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tv   New Day  CNN  December 9, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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from nbc while president of the united states. we have it all covered for you. let's start with cnn's sunlen serfaty live in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. this is unchartered territory for a president. after donald trump takes the oath of office, the nation will have a has his name listed in the credits of a reality show. trump hits the road in full force defending the people he's chosen for his cabinet. reveling in a crowd of thousands in iowa. >> you like it so far, everybody? >> reporter: president-elect donald trump defending his cabinet appointments. >> i want people to make a fortune because now they're negotiating with you. >> reporter: touting the success of some of his healthy picks. >> no different than a great baseball player or a great golfer. >> reporter: including carl's jr. and hardee's jr. to head the
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labor department. he's against expanding overtime pay and increasing the minimum wage. >> states have every right to decide what the minimum wage should be. i have been opposed to minimum wage increases that killed jobs. >> reporter: trump saying that he will "save small businesses from the crushing burdens of unnecessary regulations." meantime, scrutiny is growing over trump's pick to head the epa, oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt. >> he is a climate science denier. >> reporter: trump echoing pruitt's call to rule back regulation. >> we are going to end the epa intrusion into your lives. >> reporter: and doubling down on campaign promises, including immigration. >> i've used the expression extreme vetting. extreme, oh, it's going to be extreme. big, beautiful doors. >> reporter: trump also calling
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for improving u.s. relations with china. >> they haven't played by the rules and i know it's time that they're going to start. >> reporter: as he formally rolled out his pick to be u.s. ambassador to china. iowa governor terry branstad a long-time friend of the chinese president. >> a man who knows china and likes china. better to like china if you're going to be over there. do we agree? >> reporter: two big announcements coming next week. potentially the president-elect's choice for secretary of state and a news conference on thursday to address potentially backing away from his family business. ♪ but the incoming president is keeping his ties to "celebrity apprentice" the nbc reality show he launched nearly 15 years ago. sources tell cnn that he will stay on as executive producer of the show and continue being paid when he is in the oval office. raising more questions about the growing list of business
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conflicts and the presidency. the president-elect will meet with west virginia senator joe manchin a democrat potentially being considered for a cabinet post and then trump will spend most of the day on the road. he will be in louisiana for the state republican party get out of the vote rally and on to michigan tonight for another stop on his thank you tour. >> thanks. let's bring in the panel. political anchor for spectrum news errol louis and selena zito and david gregory. errol louis, keeping his title of the show of a show that he created is a problem because, dot, dot, dot. >> people don't quite understand what it means. this is a passive income. this is something -- >> this is money he gets for not doing anything actively. >> it's almost the equivalent, i would think of, as being the co-author of art of the deal. he is the co-owner of the show. if the show does well.
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he will get a check. the same way as if the -- he's got a name on about a half dozen books, really. if those books sell, he gets royalty. the same is true for president obama. the same is true on books he co-authored. i'm not sure there will be a problem unless people think they can influence the president by doing something with the show. buying ads on the show or something like that. but that remains to be proven. >> david, first of all, how do i get money for doing nothing? that's my first question. second, i think the conflict is this is an nbc show and nbc news will be covering the president. is that a conflict? >> i'm going to let the good people of nbc news figure out whether they have a conflict or not and had a deal with that with the president. i think the larger issue is this. i think errol is right, this is passive income. it's really about the office of the presidency. it's about the institution of the presidency and how does it look. donald trump does not need this
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money. why not divest from it. ronald reagan insisted upon wearing his suit jacket in the oval office. such was his respect for the oval office and for the presidency itself. i worry that donald trump doesn't have the same respect for the institution. when he uses twitter to bully people in 140 characters. i think that's a concern. and i don't think it's befitting of the office. that's not elitist talk, that's not inside the beltway talk. that's american talk on how we view the presidency. i just think this is another example of him not caring as much about the optics of it when perhaps he ought to think about it a little bit more. >> selena, who he wants to please. what is the case that can be made that according to his support group, they know that he's the ep, they know he's rich. they know what we're calling conflicts and they're okay with it. >> right. look, he's giving us, us meaning the american electorate, exactly what we asked for.
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voters said they wanted change. and they don't mind this different approach as he enters the white house. now, if a problem arises and begins to show great conflict i'm sure or i would suspect he would devest of having his name on that. but, you know, this is what the american people asked for. they knew what they were getting into with this guy. they knew he was completely unconventional and for the moment they're willing to ride it out to see what happens. >> but let's just be clear that what the american people -- this was a very close election. so, this is a great big country. and a great big electorate. i agree with selena 100%, there is a aspect of donald trump that i think actually pleases a lot of people the more he bucks convention. but i think that's a separate matter from his own, his own adjustments that he makes to really assuming the office and
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everything that that means. i don't know that he's really thought through all of these things and he might, he might change over time the way he views some of the choices he's making now, once he's in the job. >> i want to move on to some of his picks for his cabinet. so we now know for labor he has picked andy puzner. the ceo of carl jr. burgers, hardy's he is against any sort of minimum wage hike. he is for modernization in terms of replacing him with robots. but he might be best known for these commercials. watch this. >> if i must. wait for it. >> wait for it. it's worth it. ♪ >> i know what you're thinking.
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>> they say three's a crowd. >> i think we've seen enough. the director doesn't think so. so, errol. >> full disclosure. i was close to being cast in that ad. >> i'll never understand that. he says i don't think there is anything wrong with a beautiful woman in a bikini eating a burger and washing a bentley or a pickup truck or being in a hot tub. >> i've never seen the ad before so this is entirely new to me. i think the issue the trump administration is going to have to deal with if he becomes the secretary and becomes the face when it comes to this level of sector, you have him on the other side of much of what trump supporters want. they want better working conditions and they want work to carry some dignity and respect.
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it seems not just the ad, which is sort of bad enough, but his stances on paid sick leave, on minimum wage is going in exactly the opposite direction. it creates an opening for somebody if the democrats ever get it together to go to these people and to go to the active, growing movement of people who are fighting for higher working conditions and say, okay, come back home. clearly the trump administration doesn't care about the things that you care about. >> selena, give us the through thread on the -- the themes of what has been coming through in these picks of the cabinet that are wealthy people after a campaign that was about helping the working man and woman. the people being put into these cabinet positions. labor, environment, health and human services who seem to be against the typical agendas of those agencies. what is the through thread here? >> if you listen to voters this year. you know, like in indiana, iowa,
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pennsylvania, especially small business owners. keeping the minimum wage to a point where it didn't impact their bottom line or cause them to get, you know, rid of workers, you know this is what people wanted. this is what small business people wanted. so he is in line with small business owners. the bulk of them are out there in the center part of the country. you know, and both of his picks, whether it's epa or for labor are within the conservative orthodox. they reflect what conservatives have been talking about since 2008 when they ran against barack obama and reinforced in 2012 along with the mid-term election cycle. >> david, last word. very quickly. >> i just think it's striking how conservative they are, these picks. more than donald trump. the big through line here is deregulation. constricting government
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regulation. that's something he believes in as president-elect. coming up on "new day" we will have kellyanne conway. she will join us live in our 7:00 hour. the nation is grieving. and rightly so. as we remember the extraordinary life of space age hero and former senator john glenn. he, of course, the first american to orbit the earth. he died thursday in ohio hospital. he was 95 years old. lawmakers, astronauts, everyone in the public truly honoring an american legend. >> god speed, john glenn. >> reporter: he was the last of the "mercury 7" a founding figure of the u.s. space program. john glenn hurdled into history aboard the friendship 7 spacecraft in 1962. the lone astronaut took off becoming the first american to orbit the earth. >> i feel fine. oh, that view is tremendous. >> reporter: those close to him
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remember his bravery. >> think about this. he's sitting on a rocket that had failed twice in some of the previous tests and nobody had ever done that before. he's going at this incredible speed and he's looking out the window and admiring the view. >> reporter: glenn celebrated as an american hero, earning the congressional space medal of honor. his legacy so great the government decided he was too valuable to risk in another spa spaceflight. glenn retired from nasa in 1964 and won a senate seat in 1974 representing ohio, where he served for 24 years. in 1984, he ran for president. >> with the nomination of my party, i firmly believe i can beat ronald reagan. >> reporter: he lost the democratic nomination, but went on to succeed in a new endeavor. after 36 years, glenn's dream of returning to space had finally come true. proving at age 77 he had one more mission left in him. glenn became the oldest person
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in space aboard the space shuttle "discovery." in 1988. a legend in his own time. glenn was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in 2012. overnight flags that u.s. capitol lowered to half staff at the wake of his passing. respect for a man with a lifetime of remarkable achievements. a combat pilot in two wars, u.s. senator, astronaut. few parallel the extraordinary life of john glenn. >> you know people looked up for tens of thousands of years and wondered what was up there. in our lifetime we're going up there. what a fortunate time we are in. what a great time in history to be around. >> that's beautiful. just the epitome of courage. a literal trailblazer in so many ways. 95 years old. that is a long life. >> he lived a long life and lived it it fully. a real symbol for the rest of us. president-elect trump calling out china for not playing by the rules but also
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during a victory rally in iowa last night. is he sending mixed messages about the communist nation. listen to this. >> one of the most important relationships we must improve and we have to improve, is our relationship with china. the nation of china is responsible for almost half of america's trade deficit. they haven't played by the rules. and i know it's time that they're going to start. they're going to start. they've got to. >> let's bring back our panel. errol llouis, selena zito and david gregory. they're not playing by the rules and we need to have a great relationship with them. >> it's not just a little bit inconsistent. it leaves out a lot of the overall relationship with china. this is what critics of trump's approach have been saying for a while now which is that it's not just a bilateral relationship
3:19 am
where we can sort of point to a rule and currency manipulation and that's the totality of the relationship. the tpp was intended to get america into asia. america into sort of cutting off at the pass some of china's trading partners in that region of the world. and sort of create some competition which opens a new front to get into some of the security questions around the manmade islands that they're involved in. >> he doesn't want that. if that dies, then we have to start over with china. >> that dies and china should basically send him a thank you card. it will be maybe one of the first things they say to the ambassador. thanks a whole lot for not competing with us in asia. we have a free hand, we are going to strengthen ourselves. now, let's talk. >> he said he will negotiate his own deals. selena, what do you see in the fact that this is not off the cuff. his eyes were fixed in one direction. apparently that's where the teleprompter was. this was a sculpted message.
3:20 am
how is this a the kind of follow through on what he promised during the campaign? >> you know, he talked a lot about in the campaign about currency manipulation and steel dumping. things that impact, you know, sort of middle america and they feel that impacts manufacturing. and, so, he's consistent on that. i mean, there's no subtly with him. he negotiateats what he's goingo do when he either tweets or he's at a rally. we're sort of not used to that kind of diplomacy. and on one hand he's saying china you're bad on this, this, and this. but we really want to have a good relationship with you, too. he sends branstad who does have a good relationship with the chinese president. >> what is interesting is the extent to which he is already at president-elect trying to keep the chinese leadership off
3:21 am
balance by putting in governor bransatd tr bransstad who has a relationship with the president. while he's on campaign mode on this thank you tour going after china in a way, again, seems too off the cuff. there was a sculpted message. nevertheless, he is still developing a policy tour china but seems to be freelancing in terms of throwing out these charges and throwing china around. there has to be a coherent strategy and china has pushback that it can get engaged on trade and the economy to say nothing about the military questions in the south china sea. so, this becomes an interesting chapter for trump to be opening up at this stage even as he's putting both the national security and an economic team together. >> let's talk about another big country, russia. it is also complicated. so, leading senators lindsey graham, john mccain, even bob
3:22 am
corker are now suggesting that they want to launch wide-ranging investigations into exactly what russia's role was in meddling in the u.s. election. it's interesting to hear bob corker on the list that he would be holding committee hearings next year about it because his name has been floated for secretary of state. >> that may be the end of his bid or the end of the result that he is maybe privately been told or doesn't look so good for him as far as actually getting that job. but this is a tremendously important bipartisan issue. this is something that really kind of got skipped over in the concluding weeks of the campaign and absolutely everybody, including the incoming administration owes it to the public to get to the bottom of this. it's very, very serious. >> selena, this was something that was ignored by the political right all the way up to the president-elect who said, you know, it's not true. even now the president-elect will say, we don't know that russia was behind the hacking. so, what's the plus/minus on
3:23 am
this politically going forward? if they find out what was according to the intel community was obvious that russia was behind the hacks, then what? >> i think the president-elect dismissed what was being said about russia being involved with the elections because optically that made him look weaker and it made him look as though he wasn't haveing a genuine surge n his own. he didn't own his rise in the populari popularity. having said that, he's not a m dumb guy. meddling always happens between both of our countries, but he doesn't want that sort of part of his legacy. i don't think he will back off of what they're looking at, especially when it comes to, you know, taking -- looking at our military. meddling with our security. you know, those are very, very important issues. >> david, very quickly. >> he's already been dismissing of the idea that the russians
3:24 am
interfere. which mean that he is bucking the information he is getting from the intelligence community now that he is getting national security briefings. congress has an obligation to put this. if he does not believe putin is a bad actor talking to people that russia should not be trusted and should be dealt with more as an enemy instead of the pal that candidate trump seemed to be going around and describing putin as. >> panel, thank you very much. we go from revisiting of a potential cold war to just plain cold. scary temperatures and snow in the weekend forecast. meteorologist chad myers is going to tell you what's going to happen where you are, next. o. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. breaking news overnight south korea's parliament voteling to impeach park geun-hye. the prime minister will run the country for the next six months while the constitutional court decides whether to formally remove the president and schedule a new influence. an influence peddling scandal that dropped park's approval rating to a dismal 5% in recent days. crews are working to clear up a huge chain reaction crash involving more than 50 vehicles on ohio interstate 90. at least 19 people were hurt. there is an arctic blast hitting much of the country and more snow is on the way, we're told. let's check that with cnn meteorologist chad myers.
3:29 am
he has our forecast. hi, chad. >> a lot of snow. hi, alisyn. in some parts of chicago, detroit, you're under the gun for a sunday snow storm. just affecting the west coast, but certainly cold across all of the country today. it's so cold, in fact, that i even saw frost on the roads today. it didn't snow in atlanta oerb night but the roads areilatal slick. maybe even some spots across the northeast, as well. it is frigid, it is going to be cold. it's not going away. the arctic plunge is going to be with us for many, many more days. so, how does it work? well, my mom's famous song or saying was, hey, nothing lasts forever. but i have a problem this morning, mom. this might just last forever. this arctic blast all the way until next friday when, in fact, it gets colder, chris. >> what? >> so, is that why you're calling out to your mommy while you're doing the job this morning? >> yes, yes. see if she'll buy me a sweater.
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>> knit you one. all right, chad. see you soon. the future of safety in america is actually being reflected on what we're seeing on the ground right now in aleppo. citizens are running for their lives. russia says the hostilities have ceased, people are fleeing. they are desperate. the future of these people is going to be felt back here at home. we have a report from the battle zone, next. ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. stage four cancer.
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you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. we want to take a close-up look now at the crisis in aleppo. syrian regime forces pound what is left of the senior. fred pleitgaen is live in aleppo for us. fred? >> the russians said yesterday that there was going to be a halt in fighting here in aleppo today to allow civilians to get out of those eastern districts. i can tell you from being here on the ground that simply isn't the case. we were seeing a lot of shelling and a lot of gunfire earlier today. in fact, i would say if anything
3:35 am
the fighting has probably gotten worse than it was before. the people who are suffering the most are the many civilians who are trying to get out. they're tired, they're hungry, they're scared and we saw many of them. here's what we found. as the rebels increasingly lose their grip on aleppo, syrian armed forces continue to pound the besieged areas. many killed and wounded in the crossfire. we came to this crossing claiming he was shot by rebels. they don't allow anyone to get out. they said, are you going to the regime areas? the opposition strongly denies its fighters would harm civilians but the rebels do acknowledge they won't be able to hold out in aleppo much longer. and that realization is leading to an avalanche of people trying to flee the rebel districts. syrian troops throwing some bread, but not nearly enough to quell the hunger of the many who
3:36 am
have been starving for months. the syrian military has made major advances, once again, in the past 24 hours and we can see that as the army moves forward, more and more people are coming out of those former besieged areas. many of those fleeing, families with small children. struggling to carry the few belongings they were able to take. many overpowered by emotions. some with barely enough strength to walk. others too frail to walk at all. the syrian army hasa massive force at the front lines. a clear mesage to the rebels. surrender yourselves and drop your arms. come back to the country and hopefully our leadership will forgive you. but for now, the fight goes on. this family, one of the many to cross into government-controlled
3:37 am
territory now in safety but still in agony. "things used to be good," this elderly woman said. "may god protect us." and so they walk on. weak and traumatized, moving into an uncertain future. so, there you see the tragedy that's unfolding here in aleppo with really more and more people anding o coming out of the eastern districts coming to safety. many in bad condition. at the same time we can see how this fighting is continuing to go on and any efforts to broker some sort of cease-fire a longerterm truce really at this point in time not bearing very much fruit. if anything, the situation is getting worse. chris? >> the regime sees the request for a cease-fire as a chance to play to advantage. that's what is happening according to your reporting on the ground. fred pleitgen, thank you.
3:38 am
should the u.s. overhaul its bill on syria? make it illegal to assist in any way. she claims u.s.-backed rebel groups in syria are assisting terror groups like al qaeda and they're using our money to do it. congressman joins us now. always a pleasure to have you on the show. >> thank, chris. aloha. of course, these decisions will be in his hands once he assumes office in just a few weeks. what is your feeling about the direction our policy will take? >> well, this is exactly why i accepted the invitation to meet with president-elect trump. to speak very directly about the situation in syria and to call on him to do what i have been talking about in congress now for years and that is to end the illegal counterproductive regime change war that we have been
3:39 am
fueling. along with countries like saudi arabia, turkey and qatar by pouring money and weapons and intelligence and other supports to these groups that are directly working with groups like al qaeda and isis. groups that we are trying to fight and defeat. >> what were you met with by the transition team? >> it was very substantive and very good conversation talking directly about these issues. this is what my bill speaks to. the stop arming terrorists act would make it illegal. prohibit us from using any taxpayer funds providing direct support to these groups that are, again, working directly with al qaeda or funneling that money through countries like saudi arabia and turkey. >> did you get any sense of whether or not the president-elect supports your bill? >> well, if you look at the statements that he has made even just in the last few days about ending our interventionalest war
3:40 am
policies, my hope is that this administration, this is an area we can agree on and take immediate action to stop providing this funding and stop providing this support and stop this regime change war. because that is what is critical to be able to address the humanitarian crisis that is on the ground there. we have to provide aid, we have to provide support to these people who have gone through such suffering and such trauma. but first we must address the cause of this crisis. >> well, so how do you address the understanding that the regime and maybe with the help of russia, they are the ones responsible for what we're seeing on the grounds in terms of the humanitarian crisis and your bill would stop american support from the groups that are fighting against the regime and the russians. >> just in your news report a few minutes ago it docked about how these rebels are firing on innocent civilians as they are trying to flee these areas.
3:41 am
we have seen time and again how groups that we are supporting, u.s., american taxpayer dollars are supporting. are directly working with groups like al qaeda and isis to try to over throw the syrian government. it is this regime change war that is driving this humanitarian crisis. we need to stop our support, stop this funding, stop funneling this funding through these other countries who for their own interest trying to conduct this regime change in syria to overthrow the government so we can end this humanitarian crisis and allow the syrian people in their country to begin to heal and to begin to rebuild their own country. >> but what about the piece that has been motivating the u.s. policy. that he is an aoppreoppressor o people and he needs to be taken out in the name of democracy. america acts on the side of those who want democracy and freedom.
3:42 am
>> that's the problem with thinking that we should be the world's police and going out and taking out secular dictators as we did in iraq and as we did in libya. and as we are doing now in syria. in each of these actions a few things have happened. one is the people on the ground there, their lives have gotten worse. human suffering has increased. there has been more loss of life. we've seen more countries fail and we've seen our enemy, terrorist groups like al qaeda and isis grow stronger in the process. this is why our focus must be on directly ending this counterproductive regime change war that we have been fueling and taking that money that we've been pouring directly into helping these terrorist groups in their effort to overthrow the government and putting it towards helping people like the kurds. groups like the kurds who have actually been our strongest ally and partner on the ground in defeating isis. the group that actually poses a threat to us.
3:43 am
>> congressman tulsi gabbard. thank you very much. let us know what the future of the bill is. we'll stay on the story. >> thank you. president-elect trump will be in attendance when the army and navy clash on the gridiron. which side of the field will he sit on? bleacher report, next. hashtag stuffy nose. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip.
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the army/navy game. it is a big deal. tomorrow is the 117th edition of this historic gridiron. coy wire in annapolis, maryland, to cover the big game this weekend. a lucky fellow. >> i am, indeed, chris. i'm here with members of the 13th company who are getting ready to run the game ball 88 miles up to d.c. and then to baltimore for the game. army/navy game. first one was played in 1890.
3:48 am
and it highlights men who don't just play for the love of the game and each other but for us to protect and serve our nation. >> army/navy game is the greatest game in college football. it's the greatest rivalry in sports. >> you can play at a big stadium, but when you come out in the army/navy game a different feeling. >> when you come on the field, crowd's roaring. the cadets of army. everybody is going nuts. >> it's awesome to go out there with a bunch of guys you have share experiences with and they'll play each other on such a big stage and just do it for your country. >> as bad as we want to beat them and as bad as they want to beat us, there is still a great respect for each other. >> this game is a fight. you know, blow for blow and 15 round heavyweight bout. >> it's going to be a big game tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. president-elect donald trump has announced he is going to be there and ein keeping tradition
3:49 am
with presidents who have attended he will spend one half on army side and one side on navy side. i think i know who the favorite is around here. back to you from annapolis. >> coy, it looks really fun and exciting and cold. so, thanks so much. it's going to be a great game. all right. back to politics. donald trump making the final picks to his cabinet, but some of his choices worry large swaths of americans. one of our next guests calls this the most anti-muslim administration ever. dean and benferri ferguson here discuss that, next. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds
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president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks raising concerns. many people asking why he's assembling a team that seems critical of the very agencies they are tasked with overseeing and there are other fears, as well. so, here to discuss this is
3:54 am
comedian and contributor of "daily beast" dean obeidallah and ben ferguson. let's just start with your article that you've written, dean, about what your big fear is you see this as the most anti-muslim administration ever. what is your snefevidence? >> we never had an administration. start at the top when donald trump said islam hates us. >> he won. he said all that. we know that. now we still see people who are saying things, still. >> he is building a dream team of anti-muslim hate. michael flynn who said islam is not a religion. i just watched the tape again last night. it is a political ideology and a faith practiced by thousands of muslim americans serving bravely in our military now. you have steve bannon from breitbart who gave a platform and
3:55 am
people who are the equivalent of the clan to demonize us saying muslims shouldn't be in the government. so, it's a very concerning time and then ben carson who said a muslim should not be president because islam is inconsistent with the constitution. you have this. and my fear is they turn this into policy and we have a spike in hate crimes the last two months against muslim americans. just two muslims in new york. mta person. and a police officer. so, that's my fear that we go beyond this rhetoric and it does more than spike in hate crimes and turns into policy. >> ben, you laughed off this critique as dean was giving it. why? >> it's a lot of fear mongering going on here. that would give us any indication that any of this terrible, terrifying news he just said would become anything close to reality. >> hold on, ben, the statements don't bother you? >> the statements that he's
3:56 am
talking about, some of them have been taken out of context. when flynn was talking about islam. he's talking about radical islam. he sees it through the perspective of being in charge with the military of actually dealing with real islamic extremism. you have an all-star team that has been put together to fight radical islam, al qaeda, et cetera. if there is a dream team here, a dream team that many americans said, look, for eight years we tried the other idea. let's go around the world and apologize. let's close down gitmo and people extremists will not hate us as much. let's pull out of iraq and afghanistan and muslim extremists will stop attacking us. it did not work for eight years. you had the rise of isis and obama said this week, yes, it caught him off guard because they didn't want to deal with the reality. there are extremists out there. they are doing horrible, god awful things around the world. so, yes, you do have a dream team of people that hate radical islamic extremists and they're
3:57 am
going to do a great job of going after them and that's what the american people said they want . >> dan, no place to laugh at people who are suffering for hate. ben carson didn't say radical islam. islam, islam is inconsistent with the constitution of the united states. michael flynn, i watched his speech last night in totality. he said islam is not a religion. >> let's deal with ben carson for a second. ben carson if you look at law, it does not co exist, it cannot constitute with our constitution. >> ben, you can quantify it. i don't want christian law in america either. i don't want the bible or the koran or the basis of the u.s. law. the bible shouldn't be the basis of u.s. law either. that's a different discussion. the reality is, ben, people are suffering in this country. an off-duty new york police officer hate crime against her. a person was arrested calling her a terrorist.
3:58 am
mta officer. by guys that get out of this country. >> let's be clear, i condemn that the same way you do but you also have not mentioned any of the crimes that have been committed in this country whether it was the fort hood multiple shootings there and san bernardino, et cetera. you haven't mentioned those either. >> we are talking about the cabinet. 800 hate crimes -- >> but ben is making an interesting point that you need to hear. he is countering what you are saying what is being done by muslims by what is being done to white people in this country. that's part of the resolve, white people feel like they're being victimized by islam. >> not just white people, everybody. you look at the people that have been shot -- >> nobody more than muslims, ben. >> but muslims that have done this, they have attacked all people. young, old, hispanic.
3:59 am
that's why this cabinet to me is not scary or the voters for donald trump. >> one gets worse than the other. steve bannon shouldn't be there. >> give me one policy -- >> the number one victim of isis by far is -- donald trump rhetoric saying muslims is hiding terrorists in our midst and ehihiding bombs in people's homes. >> the victims in the united states of america have not been 95% muslim. so, i'll go back to the core point here. this is fear mongering. this cabinet has not put together and you cannot tell me one policy you're terrified of. >> let's also be clear, there are no policies, ben. the administration is not in office yet. that is a little clever and dean's point is going to go to you are going to design policy based on what you believe. a lot of concern and fear about islam and islamphobia in some of
4:00 am
these picks. we have to see what they will do. it's not wrong to discuss the possibility of what they might do based on what they believe. ben, dean, thank you very much. a lot of news going on right now. let's get to it. >> by the way, are you glad i ran for president? >> trump will stay on as executive producer of "the celebrity apprentice." >> rebuilding this country with american hands by american workers. >> fake news can have real-world consequences. this isn't about politics. lives are at risk. >> we're not going to be the stupid people any more, folks. >> he's a climate science denier. >> these are talented people. smart people. >> the president-elect has continued to make deeply troubling choices. >> i want people that made a fortune because now they're negotiating with you. okay. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. president-elect donald trump's victory


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