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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 10, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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the 10th annual "cnn superhero: above and beyond." find out who will be named the 2016 hero of the year and who you have chosen to be the cnn superhero. i'm co-hosting with kelly ripa. it's going to be a great night. thanks for watching. good night. the united nations says some civilians trying to escape have reportedly been stopped by rebel fighters in aleppo. we have a light report, ahead. out of the running, u.s. president-elect donald trump says loyalists rudy giuliani will not be in his cabinet. we'll have details. plus, russian interference. the u.s. president barack obama wants a full review of russia's alleged involvement in u.s. elections. live from cnn world headquarters in had atlanta, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. cnn n "cnn newsroom" starts right now.
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it is 5:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. some of the world's top diplomates are meeting right now hoping to revive the peace process in syria this week. the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, and a number of his counterparts from around the world are meeting in paris this hour. the foreign ministers will discuss stopping the ongoing assaults on rebels in eastern aleppo and bringing in humanitarian aid to the many people trapped there. another meeting is just about to happen in syria. it's also set for switzerland involving u.s. and russian officials. the gatherings come as the u.n. warns of a great human rights situation in the syrian city. a u.n. official said friday hundreds of men may have gone missing after trying to escape. rebel-held areas, family members say they lost contact with them when they headed for the government-controlled neighborhoods. the u.n. also says rebel groups may be targeting civilians as a
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regime offensive continues in eastern aleppo. >> during the last two weeks, hatta al sham front and the abu amara battalion are alleged to have abducted and killed a number of unarmed civilians trying to leave their groups. >> the syrian army wad was said to have stopped fighting in aleppo and was focused on getting civilians out, but as fred saw firsthappened, the fighting does continue. >> this is what the syrian's alleged halt in fighting looks like in aleppo. the call to prayer pierced by explosions and gunfire as bashar al assad's force s continue b t pound the rebels. aid groups like the red crescent
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working around the clock to try to provide help to the displaced. of course the volunteers for the red crescent are doing their best to keep up with the massive demand for aid here in this distinct, but there are so many people lininging up that it's impossible to meet all the needs. tens of thousands have already fled eastern aleppo. many with only a few belongings they were able to grab trying to get out of the crossfire. now left with almost nothing. these are the blankets they gave us, this woman says, but we're ten people. do you really think that one blanket per person will be enough? these could be the rebels final days in aleppo as the syrian army continues to hit them hard. bringing more weapons like tanks and artillery into position. a senior general telling cnn he believes his forces could take the entire city soon. it won't be long until we get it back, he says.
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it might be a matter of weeks, but not more than that. as the international community continues to try to broker a troous for truce for aleppo, the reality on the ground shows an increase in the fighting. the syrian army, so close to achieving their goal, unwilling to back down. turning now for the american involvement in syria a, the u.s. says it will now deploy about 200 more troops to syria to help local forces in the fight against isis. the u.s. defense secretary ash carter made that announcement at a regional security council in bahrain. >> i can tell you today that the united states will deploy almost 200 additional forces in syria including trainers, advisers and explosive ordinance disposal teams. these uniquely skilled operators will join the 300 special operations forces already in syria. to continue organizing,
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training, equipping and otherwise enabling capable, motivated local forces to take the fight to isil. >> for more about the fight across syria, let's bring in cnn correspondent mohammed lila. it's good to have you. let's talk about what we just heard there. ash carter talking about sendinging in more u.s. troops, the focus on raqqa, syria. >> that's right, george. it's interesting to see that just as the battle of aleppo is winding down, they're now shifting focus to talk about raqqa and defeating isis in raqqa. for perspective here, raqqa is to syria what mosul is to iraq. raqqa is basically a major headquarters for isis in syria. and so the u.s., of course, shifting its focus there. ash carter's statement talked about special forces being sent there. for those of us that covered special forces, we know
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typically they're on the front lines. whether you call these advisers or trainers. so the u.s. is raising its commitment now that the battle of aleppo seems to be finished to focus on raqqa in syria. >> we've been continuing to monitor these pictures coming to you. looking to find some sort of a pause in the fighting, what more can you tell us about these meetings taking place in france and also switzerland? >> yeah. george, it feels like they've been having meeting after meeting with no results, no conclusion. they've been talking about the cease-fire for the longest time. b but there finally seems to be an indication that there may be some sort of cease-fire or evacuation plan worked out today. that's simply because both sides have been pessimistic, but we have indications this week from u.s. secretary of state john kerry where he came out and said he's confident they'll be able to reach some sort of agreement.
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and the agreement itself would be a way for the rebels to put down their arms and leave the eastern part of aleppo and those that choose not to do that, in russia's own words, will be eliminated. >> mohammed, the united nations indicating that maniel people are fleeing the situation. those who did decide to leave disappeared. yeah. so it's interesting because the u.n.'s statement talks about possible war crimes on both sides. the statement says that the u.n. has received reports that civilians or men, rather, between the age of 30 and 50 who left eastern aleppo, nobody knows where they are, their families haven't been able to reach them for a number of days now. but in the same statement, the u.n. says there were civilians in the rebel-held part of the city that asked the rebels to leave their neighborhoods because they wanted their neighborhood toes be spared and they didn't want fighting in
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their neighborhoods. the rebels, the u.n. reports, responded by abducting and killing a number of civilians. so the u.n. report is very critical of both sides accusing them both of possibly creating war crimes. >> mohammed, thank you for the reporting. we'll stay in touch. donald trump has made several controversial cabinet picks this week, but rudy giuliani, his top surrogate during the election will not be part of that team as cnn's sara murray explains. >> donald trump's secretary of state options down one with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani withdrawing his name from contention for that or any other cabinet position. >> my desire to be in the cabinet was great, but it wasn't that great. and he had a lot of terrific candidates. and i thought i could play a
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better role being on the outside and continuing to be his close friend and adviser. >> but sources say giuliani didn't voluntarily withdraw his name from the mix. he was informed he wouldn't be getting the state department position. this, as cnn has learned, exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson's stock is rising for the post as trump faces tough questions about his business empire. on the campaign trail, donald trump easily shrugged aside his business interests, insisting the allure of the white house is far more important. >> i don't care. it doesn't matter to me. it's nice when you don't have to care. but i don't care. what i care about is making america great again. it's much more important. it's much more important. >> but now the president-elect is showing little sign of stepping back from his corporate calling. now another potential conflict of interest, sources say trump will remain an executive producer for nbc's "celebrity
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apprentice." in 2015, nbc said it was cutting ties with trump after his remarks about undocumented immigrant. >> i have a big chunk of that show. it was a number one show. i did it for 14 seasons. i have a big stake in it. >> now one of trump's top advisers, kellyanne conway says he'll remain involved in the show in his free time. >> were we so concerned about the hours and hours and hours spent on the golf course of the current president? presidents have a right to do things in their spare time, in their leisure time. >> trump and other republicans were very critical of the time president obama spent on the links. >> and he gets on this plane, flies to hawaii. he's there for a long time. golf, golf, golf, golf. more, move, learning how to
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chip, learning how to hit the drive, learning how to putt. oh, i want more. >> the latest news on trump's business dealings comes days before he's slated to have a press conference on who will run his company once he heads to the white house. although there's little indication trump will fully divest from his business. and trump will use his cabinet tour. by the way, some of the people i've put on to negotiate, you've been noticing, are some of the most successful people in the world. and one newspaper criticized me. why can't they have people of modest means? because i want people that made a fortune because now they're negotiating with you. okay? >> that road show continues today with an evening rally in michigan, as well as a stop in louisiana to campaign for a republican senate candidate. but before he left trump tower, he squeezed in a meeting with
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house speaker paul ryan. he was putting away his past criticism of trump for unity. >> we're very excited to hit the ground running to put this country back on track. >> it appears some of trump's earliest staunch supporters, rudy giuliani, chris christie, and even newt gingrich won't end up in a trump cabinet. already some staffers have been grambling that maybe in the long run royalty won't be rewarded after all. sara murray, cnn, washington. >> let's pick up on that last point bringing in eugene scott live from washington via skype. rudy giuliani withdrawing his name from the list of possibilities. this goes along with chris christie and newt gingrich. these are people who have been loyal from the start and now seemingly left out in the cold. >> these are certainly people that wanted to be in the
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administration, but it appears they wanted very specific positions and if not that, perhaps nothing else. and some of them, at least giuliani are reporting says was not a finalist or at least a top finalist for the position that they wanted. but this does not mean that they will not have any influence. we have seen in past presidencies that sometimes some of the big withest advisers are the informal ones. >> what about trump also saying that as an executive producer on that show "apprentice," that he would keep that role. his campaign manager pointing out that he will do it in his spare time as he will have the full-time job of being the president of the united states. >> well, critics are suggesting that that displays, quite frankly, a bit of ignorance about what the job of being president entails. the idea that there will be enough spare time to executive produce a hit network tv show, a reality show, seems a bit naive.
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>> at the same time, eugene, i do want to get some insight from you about the fact that donald trump, when it comes to intelligence briefings, is taking fewer than his predecessors at this particular stage, i believe one a week. what has been the reaction to that? >> well, the cia website says the current president takes about six a week. so there's been quite a bit of criticism that the trump administration is not as prepared as they should be on these issues moving forward. to be fair, the administration says mike pence is getting these briefs so they are not as uninformed as some of their critics suggest. but --? but mike pence, it's important to point out, mike pence is not the president of the united states. donald trump would be the president of the united states. >> mike pence is not the president and that's why critics believe that donald trump, if he's serious about national security issues, would be getting these briefs. they also say that many of the things that he had said about north korea and about russia within the last few days are
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coming from the fact that he is not as informed on these issues as he should be. >> eugene scott, it's always a pleasure to have you on the show to get insight on the many lines that we're learning through this transition for president-elect trump to soon become president of the united states come january 20th. eugene, thank you so much. still ahead here on "cnn newsroom," donald trump doesn't think that the kremlin is metaling in the u.s. election, even though cyber security firm res quite sure of it. now the president of the united states, barack obama, ordering a full review of russia's alleged hacking into u.s. elections. we'll have that story. plus, protesters against flooding the streets in seoul, south korea. why they say friday's impeachment against the president isn't enough. they want her out now. stay with us. just gotta get the check.
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you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. u.s. president barack obama is ordering a full review into diaper attacks and that influencing elections. intelligence officials believe that russia interfered to ensure that donald trump would win the election and may have medaled in elections as far back as 2008. mean trump, in the meantime, doubts russia's involvement. jill daugherty is a cnn contributor and former moscow
2:19 am
chief for cnn live in the russian capital with us. jill, what has been the response from russia about this? >> well, we have both the kremlin and the foreign ministry weighing in on this, beginning with the kremlin. the spokesperson dimitry peskov said basically these are not new conclusions and he also said it looks like basically a blame game, having no evidence to be based on and also added that it looks like an attempt to try to influence the president-elect by creating, as he put it, a certain negative image of our country. and then also, when we asked the foreign ministry, they had a similar statement. maria zahadava, the spokesperson, saying we are very interested in understanding what they accused russia of. many times the foreign ministry has asked for this information and sergey lavrov, the foreign minister, asked for details, but we never had any response.
2:20 am
so what they're saying is if you've got the evidence, show it to us, tell us, and then we can answer you. but, george, as we know, that's a very difficult thing for the united states. if it does have that information and that data, it would be very difficult for the united states to totally expose how they got that information, the sources and methods as they're referred to. so it's really kind on of a stand off, at least rhetorically at this point with russia saying, prove it. >> and, jill, when we talk about prove it, let's talk about just what we're -- you know, the general situation here for our viewers who may not understand this situation. so what are the allegations when it comes to russia's alleged hacking? what organizations, what groups? >> well, when you take the hacking, essentially what happened was the democratic national committee and some senior officials, like john podesta of hillary clinton's campaign were hacked.
2:21 am
and then those hacks were released and they were released to some various sites, but especially to wikileaks that then spread it around the globe. so what the u.s. officials now are saying is that they believe this was a russian operation and that it was released not only to -- which had been reported before, to undermine the elections and undermine faith among the americans in their own elections, but now they're coming out and saying according to media reports, saying that it was to help donald trump get elected. now, president obama has decided to give an order that he wants to get all of the information collected on exactly what happened and then to make as much of that public as possible. but some of it, obviously, will not be able to be made public. they could brief members of
2:22 am
congress. we'll have to see what he has come up with. and he has given the deadline by the time the inauguration happens with the new president, we should have that information. >> and at the same time, donald trump slamming that u.s. intelligence saying, you know, essentially he does not believe that to be the case. obviously, we'll wait to see the results of this investigation. cnn contributor and former moscow bureau chief to cnn, jill daugherty live for us in moscow. thank you. the world anti-doping agency has issued a stinging follow-up into allegations of state-sponsored dope canning by russia. investigator richard mclaren reported more than a thousand russian athletes in 30 different sports benefited from what he called an unprecedented and centralized doping program and a cover up. the international olympic committee now wants to test urine samples from russian athletes who competed in the olympics in london in 2012 and sochi, russia, in 2014.
2:23 am
moving on now to south korea, protesters there are out in full force in is he oul call for the president of that nation park geun-hye to resign. cnn's paula hancocks is following this story live for us in seoul, south korea. lawmakers voted to impeach. that absolutely happened just the other day. the process, though, could take time as this goes to the constitutional courts and it is not pktly certain what that conclusion will be. though these protesters are demanding that the president not wait for the process, instead, to resign immediately. >> well, you have tens of thousands on the streets of downtown seoul just outside me, the building here. and you can see that they are certainly coming even though that impeachment has been cleared by lawmakers. of course, it could be overturned by constitutional court and it could take six months. so many of the protesters are
2:24 am
saying she's been impeached by lawmakers, she should step down immediately. president park said she would respect what lawmakers decided, she would accept the constitutional court decision, suggesting she's going to wait it out. opposition leaders saying she's waging for time. but some of the protesters are celebrating. they're saying they are happy that she has been impeached. at least this part of the process has been cleared. now, we saw a recent gallop korea poll which suggested 81% of those on polled with wanted to see her impeached. so you have got this celebration behind me, as well. we saw some fireworks just a matter of minutes ago, george. >> and paula, also, just to get a sense of the optics here, you have protesters. you see them by the thousands quite frankly on the streets, just behind you in your live report here with us. and the president will remain in
2:25 am
the blue house wsh will stay there each though her executive powers have been suspended. >> that's right. president park is certainly president in name at least. those duty ves now gone to her prime minister. and he gave a speech yesterday saying it's time for the country to move on, the fact that there's going to be a new president in the united states and they have to work on the alliance between the u.s. and south korea. but for the protesters, they want president park geun hey to step down. there's stipulate an estimated tens of thousands outside. but organizers last weekend and two weekends ago said they had a million and a half protesters.
2:26 am
but there's certainly less people on the streets now. >> paula hancock there for us live in seoul, south korea. there are fewer people on the streets, but still demanding the president resign. now that the prime minister has become the acting president, the country's constitutional court has 180 days to rule on the validity of the vote. if sings of the nine members agree, a new election could be held within 60 days. however, if the court fails to agree, the impeachment would be overconcerned and ms. park would be reinstated as president. still ahead here on "cnn newsroom," we take you back to paris where top diplomates are hoping to restart the peace process in syria. plus, colombia's president is being awarded for his part in bringing the country's 52-year
2:27 am
conflict to an end. this is "cnn newsroom."
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you're watching "cnn newsroom." it is good to have you with us. i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you. this hour, we now know one person who will not be in donald trump's cabinet. former mayor rudy giuliani removed himself from control consideration last month. he was on the list for secretary of state. he was one of trump's top
2:31 am
surrogates during the general election. the u.s. president of the united states, barack obama, is ordering a review of cyber attacks in that influencing u.s. elections going back to 2008. the u.s. government says russia is behind the attacks, the hacking. russia says there's no evidence to back the claims. mr. obama wants answers before trump takes office. trump says he doubts russia's involvement. protesters in south korea are demanding once again that the president step down. lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to impeach park geun-hye. top diplomates are meeting again to discuss syria's savage civil war. the u.s. second of state is meeting with foreign ministers and other u.s. and russian officials are set to hold a meeting in twitserland. again, those ministers meeting
2:32 am
in paris. let's talk more with melissa bell live in the french capital. what can you tell us about these foreign ministeres and what they come to accomplish? >> it is a position of weak ps very much and many diplomates will tell you they recognize privately the syrian opposition has roarly seemed so weak yet the ten foreign affairs ministers are gathered here they do not buy the russian line and they hope as the -- of aleppo which appears to be on its way is something they need to take act of. they need to look at what happens once this second sear yap city falls and how can the syrian opposition continue.
2:33 am
they still believe a transition can take place and we believe syria's opposition has a part to play in that. also five arab nation he back that syrian opposition and still, despite what's been happening on the grouped, despite the advances off the russian ministry and the syrian forces to say that this political opposition still counts, still has a vote and must continue to play a part on that question of a transition. >> melissa, though, and you point this out, that the meetings are happening. you say they are important toward the conclusion of the brutal fighting that we see that plays out there in aleppo. but, you know, for many people, they have seen these meetings. they have seen diplomates come together and they have seen inaction. what is to say this is any
2:34 am
different for those crews on the ground, those people who are still dealing with a great deal of violence that's playing out. >> it's very difficult to see can concretely come out of this, that they intent to continue having a voice in this matter. but on the ground, the way things have played out have not made this side of the argument heard. and it's difficult to see what could come out of it today that's given them more of a voice than they've had so far. the russian intervention began more than a year ago. this voice has grown ever weaker. now the question here, and as you mentioned earlier in geneva today is to look beyond aleppo. what happened once that part of syria that is currently being fought for has fallen to damascus. what happens when there are essential will two syrias that have emerged.
2:35 am
how can the syrian opposition play a part in trying to make itself heard. as we move towards a sort of new phase in this conflict. >> ma sis sa bell live for us on the phone from paris. thank you for reporting. the president of colom boa is collecting his noble peace prize for his erts to end colombia's half century civil war. mr. santos call tess prize a gift from heaven. >> i am very happy to be here in nor way, to receive this very, very important prize that uplifts not only me as colombia and as the president of colom a colombia, but the whole colomelbian people, a country that has been in war for over half a century. >> to talk more about this,
2:36 am
let's bring in shasta darling ton live from rio de janeiro. let's talk about the significance, the fact that he is receiving this very important award. >> that's right, george. really, i think you really could say it was a gift from heaven. i mean, remember, the initial peace deal that the colombian government and the farq rebels was hammered out by colombian rebels and it came as a huge blow to president santos. there was an elaborate signing saib ceremony. world leaders flew in. all that was left was this nationwide referendum and polls showed that the deal would be supported by the majority of colombians. we now know just the opposite happened. they voted to reject the deal
2:37 am
and it looks like all was lost. but a couple days later, santos was awarded the nobel peace prize. he says that really gave him the international backing to keep fighting for this deal. so he sat down with the raq rebels and they had to look at the fact that a lot of colombians were still angry and frustrated. this was five decades of conflict, displaced some 5 million people, colombians were frustrated that the rebels were looking not at jail time, but house arrest, that they were going to be able to hold office. so they did come up with new details, stiffer sanctions for the rebels. a lot of what the no voters wanted they didn't actually achieve. i think the biggest change in the end was santos decided not to put the revised deal to a nationwide vote. last month, they signed this revised deal and it went
2:38 am
straight to congress. it was approved right now at the beginning of december and the noble peace prize is a global stage to talk about how they have finally achieve peace in colombia and how they hope this could be a model for the rest of the world, george. >> so, again, you point out that this was not put to a vote. we're seeing the president of the noigz put on a very well regarded pedestal for his work on this.. but i'd like to get the sense from you, shasta, for people in that nation, how are they feeling about this, seeing their leader credited for this, but at the same time, many of them are not satisfied with this sort of peace resolution. >> that's right, gormg. what we saw with that vote, even though the deal was rejected is that the country is roughly split in half with half the country supporting the peace deal and half, again, what
2:39 am
santos and the negotiators hope was the new concessions, stiffer sanctions on rebel leaders. while they won't be banned from public office, they can't run for office in the districts that have been created, which is important. they can run for office in congress, but they can't run for office in these new sdrikzs being reacted. there were some concessions made and i think this is also recognizing that there was a lot of shock and surprise when the no vote won. much like brexit, the feeling that this does allow them to go back and maybe try again for what some people wanted but didn't actually put down in their vote. george. >> shasta, thank you so much for the report. the nobel peace prices in medicine, chemistry, physics,
2:40 am
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. in the state of south carolina, a man who called himself a white supreme cyst said he opened fire in an african-american church because, as he said, somebody had to. jurors heard dylann roof's
2:44 am
chilling confessioning on friday. roof began shoot whg worshippers bowed their heads in pray. you see him here on that surveillance video holding a weapon. he said he wanted to, quote, acknowledge taj race relations. >> let me make shower i'm clear on this. if there wouldn't have been black people in that church, you would have never walked in there? it was because of your belief -- your understanding that lt of people in america and the world are doing to society, the crimes and everything, and it was a retaliation or a -- >> right, well, obviously, i realized that these people, they're in a chuch, you know, they're not criminalser or anything. but criminal black people kill nbt white people every day. >> so what was your point? what was your point you were trying to make?
2:45 am
you said these people were in church, they're innocent. what was the point of targeting them? >> because i just knew that would be a place where there would be at least a small amount of black people in one area. >> even though roof confessed, there has to be a trial because prosecutors are asking for the death penalty. >> days after conceding defeat in his country's election, gabby ya's president is now demand canning voters go back to the polls. the president claims he lost to the opposition leader because of voting irregularities. he has ruled gambia with an iron fist. his election loss prompted celebrations in the streets of gamby ya. in northeastern bulgaria, at
2:46 am
least four people are dead after cargo train derailed and exploded in a village. the train was carrying lpg or liquefied petroleum gases. when it went off the tracks. bulgaria's interim minister says 20 people have been trapped in the rubble of the building's balancings in the blast. now time to talk about this deadly 40 car pileup that claims three lives in michigan. derrick, that is your home state the you know that weather well. >> all too well. we're talking about whiteout conditions. it can go from several miles of visibility to less than five feet in a matter of seconds. you can imagine what that is like if you're driving.
2:47 am
there was a jack knifed truck that ultimately caused the initial collision. with the whiteout continues, people were too close to them, didn't see the person in front of them and the impending accident that was about to impact them. unfortunately that caused a snowball effect and, of course, icy continues on the roadways not helping that, either. the cold air as well as the lake-effect snow machine is still in high gear across the great lakes. and you see this jet stream diving south. that's going to allow for a parade of storms through the pacific northwest, and it's alive for temperatures to drop. we'll cover all the bases here. 24 in grand rapids, 4 degrees in duluth, minnesota. factor in the winds, this is what it feels like as you step outside on your skin. way below freezing. 16 below in rapid city. minot at 33 below. if you think that's cold, it's cold now, but over the next
2:48 am
seven days, we have got -- remember that infamous word, polar vortex? i don't like to use it much, but a re-establishing shot of cold air by the middle of next week. be prepared. with this cold air, by the way, we have the potential for upwards of a foot of snow in chicago. that marines delays galore this weekend. chicago, grand rapids, michigan, that will reinforce our shot of lake-effect snow showers from the downwind area, grand rapids into the lake erie, lake ontario, even into lake superior. the pacific northwest helping to build up some of that snowpack for the skiers out there. skiers, snowboarders, rejoicing, of course. not the winter drivers. they're cringing at the fact that they have to drive through all of this snowfall. look at the precipitation across the region. even into seattle. they've had a few inches of snow on the ground.
2:49 am
more to come. we're going to build up that powder base for the tee tops, the rockies, and convenient time for me, i'm heading out to vale to check it out. >> thank you so much. we'll be back after the break. [engine revving] ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. ah, family holiday party, huh greg?
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it is a towering and majestic figure of the african savannah, and it is said to be facing possible extinction. giraffes have been put on the ritalin for the international union of conservation of nature. >> a trip to nairobi can bring you face-to-face with one of africa's iconic creatures, the giraffe. here at the giraffe center, these giraffes are raised in a controlled environment where tourists and school kids and adults can learn more about them at close quarters. hello, betty. i love a tall girl. so you've heard that a bunch of elephants are called a herd and a bunch of lions are called a pride. now, what do you call a bunch of
2:54 am
giraffes? they're called a tower and they certainly make me feel very small. but scientists have found what they're calling a devastatinging trend. giraffe populations have decreased almost 40% in the last 30 years, leading the international union for conservation of nature to classify them as under threat of extinction. these animals, which are so big, so visible, yet their decline has gone largely unnoticed until now. >> the forecast for the species like elephants, sometimes the rhinos and sometimes the lions. we forget about these tall gentle giants of app african savannahs. >> a drive through the national park has one reason on the horizon. africa's urban landscape is changing the fast and eating up what used to be more of the giraffe's habitat. all over the continent, citizens are coping with increasingly number places and the giraffes are running out of grazing
2:55 am
space. >> we have actually wildlife and wildlife that requires big spaces and requires, you know, specific habitats. so in the plan sg where we are calling to include ga ravs for the land users. >> saving the giraffes won't be an easy task. an ancient fable has it that a long time ago, the giraffes were the sou sayers. they could lift their heads to the clouds, look back and see the past and look forward and see the future. but one thing no one could have predict z was that by 2016 their numbers could have dropped and they would be facing what the conservationists would be calling a silent extinction. cnn, nairobi. >> a great description there, sarai. thank you for the report with us.
2:56 am
a vodka distelliller wants toast the piece of iceland with a seasonal greeting. here is what they did. >> ak vodka would like to say happy holidays to everyone in iceland individualsly. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> so the spokesman read out the first names of everyone in the tiny nation, all of them. there are about 4,500 first names in iceland where names must be approved by the committee. it took about two hours to do it, to plow through that list. not necessarily gripping tv, but the video has generated more than 100,000 views on facebook. that's a lot of names. thanks for being with us for this hour. i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. for our viewers in the united states, "new day" is next. for viewers around the world,
2:57 am
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finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. it was an unprecedented cyberattack, order by senior russian leadership on the u.s. election. trump repeatedly praised russia during his campaign. he's continued to express doubts, even now, that he has access to top u.s. sbel against as the president-elect. telling "time" this week, i don't believe they interfered. that became a laughing point, not a talking point. a laughing point. >> two of trump's top supporters are no longer in running for jobs. chris christie and rudy giuliani. >> perhaps the


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