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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the news continues right now right here on cnn. wolf, thank you. hi, each, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn on this tuesday. thanks for being with me. donald trump's cabinet is becoming clearer and clearer. the president-elect has tapped long-time washington players for two slots and he's working on a short list for the most prominent position, secretary of state. more on that job here momentarily. we did just find out he will be meeting with governor romney for dinner along with his wife and governor romney's wife. first let's get to the latest nominations here. trump has named he laelaine cha be transportation secretary. she used to serve as labor secretary under president george w. bush. as for the department of health and human services, the
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president-elect has nominated ardent obamacare critic tom price, a republican congressman from the state of georgia, congressman price is very tight with paul ryan, this is according to the house speaker himself. here is speaker ryan on local talk radio. >> what i'm excited about is tom price who is a very close friend of mine. tom price is one of the architects of replacing obamacare, of fixing health care. he's a surgeon, he knows how the law works and he's been the most passionate advocate for patient-centered health care reforms that i've seen in congress and i'm really excited he is now going to be the quarterback, the point person in the new administration on reforming health care. so that was speaker ryan and as donald trump is adding to his cabinet, he's also making headlines again for one of his tweets. this is what he wrote "nobody should be allowed to burn the
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american flag. if they do there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail." mind you, two supreme court rulings protect flag burning as a form of freedom of speech under the first amendment. senator john mccain is especially against the act of flag burning but as far as trump's tweet regarding punishment, this is what senator mccain told to our manu raju. >> i have not been comments on mr. trump and i will continue not to comment on mr. trump. >> but he said the people who burn the flag should be prosecuted. what do you think about that? >> that was a very close decision by the united states supreme court. i do not approve of burning the flag. i think there should be some punishment but i right now the supreme court decision is that people are free to express themselves that way. but i do not approve of it and i think there's other ways for
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people to express their views rather than burn a flag that so many americans fought and died for. >> he even said lose citizenship over it. he said people should lose citizenship. >> i do not comment on mr. trump's comments. i have not and will not. >> reporter: why not? he's the president-elect and you're a senior member up here. >> because it's my choice and i am just reelected by the people of arizona and during that campaign i do not comment on mr. trump. will continue to not because i have to defend this nation. i'm the chairman of the arms services committee. we have all kinds of challenges. my time is devoting to trying to make sure this nation is secured, not to comment on every comment of mr. trump's. now, that may be your priority and yours and yours, that may be your priority to comment everyday on any comment that mr. trump has. my priority is to try to defend the nation and the men and women serving it.
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i cannot carry out that mission by responding to every comment of president-elect trump's. >> manu raju, nice work there. lot's to discuss on this tuesday. with me now, steve cortez, served on trump's hispanic advisory council on the trump campaign, karen tumulty is back with us, and cnn political commentator angela rye, a former executive director of the congressional black caucus. welcome to all of you. karen, let me begin with you, let's start with tom price as a pick for hhs secretary. there's been criticism on republicans, they want to repeal, repeal and replace obama but there's been a lack of specifics on how and what to replace it with. tom price is the guy who has an alternative, correct? >> that's right and you know it would certainly be a big disruption for the current system. but he is someone -- he's also a
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physician, someone who's given a lot of thought to this issue so it's certainly not what i think a lot of supporters of the affordable care act would like to see. this is going to be somebody who is actually going to dig in and try to do this. >> let's talk a bit, steve, just as a trump supporter, karen is right, he's an m.d., an orthopedic surgeon, he knows where the money comes from because he's the chair of the house budget committee but as we've heard trump saying that he's open to keeping parts of obamacare, specifically the pre-existing condition and and allowing kids 26 and under living with their parents to keep insurance, they dif on that, do they not? how is that going to work? >> they do differ. but this is politics, this is part of the process. clearly mr. trump will call the shots in the end and the congressman would be the first to concede on that point. i think this was a brilliant pick, if i could pick one reason why we won this election i would tell you i think it's obamacare,
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the momentum our campaign got in the last two weeks of the campaign i think was largely due to the fact that those obamacare premium and deductible hikes were going out to millions of americans. i think it frightened them as well as it should have. so i'm glad president trump -- president-elect trump is delivering with his pick to repeal and replace obamacare. it was a job killing monster, we are going to have sensible health reform going forward. >> i'm looking at angela out of the corner of my eye shaking her bed. but before we get to that point it's fair to point out the criticisms because one question is how will this affect women's health specifically. planned parenthood is worried about that because we know he has talked about planned parenthood saying the clinics have been involved in what he calls barbaric abortion practices when the supreme court ruled on gay marriage last year
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congressman price said "it was not only a sad day for muarriag but a destruction of our checks and balances." as a democrat, how do you feel? >> there's so many places to go with tom price, he's definitely smart. he's been a member of congress for some time. >> six term congressman. >> he's known for knowing the rules really really well. he was the guy that republicans went to for motions to recommit because he knew the floor procedure rules better than anybody else. the challenge is, as a doctor for him to be opposed to children's health insurance program, for him to want to privatize medicare which we know is a baseline conservative princip principle, it's also very, very challenging. he has voted to defund planned parenthood so i talked about the picks donald trump making are scary to me. what do you do with people who have insurance? 20 million people. we're not talking about two.
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and this actually has been a job-creating measure. the affordable care act as has created health i.t. jobs, a substantial number of health i.t. jobs. so you've heard talk about repeal and -- >> angela that's -- >> i'm not done, steve. i'm not done. a lot of talk about repeal and replace and they got stuck at repeal, brooke, you're talking about folks who did that 60 plus times in congress. >> i know and i hear you but he has proposed multiple years in a row the empowering patients first act so at least this is something for republicans. they have someone who has specifics and recommendations as an m.d. but i hear you. steve, go ahead then i want to move on. >> i think regarding -- don't take my word for it that it was a job killing monster, take bill clinton's word for it who told us that on the campaign trail somewhat unwittingly talked about how punitive it was to small business. he called it "crazy." and when you talk about defunding planned parenthood as being scary, what i think is scary is the fact that the taxpayers pay for an organization which a great many
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americans find reprehensible and that sells baby parts and that was a major part of our -- >> that's been debunked. >> come on, steve. >> we won -- >> come on, steve. >> we won on that message. >> karen, set us straight, please. >> if i could get to what i think is the main point is that many times during the campaign it was unclear whether donald trump himself understood obamacare really worked. this is not the case with tom pris. he very much does understand it. he understands the mechanisms and obviously trump has picked somebody who is going to be willing to do something that it's unclear trump himself has done which is sort of climb inside the machine and look at the gears and see how it's working. >> let me just stay with you, karen, because when you look at tom price and you look at elaine chao, you look at the potential picks for state, today's meeting with senator corker, the dinner with governor romney. do these folks sound like -- how
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else do i say this? like drain-the-swamp people to you or no? >> well, elaine chao is married to the senate majority leader. >> mitch mcconnell. >> she will be the second wife of a senate majority leader to have been both labor secretary and transportation secretary for your trivia viewers. but it does suggest that in r if donald trump, for instance, does want to proceed on infrastructure spending, there are probably worse picks he could have made in getting this thing through congress than basically having the wife of the senate majority leader being in charge of spearheading it. so she's certainly an insider. but she's an insider who will give him leverage in getting things done he wants done. >> steve, let's move on. we played the sound with manu raju just chasing senator mccain down the hall way on the trump flag burning toss them in jail or lose your citizenship tweet and i have to ask and also
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senator cruz echoed the same sentiment that no, of course no one likes watching a flag burn but it is protected under the first amendment. is this the future for republican senators to be answering for every little tweet, comment, moment that the president will make? >> no, and it doesn't have of the as senator mccain just explained to us. i rarely disagree with president-elect trump, i happen to disagree here. i don't think we need new laws or amendments to the constitution. i also disagree with hillary clinton who while she was senator voted for jail time for burning the flag. i think people who burn the flag are reprehensible and should be ignored and dismissed. speech is about words, we tell toddlers use your words rather than lash out. i would say that to anyone who wants to protest against either mr. trump, against the united states generally, use your words but i don't think we need new laws. >> angela, what do you think? >> i agree with steve here.
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this is the type of situation that infuriates a lot of folks, not just protesters, including me. i'm curious to know why so many burning the flag is reprehensible but people can be losing their lives and that is something that's ignored. there are bigger fish to fry and i wish the president-elect would stop using his twitter account in this way. one thing, brooke, i wanted to go back to, karen made a great point about elaine chao. i don't like the term drain the swamp because i think it can offensive but what donald trump has found very quickly on his transition team is that people with experience matter and they can be helpful. some of them end up being lobbyists, wives, spouses, sitting members of congress. it's interesting to see from a jat ji standpint him leveraging her in the role because that would make an infrastructure became move even if it costs a lot of money. >> karen, last question because there was a big question mark next to who he will select as
11:13 am
secretary of state. can we read into any tea leaves and the fact that mr. trump's wife and governor romney's wife will be part of this dinner. is this maybe a congratulatory situation or "i'm going to buy you dinner on the way out, thanks for playing." >> i'm going to swear off from trying to read tea leaves at all. all you know is it increases the drama, the suspense, maybe at the end of it he'll hand a rose to somebody, i don't know. but he has certainly increased the drama around this particular section. >> thank you for the laugh. karen, angela and steve, thank you all very much. coming up, let's talk about what's happening in tennessee. have you seen these pictures? dangerous wildfires and smoke coming precariously closely to the dollywood theme park, to hundreds of buildings, homes already being damaged or destroyed. at one point flames threatening a popular aquarium with some
11:14 am
1500 animals trapped inside. we'll have an update from someone who works there next. also, a tragic scene in the mountains of colombia. members of this up-and-coming brazilian soccer team among those killed in this plane crash but, incredibly. several people managed to survive. we have their story coming up. if you have medicare
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>> my husband out the door there was trees on fire in front of where we were at so we tried to get to our car and the smoke was so bad we couldn't, we covered our face with wet towels. >> widespread panic around gatlinburg, tennessee, as 14 wild fires are raging across the area. the mayor says half the city has been impacted including his own home. the pictures tell the story. look at this thick, thick smoke. flame engulfing more than 250 homes and businesses around gatlinburg, gutting some of them already. thousands are forced to leaf, just look at the destruction left behind in this eastern tennessee mountainside town. this is a resort town, a popular
11:19 am
tourist destination, gone. one man barely escaped, speeding what what looks like just a road engulfed in flames. watch. >> go, go, go, go. [ bleep ] these tires. go. >> i can't see. >> just it will the [ bleep ]ing gas, you're on pavement. [ bleep ]. it's on fire. [ bleep ]. >> he could barely see in front of him. nick valencia is there with us. you've been in the thick of it. tell me where you are and how bad it is in that neck of the woods. >> reporter: brooke, we're outside what is effectively the staging area for residents and vacationers in this area that have been evacuated. we're seeing a lot of drained
11:20 am
faces, people that have been through the unimaginable, a lot of people are still trying to process what they went through. some haven't slept. you talk about those that barely made it out alive. we're joined by two of those people who were asleep when police started e eed banging on door. you guys are convinced had cops not knocked on your door you might have died last night. how are you doing? >> well, we're doing great now. still pretty emotional. >> shook up. >> we know if they wouldn't have woke us up we would be dead. >> deni >>. >> reporter: denice, what happened when the police knocked on your door? what was going on? >> we started up out of the bed, cops banging on the door telling everyone to evacuate and we was just able to grab just whatever we could and got out. >> reporter: you grabbed what you're wearing right now essentially. >> and got out. >> as soon as i looked out the window to see who it was there was fire rounding us.
11:21 am
>> reporter: what are you going through right now? describe to the viewer here, they see the images and flames and what is a vibrant, beautiful area decimated. >> there's just no words. it's hard to comp hence. >> well, the biggest thing i would like to say, we had a friend, her husband passed away a couple months ago and she just made it out but her house is gone. so really i feel more sorry for her than anyone. >> reporter: you have a lot of friends in this area, i know you guys are going through a lot. what are you thinking when you're getting out of there, mark? >> well, when they put us in the back of the patrol car, there was fire out both sides and i mean it was crossing the street and we didn't think we'd make. >> it it was scary when you have flames all around you and everything. >> embers. >> you don't know what ember will fly at you. >> they were landing on the car.
11:22 am
everything. it was scary. >> what did you do last night? where did you sleep last night? did you sleep at all. >> i didn't sleep at all. >> i got a 20-minute nap. that's about it. >> i doubt i'll sleep tonight. >> reporter: we're outside here in what is the staging area and two minutes ago we saw a lady coming out of here bawling, crying, holding a dog. she'd just seen her home. are you trying to get back? what did they tell you about going back? >> we've heard a few different stories, we're thinking more like two to three days but we've heard up to five so we're not sure yet. >> we're not sure if our place will be there or not. i don't know. >> reporter: if it isn't, at least you have each other, you're engaged and you have something to look forward to. >> we'll start all over fresh, we might as well say. >> reporter: denice and mark, thank you for taking the time. thank you, brother. just a slice of life here outside of gatlinburg, brooke, just hard to low pressure to what those individuals went
11:23 am
through. the worst is other. that's the good news. last night those hurricane-force winds, the low humidity contributed to the intensity of the flames that started in the great smokey national mountain park. now the wind has died down but the smoke is very thick in the air and firefighters are expecting to host a press conference a couple hours from now where hopefully we'll get more details about what happens next in this community terribly hit hard by the wildfires. >> please thank them for us. it happens like this, not even know if you have a home to go home to. i cannot imagine. nick valencia, thank you very much. cnn has also learned 1500 animals tripped at ripley's aquarium are now safe so with me on the phone, ryan desere, he's the regional manager of that aquarium. ryan, i'm an animal lover and we'll get to your animals in just a second but i want to talk about humans like you, your employees do you know how
11:24 am
ef-affected you all are or your homes by these fires? >> thank you for asking that question. that means a lot, honestly it does. the answer is we're doing our best, some staff we haven't been able to contact, either they weren't at work or in the area. moirs have left this kind of part of the state for a while. the reason we're having some issues is cell phone communication is very bad in the city right now so it's hard to -- you can't even get on facebook and do anything like that so we were having issues with that however by and large we have an employee page and everybody that's checked in is in good shape. a lot of our employees' houses are in peril. i know at least one did lose her home last night and that just came across there and we're really thinking of her and i would like to say just to point
11:25 am
out those folks that are bat blg the fire, the first responders out there, they are amazing, they have done a job i can't even begin to imagine under really horrible circumstances. at one point wind gusts to 93 miles per hour at my home so i can only imagine what they were dealing with. >> thank you for mentioning them. you are 100% correct these men and women are putting themselves in harm's way. looking at these pictures, i'm glad you've been able to be in contact with some folks but as far as the animals, ryan, are they okay? i think we saw video shot from you so you can really see and feel that smoke at the aquarium. >> that was yesterday and nobody really knew what was going on. it was early in the morning and the winds were just starting to pick up. i had just gotten off a phone call and walked upstairs to our
11:26 am
plaza and see what was going on and that's when the video was shot. so we weren't sure of any circumstances. but we could feel it, the animals are okay, we're fine. no problems at all. we were worried about them last night i would probably say with certainty that we were the last ones in the city and our half dozen marine biologists we have there and support personnel were forced to leave by police escort and that was -- it was the right thing to do on their part but certainly their safety was par mount to us and they had to go and then we were the first ones back in the city today and largely thanks to the police efforts to allow us back in. we continue to thank them for that, us being able to get back and forth to that aquarium is primary. >> ryan, thank you for hopping on the phone, you have a lot more to do so i'll let you jump off but just look after yourself and your employees and those
11:27 am
animals as well. ryan desear at the ripley's aquarium of the smokies. let me read the statement. this is from dolly parton, this is the neck of the woods where dollywood is right there. she has said this "i've been watching the terrible fires in the great smokey mountains and i'm heartbroken. i'm praying for all the families affected by the fire and the firefighters who are working so hard to keep everyone safe. it's a blessing my dollywood theme park, resort and so many businesses in pigeon forge have been spared." that is tennessee. let's talk about ohio. horror at that campus in columbus at ohio state. the somali immigrant, the 18-year-old who attacked his classmates there reportedly ranted about the treatment of muslims in facebook postings. we have more on him and more on the police officer who stopped him. plus, president-elect trump tweeting this morning he thinks flag burners, american flag burners, should go to jail or
11:28 am
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investigators still don't have the took place this question why. why did this young man at ohio state university ram his car on campus and take out a knife and start stabbing students. we are learning new details about this young man who was
11:33 am
shot and killed by police. he was an 18-year-old transfer student and somali native who emigrated to the u.s. two years ago. he was a legal permanent u.s. resident but police are investigating comments they believe he posted on facebook right before he did this, comments that detail grievances about targeting muslims, in part it reads "my brothers and sisters, i am sick and tires of seeing my fellow muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured everywhere, by allah we will not less you sleep until you give peace to the muslims. rosa flores is live in columbus. this is a piece perhaps of his men cal state going into this. what more have you learned about him and his family? >> brooke, i've been talking to somali community leaders here, one in particular who has been meeting with the family since this event and he tells me that the mother is, of course, very sad and grieving because of her son but is also worried about
11:34 am
the somali community and what this could mean for this community. as you were saying, police are trying to figure out the motive so i asked him ant that. what could drive this young man to do this. he said the suspect's mom describes the day yesterday as something very normal. he woke up, helped the family and came here to school, it was a very normal day until there was a door knock on the mother's door and that's how she found out about her son being the attacker. take a listen. >> the mother was very shocked and crying for her son and also crying for the somalis, the backlash. she was saying my son is gone but what i'm worried about is the rest of the somali community because there could be a collective blame where the community has nothing to do with it. >> as we all try to understand the why, why would someone do
11:35 am
this, i also asked this community leader about possible inspiration, was he inspired by somebody? did the mother know or have any clue or suspicions and the answer is no, brooke. he says the family is just as confused as everybody else. >> so while the motive is unclear, tell me about the police officer who jumped in and took him down. >> brooke, he is the hero in this case and in this university. he attended this university and he was interviewed by the university newspaper a while back when he joined the force and one of the things that stood out to me is that he was an engineering student and was so inspired by his work at the public safety office at the university that he switched majors, became a police officer and now imagine the blessings for all of the people that were perhaps saved because he
11:36 am
intervened. he was at the right place at the right time. two minutes, is what police say, it took him to stop the attacker. two minutes and for the people around him, they hail him a hero. >> two minutes is stunning and also the way the university sent that tweet and a text out to the students. it helped after talking to a couple of them. rosa, thank you very much in columbus. just a quick reminder to you, ohio state is holding a briefing at the victims of the attack. that's at the top of the hour, we want an update on how they're all doing. some of them still in the hospital so we'll bring that to you as it happens. next, donald trump is busy selecting top members of his cabinet, just spotted inside trump tower former vice president dan quayle. this as trump meets tonight with mitt romney. we also just learned who else will be at that dinner. more details coming up next.
11:37 am
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i wanted to play this video just one more time. next to kellyanne conway, former vice president dan quayle. he was bush 41's vice and perhaps there's a connection with mike pence. mike pence being or having been the governor of indiana and quayle having been a senator from indiana. maybe that's the connection. who knows. we wanted to make sure to play that for you. one other tidbit as far as secretary of state picks go. senator bob corker at trump tower meeting with trump and we know about a dinner between mr. trump and governor romney. there will be plus ones at the
11:42 am
dinner. ann romney will be attending as well as melania trump. read into that what you like. meantime, a head-scratching tweet from president-elect trump. it reads "nobody should be allowed to bern the american flag. if they do there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. yeah, that tweet raising a lot of questions, not the least what is this at all related to? i can tell you that declaration was sparked by an incident at a small college in new hampshire. miguel marquez is cnn national correspondent here with what exactly happened there. miguel, fill us in. >> reporter: well, look, there's two things happening here at hampshire college in amherst, massachusetts. one is that there's a lot of bad information out there as well. there has been reported that all flags across campus have been banned. that's not true. that's a campus building there, the alumni office for ham shire
11:43 am
college and there are flags flying there. there is a single flagpole, the main flagpole in the center of campus where they are not allowing the flag to be flown at the moment because the day after the election students at lowered it to half-staff during a protest, unhappy with the rhetoric of the election, unhappy with the election result. the next night which happened to be the very early morning of veterans day student, still unhappy, burned the flag, the president of the college a week later decided no flag on that flagpole until they have a dialogue across this campus to figure it out. this while veterans groups became very upset because the flag had been burned on veterans day, because it wasn't flying at this campus. on sunday they mounted a big protest at the campus and then donald trump's tweet in the middle of this has that has taken what started off as a student protest and turned it into a national conversation.
11:44 am
in 1989 and 1990 the supreme court ruled and affirmed you can burn the flag, that is, in fact, free speech and in the constitution. the only thing that could undo that is a constitutional amendment which the government could possibly do but that's an extraordinarily difficult thing to do. where all this leaves hampshire college is that they are having a series of discussions. i happened to run into the president of the college today who said, look, we're talking about this, we hope to have it settled. other officials at the school say hopefully in the next couple days the flag will go back up, students will get back to work and the college here will get back to the process of learning. brooke? >> miguel, thank you for the setup and the genesis of this. now to the tweet and trump. a number of critics are calling this tweet a bright shiny object. others say it's a red herring suggesting it's a distraction from trump's unfounded allegations of voter fraud or even perhaps a diversion from the cabinet picks he is making right now in his twrransition t
11:45 am
become our 45th president. whatever the reasoning, the tweet brings up important constitutional issues about the first amendment and the man to discuss them with is jeff rye to be bin and -- jeffrey toobin. we've heard from senator mccain, senator cruz, no one wants to see the american flag burned. >> of course. >> it's a deplorable act but you are protected within the first amendment. have people challenged that through the years? i imagine it has a checkered past. >> it was a hot issue in the '80s and '90s, flag burning. that was a big social issue people talked about a lot but the court settled the issue in 1989 and '90 with these very clear opinions that said as mump as we find this behavior distasteful, it's protected by the first amendment. there have been occasional
11:46 am
discussions of constitutional amendments to overrule the supreme court but they've never gotten very far. and certainly for the last decade this has been a settled issue which is why i think people were surprised by the president-elect's tweets last night. >> so it would take a constitutional amendment. i'm just thinking of -- i know there are people thinking is there any way or anything, he will be the president, that he could do? he's talked about opening up libel laws and tossing people into jail. if he doesn't like flag burning -- >> there's nothing he can do. >> there's nothing he can do. >> there's another legal mistake in that tweet which is -- >> throw the tweet back up again, please. >> here let's look at the tweet itself. "perhaps loss of citizenship." the supreme court has also said that that cannot bt a penalty for any crime. you can't be, you can't lose your citizenship. you can lose your right to vote, you can lose your freedom by going to jail but you cannot be sentenced to loss of your
11:47 am
citizenship which is just another aspect of the legal problems with the tweet but i don't think the president-elect is thinking deep legal thoughts about this. this is obviouslien issue people feel emotionally about even though it's sort of antique by this point. >> understand kbli so. >> absolutely and a lot of his supporters i think will be encouraged by this. what affect it has, what meaning it has, why he did it, greater minds than i will have to answer that question. >> i can't imagine that. >> like you. >> even the late supreme courtus antonin scalia who we've heard trump praise said flag burning is protected by the first amendment. here was the late justice in 2012. >> burning the flag is a form of expression. speech doesn't just mean written words or oral words. burning a flag is a symbol that expresses an idea.
11:48 am
>> does this go anywhere from here or riles up supporters and that's about it? >> you have to tell me what he's going to tweet next and then i'll tell you where he goes from here. >> i cannot do that. >> i bet you can't but i think the overwhelming likelihood is this will fade away. and his motivations, was he trying to detract attention away from something? it seems to me his cabinet selections are going as he would like so i don't know why he would be trying to detract attention from them. >> we're talking about it, four minutes worth, he 's the president-elect. jeffrey toobin, thank you very much. no smarter legal minds than you, by the way. coming up, more on this tragedy in the colombian jungle. the plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashes. more than 70 people killed but miraculously several manage to survive. what we know and this incredible cinderella story of this team. also ahead, we are back at trump
11:49 am
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the sports world is mourning after a plane carrying this popular brazilian soccer team crashes in colombia in south america killing nearly everyone on board. this accident brings an end to really the cinderella story of this underdog team that has captured the hearts of soccer fans around the world. cnn's senior latin affairs correspondent rafael romo tells their story. >> reporter: a devastating site. a colombian soccer plane crashed into the town in medellin. the aircraft was carrying 81 passengers and crew, including more than 20 journalists and the brazilian soccer team chapecoense.
11:54 am
search efforts have been difficult due to ruggled mountains. chapecoense was on their way to colombia to compete in the first leg of the south american cup finals. the team took a commercial flight from sao paulo, brazil, to santa cruz, bolivia, where they picked up this charter flight. they were headed to the airport in rionegro colombia when it went down. according to officials, the pilot declared an emergency a few minutes before the crash saying he was having an electrical failure on board. satellite images show scattered showers and thunderstorms moving through the area at the time of the crash which would have caused some in-flight turbulence. however it will take some time for investigators to determine the cause of the crash. the colombian air force had to abort their mission to the site due to poor visibility. chapecoense had just celebrated a win last wednesday. the team has been described as a cinderella story, having surprised many with their winning performance in recent
11:55 am
years, making it to ninth place in brazil's tier 1 league with. the brazilian national civil aviation agency says they denied the charter request of the low livian la mia corporation from sao paulo, brazil, to medellin, colombia. why? apparently it didn't comply with international regulations. rafael romo, cnn. >> rafael, thank you so much. coming up next, new faces at trump tower including former vice president dan quayle. here he is walking in with kellyanne conway. we're live outside trump tower at the top of the hour where we know cabinet selections are under way right now. we'll have the latest. also ahead, the 18-year-old somali immigrant who attacked his classmates on campus in ohio reportedly ranted about the treatment of muslims on facebook we have new details today on this 18-year-old and about the police officer who stopped him. i work 'round the clock.
11:56 am
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you're watching cnn hour two, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. let's begin with two member of donald trump's official inner circumstance who will are long time inside-the-beltway folks, the president-elect has chosen georgia congressman tom price to be health and human services secretary. congressman price is an ardent obamacare critic and is quite tight with the house speaker, according to the house speaker himself. here's paul ryan on the radio. >> what i'm excited about is tom price who is a very close friend of mine. tom price is one of the architects of replacing obamacare, of fixing health care. he's a surgeon, he