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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  December 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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like a contest you can do what these people did. they just threw up a "ditto." nicely done. to all creatures great and small, each poodle, snow monster and beaver we wish you the happiest of holidays. that does it for us. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. this is cnn breaking news. >> brnz, proeb veaking news, th tonight. i'm don lemon. the commander in chief says we will take action. >> there is no doubt when any foreign government tries to
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impact our election we will need to take action and we will at a time and place of our choosing. >> we are learning just how wig the trump organization is. donald trump says untangling his business ties is no big deal. we get to that this evening. now to our chief national correspondent in washington. you can see the wap toll over hs shoulder. why do u.s. officials believe putin gave cyber experts broad direction in the hacking? >> it is believed in the u.s. intelligence community since they called russia out a month before the election that this hacking operation would have required the senior most russian official's aprofessional. russia is a top heavy system. that means vladimir putin. since then the confidence has increased. we have been learning today why that's the case. that's because of the sophisticated hacking tool,
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cyber weapons really, used in the attack. the most sophisticated which would require vladimir putin to okay that. that leads to the conclusion vladimir putin ordered this attack on the u.s. presidential system. >> the president is vowing action. what could they do? >> a host of things in an escalating ladder of options starting with naming and shaming russia in private which is something we know president obama did. vladimir putin this summer in china. then it's naming and shaming in public which was done a month before the election. then you have economic sanctions. the obama administration has tried that for months for the russian action in ukraine. if that doesn't work you can raise it by attacking back
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really doing the same thing they did to us, right? that could be releasing embarrassing information, say the financial holdings of vladimir putin or going after critical infrastructure in russia. quote/unquote turning the lights off in moscow. this is a concern the obama administration expressed in public. that could lead to similar retaliation from russia. we know russia and other countries have access to our critical infrastructure. is that a path you want to go down? retaliation brings risk. >> since the election do u.s. officials think u.s. cyber hacking activity has continued? >> absolutely. the word they are using is it's continued unabated since the election on party institutions, party organizations including but not limited to the democrats. there was another attempted phishing attack where you click on a link and it allows malware
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to get into your computer. a failed attack on the clinton campaign since then. other party organizations and, don, this has been expected in the u.s. intelligence community. part of the reason being it worked. right? they interrupted, interfered with the u.s. election system. whether or not they wanted donald trump to win it's been successful for them here. western democracy in europe, eastern europe and frankly they expect it to continue. >> jim, thank you very much. appreciate that. i want to bring in cnn politics executive editor mr. mark preston, monica langley and david shelling. this is unbelievable. this is what the president-elect tweeted. mark, he said if russia or some other entity was hacking why did the white house wait to long to act? why did they only complain after hillary clinton lost.
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what stands out to you on this? >> i think it's his vanity at this point. it appears he's viewing this through the lens that people don't think he won the election legitimately and he only won because there was russian hacking and the leak of the john podesta e-mails and what have you. i think donald trump has created basically an escalation of the war of words between barack obama's outgoing administration and donald trump's incoming administration. >> how is this viewed by the president-elect and his team? >> his team and the president-elect believe they are trying to delegitimize his election, his win. i talked to somebody high level within the trump organization today with the transition. they said donald trump is spending zero time on worrying about the russian hack. he's spending time on getting the best cabinet possible and bringing back good-paying american jobs. they are acting like this is not
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that important and they are focused on bringing in the new administration. >> but he's tweeting about it. >> yeah. >> he cares but doesn't care. >> yeah. >> the white house press secretary josh earnest today said this. >> mr. trump obviously knew russia was engaged in malicious cyber activity that was helping him and hurting secretary clinton's campaign. >> so president obama and president-elect trump seem to start with a friendly relationship. is that souring already? >> i think that's clear. don, it's astonishing actually. barack obama came out after the election clearly trying to assuage concerns after iraqi battle. he used how bush handed over the white house to him as the model of drama free good transition hand over. that's out the window because of
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how seriously the white house see this is russian hacking. from what the top trump advise rs did when they really wanted to get donald trump's attention they went on tv and talked to him basically directly. maybe that's what the obama administration is feeling needs to be done here. as monica said, if he's spending zero% of his time on this that would be a concern to the white house since as you started the program the president said the united states needs to respond. >> if donald trump just came out and said i fully back an investigation into russia allegedly hacking into our election system and while i'm not sure if our intelligence services have it all right i'm 100% behind them. this wouldn't be a big issue. he stands his ground and allows his own self to get in the way
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of himself when it comes to issues like this. >> this is because of what monica said. they think it delegitimizes him if he says something did go wrong. >> the democrats, according to the trump people, are saying not just hacking, an attack on the krich country. they are saying and they tried to help donald trump. they are mad because they will say they were trying to help donald trump. if they said this is an attack. this is a cyber attack on our election process, period, maybe donald trump would say something. they are taking it the next step according to the trump people saying it helped donald trump. maybe he wouldn't have won but for this. >> you said he's spending his time picking the best people he can for his administration. as i said, he's tweeting about it. >> right. >> does he really care and how much is just talking points they are putting out or messaging is a better way to say we really
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don't care. but they do. >> so the person i talked to isn't a messaging person. the person i spoke with isn't a messaging person. it is a senior adviseadviser. i also said is this nice relationship that the president and the president-elect began with like already deteriorating? i said, is that already gone out? and this senior adviser to trump said does anybody care? you know, if they have a good or bad relationship? >> yes. they don't have to be good friends. they have to be able to look at each other straight in the eye and say, you know, the bottom line is i trust you. this is where we are. you know what, mr. president-elect, you should listen to the security briefings every day. there has to be an understanding. you have to have an operational relationship. >> remember, josh's comments at the podium today. tomorrow standing at the podium
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will be barack obama. >> exactly. >> in his final news conference of the year. the question now the president tomorrow will be pressed on this. will he own how josh earnest was presenting this thing. obviously josh doesn't freelance as the white house press secretary. he goes out to deliver the president's approved message of the day, if you will. now are we going to hear from president obama tomorrow a little chiding or scolding or instructing to donald trump from that podium because he's clearly much more concerned about this russian hack than he believes donald trump to be at this point. >> we'll continue to talk about that. monica, i want to talk about breaking news. i know you have regarding the trump administration and the business divestment or not. >> exactly. there's been a lot of talk. the only way donald trump can solve his conflicts of interest is if he were to liquidate his
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assets. what they have been doing. he was supposed to have the press conference today. they were looking at if we were to liquidate the assets the first concern is it would be a fire sale. how can we put up property that is total in the billions at once? we can't do that. that's stupid business. they realized so many people are interested in the assets would the foreign governments or sovereign wealth funds try to overpay to curry favor with the new trump administration? i spoke to a person closely involved with the trump organization who said we can't win. this is not just financial. it is an emotional decision for the trump family. they want to preserve assets. donald trump will be clear of them. he will not manage them. they will be in a trust the sons run or some entity. but they will be the same assets. >> david, i have to ask you with all due respect to donald trump and the team, isn't this something you think about before you run for president? >> remember, for a long stretch
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of time i don't think donald trump thought he would be president. i'm not sure you work all of it out in advance. the question to what monica is reporting is that means donald trump will, indeed, profit from the trump organization throughout the course of his presidency or whatever profit is made will be waiting for him at the end of the presidency. so in every policy decision where he has trump organization business that deals with a policy that the trump organization interacts with the federal government on the second or third question from the decision will be how does it affect donald trump's bottom line? >> i should note this it is thinking today. that's the reason they didn't have the press conference today. they are still going through it. at this moment in time they are saying we can't liquidate because of all the factors. they are still trying to, wo it out. it could change this week or the first of january. they are trying to work it out.
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>> whoever at trump tower. i have to get this in, mark. this is a new fox news poll. it says 52% of americans are concerned trump will face his business interests ahead of americans. it seems that americans are split on this. why is that? evenly split. >> we are a divided country. this was a close election. those numbers probably pretty much mirror where the vote came down. i know hillary clinton had several million more raw votes. you know where this will change and it could go either way. if donald trump promises and policy initiatives are flat the number goes upside down quick. if his policy prescriptions to turn things around do well -- obamacare, somehow they replace and repeal it, that number will
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go high. >> do you notice the gnu of people signing up for obamacare? >> getting on the train now. >> they think it will go away. >> thank you. >> thanks, don. >> when we come back, if vladimir putin did approve the election hacking what was his motive and what will happen when donald trump takes office? ♪ (laughs..) here it is.
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u.s. intelligence believes vladimir putin likely approved the hacking of the election but donald trump says it is ridiculous that russia was involved in hacking. matthew chance is in moscow this evening. thanks for joining us. u.s. officials say the intelligence suggests that vladimir putin was involved in
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the cyber attack on the u.s. election. is this standard operating procedure for the kremlin to use information as a weapon? >> i think it is increasingly become standard operating procedure. it's certainly become common the skill they have been honing over several years. i don't think we have seen it used on such a scale as it's been used in the united states presidential election. we have seen a combination of factors brought together. the use of information as a weapon. cyber warfare, hacking, release of the information that's been hacked for partisan purposes, in this case to support the candidate donald trump and to under mine the campaign of hillary clinton. the fact that the kremlin hires whole factories of people that are employed to go online and
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insert themselves into online conversations. to steer the narrative towards a more pro kremlin line. also the spreading of fake news. we have heard about that as well. russia has a state funded english language tv news channel called russia today which also uses to spread, i think in many instances its own propaganda. russia developed a full spectrum display of information warfare techniques that it's employed dramatically it seems according to u.s. intelligence officials in the u.s. presidential election. so that's deeply disturbing to russia watchers. >> do you see similarities between the way vladimir putin and donald trump use the media? >> well, i think there are similarities. there are differences as well. notably the fact that donald trump is much more communicative
7:20 pm
and the media may not give in to us that much. he uses twitter. vladimir putin has a twitter account but doesn't use it by any means in any way the same way. of course vladimir putin has this state apparatus of media that's basically there, geared almost entirely towards putting across his view to the world and most importantly to the russian people. in that sense hem and donald trump are very different in the way they have the media, you know, resources at their fingerti fingertips. but obviously they both used the media in various ways to try to get the message across as effectively as possible. >> president obama says the u.s. will take action. i realize it's early there. what kind of reaction if any do you expect to that in moscow? >> well, it's difficult to say.
7:21 pm
there is a cyber command in the united states that was set up precisely for this reason to defend against cyber attacks and to retaliate against countries or individuals that carry out such cyber attacks. the united states has an enormous devastating potential in terms of the cyber warfare techniqueses of its own that it can employ if it wants to. given that the united states is now warning of retaliation, if that happens and with donald trump in the presidency it's not clear to what extent that will happen. if it does happen the kremlin will easily be able to point at the united states as being responsible. i have seen criticism of these u.s. threats for retaliation. but, look, certainly the united states has massive capability to not only defend against cyber warfare but to carry it out as well. it would be very interesting to see if russia becomes subject to
7:22 pm
that. >> thank you for that. now steven cohn, professor at princeton university and new york university. thank you, sir. i appreciate your expertise. what would vladimir putin's motive be to interfere with the american election? what would he get out of it? >> i can't think of any. you said i'm emeritus, that means old. i have never in 40 years studied russian-american relations and seen anything like we are in at the metrodome. i think we are in uncharted, perilous territory. even before the hacking allegations, we were in a cold war with russia fraught with hot war from the baltics to ukraine to syria. you have covered those stories. now we are accusing russia and this is basically what you rt roed from moscow of attacking us. cyber attacking. we have a president of the united states suggesting he's going to counter attack. we are talking about war between
7:23 pm
nuclear powers. and over laying it all is this story of what the russians did in our election for which we have yet to be presented a single piece of evidence we can say, i can say, don, is that credible to you? you say what is it. secretary of state kerry, any pushback he said he wouldn't embrace this story. anonymous sources. the intelligence oversight committee, i believe. i don't want to misstate. refused to brief congress yesterday or today or tomorrow. that's because the intelligence community. even on the information, a little or a lot of information they have. or didn't have. >> we have had episodes in this country going back to the reagan years where the intelligence community was at war with them itself. >> the director of national
7:24 pm
intelligence report isn't anonymous. >> i understand. look, i read every word i can find. i'm not an expert on this. what would be evidence? we have a mole in the kremlin. tap their cell phones. think of edward snowden. we have heard what they were going to do. remember what the story is. the russians and putin's command intervened in our election to throw it to trump. it may be, it may be. but without evidence we are talking about war with russia. >> does the information saying to throw it to trump or is it saying they intervened in. >> that would be the first step. there are three levels of accusation. they invaded the democratic national convention, got information damaging to hillary clinton and gave it to wikileaks who publicized it to damage trump. >> also spreading false information, fake news. >> right. but everybody agrees the stories released from the dnc weren't
7:25 pm
falsified. they just say it was dirty pool. here's my point. what i have never seen in my life. we have ratcheted up to a moment so dangerous at least as dangerous with russia since the cuban missile crisis in 1962. normally we have a national debate about what to do. you and i are sitting here with somebody else saying i think we should build more weapons. i say less. what are we talking about? it could be fiction. we don't know. >> hillary clinton has said tonight that it's a grudge between putin and clinton. >> malarkey. i know the story. she said something critical about the elections in 2011 and it brought protesters in the streets and he recents it. a, she violated state department protocol. she wasn't supposed to do that. b, that's to say russians don't have any political agency of their own. they came on their own. >> how big of a threat is it?
7:26 pm
we're talking a war between two nuclear powers. >> possibility. >> how should the u.s. respond? >> am i right in understanding that president obama is giving a press conference tomorrow? >> yeah. >> he should walk this back. he should say this is very unclear, we need an investigation. everybody stay calm. i don't think we can have such an investigation. >> if he doesn't? >> i will wake up tomorrow morning extremely worried and here's why. the russian leadership and the russian people watch this. what they hear being said in this country is just short of a declaration of war against russia. they look and see this nato massive build-up and russians above and below say no western power has amassed on our border like this since the german invasion of 1941. you don't want high anxiety among people with nuclear weapons on high alert.
7:27 pm
>> he said to take action. you say that sounds like a declaration of war. >> no, no. you misunderstand. that's what the russians are interpreting. >> got it. >> and biden did say a month ago we will retaliate. it's time to walk back and fast. i think that's what secretary of state kerry was trying to do today when he said he didn't embrace the story. >> thank you. always appreciate it. >> are you sure? i didn't upset you? >> no, no, not at all. thank you very much. >> just kidding. >> up next, president obama vowing to take action on russia's election hacking. what are the options? with 36 days left in his term. we've all been here.
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tonight president obama vowing to retaliate against russia for hacking of the u.s. elections. here to discuss jill dougerty, a former cnn months row bureau chief. liz wall, russian media expert and matthew rojanski of the kimin institute at the wilson center. matthew, i will start with you. president obama responded to the russian ainterference in the election with npr. listen to this. >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. >> what kind of action? this is the beginning of a major escalation, you believe? >> look, i think the risk here, don, is that we are in basically uncharted waters. i don't think that necessarily
7:32 pm
translates into some kind of march to war. what it means is the equations we are familiar with from the cold war and also from post cold war europe, how does one nuclear power deter another nuclear power from using conventional or nuclear weapons. we know how to do that. we have known for half a century. when it comes to cyber, we are a lot less experienced in how to do that. you have a prpt now, still the president of the united states speaking carefully, parsing words, saying there will be some things we acknowledge, some things we don't acknowledge. we are going after infrastructure. we are going to embarrass russian officials. it's not clear what the ladder of escalation looks like. when you don't know what the response will be or whether there will be a response you can't deter the other guy. he has to know what happens will be so bad they don't take the first step. >> liz, what's your reaction?
7:33 pm
>> i think it's interesting we are having this conversation now. i think we should have been having this conversation six months ago. i think that now we are realizing the extent of the impact this could have had on the election and now there is a lot of blame put on the obama administration for not taking action sooner. to not have deterred president putin sooner. because now we are seeing the impact this had on our election. we know putin is an opportunist. he keeps pushing and pushing and gets away with what he can until he hits a roadblock or until he'll be deterred. he's somebody that is -- he acts aggressively until he feels like somebody is going to push back. until now we haven't seen pushback.
7:34 pm
we haven't even seen a stern condemnation until recently. >> i asked matthew if it's the beginning of a major escalation. you heard steven cohen on before. is that a bit over wrought? all he's saying is there would be retaliation. >> you know, i think matt is right when he says this is uncharted territory. there is a ladder you can look at that says let's begin with maybe outing who did this. just out their names. then you could get these servers and the way the methods they use for carrying out hacking.
7:35 pm
then you could embarrass russian officials as you can see this happening now with president putin. or you could affect bank accounts. this gets more serious. or what matt was talking about with the infrastructure, you could do that. how you respond is now being formulated. i do think there is a point of saying we are going to respond when we want in our own time and we may not even make it public. the message will get across to the people who need to have it gotten across to them. sometimes the public doesn't need to know about it. the important people will know. >> there is another wrinkle here which is timing and attribution. unlike an overt military action
7:36 pm
escalating on the nuclear ladder. all the trirnl stuff we knew how to deter during the cold war, it was clear who was doing it and when. the soviets moved missiles to cuba. we could see it with satellites and react more or less in real time. something may have happened months ago. information is trickling in. judgments made about the motivation at what level it was approved. just how official it was. remember, cyber can be done through third parties. all of this stuff implicates the question of who exactly are we deterring and if it is too late does deterrence work? there is a third problem here which is the change over of administrations. if the russians believed hillary clinton was going to be the president they are in a different world now where the guy who will be president says he wants to do a bunch of stuff the russians would like to see the united states do. now they are being punished for
7:37 pm
steps they probably took unwisely but they took in what was a different world. there is a delinkage between the bad behavior we want to defer and the world we are in. >> when we come back, putin wants the u.s. to lift economic sanctions. is that a deal donald trump can make?
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donald trump takes office in 36 days. will he change our relationship with vladimir putin? >> clinton campaign manager john podesta posted a piece in the washington post today. he said as a direct target of russian hacking i understand how serious this is. i was surprised to read in the new york times when the fbi discovered the attack in 2015 it failed to show even one. messages were sent comparing the massive response to the over blown e-mail scandal with the seemingly lackadaisical response to the very real russian plot to subvert a national election shows something is broken at the fbi. liz said the obama administration should have acted early but should the fbi have
7:42 pm
had a more aggressive investigation? >> they should have gone over in person instead of calling the help desk. i read the story the "new york times" had. and that the man they talked to apparently was a subcontractor who didn't deal with this and didn't believe it was an fbi agent. it's a comedy of errors if it were not so serious. if anything comes out of this, they have to really look at how all of this is taken seriously or not and how to repair some of the ways we deal with hacking. this hacking is really happening. even forget what we are talking about now with donald trump. we are being hacked all the time. we are being hacked all the time. it is important now to look at what we have and to realize that this is a future and it is going to get much worse. we have to get serious about it.
7:43 pm
>> some folks are saying this is about ideology and some say there should be an independent investigation in the u.s. lexs. the trump campaign, many republican supporters say this is an attempt to delegitimize the victory. is the media doing russia's job for them? >> yeah. it's unfortunate. here we have an unprecedented situation where a foreign government hacked our election to intervene to get a particular candidate in office. so this is a bipartisan issue, not a republican issue or a democratic issue. this is an american issue. we are talking about a foreign adversary hacking and influencing and meddling in our election. so there should be outrage on both sides. i think the response from the president-elect after he was presented with this information, you know, from the cia, the intel jents agency with the vast
7:44 pm
resources and their vast spying capabilities came up with this conclusion, presented it to the public. presented it before the president-elect and they said, nope, i don't believe it. so he himself now has politicized it and said this is all just, you know, hillary clinton, sour grapes. i mean it's not a political issue. we should all be concerned about this. unfortunately in hacking we have to understand it's just part of a greater russian disinformation strategy. it is about hacking, disinformation, about the legions of trolls they have spreading pro kremlin messaging. that's a multi faceted effort to influence the way that the american -- it's been at work now for a couple of years. i think ukraine was really the turning point in which we saw russia get more aggressive and more bold in their propaganda
7:45 pm
campaigns. one thing that's important to understand about the way the russian disinformation operates is it is meant to divide society. it is meant to make angry people angrier. it is meant to make paranoid people more paranoid. so russian media and russian disinformation amplified the divisions. we see president-elect throughout his campaign and still using the same tactic of division, of dividing people, of inflaming existing grievances and so there we see, i see the mission of russian media and the way that donald trump's campaign has operated. >> you and i were both in washington. you said it's now become a partisan fight that and what's that vladimir putin is going
7:46 pm
for. >> i think there is a very explicit political component to this. you could think of this as the kremlin laying a clever trap. one pack out of the dilemma we find ourselves is argued by a number of congressional democrats. some republicans, by the way, who are willing to open a door that may lead to questioning the legitimacy of an election in which the president will be sworn in in a month's time. that's a big win for the russians if they then get an administration whose legitimacy has been tarnished, is weaker and has less political capital. limit the investigation. don't take the threat seriously. don't deal wit and don't come up with a deterrent so this doesn't happen in the future. there is a narrow window in the middle where it is bipartisan, where both sides agree to deal with this in a productive way. sitting in washington i don't know how it looks from new york. we are not seeing signs that
7:47 pm
will happen. >> thank you. i appreciate it. let me come back. an emotional day in court as a jury finds dylann roof guilty in the massacre at a church in charleston. will roof get the death penalty? america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
7:48 pm
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a jury found dylann roof guilty. the jury deliberating for only about two hours. next phase of the trial scheduled to begin next month. jurors will decide whether roof should sentenced to death or spend the rest of his life in prison. let's discuss flow with forensic psychologist javier amador, founder of the leaf institute. good evening. what's your reaction to how quickly the jury came back with their guilty verdict? >> i'm not surprised in any way. the defense really had no defense on the guilt part of the trial. i mean, the confession, the witnesses, the forensic evidence is overwhelming. >> the jury -- while the jury was deliberating, they requested to review this specific part of roof's confession. listen to this. >> you pulled out the gun and you shot them? started shooting people? or, i mean, how? >> yeah, that's it. >> i mean, so -- you know how many people you shot?
7:52 pm
>> if i was going to guess, five. >> five. >> maybe. i'm really not sure. four, five -- >> did you say anything to them before or after or during? >> no, i didn't say anything to them before or anything. >> if i told you nine people died last night, how would that make you feel? >> i wouldn't believe you. >> it was nine. >> there wasn't even nine people there. >> he had no idea, at least he said there, how many people he had killed. from a psychologist's perspective, what does that tell you about roof? >> it tells me at some level there's some -- it wasn't quite
7:53 pm
as calculated and it was not quite as much clarity of thought as the prosecution might have us believe that this was a racist attack that he was trying to inflict as much damage as possible. it sounds a bit disorganized, frankly. >> yeah. the judge denied that the lawyers -- judge denied the lawyer's attempt to bring in two mental health experts who evaluated roof. i know you have a lot to say abo about this. what's your reaction? >> if you google them, neurodevelopment disorders, their doctors found something going on since early childhood in this young man. you can have a high i.q. and have very serious problems with your brain. also in the closing arguments and if you look at these two doctors, i just looked them up online, schizophrenia is another area of expertise. and in fact, if you look at capital cases, the majority of people where the defense attorneys, like david brooke and his colleagues tried to present
7:54 pm
here, who present mental health evidence, usually it's about schizophrenia. so i think that the, you know, their hands were tied and i've talked about this symptom before inschizophrenia, if, indeed, dylann roof has it, everything keeps pointing toward that. unfortunately the symptom of anasignosia not knowing you're mentally ill, dylann roof is firing his attorneys, no letting them present -- >> you don't think he believes he's mentally ill? >> absolutely not. i think january 3rd we're going to see a prosecutor's dream of a penalty phase. i've seen this before in defendants with schizophrenia and neurodevelopment disorders who don't understand they're ill, get up and do the prosecutor's work for them. we know his attorney tried to introduce delusions in the closing arguments.
7:55 pm
the judge said, you know, strike that, don't consider that to the jurors but we can consider that. i think as a society, we have a right to know what's going on and at some level, at some point, we will during the appeal process. because there'sing a inin ining standard of decency in this country when it comes to diagnosing people with mental illness. clearly there's a big question about mental illness. i see things as well independently as a psychologist i commented on in your program previously. the american bar association, american psychiatric association, american psychological association and the national alliance on mental illness, all four national organizations of professionals and consumers and family caregivers agree we should not be executing people with serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia when it impairs their judgment. none of this is coming to light. clear ly his attorneys think ths
7:56 pm
is an issue. gave argissue in the closing argument, tried to introduce it, bring doctors in and something i encountered when i was working on the uni bomber case, other cases like it, somebody who also as a symptom of unawareness of his illness so he says to his attorneys, no way, you're not calling any doctors, i'm a racist. >> thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. when we come back, hillary clinton back in the spotlight and speaking out tonight. we'll tell you what she says about vladimir putin. i'ts your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, stream live tv anywhere data-free. join directv today starting at $35/month. no extra monthly fees. ♪
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president barack obama vowing that the u.s. will respond to russia's election hacking. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. what will happen with our relationship with russia when president-elect donald trump takes office in 36 days? meanwhile the trumps are keeping it all in the family. first daughter to be ivanka reportedly making calls to members of congress about one of her pet causes, childcare. the president-elect unleashes tough talk on twitter. no, he's not targeting the russians, not even his political opponents at home. trump is hot under the collar about a bad review of a trump tower restaurant. will he put personal beefs aside when it's time for him to run the country? we'll see. let's get right to "vanity fair's" emily jane fox, mark preston is here, and "wa


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