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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 18, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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here's hoping these natural innovators will find a way and share it. here's to the dutch. long may they bloom. that is the word from the trump team as leading senators from both sides of the u.s. political divide ask for an independent probe into alleged russian election hacking. and officially making donald trump the 45 th president of the united states, but this is an effort to get some of those voters to change their vote, and in the meantime, north korea's leader not known for keeping his opinions to himself is withholding judgment on the president-elect. we will examine why he may be holding back still ahead. live from cnn world head quarters in atlanta, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world.
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cnn news room starts right now. >> it is 2:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. russian hacking the u.s. president-elect's chief of staff isn't so sure about it, at least not yet. this despite the fact that the cia, the fbi, and the director of the u.s. national intelligence all say that they are increasingly convinced russia hacked the democratic e-mails all in effort to try to influence the u.s. election. reince priebus says top intelligence officials should lay out their findings against moscow publicly. listen. >> it would be nice to hear from everybody. if there is this conclusive opinion among all of these intelligence agencies, then they should issue a report or stand in front of a camera and make the case. >> a top republican senator and three other senators sent a letter to mitch mcconnell. they're asking for a select committee to look into these
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allegations of hacking, mccain slamming the u.s. response so far. >> the president has no strategy and no policy as to what to do about these various cyber attacks that have possibly disrupted an american election. we need a select committee. we need to get to the bottom of this. we need to find out exactly what was done and what the implications of the attacks were, especially if they had an effect on our election. there's no doubt they were interfering and no doubt it was a cyber attack. the question now is how much and what damage and what should the united states of america do? and so far we've been totally paralyzed. this is serious business. if they're able to harm the electoral process, then they destroyed democracy which is based on free and fair elections. >> the senator saying they
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destroyed democracy following the story live cnn in the russian capital this hour. matthew, good to have you. the drum beat continues to pick up moment up on this side of the globe. how are the allegations being perceived there in russia? >> reporter: it's interesting. the reaction from the kremlin has been pretty consistent since the beginning of october when the allegations first surfaced at the height of the presidential campaign. it's been one of denial. the last statement i saw which came late last week from the kremlin is they said it was indecent that the united states should keep coming up with this allegation without providing any proof at all. they said they should provide that proof or stop talking about it. you get the sense the kremlin is getting irritated at this point by the consistent flow of allegations that are coming from the united states' side. at the same time, i think, and
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that view, by the way is being reflected on state media. at the same time when you speak to ordinary russians, the majority of them get their news from state media, so they see this as an attempt to besmer. russia in the eyes of the administration, but there's another sense where many people think it's great that russia has the power to be able to put its thumb on the scales of the u.s. presidential election potentially. so there's a sort of twisted national pride among some russians i've spoken to that this could have happened even though the official position is a call for evidence. >> you talk about the power of cyber when it comes to russia, the possibility of hacking in this election, but if you could explain to our viewers, the sophistication of russia's ability when it comes to cyber. >> well, the trick is we don't know the full capabilities of russia just like we don't know the full capabilities of the
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united states and other countries with significant war fair capabilities, but we do know that russia has started a process of what we call weaponization of information. it's something we haven't seen to this extent before. they have a whole complicated multilayered network of hacking, of fake news, or trolling on the internet, of just various other things that they are using in conjunction with each other to try and change the narrative when it comes to, in this case, the united states elections, but with other issues as well. the big difference, remember, this this alleged intervention in the u.s. election compared with other hacking scandals is that espionage, the gathering of information is one thing, but releasing it in a partisan way is something that is new, and
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it's something that's very disturbing to all those watching the elections in the united states. >> matthew chance following th story live for us in moscow. matthew, thank you for the reporting. russia adamantly denies it tampered with the u.s. election, but ukraine and other eastern european nations are also worried about moscow possibly mettling as well. we get more from i-van watson. >> war games in eastern europe as u.s. soldiers train in latvia. 25 years ago this was part of the soviet union. today latvia is part of the european union and also a u.s. military ally in nato. these are live fire exercises. that's why i've got to wear all this extra protective armor. military commanders say they're trying to show that they're a
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force of deter rens, and the threat, the much bigger neighbor to the east. >> it was in response to russian activity in 2014 when the strategic situation changed. >> reporter: he's talking about russia's annexing in 2014 of the cry mean peninsula. their land grab frightens people like in latvia where there are vil bitter memories after years of soviet occupation. >> our main aim is protecting our state hood. if, is so peaceful and regards us as neighbors, why should you put more forces on your borders? >> reporter: but there are two sides to this tension. we traveled from latvia across
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lithuania to kaliningrad. it's cut off from mainland. this soviet times this was a militarized place. it was recently thrust back into the spotlight after russia deployed nuclear capable missiles here. russia's top diplomat argued it's the u.s. that's threatening russia. >> well, it's our territory, but the plans of the united states, not only to, well, they quadrupled, i think, the money allocated to support military deployment in eastern europe. then they moved that infrastructure next to our borders. >> reporter: this is still the head quarters of their baltic fleet, and moscow has been
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performing military drills in the region. in 2014 western government punished russia's actions in ukraine with economic sanctions. they've contributed to a broader economic crisis in russia that has everyone we talked to worried about the future. >> translator: of course i feel bad when they always blame russia for everything that's gone wrong in the world saying this man. this confrontation, he tells me, is not good for everyone. >> reporter: rival militaries maneuvering on opposite sides of increasingly tense borders in a land that still bares scars from the last time armies fought here. the country side is dotted with dozens of old churches like this. abandoned and in ruins after the soviet army invaded and conquered this land, reminders of what happened the last time tensions spun out of control in this part of europe.
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ivan watson, cnn, russia. >> ivan, thank you. and a programming note for our international viewers today. all this week cnn will have special coverage of vladimir putin's russia from allegedly mettling in the u.s. elections to annexing crimea and it's roll in the syrian conflict. so the election in the united states, it did happen. americans did vote, but officially donald trump has yet to win the presidency. that all changes today, because that is because 538 members of the u.s. electoral college will meet monday in every u.s. state and the district of clum olumbc. trump won the electoral votes even though he lost the popular vote by about 3 million people to hillary clinton. the electoral college vote is
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typically a formality, a rubber stamp, but this year there's been a drive to get republican electors to change their votes and it's drawing more attention to this process. cnn reports the electors are being targeted with some intense messages. >> reporter: the threats keep coming to christopher from raping his wife and daughters with a knife before killing him to warnings on social media to messages on his cell phone. >> got to get your [ bleep ] straight. we coming after you. >> people have put out my home address and phone number. now you're not going to vote the way i want? i'm going to kill you. >> reporter: all because he's a republican texas elector in the electoral college. he's a so-called faithless elector. he will not vote for donald trump even though the gop easily won texas. >> reporter: why not vote for donald trump? isn't that what you're supposed to do?
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>> if i'm a rubber stamp, yes. this is the first time i think we've needed to use it as a nation, but it's time to pull the brake. >> reporter: he claims the goal of stopping trump has made him the target of a smear campaign. he says he was a volunteer paramedic at the pentagon on 9/11. he says trump supporters are alleging he was never there, a claim he calls outrageous. the fire department says he was a volunteer member from 2000 to 2002 but can't find a record of where he was on 9/11. >> these elector are charged -- >> reporter: the electoral vote is something we usually never pay attention to. but 2016 has been anything but usual. >> bottom line, he hasn't won yet. the only vote that matters when it comes to president has not happened yet. >> reporter: this democratic washington state elector formed the hamilton electors trying to urge members to block trump from
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270 votes. for that to happen, 37 republican electors must flip. supron is the first one to publicly flip, but he says he's heard from others. >> we believe there's a large group of people who are staying silent out of fear or maybe because they haven't made a final decision, but we do believe there's dozens of republican electors who are seriously considering not voting for donald trump. >> the tellers will announce the votes. >> reporter: even if that remote possibility happens, the house of representatives controlled by republicans elects the president. he's still going to win. >> yes. >> reporter: isn't this all pointless? >> not if you're trying to do the right thing anding are bring up the issue. i was hoping he'd become the president we want him to be. he's proving me wrong. still ahead, china and donald trump spar again over his
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ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. welcome back to cnn news room following the crisis in syria. the evacuation deal that could safe thousands of lives in eastern aleppo is back on. hundreds of people were e volcano waited sunday. thousands more are trapped in freezing temperatures there. convoys were stopped for hours after an attack of buses heading to other besieged areas. cnn has more from the turkish, syrian border. >> reporter: after a weekend of desperation and disappointment, there finally appears to be a light at the end of the tnl. the u.n. is referring to them as limited evacuations. we understand about five buses or so filled with people being
11:19 pm
evacuated from the eastern part of aleppo to the aleppo country side. this is part of a bigger plan, a bigger transfer or exchange, if you will, of civilians who are trapped. there are some civilians in a couple of proregime towns encircled by jihadi militants including elements of al qaeda. they've been besieged in those towns for more than a year and a half. people will be released in batches of a thousand or so and similar numbers from the eastern part of aleppo. the big question in this is because you're dealing with a transfer it requires a lot of guarantees on the ground, not just observation from the united nations and relief organizations but it requires a certain buy in from all the militant groups on the ground as well as the syrian army and the proasaad militias and we've seen over the weekend there are some elements that don't want the evacuation to take place. the biggest example are the
11:20 pm
buses headed to the besieged towns to take the people out. some of the buses were set on fire before they could reach there. no group has officially claimed responsibility, but we know it happened in an area where there is a heavy al qaeda presence, and there were people not happy with that. they wanted this evacuation plan to go through. what effectively happened was the group that set the buses on fire sabotaged the plan and left the lives of thousands of people on both sides hanging in the balance simply because many people are still sleeping out in the cold and they're unsure if they're going to have enough food to eat tomorrow. from the turkish syrian border, cnn. >> thank you. for many of us the atrocities we've seen in aleppo are unimaginable. only those who have survived fully, that they understand the brutality of this syrian civil war. our affiliate express tv talked with a family that lived under
11:21 pm
heavy bombardment in eastern aleppo. they say we lost a lot of the beauty of life. we lost our families, our people, our homes. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ]
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> the weigait to be evacuated been especially difficult for the wounded as it was reported a makeshift hospital was not given another sources to evacuate patients. some of the images are
11:23 pm
disturbing. >> reporter: they said they needed 50 ambulances for 120 patients. today they were promised only two. under the renewed evacuation plan. yet on every inch of floor lie the injured, the sick and the dying in this makeshift hospital basement. one asks our camera woman for updates. he's been waiting a week, and the bleeding won't stop. as the hours ticked by, still no news. no ambulances, no buses. the desperation, the urgency increases. this man wants his friend to be treated as a priority. now they've been told only two balances will be coming. two cars are only enough for four cases, nothing more than
11:24 pm
that. the rest of the injured people are still in the only field hospital left inside the city. the rest of the injured are all over the streets and no one is listening to our calls. and then there are the babies. >> reporter: his cries are barely heard. she's two months old. just arrived here in the hospital. they wrote the check point for three hours and the weather was very cold. they couldn't cross and came back. she has cramps now and there's no pediatrician and no basic medicines. >> reporter: their release from aleppo has been hanging on one crucial condition. the freedom of hundreds of others in the besieged pro asaad villages. a convoy of buses was laid on. but then a sunni extremist faction intervened and set fire to the fleet before it could reach those villages.
11:25 pm
we won't let you evacuate the shia, you pigs, said one attacker. they'll only come out when they are dead. back in the rebel enclave of eastern aleppo tonight, all hope has been crushed. and the sick and the injured have returned to their precarious existence. >> now we are clinging the hospital, preparing all the rooms to start working again, and we are -- we will stay here now. we don't know if we will live and -- >> but that is not the picture syrian state tv is broadcasting tonight. it showed half a dozen buses with it said militants and their families waiting at the check point to cross into the west of
11:26 pm
the city into freedom, yet not person can be seen on the roadside or on the coaches. the innocent and the as a rule -- injured and the vulnerable are supposed to be the priority. tonight by any account, they were not. now to jordan. officials there say a cowardly terrorist attack sunday left ten people dead and dozens more wounded. four gunmen were killed after a stand off with security forces. their victims include security members, civilians and a canadian tourist. cnn has more from jordan. >> reporter: the attack being described as a terrorist attack by jordanian officials has come to an end according to a statement from the security services in jordan. they say what is ongoing right now is clearing and combing operations around the main attack around that castle in the
11:27 pm
city to the south of jordan. they say that four attackers who they describe that has terrorists were killed in this operation. they say they found a large number of automatic weapons on them as well as a large amount of ammunition. also in the house that these attackers described as terrorists were using in a town near kark, they say they found suicide vests and explosives there. according to jordanian authorities this was multiple shootings that took place in southern jordan. to the north of the city, these two shooting incidents one where a police patrol came under fire but the most serious incident was when gunmen positioned themselves in the karak castle, the crusader castle, one of the
11:28 pm
main attractions and they opened fire on a nearby police station. they were surrounded by security forces and gun battles ensued for a few hours. this type of attack is rare in this country. jordan prides itself with its security and stability in the midst of this turbulent region, but this key u.s. ally has been a target of terrorist organizatio organizations according to officials here who say they've thwarted several terrorist plots over the year, including isis. it's still unclear who is behind this attack on sunday being blamed on terrorist groups where the jordan government says it is investigating the identity of the attackers and their affiliations. cnn, oman. >> thank you. much more news ahead. donald trump calls china's
11:29 pm
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that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. a warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn news room. it's good to have you with us. i'm george howell with your headlines. people have been evacuated from eastern aleppo. this is in addition to people taken on sunday. activists say 15 buses have left two other besieged areas including in the evacuation deal. small planes belonging to the russian defense ministry crash landed in siberia, but all
11:33 pm
passengers and crew members survived. 16 people were severely injured and have been taken to nearby health centers. ja ja ga bore has died. he was 99 years old. she and her sisters came to the united states as world war ii began. she acted on films and television but was married nine times and was more known for his personal life. one of the final steps in the u.s. election process happens this week. the electoral college will cast their ballots monday, and if all goes as expected they'll make donald trump the nation's 45 th president. he won the majority of the electoral votes even though hillary clinton won the popular vote. there are campaigns to have republican electors switch their votes or as andrew spencer reports, delay that vote
11:34 pm
altogether. >> if they're able to harm the electoral process, they destroyed democracy. >> reporter: senator john mccain who has been vocal about the election hacks spoke out one day before the electoral college is set to vote. 538 electors, individuals selected by their political parties to cast votes for president and vice president will gather in their respective state capitals on monday to do just that. hillary clinton won the popular vote on election night, but president-elect donald trump got more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. the electoral voting process has long been a formality but with the conclusion from intelligence agencies that russia interfered in the 2016 elections, some democrats are calling on congress to delay the votes until people can be updated.
11:35 pm
>> tomorrow when we vote in the electoral college, i'll be putting forward a motion to call for a bipartisan independent commission to investigate russian interference. >> the vote remains scheduled for monday. the intelligence community says it will not discuss the russian hacks until a review ordered by president obama is completed in january. andrew spencer reporting. two top democrats and sere your republicans want a bipartisan probe into the hacking of the u.s. election. that group includes incoming senate minority leader charles schumer. he says nothing less than a senate committee investigation will do here. listen. >> leader mcconnell said let the intelligence committee do this alone. that is not good enough. for three reasons. first, there are conflicting jurisdictions. the judiciary committee has
11:36 pm
jurisdiction over the fbi. the foreign affairs committee has jurisdiction over foreign policy. the armed services committee has jurisdiction over the hacking of military. and the intelligence committee, of course, has jurisdiction over the cia. with all these conflicting jurisdictions if we don't have one select committee, first things could be left out. there could be holes that no committee covers. second, we could get contradictory information. the fbi says this. the cia says that. and they're not reconciled. and third, the existing committees are very, very busy. >> the top democrat in the house, charles schumer. another story on the other side of the world, china's seizure of a u.s. under water drone. the device was snatched by china in international waters last week. donald trump then responded with angry tweets. china says it will return the
11:37 pm
drone, but it is taking trump to task for his reaction. cnn's matt rivers has more in beijing. >> the seizure of this u.s. navy underwater drone by a chinese naval ship played out along the entirety of the weekend. we found out about it on friday. it was on saturday that the ministry of defense here in beijing confirmed what had happened and said it would be returning that drone to the united states. and then it was president-elect donald trump's turn to weigh in. he tweeted twice about this issue with the second tweet appearing to be a little bit more aggressive saying the united states should let china keep the drone and not worry about getting it back, and then on sunday, it was the state-run media here in china. it was their turn to weigh in on all of this. and it was a state-run tabloid newspaper which is known for its provocative views on issues like this that stood out to us. let me read you some of the
11:38 pm
editorial. it read in part the tone of a bystander fanning flames in trump's second tweet is worry somethat he might treat the relationship between superpowers as a game given that he has not been in the white house, the official chinese rhetoric has been measured but this restraint will not last when he's president if he treats china the way he tweeted today. papers are state run in china. nothing is published without the signoff of communist party sensors. while a minister might not be making up and the making statements, this is a statement newspaper expressing state views. a big question remaining in beijing is how will this effect u.s. chinese relations going forward. if you look at what's happened over the past couple weeks it's the latest negative i said dent in terms of the relationship between both sides and it all
11:39 pm
surrounds the incoming trump administration, donald trump taking a call in early december from the president of taiwan and then questioning the china policy and tweeting about this latest incident, and it's drawn the ire of the chinese government. whether that is part of the trump administration's plan moving forward, we're not sure. this kind of tough take on china, but it is safe to say at least here on the chinese side, the chinese government given the statements, not happy so far with the take and the track of the incoming trump administration. matt rivers, cnn, beijing. >> matt, thank you. china's relationship with the united states plays a critical role in washington's policy toward north korea. and throw the president-elect has given indications he'll shake up foreign policy, it's unclear how he'll deal with pyongyang. we have more saying north korea is unusually quiet.
11:40 pm
>> reporter: when it comes to insults, north korea does not pull punches. south korea's impeached president is being called a prostitute and blood thirsty dictator. mr. obama's successor has still barely been mentioned in the weeks since the election. >> trump is a wild card, and i think kim jong doesn't know how to size him up. it's an interesting tale of two alpha males sniffing each other out. >> reporter: trump was referred to as a wise politician. since then state run media has officially said the u.s. should face up to the reality of a nuclear north korea, but the unofficial word is let's wait and see. >> i heard from the north korean official that they do not want to make any provocative actions until they know what kind of
11:41 pm
north korea policies of u.s. national restoration. >> reporter: a stark contrast to a couple of months ago. this month alone kim jong-un has carried oh out missile testing. never so much testing in such a short period of time. during the campaign trump referred to kim jong-un as a bad dude, as well as saying he'd be happy to have a hamburger with the guy. not the worst idea according to some experts. >> trump is a self-professed deal maker. i think that's the way he sees the landscape. he's saying something offensive and defensive. >> reporter: one negotiating play that may backfire is trump's apparent willingness to confront china. the u.s. needs china on board for the u.n. sanctions against north korea to have any chance of working.
11:42 pm
if beijing starts to move further away from washington, experts say it may start to move closer to pyongyang just to teach trump a lesson. paula hancocks. >> paula, thank you. extreme weather conditions continue to grip parts of the united states causing crippling weather on the roads. rough situations there. we'll have a check of the weather as news room continues. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. welcome back to cnn newsroom. police in little rock, arkansas are searching for a man involved in an apparent road rage i said dent that left a three-year-old boy dead. the little boy was on a shopping
11:46 pm
trip with his grandmother. residents in this quiet community say the violence needs to stop. shanen miller of kark has the story. >> frightening. that you just can be going to a store and somebody think you did something to them. >> reporter: this man and his wife have lived here for the past 25 years. >> it's a good area. it's a real good area. it's quiet here. everybody looks out for one another. >> reporter: he says sunday morning he woke up to disturbing news. >> i was getting ready for work, and i saw the news that morning. >> reporter: that his quiet neighborhood was the scene of where police say a three-year-old boy was shot inside his grandmother's car. >> got four kids, four girls. it touched me, it touched me a
11:47 pm
lot. you want your kids safe. >> reporter: police say the shooting stemmed from a road rage incident after the grandmother stopped at a stop sign, honked her horn before a man got out of the car and shot at hers. >> man, it just is mind boggling. >> reporter: many in the neighborhood said it reminds them of when a two-year-old girl was shot in her mother's car not far from the area. >> twice in less than two months. >> reporter: he says the violence especially toward young children needs to stop. >> it's raising your kids. you got to sit down and talk to them and -- for them to revert their anger in another way. >> the $20,000 reward is being offered for an arrest and conviction in this little child's death. following severe weather that has been causing trouble across much of the united states over the weekend, and that has
11:48 pm
the rest of the days weather headlines. we'll see what happens. cold weather, i'm sure. karen joins us live. >> you know it is cold. you have to go back a long way before you see temperatures quite as cold as we've seen over the last 24 and 48 hours. here are some representative temperatures. and these are not windchill factors, not windchill factors. these were the actual outside air temperatures and all of them are record low readings. aberdeen, minus 37. we broke numerous records into the upper midwest. now we're looking at some of the current temperatures. not much of a wind, not like 24 hours ago. but still, nonetheless, 3 degrees in minneapolis. it feels like minus 12. that frigid air is in place and pulling away. we'll have cold temperatures
11:49 pm
replacing the arctic air and temperatures will start to rebound a little bit across the southeast, the deep south, eventually going to the northeast and new england. now, that's not to say it's going to be super warm, but at least it's going to be milder. i want to give you an example of some of the moisture that we've seen as far as the winter precipitation goes. you go back a month ago and only about 17% of the country had any kind of snowfall on the ground, but now here we are, the latter portion of december, and we have about 58% of the country seeing snow on the ground. but that came at quite a cost with a blustery wind and dangerously cold temperatures. all right. let's go ahead and show you what's happening as we look again at what happens in the forecast. i told you the readings were going to be warming up. take a look at boston. you go from 20s to 40s. you're going to just about double your temperatures over the next couple of days. chicago goes from temperatures
11:50 pm
in the teens to temperatures right around freezing. that will be a little bit of a break. they could use a break in china with the air quality. it's been so bad they are looking at this red alert for china right around the vicinity of beijing where they have such poor air quality, they have had to shut down some factories, thousands of factories, and they're getting some of the worse polluting cars off the road. they're trying to really clean up the air quality here and meet a 2030 goal of oh improving the air pollution across this region, but it does look like there's no mixing in the lower levels out atmosphere. it looks like it's not going to happen until we go toward wednesday. we'll start to see some improvement. george, back to you. >> wow. just. thank you. these show saturday night live is having some fun with the upcoming electoral college vote.
11:51 pm
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11:55 pm
few hours to make the victory of donald trump almost official and that provided fodder i should say for the american is a treasurical show saturday night live.
11:56 pm
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making it official, the president-elect gets one step closer to becoming the president of the united states but as the electoral college casts its votes, some within donald trump's own party have questions about russia's involvement in the election before they vote. words of warning. one of the vladimir putin's biggest critics tells cnn the


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