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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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from the municipality to service all the larger needs of that community. awesome, right? you want to help? you can. jeff says they're accepting donations, cash, furniture, food, if you want to see what you can do you can head to their facebook page. veterans outreach for wisconsin. >> fantastic. thank you for that good stuff. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. good morning. >> good morning. that was good stuff. thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump lashes out slamming the recount push in three states. and at the same time, falsely claims millions voted illegally in elections he won. confused? well here's his tweet. quote, in addition to winning the electoral college in a slandslide i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. there's absolutely no evidence to support that. right now, hillary clinton is leading the popular vote by nearly 2 million votes.
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all of this as a major rift emerges in the trump transition team. one of its closest advisers openly questioning why mitt romney is on trump's short list to be secretary of state. we've got all the angles covered for you with our team of political reporters. but let's begin with cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. hi, jeff. >> good morning, carol. to bring you up to speed a little bit here in case you haven't been following all the recounts back and forth over the weekend, "a," the election is over. "b," there is some re-examination, if you will, of some of these votes specifically starting in wisconsin potentially later this week. it's all because of the green party candidate jill stein who's been raising money to try and have that vote looked at again in wisconsin. now donald trump won wisconsin by some 27,000 or so votes. so the wisconsin officials are going to be meeting later this morning to start discussing a recount here that she is paying for. the clinton campaign over the weekend said they had not
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planned to request a recount but they're going to participate and oversee all of this. that created a whole furor back and forth. >> this is a total and complete distraction, and a fraud, and something that they should drop. we will sit there and look through the scanned ballots, we will win again for the second time and they will lose again for the second time. >> i was asked on cnn and elsewhere, goodness, a thousand times, will -- will donald trump accept the election results? and now you got the democrats and jill stein saying they do not accept the election results. and the idea that we are going to drag this out now, where the president-elect has been incredibly magnanimous to the clintons and to the obamas is pretty incredible. >> so of course this has created a lot of discussion back and forth. the rnc, the republican national committee now this morning is trying to raise money off all of this. donald trump sending out a flurry of tweets over the weekend including this one specifically about the recount. he said the green party scam to
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fill up their coffers by asking for impossible recounts is now being joined by the badly defeated and demoralized dems. well this morning the chief counsel for the clinton campaign mark elias also is responding on the favorite medium here of twitter. he says this, we're getting attacked for participating in a recount that we didn't ask for by the man who won the election but this there was massive fraud here. so what is going to happen in wisconsin later this week after the election board meets this morning? most likely is to go over all of the ballots again, because it was requested here. now the clinton campaign's trying to make clear that they are not requesting this. they're just simply participating in overseeing this. but carol republicans having a field day on this because they say this election is over fair and square. one thing to keep an eye on, also, michigan and pennsylvania, states donald trump also was victorious in. there may be recounts requests there as well. all this is happening as donald trump is moving forward and
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filling up his administration. >> and they're saying for wisconsin it's in the middle of it all 3 million votes were cast in the state of wisconsin. the stein people could ask for a paper recount. do you know how long that would take, jeff? >> well, i'm told by wisconsin law that they have to have this done by the middle of december here. so, this morning in about an hour or so all the county election officials from wisconsin are going to be on a conference call with the state election official start of going through how this works. and recounts are not that uncommon. they happen in senate races. they happen in governor's races. in fact one is going on in the north carolina governor's race already as we speak here. the republican has requested that one. so it can be done pretty efficiently. but state law says it must be done by the middle of the december here. so not too much longer for this drama. but certainly no one, even democrats i talked to, believe the outcome of this will change. >> all right. we're going to talk with someone from the wisconsin election commission to see how possible it is to recount 3 million
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votes, possibly by hasn't by december 13th. jeff zeleny reporting live for us this morning. we're also hearing of this growing rift on trump's transition team which a lot of people are puzzled over. cnn's sara murray has that. good morning. >> good morning, carol. donald trump still has a full flat of meetings today. he's still working on building out his cabinet. i want to run you think a couple of the interesting folks he's going to be meeting with today. pennsylvania congressman lou barletta. we'll see if maybe there's a role in the administration for him. also milwaukee county sheriff david clark. this is a man who has raised eyebrows with his sometimes inflammatory comments and tweets. at one point he said it was pitch forks and torches time in america. that was earlier this year. and john allison a former banking ceo and a good example of the kind of person that trump said he wanted to see serving in his administration. someone who doesn't necessarily come from government. so we'll see if these are just information ap meetings or potentially people we could see
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in a trump administration. but the big rift that you were talking about is this battle over who could fill the role of secretary of state. and one of donald trump's top advisers kellyanne conway has been out there essentially publicly trashing this notion, even though donald trump himself has met with romney. take a listen to what kellyanne conway had to say. >> the number of people who feel betrayed to think that governor romney would get the most prominent cabinet post after he went so far out of his way to hurt donald trump, there was the never trump movement, and then there was mitt romney. he gave speeches against donald trump. he attacked his character. i'm also part of unity but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. le. >> certainly some harsh words from kellyanne conway. a bizarre view that we know donald trump is actively considering mitt romney, as well as others, for that potential slot. now if you think that mitt romney has spent his weekend fretting over it, he certainly is not showing any sign of that on social media.
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take a look at this photo of him with his wife anne romney and his grandchildren saying no greater joy than making discoveries together with grandchildren. a little bit of a relaxing time for them on the beach as all of this drama plays out, carol. >> so strange. all right sara murray reporting live for us this morning. so let's talk about all this. a lot to talk about again this morning. with me now cnn political analyst and national political reporter for real clear politics rebecca berg and errol lewis cnn political commentatocommentator. welcome to both of you. we've got some hot news just in to cnn errol and rebecca. this is from cnn's dana bash you just heard what sara murray said about kellyanne conway trashing mitt romney. it appears that president-elect donald trump is quote, irritated with conway's public campaign against mitt romney's potential nomination as secretary of state. what's going on here, errol? >> my sense of it is the place to look and to always keep in mind is that kellyanne conway is not just sort of an aide to
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donald trump. i mean, technically as an adviser and so forth, yes. but she's a respected leader in her own right. i talked with her over the years, and she is well respected in conservative circles. she has been one of their thinkers. she has been one of their powerhouse consultants. she helped mike pence with the governorship of indiana. she is not somebody who is just kind of speaking her own mind sort of loosely. she does represent a faction of the party. so this is more than we expected carol but we always knew there was going to be perhaps a blood letting, maybe not so much, but at least a vigorous discussion within the republican party. we thought it would be maybe a little bit more contentious if donald trump had not won. but he did win. but that doesn't mean that you don't have this fight between the newly arrived trump forces, and the conservatives. they tried to make peace throughout the campaign.
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>> but, but, but here's the irony. yes it's irony time. kel onconway used to talk up ted cruz before she was on donald trump's team and she said some horrific things about donald trump herself. this is the reason supposedly -- she's said all these terrible, terrible things about donald trump. but kellyanne conway did too and the reason i know that is because she sat on this very set and she looked at me in the face and she said it. here it is. >> he says he's for the little guy, but he's actually built a lot of his businesses on the backs of the little guy. a lot of little guys, eminent domain or through not paying contractors after you've built something, little guy has, you know -- >> but so, so, rebecca, she told me that donald trump, you know, made his living off the backs of the little guy. so, what is -- you know >> carol i mean usually it wouldn't be that unusual to go from, you know, a heated republican primary to the
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general election to a republican president and have this process where the party comes together, and buries their old hatchets, and moves on to work together. but with donald trump, his team in particular, has very much, in this transition process stressed loyalty. and it seems like based on the remarks we've seen from kellyanne conway and from congressman chris collins this morning on "new day," also, attacking mitt romney it seems that they're having trouble burying the hatchet, and recognizing the need, at least among some of these advisers, to work together among republicans to try to do the best they can in government. and so it's really interesting. i mean, it's completely inconsistent for kellyanne conway, completely inconsistent for, you know, a number of people who are now in the donald trump fold. i mean, rick perry has also met with donald trump. former governor rick perry of texas, about a potential cabinet position, and he gave a whole speech calling trump a cancer on conservatism during the republican primary. so, to expect this complete
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loyalty from these potential cabinet nominees is completely ridiculous. >> i know but -- >> mitt romney -- >> out in the open. that's the thing. >> exactly it makes no sense. and my question is if you're trying to attract the best and brightest talent from within the republican party, why would you be out there dissing your potential candidates for these positions? it would seem to maybe warrant some other potential candidates off of going through this process, because what is the incentive for these people to not only work for this administration but also to go through the process of being publicly humiliated. it doesn't really make a lot of sense. >> okay. so i want to pivot to this this recount that's going to go on in wisconsin starting today, errol. so the clean same says it will participate in wisconsin, quote, to ensure the process is fair to all parties so it kind of will i don't know be on the periphery of it all because its being inish yated by the stein people. but what does it what does it
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mean assure the process is fair to all parties? >> what i assume it means and if you read the actual letter from mark elias. it's very lawyerly, rerestrained, very responszible. and i think as the attorney for the campaign, he would have to, probably in his contract frankly that he has to show up whenever there's a recount all of the candidates and representatives and just keep an eye on things just to make sure that the other people aren't cheating just to make sure that everybody knows that they're being watched. it's a small but very important part of the responsibility of the attorneys and so i don't think they're going to go much more beyond that and i think frankly it's a little bit almost inaccurate to say that they're driving it. they're not paying for it. they didn't ask for it. no democratic officials in wisconsin have associated themselves with this. nobody has accused anybody of cheating. but, the campaign, if they're going to open up the ballots and do a recount, every campaign is going to send somebody to keep an eye on it. >> okay but but it apparently
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sent trump off the rails, because of course he tweeted out that millions of people voted illegally. he cited specifically california. and of course, that incensed california, the guy in charge of california elections who tweeted in turn, quote, trump's reckless tweets are inappropriate of a president-elect and it undermines democracy. so rebecca, it, is trump tweeting this out because "a" he wants to support the recount nationwide? "b," he's just really ticked off that hillary clinton is winning the popular vote? or "c," he's deflecting? >> you know, it seems to me that it's more of the "b" choice, carol. he really is, as we've seen throughout the campaign process, now into the transition, donald trump is just personally a little bit thin skinned. and so when there's efr the suggestion that he didn't come out as the conclusive winner in any contest, there's a suggestion here that he didn't do as well as some people thought, it's you know, kind of
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amazing that someone who is the president-elect would feel like his victory is undermined in any sense but he does take things very personally so i think that's really what's driving this conversation for him. there might be an element of deflection, as well. and certainly there is always strategy when it comes to campaign or government messaging that we need to consider. but this is the donald trump we have seen throughout this process. this is not inconsistent at all for him from a character perspective. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thanks so you both. still to come in the "newsroom," a symbol of president obama's policies, the first regularly scheduled flight taking off for havana today. taking off from miami, i should say. is that all about to change though under a president trump o, i wanted him to eat healthy. so i feed jake purina cat chow naturals indoor, . made specifically for indoor cats.
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a new era begins in cuba. all right. just moments ago that happened in havana. 21-gun salute that honored fidel castro. as tense of thousands of people crowded through the streets honoring their former leader on the other side of the city another sign of change just a short time ago an american airlines jet left miami international airport and landed in cuba. at the airport there. it marks the start of regularly stead yuled flights into havana from the united states. a one-hour flight from miami ending a more than 50-year blockade into the city. nic robertson live in havana to talk about it all. hi, nic. >> yeah, hi, carol. this could be the symbol of something new. that's certainly the hope of the younger generation here in cuba. they're hoping that this flight, the first commercially scheduled flight, american airlines flight landing here this morning, will herald in perhaps a better
6:20 am
economic future for them, while the country, however, heard that 21-gun salute here in havana this morning, it was echoed at the other end of the country 700 miles away in santiago there. the two 21-gun salutes timed to go off at the same time. while that was happening the lines were forming at revolution square here in havana for people to come to commemorate the passing of fidel castro. it's been a very quiet weekend. it's been a little bit of sorrow. you haven't seen joy on the streets. you haven't seen big outpouring of emotions. but today begins essentially what the government has organized for the people to do, to come and gather and pass -- show their respects to fidel castro. here, today in havana, in revolution square, again, tomorrow, throughout the day people will be able to do that. there will be a service to follow on tuesday evening before fidel castro's ashes begin that 700 mile journey along the length of cuba all the way to santiago.
6:21 am
>> all right. nic robertson reporting live from cuba this morning. as cuba prepares for a new era without fidel castro it will also have to adjust to a relationship with the united states under a trump administration. the president-elect tweeting just moments ago, quote, if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban-american people and the united states as a whole, i will terminate the deal. and he can do that with the stroke of a pen, right, because president obama lifted restrictions on cuba through executive orders. so trump could reimpose sanctions with the stroke of a pen. so joining us to discuss this is the co-founder -- and a former florida circuit court judge born in havana. welcome to both of you. so, alex there is still religious and political persecution on the island. should trump follow through with his threat and -- and reimpose the blockade on cuba? >> well, the blockade still exists. the embargo was never lifted.
6:22 am
>> completely -- >> what obama did with his pen was basically he lifted the banking restrictions, allowed dollars to flow to cuba and opened up for travel to and from cuba. and the criticism has been that we got nothing for it. we got absolutely nothing for it. you know, cuba was on the ropes. lost the soviet union's support, then it lost venezuela's support, argentina was floundering so it was the perfect opportunity for obama to say you know what? we'll throw you a life line. we'll open up the flow of dollars, let americans travel to cuba but in exchange we want something. we want freedom of the press. we want the public to be able to express their opinions about the way the country is being run without being beaten and dragged to jail which is what typically happens. but we actually didn't get anything. now, a humanitarian release, nothing to do with the deal, 53 political prisoners were released and summarily rearre
6:23 am
rearrested so there was nothing gained. so when trump says i'm going to cut a better deal i can't disagree with him. i don't have a problem with lifting some restrictions in cuba and letting dollars flow there -- >> just so, so, so just so our viewers can understand what exactly you can do in cuba that you couldn't do before. right now americans can buy cuban cigars, right? they can buy cuban rum. they can take a cruise to cuba. cruise ships can dock in the parts there. you can fly in for a vacation as we just showed 139,000 americans are visiting cuba since restrictions were lifted. so, felipe, there's a -- there's a huge interest in cuba on many americans' part. is it too late to just go back to the way it was? >> so i think that cuba is on the cusp of change. and i don't think it's necessarily because the government wants it. i think it's because the people demand it. and i think what we've seen over the course of the last several years is a greater hunger and
6:24 am
desire especially from young people to be able to connect with the outside world. and i think what we need to do now, more than ever before, is help promote greater contact and connectivity with the cuban people. >> and, and alex i think one of president obama's hopes was if the restrictions were lifted on cuba by the united states, that would mean that -- that the problems in the cuban economy are flat-out the government's fault. can no longer blame the united states for that. because, we're open with you. that was the hope. >> well, i mean, yeah, but, i don't really -- i guess there's some people who -- who really think that if we eliminate his ability to point the finger at us it's going to make a difference. it doesn't. the dollars that are flowing over there are being used by the cuban government to basically prop up its security apparatus, which keeps the people repressed. you know it costs money to subjugate people. so that's what they use it for. cuba has been getting money from
6:25 am
europe, cuba has been getting mon fly from canada. it's not like all of a sudden when americans start traveling there capitalism is going to open their eyes and they're going to say oh, my god we want more. they've had capitalism in their face, they just don't get to enjoy it because there are different systems where people who go to cuba as tourists -- >> but, but, let's -- americans -- make money too by trade with cuba, right? american farmers for one thing because they can import wheat, soybeans, can import energy to cuba. also pharmaceutical companies they can buy and sell drug -- >> absolutely. >> -- so alex there are pluses too, right? >> yeah, there are pluses for america. the question is, do you want to send -- do you want basically to profit off of a oppressive regime that tortures, kills, i mean you know the number of people that the castro regime has absolutely murdered, including women and children that the coast guard cutters intentionally ram their boats and sink them at sea because
6:26 am
they're having the audacity of fleeing cuba, do we want to profit off of that? is that really the moral -- >> here's the thing and i'm going to throw this to felice because donald trump expressed admiration for vladimir putin who is also a communist, guilty of many human rights violation, who throws into jail journalists who write freely political opponents so what's the difference between raul castro now that fidel castro is dead and vladimir putin? >> well i think that the president-elect has said that he wants to -- he wants to define a new relationship with cuba. and i think he has an opportunity, especially right now after the death of fidel castro, to do just that. and i think he has a chance and a -- a real opening to build on the momentum of the last several years. i was listening to alex's remarks, and you know there's a long history here.
6:27 am
and i think you know we have been pitted against each other falsely so, and i think that there are youpg people in cuba who are -- have a great desire to become authors of their own future and define a new reality. i don't think anyone really wants to leave their -- their homeland or be forced to do so. and i think now more than ever, we need to empower them to make a better life for themselves and their families on the island. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," the election was over but the battle for wisconsin is heating up as the recount of the vote could be just days away. i'll talk to the man overseeing that process. but first, we're just moments away from the opening bill on wall street. cnn money chief business correspondent christine romans is here for that. hi, christine. >> good morning, carol. you're likely to see the dow
6:28 am
pull back a little bit. it's been a really good rally over the past couple of weeks futures are pulling into a small pullback here. the big business story this morning cyber monday it's that day for digital sales. after black friday weekend what kinds of sales should we see today on amazon 75,000 things for sale including the echo the fire tv and the kindle from 20% off on those. walmart is selling big tvs at a very big discount and target 15% off everything. here's what sold like hot cakes on black friday legos, electric scooters, nerf guns, drones and the barbie dream house but people were so interested in very, very deep discounts and shopping so smartly they spent about $10 less this year than last year on black friday and you could see there on that chart, mobile sales are a bigger portion than ever of how much money we're spending at the mall. >> christine romans, thank you.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. in wisconsin, nearly 3 million votes were cast in the presidential election. and now all of those votes need to be recounted over the next two weeks. that is the task facing the state's election officials who will meet in the next hour to approve a path forward on a process that could begin as early as thursday. green party candidate jill stein making her request for a recount official on friday after raising some $5 million to fund the effort. stein, who notched just 31,000 votes in wisconsin, far behind
6:34 am
the total for trump or clinton telling cnn while there may not be evidence of fraud it is, quote, good for americans to be assured that our votes are counted. joining me now to talk about this is the administrator of the wisconsin elections commission. welcome, michael. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. how daunting will this challenge be for you guys? >> well, it will certainly be a challenge. the real workers, and heroes in this process will be our local and county municipal clerks, and the tabulators that they recruit to complete this process. in a very short time line. fortunately we have a good group of seasoned and really battle tested local election officials who've been through a lot of unique election events the past several years. >> well, here's the thing, if the stein camp demands that paper ballots be counted, because i know you have electronic machines but many of them, most of them are backed up by a paper ballot. what if stein says i want
6:35 am
wisconsin to count 3 million paper votes. how can you possibly get that done in two weeks? >> well, in order for that to happen, the campaign would need to go to court, and obtain a court order. there's a pretty high burden of proof to convince a court that a hand count should be ordered. statewide. some clerks will tell you, though, that a machine count in some cases is not necessarily much faster than a hand count, because every ballot needs to be counted -- or needs to be looked at anyway, even before it goes into the machine. but, clearly for some of our larger counties they will want to use tabulating equipment, and the way that -- >> but, but, could, could the stein camp go to court and achieve that? >> well, they could certainly -- they would certainly go to court, and then we would weigh in with our position, which is to follow the statute, and that statute allows each county for
6:36 am
the canvassers to determine whether to have a hand count or a machine count. >> well here's why i'm asking that because if you really do have to count some 3 million votes by hand, and you can't get it done by this december 13th deadline which is a federal plan date, would that mean, because the electoral college meets what six days after december 13th, on the 19th, so would that mean that wisconsin's electoral votes would be thrown out? >> no. first of all, we have 72 counties, and i expect that many of our counties will be able to complete the recount, even a hand count, within a week's time. our larger counties, that may be a challenge. but in any event that the december 13th deadline is not met, that does not mean the electoral votes are forfeited. it means that congress does not necessarily need to honor the electoral slate, the republican party electoral slate. and then congress would decide -- could decide
6:37 am
wisconsin's electoral votes. it does not mean that would necessarily happen. but -- >> but, but it could, right? >> well, the federal statute says that the 35th day after election day is when any recount or contests are to be decided, otherwise congress is not required to honor the electoral slate. tactically speaking it may be difficult to believe that congress would not respect the votes of wisconsin's electors when the margin is not really in doubt. >> right. and of course, many, many republicans in congress at this moment so it would be doubtful. but still, it just -- just this whole thing that's happening right now with this count, in, in your mind as an elections official who, who has run elections without fraud, there is no widespread fraud in our election system in this country, so, for you, what does this say about our country right now that that we're going through this process? >> well, i think as any election administrator would tell you in
6:38 am
this profession, we don't fully get into the political debate or the motives. our concerns are really more practical. the statute allows any candidate the right to file a recount petition, as long as the petition is valid, and the proper fee is paid, in this case, then we are required to issue a recount order and that's what we're -- >> i guess -- i guess -- i guess i'm asking from a human perspective. you work really hard to make the election process go smoothly in the state of wisconsin. and now this. >> sure. i think, from the human perspective, sure, this is a surprise. i think that many of our local election officials may be initially frustrated that after such a campaign they are being asked or required to conduct a recount on behalf of their candidate who received 30,000 votes out of roughly 3 million votes. i think that after that initial
6:39 am
frustration, and reget over that mental hurdle i'm confident that our local election officials are going to go to work and be professional as they always are and make sure that we have an accurate and prompt recount. >> michael haas, thank you so much for joining us on what is sure to be a busy morning for you. >> sure, thank you. still to come in a bitterly divided nation could a vote recount in wisconsin and perhaps elsewhere heighten tensions even more? we'll talk about that, next. ...marvel studios. if my office becomes a plane or an airport the... ...surface pro's perfect. fast and portable but also light. you don't do this 14 hours a day, 7 days a week... ...if you don't feel it in your heart.
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all right. so the recount in wisconsin begins later this morning. you heard michael haas from the wisconsin elections commission moments ago he says they are just about to launch this big recount. when you get right down to it, the baseless recount just means the divide in our country got a little bit wider. is that even possible? with me to talk about this is angela rye, cnn political
6:44 am
commentator and jeffrey lord cnn political commentator and former reagan white house political director. welcome to both of you. happy after thanksgiving to you, too, jeffrey. angela were you listening to michael haas because it's so complicated. depending on what the stein camp actually makes wisconsin do that this could take -- this could just turn into an absolute mess, right? >> and you're saying that this election has not been an absolute mess? so i think it would just be more of the same. i think the reality of it is you have a lot of people in this country, including me, carol, every day that i've woken up since this election i'm just like, did this really happen? and then when you see things like donald trump tweeting about the validity of election results you're just going, okay, well if he thinks that there's voter fraud in states that have strict voter i.d. log on to the books where they have some basic why idy and they don't have any i.d.
6:45 am
requirement clearly voter suppression measures that have been implemented by the republican party don't work if he thinks that there could be fraud so then why not recount? the reality of it is if you have a candidate who is ahead in the popular vote by over 2.2 million votes at this point, and wisconsin is separated in wisconsin by a little over 22,000. the question is, why not? if it is true that donald trump's voter -- or count went down by a little over 6% -- >> because even if the wisconsin vote was wrong she still wouldn't win the electoral college. >> well and then you have the states, pennsylvania and michigan where they're -- we're talking about three states and 100,000 votes. we can laugh but i think the reality of it is this is really troubling to people. your candidate continues to push conspiracy theories. he does not represent us. and that is a problem. he's not shifted or evolved into representing us. so any way we can wiggle the heck out of this thing, we're trying!
6:46 am
i'm just -- >> this is what angela's talking about is this tweet from the president-elect. and it's baseless. he said he tweeted out serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem, it's like, what? because no one is saying anything about voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. he won. he won the election. like i'm not getting why he's tweeting this out. >> i don't know. you'll have to ask him, i guess. >> that is -- >> all i can say -- all i can say is, look, this is not the 2000 election where we were swallowing over 537 votes in the state and a half and it went all the way to the supreme court. there is a thought that there would be a challenge as angela mentioned here in pennsylvania, which donald trump won by 70,000 votes. if that's the case, let me just say to you, carol, there are seven states, delaware, maine, minnesota, nevada, new hampshire, new mexico and rhode island where hillary clinton had a winning margin of 70,000 votes or less.
6:47 am
should the trump campaign be demanding that all of those seven states be reopened? i mean in other words, this is over. it's over. it's done. stop -- >> and i agree with you, jeffrey. i just don't understand why the president-elect is prolonging things, because, you know, it doesn't make sense to me. >> well, i think -- i think this is his -- his way of fighting back against this kind of nonsense. i mean -- and this is nonsense. this is just silly. i mean, the american people are over it. we've all managed to get through thanksgiving without strangling -- strangling members and all of that sort of thing. the christmas season looms. let's get on with it. >> so, so, angela, why don't we just get -- what does stein want? i don't even understand that? she can't possibly win. it wasn't like she was a big hillary clinton supporter you know during the election campaign. because she wasn't. so, what, what is her gain here? >> i think there's -- i think it's really simple. i think that she sees that there
6:48 am
are doubts in the minds of american voters, whether they were green party, libertarians, or democrats or republicans, and she is trying to soothe the fears and the concerns of some of the people by asking for a recount. if donald trump won fair and square, what harm does it do? i agree with jeffrey if he thinks that there's grounds for a recount in some of the other states then do it. he's alleging voter fraud in some of these states again across the spectrum on whether or not voter why idy is on the books or not so if he thinks that fraud exists and that is allegedly the base, right, for republicans pushing forward the suppressive measures then why not do it? i think one of the things that we have not talked about enough, and is prn when we talk about wisconsin, is the fact that voter turnout was the lowest it's been in decades -- >> because people dislike both candidates -- >> no, no. exactly. and that's fine carol. what has been different this particular election, than any other, is voter suppression.
6:49 am
and we should talk about that. if you don't want to talk about a recount talk about why people felt like they couldn't go to the polls because they were afraid they didn't have the adequate i.d. is that really what we want our democracy to be about? we shouldn't make it harder for people to vote we should be makingate easier. >> i know but that's two separate things. >> no but i think it matters -- >> -- the vote's wrong. >> it matters if you're talking about why he could have lost wisconsin if she really did if the 22,000 votes remain in trump's favor and his lead grows then what happened? and i'm telling you this is another theory that we've not talked about, instead of pushing the whole recount effort. >> well, carol, all i can say is donald trump proved to be a ronald reagan at the ballot box and hillary clinton was no barack obama and i think it's as simple as that. >> oh, my god. you're right, she's 2.2 million votes ahead. >> we'll be right back. my name is yasmin belo-osagie and i produce programs...
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a new confrontation may be brewing in the fight over the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. the army corps of engineers say they have no plans to forcibly remove thousands of protest from a large camp site. they have been there for months. but authorities are urging the protesters to move to what's called a free speech zone by december 5th. thou the protesters who stay behind will lose fire and police protection and could be placed under arrest. joining us with more is cnn's paul vercammen. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this unusual move by the army corps of engineers to come out
6:55 am
on a sunday and say it would not remove these demonstrators from the camp site or small village, actually, seems like it could forestall yet another violent clash as it puts this off. there is no construction going on by the corps of engineers right now and standing rock sioux leaders are saying all of this, this huge super-heated controversy, could have been avoided. let's take a listen. >> if they would have rerouted the pipeline or went with their original route north of bismarck we wouldn't even be in this fight right now. whanchlgts they need to do is cancel this easement. that's the safest thing to do. by sending out a letter saying you have until december 5th, these public properties are closed, it just escalates and causes more concern for safety for everybody. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. over the weekend, another show of support for the standing rock sioux as protesters march from the department of justice to the
6:56 am
washington monument. they voiced their solidarity saying the standing rock sioux are right in this respect, that they fear the sacred sites will be destroyed and that it's possible there could be water contamination because of this pipeline project, this $3.8 billion pipeline project. back to you. >> paul vercammen live from los angeles. a bit of news just in to cnn this morning. the judge in the dylann roof case is granting roof the right to represent himself. that's according to cnn affiliates. the 22-year-old is accused of killing nine people during a shooting inside a charleston church back in june of 2015. again, dylann roof is now acting as his own attorney and we believe right now he is questioning jurors. we'll have much more on this in the next hour of "newsroom" which starts after a break. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency.
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