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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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but they want everyone to understand while we encourage them to express their feelings openly and publicly, to do it lawfully and peacefully. there is no excuse for violence, and we implore everyone to protest, to protest peacefully and to be respectful of everyone's rights. >> justin bamberg of bamberg legal. today is a, it's a bittersweet day, you know. we've been saying from the very beginning that we wanted to know the facts. he wanted certain questions answered, and we did get some of those answers today. but like you've heard from both chuck and eduardo, we're going to continue to look into this matter. while i have you, i wanted to really speak to you today to
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kind of talk about something that is equally as important as this, and, you know, we have a problem across this country. and regardless of the specific facts of any of these officer-involved shootings, everybody has to remember one thing, and that's at the end of the day, families are destroyed. when these things happen. right? ms. scott, her children, are innocent victims of a situation that should have never happened in the first place. this officer's family, they, too, are innocent victims of a situation that should have never happened in the first place. and it's important that we continue to work. when we look at eric garne gard and the officer of which is on trial right now for murder, look at chase sherman when we look at all of these other incidents that are happening time and time
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and time again, when are we as a country from a societal level to a policy level, going to say, enough is enough. let's work to actually address the problem, instead of reacting to tragedies that happen time and time again. you know? through the course of my involvement in officer-involved shootings i've had the opportunity to work with prosecutors in different states, and speak with individuals at the department of justice. speak with individuals at the white house under the obama administration, and i've seen progress in the last year and a half, two years. but we've got to continue that progress. we have millions. you want to know why there's unrest in charlotte? you want to know why people decided to take to the streets in anger, and it's not because they knew keith or because they knew raykia, it's because they have a pent-up frustration. they have this feeling that
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justice is some esoteric magical concept that only a select few people in this country have available to them. that is what we have to work on. we've got to change that. and i'm going to take this time right now to issue a challenge to president-elect donald trump, because with a new regime coming in, we will see a change in the department of justice. we will see a change in the way that policies are shaped in this country from the white house to congress. sir, please -- >> you are listening to the lawyers for the family of keith lamont scott, a man killed by police in september. we have just learned no charges are going to be filed against the officer, brently vincent. we learned that a sort time from the d.a. of charlotte-mecklenburg county police. hem oh hello to you and welcome to
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"cnn newsroom," i'm brianna keilar. we are following these charges of a police officer in charlotte, north carolina, who shot and killed a man back in september. a short time ago in charlotte, the d.a. from mecklenburg county, andrew murray, talked to reporters. he is talking about the shooting that happened september 20th. office confronting scott. they commanded him to drop a gun multiple times. a few seconds later, and captured on this video we need to warn you is graphic, scott is shot four times and he is killed. cnn's brian todd is in charlotte for us. we have our legal analyst danny savalas with us from new york, and then on the phone our law enforcement analyst sedrick alexander. brine, to y brian, to you first. break down the charges that the d.a. isn't seeking. break these down for us. >> if you bottom line reasons the d.a. gave, the officer in
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question, officer brently vinson felt under immediately threat according to the d.a. from keith lamont scott during that incident. laid out in great detail the incident, but a few things he mentioned really bear talking about right now. he said that scott ignored repeated commands, at least ten commands, for him to drop the gun. scott was inside his car when he first drew the gun, and the officers at that time saw him draw the gun inside his car. commanded him to drop the gun. yelled that he had a gun. at that point, the d.a. sdays that keith lamont scott took a deep breath, exited the vehicle with his gun and started to back away from it. the key thing asserted, keith lamont set, assessed the officers, looked at the other officers, looked back at vinson and vinson felt he was in immediate threat of being shot by scott.
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here is the d.a.'s announcement what he concluded. >> after thorough review and given the totality of the circumstances and credibility evidence in this case, it is my opinion that officer vinson acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. he acted lawfully. >> and, therefore, no criminal charges will be brought against officer brently vinson. i asked the d.a. if during that incident whether keith lamont scott actually raised his gun towards the officers. he said as far as everything they have been able to see is concerned he did not raise his gun, but still officer vinson felt under immediate threat and he thought he was going to be shot by keith lamont scott at that moment so he opened fire. also the d.a. sought to quell speculation other officers, the white officers on the scene, also fired at keith lamont scott. he said they did not fire. every piece of evidence shows it was only officer brently vinson who fired. four shots were fired.
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three of which hit scott, and all four of those bullets came from officer vinson's gun. >> a very important question that you asked. if he had raised the weapon, and the d.a. saying that based on all of the interviews and also on the photo evidence, they did not believe that to be true. all right, danny, so you've heard this announcement. we knew an announcement was coming. was this decision at all a surprise, or is this what you and other legal analysts were expecting? >> it's hard to say whether it was a surprise or not. but this really comes down to how the d.a. in this case looked at, really what should be divided into two issues. and the first initial decision to approach mr. scott and then secondly, the decision ultimately to fire upon mr. scott. and if we can even narrow it down more, this case really comes down to whether or not in an open-carry state holding a firearm out of the holster and down by your side is considered
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brandishing, such that police have the, have reason to fear for their safety. that's sort of the quandary that open-carry states put us in, because it raises the question whether or not a gun must be in the holster or it can be down by your side, so language as you're not waving or being aggressive with the firearm. other states require, with open-carry laws, require the firearm to be in the holster, but north carolina doesn't have that requirement. this is an issue reasonable minds can and do differ on in the law. >> seems like you have two issues that are coming up against each other, because we heard the d.a. saying, danny, that all of the research, there's a lot of research on reaction time or being able, for an officer shooting or someone who has a wen at their side and it being raids. he said the evidence show there's is a tie. which means that there was a reasonable assumption on the part of the officer that he was in danger, but at the same time,
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what you're saying about how you can hold a weapon in this state where the laws are as they are, these seem to be coming up against each other where you could have an officer feeling threatened and you could also have someone being within the bounds of the law and how they're handling a weapon? >> right. the second stage of the analysis, when the police shoot, there's more than simply having a firearm on his person, in the holster or holding it out. you also have them saying he's non-compliant by that point they are waefrt presence of marijuana giving more rise to reasonable suspicion or probable cause. we're not looking -- the time to shoot, we're not looking at simply whether he's holding the firearm outside or inside of holster. i think that analysis is relevant when we talk about the initial contact, and that is such a highly scrutinized area, that initial reason that police make the decision to approach and in this case disarm somebody
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especially in an open-carry state, where the mere presence of a firearm, without any other information, it does not necessarily give rise to reasonable suspicion or probable cause. >> i want to bring cedric in. as we understand, there were five officers who told, who told this man ten times to drop the weapon. right? we see in the video that all of this moves very quickly, though. so what do you make of this announcement as we know now the facts and have seen some on video of what transpired? >> well, let me say this, first. certainly our hearts and prayers go out to the family, and my heart and prayers also go out to the officer. on that particular day, who fired that deadly shot, and to his fellow officers there with him. i know that was a very difficult situation for him. but here's what we have to consider here, and we need to simplify this a little, brianna,
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too. it's becoming way too complicated. this was an incident where he had a gun in his hand. you had a number of officers saying to him, drop the weapon. drop the weapon. they don't know his mental health condition. they don't know his physical condition. they know that they have someone standing there with them with a gun to their side. and the fact that you have been repeatedly told, drop the weapon, any one of those officers senses a flinch, become threatened at that point after repeated, repeated drop the weapon and he ends up getting himself killed. now, remove the notion about open carry. that is something entirely different. he may have had the trite have an open carry in that state, but the moment he engaged police with a gun at his side, that created a whole different scenario. it is unfortunate for the victim. it's unfortunate for the families involved.
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here's another important piece. the state of north carolina, and that d.a. did an extraordinary job in going outside of themselves, going outside of the department. they brought in outside state investigators, a large number of them, as you heard stated earlier, who looked into this case. they didn't take six months or a year to review this case. they did it in an adequate amount of time, that would take to do a very good, thorough investigation, because not only are there communities watches, the entire world is watching. so the facts end up being what the facts are. we certainly do understand the climate in which we live in and the things that have been happening across this country with police-involved shootings. >> cedric, and that's really -- >> but we have to look at each case very much individually. >> sure. >> we can't lump them all together. >> sure. of course. i hear you on that, but, brian, part of this isn't just about this shooting individually. it is about frustration, and we
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saw that in charlotte in the days following the shooting where there were protests, someone was actually killed, and, of course, there's concern. we know police have taken precautions. they're concerned there are going to be demonstrations that could turn violent following this announcement from the d.a., and there's also another story line that i think many people are familiar with, and that is -- that there was speculation that keith lamont scott was unarmed and was actually carrying, according to an initial report from a family member, that he was holding a book. what we now know from the d.a. is they're saying that's untrue and also there were people who gave accounts on-camera, and later said to law enforcement that actually they did not witness the incident. so essentially what they were saying on camera had no place in truth. brian? yeah, i know you were following
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this. >> laid out several witnesses who said that they saw -- yes. they laid out several witnesses who they say said that they saw him with a book, that they did not see him with a gun and the d.a. said those witnesses later basically recanted their testimonies where they found they didn't have a good view of the situation. you talked about what the family claimed he did not have a gun, he had a book. the d.a. just said there was no reading book found in the car or near the scene. but that a composition book was found near the consol. so, again, that is, fueled a lot of the back and forth here. the claims and counterclaims, but, also, you know, as far as whether keith lamont scott had a gun. the d.a. lays out everything that he has found, in his investigation has found saying that scott did have a gun. the d.a. himself said none of the video actually shows his hands at the time. so that has also fueled some of the conjecture maybe scott did not have a gun. when the video doesn't show his hands, doesn't show the gun in
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his hands, a that fuels a lot of the back and forth and claim and counterclaim and said even today, they still can't tell from the video, from the video, he has gun. every other piece of evidence they have basically says that he had a gun. all of the officers who saw him said he had a gun, that he did not drop the weapon. >> all right, brian todd, danny savalas, cedric alexander, thank you to ale l of you. the story developing. we're waiting to see how the public rye sponds esponds to it and donald trump-elect announcement about his business. i work 'round the clock.
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ask your doctor if you're tresiba® ready. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ bravging news from washington today. looking at capitol hill. house democrats deciding to stay with california's nancy pelosi as their party's leader in the house of representatives. pelosi easily keeping her title of minority leader after a closed door election today. closest challenger, ohio's tim ryan. the final vote tally, 134-63. more names as well for more posts. more meetings and job interviews, more questions and, yes, more drama as president-elect donald trump prepares to take office and leave his corporate job, 51 days
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from today. trump has chosen two corporate titans. steve mnuchin and wilbur ross to head the treasury and commerce departments, but the morning after his posh dinner out with mitt romney, aides let it be known four candidates remain for secretary of state. whether romney is one of those, unclear. though many say he is. overnight trump tried to put to rest festering questions about his own global business ties and i want to bring in my cnn colleague phil mattingly with more on all of this. tell us about what he's trying to put to rest here, and if he really can. >> reporter: conflicts of interest. if you look at the president-elect and obviously the trump organization, we're dealing with something that doesn't have a lot of precedent when it comes to elected office at this level. he has a massive organization with serious international ties and what we've seen since november 9th, the day after elected president, is opportunities for a rife number of conflicts. based on calls with foreign leaders, on business partners in foreign countries.
9:21 am
the types of things that make ethics lawyers cringe. what the president-elect did this morning, tweeting in a series of four tweets stating in december in a couple weeks, december 15th, he'll hold a press conference with his children talking about removing himself "in total from his businesses." why do that? he wants in no way to have conflicts of interests. thesetweets answered zero questions about what he might chutly d actually do. he says, removing himself no total, out of operations or selling entire stake in all of this companies? two very different issues here. the former wouldn't be dahl actu actually doing much as all. the kwi bbig question, hand off children, implying he's going to do that, his kids are a., sitting on his transition team,
9:22 am
b., sitting in on talks with leaders. behind the scenes, trump advisers are working hard on this trying to untangle a nasty thicket. not totally sure how they'll end up doing it. no answers on specifics yet. but worth noting, talk to advisers saying repeatedly, voters knew this existed before they put him in office. a hint if we're expecting a hole s.e.a.l. whole sale reduction, probably have to keep waiting. it's important, the economic team announced this morning following the health care freedom yesterday and why it's important. the shiny object has been the secretary of state, paying a ton of attention to that, for good reason. the president-elect has gone through kwquietly announcing ke people on domestic policy, today, the economic side. mentioned steve mnuchin, ran a hedge fund, the national finance
9:23 am
chairman for the president-elect, the point person on the tax overall talked about repeatedly on the campaign trail and talk about wilbur ross. spearheading a lot of trade issues. keep a close eye on these two kri individuals. >> phil mattingly, thanks. talking now about the men in line to help run the u.s. economy with cnn business correspondent christine romans. we just heard from phil mattingly who mnuchin and ross are, but clearly, this is donald trump, who obviously voters knew, you know -- they considered his business acumen to be a benefit. >> right. >> i'm assuming many of the folks who helped elect donald trump are going to see the same thing with these two gentlemen, but at the same time, there's going to be some serious pushback, especially on the left. >> there's aualready pushback o.
9:24 am
elizabeth warren saying steve mnuchin is a terrible idea for treasury secretary. he profited from the financial crisis, somebody who worked at goldman sachs 17 years and the trump team had been really kind of slammed goldman sachs is bunch of times during the campaign saying people that worked at goldman sachs gutting the middle class. look, who is steve mnuchin? really important. 17-year career at goldman sachs, moved as hollywood producer there, a trump campaign finance chair. he has a more diverse portfolio than just a goldman sachs banker, to be clear. this morning telling reporters he is really knee deep in this tax reform that is issue number one and he and wilbur ross at commerce advising this president for some time, already working on ideas and priorities for the economy. they are already in the thick of it. wilbur ross is someone i've covered a very long time. known at the bankruptcy king. when an industry or company implodes, he sits back, steps
9:25 am
in, in the wreckage. picks up pieces and finds value there, and has been criticized as a corporate you have which are vulture at times and found value in beaten down industries like coal and steel and in fact represented the bondholders in the trump casino disaster a k k decade or two ago when donald trump was on the brink. both of these men have the trust and ear of donald trump, and it will be on trade wilbur ross will be a real point person for this administration, and wilbur ross is somebody with extensive international experience. knows how the international trade deems go. said we've made stupid trade deals and wants to get that fixed. >> can i ask, christine, about mnuchin? he is someone talking about obviously taxes and tax reform and a lot of that is reducing the seven different tax brackets down to three. >> yep. >> and he said that this is,
9:26 am
because some people who have analyzed donald trump's tax plan say this is going to help the wealthy. >> right. >> help corporations. he's saying actually there's not going to be -- they're going to reduce mortgage deductions, maybe charity deductions and not an absolute drop in taxes for the wealthy. is that really something he can guarantee, when you look at the math? >> so that has been the criticism, right, from some tax quarters looking at donald trump tax plan, sure, everybody gets a tax cut, but the rich would get the biggest tax cut and he pointedly today said, no. not designing it that way. not an absolute tax cut for the very rich to limit deductions on mortgage interests and preserve charitable donations. remember. you want people who are rich to give money away, and in many cases get a big charitable deduction for that. i mean, just the early review from the tax folks in and from sort of the budget experts is they like to see exactly how they'll do that. they don't know if you can
9:27 am
really, enough deductions, frankly, to offset the big tax breaks. that's what he is saying. saying this treasury secretary-elect, of course, has to be confirmed by the senate, he says he will make sure that the rich do not get a big tax break. it's the middle class that gets the biggest tax break. >> we'll see if that's a promise he can keep. christine romans, thank you so much. >> you're right. next, president-elect donald trump's announcement he's cutting ties with his business. will that claim calm fears over conflicts of interest? maybe not. we'll discuss that, next. since we started shopping at way first down! that's because with we can shop over 700,000 items go to to get low monthly payments and the credit you deserve. that's a touchdown, buttercup! ♪ ♪ oww!
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wall street but at press-elect tap add second generation wall street mogul for the all-important job the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin, third treasury secretary since the clinton years to come from goldman sachs. my panel cannot wait to weigh in on this. you look at these announcements, jake, what do you think of, is this donald trump bringing in those in his philosophy on business to try to create jobs? >> he talked about draining the swamp. i think he meant draining the swamp in new york. >> a different swamp. >> and not only is it mnuchin as treasury, we reported this afternoon gary cohn, president of goldman sachs, might be director of onb. loading his administration brazenly because he campaigned directly against this with insiders, not to speak of their
9:33 am
qualifications, they're all eminently qualified, measure it up to what he said, doesn't come close to matching. >> and the generals, too. either a lot seriously in the mix or have positions. a lot of wall street is general is represented here. change of subject. talk about mitt romney. i just think this is so fascinating where the secretary of state race, if you will, is, because he had dinner last night. a very public dinner. our jim acosta managed to sit three tables from them. live tweeted the whole thing. interesting stuff. i think we have a picture, if we could pull that up. you had romney commenting on what happened and this is what he said. >> it's not easy when i know that myself. he did something i try do and was unsuccessful in machining. he won the general election, and he continues with a message of inclusion and bringing people together, and his vision is something which obviously connected with the american people in a very powerful way.
9:34 am
>> how was that not groveling from a man who called donald trump a con man? >> i think crow might have been on the dinner menu last night. >> he had lamb chops but you might be right. >> but i think -- romney was trying to walk a fine line. and he didn't go back to what he had said during the campaign, which was that donald trump was a con man and that if he were in charge we should all be very worried about our lives. what he did and tried to thread the needle, and everybody knew what he was doing, was to look forward and say, oh, i was very encouraged by his speech on election night, and the more i get to know him, the more comfortable i feel. this is just a facade. rip it off. okay? we understand these guys are never going to be great friends. romney didn't have a lot of respect. but i believe that he wants this job. >> oh, he clearly wants it. >> because he wants to do the job for the country. not necessarily because he wants
9:35 am
to work for donald trump. >> an argument you have many republicans making but he is -- he was commending donald trump for inclusivity the day after donald trump tweets about how some folks should go to sgrjail they burn the flag. >> and trump will look very vengeful, if it does not go to romney. this is the second meeting, interview with romney putting him out there. romney would be, talking about it earlier, would be humiliated. it would be sort of astounding from both directions, if it didn't work out at this point. >> yeah. >> and maybe why there's such skepticism in romney world saying it's a 30% chance he'll get chosen, which i think seems a little low given the circumstances, and just given romney's qualifications. the state department is a massive institution with
9:36 am
employees all around the globe. rudy giuliani has had a pretty celebrated career but has not run an organization of that magnitude. that's important. >> that's why romney folks, who, by the way, have gone sort of dark. at least to me, after last night. >> they're in a holding pattern. >> very dark. don't forget, romney ran bank capital. romney is incredibly organized, detail-oriented, knows how to run big things and fix big things. look at the olympics that he ran. i mean, his qualifications are obvious. cares about foreign policy. just happens to disagree with donald trump on most everything. so the question that i have, including russia. so the question i have is -- is this a signal that donald trump is willing to outsource foreign policy? i don't know the answer to that question. >> well, he already tapped south carolina governor nikki haley for u.n. ambassador. >> uh-huh. >> ind kates this is an area trump is willing to bring in some of his, if not enemies,
9:37 am
critics. >> it's fascinating. jake, eric, gloria, leave it there. you'll be back. you'll be back, jake. it's sad, but happy ahead when you're back. coming up, the long list of generals that could end up in president-elect trump's administration. one could be up against romney for the secretary of state job. we're discussing that, next. so try new dishes like the new grand seafood feast, and the new wild-caught lobster & shrimp trio, with a lobster mac-and-cheese topped lobster tail. come treat yourself to feast fit for the season before it ends. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! meantime, back at trump tower, the secretary of state sweepstakes now down to four final implts all happening after president-elect's dinner meeting with mitt romney and following their sit down, romney spoke to the press and took a stunning 180. he lavished praise on trump, the man he once call add fraud.
9:42 am
joining us to discuss, cnn political commentator and former communications director for senate ted cruz, and also paul begala. you saw that meeting, but what i want to talk about, alice, is this idea that david petraeus a general, is up for this job as well. there are a lot of generals in the mix here. >> absolutely. and it shows there is a strong commitment to bringing on qualified leaders with experience to this role, and he's getting clearly the best of the best. the only thing that has been confirmed by the transition team is that there's four people in the running for this s.o.s. position. two confirmed, giuliani and mitt romney. the others, still not exactly certain who they would be, but joining the team that's already in place with jeff sessions leading the legal front, k.t. mcfarland, michael flynn. >> about what so many generals? >> good to have people with
9:43 am
experience that understand the real threat we have with isis and aren't afraid to stand up and do everything that needs to be done to fight it. look, we have fln, actuynn actu pushed out of the obama administration for calling isis what it is. these general have real-world experiences and understand the dangers faced abroad and that is valuable experience in that position and clearly donald trump recognizes and values what they bring to the table. >> i should sap the obama administration argues it was management issues. i suspect the truth is somewhere in between what you said and that. paul begala what do you think about this? if there are -- certainly i think folks in the pentagon might be encouraged by this, because they felt shut out here recently, when it comes to foreign policy and being heard by president obama. but what are your concerns, or do you even have any that there could be such a representation
9:44 am
by former top brass? >> well, it's certainly better than having people with no experience. alice makes a good point. famously during the campaign, donald trump said i know more about isis than the generals do. the super pacs ran that clip thousands of times, people showed people were troubleed by that. thought it was nuts that a reality tv star thought he knew more about war fighting than the generals. a very good thing that donald trump is looking at generals. the particular concern about general petraeus is, i guess you could do anything when the president-elect, but he excoriated hillary clinton for mishandling e-mails in a case that even the republican fbi director who tilted the election for trump said, no reasonable prosecutor to possibly bring a case against hillary. clearly not a crime. pa tretraeus was guilty a of cr pled guilty to it knowingly handing over classified
9:45 am
information to his biographer and lying to the fbi about it. he's paid his debt to society. if the president wants him to serve, the senate ought to vote on confirmation, but it's awfully hypocritical, wantin to lock hillary clinton up for something nowhere near a crime to someone who clearly did commit a crime. >> i want to talk, alice, about a decision hearing about donald trump, an announcement in the middle of december, sort of a going out of business announcement that he's going to be getting out of the family business. is it really possible, do you think it's going to assuage concerns, certainly his children are taking over, and it doesn't seem as if he'll divest all of his, i guess -- the benefits that he could receive through the business? >> look, i think it's good that he did put a timeline on it, to let people know that things are in the works. look, i mean he didn't rahn popsicle stand.
9:46 am
this is a multibillion dollar international corporation he has to work on severing ties to, and letting folks know that the legal team is in the works with handling the transition work, and the documents necessary need to turn over the power of this enterprise to the kids. i think it's important, and they made it quite clear they will outline every detail and answer all the questions associated with that on the 15th. and clearly, he paid a lot of money to run for president and lost a lot of money, and he made it quite clear that his priority right now is running the people's house. priority on the people's business, and not his personal business. and i think we're going to see that come december 15th with all of these questions being answered, and it's good, because this does need to be put to rest so we can look forward to january and the inauguration. >> quick, paul, before i let you go. voters may be okay obviously they lee elected donald trump, but it doesn't mean it isn't going to be a giant headache while in the white house? >> the biggest story of
9:47 am
transition, the biggest story of the trump presidency and may terminate the trump presidency prematurely. mr. president-elect, get out of the business. the ethical thing to do, sell all the assets, put the cash you make in a blind trust, put someone not related to you as the trustee and let he or she invest it in ways you don't know. the only way to keep our president from becoming embroiled in endless could lel. already the king of bahrain is renting out the hotel. when did that happen? amp donald trump was elected i. recall donations to the clinton foundation came under fire from bahraini donors. >> the clinton foundation go to keep poor people alive in africa. >> just saying, full circle. >> trump is pocket money. >> not comparing to charitable. think of the shoe on the other foot in some regards here, that's just the point i'm
9:48 am
making. paul begala, alice stewart, thank you to both of you. appreciate it. the election was a bitter pill to swallow for hillary clinton supporters. so bitter for some they're hoping it's not a done deal and they can sway the electoral college. i'll talk to an electoral voter next who says it's gone as far as death threats. look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app
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in the next couple of weeks, december 19th, to be exact, electoral votes will be cast and while being selected as an official elect sir a big responsibility it comes with hardships. that is especially true for michael banairian, a college student from michigan casting electoral vote for president-elect trump and joins us now. michael, thank you for taking the time out. appreciate it. i understand you received some messages, obviously lobbying from people and you've also received threats. tell us about this. >> yes. and thanks for having me, by the way. appreciate it. obviously, this election cycle was pretty divisive. unfortunately it's bled over into the weeks following the election and i have been
9:53 am
inundated with death threats, death wishes, generally angry message s trying to get me to change my vote to hillary clinton or another person and unfortunately, it's gotten a little out of control. >> but in michigan, i mean, aren't you required by law as an elector or the body of the 16 electors are required to cast their votes in a certain way? it's not as if you have discretion here, right? >> that's correct. if people would google it, they'd know a little more about the process, in the state of michigan we have laws that prevent faithless electors. so essentially what happens, if i tried to vote for somebody else, which could be clear i don't want to, but if i tried to, i would be removed and replaced by another elector. it's a pointless endeavor. >> what have people said to you? what are the threats? >> uh-huh. well, i've had people talk about putting a bullet in the back of my mouth. i've had death wishes of people just saying i hope you die. or do society a favor.
9:54 am
throw yourself in front of a bus. just a lot of angry, angry messages and unfortunately i think a lot of these people don't understand threats over the internet's threats. just because you're behind a keyboard doesn't mean they're not legitimate, and i hope people would start to realize that and also realize that, again, as electors for michigan specifically, we don't even have the power to change our votes. >> i want to talk to you about something former presidential candidate al gore, who as you know won the popular vote in 2000, obviously lost the electoral college. he's defended the electoral colleges and institution, but now he's not doing that. what he says, i've changed my mind on that. i do think it should be eliminated going on to say eliminated the electoral college "would stimulate public participation in the democratic process like nothing else we could possibly do. our democracy has been hacked.
9:55 am
pathetic how the system is not working today." you would argue that? >> it is working. it's a same he said that. it assures people from small states have a voice in this election process. the state of california, the state of new york, they have large populations, and they have the power to sway these elections, and they do have a voice in this process. california has 55 electoral votes. i think going to a national popular vote would silence so many voices across the country. so it's really disappointing to hear someone say that. especially an ex-vice president. >> certainly some of these people in the big states look at these -- certainly the early states in the primary system, and then some of the states in the electoral college system that are swing states, of course, it upsets them opposite what you're saying there, michael, but we certainly appreciate you being with us, and can i ask you quick, are you going to report to the police anything about the threats? >> yes.
9:56 am
actually, i just had a very nice meeting with my local police department, time add police report and we're doing more things going forward with that. >> michael, good luck with that. thank you so much, and next -- a member of the president-elect's transition team joins me to discuss his economic pics and the criticism that it's not really draining the swamp. after a break. le for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. join the millions who have already enrolled
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hello. i'm brianna keilar in nor wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. from wherever you're watching around the world, thank you for joining us. up first, donald trump vows to separate himself from his businesses to focus on the business of running the country. earlier today the president-elect tweeted, i will be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children on december 15th to discuss the fact that i will be leaving


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