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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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substantial. but they just are all really good at their job. >> a logistical nightmare or not. trump tower may be setting an example for what's to come. >> if president trump will run the country the same way he runs the building, we could be quite happy. >> jean casarez, cnn new york. >> i'm jim sciutto v a great thanksgiving. ac 360 starts right now. good evening. john berman here in for anderson. if you are watching us at the airport about to board a flight home, choose the steak not the fish. tonight, donald trump's choices for his staff and cabinet according to the washington post his choice to forego some of the classified intelligence briefings he's now entitled to receive. as forjob offers a staunch --. a crit irk for u.n. ambassador. and perhaps ben carson for hud secretary. perhaps. although they have yet to say
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anything definitive and mitt romney. will he be offered secretary of state. we just don't know. for more on what we do know here is jase carroll. >> president elect donald trump is bolstering his cabinet by turning to a one time critic. >>ly not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the kkk. that is not a part of our party. that is not who we want as president. >> nikki haley as his choice to serve as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. al haley a daughter of indian immigrants became the first woman and first person of color elected as the governor of the palmetto state. no significant foreign policy experience. trump also naming betts devos as his pick to head the department of education, calling her a brilliant and passionate education advocate. devos was also critical of trump and never an enthusiastic supporter during the campaign.
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trump pledged throughout the campaign to do away with the common core education standards to huge cheers. >> and we are going to end common core. education is going to be brought local. >> devos previously served on the board of an education group led by jeb bush that supports common core. but in a statement she says i am not a supporter, period. it got turned into a fralzed boondoggle.ederalized boondoggle. and dr. ben carson tweeting an ambiguous follow-up an announcement is forthcoming about his role to help make america great again. as trump opens up his cabinet to one-time opponent he's also showing ab openness for stuff. and indicating on tuesday with the "new york times" that general james mattis helped change his mind about water boarding. >> he said i've never found it
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to be useful. he said i've always foushd give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and i do better with that than torture. >> just outside mar-a-lago, when are we likely to hear the next pick for the cabinet or staff? >> well it won't be tonight. not anything expected tonight and most like li not tomorrow either. the transition team has made it very clear john that tomorrow is going to be basically a down day for the president elect and his family. so perhaps on friday maybe we'll hear something about ben carson. you saw there he feels as though something is forth coming in terms of an announcement. for all those waiting for an announcement about secretary of state, mitt romney again the front runner. not expecting to hear anything until after the holiday. >> jason carroll, thanks so much. more now on governor haley who until now was probably best known for two things.
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her graceful handling of the charleston shooting aftermath and her disdain for donald trump. details from joe johns. >> reporter: donald trump hasn't always been the biggest fan of nikki haley. >> i won south carolina, big big big. and nikki haley was against me. it turned out to be an asset because she's very weak on borders. okay? >> reporter: and vice versa. >> when a pulley hits you. you hit that bully right back. >> reporter: but the president elect is turning to the south carolina governor to be u.s. ambassador to the united nations, praising haley has a proven deal maker and saying she'll be a great leader representing us on the world stage. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: the choice of haley, the daughter of indian immigrants would also add diversity to a trump cabinet. haley said she accepted the assignment out of a sense of duty. adding when the president believes you have a major contribution to make to the welfare of our nation and to our nations standing in the world that is a calling that is important to heed.
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it is a far cry from the heat of the gop primary when trump tweeted the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley. and haley, who initially backed marco rubio's presidential bid delivered a verbal jab at trump during her state of the union response. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> criticized trump's poems as un-american and unconstitutional and dismissed his claims the election was irresponsible. despite her claims she still cast ore ballot for trump. >> the best person still is donald trump. that doesn't mean it is an easy vote. >> and following trump's victory earlier this month she sounded an optimistic note. >> get excited.
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because i am just giddy. the idea we can now start to really govern. i've never no one what eat lies like to have a republican republican. >> -- it is a latest step in haley's rise to national prominence after she gained wide spread praise for her handling of the aftermath of the charleston church shooting that left nine people dead in 2015. that included her call for the removal of the confederate flag from the grounds of the state house. >> that flag, while an integral part of our past does not represent the future of our great state. >> and while haley has spent six years as governor she lacks extensive foreign policy experience. though the trump transition team notes haley has worked on overseas trade and business recruitment positions during his time as governor. if haley is confirmed she'll be succeeded by lieutenant governor henry mcmaster, who is the highest ranking official in the state to endorse trump before
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the february primary. >> thanks so much. and again we are waiting to see who our state department boss will be. perhaps mitt romney, perhaps rudy giuliani. perhaps but who knows. trump himself gave no hint of it in his thanksgiving message to social media late today. >> this historic political campaign is now over. but now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and to restore the full promise of america for all of our people. i'm asking you to join me in this effort. it is time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. because when america is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach. and i mean absolutely nothing. >> want to bring in our panel now. move national spokesperson. and --. phillip bump. carlo swanson. kate dawson, you have palmetto
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privilege since one of your one own was just picked. why is haley the right choice in your mind for u.n. ambassador. >> -- ran for governor, started 7%. nobody thought she could win. has done a tremendous job in south carolina. unemployment rate is 4.7% in south carolina. 2 percent lower than the national average. nicki will get up to speet quick. very smart. a super politician. she against all odds became the governor and then a 15 point win inner reelect. i think he's played a good choice. politicians have a way of healing pretty quick. and that was healed pretty quick with picking her for the u.n. >> jeffrey lord you don't believe in -- politics. but a lot of folks who were asking the first five appointees were white men. when will there be diversity?
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how important do you think that is is this. >> i think only in the minds of people who believe in diversity as a opposed to seeing all of these people as americans. that is where we need to be going. and i think she will, you know, do very well in this job. she's i think well qualified for it. she's very, very smart. very capable. she's been a good governor of south carolina. and i think should add that president's frequently have former critics or rivals in cabinets or even as vice presidents. so there is really nothing unusual about this. >> diversity, geographic diversity. diversity of thought. diversity of opinion. even opinion about donald trump. but not a lot of experience in foreign policy. does that matter? ben carson if he ends up as hud security. he's a surgeon. doesn't have vast experience. does this experience matter? >> i think we should be a little concerned they don't have the experience needed if for job. ben carson like you mentioned is a very, very well known neurosurgeon. but what does he know about running an agency. he said himself that he
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wasn't -- he didn't have -- he didn't believe he had the experience to do to be the head of app agency. that is number one. number two the hedge fund manager to run one of the most important agency which is for our children is education. and then nikki haley i'm sure -- governor i want to respect the fact she's a governor but she doesn't have the experience for foreign policy at all. so i think that is something that we we need to really ask and push hard on why these picks? and why are we putting the hands of important agency into people who are not qualified. >> betsy devos -- does have experience at least from the policy perpetraspective. your paper reporting he's only
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accepted the dailg daily intelligence briefings he's now privileged to twice. mike pence is apparently every day. other presidents at this time were doing it just about every day. what do you think is going on here? >> it is hard to say. this is -- you know, there are certainly been times in the past in which presidents elect have foregone these briefings. richard nixon was not a big fan. but he had also served as vice president and been involved in government for a extended period of time. donald trump hasn't. donald trump needs to get up to speed. a lot going on. he even said when he sat down with president obama that president obama raised issueses with him he hasn't even considered. and it is a strange issue at this point not to carve out time to figure out what the united states government as it exists now are the important things to be aware of. to not make time for that i think it is baffling, frankly. >> al i would be a good idea to take advantage of these brief sngs. >> clearly, making sure that
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mike pence is in on these briefings and getting him up to speed on that is important. i'm sure they communicate and talk about what is learned in these briefings. and right now clearly based on what we're seeing rolled out with the news every day in terms of the mange appointments and his priorities for the first hundred days that is what donald trump is focussed on right now and i think he's doing a good job. really ahead of the curve in regard to what other president elects have done. with regard to nikki haley, i think bringing her on board shows he's pulling together a team of rivals. he's looking for the top talent. he's not out to settle scores and with regard to her foreign policy experience, people underestimate governors and their trips they make broad for economic trade missions and bringing in business to their state and that is about building relationships and nurturing relationships with people and other countries and sle has a great deal of experience with that which will be helpful with her new role. >> and carlson it really is something. considering mitt romney to be secretary of state and mitt
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romney was vicious personally during the election. nikki haley also. saying dwrump wouldn't be someone she would hold up as ab example to a kindergarten class. and donald trump is bringing her into the fold. >> he clearly is extending olive branchs over the last week with policiwise and with people. very interesting the choice of nikki haley. you know that position of u.n. ambassador is often where we've seen either former stars of john kennedy,ed a lay stevensson who has run for president twice. and interesting role for her. maybe grooming her for secretary of state. really interesting. i think betsy devos is the one we should be talking about. because our children. this will represent dramatic change. we've seen over the course of the last two decades lots of non education leaders run local systems so here in new york: you saw former prosecutor. generals and others. and to see at the national level to see them bring in someone
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like betsy devos who has been a philanthropist but not that involved. huge significant and follows on the involvement of bill gates, and a number of others. it will be interesting to see whether charter schools become not a five to ten percent solution but literally become a 25-30% solution. >> -- >> donald trump has been supportive of school choice and that is where she is. so i belief she'll help move that ball down the field. >> stick around we got a lot more to talk about. more time too, including the sniping and griping and lobbying against mitt romney being offered the secretary of state job. and later with hillary clinton's popular vote lead now right around the 2 million mark, some computer experts want a recount in three states that made the difference between winning and losing. the big question, what kind of evidence do they have? we'll talk about it when 360 continues.
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president obama pardoned his last pair of thanksgiving turkeys today. tater and tot. so at least they know what their future holds. in that respect they have it better than mitt romney and rude giuliani. both thought to be leading candidates for secretary of state. and still no decision from the president elect. governor romney has could trump
5:19 pm
every dmam in the book. and giuliani a die hard trump loyalist and today he got help of two others. >> i'll support whoever he picks because he has the right as the new president to build the team he wants to build. but i would suggest there are a lot of other people that are more qualified than romney in foreign policy and who are also have not been as actively hostile as he's been. >> not that i i don't care for mitt personally. but he did everything he could to derail donald trump. hi didn't just go after him in a standpoint of i disagree with his policy on immigration and taxes. he attacked him on a personal level about his character, integrity. his honor. >> back with our panel. alice, you worked with mike huckabee for a long time h. e sayss the not personal but he really doesn't want donald trump to pick romney. >> when you talk about integrity and honor there's mike huckabee's and he's been a loil supporter
5:20 pm
of trump since the moment he got out the race. and very critical of those who were not. so it is something he feels very strongly about to who gets what position. and i think governor huckabee would be great for several positions. ambassador to israel would be great. he would understand if there are policy differences and would disagree with where trump is on some of the issues but in his mind feels mitt romney took it too far. >> the tall, strong handsome guy who came out against him all of a sudden to get the goods. certainly would be frustration but what a big way for trump to say that the worst that you expected of me, maybe there is better ahead. and i have a feeling that this was discern. and the more it's become popular and the more rudy has seemed to have troubles the more you begin to see them float rudy's name out for that but for an alternative position. which is interesting to see it evolve. >> jeffrey lord, i don't know if
5:21 pm
i've seen a campaign like this. first of all rudy giuliani openingly campaigning for secretary of state and now sort of the negative campaign against mitt romney for secretary of state. i haven't seen anything like this i think during a transition. but during there is a risk for donald trump here? in alienating some of his supporters? when you have giuliani -- well not giuliani. when you have gingrich, huckabee and you know there are others out there. sean hannity, has been tweeting about this who look even on the possibility of a romney pick as offensive. >> well in my view, the president elect picks mitt romney and can get over mitt romney then you know you need to sign o on. he is the president. he gets to make the decision. this is not about mitt romney or anybody else. it is about the american people selecting donald trump as their president. they did. he has the right to make the decision. the one thing i would just caution though is if there are differing world views in this case, since it is the position of secretary of state you want to make very careful your
5:22 pm
secretary of state is on board with you. it is one thing to disagree in private. another thing to be heading off in another direction all together. loyalty in other words to the president and that is very important. if the president elect is satisfied then i think the rest of us should be. >> one thing we're seeing is a group of people whody do have loyalty to donald trump. is apparently his family. there is a story in the wall street journal today which says that donald trump jr. went to france, attended a conference which had essentially pro russian, you know, activists there wanting, you know, u.s. and russia to partner inside syria. but the bottom line here is donald trump engaged in foreign policy for now president elect trump just then candidate trump, is this appropriate, phil? >> i'm racking my brain trying to figure how this would be a particularly appropriate thing do. donald trump said in this interview yesterday with the "new york times" essentially he wasn't concerned about the
5:23 pm
overlap of his business interest and the interest of the country. i get why. he ran as the businessman. he assumes people knew he had these business interests and there might be some conflict here. he doesn't see this as the a president obama. b problem. but it is unique. we don't want people to have to question if donald trump and his family are putting their interests ahead of the country's interests. and the challenge is that donald trump has said these -- that his three oldest kids are going to be running his business. so have donald trump jr. out there essentially doing negotiations with other folks. obviously that is hugely problematic. and all it does is reinforce the existing questions people have about where trump's focus will be. >> they say the trump campaign or claerng says, you know, he wasn't there negotiating. he was there at a conference about the presidential election had conversations, that was before he was president elect. but we're sitting here now and there is an article in the wall street journal about donald trump jr.
5:24 pm
ivanka trump was in the meeting with the japanese prime minister. and jared kushner, donald trump said he wants cukushner to be involved in negotiating middle east paste. he -- peace. >> i think we'll be talking about this for months, john. months and months. rerunning the race. retalk about the numbers. once donald trump gets sworn in. he's going understand what the rules of the road are. i think he's trying to build a tremendous team for america to get done what he's going to do. mitt romney i think is probably a bridge too far. that would be one that i just do. there ice history there from 2008 with the critics coming out. mitt romney ran for president twice. so some of -- >> -- scratch too far to find people who come at against mitt romney. >> i just want to say donald trump did not win with a mandate. president obama with 2008 and
5:25 pm
2012 won with a mandate. donald trump lost a popular vote. behind about two million people. so he just wanted to make that clear. although he is the president because of the electoral college. i understand that. but it is not with a mandate. >> this is a segue to our next segment. we're going to talk about votes and counting votes. several security experts are recommending an audit of the votes in three crucial states and jill stein, remember her, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars towards asking for a recount. she may even top $1 million as we're on this show. so we're going talk about this next. you gotta be ready. ♪ oh, i'm ready i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready.
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a group of top computer security experts is urging a recount of votes in three states. scientists say the results in the states were strange enough they could have been manipulate odd are even hacked. the only way to know is to look. tom foreman reports. >> reporter: in wisconsin with almost 3 million votes cast, donald trump edged hillary clinton by less than 28,000. in pennsylvania out of almost
5:30 pm
six million votes, his advantage was 60,000. an account in michigan still remains too close for cnn to call the race. but now some political activists say in counties losing electric voting hillary clinton appears to have mysteriously underperformed compared to areas with paper ballots by as much as 7%. according to what they told top clinton aides in a call urging an official review. they have not released their analysis nor provided proof of hacking but that margin could have tipped wisconsin. and if the others went her way too, she would have won. who's leading the charge? >> our democracy is under attack. >> reporter: john is a democrat activist who ran for office a few years ago. >> this is a story of where the democratic paerts needs to be. >> a big pronate of voting rights and tried to get president bush impeached over the iraq war. >> constitutional duty to
5:31 pm
investigate fully and comprehensively. >> reporter: but at the university of michigan the chief computer scientist behind the discovery of these alleged voting oddities seems to be on a different page. concern about the risk of american elections being hacked. he talked about it on c-span before the vote. >> a realistic attack on the election is probably going to be honing in on whatever states end up having the closest margins. >> but he wants an investigation because he thinks any questions about voting security ought to be addressed. not because he's convinced it would change the result nor prove anyone tried to rig the vote. he's posted online, quote, more of this year's deviations from election polls the result of a cyberattack? probably not. i believe the most likeliestmation is the polls were systematically wrong. >> i can set one of these
5:32 pm
machines in the middle of red square in moscow and the russians couldn't hack into it. >> we reached out to some folks behind us who said they don't want to talk more about it right now in case it gets into the legal action but the clinton camp doesn't seem to be pursuing it much and the white house seems to be interested in a smooth transition to the trump administration. and meanwhile for all the disgruntled democrats --. and hillary clinton has now won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes. that is the highest ever for someone who didn't win the electoral vote. >> thank you so much. back with our panel. it almost seems like this is designed to tease democrats who are still grieving over the results of this election. but do you think there is any reason that the dnc or the chestnut campaign should pursue this. >> i think as the bit of a stretch. a lot of people have asked this
5:33 pm
real? i'm like no i don't think it is going to change anything. be but what i do believe is that it is not a bad thing to do. it is good for the democracy to have confidence in the voting system. especially with the divided country we're in. like we were talking before. trump won the electoral college which is why he's president but did not win the popular vote. so there is something there that would be good for the future to give confidence to the voters. >> do you think they should recount? >> i do. i think it would be good for the democracy. i don't think this is going to change the outcome. i want or the clear but i think it would be something good to go. >> phillip bump you are good at math. you frequently write about math and numbers in so far as it relates to politics. you don't see a lot here. >> no. it is more than i don't see a lot here. we know the folks who are raising this issue are folks who are very ernestly trying to
5:34 pm
reform the electoral system. they want to see more safeguards in place. that would be great absolutely but the problem is they are leveraging the hopes of clinton voters who were very surprised by the outcome, very frustrated a by the fact she won the popular vote and lost the electoral vote as a mechanism to duet this attention to be in the media. it is extremely important to reiterate, a, that vote rigging is very difficult to do it. it was very difficult do when donald trump twaukz about it and still very difficult to do. -- >> clinton people really embracing -- >> absolutely -- >> -- hillary clinton supporters -- >> campaign is decidedly not. >> my apologies. should have been more clear. lot of people very frustrated about the results but it is important to know there is no evidence. no good evidence here that anything happened. and if you look actually at the demographic, wisconsin --.
5:35 pm
the demographics line up with the voting results not. indication -- >> did i hear something over here. >> everyone in america wants free and fair elections. no disputing that. and even when donald trump is saying the process is rigged i didn't support that theory. i think we do have free and fair elections. i was secretary of state in arkansas and every state that runs their elections wants them to be above board. and if there is just the hint of something not going right or the machine is not working, i guarantee the election officials would be the first out there making sure everything was done correctly there were no problems and no mistakes. because their integrity is on the line. they want their state to have a good reputation when it comes to elections and they would be the first ones to making sure -- >> there is some irony here. jill stein who ran in the green party is trying to raise money do this recount. people point out that if jill
5:36 pm
stein wanted to work against, you know, elects donald trump, you know, she could have thrown her support to hillary clinton. the margin in michigan is 20 10,000 votes and i think she won 50,000 votes. likewise the margin in wisconsin is the same. and it is a little late for jill stein to try to help. >> jill stein, ben stein -- what i would say about this is i was always surprised that hillary clinton conceded as quickly as she did. in our history we haven't always seen people concede that quickly. we saw and obviously we're going back. but 1916, 1884 people waited not just days but weeks. and i think given the number of close votes. given how much of a surprise it was, i frankly was surprised hillary clinton didn't say let's not only recount the votes in these three state bus also let's throw in nevada and new hampshire. this is too important to and everybody let's do this.
5:37 pm
so i yet wondered if there isn't some buyer's remorse she did it at 3:30 in the morning given that we're now going to see her end up win big more than seven people who became president with a smaller margin -- >> jeffrey lord, are you now prepared to say the united states should switch to a popular vote to elect this president. >> definitely not. definitely not. we are the united states of america. and the states elect the president. that is the way this was designed. otherwise we might as well get rid of the united states senate. that are supposed to represent states. no, definitely not. and one other thing about my home state of pennsylvania where i am talking to from this evening. we have a democratic governor here. and i assure you if he felt there was something seriously amiss he'd have pounced and he hasn't. >> and the margin of error there in pennsylvania is bigger than wisconsin and michigan to begin with. thank you so much. we're going to talk more about this in the next hour. just ahead from trump tower in new york to his club in florida we're going to look at
5:38 pm
the unprecedented challenges and costs of protecting the president elect.
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as we have said president elect donald trump spending thanksgiving at his mar-a-lago resort in florida. his first trip to palm beach as president elect and preparations for security have been intense. >> reporter: protecting president elect donald trump is a challenge unlike any other, from trump tower in new york to his private club in florida. >> so we are approaching mar-a-lago right here. >> it is a 20 acre water front estate in palm beach, excluded from the public. but he also shares it with as many as 500 members who are willing to pay a hundred thousand dollars to join. >> basically it is a compound. >> reporter: former secret service and atf special agent says in many ways it is ready made for presidential security. >> behind this natural barrier here. which i assume there is a fence. >> there is a wall back there. >> a tall wall. >> and it is more than -- than -- than 13 feet i believe,
5:43 pm
which is great for -- for deterring anyone trying to come on the premises. >> behind the wall trump keeps a residence that could become the winter white house. where presidents spend their vacations is a window into their personalities. george w. bush liked to spend the hottest month of the year on his ranch in crawford, texas. >> a wonderful spot to come up in here and just kind of think about the budget. i mean -- >> reporter: george bush senior famously enjoyed the peacefuler is renty of the ken -- assessing threats that could come by land, sea and air. and stand outside the club it
5:44 pm
doesn't take long to see the skies above will be a major concern. >> that plane's what? maybe a couple thousand feet over us? >> reporter: the palm beach international airport is just a few miles west of mar-a-lago. >> you can see the -- the -- the path for commercial aircraft. >> reporter: for years trump has waged a legal battle to keep commercial and private planes from flying over this estate. and now that he's president elect he might have just gotten his way. when he's on the property rodriguez says the air space over mar-a-lago will be closed. >> there this will be a type of aircraft that individual would use to drive his plane into on the property. >> reporter: and in the waters around the u.s. coast guard is already setting up security zones. some parts completely off limits. other areas that require permission before entering. rodriguez says secret service will also conduct we newed battleground checks on every
5:45 pm
club member and inside they can also expect to see new levels of visible and invisible layers of security. >> are they in for a bit of a rude awakening? >> i think i think -- depends, you know. some of the neighbors may like it others may complain because they don't like the intrusion. >> but life is going change around here for the next four years. >> yes it will. most definitely. >> reporter: ed lavandera, cnn paub, florida. >> now as he mentioned it is not just mar-a-lago getting a security makeover. president elect trump is using trump tower as his transition base. his wife and ten-year-old son barron plan to stay in new york for up to six months after president elect trump takes office. just call it a challenge for people in charge of presidential security. in the washington post, of --.
5:46 pm
mark we often hear about the presidential bubble. the secret service detail that surrounds the president taumts. it is one thing when in in his house. the white house. in washington d.c. but take the bubble and move it to midtown manhattan right on 5th avenue and a busy manhattan street as the staggering undertaking. >> i it really is. and gives lie to the metaphor we use. it is not a bubble because a bubble you can puncture. thanz iron cast. the footprint president elect trump and president trump will take in new york is going to be -- is going to be significant and it is going to be larger than i any many new yorkers realize everyone now. >> in terms of dollars and sense so we understand what this cost. cost maybe not the issue here but it is going to be extensive. >> never have you had a president live among other people on a weekend. and that essentially means you have to duplicate the entire white house apparatus, not just the secret service. not just all the security features.
5:47 pm
but the entire white house apparatus and import it into a busy city that is working in a building that other people live with rights that stay simply can't be evicted because donald trump wants them to be. it is a completely unprecedented situation. >> and you write extensively about this and what's really interesting is a big chunk of this is the military office. ensuring that the president can do his responsibilities as commander in chief. what does that mean? >> well, the president has a number of significant responsibilities. that even go beyond being the commander in chief. commander in chief is the one we all know. president has to be able to consult with military leaders and there has to be a secure infrastructure to do that. but the president also has to be able to communicate with american people. with foreign leaders. with members of congress and the supreme court. all of that is the responsibility of the white house military office.
5:48 pm
the so they are going to have to create in essence an intranet within the internet of trump tower. they are to break a secure compartmented information facility. creating iron chambers the president can go into when he needs make these discussions and need to replicate at various points throughout the city when he travels. just like the white house military office is able to do with washington d.c. which has a number of locations the president can go to especially during emergencies. >> and this is something they have to build. and that is a big deal you. also write as an example of how big this is about that one date night that the president and first lady had in new york city back in 2009 when they went to dinner and a broadway show. and just that alone was a huge deal and now you wrant to do it on a permanent basis, right? >> right. if you are the secret service you could do things one of go
5:49 pm
ways to ensure the safety of the person you are protecting. you can do it stetly if the world doesn't know that a protectee is going to show up, it is easy to do with a small footprint because the threat is minimal. but if word gets out you have to send in the big guns. that is what happened with president obama's date night back in 2009. they had to replicate the structure of the white house and send everything through magnetometers. and they had to send everyone through again. and that is going the happen over and over and over again and of course given president trump being someone whose not averse to publicity and someone who likes to go out on the town in new york, i have a feeling you are going to see this happen a lot. and there will be times when entire parts of mid town of manhattan are sht down because because president trump wants to have dinner at a steak restaurant. >> do you have any sense that the secret service is trying to talk donald trump out of spending so much time at trump
5:50 pm
tower? and if they wanted to, could they is this. >> i think they have impressed upon president elect trump the difficulty and some of the compromises he might have to make. but i don't get the sense at all they are trying to talk him out of it. their job is do do what they have always done. tell us what you want us to do and we'll figure out a way. >> make it happen. great writing on your part again. thanks so much for being with us. >> thanks. >> coming up. aaa says 43 and a half million americans are hitting the road for thanksgiving. we're going to have an update on your holiday travel. that's next. ♪ (laughs..) here it is. ♪ ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the
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if you're heading to grandma's house for thanksgiving, aaa says travel is up this year. 50 million americans are traveling to their holiday event. rene marsh reports. >> reporter: millions of people across the country are on the move during the busiest travel period of the year. on the 405 in los angeles it was the mother of all traffic jams tuesday night. miles and miles of gridlock for drivers who had hoped to beat the rush. on the capitol beltway outside
5:55 pm
washington, d.c., traffic was backed up for nearly 10 miles after a crash. most people will drive to their thanksgiving day destination. the best way to avoid gridlock, drive on thanksgiving day and head home any day but sunday. saturday and monday are much lighter traffic days. meantime, airports and airlines are seeing a record number of flyers. 27 million passengers are expected to take to the skies. >> it will be all snow. >> reporter: inside delta airlines command center this week the operations team monitors the weather and every flight in the air. >> there's a laser like focus on completion factor, making sure we get people where they need to be for the holidays. >> reporter: and as passengers line up, the head of tsa said they're ready. >> we brought on just shy of 1400 new transportation security officers this summer.
5:56 pm
we have added about another 50 or 60 canines. >> reporter: but unexpected problems can pop up. at louisville airport a temporary power outage caused long lines and delays. overall it's been a smooth ride so far. >> i was expecting a lot of lines and a lot of confusion outside but everything is really smooth this morning. >> reporter: but with 1 million more people traveling this year compared to last year, it's still a good idea to get to the airport two hours before your flight. tsa is pretty confident that passengers will see a -- not sea replay of what happened earlier this year. aside from beefing up their staffing tsa is using more canines. important to remember, if you see a canine working the line that you're on, you don't have to take off your shoes or your jacket and you can leave your liquids in the bag.
5:57 pm
it is one of many measures they are using to kind of speed up this process but, john, you know, i'd argue that the true test is going to be on sunday because although we saw a lot of travelers today, sunday is when we will see the most travelers so we'll see how tsa handles those lines then. >> only going to get worse. the president-elect is one of the tens of millions of americans who hit the road for the holidays. he's in florida. he put out a video message for thanksgiving. that and more in the next hour of "360." happy. in love. and saving so much money on their car insurance by switching to geico... well, just look at this setting. do you have the ring? oh, helzberg diamonds. another beautiful setting. i'm not crying. i've just got a bit of sand in my eyes, that's all. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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