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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  December 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the motivation behind this and critically, john, we don't know a claim of responsibility yet. that is so important, because russia in this country and in fact, in this entire region has no shortage of enemies. you have to look next door, the groups fighting in syria that have a gripe with russia because of russia's staunch support for syria's president assad. so the question is who is going to claim responsibility, and who is behind this, and, again, after that, how is russia going to respond? >> muhammad i should tell you we have a statement now from the state department here in the united states. john kirby said on the record we have seen reports the russian ambassador andrei karlov attacked by agunman in ankara. our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. at this art gallery we got a picture speaking before he was shot. see him there, andrey karlov on
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the right-hand side of your screen there. now in a hospital in serious condition after being shot several times. muhammad, as you said, we do not know who was behind this attack and it is crucial in respect have been isis attacks in turkey over the last year and also over the last several years attacks by kurdish separatists pushing for different political motivations, one or another. explain what their role has been in turkey and specifically what their role has been inside syria recently. >> reporter: sure. well, let's start with the kurdish separatist groups. they've been waging a low-level insurgency inside turkey fighting for their own separate independent homeland several decades. many of the targets chosen when they conduct these terrorist attacks inside turkey are military targets or police targets, but they have in the past targeted civilians as well. we have never seen, at least in the last recent history, the kurdish separatists attack anyone on the diplomatic level.
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certainly as high as an ambassador of another country. of course, we knee isis has also attacked inside turkey as well. the most recent and the most well-known and famous attack was the isis attack on the istanbul international airport earlier in july. when i say that russia has no shortage of enemies in this region, it's also tied to their role next door, because russia is a key backer of president assad. they've been running a campaign of air strikes in idlib province next to syria. fighting to free themselves from assad for many, many months now. so that's sort of, it lays the groundwork and looks at all the different people who might have a motivation to target the russian saebd. again, no official claim of responsibility at this point. >> muhammad, thanks again. live pictures from ankara, the russian ambassador andrey
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karlov, word shot several times. condition unknown. he is at the hospital right now. joining us now by phone from moscow, jill dougherty, russian analyst for us. jill, russia obviously trying to assert new influence in the middle east. certainly inside syria. it has been intimately involved in discussions with turkey over the last several months over what is going on in syria, including aleppo, where they helped reach various deals, some successf successful, most not, to reach a cease-fire there. what is the view from moscow on this incident? >> reporter: i just wanted to correct you. i flew back from moscow, but i am right on top of what's going on, and i think it's important to point out that this is happening one day before the foreign ministers of russia, iran and turkey were supposed to meet in moscow to discuss, in fact, syria and aleppo. and that, you have to think, is a key factor here of course, all
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surmising, but as you just heard, you know, iran and russia support assad and the attacks on the rubbles, but turkey opposes assad and one of the reasons the prime motivations in their actions in syria, are they do not want the kurdish militias to get more territory in syria. so that would be one group that you could immediately at least look at as possible. although we just heard they don't do that often. attacking diplomats, but that is one factor. isis could be another. and, in fact, right now according to the russian media, president putin is huddling with the foreign ministry and with his intelligence services, and unsure, trying to analyze exactly what happened. but this is -- this is a very serious step in a very complex relationship, which is back and forth over the past year ever since the turks shot down that russian plane. >> all right.
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jill dougherty on the phone for us right now. again, you're looking at live pictures coming in from ankara, the russian ambassador, andrey karlov shot multiple times, taken to the hospital. he is in serious condition. an update from a turkish news agency reporting the avrng ankara attacker neutralized with an operation. it's not clear if the attacker is dead or if he is in custody or if it is just one person. but we do believe that whoever it was, whether it be one person or two harks been neutralized. that will be the first step, no doubt, in investigating who was behind this attack. we'll bring you updates as they come, because this is a crucial part of the world right now, and there is a lot that hangs in the balance. now to politics here in the united states. a very, very busy, very important day in this country. just a few short hours, donald trump is expected to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to
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become president, as 538 members of the electoral college meet to cast ballots. votes cast now in arizona, connecticut, georgia, kentucky, new york, north carolina, pennsylvania, rhode island, virginia and wyoming. look at the map there. 12:30 in louisiana as well. each must sign six copies certifying their vote for president and vice president. when all said and done, donald trump will have the votes he needs to win, likely reaching 306 electoral votes, give or take one or two. the issue here, will some electors goes rogue and vote against the will of the people in the states that they represent. cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny joins us now with a look what is going on across the country. mr. zelleny? >> reporter: john, this is the final opportunity. the punctuation mark, the period on this long campaign. and you know, if there's any hope for democrats that things will be overturned today, they should really set that aside, because as you said, this is the
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day that donald trump officially becomes the president-elect. there is no sense that we are seeing out there in any of the states that have happened already and that are going to happen in this hour, that there's any drama or anything else really going on. it would take 37 republican electors to leave and to set this all into somewhat of chaos. even if that were to happen, this would send the campaign, the election, back to the house of representatives. controlled by republicans, of course. so this is a moment that some democrats had been hoping for, but the clinton campaign is not, has not been aggressively working electors in any respect. this is the day that it ends. this is the day this afternoon we may even hear from donald trump who is in florida, we will become the president-elect. keeping an eye on all the states but so far pretty pro forma, a piece of our democracy in action. >> that's right. there may be one or two who vote one way or another, but it won't
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be enough to change the outcome of this election. jeff zeleny, thanks so much. sara sidner in harrisburg, pennsylvania. donald trump, he will earn, we believe, the 20 electoral votes that pennsylvania has. he won that state by more than 40,000 votes in the pop pew letter electi -- popular election. what are you seeing? >> reporter: ceremonies are under way. electors inside the house chamber in the capitol here in pennsylvania. what can also hear just outside of dozens of protestors who have been singing carols, singing the national anthem. you are literally hearing some of their voices inside of this chamber while you're also listening to the officials as they get ready and prepare to swear in the electors, the 20 electors and have them vote for president. this has gotten underway a little late but they are going forward and we are expecting after talking to electors every single one to vote for donald trump.
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>> sara sidner for us on the floor tl in harrisbuhere in har pennsylvania. our republic at work as laid out in the constitution, as laid out in the 12th amendment. you can see it happening live before our very eyes and frankly, it is just plain cool to see it like this. sara sidner, thanks so much. 2:00 p.m. eastern, elector the meet in michigan a state not officially called until three weeks after the election because it was so close there. donald trump won, and he will win the 16 electoral votes up for grabs. jessica schneider joins us from lansing. what are you seeing, jessica? >> reporter: john it was so close here in michigan. donald trump winning by about 10,000 votes over hillary clinton. but today those 16 electors will be right here at the state capitol. 245i8 they'll arrive in an hour. the vote at 2:00 p.m. already here about 100 protestors, circled the capitol. not in front of the capitol chanting saying, "vote your
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conscience." urging electors to not cast their ballots for donald trump. however, that likelihood is extremely slim. these are electors voted unanimously at the state party convention back in april. this is led by the republican party, presided over by the state's govern rick snyder, also a republican. however, he's electors have been receiving threats. in fact one elector right here in michigan receiving death threats. in addition, michigan's own michael moore, documentary filmmaker, as well as activist, took to facebook saying he would pay the fines for any elector who did in fact go rogue and vote their conscience, but, again, not likely to happen. especially here in michigan. michigan one of 28 states with an elector law meaning electors are bound, they have to vote as their state has vote and i've talked to republican party officials here telling me they weren't worried about any problems but do say if any elector was to go rogue, they say will not happen, they would simply replace that elector with
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someone who would cast their vote for donald trump. that all happening at 2:00 right inside the state capitol. john? >> all right. jessica schneider in lansing, michigan. bringing in mike shields, cnn political commentator, former chief of staff at the rnc. mike, take the suspense ouch this. donald trump is going to get the electoral votes needed to be president, almost all of the 393906 based on the states he won. how would you describe the activity going on the last couple of weeks between some democrats upset about results of the election. petitioning for electors to vote their conscience and republicans in rb republican states making sure they stay in line. >> reporter: i thinks great. may surprise you. i love the democratic party focusing on the last election and not cope with, accept
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results and keep living in denial. that's really good for republicans. you hear people like michael moore, see john podesta on the weekend shows this weekend, the way they're talking, the way they refuse to accept the results, the longer they live there, the longer they are away from actually fixing what's wrong with their party and actually admitting why they lost the election. listen to democrats right now, vladimir putin somehow went to michigan and got millions of voters to switch from obama to trump. and caused americans 5 million fewer americans to vote for hillary clinton than voted for barack obama is frankly absurd, but it's really good for republicans. because we went through a process after the 2012 election, i was chief of staff at the rnc when we got the growth and opportunity report. an honest conversation with ourselves why we blofrt and what to do to be better. that began the comeback for the party pup see the results. ended up winning the election. ground game and data operations fantastic. the democrats are still living in denial and won't accept this. i saw a woman on cnn this
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morning saying, look, we've xbrucht got to keep fighting. our answer, keep fighting, fighting, fighting. as long as democrats live there, they're a long way from accepting and understanding why these americans voted against their party, rejected barack obama's policies and voted for donald trump. so in a weird way, i think it's sort of good for us that they're continuing to do that in a partisan sense. >> when you say good for us, you mean good for the republican party? >> for republicans. absolutely. >> right, right. i should say that, while we have heard a number of democrats say that they don't trust the legitimacy of the election, most that i have heard from say that they believe the results of this election, donald trump won fair and square. insofar as they have concerns about the russians, don't think they should have hacked into our campaign system at all. talking the electoral vote process in general. are you a fan of the electoral college? >> it exists for a good reason and one of the things that gets lost in all this is to talk about how the -- the popular
9:14 am
vote, neither one of the two main candidates actually got over 50 m% because there were third-party candidates. the wye wait election results come out, spin them how you want. resources were put into the campaign. campaign were campaigning in california where numbers can go up really high one party or the other. focused on battle'sground statb. weren't listening to people on the ground in michigan and had a real problem and spent the last three days in one state trying to fix it. there are really tough questions the democrats apparently are afraid to ask thersz amselves h terrible a candidate of hillary clinton was. rejecting the policies of barack obama and instead wanted to find every excuse to blame people, calm the republicans racists, say it's the russians. get the electoral college to change the vote. so it's a real problem for
9:15 am
democrats moving forward that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. they haven't got ton that step yet. >> mike shields, thanks so much for being with us. opeapropos of exactly what talking a president obama made a big initiative why he believes his party lost the election. by the way, he does think his party lost the election. that comes up. plus -- russia. now responding to president obama saying that he personally told vladimir putin to cut out the hacks. why the kremlin seems taken aback by the president's remarks and then, of course, our breaking news right now. the russian ambassador to turkey was shot multiple times while attending an art exhibition there. we're going to take you there, coming up.
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9:19 am for great deals. and start bidding today! live pictures right now show ug from albany, new york. this is inside the state capitol there. look who it is. that is former president bill clinton sitting next to new york gorner cuomo. not as a former president of the united states, not as the spouse of the democratic nominee, but she a new york state elector. he will be casting his vote very shortly for hillary clinton, his wife, to be the president of the united states. he's not going to win, and neither is she. donald trump will get more than the 270 electoral votes needed to become the president of the united states, but the scene playing out here in albany is one of many being played out across all 50 states today, and the district of columbia, where all 538 electors are casting their ballots for president. this is laid out in the
9:20 am
constitution and the 12th amendment, and this is the process at work. bill clinton apparently, reading glasses on now. reading along. got to sign six documents as an elector casting votes not just for hillary clinton. heat cast votes for vice president, he'll vote for tim kaine, the man who will not be the next vice president of the united states. why not? there are differing opinions about why hillary clinton lost. why the democrats did as badly as they did in this election. president obama has been speaking about this and he did it again in an interview with npr. listen to what he said. >> you've got a situation where they're not only entire states but also big chunks of states where if we're not showing up, if we're not in there making an argument, then -- then we're going to lose, and we can lose badly, and that's what happened in this election. >> all right.
9:21 am
joined now by the man who did that interview, npr's steve ins dpre inskeep from washington and hillary clinton in the general election. steve inskeep, interesting when i listen to president obama use the line he did with you saying democrats need to go everywhere, because usually it's coupled with the fact that he believes he did that when he flan 2008 and 2012. knows he went everywhere in iowa. in fact, he says he did it in 2004 run forge senate in illinois. went to places he said democrats didn't normally go, and the subtext there is that hillary clinton didn't. >> absolutely. he did not directly criticize hillary clinton in this interview but made some of the points you just did, john. and it's certainly true in 2008, for example, the future president was way out in the far western tip of virginia, which is a very conservative area, a very white area, and he didn't expect to win those counties but
9:22 am
he hoped to do decently enough 20 whan was then considered a very tight swing state, although it's become more democratic over the years since then. president obama is not indulging in some of the things you discussed a few minutes ago. excuses for the defeat. the president certainly does want ain investigation of russian hacking but is not making a claim, at least in our interview that that is the reason democrats lost. he accepts the legitimacy of this election. he has said so, in any case in this interview and is talking about democrats reaching out more, spending more time in the field and not just during campaign season. trying to make it bigger than saying maybe if hillary clinton showed up a few times in wisconsin it would have made a difference. he wants demming to be in touch with the people before elections, not just to deliver messages, also to listen to people so they have a sense what folks in, say, iowa are saying. a place obama visited dozens of times before the iowa caucuses in 2008. >> bill preston, one of the things he didn't do too much in
9:23 am
his interview with steve is take any of the blame himself. yes, he says he could have been better in politics early on in his administration, but president obama rarely acknowledges the possibility that in 2010, 2014, 2016, that voters voted against him, and the policies he helped implement during his eight years in office. i ask you, bill preston, you are author of a book entitled "buyers remorse" which deals a little bit with how president obama worked during the early years of the administration? >> first, i have to say, stephen, great interview, but also, at the news conference, president's news conference on friday, john and steve, he repeat add couple of those same points. i have my notes in front of me and was struck, one particular line. in my elections, i always cast a broad net, and he said also, we have to be in those communities where democratic policies and programs have really worked but the people don't recognize it.
9:24 am
again, we have to be in those communities, implying, as steve pointed out, he was there but hillary was not, even though he didn't say that. he also did say, acknowledge, john that he was able to do that in his, in 2008, 2012, but not during the mid-terms, which gets to the point of my book as i pointed out. the president ignored the dnc, ignored the democratic party. it was not a high priority for him. he doesn't like that kind of campaigning. as a result, the democratic party lost big time in the house, in the senate. they flipped. the governorships, lost about 12 or 13 governorships and 950 state legislative races during his eight years. now, he says he wants to work on that, after he's out of office. i think it's too little, too late. >> steve, can you talk about that at all? did he talk than with you? what all he intends to do going forward? >> he described himself as
9:25 am
wanting to be a coach. i asked if he was trying to about talent scout. he didn't disagree with that either. help bring out the next generation of democratic talent. he expressed hope for the future of his party given some of the young talents out there, but clearly there's not a bench. nobody else was, who was third or fourth really strong in a presidential campaign, for example. that's where he hopes to go. but bill hit on something really quite interesting there. obama managed to pass things like obama care. the affordable care act and yet it appears he was not able to sell it in the long-term pap complicated measure, had a lot of drawbacks as well as advantages, and in the end, even in areas that massively benefited from obama care, there was a massive vote against hillary clinton in 2016. >> and -- >> go ahead, bill, quickly? >> one important point, too. i think you pointed it out earlier. the president didn't make excuses, didn't blame james comey or vladimir putin. he didn't blame loretta lynch or
9:26 am
bernie sanders. he said, we've got to recognize hillary lost this election. until that happens, i don't think the democratic party can move forward. everybody's got to accept that. and i haven't heard it yet from too many people around hillary clinton. >> bill and steve, fantastic interview. it was fantastic. thanks for being with us. happening right now, voters in the electoral college. electors across country casting their votes right now. live pictures from raleigh, north carolina, where those members of the electoral college will cast their votes for donald trump. he won that state. coming up, we'll speak with one republican elector who says he has received 30 phone calls trying to lock down his vote. plus, we have more on the breaking news. the russian ambassador to turkey shot at an art expedition. an update on his condition and we have new pictures just in of
9:27 am
the scene. stay with us.
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all right. our breaking news is out of the turkish capital of ankara where we just learned that the russian ambassador to turkey, andrey karlov is dead. he was shot a little more than an hour ago. he was speaking at an art gallery inside the turkish capital, shot several times. he was rushed to the hospital, and, again, we did just get word that andrey karlov has passed away. now, cnn just obtained video of the shooting itself, and i do want to warn you, this is very
9:31 am
disturbing, very graphic video. we do want to play it so you get a sense of exactly what happened inside that art gallery and the horror that took place just a short time ago. but, again, be warned. it is graphic. let's watch. [ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign language ]
9:32 am
[ speaking in foreign language ] >> all right. the russian ambassador to turkey andrey karlov is dead after that incident you just saw. shot multiple times while speaking at an art gallery in ankara a short time ago. he was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his wounds. i'm joined now by clarissa ward in moscow. clarissa, again, getting word from russian officials of the death and word from turkish officials about the investigation saying that the suspect has been neutralized. we don't know if that means the shoot hear been killed or is in custody. these details just coming in. >> reporter: that's right. basically, we just heard a short time ago from the russian foreign ministry confirming that, indeed, the russian ambassador to turkey andrey
9:33 am
karlov was killed in this attack tonight. we also know from the russian foreign ministry that president putin is aware that she expehe expected to have emergency meeting later this evening both with the foreign ministry and security apparatus. you saw from the video, you saw it is chilling. very difficult to watch in places. it does appear that this was somehow connected to -- to syria and what is going none syria. just to explain that to our viewers, of course, the russian miller that be military has been working closely with bashar al assad, russia working with them and the turkish government supporting the rebels on the ground opposing president bashar al assad nap sa assad. that said, john, the relationship had come along leaps and bounds, particularly in the last six months. there was a very high point of
9:34 am
tension between the two countries after turkey shot down a russian warplane it claimed had flown into its airspace. and a meeting with president erdogan this summer, the relationship was a lot stronger. so far no response from the kremlin and president putin in terms how they plan to react to this essentially. it's very awkward giving the timing. is complicates a summit due to take place tomorrow in which the iranian an turken foreign minister were meeting with the russian foreign minister and russian defense minister to discuss the situation in syria. this could have a haven't destabilizing effect on those efforts. we just don't know yet who was responsible. it appeared the attacker was speaking turkish.
9:35 am
we don't yet know enough about xabt exa exactly what was said what group he was involved with, if he is a lone wolf. all of this needs to be carefully parched through before the prussians formulate any official response. john? >> clarissa, forgive me. i just saw that video for the very first time along with you and clarify you speak many languages. it was not clear the man in the video along with the ambassador was security or if that was maybe the shooter. there was a man on the video and we saw still photos after waving a gun. it looked to me like he was security, but i could not understand what he was saying. did you? >> reporter: no, i did not. i do not speak turkish and there are ach lot of mixed reports on social media. as you said, wearing a suit, appeared to be standing to the side, behind the ambassador, and might indicate indeed he could have been part of the ambassador's security detail or
9:36 am
it's possible it's a disguise he was wearing in order to gain access to the exhibition. we know this cawas a kind of diplomatic event, lots of people from the arts. a gallery, photographs of turkey's history with russia. you can assume there would have been lots of different members of turkey's elite and diplomatic circles there. at this stage, john, we just don't know who exactly this gunman was, whether indeed he was part of the ambassador the security detail or part of security services or whether he was lone wolf or whether perhaps more sinisterly was in fact part of isis or some militant extremist group like that. one thing we can all acknowledge in his screams, the words which mean, "god it the greatest" and we did appear to hear some kind of a reference to aleppo as well. i just want to emphasize for our
9:37 am
viewers that for a lot of sunni muslims watching the situation playing out in eastern alem oh and bombarded with images, horrifying images of civilians being slaughtered, children being killed. of homes being bombed, of people freezing and starving, and all of these unimaginable atrocities, that has served as powerful galvanizing force across the muz lyslim world. a big part why we've seen not just from syria or turkey but all corners of the earth trying to flood into syria, because they have been so emotionally disturbed and moved by the syrian conflict and what they say taking place. no clear, of course. it could have been something as simple as mental illness inspiring this man to commit this horrifying act. >> people listened to that more carefully, clarissa. as you said, clearly heard al
9:38 am
akbar and the transition, do not forget aleppo. do not forget syria. do not forget aleppo. do not forget syria. obviously, russia intimately involved what is happening inside syria flight and turkey as well and there are forces inside syria, inside turkey not at all in line with what's going on. so, again, we do not know exactly the identity of who carried out this attack. that person said to be neutralized. whether he was shot and killed or in custody, we do not know that either. what we do know, the russian ambassador to turkey, andrey karlov is dead after being shot at that art gallery. clarissa ward, stand by. back to you in a bit. more on our special breaking news coverage, next. . almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms,
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all right. happening now in state capitals across the country. 538 electors casting ballots for president and vice president. you're looking at our republic democracy in progress right now. that's raleigh, north carolina. they have to sign six documents, three for president, three for vice president. in north carolina deciding that donald trump, he is getting all electoral votes in north carolina. again, seeing it live in action right now. now, one of the 538 electors in this country is texas republican electorate alexander kim, who joins us now. alex, one of the things happening, we've heard from a lot of electors saying they reserved death threats or threats or menacing letters and contacts from people who want them to vote their conscience and not vote for donald trump, but you say you've actually heard from a lot of republicans
9:43 am
including some people close to donald trump who want to keep you in line? >> oh, absolutely. you know, you hear people from all sides. the vast majority of the people that have been contacting me, over 200,000 e-mails, are people from outside of texas. less than 1% are from within texas, and those are the people that i truly represent. >> and it is a texas elect here has come out and said that he is going to, what he says, vote his conscience, and not vote for donald trump. that's not what you're going to do? you intend to cast your ballot for donald trump? >> right. donald trump happen consistently been the same person after november 8th as before. i see nothing donald trump has done to violate the pact made with not only republicans but america as whole. we all went to our polls in own individual states and voted for trump and help was the winner of the elections. that's the it's going to go. if he had done something that would question my vote, i would
9:44 am
have changed my vote. in the 12th hour, everyone looks good. >> donald trump is elected president, will receive majority of 270-plus electoral votes needed to be president. that is true. number two, tradition has been electors of each state vote for the candidate who wins that state. both of those things are very, very true, but i'm curious what your opinion is about the constitution of the united states and the 12th amendment. this is where the electoral college system was set up, although it doesn't actually use the word college. is it your opinion electors could if they wanted vote for someone other than the person who won their 125i9? state? >> i think it is absolutely what our founding fathers wanted. he wanted electors to be independent. back then, the tichlt constitution, we not have a two-party system. they wanted electors to come in and vote for who they thought was best. that happened in the early part of our country. vote for the state's favorite son and who they felt then
9:45 am
morally best for the election. went to the senate, votes tallied there. it's imperative tore electors to vote for who they think is the best person. at this point, the system we're in in texas as a republican nominated by the republican party i have a strong duty to my constituents in my congressional district who have spoken and spoken loudly they want donald trump and i have seen nothing for me to violate the will of my constituents. >> alexander kim, republican elector from the state of texas who will vote for donald trump to be president and, in fact, donald trump will receive the votes he needs to be president, and that will happen later today. alexander kim, thank you. looking at live pictures from albany, new york. capital of the state andrew cuomo, the governor, speaking. we just awe bill clinton, former president of the united states, a democratic elector from the state of new york who will cast his ballot if he hasn't already for hillary clinton to be president. she will not win, but he is there casting his ballot today.
9:46 am
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all right. new developments right now. growing tensions between the u.s. and china. this comes after the seizure of a u.s. drone in international waters. the incident throwed a series of statements on twitter from trump. first said china had stolen the drone. second statement he said that china should keep it. joining us now to discuss is gordon chang. author of "nuclear showdown." president-elect donald trump says, admits the chinese seizure of the drone he says is
9:50 am
unprecedented, at this point, keep it? >> i disagree pap sovereign u.s. vessel. we cannot allow chine nap piracy and an act of war. drone or aircraft carrier, principle is the same. i think what trump was trying to do, he knows the chinese are using the drone as a bargaining chip and wants to take away their leverage. i think that's the basis of the tweet, but nonetheless, we need to get this back. >> you get a sense china is trying to take advantage of this presidential transition period. do you think this was more of a challenge to president-elect trump or more of a challenge to president obama or both? >> yes. probably both. we really don't know. but we've got a very important hint on saturday. because for the first time ever, in beijing, they had a conference on the use of drones. so i don't believe in coincidences in china. i think it was planned. they planned it a period when they knew the president was leaving, and they knew that donald trump really has not been able to assume the reins of power.
9:51 am
it is a vacuum and they can make advantage by taking the drone. >> donald trump received that phone call from the leader of taiwan, china objected strenuously to it. an incident with the drone now. in general, gordon, how does china respond to sabre rattling? if donald trump goes in with a tougher policy what does history tell us china's response would be? >> china will challenge the new president. they challenged george w. bush in april 2001 and challenged president obama in marred and mand -- and march and may of 2009. what trump did with a call from taiwan, he challenged the chinese before taking the oath of office. scrambling things up. basically what trump is saying, the u.s. will take the initiative. it's a subtle message but the chinese nonetheless got t. you write extensively on north korea and north korea an area of great concern with the current administration and the next administration. president-elect trump hinted one
9:52 am
of the areas president obama spoken to him most about has been kearns about north korea. and i know i've spoken to you. you said u.s. should put more pressure on china to intervene there? >> yes. we've had a policy since the beginning of the administration of george w. bush to put china front and center in negotiations, because obviously beijing does have leverage over pyongyang but china used that to support the north koreans, not disarm them. we need to put pressure other than the chinese. september, led sanctions on a small chinese company but didn't go after the chinese banks involved in illicit north korean commerce. that's what we need to do. the chinese aren't getting serious about north korea until we tell them and show them that we are. >> interesting to see how president-elect trump acts in office on january 20th when he can actuallylive the levers.
9:53 am
>> and assassinate add couple hours ago, andrey karlov. appeared to be shot by a man saying, remember aleppo. remember what's happening in syria. and to our correspondent on the border between turkey and syria now for the very late effort on this incident which has major international implications. >> reporter: john, not just it has major international implications. we're also getting an idea now of a possible motive for the gunman. talked how he said, "remember aleppo. remember syria" but we have more from the video where he was caught speaking to camera as he was shooting the ambassador. the video actually quite chilling. you see him standing behind the ambassador opening fire from quite a distance away raising questions whether he had military or firearm training. he was standing several yards away.
9:54 am
as part of what he was saying after the shooting took place, he says, "get back. get back." referring to the crowd there to watch the speech for the ambassador. then, this is key and will play a part in the investigation, john. he says, "only death will remove me from here. everyone who has taken part in this oppression will one day pay for it." that says a couple of things. one, it says it's closely tied in, apparently, to what was happening and what is happening in syria. and number two, it shows the gunman saying only death would take him away from there, that gunman knew he wasn't leaving that building alive. >> and heard from officials he has been neutralized. no official word whether in custody or killed. the language he was speaking we believe was turkish indicating, if he is turkish, ethnically turkish or kurdish not yet known. that is significant, because the kurds obviously, some kurdish
9:55 am
groups intimately involved in what's happening inside syria. >> of course. look at all the different groups that are in place right now in syria. look at all of the different grievances they would have with the russian government. russia has been a staunch ally of syria's president assad since this conflict began providing weapons, providing air strikes basically bolsters him and keeping him in power through the russian military. and, of course, how many hundreds and thousands of people have died in syria as a result of this conflict. any number of people would have a grievance against russia because of this, and the fact that the gunman himself in carrying out what russia state media is saying was a premeditated terror attack, the fact the gunman himself came out and said this has to do with aleppo saying "remember aleppo" and "remember syria" this comes as aleppo has more or less officially been retaken by government forces, by the assad regime. so the people forced out of alp
9:56 am
aleppo have no case in some cases returning home and life going back to normal. it's easy to see how somebody would are very upset and decide to take matters into their own hands. john what we don't know just yet, an official claim of responsibility. that's going to be the next step in the investigation. was this person a lone wolf or was this person part of a much more organized cell, and that's the next step investigators will look at. >> and how this person we saw an camera get so close to the ambassador at this incredibly critical, intense time involving russia, turkey and syria. a few of the questions that need answering in the comes minutes and hours. muhammad lila, thank you for your reporting. much more on the breaking news right after a quick break. lunch is ready! campbell's spider-man soups. made for real, real life. thanks mom
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with the help of pg&e we've been able to save a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of money. we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california. hello. i'm brianna keilar in for wolf blitzer beginning with breaking
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news. right now electors across the country are meeting to cast votes for president and vice president. some of those meetings met with protests. this hour, alabama, iowa, wisconsin getting their chance. already seeing gathering in pennsylvania, north carolina, ohio making their choices and a push by protestors and other groups encouraging electors to not vote for donald trump. it's possible a few electors may do that, but no evidence that trump's victory is in doubt. also watching breaking news out of turkey where the russian ambassador was killed in an attack at an art exhibit in ankara. i warn you, graphic video. the ambassador was giving a speech when a gunman opened fire hitting the ambassador several times. [ gunfire ]


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