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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  December 21, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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news. a manhunt is under way as investigators identify a suspect in the christmas market truck attack. a tunisian asylum seeker believed to have ties to a pro-isis network in germany. he was arrested as recently as august. why did a german judge release him? attack on humanity. president elect donald trump makes his first public comment on the berlin attack, backing away from the description as an attack on christians. he tells reporters "you know my plans." frozen relations. a kremlin spokesman payments a grim picture of u.s./russia ties. donald trump says he wants closer ties with russia in his upcoming administration. are the frozen relations about to thaw? and royal pains. britain's queen business let postpones her holiday trip to her country estate.
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buckingham palace say they are suffering "heavy colds." could security concerns really be behind the very unusual change of plans? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off. i'm brianna keilar and you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> we are following breaking news. an intense manhunt underway right now for the manag german authorities believe a man drove a truck into a market. president elect donald trump is calling the berlin rampage an attack on humanity, after earlier referring to it as terrorist slaughter of christians. trump was asked if he's
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re-evaluating that muslim immigration ban. and a kremlin spokesman says nearly all levels of dialogue between russia and the u.s. has been frozen. and new tonight, a rare move by britain's queen elizabeth. she's postponing her annual trip to her country estate where the royal family traditionally spends christmas. buckingham palace says the queen and her husband are suffering heavy colds. we're covering that and more this hour with our guests, including a leading democrat on the senate foreign relations committee, chris coons. and our correspondents and analysts are standing by. let's begin with the manhunt for the suspect in the berlin christmas market attack.
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cnn's erin mclaughlin is in the german capital for us. we're learning a lot of new information tonight about this man. >> reporter: that's right. we have some new information about the main suspect's past. his father gave an interview to a tunisian radio station. in that interview, he said that he moved to italy when he was a teenager. there, he spent four years in an italian prison for armed probably charges. when he was released from prison, he made his way to germany, fell into an islamist crowd, and now on the run. in germany and across europe tonight, a desperate manhunt. this arrest warrant issued by german authorities wednesday for a 24-year-old tunisian man. now the only identified suspect of the christmas market attack. his identity papers were found
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at the scene. it turns out he's been on radar for some time. according to german intelligence sources, he arrived in germany mid 2015 and involved in radical islamic circles. he was arrested in august for trying to travel to italy using forged documents. but was let go by a judge. he raised alarms when intelligence believed he was looking to get a gun. now raids are being carried out in the cologne area. the public is being warmed that he could be violent and armed. a polish man found shot dead is identified as the original driver and the gun used to kill him has not been recovered. all this raising new questions as to how the deadliest terrorist attack to strike berlin will impact angela merkel's political future. in 2015, she announced germany
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would admit nearly all iraqi and syrian asylum seekers. germany accepted more than 800,000 refugees. now a senior member of her own party add mitting there's definitely a connection between increased terrorist danger and refugees. but the country has seen two small-scale isis inspired attacks carried out by refugees. as a results the far right has made gains on an anti-immigration platform. after the horror in the christmas markets and elections approaching in 2017, the woman many see as the linchpin holding europe together could face the toughest battle of her career. and we're already seeing political fallout here in germany from this attack. legislators pushing for new laws that would give government officials more powers for things
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such as electronic surveillance. and we're seeing more police paying particular to the main transportation hubs, as holiday makers try to make it home for christmas. >> erin, thank you for that report. let's get more from paul crookshank. paul, what are you finding out about the man that germans are now searching for right now? we're learning more from this interview with his father. >> that's right. the father said that his son had left tunisia seven years ago, traveled to italy and was involved in a robbery and served four years in an italian jail. so someone with a violent track record. the question is, at what point was he radicalized. when he got to germany, the germans established that he was very radical indeed and part of an isis recruiting network funneling one of the jihadis to syria and iraq.
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they did an intense investigation in to him. they discovered he was trying to find a weapon at a certain point, at various points he was detained in august he was detained in the south of germany on his way to italy with false papers. there was a im out of the count but they weren't able to establish his identity with certainty, because as the germans would put it, the tunisians did not share full details with them. so they're in a catch 22 situation. but this individual, part of this radical network we understand in germany and the concern will be that they have the capacity now to either hide him in germany, just like the
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paris network hid the attackers for so many months, or they could smuggle him out of the country. so it made it much more difficult for the germans to apprehend him. >> tell us more about this network that would not have had direct contact with isis, and if there's any thought he may have had direct contact with isis. >> the leader of this recruiting network in germany, an iraqi, 32 years old, went around claiming he was part of isis. he was arrested with four other senior leaders of this network in november of this year. so just a few weeks ago. so with those kind of contacts, he would have had plenty of opportunity, perhaps to get in touch with senior isis operatives back in syria and sishg. so i think it's very plausible
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inside he could have had some degree of communication back with isis in syria and iraq. they claimed this was isis inspired, that he was following on from their cause to launch attacks in the west. but we've seen no claim of responsibility by the attacker himself in terms of anything posted on social media, or any video that he's uploaded. and isis have instructed their recruits and the people that they're instigating to launch these attacks, you absolutely have to do this. you have to claim it for us, because it's very, very helpful for us to take ownership. so far he's not done that. will he do that in the hours ahead? >> paul, stay with us. we'll see more of you later in the hour. let's get more now with senator chris coons of delaware. he's a member of the foreign relations committee. so he brings that insight to this discussion. and i know, senator, you've heard about what i think a lot of people are looking at and
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saying how when this person was on the radar of german authorities, and two he hand ties to this radical group, how did he slip through the cracks? what are you thinking about that? >> that's a great question, one of the questions we're going to be sifting through to make sure we understand how german intelligence failed to intercept this particular radicalized individual. but we to also have to recognize what a big challenge it is across western europe where we have a number of countries that don't cooperate as closely as they should, and where we are providing support and assistance to their intelligence agencies to better understand these radicalized individuals. >> what does this say about this case that he was able to easily escape from the christmas market, that initially german authorities arrested the wrong suspect, spending precious time
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until they realized this suspect a guy that's tied to this truck? >> well, i think unlike the french and the british, where there have been sadly for decades, they've had the experiences of terrorism in their major cities, germany doesn't have as large a domestic police presence, and in particular, they don't use as widely these surveillance cameras within major german cities as the french and british do. that's partly because nearly half of germany was under communist rule for decades where their secret police did surveil their citizens. so there's much more resistance in germany to the kind of cameras posted everywhere that might have allowed for a quick gathering of relevant evidence and for a quick arrest in this case, as we have seen in france and great britain and belgium. i do think in the united states, we have a challenge for the
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fuc future between privacy and security. between understanding how much we as americans are willing to accept our government conducting surveillance in order to intercept potential terrorist threats and how much we're going to continue to treasure our civil liberties as citizens of the united states. >> we know this is a tunisian national. we have had some experts who say there is a distinction between him and say a refugee from syria or iraq. but this is something as you know, is creating a lot of anti-refugee sentiment, building on what was already there in germany. is that something you worry could actually help recruitment when we talk about this recruitment network in germany? >> well, i think what could help recruitment for radicalized jihadists is if we overrespond. if we as a country, if our president-elect, if our elected leaders respond in a way that
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marginalizes, stigmatizes and attacks islam as a religion, rather than holding up for our attention this very small number of radicalized jihadists. the suspect in this case in germany is supposedly part of a network that has an extremist view that is not held by the vast majority of muslims around the world. i think it's important how we respond because there are, of course, a record number of refugees flooding into parts of western europe, from north africa, from the middle east. and i think it is possible for us to continue to be sympathetic, welcoming, supportive to refugees who have been thoroughly and appropriately vetted, while recognizing the need to take action against those who would do us harm. >> how do we and how does europe stop this? obviously, there is u.s. military intervention in the region where isis is.
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but the reach seems almost uncontainable. >> well, there is spreading violence in the middle east. as you know, the tragic civil war in syria which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, is going to produce consequences. i think the assassination of the russian ambassador in turkey was directly inspired by russia's military intervention on the side of assad. i think the tragic incident in zurich, as it's further investigated and better understood, may well have been an outgrowth of right wing reaction to muslim refugees in the country. i think this incident this germany may also lead to some further questions about how we balance privacy and security. i think at a time when we have more refugees in the world than at any point since the second world war, we need to keep
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supporting the international relief effort to reduce human suffering. but we're going have to make tough choices to bring conflicts in the middle east to an end. i'm concerned that president-elect trump is nominating some folks for senior leadership as his national security adviser, and in other places in his cabinet that frankly may not see the challenges to our security posed by russia and the challenges to our independence and our liberties posed by russian cyber security and the ongoing conflicts in the middle east. >> we'll revisit that topic, some of the president-elect's appointments and what it means for u.s. security. after a quick break, we'll be right back with senator chris coons. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion.
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we're back now with a leading democrat on the senate foreign relations committee, chris coons. we want to talk to him about bipartisan concerns whether president elect donald trump is being sufficiently briefed on national security. but first i want to get the latest from barbara starr. this terror attack in berlin underscores the importance of these intelligence briefings. >> reporter: it really does, brianna. one of the concerns is if president-elect trump is not getting the formal briefing from his government intelligence briefer every day, is he getting everything he needs? is he getting that essential two-way conversation with intelligence professionals asking the questions, getting the answers, especially important given what has been happening. when president elect donald trump addressed reporters today, he had his new national security adviser right behind him.
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retired lieutenant general michael flynn in florida, to discuss world events and staffing. the meeting was on the schedule before the terror attacks in germany and turkey. trump began the day with an official president's daily brief, his first of the week. trump's staff insists he is getting some type of intelligence briefing every day, and will be on top of things from day one. >> he's very much up to speed in what's going on and fully ready to be sworn in. >> reporter: officials tell cnn trump is averaging one formal briefing a week, the same type of intelligence briefing that president obama gets every day. trump is also getting briefings on specific topics. >> one thingly say is that the president-elect is receiving numerous briefings, whether it's from his national security team with general flynn and others, as well as the formal pbd.
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>> reporter: the briefings come amid increasing global turmoil. the kremlin today said relations with the u.s. have frozen, a day after president obama imposed new sanctions aimed at russia's involvement in crimea and ukraine. sanctions the incoming president could reverse. >> the next administration will obviously have to make their own decisions about this. we hope that they will come to see the wisdom in not conducting business as usual with russia. >> reporter: all leading to the greater question, how friendly will the incoming president be to vladamir putin? >> i think when he calls me brilliant, i'll take the compliment, okay? >> he sure has to be more cautious about russia than he appears to be. he needs to understand that their interests and their attitude does not align with ours. >> reporter: nowhere may that be more clear than the moscow reiting of russian, iranian, and
3:22 pm
turkish officials about what to do next in syria. >> translator: all three countries represented here are united. >> reporter: but u.s. officials believe that will not stop moscow from continuing military operations in syria beyond aleppo. so next up may be donald trump's decision about how to fill these additional, critical national security jobs. he has yet to announce a nomination for director of national intelligence, the top intelligence job, or who he will have as his white house advisers on counterterrorism and homeland security. brianna? >> barbara starr, thank you so much. reporting for us from the pentagon. we appreciate it. back now with senator chris coons. i want to talk to you about the concerns that you have talked about, about donald trump's national security team. we saw part of that in florida today. what specifically worries you? >> well, what worries me is, first, that donald trump, who is now a month away from being our
3:23 pm
president, has very limited previous experience in foreign policy matters, in particular in security and intelligence issues. and is foregoing his presidential daily briefing. second, that he's got a number of folks in his potential cabinet who have murky ties to senior leaders in russia. and third, that president-elect trump himself, in the course of the campaign, made a number of statements about putin that are either naive or ill-informed or suggests that he's just blind to the threat that he poses to our way of life. russia has directly attacked our democracy in the course of this election with their cyber attack, and i think we are now seeing bipartisan calls by leaders in the united states senate for a special committee that will investigate this, and i think it's important for us to recognize the very real threat to the united states posed by cyber security attacks from other nations, not least of which is russia.
3:24 pm
>> that's a bipartisan call for that select committee. there's also a number of republicans, including in leadership, who are opposing that. now that we see donald trump getting the intelligence briefing today and we know that he's going to increase the number that he's getting. there was this show of force with his national security team there today. do you think these are signs that he's taking these things more seriously? >> well, i hope he's going to take them more seriously. i hope he stops tweeting about evolving national security issues. he sent out a tweet that mischaracterized the attack in zurich. i think he would be welt add vised to take a briefing first and to tweet little or not at all. and frankly, one of the challenges he's going to face is he has directly gone against the united advice of all 17 of our
3:25 pm
intelligence agencies that have concluded that russia did attack our electoral system. that's going to create some real tension when he becomes president with the intelligence community that i hope he and his chose advisers will work to resolve. >> there's another aspect to the russia story today, and that's that a spokesman for the kremlin is saying the relationship between the u.s. and russia is frozen. that is the word that was used. the state department says that's not true, basically. they're saying diplomatic engagement with russia continues across a wide range of issues. you're a remember of the senate foreign relations committee. are relations with russia frozen? >> well, what they're responding to is the next round of sanctions. i led a bipartisan delegation to ukraine in august. we went to the czech republic, estonia, and ukraine, to look at the impact of russian aggression. they have illegally occupied crimea and continue to support in an appropriate military
3:26 pm
action in eastern ukraine, and frankly, i think it is the right thing for president obama to be stepping up pressure against russia, to get them to keep their part of the minsk according that could bring resolution. we do have a very strained relationship, and i think that's appropriate. >> what is russia trying to do, trying to set the stage for making relations look really bad and maybe thawing them to curry favor with a trump administration? >> that's entirely possible. and while i understand the possible benefits of reviewing our relationship with russia, of negotiating for a reset, i don't think the trump administration should step back one inch from our insistence that we not allow putin to get away with the invasion and occupation of a neighboring country, that we not allow putin to get away with the massacres in aleppo, and the
3:27 pm
crimes against humanity committed by assad, and in partnership with russian troops by hezbollah and iranian troops in syria. so we have a strained relationship. i understand that president-elect trump may try to revisit that relationship. but it's my hope that he won't step back from american commitment to human rights, to nato, and to the territorial integrity to countries like ukraine and our native allies in the baltics. >> donald trump has picked david friedman to be the u.s. ambassador to israel. this is someone who supports moving the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. do you have concerns with that? >> i do have concerns with that. i frankly have concerns about our longer term direction in u.s.-israel relations. we have a very close, very strong military and intelligence relationship with israel today. and should continue to have such a strong relationship into the future.
3:28 pm
but i believe, and many others, a bipartisan range of senators, believe a two-state solution is the only way to preserve the jewish character of israel and the democratic character of israel. i'm concerned that the gentleman nominated by president-elect trump may not share that commitment to a two-state solution and his position on moving the embassy in advance of any negotiated resolution between the israelis and palestinians, may suggest that he's not fully committed to a two-state solution. >> senator, we appreciate you talking to us tonight and making time. >> thank you, brianna. we have some breaking news next. the latest on the hunt for the managerman authorities believe carried out that attack on a christmas market in berlin. what are his ties to isis? and a rare move by britain's queen is raising questions tonight, are there worries about the security of the royal family? the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. with no surprise overages,
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3:33 pm
i want to get more from our terrorism experts. paul, we just learned some new information. tell us what you're finding out about this suspect. >> well, brianna, his father just gave an interview to a tunisian radio station, mosaic fm, saying his son left seven years ago and traveled to italy. in italy, he was involved in a robbery and got a four-year prison sentence. he arrived in germany in july of 2015 and very soon after arri arriving in germany, he came on radar screen as somebody they believed was dangerous, radicalized, somebody part of an isis recruiting network. he was very close to one of the lead i leading people in that network.
3:34 pm
all of these details are significant because these ties to these -- the recruitment network individuals in germany suggest that there may be people there who can offer him perhaps a safe house, a hiding place, or even maybe able to smuggle him out of the country. it may be quite difficult, given all these details we've been given, especially when you think back to the paris attacks and especially when salah abdeslam went to ground in brussels and was protected and hidden by the network there for five, six months or so. >> michael weiss, it seems to many people they look at the various contacts that german authorities had with the suspect, and they think how did they not get on to this guy. and yet it was interesting, peter bergen, our terrorist analyst, said it's strange that someone would do something like
3:35 pm
this, and there would not have been contacts with authorities. what do you think about that? >> yeah, the network that paul was just alluding to is run by a guy that is a leading jihadi. he returned from syria from the battlefield after defecting from isis and he described him as the number one isis recruiter in all of germany. he's been on law enforcement's radar for a long time, for something like three years he's been surveilled. his network has been involved on a sikh temple in germany, it's conducted armed robbery, getting money for use for terrorist operations. one of the purported ways they were looking to conduct a terror operation was to take a large vehicle, this time crammed with explosives, not with 25 tons of steel as the attacker used, but drive it into a crowded area in an urban population center and detonate the vehicle. so it does seem like i never thought that this fie was your
3:36 pm
classic lone wolf, having been radicalized to conduct an amateur operation. he was linked up with germany's foremost isis network that do have contact with isis hq in syria and iraq. >> this is a real concern when you're talking about someone who is locked in with a network -- >> right. >> do you think german authorities can find him quickly or is this going to be one of those protracted searches like we saw with salah abdeslam? >> hopefully they'll recover him quickly, but we've seen a number of blunders. he was on law enforcement's radar, someone who the german officials had been monitoring and lost track of. this is somebody who has had ties to isis in the previous months. we don't know how closely connected -- if he was directed or a lone wolf, or if this is
3:37 pm
something that has had blunders. they took the wrong individual into custody yesterday. and from the time period where the truck was stolen to the attack carried out, where was law enforcement? why were no calls coming in? i'm hopeful that now with more intelligence, from the united states, the french, other european countries, they might have better intelligence. but he's armed and might have assistance. >> when you look at this suspect, and we're learning more about his story, which pal just told us, is that a conventional path to radicalization do you think? >> we're not sure in this case how this individual, this suspect that they're looking for was radicalized. it's through contacts with individuals in the network. in some cases it's through radical jihadist online propaganda. isis magazines have been calling for knife and truck attacks for months. you saw a state department
3:38 pm
warning point thing out. this is available online, twitter, facebook, these platforms need to crack down on this material, because it's reaching individuals around the globe and that's how they are becoming radicalized. >> michael, is there anything unique to germany that may be helping with the rise of isis there? some have pointed to the rise of germany's far right movement, and they say that has contributed to isis recruiting there. >> yeah. look, isis wants to strike at the west. germany in particular has been a part of the association against isis, although it's not running bomber raids in syria or iraq, it's been arming the kurdish peshmerga and some of the weapons have wound up in syria. we've talked about the refugees. it was only a matter of time before somebody did sneak in
3:39 pm
under the guise of being -- fleeing a humanitarian catastrophe but was actually already trained or certainly predisposed to conduct a terror operation. and yes, isis are students of geopolitics. they watch programs like cnn. they know if angela merkel is toppled from power, it will come to the benefit of these far right, anti-muslim movements. this plays into the isis narrative, because they believe in a binary. this is the land of islam and the land of disbelief. so to have far right and neonazi groups go around attacking refugees or basically building up walls, that plays directly into what al baghdadi has been sermonizing for two, three years now. >> great insight from all of you. thank you guys so much. just ahead, new questions about donald trump and conflicts of interest as he prepares to
3:40 pm
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new results in tonight from the election showing that hillary clinton won the popular vote by almost 2.9 million votes. this is an issue that apparently continues to really dig at
3:44 pm
president elect donald trump and cnn's senior white house correspondent jim acosta has more on this. it's system that donald trump, even though he won the white house, can't seem to let go of. >> reporter: not yet. donald trump made some big i nounments, naming carl icahn. but trump was defending his election victory, but his latest tweets come at an odd time. >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: it's donald trump's favorite subject at his post election rallies, not his agenda or his cabinet. >> as soon as the real polls came out, we won in a massive landslide. >> reporter: but it wasn't a landslide. his electoral win is modest by historical standards. "i would have done bittner the election, if that is possible,
3:45 pm
if the winner was based on the popular vote." >> this is the football season. a team can have more yards and lose the game. what matters is how many points you put on the board. the electoral college is the points. >> reporter: but democrats aren't buying it and accuse republicans to justify a broad mandate. >> reporter: trump is restarting the debate over his election win just as more questions are being raised about his business interest. transition officials maintain
3:46 pm
the sons won't be involved, despite the fact that the holding the fund riser listed the two sons as the directors. >> there is no involvement with this with the sons nor do they plan on being involved with it. >> reporter: and other questions are being raised. top trump supporter newt gingrich says the president-elect doesn't even like his campaign catch phrase "drain the swamp anymore." >> he does he doesn't want to use it anymore. >> reporter: and the sons were removed from the event, and the kuwaiti ambassador to the u.s. tells me he would like to have some clarity from the state department on whether it's proper to book events at trump properties. he called this "unchartered territory." >> jim, thank you. let's get more now with our
3:47 pm
political experts. we have rebecca david, and ron. david, donald trump said that this berlin terror attack has proven him to be right. or is that what he was saying? can you try to help us make sense of what these brief comments were at his resort in florida? >> when you look at him in conjunction with that tweet from a day or two ago where he talked about people in the civilized world need to change their approach to terror, i think that president-elect trump just really runs the risk of overblowing the issue in a way that does not -- terrorism is serious, but the way that he is saying that he's going to handle it in a month, he's going to be the president and it's not how tough he talks about it, but what he does and whether he would change course from president obama. >> it's a concern many people have, and we're not just talking about critics, we're not just
3:48 pm
talking about democrats. general petraeus is being considered for the secretary of state job at one point, saying if you talk like this about muslims or you lump them in with islamists, you run the risk of helping recruitment. and they worry that donald trump, his rhetoric is going to have a strong effect on that. >> that's right. one of the things that donald trump is going to need to begin to recognize, and it doesn't look like he's quite yet, is how much weight your words have when you are president of the united states. not only domestically, but internationally, and words have effects on your relations with other countries, your words have effects on things you were trying to do as president. donald trump doesn't really have a filter. he uses imprecise language. he hasn't even mapped out for us the exact plan he has in place for muslims coming into this country, muslims who are already in this country. he's been really vague by what
3:49 pm
he means by banning muslims from coming into the country. i think he needs to come to the recognition of what his words mean and the weight they carry when you're president of the united states. >> ron, with what he says today, it makes people wonder, is he going to be tough on immigration, as he teamed to be when he was campaigning. which is it? >> look, it's a little hard to know exactly what he is pointing to. my guess, but it's a guess, is that he is where he ended the campaign, talking about extreme vetting and a ban -- a temporary ban on immigration from countries that they decide are essentially affected with terrorism, rather than the full-scale muslim ban that he talked about. we don't know exactly, though. and we do have this very unusual situation where you have a president-elect who is tweeting first, and maybe or maybe not consulting. for example, in the tweet on
3:50 pm
china, where unprecedented was spelled wrong, gives you a doubt that went through an exhaustive process of other aides before that was let loose on the world. >> donald trump is going to resist of going through the exhaustive process. but it's going to be something of a it is going to be something of a wild ride not only for domestic interests but for those around the world. >> what did you think rebecca of donald trump getting the presidential daily briefing today. he'd come under so much fire for not doing this regularly. seemed like one a week, which was sparse. and now his team is saying three times a week. you had his national security advisor and others down in florida. is this? are they sensitive to this idea that he's not really waking up to the threats and responding to them correctly? >> -- the optics of this, because donald trump campaigned on being tough from national security perspective.
3:51 pm
tough from terrorism perspective. understanding the world better than president obama is what he said on the campaign trail. so they understand his supporters might get a little skeptical if they don't see donald trump as treating this as a very important part of his job. i think the question remains whether he's going to be treating the briefings where the the seriousness they deserve because donald trump recently in an interview said that he thought he was smart enough he didn't need these briefings. we know from having spoken to his advisers in the past that he doesn't have a very long attention span for these types of briefings. and that is part of the struggle is getting him to focus and pay attention to these issues for a long enough period of time to have a conversation with him about it. so it is not clear to me that he is going to be actually taking these seriously. and i think he is going to need to show that. that is why having a press conference is going to be such an important test for him. because he hasn't for many weeks
3:52 pm
now since the throes of the campaign had a press conference where he's been forced to show that he understands what's going on and has thought through these issues. so i think that is going to be an important test at that point. >> he seems to think it is useful that president obama takes these briefings most days and violent elect takes these briefings most days. it would be nice to have an explanation as to why he specifically doesn't think he needs the briefings most days, as the person the american people elected to take over their national security. >> i'm have to leave it there. thank you so much. really appreciate it. i want to clarify something also quickly. earlier cnn reported that donald trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski is opening a new consulting firm in the game building as the trump transition in washington. we want to confirm. the transition team has moved
3:53 pm
into new office space nearby a few weeks ago. we do regret the confusion. and is concern for the royal safety behind a very move by britain's queen elizabeth?
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3:57 pm
there is speculation tonight that security concerns may be behind some changes at the home of britain's queen elizabeth. after the attack in germany police presence has increased around buckingham palace especially around the changing the guard ceremony. the decisions are not behind the queen and their husband prince phillip to delay their trip to the --. the monarch and prince are both suffering from what they describe as heavy colds. no word if the trip has been canceled. and the a controversial move with major implications. president elect donald trump has vowed to carry this out. listen to what he told wolf blitzer back in march. >> you recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move the
3:58 pm
u.s. embassy from tell roos to jerusalem in. >> i'm going discuss that in an hour. but yes, i would. the factsy would like to see it moved. and i would like to see it in jerusalem. >> for more we're joined my cnn's orrin lieberman. and this is a high level endorsement, so what does it mean? >> it is a very high level endorsement from ron durumer who's the israeli ambassador to the u.s. one of the new members of a netanyahu's inner circle. what does it mean? it means they support wholeheartedly the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. he said israel hopes next year when the new american ambassador likes the minora to his embassy
3:59 pm
he'll light it in the same city where the mac bees lit it 2,000 years ago. one of the most sensitive issues. that's why the embassy hasn't moved yet. the u.s. has always left jerusalem open to israelis to palestinians. that is why such a move. moving to jerusalem lub would be such a game changer and a break from decades of the foreign policy. >> and orrin, quickly, what could a love like this overall mean for region? >> well the palestine bs have said they would be absolutely furious about such a move, considering it a violation of slshl law. they would consider revoking they are recognition of israel and counseling recognitions between israelis and palestinians. they may not carry through with the threats but it is an
4:00 pm
indication hoff significant the move could be and could adversely effect the move between the u.s. and the palestinians and the u.s. and the arab states. >> thank you. i'm brianna keilar. and i thank you very much for watching tonight. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news an international man hunt under way. a 24-year-old tunisian mandate is key suspect. and the deadly fireworks explosion that killed more than 40 peel. what went so horriblily wrong? let's go "outfront." >> i'm poppy


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