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tv   New Day  CNN  December 7, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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japanese telecom giant. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with jessica schneider outside of trump tower in new york. good morning, jessica. >> the inclment weather could not stop donald trump from getting to those clouds in north carolina. it was a thank you rally where he largely stuck to script and also promising unity and also touting his business expertise and his election win. >> we will have two simple rules when it comes to rebuilding this country. buy american and hire american. >> reporter: taking his first first message to north carolina, the president-elect vowing to protect american jobs. >> we will defeat the enemy on jobs and we have to look at it almost as a war. >> reporter: donald trump, once again, taking aim at corporate america. the president-elect spent much of tuesday criticizing a government contract with boeing to build a new air force one. trump tweeting, costs are out of control.
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more than $4 billion. cancel order. it's unclear why trump attacked boeing, america's largest exporter or where trump even got that hefty price tag. boeing says it currently has $170 million development deal to study the new aircraft. >> i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. >> reporter: trump also touting his dealmaking skills. claiming credit for a month's old pledge by japanese telecom giant softbank . details of the deal have not been released. >> masa, great guy of japan. he pledged he is going to put $50 billion into the united states because of our victory. he wasn't investing in our country. $50 billion. 50,000 jobs. >> reporter: staying largely on message, a more controlled trump promising to fight terror and increase military spending. >> in my first budget report to congress, i am going to ask for the elimination of the defense
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sequester. >> reporter: trump officially announcing his secretary of defense pick, general mattis. touting his leadership during desert storm. >> i look forward to being a civilian leader so long as the congress gives me the waiver and the senate votes to consent. >> reporter: all this coming on the heels of a shakeup in the trump transition team. trump firing the son of national security aide retired lieutenant general michael flynn for pushing a baseless conspiracy theory that led a man to fire a rifle inside a washington pizza shop. jake tapper grilling the vice president elect over security clearances requested for flynn's son. >> you're downplaying his role, but you must be aware that the transition team put in for security clearance for flynn. >> i'm aware in talking to general flynn that his son was
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helping the scheduling, jake. >> you put in for security clearance for him. >> he's helping his dad arrange for and provide meetings. >> scheduling? >> i think that's the appropriate decision for us to move forward. >> and donald trump is back in new york city this morning. he'll attend a fund-raising breakfast and also meeting with outgoing governor who conceded that contested election down in new york later thearlier this w. on thursday in des moines iowa and on friday grand rapids, michigan. on friday he'll sunday the army/navy game. he'll sit half on the army side and the other half on the navy side. "new york times" alex burns. cnn political director david chalien and mj lee.
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mj, buy american, hire american. sounds great. from president-elect trump, did we learn anything more in this big speech about how he'll do it? >> look, one thing that was so striking about the substance of his speech last night is that president-elect trump is so similar in a lot of ways to candidate trump. for one, he was boasting to this crowd about the state that he won on oelection night. he's sort of reveling in that and when he was talking about the substance and the policy proposals, they were a lot of the same policy proposals that he was talking as a candidate. this is so interesting because you would think that now as president-elect he might be a little bit more conscious and actually wanting to walk back some of othose promises because he doesn't want to be overpromising. but the setting in which he loves to be in the most where he's looking out at the crowd and knows that his supporters are there for him, he sort of can't get past enjoying that so much and wanting to sort of please the crowd. i thought that was really striking. >> before we get to all the
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dealmaking that he's announced, let's talk about another, general mattis being called out. that was the first time, david, that he was seen side by side with one ofpicks. why is that significant? >> i think he's quite proud of this pick. wow, this guy with these credentials is willing to come on my team. >> and i'm going to be his boss as commander in chief. >> i think there's some of that. all the other cabinet picks of white house staff have been via press release. he wanted to visually attach himself to mattis. he loves the "mad dog" nickname. we'll hear that. you now have mattis which is being well received across the aisle, as well. now the third leg of the stool of the secretary of state grows in important oance as people wait to see where the temperament of that triad, if you will, how that settles.
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>> perception is reality and strength is what trump is trying to predict. does he get the waiver? >> i think it's very, very likely he does and probably in short order. this is a place where democrats in theory thought they could have some leverage over policy over trump's other cabinet picks because the only place in the assembly of this cabinet where trump needs to clear a 60-vote threshold anywhere on passing that waiver. the reality is just on the substance of mattis pick as a person and contender, he is probably the most reassuring person for people across the spectrum that trump has put forward. >> the reason they put into law is you didn't want a military perspective on all notions of defense. one of the rare times that you had the government set up a law to create a clear division. why doesn't mats emphasize the need for that as opposed to make it go away? >> i think the reality is if you had almost any other republican
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elected, you would probably hear more debate over the substance of this question on civilian military control. but when the sevilcivilian is d trump a lot of democrats and even republicans who don't particularly care for trump find the idea of having general mattis in the situation room a lot more reassuring than donald trump and mike flynn. >> let's talk about some of the deals that he is announcing and taking credit for. the boeing thing is very interesting because this is about air force one planes. he said he is going to save the country $4 billion because he said i don't need them or at least let's look at the cost. regardless of what the numbers are, this is refreshing. this is what his voters wanted. shake up the government spending. any sort of government waste. at least talk about it. in other words, just don't say yeah, we need two new planes. he's questioning it. >> maybe refreshing in tone, but i think it's important to point out that for a lot of folks in the private sector, watching all
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of this unfold, especially seeing this tweet that seemed to sort of come out of no where it's still unclear why he sent that out. perhaps it was -- >> boeing is wibuilding a brand-new 747 air force one for future presidents. cancel order. >> possible he put this out because he saw the head of boeing saying something negative about his trade policies. sort of unclear. for folks watching this happen and seeing the president-elect conduct himself in this way y think there's a little bit of a precedent that he is potentially setting up in which he singles out companies in public by name, specific companies and sort of airing his grievances. and on the other side of that, we've seen that happen sort of the other way, too, right. with carrier. patting them on the back for saving these jobs and not sending them abroad. walking out with some affiliated with softbank at the lobby of trump tower and saying, look
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what a great job they're doing. >> they're going to create 50,000 jobs, he said. >> he saids the realities where we need to come in. david, look at the carrier deal. everyone is giving him a pat on the back and now the head of carrier coming out and saying we're not saving all those jobs. the numbers are now less. and now you have companies that can ask for inducements. what is the difference between an insurgent who sounds good and alisyn refreshing and then once you get in, can you make it happen? >> well, that is the question. we don't know the answer to that. we have to allow. we can't judge that before the results are in. that's the thing. he is always going to propose things and disrupt things as he's doing. we're all going to put the context of this is unprecedented. this is why we know people have not thought this way before. but, we need to actually wait and see the results to see if the new way of trying something actually does work. >> what do you do when the
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carrier deal comes to pass and turns out they're sweating more jobs than the number of jobs they're keeping. >> there's still hundreds. >> 1,100 jobs. >> they'll say that's a success, right? isn't that how they spin it? >> the problem is when every economist says it's not a success and dangerous way to grow job growth. do you see a learning curve, okay, this carrier deal and now we have six other companies asking for millions in gifts. do you see a growth curve potential? >> if companies stop buckling to the pressure that trump is trying to put on them or engaging in some sort of negotiation and it's not effective for him. you'll judge that as a failure. >> is it even a buckle to get $7 million in inducements, alex. they keep several hundred jobs. they feel the numbers are still soft and they're still getting to send most of their jobs across. that's not how you save the manufacturing base. >> for a lot of folks,
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conservative economists the concern is less that the companies will eventually stand up to trump and more that trump will not stand up to the companies more aggressively than he is here or set a broad policy that makes it tough for these companies to send jobs overseas because right now you could just have, you know, any company with a manufacturing facility in the midwest could float the idea of moving it to mexico or veietnam and shake it down for tax break breaks. >> guys, stick around. we have many more questions for you. he never mentioned president-elect donald trump by name but when president obama delivered his final message to the troops he was sending a clear message to his successor. athena jones is at the white house with the latest. what is the latest? >> in a wide-ranging speech yesterday president obama touted his administration's accomplishments in the fight against terror groups. the killing of osama bin laden, the weakening of al qaeda and the progress made so far against
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isis. and while he didn't mention president-elect trump by name, he did press his case for closing the prison at guantanamo bay and for maintaining the ban on torture. these are two areas where his views are clearly at odds with the president-elect. he also talked about the need to uphold american values during this fight against terrorism. like following the rule of law and protecting civil liberties. not making decisions based on fear. here's some of what he had tasay about that. >> adhering to the rule of law is not a weakness in the long term, it is our greatest strength. the whole object oive of these terrorist is to scare us into changing the nature of who we are and our democracy. and the fact is that nations and people do not make good decisions when they're driven by fear. >> this is a theme we heard from the president during the campaign, as well. he was concerned about the tone of much of the rhetoric coming
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from the now soon to be president. but i can tell you the white house says that this speech was in the works since before donald trump was elected. so, it wasn't a response to him or written for him. but it's clear these are two leaders with very different views on how to approach these views and the president wanted to make this opportunity for why he believes his approach is best. chris? >> athena, thank you very much. let's take a quick break here. the headline is fired. the son of a national security adviser to trump's transition team is out. why? because he was pushing stupid conspiracy theories. that's why. now his father, general michael flynn, is also coming under fire. could his job be in jeopardy? does he have to come out and explain what he did? our panel breaks it down.
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tand the alzheimer'sf association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. retired lieutenant general michael flynn will head to the white house today to meet with national security adviser for the first time. this after flynn's son was fired from president-elect trump's transition team for spreading conspiracy theories. let's bring back our panel.
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so, i guess some conspiracy theories do go too far and the suggestion that there was some sort of ring being operated out of a pizzeria was too much. >> that crossed the line. i give the trump team credit for dealing with this pretty quickly. all the conversation. i said it on our air on monday. they're going to have to deal with this. you cannot -- >> let that one hang. >> they dealt with it pretty swiftly and, listen, he didn't have a huge role in the transition. not like they're going to upend their world. but the guy you just named your national security adviser, not an easy thing. i think they did it very quickly. >> the concession the rules once you are elected and in office are really different in the campaign. you can't hide behind, well, i'm vulnerable on this. check out hillary clinton who also did these things. you're judged on your own and the american people look for something different in a president than they do even for
3:19 am
a candidate from president that is a baseline level of professionalism. that trump staff deurg the campaign really struggled to clear and that his staff in the white house is absolutely going to have to meet. >> i will stay on flynn sr., the father. i don't know if there is anything anyone can do to force trump's hand on that one. >> he, too, has put out fake news and conspiracy theories. he tweeted them, as well. >> if he strips everyone from around him who retweeted or put out on social media, yeah, he's going to be a lonely man. >> this is not a senate-confirmed position and what we saw from donald trump over and over again through the campaign is once he decides that someone is loyal to him and that they're sort of on his team, he's pretty redsent to keep them away. >> you think that they're going to put him out and let him defend himself?
3:20 am
>> maybe at some point. it wouldn't be the worst thing for flynn. the trump transition team thinks that is the best thing right now. to draw more attention to that. >> hud pick. he has picked mr. ben carson and there was controversy about that. armstrong williams his good friend said he was not qualified to lead any government agency and since back pedaled on that. >> despite having stopped the presidency. >> great reminder. thank you for that, david. here is what ben carson himself said about the housing and development agency. in july of 2015, he wrote a "washington times" op-ed "there are reasonable ways to use housing policy to enhance the opportunities available to lower-income citizens but experiments in this country, entrusting the government to get it right can be dangerous." >> an ideological battle.
3:21 am
remember, the democrats don't have votes to stop donald trump from fulfilling his cabinet. it will be a lot of noise perhaps than actual results for democrats. >> i mean the policy. forget about the controversy around it. the policy. what do we know about what he thinks about hud. >> donald trump's white house will set the policy more than ben carson will himself at hud. but we do know that he is not somebody who is emersed himself in the policy of housing. of urban centers. the populations that are served by the government there predominantly are not at all part of the political base that brought donald trump to the white house. and we know that his policy positions on these issues are completely at odds. it's ideological and partisan and just at odds with a lot of the core mission that hud has been serving. >> and for ben carson, right, this was not a guy. i don't know if david is being just a nice man in general, but ben carson was not a guy who
3:22 am
immerged himself, he'd get asked a question about syria and do a monologue on political correctness. those will be a real test of his familiarity with the department he is going to run. whether he does have an agenda for hud or whether this just just general disposition and basically everyone trump is putting in government. >> the simple fact is that dr. ben carson has not shown any understanding of what hud is. he seems to talk about it as if it only houses poor people. that's what hud does. that's not even close to the truth. so many mortgages go through that agency and all the interfaces with fannie mae and freddie mac in terms of how it works. is being loyal enough and will it matter at the end oof the day? >> certainly it's been enough for donald trump and enough for him to choose carson, but, you know, as alex was saying, you have these flashback back to the
3:23 am
debate when it was so clear that carson did not understand some of the basics of policy, especially when you're trying to run for president. those confirmation hearings, he's in for a big surprise. >> good news the 2020 race has begun. we recession proof here. vice president joe biden has been putting his name out there and people have been asking him. here's a moment from last night. >> i'm a great respecter of fate. i don't plan on running again, but to say you know what's going to happen in four years, i just think is not rational. >> that is the sound of a door creaking open is what that is. >> well, look, i can't see the circumstance in which i'd run, but what i've learned a long, long time ago, stephen, is to never say never. you don't know what's going to happen. hell, donald trump is going to be 74, i'll be 77 and in better shape.
3:24 am
>> he keeps dancing with it. he's enjoying this. >> this is somebody who is not wanting to leave the public stage and the public arena when he sees that january 20th date on the calendar all that easily. he wants to definitely stay in the game. >> when you talk about the different historic dynamics at play in 2016 one was the barrier around expectation and age vanished. you had a 75-year-old president and there idea of a 77-year-old running is not as outlandish as it was two years ago. >> thank you very much. nearly 100 people killed. dozens more still trapped beneath rubble. we're talking about this devastating earthquake that is rocking indonesia overnight. there is new information. we'll give it to you, next.
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time now for the five things to know for your new day. number one, president-elect donald trump formally introducing general james mattis. he is the nominee for defense secretary. he did it at this big rally, part of the thank you tour in
3:29 am
north carolina. the president-elect also taking cred for a month's old $50 billion investment deal with a japanese conglomerate and calling out boeing for its deal on air force one. president-elect trump firing his national security adviser's son from his transition team for pushing the crazy pizza gate conspiracy theory on twitter. flynn's son was the top aide for his father, retired lieutenant general mike flynn. syrian rebels in aleppo calling for a five-day humanitarian cease-fire. they are hoping to evacuate civilians to safer areas. this push comes as government forces have taken three quarters of east aleppo from those rebels. a 6.5 magnitude earthquake rocks indonesia. this struck as morning prayers got under way. houses, shops and mosques under rubble. a louisiana man is now facing manslaughter charges days after the road rage shooting of
3:30 am
nfl player joe mcknight. authorities say they needed time to iron out legal concerns. the suspect claims he acted in self-defense. he was initially released with no charges. >> oh, my gosh. for more on the five things to know, go to for all the latest. so, president obama is planning to hand off the war on terror to donald trump. he has a warning for his successor. what is it and will it be heated? next. lend him a helping hand. ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you?
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the war on terror is going to change, we are told. the question is, will it be for the better? president obama and president-elect trump expressing different ideas in dueling speeches just yesterday. take a listen. >> we don't want to have a depleted military because we're all over the place fighting in areas that just, we shouldn't be fighting in. >> i've also insisted that it is unwise and unsustainable to ask our military to build nations on the other side of the world or
3:35 am
resolve their internal conflicts, particularly in places where our forces become a magnet for terrorists and insrnl aninsrn insrnlancies. >> they sound similar there, but what will happen going forward? nicholas burns and former george w. bush political director matt shlapp. looking at the macro, matt, trump's case is we should stay out of situations that we are now in and obama hasn't done that. make the case. >> yeah, first of all, you know, he's not the president yet. i'm not so sure we know what the trump doctrine is going to be. but i do think it is a return to an idea of something george w. bush introduced at the beginning of his administration which was a more humble foreign policy. a foreign policy that uses the military, you know, in careful ways. now, of course, his administration was completely overtaken by events and we're
3:36 am
all dealing with the kind of post-9/11 reality. and the post-iraq invasion reality and it is an open question to see how trump is going to handle these very serious questions. >> nick, it's interesting that that's exactly what defenders of the obama strategy would say. i was with him in cairo when he gave his speech to the muslim world saying we're going to stay out of this and america and its alliances is not here to solve your problems. the same was equally true about the obama administration. events abroad often dictate your options. can you say early on oin the presidency as trump is doing right now, we're going to stay out? >> i agree with matt, you have to be humble. but events have a way of interfering with campaign promises. the fact is that president obama has delivered, i think, in a way that president bush did a war on terrorism which is to use special forces, to use drone
3:37 am
technology, not to try to engage hundreds of thousands of american troops in the desert and in the middle east. he learned that lesson from president bush from our problems in iraq and to a lesser extentd in afghanistan. but this war against terrorism, chris, will continue most military experts believe for the next 10 to 15 years. so, you have to have the capacity and the toughness to prosecute that war in the horn of africa and in the middle east and west africa. local forces have to do much of the fighting as they are in places like afghanistan or mali, but zee to be there. i hope president-elect trump will reaffirm and also to support our allies in nato and east asia because he spent most of the campaign denigrating them. >> let's put up some graphics that we have, matt, to show the two different philosophies. you can read them at home. the highlight is here when it comes to strategy, which is, we don't really know, as you said,
3:38 am
matt, what trump is going to do in terms of boots on the ground. not on the ground. it's early. when you look at interrogationi there's a difference there. trump said he did not. he thought he should do even more than what was being done before. and then, of course, there's a language difference on islam. president obama believes that you don't say it because you're giving the terrorists what they want is co-opting your own election and weakness. what is your take? >> i think we should call the enemy by its accurate description and this is a war with radicalized islamists. to say anything other kind of demonstrates certainly to the american electorate, but i think to those moderate muslims who are fighting these radicalized elements that we somehow don't get it. >> hold on, matt, i think we both know moderate muslims do
3:39 am
not like you using the term anything attached to islam because they say it's not islam. don't take people who and give them ownership of it. they don't like it. just to correct that. >> i understand the thelogical conversation. but i think they also understand that america needs to understand that there is a radicalized element that they're dealing with in their own communities and in their own homes and in their own countries. they are the onces that are persecuted, much more even than americans are. we have to connect to them. i don't want toby disrespectful of folks who are fighting this in their own countries. but by the same token, it is what it is. when it comes to enhanced interrogations, the law is the law and the law was changed by congress. and these techniques are no longer legal. i do think it's smart for a president to simply not discuss in great detail what he or she would either do or not do in these circumstances. i think less is more.
3:40 am
all options are always on the table when it comes to defending america and i like the fact that donald trump is simply, you know, from this point forward, shouldn't comment too much on these questions. >> nick, final word from you. what is the guidance going forward? >> as president obama said yesterday this is not a war against islam. on torture, senator john mccain's against torture. the great majority of oour military officers are against torture. it's illegal and it's unamerican and general mattis, donald trump's defense secretary nominee has spoken out against torture and convinced donald trump to reconsider donald trump's ill advised comments on the war in the campaign. >> nicholas burns, matt schlapp, thank you for the perspective, as always. join us for a cnn special, "the legacy of barack obama." fareed zakaria sits down with the president to discuss it all.
3:41 am
you can see their conversation tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. i'm about to read something that i have no idea what it means. who knew that changing one's socks could be such a big deal in baseball. details on the trade that rocked the hot stove in this morning's bleacher report. chris understands it. >> it actually all makes sense. >> it all makes sense. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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the sox, the boston red sox have won the most prized free agent in professional baseball. coy wire has this in this morning's bleacher report. this is a big headline, my friend. >> yes, it is, chris. with one swift move a team becomes a juggernaut. you have chris sale easily the most sought after changing his socks from white to red. chicago is going to get some big-time prospects from boston, but now the red sox starting pitching rotation is absurd. they have rick porcelo, david price who is a five-time all-star and now sale. they're so loaded that the yankees gm has called them the golden state warriors of baseball. they're loaded. vegas agrees. they went from 10-1 to 5-1 favorites to win the world series after making that trade for sales. perhaps the nfl game of the week is tomorrow night. raiders and chiefs in kansas city for a pivotal nfc matchup.
3:46 am
oakland has been the surprise team of the season. they're 10-2, but they haven't been able to beat the chiefs the last four times they played. the raiders know that this is going to be a big one. >> everyone asks, you know, they have beaten you this many times and these things and all that. when i'm preparing for these guys, it never goes through my head. >> we know what's at stake for one this season. and, again, they just stand in the way of ooour goal ooour goa winning the division. >> this used to be one of the most heated feuds in all of the nfl. there was screaming and punching and with all that's on the line with this one, tomorrow night's game is going to be fun to watch. >> thank you for that tease, coy. >> you're welcome. up next, how are people feeling about donald trump and the 2016 election one month later? three people featured in last night's primetime special "the messy truth" will be here with
3:47 am
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we hope you got a chance to see jan jones' primetime special last night called "the messy truth" about the 2016 election. if you missed it, there were many memorable moments but one in particular between an undocumented woman originally from mexico and former republican senator rick santorum. people continue to talk about it this morning. watch this. >> i actually earned a degree in mechanical engineering. i have a career in the technology sector. i stand to lose all the work that i've done. if the new administration decides to end doca, which is the program that allows undocumented individuals, like myself, to have the ability to work. i'm going to be removed from the communities that i've contributed to so much. how would you advise somebody
3:52 am
like me for planning my future and what lays ahead? >> most people in america feel that you've been given a tremendous benefit by being here in this country. you have the ability to go to any other country right now. and apply those wears and be successful and reapply to come back to america if you so choose. >> all right. joining us now is that young woman a so-called dreamer brought to the united states when she was 7 by her parents. scott sites a two-time obama voter who voted for trump this time around and his wife also a democrat who did not vote for hillary clinton. you guys were terrific in the special. all of you. i know this isn't easy stuff to talk about and we appreciate you talking about it so publicly. elizabeth, what happened after that moment with senator santor santorum? what happened during the commercial break?
3:53 am
>> i think i needed to take some pause and step away for a moment. it was definitely an emotional moment. one of the things that stuck within me is him saying i was given an opportunity to receive a lot from this country. but the thought that came to mind is that i have given so much and this country has received so much from me and it is something that, i think, was not acknowledged at all. so i took time to really take a moment and not let that get tame. >> you were having an emotional reaction after he said that. he also said, well, go, to any other country. i don't know if that's practical advice. what did you think when you heard that? >> i was very disappointed. i've built a reputation in my community and strong ties to my community and just get up and go it shows a lack of consideration. for me it's like, yes, i can go up and build a career anywhere else at this point. i think i've learned a lot. i struggled a lot and i've
3:54 am
learned to make do and contribute wherever i go. but i think that just shows just like no appreciation for what i've contributed. >> also, just to be clear, you were 7 years old. you were brought here through no choice of your own. you didn't know you were undocumented until years later. you have always believed that you are as american as anyone else. but it was really interesting to see all of that play out. did you take away anything that you will change moving forward from this conversation? what can you do since you didn't feel you got your question answered? >> no, i just feel like he didn't acknowledge what i've contributed. it was something that was an oversight and the response that i got. but, i enjoy taking part of the conversation. i had a conversation with a supporter the other aisle who in the beginning wasn't as comfortable with my case but was supportive afterwards. presenting the story and that was something that was really
3:55 am
valuable i took away. >> you guys are life-long democrats, but this time around, you, scott, voted for donald trump and you sat it out. how did hillary clinton lose you? >> she didn't clear give me the reasons to vote for her. i think, actually, both of their negativity against each other just made it to where i could not consciously vote for either one of them. >> it turned you off. so much a commercial would come on and i just left the room. i couldn't listen to it any more. negative. >> scott, understood, a lot of people felt it was too negative. scott, how did the democrats fail you? >> i believe they concentrated more on the special interests and the working class. the blue collar worker. the united auto workers and steel workers. we feel we are the ones who put democrats in office and for her to come through and completely
3:56 am
forget about us, it was very hurtful. >> when you say completely forgot about you. what could she have done? >> not only come to the valley, but see what we have as far as our infrastructure goes. we have a lot of areas that were very mill oriented. united auto workers. in my area united auto workers and united steel workers are a big part of our area and everything trickles down from that. she was more concentrating on special interest groups and she completely forgot about the blue collar worker. >> you mean like -- there were more cultural issues that she was talking about and not just manufacturing and -- >> exactly. >> what do you think donald trump will do for you? >> i believe his speech on creating more jobs, the lower taxes, the higher tariffs. that actually helps small businesses, which is me. i'm certainly hoping so anyways. >> do you think that factories will reopen and manufacturing in
3:57 am
your area will come back? >> well, that's the problem. a lot of the places in my area have not only closed, but completely been torn down. so, we have a lot of empty land. >> so where does that leave you? >> that's why we're here. we're trying to get some help for the rust belt area. we had about 70 major companies in the entire rust belt area that have completely closed and we need to stop the bleeding. >> what did you want hillary clinton to say? what were you looking for? >> i was looking for, clearly, her, what she was -- her policies. it wasn't clear tame. as a special ed teacher i like things to be given, straight forward. she was too busy battling with trump and letting me know what she is going to do for us. >> you guys were in the audience last night. you saw the exchange between
3:58 am
elizabeth and senator santorum. what day what do you think of that? what do you think of his position versus hers? >> i didn't like his position versus hers. i said each person should be looked at individually and each case, you know. it should not be a blanket, you know. everybody's here. they can contribute to our society. they should not be -- if you're a criminal, yes. i think they should be treated different than someone who is being a person in society. >> what did you think, scott? >> i think it would be horrible for this young lady to have to leave our country. she came over here at 7 years old. grew up with family and friends. made a very productive position for herself. she's a fantastic young woman. i can't imagine her having to leave the states. i would like her to stay. >> thank you. >> that must make you feel good. we really appreciate all of you
3:59 am
sharing your lives and your personal stories with us. we know that it was emotional and not easy, but thank you for coming forward and talking about all this. w we will check in with you throughout the course of this coming year. what is your take on this, tweet us at newday. we're following a lot of news this morning, let's get right to it. >> buy american and hire american. >> donald trump taking aim at corporate america. >> he's going to put $50 billion into the united states because of our victory. >> michael flynn jr. has repeatedly dabbled in conspiracy theories. >> his son was helping him, but that's no longer the case. >> "mad dog" plays no gauges. >> terrorists can kill innocent people. >> our brave men and women are the first in line against radical islamic terrorism.
4:00 am
words that some people don't like to say. >> they are thugs and murderers and they should be treated that way. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. president-elect trump promising to put america first by c. appearing for the first time also with one of his cabinet picks defense nominee general james mattis. trump also selling his skills as a dealmaker in chief taking aim at corporate america and taking credit for attracting $50 billion from japanese telecom giant. a deal agreed upon before he was elected. we're just 44 days away from inauguration day. let's begin our coverage with cnn jessica schneider live outside trump tower in new york. he may not be president officially yet, but he is certainly already doing the job. >> he is, chris. making some announcements and holding some rallies. donald trump is back in new york city this morning after fighting through the inclement


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