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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  December 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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7:00 p.m. eastern. you're live in the cnn newsroom. i'm popty hea tpy harlow in new. we begin with a dire warning from john mccain. telling our jake tapper russian hacks aimed at influencing the u.s. election threatened to, quote, destroy democracy. also, mccain says the existing world order may be crumbling. watch. >> what's happening here when we see the seizure of these ships. when we see the cyber attacks. when we see the dismemberment of syria. when we see the tragedies that are taking place there which are heartbreaking, absolutely
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heartbreaking, while we sat by and watched all this happening, this is a sign of a possible unraveling of the world order that was established after world war ii, which had made one of the most peaceful periods in the history of the world. >> there is a sharp partisan divide in this poll. 86% of democrats are concerned about the hacking. 29% of republicans say the same. most americans do not believe that the russian hacking, in fact, swayed the outcome of the election. also, tomorrow, 138 member -- members of the electoral college will meet to cast their vote. they're not constitutionally bound to vote the way the state you voted actually went. typically, they always do. some electoral college members say they're being pressured to go rogue and become so-called
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faithless electors. right now, president-elect trump is projected to have 306 electoral votes. 270 are needed to win. i want to focus first tonight on senator mccain's push for a select committee to investigate the russian hacks. this call bipartisan. republican senator lindsey graham, as well as chuck schumer and reed all calling for this. politics reporter for the daily beast and jeffrey lord, trump supporter, and former mayor of philadelphia and a hillary clinton supporter. thank you all for being here. >> hello, poppy. >> hello. good sunday evening to you. you're always chipper. i love it. let me begin with you, jeffrey. president-elect trump is not one of the voices in this bipartisan group of senior senators who are calling for this investigation. instead, as you know, he questioned the voracity of u.s. intelligence on the russian hack
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of the electoral process. to date, he's not tweeted or said a negative thing about president putin or the hacking. the last time he had a press conference, more than 140 days ago, he said in jest that russia should try to recover hillary clinton's 30,000 plus missing e-mails. why is he doing this? what is the strategy, the mindset? >> i don't know. you know, poppy, a couple things. number one, i went to the trump rally when he was here in nearby hershey the other night. there were 12,000 pennsylvanians there. i can assure you, they did not vote for donald trump because they've been persuaded by the russians. they voted for donald trump because of their views of hillary clinton and her party and their verdict on the obama administration. >> jeffrey, i want to say, there are two separate things. the polls shows that most americans don't think russia actually swayed the election. >> right, but, poppy -- >> what i'm asking is why the
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president-elect has not once addressed or taken on putin or russia or the kremlin and said, stop messing with america's elections. >> poppy, i hope he would do it. i'll tell you why. he sent out a tweet the other week which he said he would have won california or new york if people who were not citizens had not been allowed to vote. now, it doesn't make any difference whether you're vladimir putin or whether you're an illegal, undocumented immigrant in america or a non-voting citizen of this country and you vote. there have been all kinds of studies that show this does, in fact, happen. so i think the whole thing should be pulled together. >> jeffrey, why are we going down that -- why are we going down that road? he also said that millions of americans voted illegally, you know, for hillary clinton. >> we don't know how many. >> there is no fact, no evidence
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to support the claim. mayor? >> poppy, we do not know -- >> poppy, we have two -- >> we do not know. let's find out. >> we don't know a lot of things. it doesn't mean you throw them out there as could bes. i mean, come on. >> investigate. do a deep-seeded investigation. >> poppy, there is nothing -- >> jeffrey, come on. >> mayor? >> the campaign is over. you don't have to adhere to all the talk. >> you lost. >> there are two facts here. no, jeffrey, you're wrong. donald trump said what he said with not one shred of evidence and has yet to produce any. but cia's mr. brennan d, mr. clapper and mr. comey all agreed that russia did interfere with the overall electoral process. it is absolutely wrong to say that somehow, the leaking of certain information, the
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activity that they were engaged in didn't have some effect on some americans. i'm not talking about machines or anything else. and so there are no facts from mr. trump about who -- >> there are no facts for them either. >> who didn't have the right to vote versus the intelligence agencies, in agreement, collectively -- >> mayor, what -- >> interference by the russians in the american electoral process. >> you guys, let me bring betsy in here. >> mr. trump doesn't want to -- >> betsy, what -- >> he doesn't want to insult his friend vladimir. >> what do you make of the fact the president-elect has not joined this chorus for a select committee to investigate this? has not been vocal about the hack, you know, in any way. >> it is weird. and it puts him out of step with the conventional view within his own party about russia and about how the united states ought to relate to russia. what the u.s. ought to do to
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push back against russia and incursions against sovereign nations and eastern europe. i think the question of how much influence russia had on the american election, one really important fact here is all the operations that russia did that we know about were nationally targeted. russia wasn't telling hillary clinton not to go to wisconsin. russians weren't door knocking in pennsylvania. all the intel in the hacks they pushed would have affected all american voters. despite that hillary clinton won the vote by 2.8 million votes. which would suggest, i think, potentially, that russia's efforts might not have been as effective as folks in the democratic party are saying. >> listen to how incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus responded when he was asked about this this morning on "fox news sunday." >> i mean, this whole thing is a spin job. i think what the democrats ought to do is look in the mirror and face the reality that they lost the election. and they lost the election
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because they're so completely out of touch with the american people that they're still shell shocked and they can't believe it. what is their response? recounts, russians, leaked cia reports. >> jeffrey, to you. it was just at the end of this week the cia director john brennan put out a statement saying, look, i and the director of national intelligence, head of the fbi, are all on the same page as to not just, you know, that there was hacking, but as to the scope of the hacking and the intent of the russians. when you look at the incoming president, clearly not on the same page with intelligence officials. how do you expect that to play when he takes the oath and becomes the president? >> what i find fascinating here, poppy, is the house intelligence committee has asked the intelligence community to come before their committee and present their evidence. they said no. now, what's the deal here? are we just going to be leaking stories -- >> i think they're trying to -- >> -- to the "washington post"
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and "new york times"? get it out. don't say, no, we're not going to do it. >> that's a little -- >> jeffrey, you know they will go to congress. they are responding to president barack obama's request. they are responding to -- first, president barack obama's request that they do a thorough investigation, get it done before the inauguration. after that, i'm sure those agencies will do whatever congress asks them to do. you know that. cut it out. >> one of the things, betsy, reince priebus said this morning to chris wallace is, why aren't the intelligence heads getting in front of cameras and putting the state ms out to the american people? >> because the investigations are still underway, as the attorney general said earlier this morning on cnn. the doj is still looking into the russian hacks. they're figuring it out. it would be irresponsible for the head of the fbi or the head of the cia to say, guess what, guys? we have all this stuff figured out.
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they're still working on it. additionally, as the mayor said, the president directed the intel community to do a review. is it irksome there are leaks coming out, and we aren't exactly sure who knew what when? sure. i understand it is frustrating, particularly for folks who support trump, feeling it is a conspiracy to undermine him? yeah. the notion we should rush intel and push it to be public before it is ready is itself the kind of thing that's gotten the cia in trouble in the past. >> at the same time though, betsy, and i have to go there, we did hear the president -- you did hear the president and john brennan in his letter saying, we know the scope. we know the intent. guys, i have to leave it there. thank you all very much. >> thanks, poppy. >> lively as always. ahead, a last chance for democrats who want to block donald trump from becoming president. the electoral college, one group trying to pressure electors to cast their vote for anyone but the president-elect.
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that is a very, very hard thing to imagine happening, but we'll see. also, the president-elect releasing details on how he will avoid conflicts of interests with his business empire. those details raising some questions. we'll debate it ahead. also, a beautiful story. conjoined twins. we've been telling you about them over the past few months on this show. they have finally been released from the hospital and our own dr. sanjay gupta has a report on the mcdonald boys ahead this hour. you're live in the cnn newsroom. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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the last ditch push among some to convince 37 electoral college voters to jump ship, go rogue and vote for -- not vote for the president-elect is in its waning hours. the 538 members of the electoral college convene in their respective states tomorrow to cast their votes. meantime, on friday, a federal appeals court in colorado denied an emergency request to allow so-called faithless electors to ignore the state's popular vote and vote whichever way they personally want to. professor joshua douglas teaches and researches election law and voting rights at the university of kentucky. he is the co-editor of a new book. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. glad to be here. >> are any of these last-ditch efforts likely to change anything tomorrow? i mean, if you look back in the
4:15 pm
history of this nation, more than 99% of electors have always voted the way that their state has gone. why should anyone think this time is different? >> i think that's right. i don't think this time will be different. i'd be surprised if there were enough electors not to vote for donald trump to make a difference. the reason why, in part, is because the electors are party loyalties. they're selected in each state because of their activities for the republican party. i think it is very unlikely they'll switch sides. >> as you well know, alexander hamilton wrote about the electoral college and the process and the federalist papers. federal papers 68 to be exact. he wrote, the process is to ensure, quote, the office of president will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications to be the president. the 12th amendment, however, does not obligate electors to vote one way or the other.
4:16 pm
states, though, do. states like georgia says if you, you know, rekwcuse yourself, someone else will take your place. in colorado, like with this sought this week, says you have to vote the way the state goes. walk us through the history here with faithless electors. >> well, there's not opinion a lot of faithless electors in our history as you said. over 99% of electors have voted consistently with the states. you know, initially, when alexander hamilton wrote that, at the founding, the state legislature appointed the electors. we didn't have direct elections for president. now, all of the states do have their members -- their voters select who should be in the electoral college. most people believe, look, if the majority in a state has chosen the candidate, the electors should go along. as you said, a handful of states, i think over half to states, have laws that do say that the electors are required
4:17 pm
to vote for whoever won in that state. some of those laws have been challenged. but no court has ruled against those laws yet. >> josh, as you know, it was a long time ago that the electoral college was formed. it was formed for very different reasons and in a very different world than we're living in today. a lot of it had to do with slavery and representation of the population. does it make sense today, in the world as we know it? >> personally, i don't think so. i think the electoral college is undemocratic. this is regardless of the outcome for this election. but we do see this election where the candidate who won almost 3 million more votes is not going to win the electoral college. i think the electoral college had a purpose, especially when we weren't in a situation when you could have nationwide campaigns. you needed some representation for the far away areas. now, with nationwide campaigns, a lot of people in many states, in most of the states, feel
4:18 pm
their vote doesn't really matter because the electoral college is going to come down to only a handful of states. i think that is a problem. >> josh, thank you very much. glad to have you on. >> thanks, poppy. >> that is the "legal view." now to the politics of it all. president-elect donald trump weighed in on the push to flip electors from some earlier this evening. here's what he tweeted. if my many supporters acted like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names. the incoming white house chief of staff, reince priebus, was on fox news this morning and blamed partisan politics. >> it is democrats that can't accept the outcome of the election. it is about delegitimizing the american system. it is not going to work. >> let's discuss all of this with political commentator jeffrey lord, back with us, and washington state elector brett, who is a so-called hamilton elector. he is one of the folks trying to convince the other electors to
4:19 pm
vote for someone other than donald trump. thank you both for being here. brett, first to you. you know this is beyond a long shot, right? and you know that history shows us that this doesn't typically happen. walk me through your mindset, in trying to convince some of your fellow republican electors not to cast their vote for donald trump. therefore, frankly, not represent the majority voice of the people in their state. >> first, thanks for having me. we've said from day one of starting hamilton electors back on november 9th, that this is a long shot. however, through the work of hundreds of volunteers and many, many conversations through republican electors, we do believe there is a realistic chance of 37 republican electors voting for someone other than donald trump tomorrow. and what makes this different than the other elections, where 99% of electors did vote as they
4:20 pm
were quote, unquote, supposed to, is the emergency that is donald trump. he is completely unfit to be president. he has foreign ties that are influencing him. these are all the things hamilton warned us about. >> you think that, but millions of americans didn't think that. yes, hillary clinton won the popular vote thus far, by almost 3 million votes. but that's not the system we have now. if we want to change the constitution and the system, that's one thing. but do you worry about threatening the system that we know, what exists in this country? basically saying, i know better than all of you who voted for him in my state. >> well, i think the people who knew better were the founding fathers who put this system in place for exactly this sort of situation. the constitution says nothing about popular vote. the constitution is our guidance in this. and we get an extra sense of what they wanted through hamilton's federalist 68, which really does give us a good idea
4:21 pm
of what they wanted electors to do. so we believe it is our constitutional duty, and it actually keeps the system we have in place going. >> jeffrey, do you think that the electoral college makes sense in the world that we know and live in today? >> yes, yes. poppy, the name of this country is the united states of america. the states elect the president. we're talking here about the federalist 68. the wall street journal looked at federalist 68. i want to quote here that they talk about -- alexander hamilton writes in federalist 68 that the electoral college is to raise, quote, unquote, every practical obstacle against, quote, intrigue and corruption and other things that might be communicated from them to the people. this anti-trump move is a cabal. it is exactly what alexander hamilton warned about. so my friend here on the other end isn't, an anti-hamilton pl
4:22 pm
undo the just election of the president of the united states. and for that matter, if it is applied to donald trump, it could have been done to abraham lincoln or george washington, john f. kennedy, franklin roosevelt and barack obama. it is wrong. >> i want you to listen to this ad. no doubt you've seen. it has been playing recently with a number of celebrities making this push. oh, we don't have it? disappointing. well, this ad -- >> i saw it though, poppy. >> so did i. >> hopefully the viewers have seen it. this ad is celebrities coming on television and saying, do what our guest wants, vote against the majority of those in your state. this was directed at ashley mcmillen. here is how she responded. i won't violate the will of the people of kansas simply because costal elites think mr. trump
4:23 pm
tweets too much. your response? >> my response is that's -- i'm happy for her to do what her conscious guides her to do. all we're trying to do is give republican electors the knowledge, the support, to do what they think is right. we aren't trying to force anybody into voting for or against anyone. we just want them to search their soul and see if they believe that donald trump is -- >> is that really the case? you're not pushing them to vote for or against anyone? >> absolutely not. it's been something i felt very strongly about the whole time. myself and michael, the two people, an elector in colorado, the two people who started hamilton electors on november 9th. we had core beliefs that we wanted to make sure weren't violated throughout this process. we've come out the entire time against individual citizens contacting electors. the flood of mails and e-mails, we've tried to stop it as much as we can. >> it is an important point because we know that one of, you
4:24 pm
know, at least one of these electors has received death threats from the reporting that rosa flores has done. important point. jeffrey lord -- >> so have i. >> you have? >> hold on. i want to hear what brett experienced. >> many threats from both the right and the left on this. i don't have any in front of me, the threats to myself, my family, harm, sexual assault. all of those kinds of things. it is not going to stop me for standing up to what i believe is a constitutional duty. >> jeffrey lord, final thought? >> i mean, i spoke to an elector from pennsylvania the other day. same thing. i mean, she showed me her iphone. in the day, had registered thousands just that day, registered thousands. she'd looked at them. coincidentally, she was a sheriff. she looked at these things, and they're threatening her life. if she doesn't vote against donald trump. there's no room for this kind of thing in america. this is disgraceful. this is disgraceful.
4:25 pm
people on the other side are fanning these flames and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. >> brett, final thought to you? i have to let you respond. he says you should be ashamed of yourself. you say? >> no, not -- i trust he's got his own, legit opinion. i'm just saying, this is not what the constitution is about, respectfully. >> i agree that threats of violence to anybody and their family is not what the constitution is about. and i fully condemn anyone on any side, on both sides, who are making threats. >> i have to leave it there, guys. glad we can have this debate. it is what america is all about. >> thanks. >> jeffrey and brett, nice to have you both on. i can't wait to show you this next story. two months ago, conjoined twin boys underwent a ground breaking surgery to acceseparate them, separate their heads. now, they've reached a new milestone. >> we've all come to an agreement that it is not good-bye, it is just see you
4:26 pm
later. >> cnn, dr. sanjay gupta, was there when the boys left the hospital. what is next for them when we come back. you're live in the cnn newsroom. four to t-mobile, f get unlimited everything, and we'll give you $800. that's right! $800 to spend anywhere you want. plus, all season long, get awesome deals on smartphones, tablets, and accessories. hurry in to t-mobile and get your holidays on us.
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just two months after ground breaking surgery separated twin baby boys conjoined at the head, jadon and anias mcdonald were released from the hospital this morning. it was a day their parents have been waiting for for a very long time. in an october interview with cnn before the operation, they talked about their love for their twins. >> when we had the boys, of course, they were normal little boys. just like any other two little babies you'd see, except for being conjoined. >> i could almost keep them like this right now, you know,
4:30 pm
because they're so perfect. >> they're normal little boys. >> they're beautiful. they're perfect. they are so funny, and they're -- >> happy little boys. >> happy, you know. >> crazy. >> they're crazy. crazy. jadon tries to roll off the bed and drag anias with him. anias talks. my favorite thing is to sit here and hear them talking with each other down the hallway. they talk back and forth. and, you know, they're just beautiful. >> that was then. and this is now. i'm so happy to show you this story. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta was there this week when the two little boys left the hospital on wednesday. >> you are going to have to drive the van and i'll ride in one ambulance and someone else will ride in the other one. >> reporter: this is the day the mcdonalds had been waiting for,
4:31 pm
discharge. >> your brother jadon. >> reporter: jadon and anias, born connected at the head, were separated in a marathon 27-hour operation. while doctors are pleased with the recovery, they have battled infections, fevers and seizures to get here. for the past two months, this has been jadon and anias mcdonald's home. twins separated two months ago to the day. they're now going to move on to a rehab facility. i wanted to say hi to them one last time at this hospital. >> i love this. >> people think -- >> they always touch. yesterday during the -- as soon as they were in the wagon downstairs, i looked over and they had their arms locked. i look again and they were holding hands. >> loves the camera, too. >> this kid was born for the camera. >> he was. >> i'm really happy for you guys. really, really happy. >> isn't this the best? >> thank you. >> you're going to be okay
4:32 pm
saying good-bye to all these folks? >> we've all come to an agreement that it is not good-bye, it is just see you later. >> when the boys were first born, mom and dad, nicole and christian, would wheel them around the hospital in a little red wagon. why? it was the only thing that would fit them top to bottom. they're now going to be leaving the hospital again in a red wagon. this time, they're going to be side by side. they spent 174 days in this hospital. >> thank you, yeah. >> for the mcdonald twins, it is good-bye. but on to a new beginning. >> poppy, it doesn't get much more heartwarming than that. the boys finally leaving the hospital. look, it wasn't a day anyone was
4:33 pm
certain would come. it was a major operation here. they got so much care in the intensive care unit. dr. goodrich told me that on the day they were separated, it was like a second birthday for them. a rebirth of sorts. now, they're going to go to rehab and learn all the things they would have otherwise learned during that first year of life. that's what is going to be happening. we'll keep an eye on them and bring it to you. >> so glad that you will, sanjay. thank you so much. incredible story. i told you, the best story of the night. we'll be right back. this holiday season, people have a lot to say about the chevy red tag sales event. this thing is a beast. steel or aluminum? steel. why? science. it's gonna hold up over aluminum, big time. you can get special holiday pricing and when you find your red tag, you get thousands more cash back. that's two deals in one. two deals sound better than one. that's a for-sure thing for me. during the red tag sales event, get two deals in one. find your tag for an average total value over ninety-six hundred dollars on chevy silverado all stars. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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president-elect donald trump has not directly called out moscow or vladimir putin for hacking into the u.s. election process in what the fbi and cia said was within attempt to influence the election. van jones said this morning the president-elect should respond to the cyber war that russia is
4:37 pm
waging on the united states. listen. >> he can respond personally to an attack. he can respond as a partisan to an attack. but he can't respond as a patriot to an attack? this is an attack on our country. and i just think that everybody sitting here is trying to pretend this is normal. this is not normal. it is dangerous. >> cnn's nic robertson sat down with two men who have had direct dealings with the russian president to talk about vladimir putin's diplomatic style. >> reporter: when the soviet union collapsed, the world thought russia would be a different place. for a decade, it was. >> they had a free press, they had a democracy and they had a civil so ciety. the problem is they didn't have any laws. they didn't have any rules. >> reporter: bill browder, an investment banker, was in
4:38 pm
russia, making millions amid the chaos. when putin came to power. a few years later, they clashed. >> i pointed out putin and the people around him have stolen an enormous amount of money from the russian people and have covered it up. >> browder's businesses were raided. one of his whistle blowing lawyers were thrown in jail, brutalized and died there many months later. putin rejects every accusation browder makes and barred him from russia for the past decade. >> at this point, many people consider me to be putin's number one foreign enemy. as such, my life is at risk. >> reporter: he is right to be worried. putin's critics get silenced. >> he has a proven record of murder for a start. either directly ordered or indirectly encouraged. >> reporter: sir andrew wood was britain's ambassador to russia at the same time browder was making his millions.
4:39 pm
he dismisses putin's denials of any influence in the deaths. >> when putin came to power, his main theme was russia should be a great power. he chose not economic reform and political progress but a relapse into what amounts to sort of a form of narcissistic xenophobia. >> reporter: in foreign policy, that's intervention in ukraine and syria, annexing crimea, providing overnight popularity for putin at the price of ru long-term economic sanctions. pretty soon, all this will be on president-elect donald trump's plate. >> he wants to be seen as a great deal maker and as a winner. so putin has made his wish list very clear. he wants ukraine, sanctions lifted and he wants to be left alone in syria. >> reporter: problem is, putin's idea of deal making, not much of
4:40 pm
a deal. >> what he's offering, i don't think is anything at all. nice words, perhaps. >> reporter: even his words warns browder it is not worth much. >> putin doesn't keep his word, betrays deals, takes what is offered and tries to take more in the future. that's probably not going to play well with trump, who will feel ripped off. >> what are his options going to be then? >> to become probably much tougher than any other u.s. head of state before him
4:41 pm
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4:45 pm
conferences scheduled for last week but postponed indefinitely. joining me now, richard painter from the university of minnesota. he was formerly the white house chief ethics lawyer for two years under president h.w. bush. you escaped freezing minnesota for the sunshine of california. glad you're with us. >> exactly. >> as you well know, the u.s. financial conflicts of interest statute prohibits people in the executive branch from holding assets that would clash with their official duties. however, for some bizarre reason, the vice president and the president-elect are exempt from this. there is nothing legally that is forcing his hand here, is there? >> well, every other president has divested of assets to prevent conflicts of interest. he'd be alone as recent presiden presidents if he keeps assets of
4:46 pm
conflicts of interest. also, there are foreign government payments, a serious situation the founder fathers were worried about. foreign governments trying to influence our government and elected officials. guess what happened this year? he's going to have to make sure no foreign government payments are coming into any companies he owns or there could be a violation of an important provision of the constitution. >> on that point, on the clause which says, you know, there can't be even a perceived impact of a foreign government on the financial interests of the sitting u.s. president, for example, any interests he might have in russia, or buildings in turkey, et cetera, et cetera. what do you believe the american people need to hear from him when he does hold that press conference? what does he need to say to convince you, a former ethics lawyer at the white house that, indeed, there is that necessary separation? >> well, that he is going to divest himself of his business interests entirely. that's what he needs to do to be an effective president, free of
4:47 pm
conflicts of interest. to comply with the constitution, he needs to divest himself of any businesses that receive any money from foreign governments. i believe he should right now ensure the electors that are meeting tomorrow that he is not going to have any payments coming in from foreign governments as of january 20. they need to be, in good conscious, able to vote for him as a president who is going to comply with the constitution. he is not giving that assurance right now. i'm very disappointed about that. but he also needs to make sure his kids, if they're going to be running businesses, they aren't having anything to do with what's going on at the white house. they have to figure out who on team trump is going to be on the white house government side and who is going to be running businesses. we can't have the two getting mixed up or it'll be a very, very difficult four years. >> what about the fact his four children, including his eldest sons, have been involved in the transition and meeting with some of the potential nominees, et cetera? >> yeah, that's not encouraged.
4:48 pm
you have to pick who is going to be on which team here. there are problems that need to be worked out if some of the trumps want to work in the white house. but if they are going to work in the white house, they're going to have to be subject to the same conflicts of interest statutes and disclosure rules as everybody else in the white house. those rules are binding on all federal employees. can't have them half the time running businesses and the other half of the time running over the west wing and gathering confidential information and telling people what to do and so forth. they have to be on one team or the other, businesses or u.s. government. they have to choose. >> richard painter, nice to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. we'll be right back. erver farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening...
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a family in oklahoma
4:52 pm
experienced a terrifying emergency on halloween night. a wife and mother suffered a heart attack as her family rushed her to a far away hospital. they were pulled over by a police officer who jumped into action to save her life. stephanie elam has the story of this officer who went beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: it's just after midnight on halloween. blanchard oklahoma police officer jordan jones is parked along a highway when a pick pickup truck speeds past him, hazard light on. >> he was frantic. >> reporter: jeff and his wife, tina, awoke, complaining of tightness in her chest. >> i said, we need to go to the hospital now. >> reporter: they live in the country. >> i had to make a decision, whether to wait for an ambulance to arrive from a long distance or get her on the road to help. >> reporter: along with daughter britney, they hit the road. 20 miles from home, tina's face turns purple. >> i was panicked. it is the middle of the night. the woman you love is completely
4:53 pm
unresponsive. you are about halfway between home and the hospital. >> reporter: he's racing to where there is usually a police cruiser. officer jones is there. >> female is not breathing, unconscious. >> did you think it was too late at that point? >> yes, i did. >> oh, she's gone! >> no, she's not. >> reporter: for two, tense minutes, officer jones performs cpr. >> i want you to give her two broet breaths, okay? >> oh, baby, come on. >> reporter: then a sign of life. >> she's breathing. >> come on, baby. >> reporter: tina is moved to an ambulance. emotional, jeff and britney thank officer jones. >> thank you. >> puts his big arm around you and says, it is going to be all right, buddy. >> what did you think when you
4:54 pm
watched the video? >> i just cried, just cried. i just love officer jones. he is an angel. he is a true angel. >> reporter: dr. jeff crook operated on tina as soon as she got to the hospital. one of her arteries was 90% blocked. >> would she have lived had it not been for the intervention of officer jones? >> i don't think she would have. starting the cpr when he did greatly improved her chance of survival. >> he was a hero. he did everything he could. >> he didn't just save tina's life, he saved her family. >> every night, i go out to make a difference in somebody's life. that was just a night i won. >> reporter: stephanie elam, cnn, blanchard, oklahoma. >> incredible officer. thank you, steph, for that. coming up next, in our america, from humble beginnings, it's become a mission and holiday tradition. ahead, the meaning behind special wreaths and why you can find them at memorials and
4:55 pm
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at a time of so much division in the country, there are also moments of unity all around us. we want to make sure you see those, as well, on this program. tonight, in our america, a simple wreath with a strong meaning for america's fallen service members. scores of volunteers arrived friday at the 9/11 memorial to place wreaths in honor to have the 189 people killed there. this was in advance of national wreaths across america day, which was saturday. when thousands of volunteers placed more than 1.2 million wreaths at places like arlington national cemetery and the national war memorials. in all, some 1,200 cemeteries and memorials. organizers say their mission is not about decorating graves but
4:59 pm
rather remembering the fallen, honoring those who served and teaching our children the price of freedom. >> we have come through a divisive election. you know, when we go to arlington tomorrow, the wreaths are placed all over the country, there will be people from the left, the right, christians and atheists. for a few hours, we'll all be americans, paying tribute to the people who served and sacrificed. >> for a few hours, we'll all be americans. when placing a wreath, volunteers are encouraged to say the name of each veteran allowed so they're never forgotten. wreaths across america started with one man, wooster, in 1992. the wreath company he owned has a surplus. he got permission to put those wreaths in a section of arlington national cemetery. soon, others offered to help him make it happen. the mission grew each year until wreaths across america was formed in 2007. thank you so much for being with us this weekend. at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on
5:00 pm
cnn, a special airing of the wonder list. bill weir heads to amsterdam, a nation known for being liberal. in this episode, bill finds the so-called dutch donald trump. don't miss it. that is tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow, have a great week. -- captions by vitac -- ♪


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