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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  December 20, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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hello it's just gone 6:00 in the morning. with the latest for the man hadn't for the driver. >> i'm john vause live in los angeles, welcome to viewers in the united states and around the world. also this hour an explosion at fireworks factory in mexico. more in a moment. but germany is on alert as police search for driver of a truck that slammed into market. one man arrested but released for lack of evidence. one official warned may be more than one armed and dangerous suspect on the run and isis claims it inspired the attack. in berlin with the latest on the investigation. max? >> isis isn't giving more detail than that.
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not proving this person was a soldier in any way and german security services not providing evident either about who they're chasing. one person or a group. there is a man hadn't under way but more we don't know more about. huge amount of concern in the city of course that somebody dangerous could be on the run. here's the latest. >> reporter: massive man hadn't under way across germany after horrific truck attack in the heart of berlin. isis claiming to have inspired attack. suspect or suspects still at large and armed and considered dangerous. as investigators released man arrested after the attack. captured an cell phone video, immediate aftermath of the tack that left 12 dead and more than 45 injured. truck with polish registration
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loaded with steel plowed in the market. dragging some pedestrians 80 meters stopping only after knocking over krois tree. >> jumped the curb and took wrong turn and barrelled throughout crowd. >> reporter: inside was the driver, appears to have been shot to death. not at the wheel. truck company's owner says appeared to have fought with the attackers. within an hour arrested a pakistany immigrant and somber angela merkel addressing a stunned nation on the suspect's nationality. >> we must assume this is a terrorist attack. would be especially hard to bear for us if it was to be confirmed person committed this act given asylum in germany.
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would be disgusting. >> reporter: but released the man after not linked to the truck or scene. vocal backlash after taking in immigrants even as terror attacks on the rise. now investigators on a race against time fearful that whoever is on the run could launch another attack. cnn berlin. >> angela merkel under political pressure and security services also because very much on the back foot. thought they had their man. had him for hours and then let him go. meantime the real attacker is somewhere out there. >> how is it expected to impact germany's domestic security and open door policy on refugees? >> that's the big debate. election in the coming year and far right growing in strength since merkel's policy of
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allowing refugees into the country now has more evidence to play into its narrative that angela merkel has made germany dangerous by having this open door policy. far right suggesting that the victims here as result of this terrorist attack are merkel's victims and she's created a huge amount of danger in the country by allowing refugees in. of course there was a part of that narrative playing out jed when we heard a pakistani been the main suspect. don't know right now who the main suspect is and if he or they are refugees. trying to find out more but plays into the narrative of the growing far right of the country that merkel aexposing the country to danger. >> max foster, check up with you later in the show.
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joining me now in los angeles. steve is retired fbi agent. detaining and relesion the wrong man, is big deal. what didn't get done when they thought they had the right guy? >> think of evidence like sushi. doesn't last long. don't want four hour old sushi or evidence. evidence was spoiling, going away, dispersion. that cost them. >> if you're looking for driver where do you focus search? still? germany? left the country? all the options on the table? >> yeah, all the options on the table. for me as investigator, wouldn't know where to center it. you know this driver was polish and dead inside the truck. so you might be looking clear
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over to poland and what you're going to want to do is follow that truck. there's going to be cameras, stops it would have to make for regulatory reasons, look at cameras to see who with as driving and at one point he was driving at german border or wasn't, find him between poland and germany. >> work back. they're going through cctv foot a age and asking for cell phone footage from the scene. they did this in the past with boston bombing and identified the -- brothers. >> i believe that's the case. you get this film. agonizing and painstaking. how long will it take? you may have for every street corner ten cameras on it, an hour takes ten because you have to look at each one.
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it takes forever to do that. >> in the meantime, would you suspect that the driver of the truck, would he have gone to ground somewhere? have a support network in germany? there's also a suspicion may not be alone. >> my hunch, only a hunch but i'm at cnn to give you my hunches. my hunch is that this isn't one person. one person gets their own truck or car. several people would be needed to overpower a driver, stop him somewhere, find a way to get it and get it on the first time. because we don't hear any other drivers saying somebody tried to hijack me. got it the first time. i'm guessing several people involved in this. whatever country you see this happening in, where the truck was taken over, i would start looking there. that's where your cell -- at least most likely -- is.
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>> we know there are jihady cells in brussels and other countries, is there to the same degree in germany. >> i don't want make a political statement but wherever you get large amounts of refugees that are unvetted going to bring in at least a percentage of people who are as radicalizes and cellular and organized as people in brussel. i'm not advocating against letting people in but i'm saying this is going to be a fact and we can't put our heads in the sand. >> get to the claim of not necessarily responsibility but inspiration by isis. is it possible to know if that's just opportunistic claim? because haven't put any evidence forward. >> because they don't have any. isis, whenever there is an
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attack, isis is watching cnn, trying to figure out did somebody do that in our name? they're going to see what they've done in that area, see what information they've pushed out. lately been pushing out information on truck attacks. looked at it, probably saying on the basis of everything we know, probably us or people doing this in our name. therefore we're going to consider it inspired by us. >> steve. thanks so much. now to mechlgz explosion ripped through fireworks market and sent people running for their lives. tuesday's blast killed at least 29 and injured others. investigators looking into whether the blast was deliberate. raphael joins us with more.
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last report is emergency crews had to let unexploded fireworks go off. what is the latest right now? >> what i can tell you right now john is the fire is now under control. it's been several hours now and absolutely right. there was very little firefighters could do because so many stalls selling fireworks at that market that there was very little they could do in terms of trying to put the fire out. and happened just 3:00 local time, first it was explosion, then a series of skploegsz and you could see for miles away the column of smoke going up in the air. there are some reports that say that people in neighboring towns could hear the loud explosions and could feel the ground tremble just to give you an idea about how big the explosions were. again 29 people dead, 72
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injured, also to add to that, john, there are reports of at least three minors whose burns so bad have to be transferred to a hospital in texas, a burn center where they're going to be treated. and the tragic part of this is that it's not first time something like this happened in the very same location. it's a town about 40 kilometers or 45 miles north of mexico city. looking at history of this town and this specific market where this happened, there have been similar explosions and listen to this, 1988, 1998, the year 2002 and as recently as 2005. now there was explosion in a different part of mexico but also the central region in 1999
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where 56 people died and about 350 injured all as result of fireworks explosions. >> you mentioned the past explosions at this particular market in mexico. back in august the head of mexico's pyrotech nick institute said was the safety in latin america with sufficient space so a spark wouldn't cause a conflagration. clearly wrong. how could this happen in the same place for the third time in a decade? >> many people are wondering why have a market with so many stalls selling fireworks all at the same time instead of one building with a strict fire code. if you go to these markets, reality is that no matter what
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kind of safety precautions you can have, they're all in densely populated areas with stalls right next to each other. only takes one fire to create the kind of catastrophe that w saw today in mexico. and this time of year before christmas is peak season. i remember growing up in mexico more or less like the fourth of july is in the united states, all the children want fireworks and lot of people going to markets and lot of workers there, densely populated and you have the results now. we're talking about 29 people dead and 72 injured. just looking at images, looks like mushroom cloud in the distance from the explosions. raphael roma thank you with the latest details on the explosion
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at fireworks market in mexico. coming back learning more about the police officer who assassinated ambassador to turkey and donald trump, is the president-elect up to the job? watching cnn live all around the world. beverly d'angelo! juliette lewis costarred as the daughter. oh, i think it was um... chris columbus was the director... it's called claymation... narwhals really exist... actually guys, it was the ghost of christmas past... never stick your tongue on a frozen flag pole... yukon cornelius... "die hard" is considered a christmas movie! that's the unlimited effect. stream your entertainment with unlimited data when you switch to at&t and have directv.
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>> here in germany people mourning after attack at market and russia is mourning ambassador to turkey. body of andrei karlov has arrived. this report contains graphic images. >> new video shows apparent stunning security lapse, ambassador andrei karlov's killer standing behind him unchallenged for efrl minutes before he pulls his gun. >> in my -- first photo, the man, gunman standing behind the ambassador like part of the staff or somebody from the art
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gallery. but very calm. >> that's balici moments before attack takings photos of the ambassador. seconds later ambassador karlov dying on the floor. gunman shouting defiantly god is greatest, do not forget aleppo, do not forget syria, chose not to shoot anyone else. >> people screaming and crying. people go away. obeying. all in panic. >> according to turkey's interior minister, 22-year-old police officer born in turkey. state-run news agency reported his parents, sister and other relatives and close friends detained and state media
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reporting had books on al qaeda and blamed for coup at apartment. visiting the murder scene to check evidence for themselves. meanwhile ambassador's body driven to ankara airport for a brief ceremony. unprecedented in recent history. uniting, calling it provocative terrorist attack. >> this is an attack to turkey. state and nation. during the talk with mr. putin, agreed there is provocation, no dispute. >> reporter: nevertheless kremlin spokesman said it's turkey's responsibility to protect russian diplomats and want more guarantees going
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forward. even so hosted counterparts in moscow to discuss the conflict in syria, unthinkable a year ago when at boiling points on opposite sides of the syrian civil war. >> reporter: for now they have eyes down the road. as outrageous and regrettable as assassination undoubtly is, joining forces to freeze the conflict in syria and lock in kban gains for themselves. ankara. >> moscow bureau chief joins me from seattle in washington. it's interesting to watch the diplomacy around this, it's bringing the two sides together very closely. >> it is and when it comes to russia, it's solidifying their role in the middle east. this is very interesting because you know who is not at that meeting, the united states.
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it's iran, russia and turkey, not united states. that's significant. they're moving forward, they have -- putting up a united front, turkey and russia, and russians are making it clear they don't feel they need or maybe even want the americans and just moving forward on some type of resolution. what that will be precisely is not clear but you're right diplomacy is moving fast and russians solidifying whatever gains they have. >> and how are the americans viewing this? a move away from -- or you know a distancing perhaps from the united states, moving more closely with longer term relationship with russia. >> there's not a lot i think that the united states can do right now. president obama has made it clear, and he only has now a few weeks in office, that he is not
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going to take any type of major action in syria and new president coming in who has -- this is mr. trump who has made clear he feels that he could possibly work with russia and possibly even work with president bashar al-assad which seems unthinkable, when you talk about unthinkable things that the united states or this president incoming would think of working with bashar al-assad to fight terrorism. and that's the way donald trump looks at it. very black and white. he feels that the russians have taken the fight to the terrorists. he wants to fight with the terrorists and defeat them. that means that he can ally himself with russia. when he comes into office, the details of that, how that would be done and precisely what would happen, would russia be leading charge and americans following? none of those details are clear.
9:25 pm
but overall picture seems to be that russia is defining what is going on in syria. >> and donald trump in a way with his overtures to russia opened the way for countries like turkey to have closer relationships and build bridges with russia? >> well, yes. although i think that this rapprochement between turkey and russia in train before donald trump entered the picture. but certainly if the american president is friendly with russia, then it gives encouragement to other countries who see which way the wind is blowing to move in that direction. you might see it next most significantly on the issue of sanctions, economic savgss against russia introduced by united states and europe as reaction to what russia did in
9:26 pm
ukraine and also the annexation of crimea. and so if -- let's say -- donald trump decided not to uphold the sanctions, weaken them or even get rid of them, that would get free rein to any other country, especially some of the europeans who wouldn't mind doing that, to simply go along. his relationship with russia could be a bellwether for other nations. this is not something traditional american foreign policy would necessarily accept. but this is the way it looks with mr. trump. >> really awesome shifts are going on in international diplomacy aren't they? thanks for joining me. donald trump tweeting about the attacks in germany and turkey but some are concerned about conducting foreign policy on social media.
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you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. welcome back everybody. you're watching "cnn newsroom" it's 9:30 on a tuesday night in los angeles. headlines this hour. at least 29 people killed, dozens injured at blast at fireworks market north of mexico city. third big explosion at same market since 2005. body of russian ambassador to turkey arrived in moscow, day after assassinated.
9:31 pm
police officer shot him several tiles in the back. isis claims soldier of the islamic state carried out deadly attack in germany, police searching for the driver. suspect released on monday because of lack of evidence. donald trump won't be inaugurated as u.s. president for another month but response to these attacks in germany and turkey is telling sign how we might handle global crises, barb star reports. >> reporter: quick detention of suspect in the market attacks hall marks of terrorism. shortly after president-elect trump tweeting blaming terrorists. trump reacting to assassination
9:32 pm
of ambassador to turkey and attack on mosque in switzerland, it's only getting worse. civilized world must change thinking. >> mr. trump understands the threat that radical terrorism poses to nation and friends and neighbors. we have to call it what it is and root it out. >> reporter: but hot spots may grow and questions whether ready for it. trump spokesman says getting briefed by quote, national security team, but won't say getting from the officials. >> this isn't a business. he's president of the united states. >> trump getting the sense of what it means to deal with taliban. disturbing new video, american woman and canadian husband held
9:33 pm
hostage by the group since 2012 appear with children begging trump and president obama to free them. some say as threats grow, president-elect needs to consider turning down his rhetoric because terrorists can appear to win with little effort. >> fact is there is nothing the united states can do to prevent one getting in one truck once a year to kill people. and china returning drone to the u.s. navy it took out of the water several days ago. many analysts believe that china is sending message to donald trump it will remain a player on the world stage and power broker in the south china sea despite trump raising the prospect of changing the long-standing u.s. one china policy. barbara starr, cnn, pentagon.
9:34 pm
>> john, life getting back up and running in berlin this morning as sun starts to come up and people start off to work. bring you the latest on the manhunt as soon as we have it. >> we'll catch up with you. joining me in los angeles, political analyst and republican national committee member. thank you for coming in. foreign policy and president-elect about to be president. right now united states and europe facing one of the most complex terror threats the world has ever seen and criticism of the president-elect is he's framing everything in over simplistic terms, doesn't have handle on the nuance and complexity in front of him. >> i think that's part of the problem. thinking it's nuanced and complexity it's clearcut, most people intuitively correct. trump is correct. we have a worldwide terrorist
9:35 pm
issue, pretty much know the people and organizations and tactics. not complicated. bad guys seem to have a clear vision about what is going on but we're having nonislamic populations targeted. in the middle east it's ongoing vicious civil war been going on relatively speaking 1400 years. that's part of what the american public understood. obama made it so complex and hard to understand and so nuanced that he got nothing done. now we have a very chaotic situation. haven't had clear leadership that the rest of the world would be inspired to do something about. trump offers that. obama didn't, look what trump is inheriting. >> they do say obama gave you thought and nuance but not decisiveness. >> you can also be a bully and elephant inside a china shop.
9:36 pm
i don't know that's necessarily what diplomacy is all about. it's hard to measure what we're talking about in terms of accomplishing some achievements in the war on terror but never know what could have been worse. clearly lot of people talking, we don't know what's happening inside the national security circles because all of these undercover operations are really being covered operations but i take issue with what sean just said. one thing to be blunt and direct which i think obama has been and george w. bush also but also the lack of experience, glaringly apparent with donald trump. he's obviously a business person with no experience in government which worked for him because people voting for outsider but doesn't carry well in governing. it's very different story and
9:37 pm
he's not just going to govern the united states but be one of the world leaders, perhaps most important, in a coalition with somebody like angela merkel in germany,ificationinging re-election, opened doors to million plus immigrants and now the narrative is back firing because some of the refugees could be the culprits. >> play what republican chris collins said, first member of congress to back donald trump, explained the doctrine when it comes to isis. >> this president is going to take the tack to isis unlike president bottoobama, notice goo hesitate. calling them out, putting them on notice. i think america appreciates he's going to take the fight to them and not just sit back and wait for the next attack. >> that criticism of obama is
9:38 pm
long and fair, this administration taken 75% of the fighters off the battlefield, iraq and syria as well. >> not too unfair. >> never heard of the concept of christian genocide in our lifetime, 100s of years but now in obama's term, it's back. and aleppo, thousands kills on obama's watch. two objective facts. idea that trump is going to wave a magic wand and things will be solved, he has a different culture and appreciation of the u.s. military. obama took ut warrior generals and effective leaders that understood wars. didn't like it but understood it. trump understands that's bad way to do business. brought in other people, recognized world-class generals.
9:39 pm
going to get the intelligence from. going to redo the cia. doesn't trust them innately. >> you have to admit things around the world in disarray, maybe a different approach might work. >> absolutely. and obama has had a different style but at the same time i think you need to realize -- i also take a little bit of issue with what sean just said, obama inherited a situation that george w. bush unfortunately took us to a war of choice and things really unravelled. i think that by having these john wayne kind of cowboy style which in a way george w. bush was accused of that attitude, only going to further perpetrate the narrative we have with terrorism. not going to help us. diplomacy is important and middle approach we need.
9:40 pm
i find it hard to believe trump will get there in timely manner. >> come back in the next hour. thanks for being with us. break. coming back, families of terror victims seeking justice for loved ones. why going after biggest names on the internet in just a moment.
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victims from the orlando night club shooting are suing some big tech companies accusing twitter, facebook and google for providing material support to isis. thank you for being here. look at legal hurdles first. communications decency act shields services from liability for content. how does that work and it's big hill to climb isn't it? >> insurmountable. when i heard about lawsuit, i
9:44 pm
thought suing maybe law enforcement for not going in more quickly to shoot at him or possibly the gun shop owner or the fbi for not investigating. when i heard suing internet companies, i thought one thing, titanic because these cases are sinking fast. >> but this law seshlly gives a free pass to social media. sites. >> there was federal law enacted in 1996 to make it easy for you and viewers, it says if somebody else posts information on the internet, internet provider is not responsible for that data and can't be sued and held civilly liable for that. one exception is federal criminal activity. i think that's had a the families are trying to do, internet providers materially
9:45 pm
supporting isis. >> and this is the twist in the case. arguing by matching user content with tarkting advertising, the social media site is providing its own novel content. explain that. >> first say, all our hearts go out to the families we all feel that way but doesn't mean a lawsuit will solve the problem. what google -- taking the lead on this -- they're saying if you're looking for isis content, maybe somebody who might get recruited, advertising comes up that takes you to places that you can get help or even see content of what happens when isis attacks p such as in berlin christmas yesterday. google is doing that and twitter is doing things and companies getting together to band forces to try to solve the problem not by ourselves but together working with law enforcement. >> but right now the families
9:46 pm
are saying that the searches is bringing all of this together. seems to be a novel legal approach. >> only way i think the families can prevail in the case is if they have some information that twitter or facebook was aware of nefarious postings that might incite terrorism and didn't do anything to remove those because then possibly facilitating this. you're on notice. bear in mind the internet providers don't have duty to canvas the internet to find these. >> also alleging that tech companies didn't do enough to shut down jihadist groups. when this was shut down, started another and then another.
9:47 pm
adding a new letter to each account after shut down. and using the same photograph over and over. from technical point of view could twitter simply stop the accounts from springing up? >> kudos to twitter for deleting all those accounts knowing they would try to do this. but that said new initiative between google, microsoft and twitter, fingerprinting indicia for isis account and sharing it. here's a new account coming up, looks like this, fingerprints of the other accounts and i think you'll see those disappearing. >> to be careful, there's no legal responsibility for the companies to mow the weeds and pull the roots as well? >> if they're notified of accounts inciting mass terrorism
9:48 pm
they have duty to remove them but point i'm troubled with, is this really the cause of a guy like this going into night club and shooting up people? people in the united states need to be paying attention more to red flags. got a gun where he shouldn't have gotten a gun. that's bigger issue. >> hang on. just because martin may have seen these videos, jihadist content online, might not be innuanced by it. >> could be talking to 10,000 other people in off settings. isis recruiters target and then go into app conversation, other things. this is thing where making causal connection is never going to happen and at end of the day what the world needs to know, lawyers filing lawsuits giving false home to families already
9:49 pm
tragically hurt and now going to say nothing is going to happen. it's wrong path. >> you think it's false hope? >> i do. you've got to prove causation, this is substantial factor in causing him to do what he did? i doubt it. >> short break. come back with two-time wimbledon champion says fortunate to be alive after surviving a knife attack. tennis career ever be the same? chris columbus was the director... it's called claymation... narwhals really exist... actually guys, it was the ghost of christmas past... never stick your tongue on a frozen flag pole... yukon cornelius... "die hard" is considered a christmas movie! that's the unlimited effect. stream your entertainment with unlimited data when you switch to at&t and have directv.
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just gone 9:53 here on the west coast. and a two-time wimbledon champion has a long road to recovery ahead. petra kvitova was stabbed during a robbery in her own home. the tennis star underwent hours of surgery on her main playing hand. that's her left hand. on tuesday. we have details now from world sport anchor don riddell. >> by the sounds of it, petra kfd kvitova is very lucky to be alive but it remains to be seen how this will affect her ability to play the game she loves. kvitova is one of the best players in the world. she's one of the most respected athletes on the tour. and echoing the left-handed stool of her compatriot martina navratilova, kvitova was the wimbledon champion in 2011 and 2014. but on tuesday morning she was
9:54 pm
eating breakfast at home when a man tricked his way into her apartment. according to a police spokesman, this man was masquerading as a maintenance man but then once inside he went on the attack. kvitova suffered cuts to all five fingers on her left hand. also sustaining damage to her tendons and nerves. her assailant fled the scene. remarkably, kvitova was able to update her condition on social media, saying, "in my attempt to defend myself i was badly injured on my left hand. i'm shaken but fortunate to be alive. the injury is severe, and i will need to see specialists. but if you know anything about me, i'm strong and i will fight this. thank you all again for your love and support." well, late on tuesday night petra's management team released an update on her surgery, and the details frankly are pretty sobering. it reads "petra has undergone surgery for three hours 45 minutes. considering the extent of the damage the surgery went very
9:55 pm
well. doctors repaired damage to tendons in all five digits of the left hand as well as two nerves. petra will wear a cast on her hand for six to eight weeks and will be unable to bear weight for three months." the circumstances are very different, but it is hard not to think about monica seles right now. she was in the prime of her career when she was brutally knifed in the back during a match in germany. seles recovered two years later and in fact she won another major title. but honestly, she was never the same again. today's news really has sent shock waves through the tennis community. martina navratilova who kvitova idolizes wrote on twitter, "just finding out about petra kvitova and the awful stabbing and injury to her hand. pulling for you, petra." and caroline wozniacki said, "just heard what happened. all my thoughts are with her today. so scary. one of the nicest people i know." for sure the tennis community and sports fans worldwide are sending their best wishes to petra kvitova.
9:56 pm
it remains to be seen just how serious this is going to be. but we do wish her the very best. back to you. >> don riddell, thank you. and thank you for watching "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. i'm john vause. max foster will join me live from berlin with the very latest on the terror investigation there after a short break.
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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm max foster live in berlin, where it has just turned 7:00 on wednesday morning. >> i'm john vause live in los angeles. it has just gone 10:00 tuesday night. great to have you with us, everybody. we'll start in germany, where they are mourning the victims of the christmas market attack. as a huge manhunt is under way for the driver of the truck which plowed into the crowd. a suspect arrested monday night was later released because of a lack of evidence. isis is claiming it inspired the attack, which killed 12 people and injured 48 others. german chancellor angela merkel visited the crash site and called


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