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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 12, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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welcome back to breaking news, multiple u.s. officials telling fbi director james comey and president-elect trump had a one on one conversation at last week's briefing. this is cnn tonight and i am don lemon. russia may have compromising information on him. in the midst of this transition of an announce today of the handling of the hillary
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clinton's e-mails investigation and meanwhile president obama leaving his presidency speechless. the final days of the obama and the administration. you have to see it. lets get right to the cabinet award winning michael moore is back with me. we are going to talk about what i just mention inside the open. the justice department announcing it is launch a probe in the fbi hillary clinton's e-mails server. what do you think they'll find here, is it too little or late? >> i don't know what they'll find. all my contact s with the fbi ae dried out. >> did you hear what i just said? [ laughs ] >> go on. >> i am still on the air. >> you are on the air. >> listen -- obviously, this had a huge impact in the final week of the election. it is not the only thing though and so i am glad there is this
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investigation. i think that democrats are doing themselves a service if they just focus on the comey thing. it is really -- disgraceful if i can use trump's word that twice in 16 years that democrats have won the popular vote and lost the electoral college. nobody did the math or thought this out and everybody knew what the law was that hillary clinton did not go to wisconsin for seven months. this sort of thing. >> it is democrats' own fault. >> yes, but this had something to do about it though >> lets talk about that. these are the polls. c cnn polls of polls which is a number of different polls of where the race is nationally. on october 28th, released of hillary clinton's investigation
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of e-mail. and november 5th, the comey's letter dropped, here lead was cut by half to just three points. democrats say that comey was a major of hillary clinton's loss. do you agree with that? >> she went down one point and he went up. >> go on. three points. >> i don't think people all of a sudden decide that we'll go to hillary, i am going to vote for trump. what it did was it depressed the vote for hillary and a lot of people are not voting and staying home and it nerenergize certain people who were more excited about trump, okay, i heard enough about this and i don't want another eight years of clinton so i am going to walk over to trump. >> is it too little and too late
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to have another probe into this. after january 20th, can he shut it down? >> well, he could, what would it look like for him? >> it does not matter? >> the american people cared. if the people who voted for hillary don't rise up and reach a ruckus over this and if it turns out that there is something funny going on here and the fbi and comey kne knew -- the fact what he will release that information and the fact that there were other information about russians hacking. if you are an outside observer, you would say he's playing on certain side and in favor of them. everybody should be outraged by this and liberals and democrats are going oh jeez, we lost. if he won 3 million popular votes.
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>> he does what he wants to do. he's going to do it. he has said, i don't want to hurt her. he may just say -- it really does not matter but he cares what people think and he cares deeply of what people think. >> there is an incident in europe and five minutes later he fwe tweeted about that. >> he cares a lot about it. >> i want to play this. this is just another moment from the press conference yesterday with donald trump, here it is. >> the other one that cares about my tax returns. no, i don't think so. i won. i mean i became president. no, i don't think they cared at all. i don't think they cared at all. >> do you think people care at all about accountability and he's winning. >> it is just about winning. >> it is just about wenniinningi won, people don't care >> that's his opinion of us.
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his fellow americans. we don't care about accountability and we don't care about honesty. we don't care about the fake news that he started in 2011 by making up this -- remember, he had intelligence and sources, remember this? >> he was quoting some unatrittable source that he knew obama was not american. he started this whole thing. if he thinks we don't care, i think he's in for a surprise. the majority of americans did not want him. they also said they don't want donald trump as president. 10 millions voted. he should care deeply. i am glad that you and other journalists are not going to
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stop to do your job and stay on the story. his whole thing, i watched anderson last night on the network, it was beautiful. kellyanne conway -- what's happening to her? it is just amazing. anderson would not let up. that's the job here at cnn and all the other network. the american people are pretty upset at how trump got into this and was not at the beginning treat inside the way he should have been treated. he got to say things and phone into shows from bed. and would you ever let me be on a show from bed. >> depends on -- if you are running for president -- >> get that thought off your head. >> if i ever run for president don't ever let me phoning in from bed. >> this is the media fell down
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on the job at the beginning and not doing it now. this is important that everybody does their jobs. >> listen, i agree with you and i think it is important to say that and as you know -- i know it is going to be hard for people to believe because they just don't. i am not a partisan person. i am neither a democrat or a republican. i am not registered with either one. they're all politicians and they all work for us and they all do what they have to do to be politicians. i understand people like kellyanne conway and other folks, when they come on here, it is not their job to lie to the smeamerican people. i have to push back and tell you that if hillary clinton had called from bed from where ever she was running to be the lead every of the free world and she wanted to talk about the american people, i would put her
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on the phone. >> with a doctor's note. >> we asked everyone to do it and she said no. you know who said yes? >> donald trump. others were not on the air when he was. >> right, yes -- if you are running for president, you should have to show up. how do you conduct an interview. >> i don't disagree with you. >> by the way, lets bring over the historic. if i was teaching, i would pull up the tape, i cannot remember the date but i was watching you, it was 10:45 p.m. and you were in a -- i don't want to call it a brawl. you were doing your job as a journalist and kellyanne conway did not like what you were doing. >> i know exactly what it was. >> it was in minnesota or minneapolis, he gave a speech on race and she proceeded to tell me that the speech was not about race and not about african-americans.
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what she did not tell us and she was invested in that speech and written some where and the next day sthehe was going to be the campaign manager. she knew that while sitting here and we did not know that. >> she got up and had been somehow and blinded by you and you were doing your job and the next morning, she's the campaign manager. wow, that's an interesting -- >> people at home don't know that though. >> well, they do now. i am on here as yourconfessor. >> i am just telling the truth. >> more of that. >> as they said, i don't know if you knew but the media and different people knew about the story and the unstan shubstanti story. >> anybody that comes on whether republican or democrats, when they come on, they don't tell the american people the truth
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and they sidestep the questions. it does not help the audience or the viewers to have them on because it is misinformation and it does not behooving everyone. >> what are you going do now? >> i do what they do. >> and what are you going to do when what they're saying is not the truth? >> we are telling them it is not the truth. >> you have to say that. >> thank you, you have to say that. >> you are getting me in trouble. >> i would like to say something on donald trump's behalf and in favor of him. >> the unsubstantiated which we are not going to discuss on cnn. i have been a victim of buzz here. i get why you did not link to them. and, but the story that everybody is wondering about and i am not going to discuss it here but trump, i mean, they're
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not talking about it. it is more salacious in some way and it is portrayed as a sex story -- it is not a sex story. if anything, it is a story of -- >> wait we are not going to go into details. >> it is something of a 12-year-old prankster would come up. nothing should be reported as donald trump that's not true. >> i agree. >> the only reason that cnn reported the existence of this story because we need to know that if the person that's going to sit in the oval office can be blackmailed or for them to have something unhandled. >> that's why the intelligence people did what they did. >> that's why you did what you
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did. >> with no different reporting with the wikileaks. and now look at where wikileaks -- look at where we would have been in our duty and journalists. >> and the same way you reported in five years and trump repeated over and over again that our president was in the on american citizen. >> thank you, god bless you. >> please be well. >> we'll be right back.
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our breaking news, multiple sources say that james comey briefed donald trump. and jo thank you both for joining us and so as jeffery, by the way. >> what's your new book? >> "american airs." >> okay, so we'll start with you jeffery, biden confirmed that he and president obama were briefed on claims that russians had compromising information about donald trump. >> biden felt obligated to tell obama because they were planning to informing trump and sources
8:18 pm
telling fbi james comey also briefed trump on the documents. what do you make of this? >> it is a fact in the world they they were briefed and this is a developing story and i don't know where it is going to go. i just -- you know, we at cnn are careful to report of what we know of this briefing took place but what we don't know is of the nature of the relationship between russia and donald trump. i remains the greatest american m mystery of the moment. >> it seems that it is totally false that donald trump is no t a stupid man goes in mow moscow and doing something -- we are talking about the fact that there is a hotel. i don't think it is true. i don't think it should be reported. they should have told him about
8:19 pm
it and had him give him evidence that it did not happen and apparently he did and it is not something that i think newsworthy at this point. newspapers have to be careful of erroring reporting on this and undocumented and likely false. >> on today's hearing. >> senator, i can tell you that in my many years of involvement in the military, i had a close relationship with the intelligence community, i can evaluate their effectiveness at times on a daily basis and i have very, very high degree of confidence in our intelligence community. >> i have great confidence in the men and women that work out there. >> do you think trump's cabinet appointees may improve his relationship with the
8:20 pm
intelligence community? >> i do. he's going to learn to appreciate the intelligence community. they make mistakes but they are decent people. i don't think they try intentionally to skew the evidence one way or another. remember they were relying on sources, many of whom who are not reliable and some of whom who are double agents. you have to appreciate the efforts that they are under taking. john kennedy learned that less than very hard of the bay of pigs and stopped what is giving of much credibility to intelligence. the president has to be skeptical at the same time. >> if i can add one thing. when you look back at major intelligence failures in american history, it is usually the politicians who are cooking the books and who are trying to screw the intelligence towards the political agenda. this is a big deal in the lead
8:21 pm
up to the iraq war. the intelligence professionals themselves tend to be caution and less certain where the politicians are the ones who push the intelligence where the facts lead. >> the justice department, i want to move on and talk about something in this department. inspector general is launching in the investigation of how the fbi handling the matter of hillary clinton's e-mails. what do we know about this? how will it work? >> this is an important value function for inspector general. what inspect general do is they investigate possible wrong doing within their own departments. here you have james comey violating the longest establishment standards of the justice department to make these bomb shell announcement on the eve of the election. this is something that an inspector general should
8:22 pm
investigate. it is not going to change the outcome of the election, but i think for historical purposes and the purposes of government ethics. this is government that inspector general should investigate. >> i want to play what hillary clinton campaign manager -- on cnn tonight. >> the leaks were coming left and right from the fbi were so slanted. director comey claimed that he needed to defend that letter because he was worried thied th will leak out. we cannot punish florida of unprofessional behavior of bureaucrats. it is unacceptable. >> it will take weeks or months and the president could stop it by firing inspector general and
8:23 pm
i don't think he's going to do this. on the one hand, democrats want to be able to argue that this may have an impact on the election. all they'll say at most is they'll have a potential and an impact on the election. >> last thing, particularly, democrats want to do is see president trump to be able to put this person in ahead of the fbi. comey does have a good reputation for being balanced and objective. the report may finally conclude that it was lower ranking and road rages who were leaking these materials and forced comey's hands because they threatened to leak these facts unless he made a disclosure where he tried to make a balanced way and turn out to potentially have a major impact of the election. i think we'll get a report that'll be nuance and will
8:24 pm
distinguish of come y on one p hand . >> this is an important moment in america's hi induststory ani needs to be aired out. this is apart of history that we should know something about it. >> thank you, always interesting when we have you on. thank you, we'll come back with the majority in the house and the senate. are republicans ready for the power they now have in washington? blacher
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. president-elect trump takes office in eight days and he appears to have good working relationship with republicans in congress. our mark preston and richard painter under george bush. preston, we'll start with you first. he had an uneasy relationship
8:29 pm
with the president-elect trump. he's on board now. tell us what he says about working with this new administration? >> a couple of things, don. he was honest with his relationship with donald trump and acknowledging that he was the target of those tweets as we know where donald trump does not like what he sees, he will go after and attack you viciously. paul ryan says he was used to that during the campaign. he did say that he had several conversations with donald trump when it comes to entitlement and reforms and how they're going to replace obamacare. >> paul ryan says that's not going to happen. when the issue of russia was discussed tonight, he went directly at vladimir putin and he described russia as a global
8:30 pm
medicine. he says russia does not share their interest and they violate their neighbors. now, we don't hear this type of rhetoric from donald trump. on the issue of intelligence, he walked a fine line. he tried to tell, you know, the audience here that, in fact, as time goes on, donald trump will start to understand these intelligence official that is are providing him with this information and however, he did come back and he said he was not supportive of the idea that this unsubstantiated support was added into his intelligence briefing and given the donald trump the other day. paul ryan shows that there is going to be differences with donald trump but clearly is willing to work this em with the days ahead. >> this is the ryan. the gop had a nickname of the party of no.
8:31 pm
now they have pull power to say yes to anything they want moving forward, were they expected to have that and are they ready? >> well, no, like anyone else, they expect that hillary clinton would win and nobody expects trump to win, right? >> the accomodation that the republicans have made to trump which surprised some of us and the fears of critics on the hill, basically silence in the face of some of the more outrageous things that went on this week. there is a reason for that and i don't think a lot of republicans see trump as malleable on the big issues and flexible, maybe is a nicer word. and, he's going to be a pen that'll sign into law, a lot of legislation that's been bottled up on the republican docket for the last eight years for
8:32 pm
president obama. paul ryan's appearance tonight, you are seeing with trump's nominee and republican of congress trying to hem in trump on some of his more outrageous proposals during the campaign, right? so whether it is torture or parts of building the wall or deportation force or his sort of very kind words towards putin, you are seeing both republicans and trump's own nominee saying well, that was really campaign rhetoric and we don't agree with that. that's not going to be what the trump administration is all about. so, you know -- obviously, trump will have some input on that but you know see a little bit more of the white house and republicans reverting to a more traditional conservative agenda and trump's agenda not looking as quite as different as it did
8:33 pm
in the campaign. >> do you believe that the republicans in congress share your concerns or whether the president-elect trump will be given for your reign? >> what i have seen today is that the united states house of representatives over sight committee is swinging into action to defend the president-elect against the concerns of the office of government ethics and the chairman of committee wrote a letter and the director of government ethics -- starting an investigation of oge, the united states house of representatives investigating of oge -- alleging that oge is politicalizing the process that oge is taking the possession that the president should invest in his business. democrats and republicans have taken and the office of ethics
8:34 pm
are taking that position. the house of representatives, the over sight committee has made a prep to pull the appropriations. it could get shut down next year because the office of government ethics is doing its job and insisting that all officials of this administration including the president will be free of conflicts of interests. that's most disturbing that it is happening. this is the same committee that posted james comey's letter on the internet a week before the election and hoping to hand the election over president-elect trump. it is zero credibility at this point of the house over sight committee. >> the chairman, mark, do you have a response to this? >> yes. >> i mean look, this is a tricky issue for republicans on many fronts because at the time we are facing very important issues. right now with the nation whether it is domestic or the
8:35 pm
foreign, you have congress dealing with these ethics issues right now. it seems silly and paul ryan trying to prevent his caucus from defunding of office of ethics right out of the gate but yet was almost powerfless to do so. in the end, they decided not to do it and they stepped back. specifically, when you have donald trump coming in right now who has all his own ethics questions and talking about draining the swamp in washington, don. don, can i -- >> this is one where i have strong opinions. there are a lot of news this week and i think this has gotten a little buried. you have this guy who runs the office of government ethics. this is a sleepy agency that in most presidency, you never heard of. he works with nominee s to make
8:36 pm
sure they comply with all the complicated ethic laws. a lot of his job are going to wealthy people, look, mr. rich person, you have to sell all those assets because it is going to create a big conflicts of interest. this guy, day one, the director has been trying to tell donald trump and the people around him, these are the things you need to do so your administration are not swallowed by conflicts of interests and we know from some of the things that was said, they would not listen. donald trump laid out his plan to allegedly avoid conflicts of interests and the director looked at him and says, this is wrong. he cannot do this and went public. the director of that office never speaks to the press and he felt so strongly about it that he went to brooking in
8:37 pm
washington and did a press conference and said, nothing in this plan prevents conflicts of interests. i have been covering washington for a long time. i feel never seen a public servant go before the cameras calling out the guy that's going to be his boss in a few days the way the director did yesterday >> we'll need to be paying atep attention on that. >> thank you gentlemen. in his final day of office, president obama surprised biden with a very high honor, he was so surprised, he was moved. he had to turn away to compose himself. omputers run on intel? that means you can take a universe of data - in your case literally - and turn it into medical discoveries, diagnostic breakthroughs... ...proof that black holes collapse into one singularity. i don't know what that is. but yes. innovation runs on supercomputers... ...and supercomputers run on intel. you are super smart. and super busy.
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i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. the high honor of a big surprise of joe biden. also, our cnn comment tater from the hill and i am so glad to have all of you.
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>> president obama surprised the vice president with the presidential medal of freedom of the highest civilian honor. lets watch. >> for the final time as president i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the medal of freedom. [ applause ] >> and for the first and only
8:43 pm
time in my presidency, i will bestow this medal of an honor of my three most recent successors deserving for only three others, reagan and general colin powell. ladies and gentlemen, i am proud to award the medal of freedom to my brother, joseph biden jr. >> a lot of love. >> your eyes -- >> you know when you have a friend, someone who's a friend and something like that happens when a friend gets married or get an honor, can you imagine, they're best buds and you can see that's completely genuine. >> do you know another relationship like that between the president and the vice president. it is hard for me to think about
8:44 pm
someone that close and you saw cheney and clinton/gore. it was a special one subsequently and i was the vice president a couple months ago. he was tearing up even though he was running within candidates of senator obama. you know there is a lot of love and big decision of decisions to go after osama and healthcare and he got a lot of admiration, they just like each other. >> did you have to call me out. you cannot help it. >> you know what -- i love that kind of relationship. no matter where you stand politically, everyone is going to miss the class of the obama. >> you called me out. regardless of where you are and politics are, you can tell that was a genuine moment. >> he said he did not deserve it, that speaks to the kind of person joe biden is.
8:45 pm
>> everybody loves "uncle joe." he's one of those guys that you can sit down and have a beer with and tell your hopes and tears to. >> i we woucried like a baby. i was on an uber and in the back. it was well deserved and he was surprised and it was just the honor. >> i am just going to mississippi tmiss the obam obam obamas. >> i did not cry but it was a special relationship. i hope that president-elect trump and mike pence are able to maintain that relationship. not every pair has that. there was friction between al gore and hillary clinton and power struggle. you never get that sense with joe biden and barack obama. they were isolated raan enviabl. >> we'll saill said. >> david, of course, many people
8:46 pm
are wondering what would have or could have been a joe biden if joe biden had been up to the emotional and physical job of running for the white house after losing his son. >> i am one of those that senator elizabeth warren would have given president-elect trump a better run for his money than secretary clinton. just to talk about biden, take it back to 2007. biden was the guy who said about obama, you know, when they were running against each other in the presidential prime arary. he got in trouble about it but not only obama -- a year later, he looks around and says, i want this guy to be my vice president and in some ways to me, biden is like the first black president.
8:47 pm
he road shotguns with obama in multiple times and ends up today with president obama giving him the medal of freedom with extinction. these guys are best friends. >> david is feeling good and kate just around the corner. >> by the time i will say we'll be right back. this will be on the blog that will be written about. >> we'll be right back. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> we are back now with simone sanders talking about the first black vice president of the united states according to david. joe biden. i want to talk about this family. we also saw the first lady, michelle obama on jimmy fallon and president obama's farewell speech in chicago this week. this president and his family are really leaving office quite popular with american people and with a unique place in american history. isn't that at oughts with the partisanship we had seen? >> no, i don't necessarily think
8:52 pm
so. we can sit here and have an indepth discussion about everything that is going on in our world politically, but in terms of the way people perceive this way at the start of president obama's tenure, of the vast majority of americans and people that didn't vote for president obama that don't agree with him on issues see this family as -- i want to use the word regal. upstanding and so emblematic of american values. of the spirit of a generous inclusive nation. president obama and mrs. obama are handsome warm people. people are going to come at me on twitter and say i'm too glowing about president obama. i'm not talking about the politics. these people represent high ideals in terms of what people aspire to and look up to in this country. >> it's hard for people to separate the politics from the
8:53 pm
truth of the partisanship. they can't see it because they are too close. do you agree some. >> i do. it's important to put aside your partisan affiliation to try to see the good in the other side. something i will always admire about the obamas is their marriage. as a christian who cares about marriage and family units and stability, i look at them and i admire them. to go through years of scrutiny and tense media scrutiny and ups and downs of the white house, for them to stick together is an example that i think we on the right can look at and pray and say that is the family unit that we hope all family units look like. specifically their commitment to one another. >> let me ask you this. when barbara and jenna bush wrote a letter to malia and sasha welcoming them to the white house, now they have written another letter about life after the white house for them. i want to read a bit of it. pay close attention to this.
8:54 pm
now you are about to join another rarified club. a position you didn't seek and won with no guidelines. you have so much to look forward to. you will be writing the story of your lives beyond the shadow of your famous parents, yet you will always carry with you the experiences of the past eight years. you lived through the unbelievable pressure of the white house and listened to harsh criticism of your parents by people who never met them. you stood by as other precious parents were reduced to headlines. your parents who put you first and not only showed you, but gave you the world as always. they will be rooting for you as you begin your next chapter. they will be rooting for you and so will we. that's an example of putting partisanship aside and being
8:55 pm
human. >> i had an opportunity to meet barbara and jenna bush andovely. they talked about why they wrote the letter and talked about the special club. there are no guidelines or road maps for this. they want to help as many people as they can. i think this is a good lesson for america. of getting back to the human aspect of politics and remembering we are all just people. we shared similar experiences regardless of color, creed, or background. >> we were talking about this, about race. you look at this as an example. this is rarified as the bush girls put it as a first family. i don't buy it when people say race relations are worse than they were eight years ago. i think they are better than they were. >> i agree with you. no doubt about it.
8:56 pm
you and i grew up in different parts of the south at a time when it was not imaginable where there wouldn't be a black president or family in the white house. mrs. obama's mother was with them for a good bit of time. that was a narrative across two terms. are there problems? black lives matter is something we don't always talk about. will president obama jump back in the arena sooner than most? given the potential repeal and she has a brit cal and moral point. >> i appreciate it. the only who wasn't afraid of getting them sick was carlos. >> the strong one. >> haley because of it. that's it for us. thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow.
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>> per good evening. we are live at george washington university for a cnn town hall event with the speaker of the house of representatives, paul


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