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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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is it go navy? >> beat army! >> brooke, back to you. >> you can tell those guys i have a navy brotherhood football jersey hanging in my office. i love the army, but, you know where my loyalty is. all right, guys, thank you so much. we continue on hour two, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. let's get to the breaking news in what may with the hottest competition since donald trump won the election, who will become his secretary of state, a source tells cnn it will now not be former new york mayor rudy giuliani and then it could be the ceo of exxonmobil. the source says rex tillerson is now getting a closer look for this post at state. tillerson has ties to russian presidents vladimir putin who once awarded him the nation's order of friendship. it is an interesting note as cnn also learns today that the obama
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administration has decided to order an entire review of looking into potential hacking from the 2016 presidential election. lots to discuss. that's where president-elect trump is about to make his return to the campaign trail stumping for himself but for the republican in the last senate race here in the nation tomorrow is the runoff election between john kennedy, the republican, and democrat foster campbell. so ryan nobles is there in baton rouge where we're waiting to hear from the next president of the united states but before we do, let's roll back the layers of the state department news in the fact that do we know why rudy giuliani is now off the list? >> reporter: brooke, we don't know the specifics behind the decision by president-elect trump but we know there were concerns by members of congress about rudy giuliani's potential business ties around the world and if perhaps that could be a conflict of interest.
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we know that rudy giuliani was also being considered for attorney general and for the secretary of homeland security. obviously those two jobs have been picked and been given to other candidates. i may come down to the fact that there's a plethora of candidates that donald trump seems to be very interested in and you mentioned rex tillerson who is the current ceo of exxonmobil. he's going to be put into a forced retirement situation with that company in the coming years so he's looking for a job. this is a man that made more than $240 million last year so he would add to that cabinet of millionaires and billionaires donald trump has started to assemble and you mentioned his connections to russia. exxonmobil just cut a deal with a major russian oil company of which the russian government is its number one investor so that also is going to raise questions about trump's potential relationship with russia. obviously he's been very kind to russia in his public statements and its president, vladimir putin. so a lot of questions still to
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be asked about this secretary of state situation and it's also important to point out, brooke, that we don't know definitively when this decision will be made and it's also important to point out that the trump team says the president-elect is still very much deliberating over this choice and that someone like mitt romney is still in the running. now today trump just landed about 20 minutes ago, ready to speak to this very eager crowd and as you mentioned stumping in this louisiana senate race which is going to take place tomorrow. this is a runoff race in louisiana. the election day is an open primary and if you don't get over 50%, the top two candidates run northbound a rin a runoff. republicans will have the majority in the senate no matter what but the winner will determine the difference between a four-seat majority and a three-seat majority. by coming here, it's clear the president-elect wants as big a majority as possible. >> ryan nobles, thank you so
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much. good to know he's landed. we'll take him live as soon as we see him standing behind the podium. meantime, president obama stepping in today on allegations that moscow tried to sway the 2016 election. he's now calling far full review into a series of cyber attacks on democrats even though trump says he's skeptical about the reports. for that we go to michelle kosinski, our cnn white house correspondent. so we know this will be different and separate than what the fbi already did before the election when they announced they believe the russian government was hacking into different entities including the dean see and the clinton campaign with a view of influencing the election. that's where that ended and that's all that was released publicly. this new review the white house has just ordered the white house says will be a deep dive, a much broader look, it's going to look at patterns of hacking, again focusing on elections, it's
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going to look at the state of defenses and what lessons have been learned as well as what lessons need to be learned. the most interesting thing we just found out from the white house is that this is going to go all the way back to the 2008 presidential election. it emerged years later from that that u.s. officials suspected china back in 2008 of hacking into both the obama and mccain campaigns. that information wasn't released publicly, china denied it. but this investigation now is going to go where it leads. it could include other governments, other agencies that are suspected of trying to do the same. what this is not, the white house says, is an attempt to challenge the results of the election. it's not a direct response to all of those calls we've heard from members of congress asking the white house for more information that they have regarding the russian hacking and it's not going to be necessarily a look at specific
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motivations. whatever we see from this it's likely to be more detailed. we don't know how much of this will be released publicly. there's likely to be some so we're likely to see more detail and, remember, this is going to serve as a kind of warning to the next administration on how it handles these relationships and these issues because this administration has big concerns about that, brooke. >> curious to see if donald trump address this is at all when he's there in louisiana. we'll listen in on that, nischelle. thank you at the white house. let's talk about these political threads today with me, cnn political commentator ryan lizza, washington correspondent for the "new yorker." kristen powers who's also a "usa today" columnist and cnn chief political analyst gloria borger. great to see all of you and gloria let me pick your brain off the top. let's go back to what ryan nobles was reporting about. the state department post. i feel like in one sense the list gets longer but the headline is that rudy giuliani is out to me. what do you make of that?
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>> i think in a way, brooke, given the fact that this has played out for so long that if rudy giuliani were going to get it -- and he made no secret of the fact that he wanted the job, he campaigned publicly for it, he told people in the transition he wanted it. i'm presuming he told the president-elect he wanted it and the fact that he doesn't have it is -- because it's played out so long really makes an awful lot of sense that they finally told him no. i was told from a source close to the transition that rudy giuliani could have had a lot of other jobs, most notably the department of homeland security but he wasn't interested in it and i think he made it very year it's either this job or no job and i think that the president-elect probably felt for some of the reasons that ryan mentioned perhaps on the conflict of interest question that perhaps rudy giuliani was not the best choice. all of this stirs the pot a
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little bit internally within the transition about whether donald trump is rewarding the people enough who were with him from day one. >> the loyalists. >> already you can see those tensions developing, brooke. >> so within the pot stirring, kirsten, is this new name, rex tillerson. he's a ceo of exxon. tell me more about him and why might trump be breasted in him? >> well, i think trump probably likes him because he's a very successful businessman and it's been very clear that that is something he prizes almost above anything other than maybe being a general. so these are the two types of people he seems to like. you know, i just don't know that we can read too much into the fact that he's talking to him because we've seen him talk to so many different people that it's hard to know whether it's just information gathering or he just feels like he has such a wide field of people to meet with that he just will continue to meet with as many people as
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possible. he has said he still is considering mitt romney who he hasn't met with in a while so i think the rudy giuliani news is really fascinating because it does suggest that he is not just going to reward people who were loyal to him because rulgd probably was one of the most loyal people. he's somebody who came out after the infamous tape came out -- >> he was the only one that weekend. >> right. >> and really went to bat for him. so i think it speaks well of trump he would consider more the qualifications of the person than loyalty but other people might feel like it's more important to be loyal to the people who helped you get to where you are. >> and to your point about another billionaires and millionaires in the cabinet, in one sense one can say that would be so out of touch with these middle-class americans who voted for mr. trump. at the same time to his credit
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last night he said, hey, these affluent men and women i'm choosing they will make one dollar a year. here he was. >> one newspaper criticized me. why can't they have people of modest means? because i want people that made a fortune. because now they're negotiating with you. okay? it's no different than a great baseball player or a great golfer. we want the people that are going to bring -- and they're so proud to do it. these people have given up fortunes of income in order to make a dollar a year and they're so proud to do it. >> ryan lizza, what about the notion of corporate sensibility and successful businessmen and women? couldn't that the be a good thing? >> it could, look, i don't think there's much of a correlation between how much money you've made in the private sector and whether you succeed running one of these agencies in washington.
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we've seen both over the years, right? it's often very common for ceos who have almost absolute control over a private company come to washington, the run against the bureaucracy of their own agency, of omb which controls their funding, of congress which also controls the purse strings and trying to figure out the complicated diplomacy with the white house and how you actually get the president's ear so a lot of cautionary tales out there of very wealthy individuals who came and were very happy and excited to run the commerce department or another agency and realized that washington was not the same as being a ceo of a company. but that's the -- there's no doubt that trump values two types of talent so far, people who rose through the ranks of the military and rose through corporate america so this will
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be a great test of those whether those kind of people can shake up this government. >> what may actually be more important than all these cabinet pick s we're chewing on each and everyday is policy, right? we know that speaker of the house paul ryan met with trump on policy today and those cameras were there and they caught ryan on the way out. >> very exciting meeting. i really enjoyed coming up here, meeting with the president-elect, we had a great meeting to talk about our transition, we're very excited about getting to work and hitting the ground running in 2017 to put this country back on track. thanks, guys. >> and i'm done, and walk away. like, could he have said anything more? gloria, i was joking it's almost like he's like "nothing to see here, move along." but the policies could prove to be more important. >> i actually think ryan looked so excited and so happy and he is because the reason he's so excited and so happy is that he
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happens to have an agenda, a domestic agenda that has been sitting and waiting to go for years and now he has a republican house, a republican senate and a rain president and paul ryan's important because he's going to be the one to say to donald trump, okay, we can repeal obamacare, this is what we can do quickly but here's what we have to do to replace it. here's what we can do on corporate tax reform quickly. i was told by somebody close to the transition that what this new president wants is a lot of wins up front and i think that's what paul ryan is going to try and do for him at the beginning and then say to him, wait a minute, we can perhaps get something done on immigration but not all of it. here's what you can do with executive orders, here's what you can't do. so in a lot of ways i think paul ryan can hardly contain himself because he's going to be in the driver's seat. >> i wish i had more time, guys,
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42 days until election day. >> you have plenty of time. >> ryan and kirsten and gloria, thank you so much as always. coming up next here, let's go down the road from the white house to capitol hill. a showdown is brewing over health insurance coverage for coal miners and so some democrats are threatening to shut down the government if it's not included in a critical spending bill. we'll take you to the hill for that. also do you remember this moment from the campaign trail? >> i want to get paid the same as a man and i think you understand that so in you become president, will a woman make the same as a man and do i get to choose what i do with my body? [ cheers and applause ] >> you know what? we'll talk to that young woman live and we'll have her explain what happened to her after she challenged then-candidate donald trump and he fired back on twitter. you're watching cnn.
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let's go.
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donald trump speaking at baton rouge. >> i said "i think i'm going to win this state." and i won this state easily, right? [ cheers and applause ] and then i checked on the delegates and the delegates were -- i didn't have as many as people that i beat and i said this system is crooked. [ laughter ] i come down, i do all that work, i came down, i use one of the biggest hangars, bigger -- i don't know, maybe this one. was it this one? but it was a big hangar. bigger. and we have a hell of a crowd today but i'll tell you, we had something. so i what happened, i win and a week later i'm going over the count and it said louisiana and it had names ahead of me for delegates. i said wait a minute, so i won the state, i got more votes than anybody by far, it wasn't even close and the system is rigged! i said the system -- and after that we started doing very well. we didn't let that happen anymore.
12:20 pm
we didn't let that happen. we cut it off at the pass. [ cheers and applause ] but i want to thank you. this is an amazings state and tomorrow we need you to go to the polls and send john kennedy to the united states senate and that's why i'm down here. [ cheers and applause ] that's why i'm here. he's a great guy. he's a great guy. he's a good guy, number one, he's a good person and somebody that i've known over the years and he's somebody that's worked hard for you over the years. and now the big thing we have to get the people to go to the polls and if you go to the polls, he's going to win. if you don't go to the polls, he's not going to win. if he doesn't win, i've got myself a problem in washington because you know we have -- it's pretty close, it's pretty close. we need john in washington not only for the vote, we need for leadership and everything else but if you go there we'll win. kennedy is a proven leader who's balanced -- which is amazing -- 16 budgets, returned millions of
12:21 pm
dollars to taxpayers. he's a tax cutter and he will be a true fighter for louisiana in washington. he will be a fighter for you. so important. we need john kennedy in the senate to help enact our agenda and we have to do it, our agenda on behalf of the people of this state and for this country. that includes protecting the second amendment. [ cheers and applause ] repealing and replacing obamacare. [ cheers and applause ] securing our southern border. [ cheers and applause ] we'll build a wall, that's true. we're going to build a wall. well, if john's not there, maybe we can't build the wall so now i know you're going to come out. [ crowd chanting "build that wall" ]
12:22 pm
[ cheers and applause ] this is louisiana, we don't need coats, right? we don't need the coat. and, by the way, i don't need the hat, either, right? who wants a hat? [ cheers and applause ] all right, nice-looking tall guy, give it to that kid. come on. we're going to bring back our manufacturing jobs, reduce taxes bigl bigly, we're going to confirm our nominee to the united states supreme court. electing john kennedy will help
12:23 pm
ensure that government stops listening to the special interests and starts delivering for the national interests for our country, for our people, the people that showed up to vote, the people that were forgotten people, you know what i'm talking about. they were forgotten, folks, you're not forgotten anymore, believe me. nobody's forgot. i think the democrats are going to change their game plan next time. the forgotten men and their forgotten women are not forgotten anymore. it's time to deliver for you the american people to help me do that i also need you to elect mike johnson in the fourth district, another fighter for louisiana. mike's father just passed away, just passed away. so he's in our thoughts and he's in our prayers. very amazing, horrible timing in a sense just passed away and he
12:24 pm
loves his father, i will tell you that and his father was a great guy so get out there and vote for johnson and vote for kennedy. get out and vote. working with these great louisiana leaders we're going to do amazing things for our country our plan begins with bold structural reform to create millions of really good-paying jobs. we've lost our great jobs and there's going to be a big part because you're in the energy business. more than most places. [ cheers and applause ] and we're going to see refineries and we're going to see pipelines and we're going to see lots of things happening so get out there and vote. first on taxes, we're going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and simplifications in american history. at the center of our plan is massive tax relief for the
12:25 pm
american middle-class. this guy goes "all right." you better believe it, right? we're also going to lower our business tax rate from 35% all the way down to 15% and we are going to make it not so easy when comes want to leave louisiana and go to other states, go to other countries, if they do, i'm sorry, folks, you have to fight for yourself. they make their products, they sell it back, we have a very weak border. you know, we fight for other countries so they can have a border but we don't fight for our own border, isn't it incredible? it's incredible. on regulations, we're going to eliminate every single wasteful
12:26 pm
regulation that undermines the ability of our workers and companies to compete. on energy, you more than any other state, almost, we will cancel the job-killing restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal. [ applause ] and you know, we haven't had refineries built in decades. we're going to build refineries again, folks. we use refineries from other countries. the whole thing is just crazy. it's crazy. on infrastructure, i'll ask congress to pass legislation that produces $1 trillion of new investments in america's crumbling infrastructure. and that's so true. i have a friend, he's one of the biggest truckers in the world and he buys these very expensive
12:27 pm
trucks. i won't give you the name. the most expensive, the most proud of of it, he's the best and he calls me and he goes "i travel from texas to new york, i travel from louisiana to someplace, i come back and my trucks are all busted up because of the roads." i said when did that happen before? he said never happened, it's never been like this. they're all busted up. and he said he's going to buy cheap trucks from now on so we want him to buy the better trucks. we want to fix up our infrastructure big league. that includes -- who's better at that stuff than me? i don't need your vote anymore but i'm telling you i'm very good at that. i don't need your vote, can you imagine that? four years i'll need your vote but nobody's better at that. that's what i do. but it just made a big impression. when he told me this i said when did it used to be? he said never been like this. never. new projects, we deal new
12:28 pm
projects for both rural communities and in inner cities and that's been forgotten, too. the inner cities have been forgotten also. not any longer. and we will put our people back to work in the process. our people. [ cheers and applause ] it's time to get help for the american people and we are going to get people off of welfare and they're going to want to work. we're going to get them into the labor market and they're going to do a great job and make good money, much more money than they ever made before and we're going to rebuild our country with american hands by american workers, okay? [ cheers and applause ] my administration will follow two simple rules -- buy american and hire american. okay? [ cheers and applause ] because from now on it's going to be america first. america first.
12:29 pm
our trade deficit is now nearly $800 billion a year, can you believe that? who's doing this? do you have any business people in the audience? do you think you might be able to negotiate a delightly better deal than that? $800 billion. we make all these wonderful trade deals. i love trade and i love free trade but right now we have foolish trade. we have -- okay, ready? we have stupid trade. stupid trade. stupid. it's dumb. it's a chronic drag on growth and a destroyer of jobs and the wealth of our country and you see what's happening. we owe $20 trillion and it's going up rapidly. that's why we'll renegotiate our trade deals, stop the product dumping and the currency manipulation which is a disaster for our country. every time we get going china and others they just knock the
12:30 pm
hell out of the value of their currency and we have to go back and back and it just doesn't work, folks. and defend, we're going to defend every last american job. you know, they did a big report, how come trump won by so much? remember there was no way he gets to 270, right? the electoral college. which is amazing because you have to go to all these states and it was an amazing experience but there's no way i get to 270. and i'm saying, wow, in fact i went to the state of maine four times because i needed one because i was at 269, i needed one. until the election came and then boy did we blast by that 270, right? [ cheers and applause ] we blasted. 306. 306. and i guess they did a recount in wisconsin and after i think 70% or 80% somebody -- i think we picked up 32 votes.
12:31 pm
all these millions and millions of votes i think we picked up about 30. and if a company wants to fire their workers, leave our country and then ship their products back in there will be consequences, including a very, very substantial tax. look, there's no tax, there's no tax. these reporters, these guys, they're business reporters -- [ boos ] the one thing we have done, we have exposed the credibility of the press. they have the lowest credibility. [ cheers and applause ] of anybody. and our popularity -- i say "hour" because this is a movement that we're fall this together. but we're shooting up, we're like a rocket ship, right? maybe because i don't like $4.2 billion aircraft. somebody said how much is that
12:32 pm
going to cost? $4.2 billion. i said $4.2 billion? i think we'll do it for a little bit less, don't you agree? like maybe billions less, okay? but yeah we're going very rapidly up because it's common sense. we don't want companies to leave our country, go to another country and sell their product where they left. now we have all unemployment people, they had jobs for 32 years. carrier is a great example, and carrier, we did a great job with carrier but they announced a year and a half ago they already have a plant built. think of what you can do if they haven't started or said anything yet. they're not going to leave because we're going to put up a very high tax and if they want to build their plant outside of this country that's fine. but if they think they're going to sell their product back into the country and have no tax, that's not going to happen
12:33 pm
anymore, folks. now they may leave a state, maybe they're having a hard time with their employees. that's possible and they may leave but they'll leave for another state. they're not leaving for another country very easily and if they do they're going to have a very, very substantial tariff or tax to pay that's it. and you know what's going to happen? they're going to say "we like louisiana very much." [ laughter ] "we're not leaving." all right. i don't say 100% of the time but i'll tell you what, pretty close to that number it's going to be pretty close. and we have -- we lost 70,000 factories in this country. we have so many companies right now -- although i think probably if i would have said a couple months ago we have so many companies negotiating to leave i don't think they're negotiating so fast right now. i've heard that and you see what's happening with the stock market and a lot of things.
12:34 pm
because they understand, we know what we're doing, we're not going to let this happen, we can't let it happen. our country is being drained of its jobs and it's good jobs and they're going to other countries, just not going to happen, on the military we will rebuild our badly depleted military and ensure that our service members have equipment and training, technology and resources, everything they need to get -- >> all right, he will be the 45th president of the united states, president-elect trump there, very comfortable in front of crowds in baton rouge. he there's for a specific reason, to help stump and pad the republican majority in congress because he wants the republican running for senate, the renoff is tomorrow, john kennedy, to win, he's obviously speaking to his crowd, enjoying himself, taking off the winter coat, tossing off the "make america great again" hat and he
12:35 pm
loves this. he hasn't touched on the news of the day from the obama administration that they're ordering a review dating back to 2008 on potential tampering from russia in this election so let's begin with what we've been hearing with michael smerconish, he's with me, host of cnn's "smerconish." listening to him, you can tell he love this is. he's on prompter, he's off prompter, he's winging it, he knows his audience, what did you hear? >> i heard what we've heard for the last year and a half. i don't mean it as a slight toward the president-elect but i don't hear anything new here. i share your assessment which is that he feeds off the crowd. it probably does his psyche well to get out of trump tower and do that which he's enjoyed for much of the last year and i think, brooke, he intends to continue with these efforts as president to mobilize his base. he did make a passing reference to the fact that he doesn't need your vote anymore, "i'll need your vote in four years." my hunch is is that he will not wait four years to be back out
12:36 pm
on the trail, that this will be a constant during the trump presidency. >> i believe your hunch is correct. that's what dana bash and her sources have been telling her as well. we've also been learning today, credit to jim sciutto, about how mr. trump has not been taking as many pdbs, presidential daily briefings, as past president-elects, we know mike pence is taking five or six a week, he's taking about one, some folks within the intel community are worried, are you worried or does he have 42 more days until he puts his hand on the bible and then smooth sailing? >> i'm a bit concerned. >> you are. >> i'm concerned because he's the first president that we've elect bhod has neither any past governmental experience or any military experience so common sense would dictate, you'd think, that he'd be the one erring on the side of more
12:37 pm
briefings than his predecessors. i'm concerned at this stage, i'll be alarmed come january 20 if that pace hasn't increased. >> concerned now, potential for alarmed. what about the news of the day as we know he's been picking cabinet picks and we're following this so closely and now the news for the secretary of state post apparently a man by the name of rex tillerson, the ceo of exxonmobil. he's now added to the list of potentials for this job and now we know hard line loyalists, former new york mayor rudy giuliani, he's out. what does that tell you? >> the surprise for me, brooke, is that the two individuals -- i'll put mayor giuliani together with governor christie because the two individuals who lent credibility to donald trump at a time when he needed it, who were willing to jump on board when others, myself included, thought there was no way that this ship
12:38 pm
was going to sail, they're the two odd individuals out. and that cabinet has been constituted to the tune of about three quarters of the members and the idea that both governor christie and mayor giuliani are not yet on that team in a formal role, i think that is a big surprise. >> michael smerconish, as always, thank you so much. we will watch for you tomorrow 9:00 a.m. right here on cnn. thank you my friend. back in a flash. ah, family holiday party, huh greg? at least with directv from at&t, you can download then watch your dvr'ed shows anywhere. that makes you more powerful than your gene pool. i'll trade you the candy cane for the eggnog. deal. or aunt jaxie's lack of boundaries. or uncle terry's over-commitment to holiday cheer. pretty good hiding place, gotta say.
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one young woman is speaking out about what happens when donald trump targets you on twitter. it started with this moment a
12:43 pm
year ago when this new hampshire student stood up in front of donald trump at a forum and said this. >> i want to get paid the same as a man and i think you understand that so if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man and do i get to choose what i do with my body? [ cheers and applause ] >> you're going to make the same if you do as good a job. you're going to make the same if you do as good a job and i happen to be pro-life. >> so after that exchange, the very next morning then-candidate trump tweeted "the arrogant young woman who questioned me in such a nasty fashion was a jeb staffer. how can he beat russia and china." what followed for the student was months of bullying and harassment by trump supporters and beyond. she is now a year later speaking out on tv for the first time. she joins me now, she is lauren batchelder, thank you so much
12:44 pm
for coming on. >> thank you so much for having me. >> so i know a year later there has been some positivity, but what was the ugliest of the ugly you heard on line? >> i think the worst day was when someone said my address and they said they were coming and they were going to rape me, i never expected that that would ever happen. >> wow. just taking a minute to take that in. >> yeah. >> and so did you -- how did you that make you feel. >> it made me really angry bauds to me they were just trying to objectify me so what i did is i decided that i was going to prove them wrong. i joined rugby, i decided i was going to graduate in three years and it made me angry. quickly back to the trump tweet where he said you were a jeb staffer, that you were there on purpose. to be crystal clear, you weren't. >> oh, my gosh, no. >> oh, my gosh know because
12:45 pm
ultimately you voted for hillary clinton, right? >> yes, i am a liberal, i had volunteered for the campaign because i think it's important to volunteer for people that you don't necessarily agree with. mr. bush is a nice guy but ultimately i am a democrat so i would never go in there with a planted question. >> just wanted to clarify that for people watching for everyone. now back to a year later and the fact that despite the nastiness you have faced on line -- and it's nasty all the way around, i can vouch for that myself as a woman -- why are you coming out now and talking about that? >> i think that it's been a year so people have had some time to cool down. i mean, the "washington post" reached out to me and after megyn kelly told her story, which is very similar to mine, i felt that i could come forward
12:46 pm
now. >> we've heard from now plufrom president-elect trump how he talks about -- listen, he has a powerful platform on twitter, 17 million followers, he says it's a great and efficient way to get news out and quickly, he plans to continue use social media. what would you like to tell the next president about the power of his words online? >> i think worpds have actions, i mean you have to be so careful. i wear a t-shirt that says "what would lincoln do?" and he needs to think about what the greatest presidents would do if they had twitter. you can't just tweet what you think at a moment, you have to think of the big picture. >> you would agree it's a powerful medium. do you still tweet? >> i do. i have protected most of my tweets but i've seen the bad side of twitter and i know that president-elect trump can use it to make the world a better place
12:47 pm
and i urge them to do that. >> lauren batchelder, good luck to you in school and thank you for speaking up. >> thank you. coming up next, businesses in gatlinburg, tennessee, reopen hoping to get back to the new normal after devastating wildfires ripped through that area. the story of a volunteer fire captain who went beyond the call of duty to help his family who didn't know that their home had been destroyed. like red lobster's holiday seafood celebration. so try new dishes like the new grand seafood feast, and the new wild-caught lobster & shrimp trio, with a lobster mac-and-cheese topped lobster tail. come treat yourself to feast fit for the season before it ends.
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12:50 pm
when all those wildfires ripped through parts of tennessee recently hundreds of families watched their neighborhoods just go up in flames. not knowing if they would have a home at all. but for at least one family in
12:51 pm
gatlinburg, a volunteer fire captain gave them some peace of mind. cnn tells the story. >> reporter: it looks like it just went to the edge right through there. but it department go any further. now look at that fire line. just across. now, this has gotten so hot. you know it had to be so hot that it has blistered the wood. >> amy williams assumed she will never see her family retreat again. >> this entire mountain was on fire. everything. >> she and her husband doug were nearly 100 miles north in bristol, tennessee when they saw a photo of their property on social media. it was taken during the deadly wildfire outbreak in their state. >> all the images we saw, it really looked bad. i mean, it looked like there's no way for this house to survive. >> not knowing the fate of their home the williams couple shared
12:52 pm
their story with a local tv station while a fire captain from tennessee happened to catch that story. >> the homeowner was stating she didn't know whether it was still standing. >> jerry redmond and his volunteer crew knew they had the answer they were hoping to hear. their retreat on holly ridge road was still standing. he caught proof in this picture. that's the williams' home standing tall on the scorched hillside. red man made a call to williams. >> she would have had to have go a couple more days of e excruciating thoughts of is her family home still going to be there and we were able to answer her question. >> they're heart broken for their neighbors but grateful for the volunteers who never gave up. >> it's unbelievable that there are people in this world that will do that.
12:53 pm
free. >> when they were tired they just kept going. >> the williams plan to have the volunteers back at that house to thank them personally. >> these people are miracle workers. >> they are among the hundreds of men and women who charged up the smokey mountains determined to save who and what they could. cnn, gatlinburg, tennessee. >> how awesome is that? coming up next, on politics, former new york mayor rudy giuliani is out for the secretary of state job. we'll get more of that and a live interview with former homeland security director michael chir of the. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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the threat of another government shoutdown is looming if democrats and republicans cannot agree. an issue here, the minor's protection act. miner would extend health insurance for retired coal miners and their spouses. to capitol hill we go to our senior political reporter. where are we? midnight is fast approaching. >> reporter: it is. there are negotiations happening behind the scenes right now on both sides. expecting some sort of resolution. we don't know what that is yet. and time is winding down. democrats are demanding that health care provision be extended for the miners, retired miners and their spouses for a
12:58 pm
year. in the bill there's a four month extension and they're not satisfied which is why they're threatening a government shutdown. i had a chance to talk to one of the leaders of the effort and i asked him are you concerned about a political backlash if you dig in. here's what he had to say. >> but you guys criticize republicans relentlessly in 2013 when they shut the government down over obamacare. are you risking the same backlash? >> we want to see this done. all we're saying, we have all kinds of differences on some of these in the bill, but nobody is saying shut the government down. we're just saying don't go home yet. don't leave for the holidays. and enjoy our holidays while these mine worker retirees are worried about whether they're going to have insurance three weeks from now. >> but the end result is a shutdown. >> the end result if mitch mcconnell calls for a shutdown is a shutdown but nobody wants to do that on our side.
12:59 pm
every shutdown we have had you have reported it, has been a republican shutdown. that's just sort of fact. and that's sort of what everybody understands. it's not our side that wants to shut anything down. >> well, the problem for that argument though is that the house has passed a bill that includes that four month extension for the miners health insurance program and democrats voted with republicans to pass that bill. >> now it's up to senate democrats to join with their republicans and pass this tonight or risk a shutdown because the deadline is tonight and the house is gone for the year. there really may not be any other choice and right now democrats are uncertain whether they have enough support to block it which is one reason why those negotiations are happening behind the scenes. >> quickly, 20 seconds, senator mansion hasn't dated trump tower. >> mansion has told me they have not discussed jobs yet but that
1:00 pm
could come up, possibly the energy department. he's up for reelection in 2018 and if he decides to take a job with the administration that could help republicans get a seat in the senate, brooke. >> thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. we will send it to jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. >> thanks brooke. now, it seems to me there's already no better title, no better credit than president of the united states. what am i missing here? the lead starts right now. ♪ >> president-elect dumtrump, he will not head line the reality show. he has a different day job now. he's still going to keep one foot in hollywood. why? homeless and dying. and those are the lucky ones who escaped. 100,000 syrians trapped inside aleppo and facing