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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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this christmas eve. new developments in that christmas market attack in berlin, and brand new terror threats. the fbi warning officials across the country this weekend of isis threats against churches and holiday events. the new worries as millions of americans of course prepare to celebrate christmas. also through new arts in that christmas market attack. one of them the nephew of the suspected attacker. officials revealing recent conversations between the two men. we begin with those possible threats though here at home. polo sandoval following the developing story for us. what exactly is the fbi warning could happen? >> reporter: what initially caught the attention of federal authorities here in the united states was there were several pro isis websites that initially posted several calls for attacks on places of worship, on churches, particularly here in the united states as a result. the department of homeland security and also the fbi issued this bulletin, of course, the
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timing here is important as it is coming while so many americans get ready to attend christmas and han ka services. what is important is yesterday, according to officials there is no credible, no specific threat against any particular target in the united states. this them basically trying to get ahead of things, trying to issue that alert to local, state, federal law enforcement agencies, perhaps pastors as well who are leading congregations this weekend as families pour into the houses of worship to celebrate. that is really the main message that officials wa nt to stress here. they want the public to take this seer krusly, but at the same time not let this loom over their celebrations, we've heard this before. it's a reason not to be afraid but be aware of your surroundings, whether in new york or in america's smaller towns celebrating with family members. >> i heard on the radio on my way in this morning they were
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putting up some metal barriers around st patrick's cathedral. it talked about looking out for unusual behavior. was it real specific in terms of the types of behavior people should be on the lookout for? >> that bulletin has not been sent out wider, to media organizations. we have not seen that actual break down. as you would expect, it would include looking out for just things out of place. i think that often used see something, say something phrase is more important than ever during the holiday season. you have families, large crowds that are gathering, and sadly we saw the potential of what a lone wolf attack, or someone that can be radicalized and inspired by certain individuals, we saw that play out sadly in berlin this week. as a result, that really is a sad, tragedy reminder of what can happen. you see some of the pictures in the big apple, you have men and women in uniform working around the clock as many of us have the opportunity to perhaps spend
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some time with our loved ones. >> appreciate it as always. thank you. >> you bet. >> a closer look at this, joined by major general, cnn military analyst. good to see you. >> erika, how are you. >> merry christmas to you. when we take a look at this increasingly when there is a bulletin sent out, a warning, it seems focused on soft targets, places didn't used to be thought of as potential targets, christmas markets, churches. how concerned are you when you see the bulletin and you look and listen to what we're hearing from the fbi and dhs. >> they're doing is, there is background noise, maybe the background noise gets into a little more detail that we may not be aware of. but clearly this is a seasonal threat, we have christians, we have jewish families that are all going to start to worship in great numbers in a whole bunch of locations, this becomes a seasonal threat we need to be
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aware of. so what you have with this type of threat warning that goes out, in local municipal tees, communities there might be some additional indicators that have not risen to the top level, haven't worked their way through the bureaucracy of reporting that the local law enforcement are aware of. they take the -- they work some more detailed efforts at their location. as you see in the reporting that just took place, local law enforcement, there might be some community efforts, some groups that are working together in support of local law enforcement to help put eyes and ears out on the street. >> the style of attacks in berlin, in nice, there was extra precautions we were told taken here in new york city ahead of the thanksgiving day parade to make sure something like that could not fact happen here. someone tries to come man deer a truck. realistically what is the threat here in the united states versus
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some of the what we're seeing in europe? >> well, we certain have always had what i would call a heightened level of -- in deference to law enforcement here in the united states. we tend to at least in my experience, we tend to tighten things down pretty precisely and we tend to respond pretty effectively to law enforcement and efforts that they make. having spent a good deal of my life overseas in a whole bunch of different locations, i can tell you those rules and cultural norms can differ depending upon where you are. i think it's inappropriate for us to draw too many comparisons between what we're seeing overseas and what we might see here in the united states. but it's important that we share the intelligence that is related to all of those. i think that is the most important thing going forward. any activity in the united states clearly will have link ages and could in fact have
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antecedents brought in from other places overseas. >> so this bulletin was sent out after a pro isis group published this available list of churches and this is something we've seen from isis, urging sympathizers, yeah, you should do things and do it in the name of isis. is there a sense that sympathy for isis is growing in the united states at this point? >> no, i don't think so. i think what we see is that -- my view of the strug ogle again islam is a cancer within a religion, it doesn't matter what you and i do, the fact that we are pest earn, may be christian, is sufficient for those radical elements within that otherwise
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wonderf wonderf wonderful -- my personal experience you do to iraq and conduct operations you are doing it for what you think are absolutely wonderful attention and the iraqis love their liberation but hate the liberators, the experiences are quite deep, when we see the great things with the united states and coalition partners can a he have choo, but there are very negative results because of that. you can't get your head around it intellectually. >> always good to see you, thank you, and merry christmas again. >> thank you very much, merry christmas. >> we are also following developments in the terror attack in berlin. three men now under arrest in tunisia. among them the nephew of the suspected attacker. following the developments from berlin, what do we know about the individuals and what led to their arrest? >> reporter: well, we know more about the nephew than anything else at this point. the nephew of amri, that was the
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man who crashed the truck into this christmas market on monday killing 12 people. his nephew was contacted by anis amri and asked to pledge allegiance to isis. this is according to tunisian officials. the nephew was arrested detained in a central part of tunisia and the other two men arrested in tunis. what it does indicate there were links, this is part of this network that anis amri was cull ti indicating through this app called tell he gram that isis was using and he was using to communicate, it's very easy to hide with it. >> tell us a little more about that app, if you could. it was one that probably a lot of people have not heard of before today, yet it has a lot of users. >> it has 100 million users, was
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started back in 2013 by two russian brothers here in germany. and it has just exploded. it has become what some people call the app of choice for groups like isis because you can hide behind it. because it has a very, very strong, what do you call it, very strong encryption. you can read a message and it will self destruct. isis has used it to post hit lists, they have secret chat rooms. this is the kind of thing that the house of foreign relations committee is very worried about and is putting pressure on telegram to start to block, to block isis and others from using that. we'll see how that goes. erika? >> it will be interesting to see. as you point out how that goes. chris burns with update from berlin. thank you. >> up next the diplomatic fallout after the u.n. vote. what america's decision to
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abstain from supporting israel signals for the relationship between the two nations going forward. ♪
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could save on homeowners insurance. >> the obama administration facing a hail of criticism after failing to veto a u.n. resolution that condemns settlements in east jerusalem. global affairs correspondent has more on the diplomatic fallout here and around the world. >> the obama administration poured salt in an already openly
10:13 am
wounded relationship with israel. abstaining from a controversial vote at the united nations to condemn settlements in disputed territories. >> it's because this resolution reflects the facts on the ground and is consistent with u.s. policy across republican administrations throughout the history of the state of israel that the united states did not veto it. >> the administration's decision not to exercise it's right to a veto, despite pleas from the israeli government, and president-elect donald trump allowed the resolution to pass. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. told the security council the u.s. was not abandoning israel, even though the u.s. has traditionally wielded its veto to protect the jewish state on votes regarding settlements. >> our vote today is fully in line with the bipartisan history of how american presidents have approached both the issue and the role of this body. >> president obama has held the
10:14 am
settlement is obstacle to peace. it was seen by some as a parting shot at israeli prime minister netanyahu who had times has clashed with mr. obama. after the resolution passed, president-elect donald trump tweeted quote, as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th. israel's u.n. ambassador said in a statement he had expected his country's quote greatest alley to act in accordance with the values we share and they would have vetoed this disgraceful resolution and he said he hopes the trump administration will be more sympathetic. the vote brought to a head the standoff between the current and future presidents on mid east peace. it was delayed thursday after a scramble by netanyahu who cnn has learned reached out to president-elect trump to intervene. when trump sent out a statement calling for a u.s. veto, the president of egypt took a call from trump and put the vote on
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hold. other members reintroduced it. behind the scenes officials complained trump's interference runs a foul thatsy president-elect does not interfere with an outgoing president's administration, especially in foreign policy. publicly, the state department has appeared unfazed. >> nobody here felt boxed in by a tweet from the president-elect, and he is perfectly entitled to express his views on these kind of things. >> the new spokesman made clear this president-elect won't be staying on the side lines until he takes office next month. >> president obama and his team have been unbelievably gratuitous to the president-elect and his team. at the end of the days he is not someone who is going to sit back and wait. >> prime minister netanyahu office is accusing obama and his administration of colluding behind the scenes of israel, something the white house has vehemently denied. they look forward to working with the trump administration to negate the effects of this
10:16 am
resolution and recalled its ambassadors from countries who voted for it. >> thank you. lindsey graham has a lot to say about the diplomatic fallout calling president obama's foreign policy flat out reckless. don't miss the republican senator when he joins dana bash this afternoon at 3:00 eastern. stay with us, we'll be right back. hi, we're the hulford quads. (laughter) we're in 8th grade. technology is the only thing that really entertains us. i'm gonna use this picture on sketchbook, and i'm going to draw mustaches on you all.
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>> as donald trump prepares to step into his role as president, he is already shaking things up on the issue of nuclear weapons. that is after he released what he calls a very nice letter from vladimir putin. political correspondent dana bash has more. >> anyone watching the to and fro between vladimir putin and donald trump about nice letters, then threats and nuclear arms race could and should rightly not know what is really going on, but that could be the point. each trying to keep the upper hand. it's one thing, though, doing that negotiating business deals, it's quite different when talking about nuclear arsenals. a dear mr. trump letter from russia's vladimir putin released by the transition. i hope after you assume the position of the president of the united states of america we will be able, by acting in a constructive and pragmatic
10:20 am
manner to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation. trump called it a very nice letter from putin. his thoughts are so correct. the date on putin's letter, december 15th, more than a week ago. releasing it now, could be designed to lower the temperature after his own explosive comments hours earlier. threatening to engage in a nuclear arms race. during a commercial break, trump called a pajama clad msnbc host sitting on a cozy set to report something alarming. let it be an arm is race, we will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all. trump's incoming white house press secretary explained. >> there are countries around the dploeb talking about increasing their nuclear capacity. the president will put our security and safety first and he will not worry about -- he is going to do it. >> and unorthodox approach to just about everything should be surprise to no one.
10:21 am
it's what trump's campaign was all about. >> things have to change and they have to change right now. >> now that change means threatening to roll back decades of diplomatic work on nuclear arms control and shaking things up on the domestic front, too. trump sent lockheed into a momentary tailspin by tweeting about cost overruns for the pentagon's new f-35 strike fighters. >> these are crooked people. >> but some of trump's harsh campaign rhetoric feels different now that the shoe is on the president-elect's foot. >> you look at that foundation, it's pure theft and pure crookedness. >> he relentlessly attacked the clintons of allegations of pay for play with the charity tabl foundation, which does good works. now his son eric suspended his own foundation to avoid allegations of pay for play, which trump lamented on twitter saying, my wonderful son, eric, will no longer be allowed to raise money for children with
10:22 am
cancer because of a possible conflict of interest with my presidency. isn't this a ridiculous shame? he loves these kids, has raised millions of dollars for them and now must stop. wrong answer. and then there is how trump spent his morning, on the links with tiger woods, an outing for any golf enthusiast, curious because he was part of trump's anti-obama campaign rift. >> he played more golf than tiger woods. >> to be fair i. trump has not spent that much time playing golf, especially considering his website lists 17 trump branded golf courses around the globe. but trump also said during the campaign, he loves golf, he thinks tiger woods one of the greats but he doesn't have time to play. maybe now that he has the weight of being president-elect on his shoulders, trump is realizing that even presidents need a mental break from time to time.
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>> dana bash, thank you. a fierce language and public vetting, the unofficial confirmation battle has begun for the cabinet picks. hoping delay tactics will work in their favor. we'll discuss, next. octor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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10:27 am
nonetheless. to talk about this bring in the political panel. chief of the chicago sun teams. good to have you with us. each time we hear a nominee brought up, we immediately hear well this is what the case will be against them when we go to the senate confirmation hearings. the last time that a pick was rejected, a cabinet pick was rejected was 1989, the democrats cannot fight every single nomination. so the chances of any of these nominees not making it through? >> there is always that possibility. the one you are referring to is john tore who was brought down for secretary of defense and all kinds of scandals came up. it is very difficult, especially when you have a republican congress that is not going to be eager to make problems for the administration. so we know some of the story line in terms of where the attacks will come. there will be other stories to emerge from rumors, scandals, issues that come up.
10:28 am
it's difficult. one or two would be susceptible. >> who would they be in your mind? >> tillerson, on the one hand on paper he is very strong and there is many attributes that president-elect trump can talk about as secretary of state. but this on going story of relationships with russia and russia interference in the election and his relationship with russia, i think makes him a little bit susceptible. it's hard to predict. >> one of the things that we had heard is senate democrats when they look at this, forcing -- wanting to force donald trump's picks to really lay down markers, so specific policies, can start to build this case against donald trump in some ways. senator the oregon saying the campaign based on his nomination was as scam.
10:29 am
even if that bears out and he said things on the campaign trail and we're seeing things different in this period as president-elect, he seems to at every turn find a way to sort of push that off and move forward. is that what we can expect as we move into this administration and into these confirmation hearings? >> i think on the confirmation hearing, i think the problem for some of these nominees will be before they have a hearing. even bill clinton nominated two women for attorney general who had nanny problems and paying taxes and employing illegal -- you will have checks, very clearly for all these fabulously wealthy people, have they ever employed illegal immigrants, have they paid the taxes properly. go through the first vetting before we even know what the policies will be at a hearing that they talk about. don't over look that this is something that the democrats and the senate do have the power to do, that's to investigate. and they will do that.
10:30 am
>> one of the things the democrats have drougbrought up, speaks to your point, this has become a cabinet and administration of billionaires, and. >> 1%. >> the 1%. >> yes. i exaggerate. >> but when you look at that in support of the cases being made, look these are people out of touch with america, they are out of touch with many of the voters who with are some of the most vocal sporters of donald trump. did that argument hold any weight. donald trump in many ways is out of touch if you look at it purely on that level with the voters who supported them, but they were wholeheartedly behind him. >> this is what we'll have to see. we don't know how loyal the base will be to donald trump. will they see that these cabinet picks, whenever the next round of polling goes on, not that polling will tell us everything, we know that from the election, but will he be able to convince
10:31 am
his voters, who want change, that the people he is bringing in relate to them, relate to their causes, are putting the issues as a priority, and most importantly, can he bring some change fairly quick into the lives of people that he said he would. >> how important will that quickness be for donald trump? because democrats do trying to make this case, look, this may not be the guy you thought he was. he may not be bringing the change you want. >> i don't think the cabinet people matter in that respect, meaning you can have wealthy people and voters are willing to say okay maybe they'll do well by me, that's the donald trump story. we've had democrats who are wealth i and also loved by many, many voters. but the policies matter. so if the secretary in charge of the health care plan gets rid of aca, where enrollments went up in states like pennsylvania, that are trump territory, that could anger people.
10:32 am
if there are tax cuts that are aggressive and hurt workers and labor policies that come down and limit the wages and the rights of workers, all of that can anger the trump constituency much more than the personnel and who they are. that's my opinion. >> lynn, go ahead? >> i want to underscore what he said. because right now everyone, so many people don't understand sometimes until it happens is this a policy that is good or bad, we're out of the campaign rhetoric. i could love what i heard in the campaign, but oh, my goodness, now my life is affected by this policy or that. that is why a lot of this is ten fold. if you give everybody who trump is putting in to the cabinet, and i agree history shows they'll be confirmed if they pass vetting, and i think this is going to be a hurdle for some of them because they've never been vetted this way before. then you have to see what the policies are, and if trump's
10:33 am
base will stick with him loyally, you know, through the period of time it takes to see something that will impact me in a way thati i thought i would gt when i voted for trump. >> when it comes to democrats before we let you go, could trying to fight every nominee, could this start to backfire on democrats, they need support that is lacking. >> it could hurt in two ways. one, trump turns them into the quote, one quote, do nothing congress, even though republicans control congress he you tell 's the blames on democrats for object administration. in a way obama wasn't able to do. and two, they get so focused on the confirmation fights they lose time and they lose energy in trying to lay out an agenda that will actually win the voters back. so those are the two dangers. that said, republicans obstructed a lot and they did pretty well in the last few years in rebuilding their party. so democrats shouldn't feel that
10:34 am
a little rough politics can't help. >> we'll have a lot to look at come january, won't we all. >> they'll pick their fights. the democrats will pick the fights and let the republicans who may dissent on some of the picks, let them take the lead. >> good to have you both with us. thank you, happy holidays. >> same to you, thank you. >> it is time from a little holiday celebration. one of the more interesting ones is in the old town neighborhood of alex andrea, virginia. do you think santa would want to relax before the big night, oh, no, relaxing isity haddi appare hitting the water with his friends. we'll be right back.
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get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer. >> taking a look at the top stories, lawsuits filed. suing the owners and event organizer for what they call horrific and bros negligence. that fire trapped and killed 36
10:38 am
party goers earlier this month. carry fisher remains hospitalized after surge r suffering a hard yak arrest on a flight to los angeles. her brother saying she is in stable condition still in intensive care. the actress is best known for her role as princess leia in "star wars." president obama wanted to make his final statements as commander in chief, president-elect donald trump caused a growing rift in the relationship. abstaining from voting on a security council resolution. that resolution passed. before that vote, trump had demanded obama veto the measure and after the vote, trump tweeted to the u.n., as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th. joining me to discuss cnn's athena jones. give us a sense -- we should point out you are in hawaii, that's where the president and his family are for the holidays. how is the white house
10:39 am
responding now especially to what we saw from donald trump following that vote? >> reporter: hi, erika. the white house is reminding everyone there is one president at a time. those are the exact words we heard from the president's deputy national security adviser, ben roads on a conference call. he said after january 20th, then president trump will become responsible for foreign policy, but not until then. here is more of what he had to say about this. >> it's unusual, there has been a lot unusual during this transition. look, the way in which president obama handles his business is we control what we control. he has been very gratuitous, very clear to us, that we are to help execute the most successful transition we possibly can. so that will be our attitude going forward. we will do our part to do whatever we can for the incoming team and do our jobs here until
10:40 am
january 20th. >> so that was ben rhodes speaking. it's sport to know that president obama has said repeatedly it's a top priority for him to make sure there is a smooth and professional transition to the next president and these sort of actions by president-elect trump disrupt that or certainly threaten to disrupt that a bit. >> athena, thank you. still to come the games that broke hearts and the athletes that stole headlines, we'll look at the top ten sports moments after the break. come on! why doesn't verizon offer unlimited data like t-mobile? is it because their lte network was built six years ago? six years ago? that's like a hundred... in phone years. their lte network is older, slower, and they limit you. switch to t-mobile.
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>> with plenty of folks wishing for a white christmas, would you like to know how many areas might see snow. some of this weather could impact your travel plans. meteorologist has the forecast. >> we are dealing with a col lag of winter weather, we have everything from winter storm warnings to blizzard warnings to
10:44 am
ice storm warnings stretching across at least a dozen states. going forward we have two systems, we have the first system that made its way through the north east bringing rain and potential snow to areas around boston, heavy rain in new york, washington d.c., stretching back to nashville and memphis. the next system we have our eyes on, it started in the south west bringing much needed rain to the drought stricken portions of southern california, then it begins to make its way toward the east. this is where the heavy snow and strong winds are going to i am in fact north dakota, south dakota, in min sew sa. the souther region we're looking for the potential of severe weather as we move into christmas day. the main threats for that will be damaging winds, but we can't rule out the potential for a tornado as well once we get into christmas day. the overall forecast accumulations, potential for
10:45 am
flooding rains in portions of the south east around arc kay into tennessee and the carolinas. then further off to the north we have heavy rain in the midwest and incredibly heavy snow into portions of the northern high plains, all of this will likely cause travel concerns, not only in the air but also on the highways as well. >> allison, thank you. no injuries reported after a plane carrying the minnesota vikings skidded off a runway x they had to use a fire truck ladder to get the team off the plane. >> let's go. >> the players seem to be in good spirits posting videos to their facebook pages and also this video on the team website. >> so you all can see what is going on here. on a fire ladder.
10:46 am
how you doing down there? >> all right. >> the incident at the airport in wisconsin happened as the jet was taxiing to the gate. they're in wisconsin to take on the packers today. >> the cleveland cava, chicago cubs, their performances gave us plenty of reasons to cheer in 2016. sports anchor shows us the best and worse moments from sports. >> 2016 is going to down as one of the most memorable in sport history. we saw buzzer beater, amazing come backs and century long drought finally meet its end. college basketball march madness living up to its name and then some this year. the final coming down to villanova and north carolina, their championship game coming down to the final second. >> he made it.
10:47 am
he -- at the buzzer, cavs win it all. >> chris jenkins the hero as the wildcats win. in 2016 we saw one of the biggest underdog stories of all time. >> we are in the heart of the storm here in the very middle of the city, you can see behind me that hundreds of fans have congregated here. >> the soccer club odds of winning the premier league was 5,000 to one, they won it, easily being called the greatest sport upset of all time and a move see is currently in the works to tell the city. team usa had an amazing run at the olympics, but it was overshade doed. >> a gown point robbery that the police in brazil say was a lie made up by lochte and three
10:48 am
other swimmers. >> he pulled out a gun, packed it, put it to my forehead. >> he lost many endorsement deals and suspended ten months x he did compete on season 23 of "dancing with the stars" finishing in 7th place. >> the end of deflate gate, tom brady suspended four games of the season and decided against appealing his case any further. the suspension not slowing them down, they're the favorites in the afc and brady seems to be over it having some fun with the whole thing in a recent footlocker commercial. >> it doesn't mean anything is going on, why can't some things just be great. starts with questions and questions turn into assumptions and that turns into vacations. >> 2016 we saw the final chapter of the brady manning rivalry. beating them to reach superbowl
10:49 am
50. panthers, 24-10, manning would do what few quarterbacks have been able to do, go out on top. >> i fought a good fight. i finished my football race and after 18 years, it's time. >> san francisco 49ers quarterback began a nationwide discussion by kneeling during the national anthem before a game to protest social in justice in the u.s. >> people are realizing the in justices taking place. >> some nfl players and other athletes like the women's national team, joined kaepernick in the protest and he captured attention again when he revealed he didn't vote in the presidential election saying it would have been hit critical. >> leading up to the rio games, it was about dirty water, zika virus and it turned to the dominant performance by the united states. living up to the hype, winning four gold medals with one
10:50 am
dubbing the final five. the u.s. was unstoppable. 19-year-old blowing away the competition winning five medals, the most decorated olympian, michael phelps road off with five more gold medals. ? june we lost the greatest of all time, passing away after a long battle with park in son disease, he was not only sport leg ent to pass away, arnold palmer died at the age of 87 . . . pat summitt died after a battle with early on set dementia. she was 64 years old. in the nba, then state warriors breaking a record few thought would fall. the team going 73-9 topping michael jordan's 96 bulls record, the warriors had a 3-1 lead over lebron james cleveland cavaliers. becoming the first team to ever
10:51 am
come back if from the 3-1 deficit in the finals. >> believe it, cleveland, saver it, soak it in, the kid from akron has come home. the cavaliers are the championship and the impossible dream has come true. >> lebron making good on his promise to deliver cleveland its first championship in 52 years. >> my one mission was to bring the championship back to ohio, cleveland and akron. look up there. it is right there. >> this is what a 108-year drought celebration looks like. for the first time in a lifetime, the cub can call themselves championship. >> go, cubbies, let's go. step faster. i can't even move. i don't care. this is unbelievable. this is what you dream for as a kid. >> thrilling competition. curse is broken. a great year in sports. can't wait to see.
10:52 am
up next, police go beyond the call of duty in chicago. three little girls rescued from abandoned apartment. their story is next. i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.
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in the christmas spirit, a story about hope. a new hampshire team with a rare genetic disorder isn't letting his small stature block his stats. dr. sanjay gupta has his story. at 3'5", 15-year-old tristan willmott is not your typical basketball. >> on the first day of tryouts when i saw tristan come in, i thought he was somebody's little brother. >> reporter: tristan is now playing on his high school basketball team for a second year. >> making a basket was my goal in each game. tristan has an extremely rare
10:56 am
crow mo so manyal disorder, a form of swar haveism that impedes growth and affects the muscles, liver, and eyes and can lead to death for those that have severe complications. >> they knew he was small. >> he was in a fight for his life. his mom had prepared him. >> they said, i need to look at quality of life versus quaupity. >> then, he turned a corner after what should have been the last trip of his life. >> they don't gave him more than a few months. we did the "make a wish" trip to florida. he hasn't been sick since. >> ten years later, tristan credits his grit for helping him soar. >> i wouldn't give up. >> now, turning to a story with the true meaning of the holidays. three young sisters found in an
10:57 am
apartment filled with garbage are getting a second chance. police in the community together raising more than $100,000 to give the girls a fresh start. ryan moore has more in this addition of beyond the call of duty. >> three young girls from chicago are getting a fresh start at life. they are known as the inglewood angels and the love they steve now is all thanks to one 911 call. >> i get notified we have a situation where there are some children left alone inside this abandoned building. >> inside the home, sergeant charles art says the girls, then, 7, 2, and 1 sat together with nothing but each other. >> they are all huddled up together in a bedroom on a very dirty mattress inside one of their bedrooms there. the whole house was very uninhabitable. dirty garbage spread throughout the apartment. >> the father was accused of striking his children and charged with eight counts of
10:58 am
battery. he has pleaded not guilty. the mother's role in the children's lives is unclear. it is not clear how long they had been abandoned. the officers found the girls grandmother who hadn't seen them in years. she quit her jobs to take full-time care of the girls. >> they was very small, dirty. they wasn't used to real food at first. >> despite finding a loving home, officers wanted to help more. they started stopping by bringing furniture and other donated items. a go fund me page raised over $100,000. >> i have two daughters myself. so it was heartbreaking to see them in the conditions that they were living in. so we just knew we needed to do something more for them. >> we initially started bringing over some milk and diapers. >> the oldest child, who is now eight, had never, ever attended
10:59 am
school. the officer helped to get her enrolled. a christmas blessing don't know color or rank but love and lots of caring. >> there are still so many people in this world that care. there is no love anymore. for everybody to reach out what they can to donate what they can, food, money, clothing for the girls and they try to help me too but i don't want anything. knowing my babies are okay and i have a roof over my head, i'm fine. >> ryan young, cnn, chicago. >> there is much more just ahead. thanks for being with us. i'm erica hill in for fredricka whitfield. we are following two stories, new warnings from the fba and home la homeland security, possible threats from isis.
11:00 am
new information for the arrest in the christmas market attack in berlin. three men in custody accused of having ties to the suspected attacker and officials revealing conversations, at least one of them had with the attacker. we are fwg to beggoing to begin threats. what is in this warning and do we know why the fbi and homeland security felt compelled to send it out now. >> a main point just issued to law enforcement. there is no specific, credible threat against any particular target in the u.s., that being said, they are confident they should keep people on alert right now after a pro-isis website published a call for attacks on churches, on houses of worship, millions of americans, prepared to celebrate christmas and hanukkah, starting today. the fb


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