alt-right/hate groups right now. fair prem sns. >> yeah. i think he's more interesting going after hillary clinton on the campaign trail than this which is one of the problems i brought up when he was running in a gop primary. one of the things he does is give oxygen. he gives oxygen to these.
3:37 am
twitter accounts just by using his twitter account. i will say when it comes to the actual gathering of several hundred people that have been going on for several years now it's not like they sent an envoy over there. i think we need to be careful to say he's not involved with this group, right? >> well, that's, that's a point to make. simone sanders, there have been a lot of alt-right types who are going to d.c. and do believe this is their opportunity to be more relevant. what do you make of that? >> you know, i think that, for that particular reason, chris, is why we need to hear donald trump specifically say i disavow white supremacy. it has no place in our culture. he needs to say these things specifically. he has said i disavow, i condemn. what do you disavow and condemn? we never heard donald trump say those words. particularly, that's my issue that i have with it. i think that's why you've seen a
3:38 am
rise, if you will, in these hate crimes and hate groups. they have not been specifically addressed. i want donald trump to specifically address the white supremacists. the hate crimes and these neo-nazis that we see out there. >> m.k., one thing we often laer hear in rebuttal, i see that to be a very cheap ploy to avoid this situation. what is your take on that? is that the ultimate test of whether or not trump does the right thing? whether or not he's a racist or bigot as long as he can say no i'm not and anything else he does or fails to do is okay? >> well, i'm with simone where i think a more specific denu denunsiation and folks who are saying i think he's a racist are responding to. a tendency of the left of the media to say many people are racist just on the fact that they disagree with them about
3:39 am
policy. you're going to call me racist. that card doesn't work any more. when you run into an instance where you might want more denunciation and i think there's actually a point there. i'm not sure donald trump did denounce further that it would do him all that much good. >> that's a valid point m.k. is making and you get a full credit for saying it back in the primary. i remember you saying it. >> i was making the point for myself, donald trump supporters and for you. >> i remember. you get full credit for that. a little of the boy who cried wolf kind of thing. you wind up taking away the power of that notion when you need it most. >> look, i have said that i don't actually think donald trump is a racist. but he does give air and oxygen to racist things.
3:40 am
he has participated and trafficked in racism and bigotry and i think that's absolutely okay to say. in this instance, i believe this is different than anything else we're seeing. steve bannon, the president-elect new chief strategist in the white house, he has called his platform the platform of the alt-right. the platform of white supremacy. he has participated and trafficked in white nationalism. so, i think in this instance, it's absolutely okay. this isn't normal and this isn't something we've seen before. i really do believe this is different and incumbent upon donald trump. his allies and the folks in his orbit to take this seriously because this could literally get out of hand. we're going down a very slippery slope here. >> the confusing part, m.k., he loses nothing by going after this group. they don't have enough votes to have changed the election and people who are for trump, by and large, dismiss and disrespect groups like this 150%. so, it raises the question, why isn't he doing it?
3:41 am
bannon's name comes up. trump doubled down and went full manafort in his support of bannon yesterday saying he's none of those things. last time he did that was for a guy named paul manafort. what is your take on what's influencing him? >> i think that trump, regardless of ideology almost completely regardless of ideology likes people who likes him. that may be one of the reasons why he's not super energetic about pushing back. he rewards bannon because bannon's on board and he did the things to help him become president. that's how part of this works. he is not a man tied to ideology or been involved with any of these groups before the last year. it's very confusing as to how he's going to deal with this. he also has not a lot to lose from media criticism. as we've seen throughout the primary process and going through the general. so, i think that's part of the calculation, too. he may not have much to lose over here and he doesn't have
3:42 am
much to lose from being criticized. it actually works for him. >> we will see. last point, simone, we have to go. >> donald trump will be the president of everyone. a segment of the population that feels disenfranchised and incumbent upon him as the president to shut it down. >> surrending the me to the we. have hope. that's what thanksgiving is all about. i wish you both and your families a beautiful thanksgiving. >> thanks. you, too. basketball great michael jordan receiving the nation's highest civilian honor. this is an emotional moment that you've got to see, among others. that's in the bleacher report, next. our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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generosity is its oyou can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good.
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can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. at the white house star-studded president obama handed out the medal of freedom to a number of influential people. we have andy sholes this morning bleacher report. another jordan in tears sighting. >> but it was awesome and very emotional day for a lot of people at the white house yesterday. the medal of freedom the highest civilian honor given to those who make a significant impact on culture or other endeavors here in the united states. president obama said all 21 of
3:47 am
the people honored yesterday touched him in a powerful way and he had some fun while presenting michael jordan with his medal. >> he's more than just a logo, more than just an internet, there is a reason you call somebody the michael jordan of -- michael jordan of neuro surgery or michael jordan of rabbis or the michael jordan of outrigor canoeing. >> other sports figures receiving the medal of freedom were karim abdul-jabbar and vin scully. prescott earning big praise for picking up his own trash. he was caught on camera picking up an empty cup after he missed the trash can on the sidelines. he talked about his heroics. >> more people need to pick up their trash if it was that big
3:48 am
of a deal. i simply missed the garbage can and didn't think much of it. threw off the rotation. >> that litter campaign in texas. don't mess with texas, alisyn, seems like dak prescott would be a great spokesperson. president-elect donald trump hates the media, he loves the media. what does this mean? his attitude towards the media. what does it mean if he shuts out the media? that's next. lyou gotta make a truck heavier to make it stronger, has been workin' too long without a hard hat. meet the all-new 2017 ford super duty. they cut weight with a high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body
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president-elect -- i think i'm drinking coffee too early in the morning. donald trump has been highly critical of "new york times." on tuesday after some back and forth mr. trump sat down with
3:53 am
the reporters and praised the organization as a jewel. let's talk about this. we want to bring in cnn media correspondent brian stelter and cnn media bill carter. the meeting is on, the meeting is off, the meeting is on, the meeting is off. why was there all this issue? >> according to "new york times" own reporting reince priebus tried to get this meeting killed. priebus was worried trump wouldn't be able to handle it, wouldn't be able to answer all the questions that the reporters were going to ask for an hour-long interview. a miscommunication by 8:15 the secretary was back on the phone trying to reschedule the meeting and this turned out to be a good thing for both trump and "new york times." we got a lot of information as americans about what president-elect trump is planning on doing and trump showed some access. >> what do you make of that idea, the one that brian
3:54 am
finished with there that people can mistake this conversation about being the media's feelings, but, really, it is something for people, you know, citizens to be concerned about because they don't want the president to be the final word on what comes to them as truth. >> they can't -- that's risky, obviously, if that's the case. i think it's really important that they finally stepped up and said this is an organization that deserves respect and he wants respect from them. that's part of it. he grew up in new york. if you grew up in new york "new york times" stands for something and so important for them to stand up to him and i think he sort of went out his way to make sure they felt like oh, they may have trashed you before. >> he will trash them, again. >> one thing that is different with our president-elect, we never had a politician who changes on the dime. you know, your are e you're a j today -- >> i think he thinks of himself
3:55 am
as a jazz musician. whatever tune is coming up that day and no specific notes that he's going to play. all different depending on his mood that day and his reaction that day and who wants to get back at and everything that has been in his psyche. burning up that day. >> i do think at this point that you're both making is important to reinforce. for all the trump supporters who call us and everyone the lame stream media and want us to go away, having just the youtube channel where the president puts out his message directly unfiltered, that has a downside. ask the people in russia. >> even if you embrace it during president trump's time, you're not going to like it when a democrat is back in power. people like sean hannity are saying maybe we need to rethink these traditions of media access at the white house. how do his colleagues on the journalism side at fox news feel about that? you might like something under one administration, but you're not going to like it when it's
3:56 am
another foot. that's important to remind people in this moment and appreciate the journalism set up last night. we were at a dinner last night, editor of "new yorker" and on christiane amanpour saying this is a real urgent moment for journalism. amanpour called it a crisis for journalism. we can win some readers and viewers back by showing that we are taking this moment seriously and covering trump the way he should be covered. >> an important thing about "the times" is that they didn't play the game that people play. it's going to be off the record. they insisted that this be on the record. that it was going to generate news and it was legitimately a meeting between the president-elect and journalists which they have done with all presidents of all parties in the past. >> we haven't heard your take -- >> easier with only one organization versus five different networks all at the same time. >> it's true. but i think they had different points of purpose. what was your take on if it's true that that meeting was trump
3:57 am
pointing his finger and going at the media and even from the media's own leaks, nobody went back -- >> i'm really shocked by that. >> what do you think of that? >> i'm shocked by that. >> what does it tell you? >> it tells me they're too involved in getting access and playing up to him and all that stuff because he was valuable to television and more valuable for ratings and things like that. >> i'm sorry. you see it as being, but what about the notion that this was supposed to be a summit of some kind and to engage in some sort of shout fest would not have served anybody's purpose. >> we'd disagree with you. that is not correct and here's our point of view. you don't back off and say, well, we're going to take it from you. i think that's a mistake and i think they went into it with the wrong perception. the "times" has rules for things like this, they are not going to do that meeting unless they can get something out of it. >> it's useful to listen for at least some period of time listen to the president-elect's issues
3:58 am
complain, hear where he's coming from. according to sources who was there, it was inappropriate. it was inappropriate, he did go too far. >> but was it completely appropriate because maybe what trump wanted to do was say i am the man and you are not. and those are very difficult moments and it's easy to say, you know, we've all lived it. it's easy to say, well, i often say the media cannot yield the power. it's easy to say, tough to do and i don't think it's surprising that everybody in the meeting shut up and took it. >> i thought it was important last night at this dinner zucker said in front of all the journalists we will hold this administration's feet to the fire. that was relayed that summit on monday. >> no one person at the summit wanted to make it about them or their news organization. he was venting and they didn't know how long that would go on and maybe they, maybe they missed an opportunity as you're saying. but the point was just sort of to hear him out. >> i think it was the point.
3:59 am
again, if the president is going to be that kind of aggressive, i i think it's incumbent on journalists to say, here's our point of view. we're not going to sit here and take it. >> a lot of people went to that meeting expecting him to say, the past is the past. let's move forward. i get it. kind of the accommodation he had with the times. >> he's not changing and it's been weeks now. two weeks since election night. we can all accept that and move on. he's not going to change. there's no shift in tone. if this is a moment for journalists to stand up very straight. >> it will be interesting to see who does what because a lot of people are in the business for popularity and you're in the wrong business if you want to be in the media and be popular. >> also become more popular by standing up to power. >> we'll see. >> we're following a lot of ne s s this morning. let's get right to it. >> fight this position in the
4:00 am
country. >> he said if he had learned that steve bannon was connect e i wouldn't have him work here. >> a leader step forward, which is what he did. >> solve the crisis between the palestinians and the israelis. >> mike the world and the country a better place. >> pointed out the antinepotism laws he just sort of brushed right past that. slipped off the roadway. >> the bus driver is being charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. >> i hadn't seen my son yet. >> my baby's gone. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> bill carter running off. little behind the scenes for you. donald trump backing off some of his most extreme campaign promises in his new interview with "new york times." ditching his threat to jail


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