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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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buzz was based on her. but they did. with the break off the eddie fisher and then subsequent marriages to men who didn't treat her very nicely. >> and we are going to have to leave it there on those two remarkable careers. i'm jim sciutto. thank you very much for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next. president obama hits russia hard expelling 35 russian diplomats and shuttering spy compounds in the u.s. how will russia now respond. plus donald trump has long doubted russia was ever behind the hacks at all. did this change his mind? i'll ask kellyanne conway. and the debbie reynolds dies just one day after her daughter carrie fisher. did she die oaf a broken heart? let's go "outfront."
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president obama slaps new measures against russia. today kicking out 35 russian operatives with diplomatic status giving them 72 hours to get out of the country. and also shutting down two russian intelligence facilities in maryland and new york. and imposing new sanctions on russians believed to be behind the attacks. president obama said in his statement that the hacking is this, could only have been directed by the highest levels of the russian government. and just moments ago president elect donald trump reacted, saying this. it is time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. president elect also said that he is going to meet with the intelligence community to get an update on the facts next week. athena jones is "outfront" in honolulu where president obama is vacationing right now. athena what more are you learning tonight about this major move by the president? >> reporter: well the white
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house says that russia shouldn't be surprised by these actions and they are stressing that the moves do not amount to the quote up total of our response. the administration is also planning convert measures, all aimed at delivering one message to russia, there are costs and consequences for their actions in a statement. the treasury department named individuals for sanctions. the state department following suit declaring 35 russian intelligence operatives persona non grata and giving these spies just 72 hours to leave the country. the government also shutting down two russian government-owned compounds. one in new york and this one on the eastern shore of maryland. in a white house statement the president said all americans should be alarmed by russia's
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actions. and repeated that the activities could only have been directed by the highest levels of the russian government. these moves come as president elect donald trump continues to dismiss the u.s. intelligence assessment of russian interference in the presidential election. >> i think we ought to duget on with our lives. i think computer have complicated lives very greatly. the whole age of computer has -- >> reporter: while trump has resisted blaming russia, members of his own party are standing behind the obama administration, promising to impose additional sanctions in correct me if i'm wrong. senator graham on a congressional delegation took on his comments. >> i think most offis democrats and republicans really believe russia is up to no good all over the world. they are trying to break the back of democracies and if we don't push back against putin, iran and china, they could hack
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into our system. >> reporter: -- including the democratic national committee to russia. even before the announcement of the u.s. retaliation russia promised a response. a spokeswoman for the foreign minister saying in a statement we are tired of lies about russian hackers that continue to be spread in the united states from the very top. and we can only add that if washington takes new hoostal steps it will receive an answer. the white house is ready to respond, whatever action russia takes. >> we can anticipate a response of some kind. but the truth is we enjoy the greatest capability os of any country on earth. that is offensive and defensive. that applies to cyber space. but it applies to diplomatic and intelligence resources and tools we have in our tool box to hold countries accountable likes sanctions.
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>> reporter: and russian authorities have orred the american school in moscow to close. and more measures are coming. russian's foreign ministry spokeswoman said on facebook that russian will announce retaliation measures tomorrow saying tomorrow will be the official statements, countermeasures and a lot of other things. kate. >> more to come. athena, thank you very much. "outfront" now. with me tonight, former cia operative, bob baer. bob, in the spy world what does this all mean? >> it reminds me of the cold war, kate. i think the evidence is pretty clear that the russians did hack. and if they did hack the k kbrks b or the military intelligence of the gru, it was done at the top another putin's orders. and the united states had to respond in expelling 35 diplomats is one way: it could be k ghrks b operatives.
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but what you can count on is there will be countermeasures, retaliation by putin and it will be heavy, heavy handed. so we're deep back into the cold war. who knows what trump is going to do once he gets in. but right now this is what we have. >> and some russian diplomats are calling this cold war deja vu which is a scary thought, bob. putin has vowed to respond. you heard what athena said that they are already taking actions in russia. how concerning is this? not only here but for americans living in russia? >> oh i think in russia you could even see some arrests of americans that are suspected of spying, aid groups, for instance, would be expelled. american diplomats will be kicked out. the cia station there will take a big hit. you can count on that. they know who her spies are pretty much. they will be thrown out tomorrow. this is all very predictable. what we don't know is what else putin will do.
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he's left this open ended. will he retaliate against the baltics? will he go against lithuania? and the rest of these countries, we simply don't know what he's going to do. he is extremely aggressive against the united states. and, you know, he's not going to wait aaround for the trump administration to work this out. >> 22 days left and it seems a lot can happen in that time. thank you so much bob baer. great to see you, bob. thank you. >> "outfront" now some greatness. ben, first to you. we need to in his words move on to bigger and better things says trump. that is different from what we've heard in response and reaction from most republicans that we're hearing from to be the. duke that is the -- hearing from
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tonight. do you think that is the right response? >> i this i it is right when you look at the context. we need to stop litigating the election and fighting over the outcome of the election and move on to bigger and better things. i do not believe what his intent on saying that somehow do not hold russia accountable. i find it shocking however that president obama has come out so forceful over this issue, when one, we don't know the intent of russia's hack. was it to actually sway the election or was it to gain information on who they thought was going to win the election. and at the time they hacked hillary clinton looked like she was going to win this. >> the fact they hacked. >> i think it does matter. it's happened in multiple elections in the past and people are trying to act as if this act was deliberately done to sway the actions of the donald trump. we don't know nasmt that is absolutely totally complete false hyperbole.
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-- >> hold on ben. on that, there is a difference between the cia and the fbi. we don't need to litigate this, but there is consensus that they were trying to influence and interfere with the election. there is consensus amongst that, according to the intelligence community. you can believe the intelligence community or not, which seems to be kind -- >> but -- >> -- what happened today. but that is what they are saying. >> we don't know their intent. we know their intent was to either gain access or understanding about the candidates in the election. we don't know what they were trying to influence in the election. they could have been trying to hedge their bets because they thought hillary was going to win the election and find out what she was doing behind the scenes. >> how about we -- >> -- >> -- wow. >> goed. >> how about we agree that hacking by a foreign entity, in particular, russia our adversary from the cold war is bad. there is no good thing can come out of russia having access to
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cyberspace. so forget about the reason. the fact is they did it. the president did not unlike what fbi may have done, did not take action. we're -- and now you have while he is still a sitting president exercising his authority anden responsibility to defend american security and american accounts. this is an ongoing habit of russia. let's not poo poo what putin has been doing. -- >> -- chart chart. >> or even he'll be a present of the next administration. the idea we're acting as an entire country -- need to have a better relations when they are invading other country, undermining knoxs around the world and now trying to play united states for a fool by saying oh we'll have a great relationship after january 20th. >> they already played -- >> >> hold on. do you think donald trump should
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support these actions? >> i don't think it is time do these actions because we don't know all the facts yet after the investigation -- >>[chatter]. >> hold on. >> let me say this. there are three things here -- >>[chatter]. >> -- says this is long over due. >> mitch mcconnell said over due too house and senate. >> the timing is the most shocking to me. if you do believe this -- >> yes -- >> hold on. >> let me finish please. why didn't you do this when you found out they were currently in the process of trying to influence the election. here is the other part of this. the part i think the is most shocking is we have a president who is going to sit there now as he's walking out the door throws s sanctions on russia. but he didn't sanction russia when they have been helping kill innocent people in syria, hundreds of thousands of people that have been moved around in that area. they crossed a thin red line for
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goodness sakes. >>[chatter]. >> do you think that president obama in this was trying to send trump a mental message. >> the message is put -- >> >>[chatter]. -- >> -- russia -- trump has not recognized that russia was involved in syria. and actually the united states did sanction when russia decided to invade a foreign country and take it over. we actually led the rest of the world -- >> -- over syria though -- >> in the ukraine. your administration is not looking to do anything much different. >> you don't know that. they haven't been worn in. >> we need to recognize that the intelligence community is non partisan and the president and following the following their recommendation is take intelligence briefings and acting on it. -- evidence will be shared and
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it is something that is unanimous across the political spectrum. -- and i really hope that he will also step forward and say -- >>[chatter]. >> ben, quick final thought. >> it is called diplomacy. when you walk into office you don't start a war -- >> when you walk -- >> let ben -- >> after the investigation, that is when you gds what you are going to do. it is embarrass swreg a president sitting there in the last day of office -- >> -- all based on an investigation. this is all based on evidence. this is all based on evidence that the cia has gathered. >> they are laying it out in briefings. >> --
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>>[chatter]. >> -- they are laying it out. i will send you some notes. guys, great to see you. thank you so much. next, donald trump doubles down when he says it is time to move on from russian hacking. does that mean he'll reverse these sanctions when he takes office? and new details about what he is planning. and enhanced security around the world. how authorities are fortifying new york city's time square. stream all your favorite shows without using your data. that makes you more powerful than a table for 60. wednesdays are the new thursdays! or the mandatory after party. how early is too early to leave? you're not going anywhere. i'm not going anywhere. it's your tv, take it with you. watch all your live directv channels, on at&t, data free.
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president elect donald trump is breaking his silence on president obama's new sanctions targeting russia. in a statement he says "it is time for our country to move on to big skmer better things. nevertheless in the interest of our country and its great peoplely meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. trump outside of the mar-a-lago tonight. what is the latest from there. >> reporter: that statement coming from president elect trump really keeping in line with the posture he's taken publicly in the past. he's said point-blank he doesn't
4:18 pm
think russia was involved in these attacks and really tried to deflect blame away from them. and this statement tonight that he released in essence really keeps in line with that. he's basically saying those things by saying let's move on. let's move away from all of this. but he is doing some due diligence in announcing he will sit down with the intelligence community for a briefing at some point that will happen next week but the big thing in this statement does not answer though is whether president elect donald trump intends to reverse those sanctions once he does take office after january 20th when she's sworn in next month. a white house advisor today saying that would -- doesn't make a lot of sense saying that would be highly unusual move for the president elect to take once he becomes president so tonight kate that is still a big t.b.d. from the trump administration. >> sunland thank you so much. "outfront" now counselor to president elect donald trump kellyanne conway.
4:19 pm
>> hi kate. >> first, the breaking news i see this statement from the president elect. but what was his reaction when he learned of president obama's announcement today against russia? >> his reaction is reflected in his statement, kate. he'll receive an intelligence briefing this coming week. and in the meantime he believes it is time to move on. the gru doesn't travel here. doesn't keep its assets here. no reason allies will follow suit. and he'll have the briefing next week but in the meantime he repeated today what he said last night to reporters here at mar-a-lago, which is he believes it is time to move on to bigger and better things for the country. >> i want to ask about that. the statement says time to move on to bigger and better things as you just said. what does that mean? >> it means exactly what the president elect has said.
4:20 pm
which is we've been talking about this for a while. i think that, you know, all we heard all through the election was russia, russia, russia. whenever it came to anything donald trump did or said most days and now since the election is just this fever pitch of accusations and insinuations. and we know why hillary clinton loss. the keys and clues were obvious all along. they are obvious now. and i don't believe vladimir putin deterred her from competing in pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan, states that donald trump carried for the first time as a republican in decades. >> the thing a lot of people want to know is of course the president elect can reverse all of this when he takes office in very short time. will he reverse these actions taken by president obama? >> i won't make a statement on that at all tonight? >> i will tell you that even those sympathetic to president obama on most issues are saying part of the reason he did this today was to quote, box in
4:21 pm
president elect trump. that would be very unfortunate if that were the motivating factor here, politics. but we can't help but thinks that often true. even the "new york times" characterize it as such. that is not the way that peaceful exchanges of the administrations work in this democracy. -- >> do you think these very series and unprecedented actions that the president obama took today, expelling diplomat, sanctioning foreign intelligence service, you think president obama did that just to box in donald trump? >> no, i was actually quoting david sanger's piece in the "new york times" where he says in one of the opening paragraphs that this is an attempt, could also be an attempt to box in president elect trump. and i'm merely saying if the "new york times" report is true, incredible. that would be an unfortunate rationale here on top of any
4:22 pm
other rationales. you are right kate. it is unprecedented. i don't think at the height of the cold war this country expelled that many operatives. so i know the president is looking tough in his last couple os weeks. first i could call them sanctions against israel in this past weekend and now sanctions against russia. but the fact is we'll see. the word symbolic is being used also by the "new york times" and other such i think pro obama administration outlets. is we'll see if this has teeth and we'll see if allies follow suit. >> does the president elect now believe russia is blind the hacks? >> the president elect stands by his statements and he'll receive an intelligence briefing this week, probably in new york. and i was in a meeting today where that was discussed. and perhaps he'll receive additional information then. but based on what he knows now and based on what we see as leaked information to the press, rather than cia officials attending house intelligence committee briefings where they were invited to do so.
4:23 pm
some of them would prefer to talk to the media off the record than actually participate in the process. then we're left -- >> i'm sure you could get that intelligence briefing, right? if he wanted to. >> he will be briefed further this week. but that is all i can say about it now. but kate, let's be honest too. every time russian hacking is mentioned now since hillary clinton lost and it wasn't a squeaker. we got 306 electoral votes. 36 more than we needed. she lost states democrats hadn't lost in decades. ever since then the issue of russian hacking has been discussed in context of the election. and that is where the president is saying we should move on. and we should move on because the idea that there is a nexus between the hacking and the election result. >> i don't think at this point people are questioning the election result. >> no they are. they are. >> this is serious. this is about a foreign country
4:24 pm
hacking into the united states electoral process. regardless, it doesn't even have to do with the result even. it is more that they tried to and did. >> you just said electoral process. -- well but remember too, this is really about the dnc's breech. they didn't have the proper security. i guess the protocol is in place. and someone was able to hack the information. and we are not in favor of foreign governments interfering in our elections or interfering in our intelligence. but we're also not in favor of our intelligence interfering with elections after the fact. and the cases -- you may feel that way kate. you may run your shows that way. but the fact is in many different place, in print, on radio, on twitter, on facebook, ad nauseum people are trying to create a nexus and still trying to fight the next war. and it's 52 days later.
4:25 pm
and that nexus is something that's been trying to be proven at the fever pitch since november 8 and part of the why the president elect says move on. he also says it because he is as i said next week going to receive additional intelligence briefings. but he's been very clear on this. and to talk any further about it actually is to violate what everybody insists we have. which is one president at a time. which of course i agree with. >> another big focus more the president elect understandably is crafting his inaugural speech. where is his head on that speech. >> he's very engaged. so much of this is his words and repeating his vision for the country. it's reported and accurate kate to say that the president elect has been focused on past inaugural addresses, certainly putting his personal stamp on his, but also talking to people about president reagan, president john f. kennedy and
4:26 pm
president lincoln's inaugural addresses as examples. and hooesz aware of everyone's different inaugural addresses. but this will be very much donald j. trump's inaugural address in his own words. he's consulting with us and his speech writer and policy chief has the largest hand in this right now. others of us are certainly offering our counsel. but you will see a product much like -- much like the victory speech on in his wee hours of november 9th. that is all donald trump. these will be his words. his ideas and his vision for the future. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. happy new year. >> you too. "outfront" next. donald trump planning a short inauguration speech on the biggest day of his life. why? >> and isis inspire truck-style attacks. and how authorities are taking extreme measures to protect
4:27 pm
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tonight we are just 22 days away from the inauguration of
4:30 pm
president elect donald trump and he's hurngered down working on preparations for biggest day of his life. will it be an apprentice style production or more traditional style celebration? doug brinkley is "outfront" now. doug you spent time with donald trump yesterday talking about just this, the inauguration. for someone who spent the entirety of the campaign and the thank you tour afterwards soaking up the crowds. they say that is where he gets his energy. is he expecting the inauguration to be the same? >> i don't believe it is a soaking up the crowd event. he would seem to be interested in making a shorter inaugural. he's reading others inaugurals. and wants it to have his stamp. and i any the model is his the unity speech he gave after the election. meaning something that pulls the country together. and so he's talking to me about
4:31 pm
ronald reagan and john f. kennedy and lincoln and different ones. and i was interested that he's actually learning about what that art form of the inaugural is that it is different from a campaign speech. >> he talked differently about ratings. tv ratings. do you get a sense he's concerned about that? concerned about ratings for the inauguration? >> i don't think it is concern but his pride is so great. you know he keeps wanting to be the biggest and the best. so i don't think he's going to want reports that nobody was watching his inaugural. i think the key is president obama and donald trump's relationship. for all the problems that are going on that we're covering on cnn, i think obama definitely wants to show his gracious hand with trump. he wants to show that there is a
4:32 pm
continuity of our democracy. so a lot of the watching, the body language on inaugural day will be trump and obama. they are going to try to be as warm as they can for the cameras i think. >> thanks for the perspective doug. appreciate it. let me turn now to the man helping plan everything. boris epistein, communications director for the presidential inaugural committee. "outfront" with me now. boris. >> good evening. how are you? >> good evening. i'm well. thank you very much. are we going to hear a different tone from the president elect on inauguration day? >> the tone is going to be about unite. about rebuilting america and making sure americans are safe and secure and rebuilding the american economy and making sure we are a city on a hill one more time. >> we hear that president carter is attending the inauguration. have the bushes rsvp ed.
4:33 pm
>> i don't think the other former presidents have announced as yet. >> are you expecting them to attend? have you got any declines? >> you have to ask those esteemed folks. it is not about the big names. it is about the american people and we've gotten such outpouring of support of positivity from all over the country it's been truly humbling. the folks we have announced. the mormon tabernacle choir. the rockettes. and the a young talent singing the national anthem. >> i hear that. i think a lot of -- i think every american would love it is about the people, it is not about the big names. but just last week the president
4:34 pm
elect tweeted about it. the a-list celebrities are all wanting tickets. what are the a list celebrities -- >> the key there is it is all about the people. we put a statement just yesterday. we're so proud to have these leaders and we'll be announcing more as well that will be taking part in the national prayer service on the saturday the morning after the inaugural. this is truly going to be an inaugural for the people and by the people. >> boris thank you so much. "outfront" next. security heightened around the world for new year's eve. why the authorities are using sand trucks now to protect times square. >> and debbie reynolds dies a day after her daughter. larry king who interviewed her multiple times is my guest
4:35 pm
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tonight security is being ramped up around the world for new year's eve. enhancements after a man plowed a truck into a christmas market crowd just days ago. les to go "outfront." >> reporter: new york city is on high alert. securing it takes an army.
4:39 pm
7,000 nypd officers are just one part of the enhanced measures being taken to protect the city. >> this is where everybody's got to be on their toes. complacency can set in at times but essential not in an event like this. >> in the wake of isis-inspired attacks in berlin and nice. 65 sand trucks will be placed around the city to ward off truck-style attacks. >> we live in a changing world and as i said, it can't just be about what happens in new york. >> reporter: the nypd is in constant communication with foreign department, gaining intelligence and sharing police strategy with cities abroad. in london there is added security at the changing of the guards, heavily armed police were unavoidable in berlin as they stood post behind concrete barriers at the christmas concert. czech holiday mark markets were heavily patrolled and in france a boost of 10,000 soldiers over the holiday period, adding to
4:40 pm
the officers working around the clock. >> translator: we are really giving of ourself, of our time, and at a cost to us and to our families. >> nearly 2 million people are expected in times square. the extra police presence a noticeable addition to keep new york city safe. >> if you are coming down to times square rest assured that it will be a safe venue. >> reporter: and just within the last few weeks members of the nypd have been visiting truck rental company, going to area hotels, and talking to managers and inspecting parking garage, keeping eyes open to anything suspicious. kate, it is important to know the nypd says there is no credible threat against the ball drop event. >> a huge operation keeping time square think. thank you. "outfront" next we remember the many icons with e lost in 2016, including hollywood legend debbie reynolds who died one day
4:41 pm
after her daughter carrie fisher. is it possible she died of a broken heart? afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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tonight the world is
4:45 pm
mourning the loss of the debbie reynolds. she rose to fame in the fifties. her first film "singing in the rain." she has dozens of roles on stage and films and tv. reynolds and fisher had at times an up and down relationship. here is how she described it in 2011. >> she was doing a film. she had collapsed on the set. and they had taken her to cedar sinai. first it was a ter frying night. it was pouring rain. you are picturing in the car with the rain smashing against the windshield and you are crying like mad and you don't know if your daughter is going to be alive when you get there. there have been a few times when i thought that i was going to lose carrie. ive had to walk through a lot of my tears. but she's worth it. >> joining me now on the phone is larry king. host of larry king now on tv and
4:46 pm
on cnn. are you there? >> reporter: right here katie. >> we talked just two days ago about carrie fisher's death now her mother debbie reynolds. how do you wrap your mind around it? >> caller: it is very hard. it is total, shocking, you know, to have a family hit like that. the poor boy, loses his sister, loses his mother. lost his father. a really sad day. the saddest time of the year for this to happen. just terrible. debbie was so alive as a person. you would have loved her. to be around her was terrific. she's a great entertainer. to see her in a nightclub. she did an act it was unbelievable. she was a great impressionist. a great singer. a the terrific comedian. she could have been a stand up. she was so multi talented and she was very refreshing to interview because she always was
4:47 pm
open and honest. her daughter took right after her. and you ask the question yourks got the answer. >> you interview debbie reynolds multiple times over the years. we were looking through the video today. she and carrie had a rocky relationship but they were open about it. but then they became quite close. tell me about that relationship. >> yeah they did. mothers and daughters do have that. that happens a lot in the mother/daughter relationship. i guess the clash of wills. they both love the father. that could have a lot to do with it. i'm not a psyche analyst. but i know at the end they were very close. debbie did deny that "postcards from the edge" that famous movie
4:48 pm
carrie quote, debbie said it was not about her. she did say people would be convinced that it would be debbie reynolds and meryl streep played carrie. so she would not see that movie. but they were very close at the end and she adored her daughter. debbie was a very special person. she handled. look at the tragedy -- that was the biggest pap paparazzi stories ever. eddie singer leaves her for one of the most beautiful actresses in the world and what a story. taylor said she and debbie got along great except they used to call eddie harry hunter. and then harry -- the being their shoe magnet, lost all his
4:49 pm
money in vegas gambling and declared bankruptcy. and then debbie, on her own, paid everyone back. she was a gutsy -- she was a piece of work. she was fun to be around and she lufds bei loved being an entertainer. she loved the stage bv all things. >> you once asked debbie reynolds what it was like to play a grandmother after her role in tammy and the bachelor. listen sh. >> i met sot boys before coming into the show. i said hello how are you? i said i'm debbie reynolds and they steroid more. i said i'm carrie fisher's mother. they said no kidding. >> does that kind of sum her up in her humor? >> she did -- that's very funny. she did the movie "mother" with with albert brookes. and played albert brooks' mother. it was a terrific, terrific
4:50 pm
movie. do you know who was originally offered the role and almost took it? >> who? >> nancy reagan. >> there you go. full circle. from elizabeth taylor to nancy reagan. debbie reynolds -- >> larry king brings you do stories behind the news. >> always have, always will. thank you larry. >> thank you katie. with me now is doctor dorian, associate professor of emergency medicine at usc hospital. thank you for taking the time. part of the story, part of the tragedy everyone is talking about is how she died just one day after her daughter. debbie reynolds son just said yesterday this. my mother passed a way a short time ago. she spoke to me this morning and said she missed carrie. we often talk about this metaphorically. but is it possible she died of a broken heart? >> there is no question that broken heart syndrome is a real phenomenon.
4:51 pm
it can be broken down into the actual syndrome in a medical standpoint which is focussed on the heart where the heart actually fails. it becomes like somebody who's having an heart attack without blockage of the arteries and that is caused by the severe stress from someone passing. but also the same phenomenon with other organs including the brain. the blood vessels with spasm and you can have similar to a stroke from that severe stress. >> you can't say it is always deadly, right? >> actually, most of the time it is not deadly. most of the time we're able to manage this. because it is not an organic problem. it is not blockage of the artery. it is actually the stress is something that is putting the heart or other organs into so much duress that they just need to overcome that time. can you overcome that stress. time is important. but if your health is already failing that may be the last straw of the camel's back to tip
4:52 pm
them over the edge and unfortunately pass away. >> does age factor in as well. >> 100%. what happens with age is not only do you accrue other medical issues but more importantly your will to live begins to diminish. and when your own child passes away probably the most traumatic thing that can happen to you, the desire to continue to live also diminishes. and there is no question the most important factor for somebody to survive their will. and if this their will is broken, the chance of something bad to happen really increases. >> thank you so much for your time. coming up next. 2016 taking so many beloved celebrities. "star wars" mark hamill sounds of o! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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first we lost dave bowie, then prince, then george michael and now carrie fisher and her
4:57 pm
mother, debbie reynolds. "star wars" co-star mark hamill has had it with this year. and he's not alone. jean casarez is "outfront." >> announcer: for the social media generation their tweets say it all. dear 2016, stop killing celebrities. the year started with a passing of 69-year-old david bowie. ♪ i'm stepping through the door ♪ >> reporter: his soon tweeting out "very sad and sorry to say, it's true." bowie routinely changing his looks and style. the chameleon he would call. bowie disagreed. >> the chameleon would change the color of his skin to fit into his environment. i've done quite the reverse. >> in april the shocker of the
4:58 pm
prince. fans traveling miles to his compound in minnesota. "purple reign" released in 1984 grossed over $68 million in the u.s. alone. winning an academy award for best original song score, prince shot to stardom in the heydays of the mtv. his first tv interview in 1985. >> i live in a small town. and i always will. because i can walk around and be me. >> being me is what george michael admitted to cnn he struggled with during the eighties. >> i want to say that i have no problem with people knowing that i have -- i'm in a relationship with a man. >> careless whispers ♪ >> reporter: fans tweeting the legend is gone now too. 2016 has officially killed the
4:59 pm
eighties. america's tv dad alan thicke from "growing pains" also passed in september at the age of 69. > . and who can forget carrie fisher, the legendary princess leia from "star wars." i officially hate 2016 tweets one fan. why did you have to take carrie fisher too? i keep seeing celebrities come up on my timeline and just presume they have died. please, can 2016 just end? and there are other celebrities past this year that really made their name in the 1980s. r2-d2, gary marshall. the creator of the some of the biggest sitcoms of the orlando eeasterly 1980s and we cannot forget first lady nancy reagan.
5:00 pm
>> cruel, cruel year when you put it all together like that, jane. >> it is amazing. >> really is. thank you so much. appreciate it. don't worry guys, it is almost over. i mean the year. and the show. thank you so much for joining us everybody. ac 360 starts right now. good evening. when asked about the u.s. intelligence assessment that russian spies hacked american computers, tampered with u.s. presidential election, donald trump said we should all just get on with our lives. he said that last night. today president obama said no, let's not. i'm gjim sciutto sitting in agan tonight for andersen and that is the story tonight. the white house unleashing sanctions on russia, as well as high-ranking kremlin figures, bouncing diplomats and shedding a pair of russian compounds in the u.s. and now late tonight the president elect who has been so relukt about blaming anyone for the hacking is speaking out again. we'r


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