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tv   New Day  CNN  January 16, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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that would have been embarrassing. >> good morning, alisyn and chris are off today. donald trump slamming john bren ever after he said trump does not fully understand russia and warned him to watch his tongue. now the president elect suggesting the cia director may be the leaker of that unsubstantiated dossier. >> this as the backlash intensifies in the president elect's feud with civil rights icon congressman john lewis now a growing list of democratic lawmakers say they will boycott the inauguration and the president elect now also vowing insurance for everybody in his plan to replace obamacare. what does that mean exactly and how will he do that? just four days now to go until the inauguration. let's begin our coverage with sara murray live at trump tower here in new york. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump has clearly had a fraught relationship with the intelligence community but his war of words with outgoing cia director john brennan escalating
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this weekend as donald trump took to twitter to say was this the leaker of fake news? donald trump taking to twitter to suggest that outgoing cia director john brennan leaked unsubstantiated personal and financial information that could be damaging to trump. >> there is no basis for mr. trump to point fingers at the intelligence community for leaking information that was already available publicly. >> reporter: trump's charge coming hours after brennan appeared on national television, arguing the president elect doesn't understand the critical threat russia poses. >> i think he has to recognize that his words do have impact and they can have very positive impact or they can be undercutting of our national security. >> reporter: trump has spent months doubting u.s. intelligence findings that russia was behind the cyber attacks and the president elect suggesting the u.s. could ease tensions with russia. trump telling the times of london and a german newspaper
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let's see if we can make good news. this as china blasts trump's comments over the weekend that the one china policy which maintains taiwan as part of china is under negotiation. china's state run tabloid slamming trump in an editorial, quote, we were simply angry initially but now we can't help but laugh. >> there are no plans to change the one china policy but certainly that policy is on the table if china doesn't also come to the table and work with us on trade, work with us on the south china sea and what's happening there. >> reporter: at home trump promising we're going to have insurance for everybody. in a new interview with the "washington post." the president elect not revealing specifics, but says he's close to finishing his plan to replace the affordable care act. and part of that plan will be to specifically target the pharmaceutical industry. over the weekend thousands joining rallies across the
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country led by democrats to protest repeal of the law while trump's feud with civil rights icon congressman john lewis intensifies. >> i don't see this president elect as a legitimate president. >> reporter: the controversial comment of course provoking trump to tweet. congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart. not to mention crime infested. rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talks, talk, no action or results. sad. but trump's assertion is wrong. lewis represents an economically diverse area of atlanta, thriving and wealthy in some areas with poverty in others. now dozens of democrats say they'll boycott trump's inauguration. now, coming off of that feud with the civil rights icon it's unclear what, if anything, donald trump will be doing today to mark martin luther king day. he was expected to travel to
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washington, d.c. but he scrapped those plans to stick around new york for the day, unclear exactly why. john. >> sara murray, thanks so much. joining us now to discuss the democratic senator right in the middle of this all joe manchin of west virginia. thank you for being with us today. >> good morning, john. good to be with you and poppy. >> let me read to you what the president elect has said about the outgoing cia director. you sit on the intelligence committee. president-elect trump wrote, he was quoting an interview on fox news he said cia chief john brennan blasts president-elect trump on russian threat. doesn't understand. he said couldn't do worse. look at syria, crimea and the build up of russian nukes not good. was this the leaker of fake news. so, again, senator, i ask you as a member of the intelligence community how does it help america to have the president elect attacking the outgoing
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clchltcia director? >> it really doesn't help us at all. we have a committee that's committed and professional that's going to be going into everything as far as the russian hacking and this is serious and we take it ver serious and we will share with the people in open meetings as much as humanly possible up to the classified level. i think we can get this quickly and give confidence. i have confidence in the intel community. does there need to be changes? was mistakes made? i'm sure i can find mistakes anytime humans are involved but these are dedicated professionals and it's the security of our nation at risk right now. that's what we're concerned about. john, here is the thing -- >> the intelligence committee is investigating alleged ties between the trump campaign and the russians during the campaign. fbi director james comey will not say whether the fbi is investigating those claims. do you think the fbi should be investigating those claims?
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>> we're going to get all the information from all of the intel community. we have 17 different agencies that basically gather intel to keep america safe for our international -- for our national interests. we're going to be gathering information from each and every one of those entities. we're going to say what do you have, we will put it all together and make sure we have the facts that we can move forward. john, when they keep talking about non-legitimacy, that bothers me from this standpoint here, first of all, there is no indication whatsoever that any votes were tampered with, any voting machines were tampered with whatsoever anywhere -- anywhere in the united states. in west virginia donald trump won by about 43% and i can assure you there was no camp ring to get that type of a margin of victory. but that's not the case. so if they believe that there was collusion between president-elect donald trump or his staff we will find that out, but there is no indication of that whatsoever. the intent of the russians has
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always been under the soviet control back in the '70s they were always trying to be involved and influence our elections. we've never seen it to this degree, from everything that we say that we've been hearing and seeing shows that they've really gone more aggressively this time than ever before. they weren't successful, but basically their intent. so all of this -- discord that we see going on between congressmen not attending, people basically saying he is not legitimate basically then the russians have accomplished what they tried to accomplish. i just think it's wrong and it's hurtful for the united states of america. >> so you're being critical of congressman john lewis of georgia who did say he doesn't believe that president-elect trump is a legitimate president. the congressman from new york minutes ago on this show said the same thing. neither of those men more than 20 members of congress not attending the inauguration. you are against that. that's understandable. i am a big fan of the peaceful transfer of power. however, the president elect's response to it has been to
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attack congressmen john lewis. do you think the level of discourse he's engaging in is helpful and what's your message to him because you have his ear. he listens to you. >> well, john, two wrongs don't make a right. that's not my style at all. that has been president-elect donald trump's style. he is going to defend himself, he's going to come back at you as hard as he can. with that being said -- >> is that good for the country, though? is it good for america? >> if i was advising, if i was advising right now i would say, mr. president elect, please, at this point in time let's try to bring everybody together. we're going to have a hard enough time moving this country forward, making sure we are still the economic power and engine of the world, if you will, but we are going to have to come together. and we're going to have disagreements, that's not a problem. i have always believed this, first of all, there is a time to
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be blue and red i guess through these elections, we beat each other up unmerciful, john, there is a time to be red, white and blue and that's america. we are in that period right now and the president has to lead us into that and with that being said -- >> can i -- >> -- john lewis is an icon. >> let me ask you one element of leadership right now because we did an interview published overnight where he's talking about many different areas of the world and said something interesting about vladimir putin and angela merkel. listen to this. >> who do you trust more if you talk to them, angela merkel or vladimir putin? >> well, i start off trusting both but let's see how long that lasts. it may not last long at all. >> he is putting angela merkel and vladimir putin on the same moral plain leading into his administration. do you think that's wise? >> well, that's not where i would put him. basically putin -- i know what putin's intentions are being
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former kgb. he is not a friend of the united states. he knows he can't compete with us economically, he knows he can't compete with us militarily. the only way he is going to be able to compete is to bring us down. angela merkel she basically and with germany and with a nato ally has been someone who has been very supportive and friendly with our intentions of what we should be doing around the world. i would not agree with that whatsoever and i think that we need to basically get back to doing business and doing business that we do with our allies, our nato allies and those people that we trust. >> one of your great areas of domestic concern is healthcare, senator, and obamacare, you voted against the repeal measure in the senate just now, you have said you want to work to repair it going forward. president-elect trump gave an interview over the weekend where he's talking about what he wants. he says we're going to have insurance for everybody. there was a philosophy in some circles that if you can't pay for it you don't get it. that's not going to happen for
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us. we're going to have insurance for everybody. that sounds like universal healthcare, senator. how do you think he's going to get there? >> well, i've spoke to president-elect trump about this issue and everything, i says, listen, you can't expect any of us -- i don't know how my friends -- my republican friends can actually vote to repeal something until we see the repair or replacement. here is the thing, john, they are talking about repealing it with 51 votes, they will be all republican votes, not one democrat. if you want to learn from our past mistakes look at what the democrats did in 2010 when they passed it with no republican votes. that does not bring our country together. there's people like myself, democrats, willing to work to fix the parts that we know that's not working. people in the private market and private insurers, people above the threshold that don't get any type of subsidies, they are paying a horrendous price and people are going without buying insurance, they are paying the
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fine. there's things we can do to fix this. i'm very grateful that he's willing to take this approach and says, hold on, you are not going to repeal it until we can replace it with repairs. so i appreciate president-elect trump saying that. that stopped the machine because i will tell you, john, they were going to throw the baby out with the bath water, repeal it and say wait a couple years. they wanted to get past the 2018 election, they were going to take all the taxes paying for this off completely which would have put us in one heck of a budget hole of about $400 billion. so i appreciate him coming forth and saying let's fix this. so let's see what happens. >> he is actually saying he is going to come back with more maybe if you listen to his words there. senator manchin of west virginia, look forward to seeing you later this week at the inauguration. >> we will be there, john. thank you so much. we are going to come together as americans. we always have. we've been through tougher times than this. this is a great country with great people. we will be there. >> we're counting on you to make that happen.
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breaking news. at least 37 people have been killed after a turkish airlines cargo plane missed the runway crashing into a village in kyrgystan. at least eight people including children were hospitalized with burns and other injuries. an emergency official says poor visibility may have been a factor in this crash. investigators are searching the wreckage right now. a success for spacex, the company launched a rocket carrying ten satellites into orbit this weekend. the last launch went very differently, that rocket exploded on the launch pad before takeoff, destroying the rocket and an israeli satellite. spacex is planning six more launches. the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus folding their tent after 136 years. the final performance sked fueled for may. declining takt sales being blamed for the shut down. animals rights groups forced ringling bros. to phase out
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their elephant act driving attendance lower. >> did you ever go to the circus? >> i can't remember when i was five maybe. >> i don't want anyone to lose their jobs. a little strange in 2016 the circus. to politics president-elect donald trump in a feud with the head of the cia and a civil rights hero days before his inauguration. what can he do to unify the country? we will discuss that and a lot more with former north carolina governor pat mccrory next on "new day." .. but more importantly, i wanted to get your opinions. (bark) you wanna check it out? (bark) the cruze has apple carplay compatibility. so when you plug your iphone in, some of your favorite apps show up. (bark) plenty of space for all of mia's friends. or not. gotta go! current qualified lessees can get a sign and drive lease on this first-ever cruze hatchback. plus, find your tag and get an additional $500 lease cash on select chevy vehicles. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "new day." just four days before taking the oath of office donald trump is feuding with outgoing cia director john brennan and congressman john lewis. the question is why is he sparring so close to the inauguration? let's discuss it all and more with former north carolina governor pat mccorey. the governor has been in regular contact with the president elect and his transition team. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i have to begin with this,
4:19 am
your reaction to the president elect's tweet last john brennan was critical of him on fox news sunday, quoting a fox news article that was titled outgoing cia chief john brennan blasts president-elect trump op russia threat does not fully understand. trump says, oh, really? couldn't do much worse. just look at sierra, red line, crimea, ukraine and the build up of russian nukes not good. was this the leaker of fake news? it's that last line. he's questioning whether the head of the cia leaked this 35-page unsubstantiated dossier with no evidence behind asking whether this man is the leaker. your reaction? >> well, first thing we've realized during the campaign and also at the beginning of this presidency is our president is our fighter, but also he surrounds himself with a group of very diplomatic well-qualified diversified cabinet people. i mean, look at nikki haley who is going to be the new u.n. ambassador, she is a person who
4:20 am
is going to bring calmness to an international situation -- >> that's not my question. i'm asking you about the words of the president elect calling the head of the cia possibly a leaker which would mean that he would be a liar and dishonest. >> well, he was responding to the cia director who basically made some very negative comments about the president elect and we've known that we have a president who fights but he also surrounds himself with people like mike pence, the former governor of indiana, former congressman a good friend of mine who brings calmness to the situation. it's almost like a good cop/bad cop type of situation where he does have people like nikki haley -- >> are you saying that he can lash out like this and say unsubstantiated things because he surrounds himself with people who don't? >> i think he's saying very strongly that if you swing at the president he is going to swing back hard while also having the people around him who
4:21 am
understand then that rebuild the bridges but he does say this, if you are a congressman, if you are a current cia director and you go after the president elect he is going to swing back. he's doing that internationally and domestically. >> brennan said i don't think he has a full appreciation for russia's capabilities. he said i think he has to be mindful that he has to have a full understanding of what the implications are of going down this road, et cetera. he was critical. i mean, isn't that sort of the basis of what america s that you can be critical even of the incoming commander in chief and say, look, i want you to be careful with what you say about our intelligence community without having the commander in chief come out and say, well, then you must have leaked the fake dossier? >> i disagree. i think the cia director if he has collateral situations with the president elect of the united states call him up. he doesn't need to go on sunday tv and be critical of the qualifications or the intent of
4:22 am
the current president elect who is about to get sworn in as president of the united states. >> wouldn't that same standard -- >> -- probably call the president. >> wouldn't that same standard be applied to the president elect instead of tweeting his insults at the intelligence community and putting intelligence in quotes calling them up? >> not after the cia director swings. he's going to swing back. >> the president elect made those insults to the intelligence community well before brennan went on fox yesterday. >> and some of it may be deserved. some of this information should have never gotten out of personal briefings with the president of the united states including the current president. those should be extremely confidential. listen, as a governor for four years when i had briefings i assumed those briefings were confidential and would not get out the media but for some reason they are getting out to the press and they shouldn't be getting out to the press. it's unfair to the president elect just like i think it would
4:23 am
be unfair to president obama if personal briefings were getting out that were given to him. >> governor, i'd like your take on this battle now between congressman john lewis and the president elect. obviously the basis of it is that lewis said he is not a legitimate president. the president elect swung back saying that he is a man of all talk, no action. obviously the context of this is his civil rights work all the way back from 1965 on. what's your take on how the president elect responded? should he have swung back in time? >> well, let me first say this, i just got out of the toughest election i have ever been in, i lost by 10,000 votes out of 4.6 million, there were things i didn't like about the election, there are things that i'm still questioning about the election, but my -- my replacement, the new governor of north carolina, is the legitimate governor of north carolina and that should never be questioned by another elected official and i feel the same way about the president elect. a u.s. congressman should not be questioning the legitimacy of
4:24 am
our elections. it's part of our constitution. we need to have a smooth transition and that's where i stand. i'm going to do everything i can to be respectful of my replacement and representative lewis ought to do the same thing. >> are you supportive of how the president elect responded? >> i am supportive of him swinging back when you need to. that's been his technique during the campaign, that's obviously going to be his technique and attitude when he is president of the united states. the people knew that when they elected him and i'm still very impressed with the people that he has around him that compliments that technique and also brings about cooler heads when we need to have cooler heads both domestically and internationally. >> you have admitted that part of your defeat in this, you know, very tough governor battle in north carolina is because of this controversial bathroom bill and we now have eight plus states that have these types
4:25 am
of -- similar types of legislation preventing transgender individuals from using their bathroom of the identity -- the gender identity that they identify with. any warning? should any warning to those states that they should proceed with caution on this? >> i don't think this is going to end up being a state issue, this is going to be a national issue, i think jeff sessions our new u.s. attorney general is going to have the most interesting decision whether to override some of lynch's recent decisions regarding title vii and title ix regarding how do we identify gender in the future in the united states for the private sector. >> loretta lynch called it state sanctioned discrimination. do you have any regrets with hindsight as 20/20 on pushing and backing this bill? >> no, what i anticipate is the u.s. supreme court is going to decide this very, very complex
4:26 am
decision which i think will apply to the 1965 u.s. civil rights act and how you define sex in the future or gender in the future and i think the attorney general will be helping decide this along with the new u.s. supreme court justice that president-elect trump will be selecting in the very near future. i think this is a national issue not a state issue on how to define the 1965 civil rights act and defining gender. it's extremely complex, it's extremely emotional, controversial but it needs to be decided and i think it needs to actually be decided at the federal level. >> i appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you. >> thank you very much. the president elect also taking on foreign policy skeptics in europe and reports that china is, quote, laughing at him. so how will he respond next?
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strong words this morning from a chinese newspaper over president-elect trump's position that the one china policy is negotiable. a state run tabloid china daily writes, if trump is determined to use this gambit in taking
4:31 am
office a period of fierce damaging interactions will be unavoidable as beijing will have no choice but to take off the gloves. >> joining us now is robin wright a contributing writer for the new yorker and joint fellow at the woodrow wilson center and david drucker with the washington examiner joins us once again. so we saw that in the china global times which is sort of a it be lloyd, but government sanctioned in china. they wrote much more. let me read you the end of what they wrote also. they said of trump maybe american voters promoted him too quickly. his amateur remarks and overrf dent manner are equally shocking. you know, robin, it does seem as if donald trump is getting under the skin of chinese officials. >> very much so and i think there is a -- it reflects the nervousness across the globe today. a lot of governments are not sure how serious he means some things that often come across at insults, challenges not just to
4:32 am
past policies but to the sense of relationships, the basic core of agreements that the two countries have come up with. it seems like there is so much more at stake and that the agreements, the terms of engagement, are being thrown out the window and i think that's -- it's not just china that is worried and perhaps other countries more quietly are relaying messages, we need to know what the nature of relationships are going to be. the president elect has now challenged whether it's the future of europe, he said over the weekend to an interview with the times that brexit was not only a great thing but that others are likely to leave europe as well because of mistakes made over the issue of immigration. i mean, the united states for 70 years has worked very hard to make sure that there are no more wars in europe, that there is stronger relationship, that the european union is a body that is at peace with itself and that has common values and common
4:33 am
laws and now the president elect has questioned one of the basic fabric, the basic threads that have pulled together since world war ii in creating a more stable world. i think that's worrying people from across six continents. >> david drucker, to robin's point he also said in that interview in the times of london, he also said nato is obsolete. he put angela merkel and vladimir putin on equal sort of footing when it comes to who he would trust most. he seems to be -- to put it lightly, you know, in favor of clearly a new world order of sorts even justin trudeau spoke out against him. let's listen to that. >> there are things that we hold dear that the americans haven't prioritized. and i'm never going to shy away from standing up for what i believe in, whether it's proclaiming loudly to the world
4:34 am
that i am a feminist, whether it's understanding that immigration is a source of strength for us and muslim canadians are an essential part of the success of our country today and into the future. >> this as mexico over the weekend said if you do what you want with the 35% tariff you will send this world into a global recession. what is this new world order, then, david? >> i think we're trying to figure it out. i mean, look, i think that the difference between president-elect trump and his predecessors, republicans or democrat, is that he's presenting himself more like a nationalist and less than a liberal democrat small l, small d. on the other hand we've seen him appoint a national security cabinet that is largely traditional republican and conservative in the mold of what we have seen in the post world war ii order from the united states. so i think the question is, number one, are we going to get trump the nationalist that we saw on the campaign trail or are
4:35 am
we going to get trump the guy who has appointed general james mattis to be his secretary of defense, mike pompeo his cia director and things of that nature. then i think we have to look at his behavior. i think what's so unsettling for many but just he leaves a lot of us guessing is donald trump when it comes to matters of foreign policy, national security isn't necessarily rooted in particular principles that we can depend on, whether we would like them or not. so he keeps a lot of people guessing in terms of his end game. if we're looking at china and we're looking at the pacific the fact that he's ruffling some feathers there and putting a lot of priorities for china on the table for negotiation could work out well. china has been building these islands in the south china sea, they've been trying to exert and expand their influence at the expense of the united states and i think this is where barack obama the president has fallen short. so if the president elect understands what his end game is and wants to reassert u.s. tomorrow nance in the pacific this could work out quite well.
4:36 am
in europe it's rather unsettle because he is in a sense siding with moscow's priorities over that of our most important allies. and when you are you're delegitimizing or reducing the important of nato at the expense of elevating moscow it can be a troubling matter and it can be damaging for u.s. national security. >> unpredictability isn't necessarily a bad thing in foreign relations but so far president-elect trump hasn't been unpredictable when it comes to russia. there is no carrot and stick policy where ept to russia, there is a carrot, carrot policy right now from the president elect. >> and the president elect is not holding russia accountable for what the intelligence community believes is a serious hacking of our electoral system, of our -- and beyond that. this is the problem, that there is -- doesn't seem to be the kind of balance. and i think one of the things that concerns americans as well
4:37 am
as our overseas allies is that foreign policy so far has been defined largely in 140 character tweets and there is a sense among diplomats in washington, foreign ministries all over the world that there isn't yet an outline of what happens on january 21st. there is a lot at stake. we have 68 allies who are part of the coalition against the islamic state, the isis threat that is -- that most americans believe is the greatest security danger to the united states and a lot of those allies are ones who are either -- either have been insulted or have been, you know -- have been quid about their role -- they are members of nato as well, if nato is obsolete what does that mean? what happens on january 21st when it comes to the war on isis? are these allies supposed to continue bombing, partnering with us and advising and training the iraqi army? there is a sense that there needs to be more clarity, more
4:38 am
definition. many diplomats in washington have told me they knew what hillary clinton's plan was, what her policies were and they felt comfortable. now they're being besieged by their own foreign ministries asking what the administration likely to be on x, y and z and they have to send cables back saying i don't know. >> thanks so much. coming up next evicting the press? is donald trump and his administration considering moving the media out of the west wing, that press briefing room. the reasons the trump administration says they are considering a move next. uhh, this is never easy, sugar, but your position here has been made redundant. what? who's replacing me? splenda naturals? well... she's made with stevia. come on! stevia has a bitter aftertaste. hold on. splenda naturals is not bitter. she's as sweet as sweet can be, and calorie-free. again with the calories? it turns out people don't want extra calories. so that's it? no, we made you a cake. with sugar? oh, no. (laughing)
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4:42 am
zeen suggests that the trump white house may move the press corps from the white house briefing room in the west wing across the street to the old executive office building. now, trump's team says if they make a move it would be to allow more reporters to attend the briefing. there are 49 seats in the current room. but members of the press are very concerned about this move and what it would all mean and that it would frankly be a first step in limiting media access. let's discuss it with reuters correspondent and president of the white house correspondents association jeff mason and director of the school of media and public affairs at george washington university frank sesno. >> let me begin with you, jeff, because you spent a long time over the weekend speaking with sean spicer about this. what did he say? >> i did indeed. my meeting with him was meant really just to get some more information from him about what their plans are. and he did repeat what he said in a written statement that was shared with others in the media that they're looking at having a
4:43 am
bigger space for press briefings than the current james s. brady room. i emphasized to him the importance of that press room and it's very important for members of the white house press corps to have that space. it is -- it has 49 seats but it has been a very important space symbolically for the press corps, not only because of the briefings that take place there, but because of the proximity to the west wing and our ability to have access to the press secretary specifically but other senior administration officials as well. we talked about that and they are still making their decision but i made it clear that the white house correspondents association of course supports having access and having as many reporters possible in a briefing but we'd like to focus on that briefing room and on the west wing area. >> and the west wing area includes work space for members of the free press, something it has for decades and decades. frank, if your interest is in managing how you get your
4:44 am
message to the american people i can understand moving the press out of that west wing space. if your goal is for truth and for instant quick access to information on behalf of the american people then you want those reporters, you know, ten feet away from the white house staff. frank. >> yeah, exactly. i mean, i think that it's very important to understand that there are two things going on here, one is practical and one is symbolic. on the practical level just what you said is the case. i was a white house correspondent for in network and for the associated press and being in that press room as confining as it is and it's very confining nonetheless gives you access to people in the press office, puts you on the premises, puts you in their orbit and vice versa. the other thing that it does is it demonstrates both to the administration and to the american public and to the world that the white house is accessible, it is accountable, that the president a accessible
4:45 am
and accountable. as far as the large numbers as jeff points out sean spicer rightly observes that the place is bursting at the seams and it is. the white house has accommodated that in the past with formal presidential news conferences when they put them in the east room or someplace else on the white house grounds where they can accommodate more people but the daily sort of day in, day out briefings, gagless as they call it where there's quick access with the press secretary happens with that core, smaller group of white house reporters who cover every word, every move that the president makes and it's very important to inform the american people in that way. >> the obama administration has not been, you know, perfect for close to perfect when it comes to press access but i think context, gentlemen, is so important here. this comes in the context of an administration that during the campaign revoked press credentials of members of the media that they didn't like the questions they were asking and let some of them back in after that, but also said donald trump said on the campaign trail i want to open up liable laws, i
4:46 am
want to make it easier for me to sue the press essentially. jeff. >> yeah, i mean, and you're right about that, you can't forget the context in which the president elect is coming into office. i think we right now are focused on trying to start a new relationship with this incoming administration and that would not get off to a great start if they were trying to move us out of the white house. i'm certain that we will continue to have conversations about any changes that they want to make and it's certainly in the interest of the white house correspondents association and the broader press corps to maintain access to we can aggressively report on a new administration like we would regardless of who had won the election. >> any administration. >> that's right. >> let me read you something that jeff said overnight because he had this meeting with sean and he talked about various subjects. this is what jeff said about sean. sean expressed concern that journalists adhere to a high level of deck rum at press briefings and press conferences. jays a mason said i made clear
4:47 am
that the white house correspondent association would object to a reporter being thrown out of a press briefing or press conference. sean spicer talking about the deck rum of reporters. theres a flip side of that. sean threat ld to throw out jim acosta from the press conference last week, president-elect trump was calling it fake news. >> garbage. >> garbage from the podium. >> there's been tension between the press corps and the president since thomas jefferson agonized under the scrutiny of the coverage that he got at the time. i remember vividly when i was covering the white house and with every president before and since that they have not liked the -- you know, the constant attacks that they get through the media and all the rest but that goes with the territory. it just does. look, there are two things to be keeping here in mind and somewhat separate. one is the actual logistical concerns that there may be. the deck rum of the press corps.
4:48 am
you know, reporters yell and scream at press availability, photo ops and all that kind of thing and sometimes it's really not very appealing. but also the deck rum of how the white house pays back, they have to be respected add varies. >> thank you so much. jeff, good luck. donald trump's feud with civil rights icon congressman joe lewis raising new questions. how will the president elect reach out to the african-american community? see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop
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legendary civil rights hero congressman john lewis plans to boycott president-elect trump's inauguration. here is why. >> i believe in forgiveness, i believe in -- it's going to be
4:53 am
hard, very difficult. i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected and they helped the destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> the president-elect is responding to this by slamming congressman lewis on twitter tweeting that icon is all talk and no action, the latest in a strength of tensions between president-elect trump and the african-american community. democratic strategist simone sanders, former vice chair of diversity of outreach for donald trump, brunell donald chai. thanks for being with us. first to you, simone. congressman john lewis says he does not think the president-elect of the united states will be a legitimate president. is that appropriate? >> you know what, john, i'm not here to say if it is or is not appropriate for john lewis, a civil rights icon and a committed and very active member
4:54 am
of the congress is right or wrong. but i do think john lewis is an important part of the resistance. we have seen now a number of democratic lawmakers join he and representative barbara lee in not attending the inauguration coming this friday. now we're having a robust conversation about mr. trump's treatment of the african-american community. i definitely think john lewis, he's always talked about good trouble. i think this is some good trouble for him to be in. >> we are having this discussion, that's true. but we're also talking about the peaceful transfer of power, and talking about someone who was elected president, where no one has presented any proof that it wasn't a legal, fair election. >> i want to note that, yes, the election happened. donald trump got the necessary number of 270. >> he won. just say he won. >> he did hechlt got the number 270. he won. >> that's means he's the legitimate president. >> there's a real question of
4:55 am
how the russian involved played now the the election. i think there are facts for john lewis to base his comments on. this is different than the baseless birther conspiracy movement that donald trump led. >> brunell, the flip side of this is, for the life of me, i don't understand questioning someone like john lewis saying they're all talk, talk, talk, no action. he is the definition, the walking, living, breathing definition of action, isn't he? >> what i will say is this. he is a civil rights icon, but that does not make him infallible. it doesn't make him perfect. even he can be wrong in his judgment here. what i'll say is this, constitutionally we've been here in this nation the way we have, strong and tall because the presidents and elected officials all upheld the constitution. the constitution requires a smooth transition of power. what i will say, also, is this.
4:56 am
these people have been elected and the nation is watching. donald trump has said he's going to put billions of dollars into the sinner cities. what i would say to them is to support the president-elect, begin to have that friendly conversation. let's make this peaceful. >> the nation is watching, brunell. i couldn't agree more with you on that. >> yes. >> the nation watches and listens when the president-elect engages -- that's a euphemism -- with people constantly on twitter, whether it be meryl streep, whether it be the intelligence community, whether it be congressman john lewis. the world is watching. people are watching, african-americans are watching. >> yes. i'm one of them. >> when you go after someone like john lewis and say all talk, no action, how does that help to heal? how is president-elect donald trump helping to move forward right now? >> what i'll tell you is this. donald trump was on that plane
4:57 am
crisscrossing this nation like the terminator. we watched him. we saw the rnc had boots on the ground for four years building up to that's electoral landslide on november 8th. what i'll say is donald j. trump is a person. he is not perfect. honestly with the way the media tweeted him, slammed him during the election and the disrespect continues, of course you're going to see a human response. he's hurt. who wouldn't be hurt when people who are elected, who are supposed to be supporting a smooth transition of power are out there telling people that the presidency isn't legitimate when the american people spoke very loud and clear. you are correct, it is time to heal. it is time for this divide to heal because the nation, the world is watching. when we are strong, the world is strong. when we are weak, the world is unstable. so i think that we as americans, as elected officials, as people who love this great nation as patriots, we have got to stop
4:58 am
talking about race. let's talk about how we're going to love each other and make this nation better. the first way we can do that, john lewis can do that, the 23 democrats and others can do that. they can attend that inaugural and go across that table with the president-elect and let's help these inner cities. our children are dying. they're dying. >> john, that was beautiful. >> it's the truth. >> the fact of the matter is that the president-elect that is really stoking this divide in the nation. >> miss symone, our children are guyi dying. do you understand that. >> it's the president-elect that has yet to meaningfully come to the table where women are concerned, people of color are concerned, latinos, native americans, african-americans, where the disabled community is concerned. he's disparaged all of these communities. one can argue nominating ben carson as the secretary of hud
4:59 am
is, in kt fa, demonstrating that is not serious about his engagement of african-american communities. i'm tired and disturbed by donald trump's repeated stereotypical characterization of black and brown communities saying they're drug infested, not the best communities. that's what donald trump automatically reverted to when he decided to attack john lewis. that's the behavior that needs a course correction. >> if i may respond to that, sir. what i will say is john lewis attacked the president-elect first. >> how old are we? >> that does not give him the right to disrespect our leaders, especially our 45th president. what i'll say is this, many of these communities in the african-american -- not all of them, but many of them are crime infested. that's the truth. the truth is bitter, but we have to swallow it. if we don't start telling the truth, how do we fix these communities, how do we answer
5:00 am
the cry of o our children who are filling up the prisons and the morgues? you've got to be honest. >> that has to do with systemic racism and we need course corrections in our criminal justice system. >> absolutely. >> the rhetoric is not enough. rhetoric is not going to keep our kids out of the criminal justice system. >> absolutely. >> rhetoric is not going to bring back. we need action. >> we needed it for the last eight years. >> president-elect trump canceled plans to visit the civil rights monument. is that somewhere he would benefit to vis snit. >> the president-elect, if he made the decision to not visit, i'm sure there is a reason that is probably just -- he just probably couldn't makt it. >> he's adverse to stepping foot in the black and brown community. >> i don't think he's adverse to


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