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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  December 24, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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you're live in the cnn newsroom. i'm dana bash in for poppy harlow. right now relations are strained between the u.s. and israel and under more pressure than we have seen in recent months, maybe even years. a vote at the united nations security council. that policy is causes senior officials in israel to publicly say they're ready for the obama era to be over and the trump era to begin. every member of the security council voted for it except the united states. which abstained effectively allowing it to pass. the u.s. had the power to veto the measure but did not. of course, all of this made israeli officials furious and that is where we find our correspondent in jerusalem. you have been watching and talking to your sources in israel. i want to start with what the
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prime minister said publicly calling this resolution shameful. he blames americans for letting it pass and he now is saying that israel will re-evaluate relations with the u.n. explain exactly what that means. >> reporter: well, to be specific, prime minister netanyahu blames president obama and secretary of state john kerry. as for his diplomatic moves, he's taken a number against the u.n. as well as some of the security council countries that introduced this. prime minister netanyahu speaking on the first night of hanukkah in israel announcing it would cancel $8 million of funding, would re-evaluate the status of u.n. representatives here that work in israel and in the territories. and he ordered the foreign minister industry to look at other steps israel may take over the course of the next month. as for new zealand, netanyahu immediately pulled back his
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ambassadors and cancelled all aid programs. pretty severe diplomatic steps. netanyahu says his government won't abide by it and his cabinet ministers said the best response should be to keep building in disputed parts of jerusalem and some called on annexation. >> the situation at the u.n. is one thing. the situation specifically between the u.s. administration and the israeli administration is another because it's going to change very soon. in fact, benjamin netanyahu said he's looking forward to the positive change in his words when president-elect trump is in office. trump is already having his say on twitter saying things will be different at the u.n. on day one. he said as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th which of course is
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inauguration day. how does israel view the coming years of donald trump? i'm guessing that given the fact that netanyahu and donald trump have known each other but also are more kindred spirits on policy issues like settlements, they're cheering from the rooftops about it. >> reporter: and that was subtle up until the last 24, 48 hours. now the prime minister have made it clear they can't wait for obama's term to be up. many of them have accused obama now of being anti-israel. we knew this was a strained relation between netanyahu and obama. it is rapidly deteriorating here in its final days. not only netanyahu but a number of ministers said they can't wait to start working with trump. trump has promised to protect israel at the united nations. in terms of the resolution, it practically has no effect,
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because this is just a guideline or a recommendation of a resolution. it needs follow-up resolutions for that to happen. trump has promised he would stop those from happening. the resolution itself may have no teeth. at the same time, it would practically be virtually impossible to repeal this resolution so it will stay on the books, but going back to the obama administration, there is no doubt at this point netanyahu is looking for a treasure start with trump. >> no question about that. thank you so much for joining me. and joining me now live from west babylon, new york is congressman zeldon. congressman thank you for joining me on this christmas eve. you issued a blistering statement about the u.n. vote yesterday that condemned israel for settlement construction and said -- that what happened was pro palestinian anti-israeli nations are continuing their
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efforts at the united nations to delegitimate mice. arguing the u.s. is continuing a policy against settlements espoused by ronald reagan. where do you two disagree? >> well, the position that the settlements are violation of international law is something i take strong exception with. it is reinventing history. there are facts and assertions being made attempting to rewrite what is reality on the ground as well as looking over the course of last century of enacting conventions, of other resolutions, a lot of precedent, the league of nations, palestinian mandate, and it also is -- you know, we're just a few weeks away from a transition from president-elect trump taking office. so here doing this in the last few weeks, something that wasn't
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done over the course of the last eight years for obviously good reasons, this is like a last-minute fire being burned. it's a lot better when you're setting up the next president-elect for success and also standing strong with our nation's greatest allies and israel is a beacon of freedom and liberty in a very dark region of the world. we should be standing shoulder to shoulder with them and not helping the palestinian efforts to ethnically cleanse east jerusalem. >> let me play for you a little bit more of what ambassador power said at the u.n. yesterday. >> but it is precisely our commitment to israel's security that makes the united states believe we cannot stand in the way of this resolution as we seek to preserve a chance of attaining our longstanding objective. two states living side by side in peace and security. let me briefly explain why. the settlement problem has
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gotten so much worse that it is now putting at risk the very viability of that two state solution. the total set her population in the west bank east and jerusalem exceeds 590,000. nearly 90,000 settlers are living east of the separation barrier created by israel itself. >> congressman, what's your response to her argument that there can't be peace between israelis and palestinians as long as israel keeps building these settlements? >> for a very long time there has been a willingness on the part of israelis to make concessions for long term peace including areas within east jerusalem. israel unilaterally disengaged in gaza over a decade ago and have a willingness to strike that long term peace. on the other side of the table,
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the palestinian authority, i met with the prime minister in 2015. he said in no certain terms they will not recognize israel as a jewish state. if they had an election right now, hamas would win the election. that's how much influence they have. long term peace has to be negotiated on the ground, in that region, not at the united nations. as long as innocent israelis are being murdered by palestinian terrorists and rockets being launched from the south and the north the reality of trying to get this done by targeting israeli at the united nations that's not going to achieve that long term peace. >> you mentioned rockets being launched. putting the u.n. aside, i think you have been in congress one or two terms but since you have been there, the united states has increased aid to israel. has helped with the iron dome which has protected israeli citizens from those rockets.
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would you concede that it's not all been bad vis-a-vis the obama administration towards israel? >> look at the memorandum of understanding, that is a great example where there is a long term commitment of support to israel. there is an aspect added to the mou where it said both sides, us y'all and the united states were agreeing the united states couldn't provide any additional support to israel. i don't see the point of that. i do give the president credit for traveling to israel. however, they issued a script with a thin line through israel. as we walk through the last eight years and look at the reelection of netanyahu and the activity of obama campaign operatives there's been a lot of
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growing daylight accusing both sides of terror, john kirby at the state department when innocent israelis were targeted. it's been a mixed bag but more negative than what we have seen over the last two decades. >> i just got to ask you let's. you are currently the only republican jewish member of the house of representatives. but the fact that you support israel is and always has been kind of a bipartisan notion in congress. given what's happened at the u.n., and given that donald trump is going to be president, do you think that this u.n. situation has sort of engendered even more bipartisan support than donald trump could have hoped for on an issue like this. >> senator schumer has been outspoken against the u.n. resolution. there are many -- very strongly pro israel members of congress
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and amongst the american public who are registered democrat. it's important for the democratic party to decide what the future ideology should be like but it should be bipartisan, strongly supporting our nation's greatest ally. >> congressman, thank you so much for joining me. happy hahn nukkah to you. >> thank you. >> ahead, terror threats, the feds giving warnings as americans gather to celebrate christmas and hanukkah. the very latest on what the fbi has learned. plus, new precedence, president-elect donald trump diving into international relations before taking office. how is the world handling what feels like two presidents with very different agendas. later, the countdown is on. you see him there. that guy in red making his trek across the globe. you know who he is. we'll show you where santa is right now. you're live in the cnn newsroom.
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with my blood sugar. ask your doctor about toujeo®. reaction has been strong and swift to friday's u.n. security council vote condemning israeli settlements. one organization applauding the measure is a left leaning american pro israel group known as j street releasing a statement which says in part this resolution conveys the overwhelming support of the
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international community including israel's closest friends and allies for the two state solution and their deep concern over the deteriorating status between israelis and palestinians and the lack of meaningful progress towards peace. the president of j street joins me now. critics see this as a slap in the face to israel. your group has a very different view. >> we do. it's not a slap in the face to israel. what it is is a reminder to the israeli right wing and to the settler movement in particular and to prime minister netanyahu's government that the entirety of the international community rejects the notion that israel can continue to expand settlements on the west bank without end in sight. that state has to be on the land that israel occupied in 1967 and settlement construction is a
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major obstacle in the promotion of a two state solution to this conflict. >> you argue that the president action or administration's actions at the security council was in line with longstanding american policy which is opposing israeli settlements. doesn't the u.s. abstaining also fly in the face of decades of another u.s. policy which is to protect israel at the u.n. which is a place israel often needs protecting? >> right. of course, i should say at the outset that the united nations should have other things on its mind. there are other crises around the world and the amount of focus that goes towards israel is disproportionate to the percentage of the concern of what really should be troubling the world right now. but that having been said, this is in fact the international consensus about what needs to happen in order to resolve this conflict and the united states has been onboard with that
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consensus since 1967 and every administration has actually abstained from vetoing resolutions at the united nations other than the obama administration. this is the first time the obama administration has done this at the united nations but both president bush, president clinton, carter, reagan, ford, you name it, they have all done that during the course of their administration. >> last hour i spoke with senator lindsey graham who has a very different view than you have on this resolution yesterday. take a listen. >> the other peace process, israel gave gaza completely to the palestinians years ago. they withdrew and gotten 10,000 rockets fires from the gaza strip controlled by hamas. who is israel supposed to do peace with? not only am i going to lead the charge to suspend funding until they correct this problem, we're going to suspend funding to the
1:19 pm
palestinian's authority until they stop paying young palestinians to murder innocent people. >> what's your response to that? >> well, frankly, senator graham is just 100% wrong. the israeli occupation of the west bank keeping millions of palestinians under military rule without political rights is going to remain a festering conflict that will undermine israel's security in the long run, it will undermine its ability to be recognized within the region or to be accepted around the world. and a very, very limited number of people in this country and in israel believe that uninhibited settlement expansion and continued occupation is in the best interest of israel and sadly that limited minority is going to control the government of the united states and the government of the state of israel and the consequences of where that leads us will be there for all to see until we
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can reverse course. >> jeremy joining us from the bahamas where people are supposed to be right now on vacation i hope. thank you so much for joining me. i appreciate it on this very important matter. >> happy holidays. >> you, too. ahead in the newsroom, fresh terror warnings targeting u.s. gatherings just before christmas and hanukkah. what information the fbi has found. stay with us. you're live in the cnn newsroom.
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we're back with brand new warnings from the fbi and homeland security over possible threats from isis. they say the terror group might target churches an other holiday events as millions of americans gather to celebrate christmas. of course, this comes just days after a truck attack killed 12 people at a christmas market in berlin. three men are now under arrest accused of having ties to the man who hijacked that truck. among them, the suspect's nephew. joining me now is former cia operative and cnn intelligence and security analyst bob bear. thanks for joining me. i think probably what everybody wants to know watching television right now, what would you tell your family? what should viewers think about when they're planning to go to church tonight or tomorrow? is should they go? >> i think they should go, dana.
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this is a call from the islamic state to attack americans, attack europeans on christmas. this is very much as per racele. there's no way for the fbi to predict who is going to answer this call. i certainly don't think it's a widespread threat. at the end of the day we just have to get by this. i don't think anything is going to happen but there's that possibility and the fbi has a duty to warn americans. there's chatter out there about an attack. but if there were anything specific, i guarantee we would hear about it. >> and this kind of public warning is part of the deterrent right? >> it's part of the deterrent, the police to be vigilant and these warnings to put out to everybody because that's the federal government's responsibility. they can't tell the police for
1:25 pm
instance and the police only. they're just warning to be overcautious, time of christmas, especially for the police, and for any suspects or people that are subscribing to jihadist philosophy are being watched right now. absolutely, the season, it's time to get out there and celebrate christmas. >> and when you look at the truck attack in berlin, it was an open air christmas market, how do you even protect a venue like that at an ultimate soft target? >> you can't protect a venue like that. there's nothing you can do about it. you can put armed police around sites like this but frankly there are too many things going on. there's too much -- there's too many celebrations. you can't. you know, also, i think europe
1:26 pm
is a completely different terrain for these people because you have so many refugees you cannot integrate in the society and frankly we as americans do a lot better at the end of the day or are more torl rant and i think right now this is european problem rather american. >> we know the berlin suspect made it all the way to milan in italy, that's 600 miles from the scene. do you think a day will come when terror attacks like this are going to be a catalyst for europe changing its open borders? >> again, i think europe is going to swing right in terms of immigration. i think it's almost inevitable. france, hung gary, poland. are becoming stronger. if the borders had been border checks in europe, he would not have made it all the way back to italy. he would have been stopped coming into france. this is a good argument for
1:27 pm
people against -- i think this is very, very damaging for the european union. i do not see one, two, three more of these attacks could survive. >> bob bear, thank you so much for your insight. appreciate it. merry christmas, happy hanukkah. on a much, much happier note, christmas celebrations are already underway on the other side of the world. you're looking at live pictures inside st. peter's in vatican city where pope francis is having a christmas mass. thousands flock there every year and tomorrow he'll deliver his christmas day address to the city and the world. we'll be back in a moment. hi, i'm paul
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president-elect donald trump is pushing his foreign policy rhetoric into new territory this week with stunning comments about nuclear weapons that started with this tweet on thursday when he said the u.s. must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. trump telling msnbc anchor quote, let it be an arms race. now, it is provocative but cnn points out it's reminiscent for strategy used by a president four decades ago. >> we must as a nation be more unpredictable. >> it's called the madman theory. a strategy taken from the playbook of former president richard nixon. the objective, keep your enemies guessing about your motives,
1:32 pm
temperament and willingness to go to the extreme. nixon used it to get the north vietn vietnamese to the table. >> madman theory is to basically use unpredictable seemingly brash, bravado, overescalation to get the other side to fall of its positions. >> trump has used similar questions about how he would handle foreign confrontations. refusing to rule out nuclear weapons. >> i can't take anything off the table. >> calling for a ban on muslims. >> a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> and most recently taking the call from the president of taiwan a break with diplomatic tradition billed as a calculated
1:33 pm
ploy for leverage. >> unless we make a deal with china. having to do with other things including trade. >> but some warn about taking the madman approach too far. >> you have to give them a way out. if you have a zero sum game along with a highly risky roll the dice, look at me means, you are going to sooner or later run into very, very serious trouble. >> some call it a dangerous guam bit in a world craving stability. >> no question there's a time and place for performance art even in diplomacy. you make your adversary not sure what you're going to do but i don't think you can play that all the time and i know you
1:34 pm
can't play it as a substitute for knowing what the issues are. >> cnn, washington. >> let's take a closer look at the president-elect's pattern of making provocative foreign policy statements. joining me is conservative political commentator ben ferguson and former chairman of the washington, d.c. democratic party. speaking of -- >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon to both of f you. and merry christmas. using twitter to get his thoughts out. we have a christmas eve tweet going after nbc news saying nbc news purposefully left out this part of my nuclear quote, until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. dishonest. mr. trump you can come on cnn and tell us and we'll get it right but we'll put that aside. our competitive juices are
1:35 pm
flowing here and talk more importantly -- >> even on christmas eve. >> more importantly, about the substance of what he is saying. ben, let's go to you. does that clarify things? does that change the context of what he said? >> i think it definitely changes the context of what he said and that's probably the reason why he put this tweet out there is to make it clear he was taken out of context. i also think what you're seeing from donald trump is something very clear. he is not going to play games. he's going to protect and defend america and that's what got him to the white house and he's going to do that on issues like this. the same way whether it's negotiating on the price of air force one, dealing with trade issues, drones are taken from us in the sea. he is going to speak out very clear and publicly early on and that's going to be the way he not only communicates with the american people but with leaders around the world. you're going to know where you stand with donald trump and it
1:36 pm
may be through twitter. >> dana, do we know that through twitter? talking about expanding an arms race, this is pretty serious, sophisticated stuff. i understand the madmen theory and what ben is saying. at the same time though, he's got to take some responsibility if he's going to take his shots, there are ways and times and places to do so and talking about a nuclear arms race whether it's conditional or not on twitter at the whim of donald trump and his narcissism isn't the way to do it. >> not on a whim? >> wait a second. that's dangerous. >> ben, hang on one second. scott, i want to ask, you said you understand the madmen theory that was just described which richard nixon used with some success, but do you think you buy it? do you think it could work? will you concede that? >> well, no, i don't concede that because if you read donald trump's biography he talks about
1:37 pm
high personally and overselling. in 2016 we have a much more sophisticated international relationships with governments. governments are more sophisticated. we have social media, a lot more complicated significant issues, far more than the relationships that nixon had with china and north korea and what have you and this is dangerous. if the international governments call him on his bluff and believe him when they should not, then we got a real problem with the countries and it will be the narrative driven by donald trump and his twitter account. >> let me say can we go back about two weeks ago when democrats were tweeting out and saying that donald trump might start a third war by his comments and his tweets and taking a phone call from the leader in in taiwan. guess what? none of that happened. i think what donald trump is saying is i'm going to be direct and i'm going to use twitter and i'm not going to go through the media every single day to do it. guess what?
1:38 pm
everything is still okay in taiwan and with china. he's letting them know there's going to be a different person you're going to be negotiating with and so some of the people i think overreacting are the people literally were saying he was so crazy to tweet this out that literally he was going to start a war. that the political posturing and ridiculous when people are saying that. guess what? everything is fine. >> let me propose this hypothetical question to you. >> sure. >> let's say going back eight years george w. bush was still president and incoming president barack obama was doing, you know, saying what he's saying on twitter, calling world leaders, getting involved in u.n. votes. would you not be saying excuse me, mr. obama, there's only one president at a time? >> exactly. >> well, one, barack obama actually did get involved. example, he gave a very public speech basically condemning the moves that were being made on
1:39 pm
wall street on domestic issues. weeks before he was sworn in in january, i think it was january the 8th making it clear that was -- >> that's fair. i'm talking about commander in chief issues on the world stage. that's fair but i'm talking about foreign policy. >> the point is this. it's not unprecedented for presidents to talk about the news of the day. right now international news, terrorism and issues like that are the news of the day, not so much the economy right now. so i think it is appropriate for at the time when you're coming into office to make it clear where you stand the same way obama did it january right before he was sworn in with the biggest news issue. it was the financial crisis that we were in during that moment. if it was a foreign policy, i have a gut feeling that barack obama would have commented on his disagreement with george bush and he did and ran his entire campaign against george bush getting out of iraq and afghanistan. >> real fast.
1:40 pm
>> he didn't undermine bush. in fact, bush invited him to a couple of public mightings and he declined because there is only one president. listen, donald trump is a nuisance quite frankly. he's outside the tent and only one president. >> he's your president. so get ready for him. >> hold on ben. he's not recognizing that. >> this is christmas eve guys. >> it's a nuisance more than anything. again, this is his narcissism that is driving this narrative. it wasn't an international incident. it was -- he wasn't commenting about nukes. i'm talking about barack obama. he was not getting involved in u.n. resolutions regarding israel. this is unheard of even though he is still president-elect. he has no power. hold your horse. be patient. you can make all the changes you want to make unfortunately come january 21st but for now don't undermine the president and don't be so arrogant as to talk about and try to negotiate issues that you're not -- you
1:41 pm
don't understand first of all and secondly, you're on the outside -- >> we got to wrap this up. everybody has got to take a breath and have their turkey and hug their children and go hug their families. and sing jingle bells and do whatever you do to get to your happy place. >> does that mean i'm right? >> i think everybody has points. everybody has points. he says no. okay. thank you both very much. >> thank you. >> merry christmas to you both. coming up, breaking news on the future of donald trump's foundation, what the president-elect just announced. stay with us. you're live in the cnn newsroom. (war drums beating) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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which is a rare opportunity in my family. (laughter) come on! why doesn't verizon offer unlimited data like t-mobile? is it because their lte network was built six years ago? six years ago? that's like a hundred... in phone years. their lte network is older, slower, and they limit you. switch to t-mobile. the newer, faster, and unlimited network. we cover 99% of the americans verizon covers. get 4 lines, just $40 a month. rrowl. . we have some breaking news now from the trump transition team. cnn's jeremy diamond is on the phone from mar-a-lago in baum beach, florida. what's the news? >> reporter: donald trump has just announced in a statement that he's essentially intending
1:45 pm
to dissolve the trump foundation. that's the charitable foundation in his name and he's saying he's doing so to quote, avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as president. he said he has quote, decided to continue to pursue his strong interest in faciliphilanthropy other ways. this is significant because donald trump has been working and his attorneys and executives have been working to find ways to dis entangle him from any conflicts of interest before he is sworn into office next month. attorneys and executives will continuing to work on this. he said he's planning on giving the press conference next month to talk about the way which he plans to remove himself from his business. this is just the beginning of several other announcements we expect to hear in the coming weeks as far as how he plans to avoid conflicts of interest
1:46 pm
related to his multibillion dollar corporation. >> thanks so much for bringing us that breaking news. appreciate it. speaking of how donald trump is ending 2016, it was a year that turned conventional politics on its head and a year filled with unforgettable moments. which ones are the most indelible? we're counting them down. we're live in the newsroom. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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controversial, unprecedented and unexpected. 2016 was an election for the ages with an ending meant to disrupt washington and that it did. the fight for the gop presidential nomination hit new lows in 2016. as republicans scrambled to beat front-runner donald trump at his own game. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands? you can't trust them. you can't trust them. you can't trust them. >> the insults got under trump's
1:50 pm
skin. >> he referred to my hands that they're small. something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> but nothing could knock the billionaire from the top spot. >> everybody, welcome. >> in a remarkable display of gop hesitation and consternation about donald trump, house speaker paul ryan, the top republican in government refused to endorse the gop presidential nominee. >> well, to be candid with you i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> then tieu shay. trump's interview with the washington post. >> i like paul but these are horrible times for our country. we need very, very leadership and i'm just not quite there yet. ryan did offer trump a tepid endorsement but the party's discomfort persisted through election day. on the democratic side, there
1:51 pm
was hillary clinton's fumble about trump voters. >> you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the racists, sexists, homophobics, islamphobic, you maim name it. >> she issued an apology. but trump embraced it. >> remember what hillary clinton said? basket of deplorables? >> months of interparty fighting culminated in two historic conventions. each party tried to repair their rifts before the general election. in cleveland a public display of gop disunity. trump's former rival senator ted cruz was invited to speak but refused to endorse the nominee. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience. >> trump ever the showman stole
1:52 pm
cruz's thunder appearing in the family box in the middle of the speech and in philly it was an unknown couple, mr. and mrs. khan who took on trump. >> let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? i will -- i will gladly lend you my copy. >> trump took the bait going after the gold star family in interviews and on twitter and handing hillary a post convention lead. for president obama, 2016 was personal. >> donald is not really a klan's guy. he's not really a facts guy either. >> obama eviscerated trump on the campaign trail and trump hit back. >> he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. >> but after years of stoking conspiracies about president
1:53 pm
obama's birth place, trump reversed course for the sake of his own presidential run. >> president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> then there were the debates. the candidates performances in three face to face fights were must-see-tv for voters. using the matchups to lure trump off message. >> he called this woman ms. piggy. then he called her ms. housekeeping because she was latina. donald she has a name. her name is alicia. >> trump painted more of the same. part of the problem in washington which turns out really resonated. >> she's been doing this for 30 years and why hasn't she made the agreements better? >> the monster political storm rocking donald trump's campaign. >> october brought an unwelcomed surprise for the trump campaign
1:54 pm
and caught on tape moment from a 2005 "access hollywood" appearance where the nominee is heard making extremely lewd comments about women. >> you can do anything. >> those words led to a string of accusations from women saying trump has sexually assaulted them with only weeks until the election it seemed like the contest might be over. but in a stunning move, fbi director james comey broke historical precedent by taking action 11 days before the election and handed the clinton campaign their own october surprise. comey had more power than usual since loretta lynch was compromised. comey decided not to bring charges against clinton in june. but then he sent a letter to congress a week and a half before the election saying the fbi was looking into addition nalt e-mails discovered on
1:55 pm
anthony weiner's computer. >> it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what they're talking about. >> he cleared clinton before november 8th. but her team points directly to his actions as a key reason for her loss. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> after trying in 2008, hillary clinton did make history in 2016 becoming the first female presidential nominee of a major political party. her heartbreak was palpable when she spoke about falling short at the historic benchmark she failed to reach. >> i know we still have not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling but some day someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now. >> for the political world, 2016 will be remembered with one head-spinning day, november 8th. cnn can report that hillary clinton has called donald trump
1:56 pm
to concede the race. she has called donald trump to say that she will not be president. even donald trump himself appeared surprised. >> as i've said from the beginning, hours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement. >> voters certainly called for change in 2016. the test for 2017 is whether donald trump, a first time politician and unconventional candidate and president-elect can deliver his promise to fix washington. when a cold calls...
1:57 pm
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. norad is receiving supports that santa has begun his journey. >> it is already christmas day in parts of the world and santa is making the rounds on the rooftops helping track his progress as it does every year is norad, the north american aerospace defense command and right now he's flying over poland. this is a tradition that dates
2:00 pm
back to 1955. i love this. it started with a typo in a sears ad. you see it right there. it accidentally told children to call santa but it turned out to be a secret military hotline. they have been trying to keep that promise ever since. coming up next on cnn, it is an anthony bourdain marathon beginning with parts unknown, brazil. i'm dana bash, have a great night and a very happy holiday. ♪ [ singing in foreign language ]


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