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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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job at state. as for the new hires, trump's transition team announced fox news analyst k.t. mcfarland will be trump's national security adviser. she worked at three separate republican white houses and long time washington insider and election law expert don mcgann will serve as assistant to the president and white house couns counsel. so to ryan noble wes go covering all things trump. he's down at mar-a-lago in palm beach. tell me more about these new names. >> reporter: brooke, it seems as though there's been pushback on the two big names the trump team pushed out in rudy giuliani and mitt romney so it seems there's a bit more open competition for secretary of state, that the president-elect is looking around at other possible people to fill that very important role. you showed those three names already. general john kelly, not necessarily a household name but someone with a lot of experience, a marine, a former head of u.s. southern command,
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he's considered to be a top candidate as is former cia director david petraeus who is someone well known in numerous political and military circles and then tennessee senator bob corker who said in the past he would be willing to serve in the trump administration if asked. he wasn't necessarily the most vocal trump supporter during the campaign but he is someone with a bit of washington experience but also someone considered an outsider, a businessman himself and someone whose politics could marry that of donald trump. we don't know what direction donald trump intends to go in but we know that announcement won't come today. we mentioned he put the two staff announcements out earlier today. he and his family will relax over the weekend at mar-a-lago. they'll return back to new york on monday and that's what vice president mike pence will join trump again. that's when they'll start to get after this list of cabinet positions that need to be filled. brooke? >> have another mega meeting on
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monday of eight other people. lots of names to take in. ryan noble, thank you so much at mar-a-lago. let's get reaction to this news here. let me bring in jesse burns, associate editor of the hill and cnn politics reporter eugene scott. great to see both of you guys. eugene, let me begin with the new names. we heard rumors but this is confirmation from the trump transition team, the possibilities at state include general kelly, general petraeus and senator corker, names that were floated as potential picks for vice president. what do these names tell you? >> these are names of people who supported donald trump early on. you know he's a candidate. as a candidate he was someone who valued loyalty and people who went against the grain and risked a lot behind him. it further hue ligighlights how exceptional it is. he was very critical of him but is now in the senate to is
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desirable. >> what about, jesse, when i look at the name senator corker, the name foreign relations. >> well he was a key player even last year when the deal -- the iran deal was being debated on capitol hill and so even in that kind of fierce debate scene he largely approached it in diplomatic terms so it's not surprising he would be floated and, of course, he was being considered earlier this summer for the vice presidency so he would bring -- he's widely respected on capitol hill among republicans and he would probably easily be confirmed if he were the pick. he would be a safe pick over maybe giuliani but he would definitely bring a lot of capitol hill connections with him. >> so those are potential contenders for secretary of state in addition to, of course, the mitt romney or the rudy giuliani picks. then you have the other two names today, news of k.t.
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mcfarland, an aide to three rub white houses and a fox news contributor. she will be deputy national security advisor, thoughts on that pick and also the fact that she's come from fox? >> yeah, she's been a long-term critic of american foreign policy. but she has experience. and she was very vocal on fox that donald trump was the best person to alter the direction of america's policy. and perhaps improve relationships with. if he was named secretary of state, they seem to have different views in terms of what is best in terms of russia. >> that came out formally, but i
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think jesse what i'm so fascinated by, seeing how the political sausage is being made here between the kellyanne conw conway, so the selection, if it were governor romney it had to be a mea culpa. what do you make about the fact that this is so out in the open? >> it's remarkable to be seeing top advisors out there publicly advocating for one potential candidate over another over this top potential spot so obviously it's on full display, this internal struggle, this campe a advocating romney, we haven't seen him out there giving interviews.
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it's a very senior position, many people think giuliani going into this was going to get this selection of a job but know it's thoofb at the end of the day trump will be the one who makes that decision and the fact he's considering a former critic of him, it's remarkable in this election process. >> i agree. go ahead, eugene. >> i think this is a taste of what we're going to get into this administration. we saw donald trump was supported by quite a few different blocks within republicanism and trying to pull him in the direction that they desire for them to go. what he remains to be seen. >> like what does trump tower think and what does the washington, d.c. establishment think? final question, eugene, we know on monday that trump is meeting with these eight people and want to throw, if we have them, their faces and their names up on the screen but one of them is more
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controversial sheriff, milwaukee county sheriff david clark, spoke at the rnc, does that -- here they are. does that surprise you that he's meeting with mr. trump? >> it doesn't surprise me, he's been very much a vocal supporter of donald trump and a critic of black lives matter movement and many activists which is something donald trump has also criticized. it will be very telling if donald trump picks him given the issues that the black lives matter movement has brought to the forefront in this presidential election in other relationships to black inner cities and these issues that have been in the forefront regarding tidety politics. it will tell us where donald trump is trying to go forward regarding race relations. >> all right, eugene and jesse, thank you both so much. have wonderful weekends. i want to move along and talk about this breaking news as americans are russiaing to give a boost to this economy on this bailiff. u.s. stocks also getting a bounce today.
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the dow, s&p and nasdaq hitting record highs. good to see you again. let's begin with all of this green. what is this a sign of? >> this is a sign of the american consumer feeling a little better about their economic future. i think for a long time for the last year or two people weren't sure of what to make of what was happening with the economy. were the federal reserve rates going to go up, where were the jobs coming from? so with this election, surprisingly, i know there are two died camps in this country but i think there's a swath of america that feels a lot about what may be happening and feels like their jobs are going to be preserved. >> now is that transferring into a -- black friday is there the
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mad dash that we've seen in years past. >> walmart and target, a lot of these brick and mortar stores, 10:00 to 1:00 in the morning everyone was out and i think you saw these droves because people really felt uneasy about where they were going to get their next meal, they for the holiday. taking advantage of the black friday deals that meant holidays weren't going to be as merry and it was out of desperation versus being grieedy. people being punched in the face, that was a desperate move. >> i feel funny saying this but
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i've only seen video of one fight, thank goodness, in years past it was everywhere. >> and that has something to do with people feeling better about their economic situation. a lot of these black friday deals started earlier. >> on the deals for people still stuffed from food but plan to get out later today, what's the one item that really -- that the deal is truly there. >> so this is interesting when i was at walmart and target those items were getting sold like crazy but retail me not came out with a study that was saying the biggest discounts were on travel items so, suitcases, luggage, tickets going elsewhere. office supplies, brooke, you don't want printer ink for christmas or the holiday. now it's reverse, if you wait until cyber monday, the electronics will have the biggest discount. >> you hear that? hold out.
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hold out. >> get your electronics. go sleep. thank you. next, the loss of a television icon. florence henderson known as america's mom for her role, of course, as carol brady on "the brady bunch." she has passed away. we will talk live with barry williams, you loved him as greg brady. also ahead, donald trump who raised up the forgotten man is considering many billionaires for members of his cabinet. we'll talk about that and what that means for our country. and weeks ago this california mother goes missing, she's out on a jog then she showed up alive on the side of the road in some sort of restraints, more details ahead on what happened.
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you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being with me. florence henderson, known as america's mom and her iconic role as carol brady on "the brady bunch" has passed away. the legendary actress of stage and screen died of heart failure at a los angeles hospital overnight. she was 82 years young.
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a family spokesman says she hadn't been sick and her death comes as total and utter shock. stephanie elam looks at this whole so wholesome star who went from stage to screen. >> reporter: florence henderson was one of television's most iconic mothers, carol brady. >> what's in it? >> you'll find out. >> good luck on your debate today, jan. >> thank you, do i look okay, mom? >> sweetheart, you look lovely. don't be nervous about a thing. >> reporter: stars as the matriarch of a blended family, her career would forever be defined by her character on the 1970s family comedy "the brady bunch." >> i created the kind of mother that i wished i'd had and i think everyone longs for. >> reporter: taking on the role was something henderson embraced. >> i get so much fan mail from all over the world and everybody
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wants a hug from me. and i hug everybody. >> reporter: in the decades following the show, henderson never shied away from the limelight, returning to her beloved carol brady for multiple spinoffs of "the brady show." ♪ you are my lucky star >> reporter: but before she became a brady, henderson seemed destined for show business. >> i don't ever remember not singing and i would sing and pass the hat and i'm sing for groceries. >> reporter: henderson's career took off at the age of 17 when she landed a leading role in rogers and hammerstein's "oklahoma" in 1951. ♪ oklahoma, o.k. >> becoming a bona fide broadway star, her tv career pregnanted as she became nbc's "today" girl in 1959 and she broke barriers as the first woman to guest host the "tonight show" in 1962. henderson earned her star on the hollywood walk of fame in 1996 and danced her way to a new
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generation of fans on "dancing with the stars" in 2010. today, america mourns the loss of everyone's favorite mom. ♪ i wannabe loved by you, just you and ♪ nobody else but you, i wannabe loved ♪ by you alone >> florence henderson said she created a kind of mom in carol brady she had wished she'd had so with me now is someone who can attest to the kind of tv mom florence henderson was, barry williams who played -- who we watched everyday when we came home from school on "the brady bunch" as greg brady. barry, thank you so much for taking time today. i'm so sorry we have to talk about this. has it hit you yet? >> no, it's not processed because it was such a surprise. she was act i until her last day
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so it's a lot to take in. people are asking me about the brady bunch, mostly centered around well, was florence henderson the real deal? was she really that nice? that giving that maternal? that much fun? it's important to know that yes, and you can hear in the her own words. she took what she did very, very seriously, she was a very gracious, always, she was an inspiration with how to conduct yourself in public as a famous person and because she was so kind and would always take time and i -- i want to remind people that -- and there are many many of us -- that will miss her she was a genuine person. >> i can't imagine how tough this is for you. when, barry, when is the last time you saw her or spoke with her. >> we would communicate via text
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sometimes by phone i sent her flo flowers on her birthday, which is valentine's day so that's easy to room. but with maureen macmick sharing the season on "dancing with the stars," we were cheering her on and supporting maureen. >> barry, you joined "the brady bunch" in 1967, so you would have been 14, 15 years of age? >> we filmed -- the pilot in 1968 december and it went on the air in 1969. >> i do, it was complicated. none of the cast had met before we started filming but we started filming before florence henderson joined the cast
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because she was filming a movie and had not finished her location work so we filmed around her character for six episodes schenn she came in. and when she came in, you know, i had not seen her before and didn't have pictures, i thought wow, this is more than just a mom. she was all done up and looked terrific and i thought she was quite splashy. >> when i read she came from small town indiana, sang for groceries, could you tell. could you tell in later years she never let go of her roots? >> yes, i could. in part because she wrote a memoir which detailed her upbringing and even after being around her for some 30 years when i read the book i developed
12:22 pm
an entirely different insight into her early life and what made her the person she is, why she was so grateful, why she cared so much and probably what was part of the drive to make her so successful. >> i know this next question will be like asking someone to pick their favorite child but in all the seasons you all shot did she ever share with you her favorite brady episode? >> i think -- i think the ones that she enjoyed the most were those we shot in hawaii because it was kind of a travel log and we were all out at the beach and working in this great environment, she was very comfortable there. >> can you tell me a story, barry. tell me a story when the cameras were rolling when you were on set? >> let me share a story with you that happened right after the show ended. this is a story about how supportive and loyal she was and how much she cared and how much
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she got who we were and i was. i immediately from los angeles flew to new york, i auditioned for the title role in "pippin" for bob fosse at the imperial theater. i didn't have any experience auditioning, i knew my song, i was prepared but quite nervous, a lot of actors my age trying out for the same role, big deal. just before my name was called florence henderson showed up backstage at the imperial theater -- >> no way. >> she went out. she went out and of course she knew everybody but she pretended to be a young ingenue just looking for a job hoping and praying and she sang a couple of little verses a cappella and broke the ice in such a way that when she left and my name was call and i went up i was much more focused, much more ready for the audition and less distracted and it was such a wonderful thing for her to do. and i became the next pippin.
12:24 pm
>> "i've got magic to do." i love that show. speaking of musicals and i know rogers and hammerstein were taken by her and they made her the leading role in "oklahoma" once upon a time and she talked about she loved to sing. we know the brady bunch theme song word for word. did she like it? >> i think she did. but you know she didn't sing it. >> i know. >> only the brady bunch kids sang it from the second year on. i think she did -- not a lot of people know how important that song was to getting on the air and -- because our network felt it was so complicated, the premise, we'd have to spend a half hour explaining how all those kids got to be living in the same house and those lyrics are put what put the network at ease. "i can explain this whole show in the opening credits." >> it worked. it worked. last question, final -- what do you want the rest of us to know
12:25 pm
before i let you go? >> well, i think that her loss is a loss for many, many people and i share it. i know she will be loved and remembered by many for a long, long time, including me. >> barry williams, thank you for your time and your words. it's uplifted all of us. it's a story about a lovely lady on tv and in real life. thank you so much on florence henderson, 82 years young. we'll be right back.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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bottom of the hour, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke
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baldwin. new information just into cnn regarding the security plan at trump tower, we are learning the secret service may rent an sbhi entire floor or floors in the building as a command post. let's go to pamela brown who's got breaking details. pamela, tell me the details. >> well, the secret service is considering renting one floor in trump tower to protect president-elect trump and his family by turning it into a 24/7 command post according to a law enforcement official. we also spoke to person responsible for all available space at trump tower and we're told the floors available to rent would cost about $1.5 million a year. now, the law enforcement official i spoke to says the current plans for security at trump tower would be different if the future first lady was living at the white house full time and her son baron, but we know they're staying behind through the school year so you have the security apparatus in place and also the expectation
12:31 pm
that the president-elect and president trump will be going back to trump tower visiting his family so there's a lot to be looked at once the first family officially lives in the white house full time the united states secret service will reassess what kind of security presence will be needed at trump tower depending on how often the family returns there. but the official says this kind of plans is typical for the secret service after every election. what is unordinary here, brook, is the president-elect lives on 5th avenue in new york city and what is unprecedented is that the building is owned by the trump corporation so the secret service in essence would be renting if space from trump's company for protecting him and his family. >> how about that? >> so there's a lot of details that still need to be ironed out, the security plan as i said earlier is still evolving but this is unusual in many ways and typical in other ways. brooke? >> pamela, thank you. now to this story out of california. this missing jogger who v er wgd
12:32 pm
three weeks ago. she was found and reunited with her family on thanksgiving morning. investigators say 34-year-old sherry papini was found yesterday sunday morning. she's a wife, a mother of two, she managed to flag down a passing drive for help. the location she was found in is about 140 miles from where she disappeared. officials are now trying to track down apparently the women who kidnapped her. >> we're dooking for a dark colored suv with two hispanic females armed with a handgun. >> former nypd detective and law enforcement consultant tom verney joins me now. tom, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, brooke. >> this story, thank goodness she's okay and back with her family but details are very vague. we know police are looking for two hispanic women in a dark car
12:33 pm
and that's it. >> this family has a lot to be thankful for. in many cases the outcome is not this. it seems from reports i've been reading that she has been returned relatively unscathed and it's unusual, too, for a woman -- for anyone, really, to be abducted by other women. i can't think of a case off the top of my head, quite frankly, where this has occurred at least in recent memory. >> do you think law enforcement knows the full story? >> it's hard to say. in kidnapping situations as well as sexual assaults -- and we
12:34 pm
don't know, i don't know if she was assaulted in a physical or sexual way either way when you're dealing with these incidents the victim has suffered a tremendous amount of trauma so the investigators will have to treat them with what we would call psychological first aid. you have to get medical attention to her which i'm sure they've already done and then the actual -- what's taken place to her in the last three weeks may not all be clear to her. it may be spotty, i don't know if she was blindfolded, i don't know what her situation was specifically but the actual -- even if she wasn't blindfolded, the mental trauma -- and psychologists could corroborate this -- is so great that many times the victim can't even remember a lot of the details. >> they have to be very delicate
12:35 pm
with her. >> it's a very delicate situation. >> her husband reported her missing, police had him take a lie detector test so he's not a suspect. he said he never told the kids their mom was missing in the entire three weeks. what's your reaction to that? >> yeah, for him to be -- i mean, it sounds like he was attempting to shield them the best he could which makes sense. if you think about it, if you're a parent and now you have children that you want to shield them from the worst possible scenario that may be occurring until you know for sure. i don't blame him for that. i think that was a good idea. and then god forbid if things would have turned out differently then you have to break that news so i don't think that that's such a bad idea, until they get to a certain age where they can understand that. i can only imagine what he and/or the family must have been going through as well and that's even their own set of trauma that they have to work through so i think that there's going to
12:36 pm
be some -- probably counseling in order certainly for the victim and maybe even for the husband as well. and if the children did understand on some level they may also need some attention. >> can't begin to understand. thank goodness she's okay. we'll learn more in days and weeks to come. tom, thank you very much. >> any time, thank you. next on our breaking news, we're getting word that mitt romney has some new competition for that secretary of state job, including general david petraeus. but first, a sneak peek of sunday night's all-new episode of "parts unknown." this week anthony bourdain explores the heart of brazilian cooking. >> these guys grew up here in farm country. now they're at the center of the culinary scene. philippe, owner of alma chef and champion of minera cuisine and his friends and fellowship,
12:37 pm
philippe, fred, and boy. they come back here to his family farm, they come back often to cook and eat and, of course, drink. >> one important thing from here that we make food to share. i can't remember a dish that's -- you make for for you. >> just for yourself or for -- everybody's got to eat, you snow everyone's got to eat. everyone is welcome. >> smoked pig's head with vegetables and chilies. native green beans prepared with bacon and farofa. >> everybody here is a professional cook and chef? >> we all came to europe to learn, to be a cook, then we came back to rediscover new ingredients. >> right back home. >> thai food is huge in the states, all over the world. italian food is huge all over the world.
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it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. more on our breaking news, we have learned donald trump is considering three additional names for secretary of state
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along with rudy giuliani and mitt romney, a trump transition source tells cnn that retired generals kelly and david petraeus are in contention along with senator bob corker. with me douglas brinkley, cnn presidential historian, let me add this other tidbit that we can report that trump and mitt romney, both of whom in someplace places with their family for thanksgiving hopped on the phone briefly over thanksgiving affordings to a source familiar with the call. let's begin with these additional names. general kelly, general petraeus and senator corker. what do you make of all three? >> donald trump seems to like billionaires but he also likes people in the military. and he kept talking about how general petraeus had a problem with leaking top secret
12:44 pm
information and how that compared to hillary clinton. mitt romney and giuliani are in a twitter war. roougtd h giuliani has the hard right and romney has the mainstream republicans. >> it's interesting in how the frustration over maybe even specifically governor romney is out there over twitter thanks to kellyanne conway and other trump hard-liners therefore it could create an opening for a dark horse secretary of state candidate like the former cia director general david petraeus. you mentioned it, though, he was known for how he was sentenced to two years probation for sharing the personal information with his biographer/lover. republicans really cared about hillary clinton and that classified information and that private e-mail server, you don't think republicans will care about his past? >> well, i think they care a little bit but general petraeus is beloved in republican circles
12:45 pm
and by many americans and i'm sure donald trump is invoking his name to make people realize he's a great american patriot. dougl whether or not he'll be in there are for secretary of state, i think the drilling that would happen to him from democrats on capitol hill if he was the nominee, it seems remote to me, i still think we're looking at a romney or giuliani situation but donald trump likes to talk about and surround himself by top military analysts. >> so you led with military but also billionaires so let's throw a graphic on the screen and we can talk about potential billionaire picks for his cabinet. i'm wondering if you think america and in particular those working class trump voters making maybe $40,000, $50,000 a year do you think they care billionaires could be helping run the country? would that appear out of touch or not?
12:46 pm
>> not at all, after all, they elected a billionaire donald trump they love him. there is two kinds of americans in some ways, the superrich and everybody else. donald trump tends to hang around with a lot of wealthy people. but i think part of trump's message is that people that make a billion dollars understand how america works. he constantly on the campaign trail said i'm going to get the best people to do negotiations and i know who the right financial wizards are so i think he can get away with doing that and in american history we've had a lot of wealthy people in cabinet posts, andrew melon back during the harding, coolidge and hoover administrations. john f. kennedy picked c. douglas dylan, a wealthy republican, as his secretary of treasury and in recent times everybody talked about ross perot running for president, billionaire, bloomberg running for president so it's an era, particularly now, where
12:47 pm
billionaires are looking into politics. it costs so much money to run, keep your name going, it makes sense the super rich are looking to do something more than being known in history than as a money maker. >> and i think the rest of america appreciate donald trump because he han successful and he's not apologizing for it. doug brinkley, vhave a wonderfu weekend, thank you. >> okay, thank you. next, a heartbreaking look at the aftermath of battle. cnn takes you inside a mosul neighborhood now cleared of isis fighters but not immune to sporadic attacks, one of the latest victims, an 18-month-old baby girl. >> reporter: he cries "what did she do wrong? she was just playing. she's gone from me and she's my only one."
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in the war against isis, phil black gets an exclusive look at the battle inside iraq.
12:52 pm
>> reporter: these people have just lived through the horror of open warfare. they're wowerred in their homes for days. prayers and white flags their only attention as iraqi forces fought their ways through the neighborhoods of eastern mosul against fierce isis resistance. now there is little food, water or medicine. no electricity, but there's much relief. >> it's like a daunting on his chest. >> yes. >> reporter: it's gone now? >> yes. >> reporter: you could hear the fightth in the near distance. it's still dangerously close. isis has gone from the streets. but its ability to harm these people hasn't passed. just 24 hours ago we are told a family was sitting here outside their home when a mortar struck just a short distance away and
12:53 pm
an 18-month-old girl was killed. her name was amyra ali. her father omar is overwhelmed with grief. he cry, what did she do wrong? she was just playing. she is gone from me and she's my only one. every day this make-shift clinic inside mosul sees the terrible consequences of mortars fired into civilian areas. it's a bloody production line. the wounded are delivered, patched up quickly, loaded into ambushing and thrown into hospitals. at times it seems endless as one ambulance pulls in, carrying more wounded civilians. they've unloaded with great care as the medics worked to help the victims of yet another isis mortar attack. but they can't save everyone.
12:54 pm
this man's 21-year-old son was killed. he says, a mortar just fell in front of the door. we came and he was just a piece of meat. four or five of my neighbors were standing with him and they're all dead. here another parent falls to the dusty ground before the body of her son. these people endured two years of living under isis only to be killed by the group's desperate military tactics and the lives of the incident. phil plaque, cnn, mosul, northern iraq. don and i met because i'm a
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it is now under way for cnn's hero of the year. one of the year's top ten heros is shari franklin. >> i started dog walking at my local shelter. i noticed that the older dogs just weren't getting adopted and most of them who end occupy getting euthanized. a dog that was seven-years-old didn't stand a chance. >> are you ready to come home? >> i don't think any dog should ever spend its last days alone like that. . this is a cage-free, open space. i don't even want to call eight facility.
1:00 pm
because we're tried to make it very home leak. when an old dog that's been in a shelter gets let go, it's like whohoo! >> nancy, shari, thank you, you are vote for your hero at "the lead" starts now. >> thank you, brooke. so yu who is on president-elect trump's christmas wish list? "the lead" starts right now. donald trump has yet to reveal his pick for evacuation and source say the pool of names keeps growing. trump warned democrats could steal the election. now in south clone, they say it's the governor pulling a fast one. are they right? or is this just politics? the top secret aircraft searching for the terrorist's secret