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tv   New Day  CNN  November 23, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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country. >> he said if he had learned that steve bannon was connect e i wouldn't have him work here. >> a leader step forward, which is what he did. >> solve the crisis between the palestinians and the israelis. >> mike the world and the country a better place. >> pointed out the antinepotism laws he just sort of brushed right past that. slipped off the roadway. >> the bus driver is being charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. >> i hadn't seen my son yet. >> my baby's gone. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> bill carter running off. little behind the scenes for you. donald trump backing off some of his most extreme campaign promises in his new interview with "new york times." ditching his threat to jail hillary clinton and shifting his
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view on waterboarding and climate change. >> big question for you and for trump voters in general will be, do you care that he's changing about this. something else we heard from the president-elect is that he denounced hate groups and addressed potential conflicts of interest. this as we're just learning about a new top pick for the trump administration. we could get more cabinet picks today. we've got all these different angles covered. let's begin with sarah murray. sarah? >> good morning, chris. whether it is climate change or torture or whether it's the possibility of throwing hillary clinton in jail, donald trump is making it clear that on some of his core campaign promises his views are actually flexible. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump now suggesting he won't push for hillary clinton to be prosecuted. over her private e-mail server or dealings within the clinton foundation. in an interview with "the new york times" trump saying, i don't want to hurt the clintons. i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways. while it may be up to trump's
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justice department to make the final call on the matter, the tone is a sharp departure from the one he struck on the trail. >> she deleted the e-mails. she has to go to jail. if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor taloo look i your situation. >> reporter: he might not abandon the international climate accord saying he has an open mind to it. trump trying to brush off repeated questions about how he'll ensure his actions as president won't benefit his businesses. saying, in theory i could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly. there's never been a case like this. refusing to concede he should sell his businesses and adding the law is totally on my side. the president can't have a conflict of interest. trump reiterating that he will step back, leaving the trump organization for his children to run. >> i don't know if it's a blind
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trust, but is that a blind trust? i don't know. >> reporter: that, too, poses a problem since his daughter ivanka has been meeting with foreign officials since her father has been president-elect. making the case for his son-in-law, jared kushner, to have a role in his administration. maybe as a special envoy to the m mideast. trump boasting i would love to be the one that made peace with israel and the palestinians. trump also trying to distance himself from a supportive neonazi after this video surfaced of white supremacists cheering him on just blocks from the white house. >> hail trump. hail our people. hail victory. >> reporter: trump denouncing the group saying, of course "i disavow and condemn them. it's not a group i energize. i want to look into it and find out why." now, breaking news of yet
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another cabinet pick for donald trump. sources are confirming to cnn that he will name nikki haley to be u.s. ambassador to the united nations. nikki haley was very critical of donald trump in the past, but also catching a little bit of flack for naming mostly white men so she brings more diversity. she's a woman and also the daughter of two mimgrnimmigrant came here from india. >> thank you so much. let's bring in a member of the presidential transitional team. >> happy thanksgiving. >> and to you, as well. as your italian family and your mom who watches every morning. >> she is crushing on chris. >> don't mention that. let's talk about the big news that sarah just announced and that is governor nikki haley becoming u.s. ambassador to the u.n. why was she the right pick? >> i don't want to speak for mr. trump because, really, he would be the best person to say why
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she is the right pick. i love her. she's been a phenomenal republican, great executive. she has the diplomatic skills to handle this. i think you saw her in the crisis during the gun situation in the church maybe 18, 24 months ago. she is a person that has an enormous amount of respect across parties. >> yeah. >> so, my guess is she'll do a phenomenal job there. this is a big message, i think, to people about the transition is that mr. trump wants to reach out to everybody whether they were with them or not with them prior to the campaign. i think he would say if he was sitting here that whatever was said prior is sort of over. we have to come together as a nation. we have to come together as a party and he also wants to bring a very diverse group of people to washington. but she will be on his team. >> she was critical of him during the campaign. how did he get past that? i mean, we often see donald trump as someone who does remember the critical things
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that people said about him. and doesn't let those go so easily. how did he get past it? >> i see a different side of him because i spent so much time with him over the last six months. my grandfather would say this, you have to be a good sport in life. you heard that expression. mr. trump, the president-elect is definitely a good sport. his attitude is, a hard scrabble environment. governor haley is probably loyals to factions in the bush or rubio campaign or cruz at that time and you have to remember she had long ties to them. mr. trump is 18 months into his political career and, so, i think he would look at this and say, listen, these people are loyal to each other. he respects that and respects that loyalty and now that he's the president-elect, he would like to bring these people in. that sort of team of rivals conflict, president lincoln. >> we heard there might be other big news. can you break some other news here on what other announcements are going to happen today?
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>> that's not for me to do. >> you are here for mr. trump. >> i am here for mr. trump but i don't like stealing people's thunder. at the end of the day i am on the team because i understand the concept of team and you probably remember his from high school. together everyone achieves more. >> will there be an announcement today of some kind? >> my guess is there probably won't be. my guess is there will be more announcements next week. this will be the announcement for today. >> secretary of state, where is it right now in the negotiations? is it leaning mitt romney? is it leaning rudy giuliani. another name we should know about? >> again, i think this is a president-elect decision but i think he loves both these guys for different reasons. and he's willing to put aside whatever the things that governor romney said during the campaign. one thing that i think your viewers and you should really focus on as it relates to the state department we see a lot of problems in there. you know, $6 billion that went
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missing. the person that gets dropped into the state department, he or she, is going to be somebody that the president-elect really thinks can fix the department and figure out what went wrong there. the restructuring aspect of rudy giuliani would be good things to look at at in terms of their skill set. >> here is one person who thinks mitt romney would not be a good choice and that is newt gingrich. i have it for you, let me play it. >> i would be concerned, one, the vast majority of trump supporters will initially be very unhappy and will be reminded of all the things that romney said over the years. two, because romney does represent a very different viewpoint. i can think of 20 other people who would be more naturally combco compatible with the trump vision of foreign policy. >> what does speaker gingrich know that you and mr. trump don't? >> i think that the message to
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the executive committee on the transition team, which i happen to be a member of from the president-elect is that we need to bring a plus, plus, plus players into the game and, so, i think what we have to do is put aside our differences. the first thing we need to serve is the american people and the second thing we need to do is o surround the president-elect with people he can trust to execute that job on behalf of the american people. there will be some soreness, whoever is named. pluses and minuses to everybody else. >> ben carson, has he been offered hud secretary? >> i have to take him at his word. he said he has been offered the job. >> wouldn't you know that? >> but i would take him at his word. here's the problem because i'm here to talk about the concepts and i'm here to talk about what we're trying to do as a team. but i don't think it's fair for me to steal the thunder of mr. trump. i'll tell you why. one of the most exciting things. think about early decision in college. if you knew before your kid, you still want your kid to find out on the internet.
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for me, i feel like i don't want to steal any thunder. >> i'm just looking for confirmation. you're saying take ben carson at his word. he has been offered. >> absolutely. ben carson is an incredibly honest guy. >> this is the same person who just last week we heard his top adviser williams say, mr. carson, dr. carson has never run an agency and that's not his strength. >> you know, look, here's what happens when you get people who are not typical politicians. they don't have the verbal d dexterity. >> was this a slip of the tongue or does he not have the experience to run an agency? is this truth telling? >> let me put it to you this way. we probably have people who don't have governmental experience in that cabinet but are very effective at what they do. it would probably take me 25 or 30 years to learn how to be a brain surgeon, but it won't take that long to be a hud secretary. maybe i'm wrong about that.
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he has the right social skills. he loves the country. and he understands the issues that we need to tackle right now in the country. so, i love the guy. i think he's terrific. but he's not a politician. i think that's the big message we have to send to people that we're going to be putting nonpoliticians in these jobs to help disrupt the system a little bit and possibly make the cyst amlot bettm a lot better, alisyn. >> happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> thank you. let's get over to chris. new details about the suspected killer of a san antonio police officer. court records show the man on your screen, 31-year-old otis mccain got married on monday before he was captured for allegedly shooting and killing detective benjamin marconni. he told reporters he was sorry and that he was lashing out in anger at the wrong person
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because society wasn't allowing him to see his son. president obama reducing the prison sentences of 79 more inmates. the total number this week of hitting 1,000. more than the previous 11 presidential administrations combined. he will grant more before he leaves office. mr. obama said he wants to bring the existing sentencing in line which are not as harsh for nonviolent drug offenders. an idaho man is out of the hospital after he was struck by a car and fell 50 feet into a river. his name is steven and he had stopped to help another driver on an icy bridge when he was hit. the 34-year-old's leg was badly broken, but he still managed to swim through fridgid waters to n island where he was rescued. he will join us live in our next hour to tell us how he made it through and the image that was in his head the whole time that
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kept him going. >> he'll be on in our 8:00 hour and he does talk about the one thing that he thought about that allowed him to swim through all that cold water. >> talk about being thankful on thanksgiving. he is at the top of the list. >> we'll talk to him. meanwhile, a stunning admission of wrongdoing by the trump foundation. we'll talk to the journalist who broke this story. that's next. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring.
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get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. president-elect donald trump's charitable foundation has been under scrutiny and is the subject of an investigation by the new york attorney general. the "washington post" is now reporting a new revelation that the trump foundation admitted to the irs that it engaged in self-dealing and legally misusing itself for business or his family. joining us now is "washington post" reporter who broke that story david farenhold. happy thanksgiving to you and the family. good to have you with us.
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>> thank you. >> let's do this through the lens of the opposition it will receive. the first blush will be, what's new? didn't we already hear this and it wasn't any big deal? what do you know? >> what's new is the trump foundation, donald trump is admitting to something for a long time that the irs had never done which was take money in the charity that was meant for charitable purposes and spending it to benefit trump or one of his family members or one of his businesses. >> and the, so, and so what was the penalty and how can we substantiate as reporters that this matters? >> well, the penalty we don't know yet. a separate irs form that we haven't gotten a copy of yet that he broke this law and he will describe the penalty taxes or reimbursements he will have paid. i don't know that yet. i have asked for it but haven't gotten it. this is a man who is executing
4:19 am
all the laws of the country. it's important to know. he has been running a federally certified charity for a long time. has he been following the simple laws of running a charity. >> trump foundation may have been receiving donations from foreigners during the campaign. how do we know and how much are we talking about? >> well, the one example we know about is in this same tax filing. in september 2015 when trump was already a pretty major candidate for president, he took $150,000 from a guy who is a ukrainian, $150,000 was in exchange for a 20-minute speech that trump gave by video link. he got $150,000 for his charity. now, the same ukrainian was the guy who donated heavily to the clinton foundation and questions raised whether secretary clinton showed him extra favoritism. just one donation, but you see the potential here. this is a president-elect, who will be the president if he keeps the trump foundation open, this is a way for foreign
4:20 am
governments and foreign businessmen to give a money to a cause close to donald trump. we wouldn't know about it for a year or more after the gift came in. >> you tuned in to the hypocrisy of what trump was saying about clinton, despite what might be going on with his own foundation. that seemed to have also taken you down the road of what the trump foundation was doing during the campaign in addition to this type of foreign donation. what did you find? >> well, the biggest thing that the trump foundation did during the campaign is, if you recall back in january trump had the big fund-raiser when he raised $6 million. a lot of that money went into the trump foundation. and then donald trump gave it out to people. this is money from other people. trump would go on the road at campaign rallies and stop the rally and bring up a local veterans group and give them a giant, oversized ed mcmahon check and say make america great
4:21 am
again on the bottom. it is illegal to work the nonprofit work with that of a presidential campaign. trump used the donald trump foundation, again, other people's money, to boost his image in iowa and new hampshire and other places. that's another example. something we might see them take a look into later on. >> the idea of where that money went. i don't know what you found. our crew griffin was looking. never account for all $6 million that he raised and sent off to veteran groups. do you think that's about something else? >> well, what i found back then is that trump took all the money in and said he raised $6 million including a million dollars of his own. he gave out a million dollars in high-profile gifts in the middle of his rallies and then stopped. i and drew and other folks were trying to find if he gave away the money that people entrusted to him to give to groups.
4:22 am
one, he was sitting on his million dollars. he hadn't actually given it out even after his campaign said he had. he didn't give away a lot of the money that people entrusted to him until much later. he had an angry press conference at trump tower that you can't believe you're making me account for money and where it went. that was not an encouraging example of the way trump views the public trust of being donated money to help others. >> and the foundation is another example of the advantage to trump of a private concern. right. until it does its tax filing there is really no way unless you get good tips and really work as it as a reporter and wo the operations. >> it has to release its tax returns, unlike him. the way the irs does this, all the information about 2016 won't have to be revealed until november of 2017. and same thing for the next year. so if trump got a million
4:23 am
dollars in his foundation from some foreign government on the day he was inaugurated in 2017, we wouldn't know about it until the end of november 2018. it makes it a very difficult way to -- very difficult place to watch. it's a back door that foreign governments or businessmen could use to influence truck in a way that is really hard to watch until much later. >> hook me up, what are you look at next? give me an advance of questions you're asking. >> a couple of things. one, how much did trump pay in penalty taxes. what were the specific acts of self-dealing he admitted to. we found some big ones. he bought two giant portraits of himself from money from the charity. one he hung in his sports bar and settle his business legal debts. all of those things are violations oof the self-dealing law. which ones does he admit to. i've asked again and again, how many foreign donations has he
4:24 am
gotten since 2015 and how many did he get from foreign governments in 2016 and limit the conflicts of interest this will pose as president. hillary clinton signed an mou when she became secretary of state and set to limit foreign donations. will he do anything like that? >> david farhenhold, thanks for being on "new day," as always. >> you, too. the president-elect doing an about face on one of his biggest promises. his threat to jail hillary clinton. why would he drop something that he campaigned on for months? we discuss that, next.
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>> she deleted the e-mails. she has to go to jail. that was president-elect donald trump just a month ago calling for hillary clinton to be jailed over her use of a private e-mail server. now he's backing off that campaign promise dropping the threat of a special prosecutor. let's discuss this and more with cnn political commentators christine quinn and scottie nel
4:29 am
hughes. let me read to you what he told "the new york times" yesterday about why he's backing off of this. he said, i don't want to hurt the clintons. i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly in many ways and i'm not looking to hurt them at all. for whatever it is worth, my attitude is strongly that we have to go forward. we have so many different problems to solve. i don't think we have to delve back in the past. so, scottie, now he doesn't want to hurt the clintons? >> i think there is a lot of things this morning that conservatives are waking up and going, kind of taking a second glance at. this is one of the stories. but let me say this. anything that mr. trump would do at this point whatever the results would be would be highly politicized and he is in the process of healing our country and try to unify before he takes office. technically, legally, the president himself cannot appoint a special investigator. this actually has to come from the attorney general. and the attorney general is only going to do this if there is enough information and there is
4:30 am
enough evidence to warrant this, which comes from the fbi investigation. >> this is -- this makes people heads spin. why did he promise this, scottie. why did he claim that he could and mention any of the things or you mention any of the things during the campaign that you are now saying? >> i think now you're starting to see him come under the advice of the attorney general. it's not over. this is not -- this does not mean necessarily that it is not going to happen. this just means he is opening up and saying we have bigger things to focus on and let's start representing all those and unifying them together. and, you know, like i said, we're going tasee what the fbi investigation comes back. the door was left open if new evidence was revealed. not necessarily he is not going to -- >> everybody says, everybody says that they're not going to do it because it doesn't make political sense. that's not the point of criticism. the question is, whether or not you feel duped. this was a big campaign promise. he said it again and again to
4:31 am
rallies. he meant it. he said it on a debate stage and then he walked away from it. he walked away from the wall. he walked away from what he said on climate change. there are a lot of people in the country center and left who would be like, oh, thank god. maybe there is something in his head that we can agree with. but for people like you and for people who would come up and say, i want that wall. you know, finally, this climate change stuff is being exposed as a hoax. yes, clinton, the corruption. they're going to pay. finally. do you feel duped? >> no. well, yes, i would love to have -- i would love to see conservative people that were a part of mr. trump's team from part one be a part of the cabinet. he is not president yet. we have not seen his actions. let's make sure that once he gets into his office. let's see what happens there before we start this criticism. let's remember, you know, we saw something back in 1974 with the saturday night massacre that happened with nixon when he got involved with an fbi investigation. one of the big criticisms right
4:32 am
now of president obama, he's got involved with the department of justice. let's get trump sworn in and at this point he's just trying to get everybody onboard. >> if i think what i heard scottie say is, yes, this is in between. yes, this is a flip-flop, but it's okay because we're expecting another flip-flop when he gets into the white house. to me, that is just bizarre. >> either way, you should be happy because it means clinton is not going to get prosecuted. >> i'm happy and i'm not. i knew clinton was never going to get prosecuted by secretary clinton, by donald trump. >> you never believed it. >> never believed it. i thought, one, there was no there, the there to prosecute. i knew he couldn't wave a magic wand and make that happen. three, i realized as i think a lot of people in the secretary's campaign did, but that was just showmanship. right. but what bothers me isn't now doing the right thing and i hope we can take him at his word to bring the country together.
4:33 am
i'm much happier to hear the president-elect say that climate change might be influenced by humans. i'd like to actually retract that it is a hoax and endorse science and these are positive things. for me, what's troubling is what does our president-elect believe? was the whole campaign just opportunistic to say whatever he had to say to get elected? that's the worst of american politics. that is the swamp he promised to drain. and hypocrisy and politics and i'm not saying there aren't things you could say about democrats being hypocritical. maybe even me being hypocritical but we should strive not to be and certainly strive not to be on the level and scale that as soon as you're president-elect, everything gets flipped. i'm happier that he's starting to see climate change isn't, you know a magical act. and a hoax. but real. >> let's switch to the conference of neonazis and white supremacists that was held blocks away from the white house
4:34 am
this weekend. you know, mr. trump has been asked to full throatedly denounce that. yesterday he did so in his own terms with "new york times." let me read that. i don't want to energize the group, i don't want to energize the group and disavow the group. he then in another portion said, it's not a group i want to energize and if they are energized, i want to look into it and find out why. scottie, you know, his people keep saying, why is the media fixated on this? why do they keep asking him about this? isn't it important to have our president strongly, in no uncertain terms, disavow neo-nazis? >> i think he has and he has done that multiple times. he just doesn't want to give them any more attention. >> we've been waiting for something this clear. >> he called out david duke 30 years ago saying that he was a racist and he was horrible and he did not want to have anything to do with him. >> i want to be clear about this.
4:35 am
he did it a long time ago and then when he was running for president, he sort of did the same thing of i don't know who that is. when jake tapper pressed, okay, okay, i disavow. that's not the condemination that people were looking for. >> he does not want to give this group of horrible, hateful people any more attention than what the 75 members that showed of the media that showed up at the conference in washington, d.c., that only had 285 people attending it. 75 members of the media showed up to cover this conference looking, basically looking, salivating over something they could use to incite this racist argument -- >> we're trying to shine a light on something repugnant. >> this is such a small, evil minute part of america that i wish would go away and mr. trump does. he's making it go away by not giving it any attention. when it comes to mr. trump's
4:36 am
denouncement, he said it over and over. but, here's the thing. actions speak louder than words. this morning we're waking up to olive branches where you're seeing herald ford, possibly joining his cabinet. we're seeing things like nikki haley coming in. that is going to speak louder to probably some of othose folks that could never be happy with his apology. >> we've also seen, pardon me, jeff sessions as the attorney general and steve bannon in the white house as strategist. let's look at all the appointments. >> hold on. >> i think that there's something in the trump camp that's causing them to fundamentally misunderstand, purposely or by accident, what this, what happened and what was needed. now, first of all, the campaign, sorry, the transition says we don't want to make a story of it. but, in fact, by not quickly, cleanly and directly disavowing and criticizing and condemning this event, they have made a
4:37 am
story of it. and in making that story where people are debating back and forth when he said, what he said and it only adds to the people of fear who are being targeted and not purposely, but empowers these other people. they've done something that we've never seen in this country. use the hitler salute for a president's name. there's no question there. you say that's wrong. it's unamerican. period. you're the president-elect. it puts it to bed. >> ladies, we're out of -- >> why give them any attention? >> because they've not seen -- >> we've got to go. but i tell you what, your argument makes perfect sense if you're talking about somebody who has ever done that before. this man never is subtle when he wants to go after something. he calls you out by name and he makes it a big deal and he makes sure everybody knows. not on this. not on this and you know it. not on this and you know it. the question is why. we'll leave it at that. >> repeatedly and we go back to 30 years ago --
4:38 am
>> nau >> thank you. you've made your point. >> just how he deals with race. new details emerging about the driver involved in this deadly school bus crash in tennessee. the community is mourning a loss of five young children right before thanksgiving. le are read. because they know a deal is only as good as the network it's on. verizon gives you the best network and a lot more. our best deals of the year on top android phones. like the pixel, phone by google and the samsung galaxy s7. $10 per month and no trade-in required. or get an ipad mini 2 for $99. shop our best deals early online thursday, and all day in stores on friday. hurry, and get it all at verizon.
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federal investigators are now on the scene of a deadly school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. this entire community there is mourning just this horrible situation. they don't understand why it happened, but they know five
4:42 am
young kids are gone. investigators are focusing on the driver's record. what does that mean? cnn nick valencia is live in chattanooga with more. what are you hearing? >> good morning, chris. it goes without saying this is going to be an extremely sad thanksgiving holiday for numerous family members here in chattanooga. the suspect in this crash 24-year-old johnthony walker remains in custody charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. it appears this to be an intentional act. he was going well above the 30-mile-per-hour posted speed limit when that school bus flipped and crashed hitting a tree. five children were killed. 12 remain hospitalized. we're outside the children's hospital here in chattanooga and six of those kids are still in critical condition and sibs ux others in stable condition. the suspect's mother is grieving saying he called her immediately after the crash saying there was a drastic accident. he tried to help some of those
4:43 am
children get off the bus before police arrived. part of this investigation will focus on, of course, the driver and the driver's history and also on this company contracted by the school district to see if more could have been done to stop this horrific tragedy. alisyn? >> okay, nick, thank you for all of that reporting. this tragedy in chattanooga is every parents' worst nightmare. a vigil held last night for the victims of the crash and their families. so, joining us now is bishop kevin adams of the olavet baptist church. he has been consoling some of the families and survivors. bishop, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. good morning. >> bishop, what are the families saying about this bus driver? >> well, that's a lot of turmoil. they got many questions, many questions we still cannot answer at this time. but they want to know why this happened and how they're going to go on with their lives. how they're going to heal from
4:44 am
this. that's a tragic situation for the entire city. >> is there a feeling among the family members of what our nick valencia just reported that somehow this, unthinkably, was an intentional act? >> as you talk to a lot of family members, you know, we're hearing a lot of things that reports have been made and they're wondering why the driver, of course, was going that amount of speed. but our focus is, of course, has been on just trying to bring healing. trying to bring encouragement to these families because none of those questions we have an answer to and we know it's an ongoing investigation. we really just feel for these families and just feel their hearts. >> bishop, have you been able to determine or has the community been able to determine if it is true that the driver was wearing a seat belt but the children in the bus were not?
4:45 am
>> yeah, i think that's really a discussion, even for this whole nation that we're going to protect our kids. certainly if the driver was protected, then our kids need to be protected. i'm just appalled at the fact that our kids were that vulnerable. that many of them perhaps would not have had to die if they would have had on seat belts. so, just a horrific tragedy and scene for little kids to lose their lives at any point, but especially right here around the holiday season. and to think that some of this could have been prevented. >> gosh, it is such a searing loss at any time of the year and very heartbreaking. obviously, today, the day before thanksgiving, what are you planning for the families? >> we have a dinner prepared. know many of them are not thinking about, of course,
4:46 am
cooking. many of them are invited to come by and share in that and we just want to love on them. just encourage them. even waking up this morning, i could still hear some of the screams and cries of some of the parents and, so, we want to do our part as a community and a community of faith to just love on them to encourage them to let them know that god is still with them. and, of course, this community is still with them. >> that's a beautiful message and we can hear how emotional it is for everybody there. how do you explain to them that god is with them, but somehow this happened? >> really, that's something that i can't explain. i don't try to explain. as they ask the questions why did this happen? why did god permit this? the bible says the secret things belong unto the lord. i don't try to give explanations. i just try to be present and try to love on them and getting on
4:47 am
the floor and just hugging mothers who are crying and who are hysterical. just a presence sometimes is all that is needed and just let them know that god did promise never to leave us and forsake us and we believe that god is going to bring us through this. >> bishop kevin adams, i'm sure that your presence is comforting to those moms and that entire community. thank you for taking time to be with us today and we're thinking of your community. >> thank you so much. god bless you all. >> chris? all right. it has been two weeks since donald trump has won the election. what have we learned about how he will lead? it is still early, but donald trump is showing decisions and a process. he is also different than he was when he was running. for better or worse dy. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome?
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so pay less and get more only at marie knows that a any occasion feel more special. so she makes her pie crust from scratch. and sprinkles on brown sugar streusel. so that you can spend more time making special moments... ...with your family. marie callender's. it's time to savor. a couple headlines for you. detroit police say they've made an arrest after a wayne state university police officer was shot. investigators say officer colin rose stopped a man on a bicycle near some apartments when he was shot at least once in the head. rose is said to be in critical condition. police say they have a person of
4:52 am
interest in custody. the us is peblted killer of a san antonio cop got married by a judge only hours after allegedly pulling the trigger. a 31-year-old otis mccain is accused of shooting detective benjamin marconi to death while writing a traffic ticket. 6 1/2 hours after getting married mckane was arrested. he told reporters he was sorry for killing marconi and he was lashing out in anger against someone who didn't deserve it because society hadn't allowed him to see his son. a kansas city water park is paring down the world's tallest water slide that was linked to the death of a young boy. caleb schwab suffered a fatal neck injury while riding the water slide back in august. officials at the water park say the attraction will be demolished and replaced once the investigation into caleb's death is complete. so it is a working holiday for the trump transition team. they're going to continue to process constructing the administration over the thanksgiving weekend. what do the choices so far
4:53 am
reveal about this presidency going forward? what about the process. what have we learned? let's discuss with cnn political commentator and journalist carl bernstein. good to see you. the best for thanksgiving. we are grateful for you being at this table as off be as you have been. what have you learned that should matter to the american people? >> that donald trump to do the right thing has to be pushed into it by real opposition, and somehow be led by the hand to do the right thing. and -- >> meaning? >> meaning that we finally see him say something about nazis and still not sufficient -- >> he didn't say nazis. he doesn't say alt-right. >> still not sufficient. his notion of the america -- american idea is he doesn't understand the american ideal, where we come from and what our history is. why it is so important for the president or president-elect of
4:54 am
the united states to immediately say, we have no place in our culture except for the first amendment to be listening to nazi rhetoric that our administration rejects it, that i call on all americans to have nothing to do with these people. that's the first instinct not to be pushed into it. but i think what we've seen in this transition are his own instincts, in his national security picks, the attorney general pick, not to condemn racism, but to give tacit encouragement to him by his pick. sessions is still a racist -- >> people change. there's nothing -- >> look the more donald trump changes, but i don't expect him to change, the better. but, what we see is a need for really fierce opposition to his instincts, including the idea that a president of the united states would have the conflicts of interest that he has.
4:55 am
he's not wrong, there's no law against what he's doing or planning to do that i know of with this -- his private business holdings, and being the president of the united states, but it's wrong. >> who will stop him? >> again, i think only -- on this one? i don't think anyone will. and i think what we're seeing is trump by attrition. which is the pattern that he says the most outrageous things. does the most outrageous things. his objective is to get what he wants, he's results oriented as we know from his business. his businesses have nothing to do with conventional, moral business practices. he's a con man. he's cheated people. but if there is enough opposition he might be pushed -- >> or if there's enough advantage to be had. people around him interest wondering if being president, and seeing his approval ratings, if they're only at 46%, 47%, which is his base, right, which is what he got, he won't be
4:56 am
happy and he'll say how do i get these other people? what do i need to say? just like we saw in the campaign. the wall is gone. repeal and replace is my first priority. gone. go after clinton is my first priority. gone. >> they're not gone. they're being pushed -- >> that's my point -- >> you're not going to hear -- >> the point is, he gets pushed when sometimes when there is an outcry. but i think that where we are heading is a division in america, by his instinctive actions, such as we've seen in the national -- look, mike flynn look at that pick, mike flynn is someone known to the intelligence community and to the military community as somebody who flipped out. that he was a fine intelligence officer, in afghanistan, in pakistan, and then he just cut loose, went off the reservation, said wild and crazy things -- >> are you referring to the stuff about islam is a political movement did >> more than that. his demeanor generally, what we
4:57 am
saw in the campaign. what he has said that is neoracist or racist. that this goes on and on, in the trump circle. that there is going to have to be real opposition. both among republicans and democrats to his worst instincts. we've seen an awful lot of his worst instincts and now seeing pushback and then he returns to taking some ideas off the table. >> what about this idea what he's taking off the table that he is not interested in prosecuting hillary clinton or jailing her or appointing a special prosecutor. he says the clinton have suffered enough? >> it might be the right instinct, perhaps, but it's not the role of the president of the united states to determine who is prosecuted. that's up to the justice -- >> -- worked well on the campaign -- >> well, look. he campaigned very effectively and he won the presidency. it's not the role of the president to say who is going to
4:58 am
be -- >> the -- >> -- there has been some determination made at the level of the justice -- >> but people are -- i'm -- >> prosecutable. >> people liekd him who voted for him in big part because they thought he was going to go after clinton and the rest of the swamp. does it hurt them that he doesn't -- >> first of all he's not draining the swamp because right now the swamp is trumpism. the swam is what he is doing in terms of his own businesses and being president of the united states and the two are commingled in a way that is unheard of. where is the draining of the swamp? also there is a moral swamp and part of the moral swamp are appointments such as his early ones of bannon, of flynn, of sessions, instead of sending a signal to the people of america that the most important thing the justice department does is protect the rights of all americans, civil rights division, its historic role since robert kennedy, to make sure that americans of all races
4:59 am
and colors are protected, this is not the message that has been sent. now, let's see what the message is on secretary of state. if he moves away from giuliani and toward mitt romney that might be a signal once again that he's pushed in to doing perhaps the right thing. >> we shall see. carl bernstein, thanks so much for the announcement. we're following a lot of news this morning. >> i call it the failing "new york times." >> he declared that it's not possible for the president to have a conflict of interest. >> he is going above and beyond what the law requires. he's going to make sure that there's a wall between his business and the way he governs. >> i do hope that all the things that donald trump said about how crooked she was, that we just don't let it go. >> i don't want to hurt them. they're good people. >> after you win an election, you sort of put things behind you. >> this car came out of nowhere. i ended up falling off the bridge. >> an idaho man's harrowing
5:00 am
struggle for survivele. >> it wasn't thinking i'm not going to make it. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." i hope your travel plans go well. this is a tough day. we'll give you the reports on why. president-elect donald trump backing off some of his most extreme campaign promises. he gave this interview with "the new york times" on the record. trump says he's not going to go after hillary clinton. he says she suffered enough. she also softened his tone on waterboarding and climate change. >> he also denounced hate groups, and talked about potential conflicts of interest in his administration. the president-elect is now in florida for the holiday. but we have one new high-level nomination to tell you about this morning. will there be more announcements this weekend? we have it all covered for you. so let's start with cnn's sara murray. good morning. >> whether it comes to climate change,


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