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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and John Berman  CNN  February 7, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. 10:00 a.m. eastern. the president facing critical tests in both policy and personnel. later today, three federal judges will hear arguments on whether or not to reinstate the travel ban on individuals from seven muslim majority countries. today's hearing to be conducted a little oddly over the phone may well set the same for a fight at the supreme court level. president trump again lashing out at the media falsely claiming the media did not report on a number of terror
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attacks that as you see on your screen there, cnn covered many of those attacks listed on the white house printout. >> yes, we did. >> on the senate, democrats are wrapping up 24-hour offensive against betsy devos. they spoke all night. the senators have been on the floor all night, democrats have, arguing the case against betsy devos. vice president pence will need to break a tie. it's 50-50. he'd need to break a tie and that will make history when he casts his vote. also live pictures from the homeland security committee on the house side. the secretary of homeland security, general kelly, is expected to testify any minute right now. the question is will he talk about these executive orders that are so controversial? will he talk about the border wall? we will get to all of this in this jam-packed hour. first, let's talk about this telephone hearing tonight on the president's executiveored the travel ban. joining us, laura jarrett and
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page kate, constitutional attorney. laura, first to you, help us understand how this will work this evening. >> so later tonight, around 6:00 p.m. eastern, we will have a hearing that is held by phone. the judges will hear argument for about 30 minutes per side. and then they could either rule from the bench, which will send everybody into a tizzy, or they'll do a written opinion later tonight or even maybe tomorrow. we've got a mixed panel of judges here. one appointed by a republican president and two appointed by democratic presidents. judge william canby, an appointee of jimmy carter is out of phoenix. also judge michelle friedland appointed by president obama and richard clifton, an appointee of george bush who sits in honolulu. >> we also have 16 states attorneys general who have
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filed -- they agree with the states of washington and minnesota, and they are saying we agree that this is in violation of the constitution. interesting, but does it do anything to bend the mind of these justices? >> it is very unusual for states to try to join a lawsuit that they didn't bring in the first place. >> are they joining it or just saying we -- >> they're trying to intervene. hawaii is trying to intervene. the other states have filed a brief supporting the arguments. eventually this decision is going to affect every state. it doesn't surprise me you'd have other states step in to try to support the arguments made by washington and minnesota that this ban affects our people and nobody else is here to speak up for them except the states. >> in making its rule, will the three-judge panel weigh in on whether or not there is, in fact, a threat from the types of people of this travel ban keeps out? >> that's certainly possible, but i really think we need to be cautious about our expectations here. the 9th circuit right now is only trying to determine if this temporary restraining order
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should stay in place. >> how would they decide that? >> they're first going to talk about standing. it's a legal concept. do the states have the right to sue? that may take up most of the hour of the argument. if the states can't bring this lawsuit then we never reach the constitutional question. >> does washington, minnesota have to say that we as a state and states have been irreparably harmed? that's a high bar for them to prove. usually it's just individuals who would have standing. how difficult will this be for them? >> we'll have to wait and see what the court thinks. their argument kind of rests on this idea that, look, they have a number of public universities and medical students and faculty who are abroad or want to travel back and forth between the u.s. and home. and so their tax revenue is affected if they are prevented from coming in the u.s. we'll have to see whether that stands up for the 9th circuit. >> it was interest with the attorney general of virginia on with us the last hour, page.
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and every question we asked he turned it around to say, this is hurting us in virginia. we're losing money. we're losing business. we're losing people at our schools. the reason he's doing that is because of this issue of -- >> it's still speculative. everybody looks back to the case where texas was able to show standing to challenge president obama's immigration order. >> this just happened a few years ago. >> but it was very thin. texas was saying we're going to have to spend more money on driver's licenses, supporting these folks. here it's even more speculative because they can't point to specific there are amounts the state is going to lose. there's another way they can have standing. they can say we're the only people who can make this argument. we need to represent the people of our states, and that's an argument that frankly has not been decideod by the supreme court. >> that will make it more fascinating. obviously, we'll be covering it all live. at phone call they'll live stream it so everyone can see it happening later today. laura, page, thank you. president trump meeting behind closed doors this hour with county sheriffs from across
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the country. he'll face a pretty friendly audience as he focuses on hot-button issues like border skurkts illegal security, and drug related violence. >> but the president is also being questioned for statements he's made, false statements about the media which he says ignores terror attacks. the white house has walked back that claim, a little bit. not really. cnn's joe johns at the white house. what are you hearing? >> reporter: they have walked it back, john, when you think about it. the point, according to aides, if you listen to them, that the president was trying to make is that terror attacks have lost or are losing their perceived news value because of their frequency. but the problem is, that's not what the president said. he said news media organizations are not reporting certain terror attacks. he implied there were reasons for that, but he didn't articulate the reasons. and president trump has been accused before of allowing his
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words to sort of get in front of this message. and some say that's a good example. listen. >> it's gotten to a point where it's not even being reported. and in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. they have their reasons, and you understand that. >> and it's just not true, of course. cnn has reported on many of these terrorist attacks, and the list of something like 78 that the white house put out and many other news organizations have reported on them as well. so it's just another example, perhaps, of the animosity, if you will between the administration and some in the news media. john and poppy? >> joe johns, thank you very much. appreciate the reporting. a lot to talk about. as the white house finds itself in this battle over executive orders, another war is raging. this one over facts the president is now accusing the
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media of not covering these terror attacks. take a moment and take a look because cnn was there and many, many other networks were there for a number of the attacks that were -- the list that came out from the white house. also listen to this. >> all over europe, it's happening. it's gotten to a point where it's not even being reported. and in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. they have their reasons, and you understand that. >> so as joe johns just reported, after the president said that, the white house released a list of 78 attacks it claims were underreported. the fact is cnn was on the ground. look at these pictures. for a great many of these attacks. these are just a few of the scenes from orlando, brussels, paris, nice, san bernardino, paris twice, i should add. and right here in new york. and, look, we're not trying to say, i told you so.
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it's just a fact the media has covered a lot of what the president said we did not. we're going to discuss right now. ryan lizza, washington correspondent for "the new yorker" and lynn sweet for the "chicago sun times." we are more often criticized for overreporting terrorist attacks, sensationalizing them. this is the first time from the president of the united states saying we're not reporting them enough. >> the shock with the eight screens. no doubt about it that cnn as other news networks have made terror attacks one of the highest priorities. i'm probably a little more on the side of, we don't do enough to put terrorism in the proper context. actually at least in the united states. since 9/11, under 100 americans have been killed in terrorist attacks inside the u.s. in ten attacks. you're more likely to die in the united states from slipping in the bathtub than terrorism,
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thank god. now that's -- >> we're overreporting it essentially? >> terrorism worldwide has spiked since 2013. no doubt about it. since the syrian civil war and the rise of isis. it's important. but since 9/11, we've put together anti-terrorism infrastructure in this country that has, by and large, protected us. pd that's important to note. the question is, why is the white house making terrorism such a priority? >> to that point as we discussed in the last hour, jennifer palmieri, formerly with the obama administration, lynn, made this point. she said one of the reasons maybe why the president is bringing this up, that he wants to, in a way, in a round-about way highlight the number of global terror attacks in recent years and say, look, the past administration and world leaders did not do enough to stop them. do you think that argument has merit? >> it has merit if you want to
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go down that route, which is different than accusing the news media of just ignoring horrific situations that happen, which is a staple of what cable news does, for better or worse, as you just said in the examples. and you have talked about. i'm kind of thinking that this is comfortable territory for president trump to look at what happened. he bashed the media. he's comfortable with that. and he talked about the threat of terrorists. you can do that at this stage early in the administration where you're still not responsible for having a budget, for having programs, for having details as to how exactly you want to execute your program. and just one other word about accusing the press of not reporting terrorist attacks. we have a robust network of all kinds of news organizations in this country, and i cannot see any local outlet not reporting on a horrible situation in their
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backyard. >> stand by. house speaker paul ryan is taking some questions here. let's listen in. >> over/under reporting something, that's your job. i'll stick with mine. >> over the weekend, president trump [ inaudible ]. [ laughter ] for the speaker of the house to say it is important to respect other branches of government? >> we respect an independent judiciary. this is a separate branch of government. he's not the first president to get frustrated with the ruling from a court. i think what's most important are the actions. this administration is honoring the ruling, and this administration is going through the proper procedures to deal with the ruling to try and get the ruling overturned. they are going through the appeals process. they are respecting the separation of powers and the process. he's an unconventional president and gets frustrated with judges.
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but he's respecting the process and that's what counts at the end of the day. >> the president also talked about a timeline for changing the current health care system. he put that at a year. is that a time you're comfortable with? is he getting that from you or -- >> there's a little confusion here. the legislation is going to be done this year. we are going to be done legislate with respect to health care and obamacare this year. the question is, how long does it take to implement the full replacement of obamacare? that's why we have to get tom price at hhs and seema burma confirmed at cms so they can get to work on replacing this collapsing law. how long it takes to effectuate the change and put these things in place is a question hhs can answer. as far as legislating, we'll do our legislating this year. >> over the weekend we saw a fair amount of backlash from americans voicing their concerns, directing it to republican members about this. are you concerned that you need to just present a plan but sell it to the american people quickly? >> it's important for people to
7:14 am
speak their minds in this country. we cherish the first amendment and people who are concerned and anxious, we want them to know we want to listen to their concerns and that peaceful protests are something we honor in this country. i just hope people keep it peaceful, respect private property, have no violence. this is something we cherish. we've been doing this in wisconsin for many years. we're used to this where i come from. but the point that we cannot escape, obamacare is collapsing. it's not working. premiums are going up double-digits. deductibles are so high. doesn't even feel like you got insurance. the law is in the middle of a collapse and it's our duty and obligation to replace it with something better. the good news is we actually ran on a plan to replace obamacare. and now our committees are in the midst of putting that plan together. yes, this year, we're going to be going out and talking about what our plan is. the one we ran on in 2016 and why it's going to be better. and so that's what i think you should take a look at. take a look at our plan for pre-existing conditions.
7:15 am
it's far superior. our plans with refundable tax credits. more insurance competition so we can have competition in the marketplace to get prices down. that's the beautiful thing about the american health care system we restored. so we do have plans. our committees are busy doing this and yes, we're going to have a great conversation with our fellow citizens about how it is our mission to rescue the health care system from its imminent collapse and to give people something better. and we hope to get this done as fast as possible because families are counting on us. >> who are you from? >> [ inaudible ]. when do you expect that? how much do you expect and what vehicle do you expect on bringing that to the house? >> i don't know the answer to the size and scope of it because they haven't sent it to us yet. we've always long anticipated we'd get a supplemental from the
7:16 am
administration on defense issues. thank you very much. >> you are listening to house speaker paul ryan. ryan lizza and lynn sweet. house speaker right out of the gate saying i'm not going to comment on whether the media overreports or underreports terrorism. right out of the gate the house speaker saying obamacare, we're going to pass legislation some time this year, despite what the president said, maybe next year, and right out of the gate, paul ryan saying maybe the president wasn't criticizing federal judges. >> he's been criticizing the media, federal judges and he gives the answer any politician normally gives. don't attack the judiciary. they are independent. he gave the sort of normal politic response to all of this. look, every republican press conference for the last two years has been the same thing, right? donald trump said this outrageous thing. what do you think? so this is just the way it's going to be. >> i just wonder what you think
7:17 am
that does overall to the party. big picture. is it going to be four years of clean up on aisle three as john puts it? >> i like that term. it's also going to be three years of paul ryan saying trump is an unconventional president. i like that term, as if that explains everything. well, he's unconventional, but so when paul ryan says he's unconventional, you kind of think implied in that, so we cut him some slack. that's what i don't know is going to last when you talk about the next four years. i think after awhile, i just have this sense that once you have a state of the union, a trump budget, this will change because then he is in the thick of legislating, having to work within his own party without -- he has to get through that before he can even think about going across the aisle. so i don't think it will stay the same. i think it will change and the first thing i look at is when he has to actually do a budget
7:18 am
because he has to actually make all kinds of decisions and it will open up other conversation streams. and the big three that you talked about, ryan lizza. >> there were moments during the campaign when paul ryan would differ from him and say that's the textbook definition of race ump. in a few rare moments he'd do that. still ahead for us -- homeland security secretary john kelly about to testify in front of the homeland security committee. they'll be talking about the border wall and u.s./mexico security. when it starts, we'll bring it to you live. ♪
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sadly, there still is a need for an office for civil rights in the department of education that's aggressive when it comes to the defense of freedom and our rights. i did not hear such a commitment from this nominee.
7:23 am
>> that was senator cory booker from new jersey, one of the senate democrats up all night in an action that's really still going on. they're trying to stop the nomination of betsy devos. it's 50/50 split. if that holds, vice president pe pence would have to cast that tie-breaking vote. >> it's never hand when it comes to a cabinet pick. >> soon democratic leaders will hold a press conference to talk about the devos vote. sunlen, let me begin with you. the democratic senator from michigan said on cnn last night on this network, look, we think we might have that one extra republican needed to come to our side to block her. are you getting any sense they do have it, and who would that be? >> no, the reality is that republicans are still standing firm and that we haven't seen an additional defection as was predicted last night by the
7:24 am
michigan senator. and that was the point of this democratic protest all night on the senate floor, now going on 20-plus hours of debate in back-to-back speeches. they hope they could ratchet up the pressure and pick up just one republican vote. as of now, that has not happened. >> sunlen, stand by. also stand by, manu. we're going to jump in to listen to homeland security secretary john kelly who is speaking now. >> i have recently had the opportunity to witness firsthand the pride, experience and professionalism of the dhs workforce. and i am proud of our men and women as the nation should be as well. as secretary, you have my commitment to vigorously defend our country, secure our borders and enforce our laws, all the while facilitating lawful trade and travel. in doing so, know that i take seriously our responsibility to balance security with the protections afforded by law, privacy rights and our civil rights and liberties. securing the nation's borders is one of the primary
7:25 am
responsibilities of any sovereign nation, including ours. under my leadership and the direction of president trump, we will finally do so. we will build appropriate physical barriers which will be monitored and supported by trained professionals within the department of homeland security. we will work to prevent illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking and terrorists, and i include here narco terrorists, from entering our nation. we'll enforce our immigration laws in an efficient and effective manner. we'll work closely with state and local law enforcement partners, some of whom are here today. all of this consistent with federal law. it's our duty to protect our citizens from terrorism and to prevent the admission of foreign nationals who intend to exploit our generous immigration laws. the president's executive orders on border security and immigration enforcement will enhance public safety for all of our citizens. the president's recent executive order to temporarily suspend
7:26 am
entry for foreign nationals from seven countries, we believe, is lawful and constitutional and the review ordered by the president is necessary and appropriate. it will enable us to assess the adequacy and availability of information we need from all countries to adjudicate all visa applications. other benefits under our existing immigration laws and to determine if the person seeking the benefit is, in fact, who they say they are and would not present as a threat. while some of the core tenets of this order are the subject of ongoing litigation, it's my belief we'll prevail and be able to take the steps necessary to protect our nation. americans must feel safe to walk down the street, go to the mall or to a nightclub. anywhere at any time. fear must not become the status quo as it has in so many parts of the world. my responsibility and that of the tremendous men and women of the department is to carry out those lawful measures in a manner that best protets the
7:27 am
safety of all americans. the safety of american lives is and will always be my foremost concern. before i conclude, i'd like to thank the committee for its continued leadership notably in seeking to reauthorize the department. i appreciate your reference in securing the memorandum of understanding which will help facilitate the reauthorization currently need. the threats and challenges have changed since congress created dhs some 15 years ago. we need to update the authorities to successfully complete our mission today. i look forward, sir, to answering your questions. >> thank you, mr. secretary. i now recognize myself for questioning. we look forward to work with you on the authorization, which is long overdue. let me say first, i agree with the policy of the executive order. it's consistent with a memo i drafted with -- to then candidate trump with mayor giuliani, mukasey. >> you're listening to homeland security secretary john kelly
7:28 am
testifying in the house. interesting in the opening statements he talked about the travel ban, which, of course, is up before the 9th circuit court of appeals this ash. afternoon. >> he does believe it's legal and does believe it's important. want to bring in manu raju. it's interesting because secretary kelly, since last week, has been tasked, i think, by this white house, to sort of fix some of the perception problem with the implementation of the travel ban. the public perception and perception on capitol hill where there has been a lot of criticism. >> yeah, no doubt about that, guys, actually. one of the things you're hearing from a lot of republican lawmakers is that, well, we had concerns initially when this came out. we had concerns about the way this is rolled out. now that secretary kelly is involved, now that he's trying to clean it up and make some changes, deal with things in terms of green card holders, make sure they can come back to the united states, they feel better now. and kelly's testimony today, important in that regard.
7:29 am
the question is whether or not he can alleviate enough concerns among republicans to prevent them from pushing legislation that would rescind that executive order. we are getting a sense that democrats are pushing very hard for that legislation to rescind the executive order but not from republicans. even republican critics don't want to go there because of the assurances that secretary kelly is making publicly and privately right now on the hill. so his testimony today very important as well. what he's saying to members of congress, at least keeping republicans at bay for the time being, even as public criticism over the executive order continues to grow, guys. >> manu raju on capitol hill, thanks so much. we should say the president spoke moments ago at the white house about the travel ban and the fight and how far he is willing to take this fight. we'll play that sound for you right after the break. broke into a house owned by three bears.
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good morning. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. less than two hours from now, the full senate will begin its confirmation vote for betsy devos, president trump's choice for education secretary. she's been his most embattled nominee. >> as of now, the septembnate l 50/50. despite democrats pulling an all-nighter to try to convince one more republican to defect, it isn't clear that they have that vote. one of those democrats to make that case overnight is senator tammy baldwin, a democrat from
7:35 am
wisconsin. senator, thanks for being with us. >> it's a pleasure. thank you for having me. >> you and your colleagues were up all night trying to peel off one more republican vote to stop the nomination of betsy devos. do you have that vote? >> i have not heard it reported that another republican will vote against her, but we are still hoping. i've heard from an extraordinary number of wisconsinites. over 7,000 phone calls, over 14,000 e-mails. i have to expect that my republican colleagues are hearing the same because simply put, betsy devos is unqualified to lead the education department. and i am hopeful, especially for those republicans who represent states where public education is everything, and they'll understand that betsy devos with her longstanding record of
7:36 am
trying to privatize education and bring tax dollars out of public education and put them into private schools that they will understand that this is in the interest of their constituents from their states. >> so senator, i want to play for you what one of your fellow democrats told me this week. kevin chaffet is the executive council for the american federation of children. a democrat. used to advise the obama administration on education issues. he is supporting devos. here's how he put it. >> she cares about kids. she believes in public education but she also believes in making sure we give a lifeline to those kids we know are going to drop out tomorrow. >> and he cited a statistic from his organization saying one child drops out of school, public school in america, every 42 seconds. why do you believe he's wrong? >> it's not about his perspective. it's about whether she has even the basic rudimentary understanding of the major
7:37 am
debates in education. whether she understands our public school systems k through 12 and -- >> and he says she does and she will fix a system that he believes is broken, citing that fact. why do you think he's wrong about her specifically? >> because i sit on the education panel in the u.s. senate that had a chance to meet individually with betsy devos. i've also had a chance to see her try to tackle questions for hours at a education panel hearing, and she failed utterly to show that she even had the basic grasp of our traditions in public education in this country, including failing to understand the individuals with disabilities education act and the commitment we make to make sure that every child in america has access to a free public education, regardless of race, regardless of disability, regardless of zip code or
7:38 am
parents' income. >> senator baldwin, you're up for re-election in 2018. a lot of folks are looking at this and saying this could be a tough race. president trump won your state in the past election. yet you come out in opposition to his cabinet nominee for education secretary and several others and recently last week, two days after the nomination, came out against his choice for the supreme court, judge gorsuch. is that representative of the will of the people of wisconsin whom you represent? >> you know, in 2012, the people of wisconsin sent me to washington to stand up to powerful interests and work as hard as i can to advance opportunities for wisconsin's working people. and what i am doing every day is continuing to pursue those goals, whether it's opposition to betsy devos or these other cabinet secretaries that have been put forward who are much more aligned with powerful corporate interests and not
7:39 am
focused on the struggles of everyday wisconsin families just working hard to get ahead. >> senator tammy baldwin from wisconsin, thanks inquiry being with us. appreciate your time, especially after being up late with your fellow democrats. one bit of housekeeping to do right now. yesterday when we were reporting the officials who backed the travel ban, we had a graphic mistakenly showing a picture of the wrong john mclaughlin. we showed the tv host instead of the former cia director. we apologize for that error. from maybelline new york. 12 pigment-rich shades... from gilded gleams, to precious metals. maybelline's the 24k nudes. make it happen ♪maybelline new york won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car
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7:43 am
united states and other countries through the migration. and then we're not allowed to be tough on the people coming in? explain that one. so we'll see what happens. we have a big court case. we're well represented. and we're going to see what happens. >> is it going to go to the supreme court, do you think? >> we'll see. hopefully it doesn't have to. it's common sense. some things are law, and i'm all in favor of that. and some things are common sense. this is common sense. >> mr. president, if it's unreported or underreported -- unreported is the phrase you used yesterday, but if it's underreported, why do you think the media is not reporting or america is -- >> well, i happen to think -- i have to know. because i'm reported on possibly more than anybody in the world. i don't think you'll say anything about that. i happen to know how dishonest the media is. i happen to know that stories about me that should be good, or bad. i don't mind a bad story if it's
7:44 am
true. stories that should be a positive story, when they make them totally negative, i understand the total dishonesty of the media better than anybody. i let people know it. the media is a very, very dishonest arm, and we'll see what happens. not everybody. and i have to say that. i always preface it by saying not everybody. but there's tremendous dishonesty. pure outright dishonesty from the media. >> all right. the president as he meets with sheriffs from counties across the country taking a few questions from the white house pool there talking about and defending the travel ban saying he hopes it doesn't have to go all the way to the supreme court, calling it common sense. doesn't seem to understand why it's being debated. also, once again, going after the media. ryan lizza is back with us and lynn sweet. common sense versus something that should be debated. your take? >> the question about this travel ban from the beginning
7:45 am
is, is it targeting the right people? i mean, since 9/11, there have been 396 terrorism cases. those are people in the united states or americans abroad that the american authorities have gone after for terrorism related charges. 83% of those people, this is according to the new america foundation which tracks all this stuff. 83% of those cases were american citizens or permanent residents. so what you hear from -- i spent the last couple days talking to counterterrorism officials. what you hear is we don't understand why a ban on these countries is -- helps make us safer, right? so that's i think the argument that they just haven't made to most people's satisfaction. >> it's one of the things the judges today, the federal appeals court in san francisco may decide on. they may decide on other things. but we also heard the president talk about how he'll let this work its way through the system now. now federal judges will get to rule on this and it may go all
7:46 am
the way to the supreme court. you talked to a lot of people on the hill. he might have been able to avoid all of this had there been a greater level of consultation and maybe more planning before signing this order. >> yes, john, exactly. and in could have been made more -- it could have been made more legal bulletproof. but it didn't happen that way. so when the president said he's going to work -- let this lawsuit work through the system, at this point, it really is not up to him because the lawsuit exists. the arguments will be made. the case, i believe, will end up in the supreme court. right now 4-4 divided. then we add on top of this what will be the unfolding drama over the confirmation of trump's newly minted supreme court nominee. so this goes back to the goal is something everybody agrees on. you don't want a terrorist in the nation. how you then have the plan to make sure that happens is what's essentially and simply at issue
7:47 am
here. >> so one of the other things he did there in the brief remarks is attacked the media. he said i don't mind fake stories. that's in opposition to what he tweeted yesterday. i don't mind bad story, i should say. i mind them when they are good stories and the media purposefully turns them negative. >> when it's about him. >> i don't think there's any question this white house, they want cheerleaders. they want the media to be cheerleaders to their policies and proposals. that's not the way it works. >> always a certain amount of working the refs. the white house and campaign officials attacking the media, trying to get us to focus on things they care about. this is at a level that is far different. there is just this obsession right now with trying to get us to focus on the issues that they care about to the point where they are just brow beating us every day. and, you know, i think that that
7:48 am
is troubling, especially when doing it before a military audience as he did yesterday. >> but as a tactic to get the media doing that, saying things like he said yesterday in front of the media saying the media doesn't cover terror attacks which is completely false and we're talking about that and not about this travel ban likely going to the supreme court? >> it's a distraction. it's a tactic. it's a strategy, and i don't think i can say it enough. it will be hard to sustain because at some point he has to get more into the nitty-gritty of governing. of course, it's damaging to the press and distrustful because we have thick skins. reporters can always take criticism, but when you say things that we don't opt terrorism, when you take that broad sweep from local to national to international, it's just not true. and the reporter who did the follow-up today, in the white house had a very good question. are you saying, sir, that it's underreported, which is, okay,
7:49 am
we can debate, or not reported at all, which isn't true? >> one other point, i have a piece that just posted on new talked to officials and the surprising thing i heard was what they were worried about is if, this is the atmosphere the white house is creating now in a period of relative calm in this country where we are not under threat, where we are not seeing terrorist attacks in this country, what happens when there's an actual terrorist attack in this country? and if the white house is attacking the media and the judiciary for, in their argument, not focusing enough on this, what happens afterwards when the country is jittery and scared. >> and needs to be brought together. >> laying the groundwork for that. ryan lizza, lynn sweet, thanks. still to come for us, wicked bad weather in boston, but that doesn't matter because they are wicked tough there. and they are there to greet the world champion new england patriots home with their super
7:50 am
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this just in.
7:54 am
my sources in boston telling me patriots nation packing the streets, greeting the heroic super bowl champion new england patriots. >> andy scholes has more on the victory parade in a snowy, bleak day. >> the fans braving the cold weather out there to get a glimpse of the champion patriots as they make their way through downtown boston. this a live look along the parade route. the parade set to step off in just a few minutes. the team will be riding through downtown on those duck boats just like they did back in 2015. as you can see, a little snow coming down, but boston fans are quite used to these championship parades. i saw this picture on twitter just moments ago. a young fan named patrick -- not that one. another one. but the picture said, i'm 15 years old.
7:55 am
this is my tenth championship parade. how about that? those fans. there it is. fans in boston, a little spoiled up there. now another story we're following this morning, guys, finding tom brady's jersey now a top priority for law enforcement officials in texas. the texas rangers, houston police department and nfl security all looking for brady's jersey. and brady said he put it in his bag in his locker after the game and it was just gone. >> did someone take my jersey. >> i put it in my bag. i absolutely put it in my bag. >> and that was the moment brady realized it was gone. he searched high and low for it. the lieutenant governor of texas says they are on the trail adding that texas places a high value on hospitality and football. very disappointed this happened in houston. collectors say that super bowl mvp game-worn jersey could be worth as much as $500,000. guys? >> i am pretty sure i know who
7:56 am
has it. >> i would only have it because i want the sweat, the essence of tom brady that close to me. >> andy scholes, stay with us for the surprise that you ruined, my friend. let's bring her up. baby loving her pats. she rocked it all day yesterday. >> she's a winner already. she knows what it's like to win. >> with her little nike ducks, i should add. >> thank you so much. >> have a good one. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. "at this hour with kate bolduan" starts after a quick break.
7:57 am
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate balduan. we begin with breaking news involving president trump's controversial travel ban. in just hours, a legal showdown on the fate of the executive order. federal judges are set to rule on whether or not the hold on the ban stays in place. but moments o s ago, the new secretary of homeland security took the blame for the rocky roll-out. first, to the president. he's defending the travel ban once again in a meeting at the white house just now. listen. >> how far are you willing to take your travel ban fight? >> we're going to take it through the system. it's very important. it's very important for the country, regardless of me or whoever succeeds at a later date. we have to have security in our country. we have to have the ability. when you take some place like syria, you take all of the different people. and if you remember, isis said


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