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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 22, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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concern gripping immigrant communities as homeland security outlines how it plans to enforce president trump's orders on border security. what the dhs orders mean nationwide. moments ago. >> usa! >> that is just a taste of some of the angry crowds greeting lawmakers at town halls. we'll have some of the most revealing moments you don't want to miss. and after finally denouncing anti-semitism, president trump still finds himself taking heat from jewish organizations. saying the white house is simply trying to cover its tracks now. good morning, welcome to "early start." we're halfway through the week, i'm ana cabrera. >> i'm boris sanchez. 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. and there is growing concern among immigrants this morning
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that their communities could be torn apart understand the administration newly outlined plans to enforce immigration laws more aggressively. guidance just released by the department of homeland security could pave the way for a huge expansion of undocumented immigrants detained and deported. there's no doubt much of this will come up as dhs secretary john kelly and secretary of state rex tillerson visit mexico city today and tomorrow for meetings with pena and his cabinet on trade. we're joined by laura barrett by more detail. >> good morning, boris. the biggest take-away from the memos from department of homeland security make clear that the immigration officers are going to have more wider discretion to decide who will run that. practically speaking if agents go on a raid to find a criminal undocumented immigrant, anyone else who happens to be with that
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person at the same time and who is also in the u.s. unlawfully may now also be deported. that's what's really new here, boris. >> now, laura, the dhs and supporters of this guidance repeatedly said that this is just enforcement of existing law. that there's really nothing new here. but is that actually the case? >> i think the better way to think about this is really a difference in priorities so, president obama focused on those who had been convicted of serious crimes. whereas, president trump is castinging a much wider net to include anyone even accused of a crime, boris. >> so, we're still waiting for this new travel ban to remrals the earlier executive order shut down in court. we're told that it may come out earlier today or more likely tomorrow. do you have any more details on that? >> well, we're waiting to see the details for sure. but two things we're hearing, one that congressional
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republicans, leader on capitol hill, has been more involved this time around. you'll recall the last time they felt like they were cut out. and the second thing that we're hearing from sources is that trump's political aide steven miller has had a little less to do with the second executive order, whereas trump's lawyers are taking the lead this time, boris. >> there were a lot of complaints of some people even within the republican ranks that this was rushed out too quickly without consulting enough of the legal experts clearly helping to put this together. laura jarrett, thank you for your time. now to join us, cnn digital managing editor zach wolf live in washington. zach, let's start with the new guideline released by dhs yesterday. what a lot of people are saying, this is likely to expand the amount of people who are now detained and then deported. what do you think, as far as your analysis, is this a game-changer? >> well, i think we have to see
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how it actually ends up affecting people. in order to see what the ultimate political effect is going to be. there is certainly a change, as bo laura said, in priority, a change in tone, the idea that they will have more leeway or reinterpret the law in such a way to ensnare more people. we forget it's not that the obama administration was not deporting people. >> that's why he was named the deporter in chief by daca. >> that's right. and he was also pursuing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. this president was voted into office to do quite the opposite. in the new executive order and reinterpreting the laws this way show that not only is he not going to, you know, be focused on undocumented -- helping them,
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he's going to be trying to push them out at a greater rate. >> one of the things about this new guideline, it gives law enforcement officers on the ground expanded authority. do you foresee problems coming up in that? >> again, we'll have to see exactly how it occurs. you know, a lot of this -- there's been this issue where people go to, you know, they're basically caught and released -- they call it catch and release. are they going to keep these people for longer periods of time? is giving officers more leeway going to even change further their relationship between these millions of people who could potentially be targeted? and law enforcement, is it going to force them farther into the shadows? there's so many open questions about this new interpretation. it could be a true game-changer. >> i want to play a clip from one of the town halls that happened in the last 24 hours.
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we're seeing a lot of frustration, a lot of republicans as they return to their home districts. here's what happened in tennessee, a town hall for marsha blackburn, watch. >> we have in the white house right now the notorious nationalist as a special adviser to the president of the united states. >> i don't speak for the president. >> we want to know how you feel about it. >> my interactions with him have been fine. also policy director have been specific to certain policies. sa and i am not aware that he's taken anybody's place on getting that. >> so, she was asked about steve bannon who is of course the right-hand man of president trump, controversial figure.
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how did she do in terms of her response in termless of dancing around the issue? >> well, she certainly danced around it a little bit. she can only talk about her interactions with these people and that's what she's stuck with. i think going forward there is this idea about steve bannon, that he was involved with breitbart. and that they have put this nationalist, i wouldn't know if you'd say white nationalist, but nationalist view that they've put together. but certainly an ideology that hasn't had a seat of power here. >> watching video of a town hall in iowa have senator joni ernst was forced out. she had to cut it short by 45 minutes and ran out in the parking lot where she was chased by protesters. frankly, we haven't seen this much influence from democrats in
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some time. we didn't really see anything like this during the campaign. what do democrats now do to try to translate this into votes in 2018 and 2020? >> well, i think it will be interesting to see to what extent this has to do with obamacare specifically. as republicans really try to take away that signature achievement of president obama. are these protests related to that, or are they just partisan sort of grass roots being frustrated? or can they really turn it into opposition, to a real policy agenda that donald trump and the republicans are going to have? i think that will be really important for them going forward, if they can sort of keep that energy focused. you'll remember after 2009 which is the last time we saw this kind of energy at town hall meetings where democrats are trying to pass obamacare. and now republicans are trying to take it away feeling the same kind of pressure. that two years later, republicans were able to ride
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that to majorities in the house. so, democrats if they can keep that up, if they can keep that focus it can equal electoral gains i think in the midterm. >> there are some irony there, the same issue that's fired up both sides years apart. thank you so much for joining us, zach wolf. we'll talk to you soon. speaking about what democrats do in the future, you should tune in tonight. eight candidates want to lead the democratic national committee. we see the debate moderated by dana bash and chris cuomo. it's a critical time as they try to build for the future and figure out how they're going to oppose president trump. don't forget, 10:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. overseas, iraqi forces are make something gains as they try to force isis out of mosul. but new obstacles stand in their way. we're live in iraq, next.
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iraqi officials say they are making progress in a large scale push to retake western mosul from isis. u.s.-backed forced have now cleared terrorists from a key village overlooking mosul's airport. but the battle ahead is not an easy one. this war wages on with iraqi forces now discovering tunnels dug by isis. they also discovered bomb making factories believed to be tied to isis. i want to bring in cnn international correspondent ben wedeman, live in erbil. they're making progress, ben, but a lot of people are talking about the hundreds of thousands of civilians in harm's way. what do you know is happening with those people? >> reporter: well, there's about, according to the united nations, ana, around 800,000 civilians living in the western part of the city, of course, they're essentially caught in the cross fire in the battle.
2:15 am
even before the fighting began we know they were suffering from shortages of food, medicine, heating oil and safe drinking water. now, if you look at what happened in the eastern part of the city, the iraqi army did establish what they called safe passage roots out of the city, the problem was that isis stationed snipers along those safe routes. so they weren't really safe at all. and we spoke to many people who had fled eastern mosul, and they said they came under fire from those snipers, so those people are in a very precarious position. in the past, the iraqi government which wanted to avoid a mass exodus of civilians out of the city have told civilians to stay put if they feel safe. increasingly, given the level of air attacks, artillery bottom bartments and whatnot, there's
2:16 am
really nowhere safe in western mosul. and frankly, there's really nowhere for them to go. and the battle does seem to be intensifying. the day before yesterday, iraqi forces took control of albu saif which is a village just to the south, about a mile south of the southern perimeter of mosul. now, there are iraqi artillery on that hill pounding that airport, which is the first major objective of this operation. but even if they take the airport, they still haven't gotten to the narrow alleyways and streets that are really going to be a challenge to the iraqis when they enter the city. because, we know, for instance, isis has dug an extensive network of tunnels in many parts of the city. ana. >> just the image that you paint with your words it definitely sounds like an intense situation and certainly a challenge for iraqi forces and civilians in that area. thank you so much, ben for the update.
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from that conflict in the mideast to one we've been following in eastern europe. the deepening divide between russia and the ukraine unfold as more cease-fire violations are reported. we'll take you live to moscow, next.
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there are growing tensions between russia and ukraine at the united nations following the sudden death of a russian ambassador. the ukraine is blocking a formal u.n. statement of condolences on his passing. now, officials are confirming about 200 cease-fires violations in eastern ukraine, just overnight. let's go to cnn international correspondent matthew chance. he's live for us in moscow.
2:22 am
matthew, how is russia responding to this blocking of condolences? >> they criticized it. in fact, in a statement yesterday from the kremlin, the kremlin spokesman here dmitry peskov ted it would be up to god to punish the ukrainians for that. certainly, he's been widely celebrated here. his career has been here. vitaly churkin is the u.n. ambassador. and there's been condolences covered here on national television. this is a loss to the russian community that the russian authorities are feeling very acutely. >> and, matthew, what is the situation now on the border between the russian-occupied portion of ukraine and the parts that are still technically ukraine? >> well, i mean, there's been a lot of tension in those eastern regions of ukraine. there's been a cease-fire that's
2:23 am
been enforced now for a couple of days. it's being monitored by the organization of security and cooperation in europe. and over the past 24 hours there there be over 200 cease-fire violations it seems like a lot but from a few weeks ago that's a significant improvement. and heavy weapons being used, 100 violations of explosions. indicating thinks like tanks and artillery pcs are used. and so a difficult situation. but the flare-up of fighting certainly seems to have diminished in the past couple of days. >> it's disconcerting to hear that 200 cease-fire violations. thank you for your reporting. >> rescue are under way in parts of san jose, california. you can see why parts of the
2:24 am
city are hit by severe flooding. people having to get around in boats, entire villages completely swamped there. you can see all of that rain producing a pretty scary situation for the folks. overflowing creeks submerge whole neighborhoods with more than 2 inches of rain falling in the past 48 hours. several water rescues. including one by helicopter, again, many by boat have taken place. hundreds of people have had to evacuate. >> this guy is lucky. he got stranded on a capsized boat for nearly 12 hours. this is arthur moscuto, he was taking his boat out for a test ride when something went wrong. his boat got flooded and then flipped. after his girlfriend didn't hear for him for several hours, she contacted the coast guard saying he went out monday afternoon and had not gotten back. he was finally found 4:00 a.m. the next morning. shaken up and probably cold as
2:25 am
well. >> frightening situation. homeland securitization it's just enforcing the law. that really has provided little comfort to the immigrant communities, as families are still worried about being broken apart. we'll talk about the impact of this new guidance on enforcing the president's immigration orders, next. ther, you had the kid of your dreams. now you can put them in the car of your dreams... for a lot less than you might think. with a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, you can enjoy legendary safety, innovation and performance at a price you can afford. and that's a pretty sweet dream. visit the certified pre-owned sales event, now through february 28th. only at your authorized dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. say goodbye to extra taxes and fees on your wireless bill and hello to t-mobile one. right now, get 2 lines of unlimited data for $100 bucks taxes and fees included. 2 lines, $100 dollars. all in, all unlimited. switch today.
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♪ everyone deserves attention, whether you've saved a lot or just a little. at pnc investments, we believe you're more than just a number. so we provide personal financial advice for every retirement investor. ♪ there is growing concern in immigrant communities nationwide. homeland security outlining how it's going to enforce president trump's orders on border security. as two of trump's top officials prepare to visit mexico. >> usa! >> those angry constituents greeting republican lawmakers at town halls and other events all over the country. we have the moments that you'll want to stick around for with members of congress heading for the exits. and was it too little too
2:30 am
late? the president's denuouncunciati anti-semitism. welcome back to "early start." i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm ana cabrera. there's growing concern with president trump's plans to enforce immigration. guide lance just released from the department of homeland security could pave the way for a huge expansion of undocumented immigrants detained and deported. this is going to come up as john kelly and secretary of state rex tillerson visit mexico tomorrow. they'll be meeting with president nieto pena there. cnn's laura jarrett has more on the broader impact of what's in the dhs memos. laura. >> good morning, ana. one of the biggest takeaways
2:31 am
from the guidance memos that we're seeing from homeland security is that they really make clear that immigration officers are now going to have much broader discretion to decide who to round out in the first place. practically speaking here if an agent goes on a raid to find a criminal undocumented immigrant, anyone else who happens to be with that person at the same time who is also here unlawfully may now be deported, that. >> now, the dhs repeatedly stressed this is just enforcement of existing law. why then are people so scared? >> so, then, i think a better way to think about this might be a difference in priorities between the two administrations we're seeing. so, under president obama, he really focused on those who had been convicted of serious crimes, like felonies. whereas, president trump is now casting a much widing net to include anyone who has even been about kufldz ccused of a crime. >> as for that new travel ban,
2:32 am
we're also waiting to hear word of what that's going to look like. could come as early as today. more likely tomorrow. we're hearing, any more details on that? >> we're told some time this week and we're told that the white house is really trying to engage senior republican leadership on capitol hill this time. whereas, last time, some of those on the right felt left out or cut out of the process. we're also hearing that the president's political adviser stephen miller has had less to do with the second executive order this time around. and that trump's lawyers and the white house counsel office are taking the lead role on drafting, ana. >> thank you, laura. >> we'll see what comes of the new executive order. but joining us now to discuss the latest action. we've got cnn politics digital editing manager zach wolf. zach, i want to role through some of the memos that we're seeing from dhs and the guidance
2:33 am
from president obama -- or president trump. there's going to be an increase in the number of immigrants who face expedited removal. it's going to lilt who can be released pending a hearing. and there's going to be new resources a surge of immigration judges and facilities. in your eyes, from what we're hearing early on, what's going to be the biggest difference. obama was known as the deporter in chief with more than 2 million deportations. are we going to see even more? >> well, they're certainly argue they go have that leeway. president obama had chosen and his justice department had chosen to enforce the law in a certain way. and now president trump in his way are going to enforce the law in a very different, much more strict passion that could lead to roundups, i think, that could make either that deporter in chief moniker pale in comparison. if they were thought to release people back into the u.s., while
2:34 am
they were waiting for hearings, if they were to detain more people. if they were to give immigration officials such more leeway, you could really feel a sea change in the way we treat immigrants in this country. >> i want to play some sound from press secretary sean spicer as he addressed those priorities under this new guideline. let's listen. >> everybody who is here illegally is subject to removal at anytime. that is consistent with every country. not just ours. if you're in this country, in an illegal manner, then obviously, there's a provision that could ensure that you be removed. but the priority that the president has laid forward and the priority that isis is putting forward through dhs' guidance is to make sure that the people who have committed a crime or public safety are a priority of their efforts. >> yet, we've seen some of the stories in arizona, colorado, with mothers who have children
2:35 am
born here it's in u.s. who have faced deportation, even if they've had a minimal crime on their record. so it does sound like all bets are off. we do know, however, donald trump tame out and said those who are here and have daca, they will still be protected. now, that could be seen as an olive branch, right? >> sure. and that has been one of the primary focuses for, i think, at the end of the obama administration and heading in for, you know, people to support those daca people who came out of the shadows, the children of undocumented immigrants, who, you know, were brought here as young people. and have lived most if not their entire lives in the united states, who essentially are americans to not put them on the front of the list. and send them back to a country that they don't know. so, that's something that immigration advocates can look to. but we've already seen, you
2:36 am
know, a few instances of people, you know, being forced out. even when they have that daca, you know -- even under daca. >> right. >> zach, we have to talk about the town halls that we've been seeing all over the country with republican lawmakers getting quite a bit of anger from democratic activists and constituents. we want to play you some sound from an encounter that marsha blackburn from tennessee had with a constituent. listen to this. >> we have in the white house now a notorious white nationalist, special adviser to the president of the united states. i'd like to know your thoughts on that. >> i don't speak for the president. i think the president -- >> we want to know how you feel about it. you're our congresswoman. >> yes, my interactions with him as a whole have been fine.
2:37 am
the things that have been policy-directed have been specific to certain policies. and i am anonot aware that he's taken anybody's place -- >> you hear the reaction from the crowd there after she responded to a question after steve bannon's involvement in the white house. what i really wanted to point out is that these constituents, activists or not, were not really being shy at these town halls. they're challenging these republican lawmakers. i want to show you what the president responded with in regards to the outcry in town halls. he tweeted out, quote, the so-called angry crowds in home districts of some republicans are actually in numerous cases planned out by liberal act that visit activists. sad. i guess the question is how do you feel they're responding to the constituents?
2:38 am
are they considering them activists? >> well, i think that's one way to see the outrage in these town halls, i'm sure there's an element of planning by liberal groups to target the town halls. it's not every day, i think, that they think they can see republican lawmakers and have cameras in front of them. so, i'm sure there's an agenda there. but i don't think you can dismiss every single person there as a liberal activist as said. that's certainly not true. >> we're seeing the video of the joni ernst event in iowa which was in a rural area where she typically finds friendly territory. clearly, people feel passionate enough if they don't live in those areas to go there, to meet their representatives. do you feel that representatives and senators who have gone home are prepared for the anger that they are facing? >> not if you look at those pictures we're seeing right now.
2:39 am
i mean, that's pretty remarkable. it's reminiscent of the town hall protests we saw in the leadup to the passage of obamacare. and i think a lot of the questions frustrated questions from people now are about the repeal of obamacare. so, a little bit of it is getting, you know, just rewards for republicans having mobilized for so long against that particular policy objective of president obama. >> yeah. the pendulum swings back the other way, i guess. zach wolf, thank you so much for getting up early with us. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. another story we've been talk about this week is the anti-semitism we're seeing around the country. the threats, what the president are calling on them to do, he directly condemned anti-semitism following the recent threats against jewish community centers, dozens nationwide. also there was the destruction
2:40 am
at a jewish cemetery. >> -- anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community and our jewish centers are horrible, pain. and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil. >> still, some say those comments are a little little too little. the anne frank center calling it a cancer on the band aid on the anti-semitism affecting his own. and it comes after a tweet, jcc threats, cemetery desecration and online attacks are troubling and they need to be stopped. >> and now urging attorney general jeff sessions to create a task force for those threatening the jewish comments.
2:41 am
the 77th incident came yesterday in san diego. a vigil was actually held there last night. more than 100 headstones were vandalized just yesterday. eight candidates, they want to lead the democratic national committee. they're set to hold a vote later this week. the first candidates are going to debate tonight. in fact, live here on cnn. it gets under way at 10:00 p.m. eastern. moderated by dana bash and chris cuomo. it is a difficult situation agency the committee trying to build for the future and figure out a way to get back in power. be sure to tune in at 10:00 p.m. here on cnn. it may be the biggest magic trick of all. can lakers magic johnson turn around the franchise? hines ward has more on this morning's "bleacher report." preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa.
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♪ a legendary nba franchise is getting back a legendary former
2:46 am
player to try and help them set things back on course. >> hines ward, fill us in on the lakers hiring magic johnson. >> that's right, guys, magic johnson has taken over as president of basketball operations for the los angeles lakers. one of the nba's most successful franchises currently had the third worst record in the nba and they missed the playoffs three years in a row. yesterday, magic said he has his sights set on the future. >> it's not about the old, what i did when i played. what kobe did when he played. it's about this new. and i'm not going to be telling them old stories about showtime and all that. it's not about that. it's about them, the new lakers. it's about having a clear direction. and a clear strategy. >> magic called his new role a dream job. magic was the first overall pick by the lakers in 1979. he won five nba championships, and he played his entire career for the los angeles lakers.
2:47 am
now, hopefully, he can get things turned around in la la land. now, according to multiple reports, major league baseball is getting rid of the four pitch intentional walk. no longer will pitchers lobe in four pitches to the catcher. now, the manager will single to the dugout to purposely walk a batter. major league baseball is looking into different ways to improve the pace of play. the new rule should say about a minute per intentional walk. now, here's a want to get away moment. minor league hockey team ft. wayne will retire -- they were retiring colin chaulk's number. it was 81 side down. they hoisted it in the rafters, how embarrassing. good news, they fixed the banner later on in the week. but getting your jersey retired is great. but not like that. you don't want to look at your
2:48 am
banner upside down, guys. >> hines, no doubt, some day number 86 will be retired by the pittsburgh steelers. the real question is do you expect to see dancing shoes hanging above the "dancing with the stars" stage? >> i don't know, we shall see. let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." chris cuomo joins us. >> boris, be careful with hines. have you ever seen him in person? >> yeah. he's in atlanta. >> i stood next to him in person, i was shocked at how big hines ward is. >> he's got this teddy bear smile. seems so soft and cuddly. >> used to seeing him on the dance floor or the field, how fast and slick he was compared to that competition, that's a big man right there. i'm just looking out for you, boris. immigrant communities are on edge this morning. we're going to be talking about it -- why? the new directives came out from department of homeland security
2:49 am
outlining what the priorities are. and they're much broader than what some expected. the fear is this could be nasty. we'll show you the language and you can decide who it includes. also, we heard from the president finally speaking out about anti-semitism. he called it horrible and painful. but still dogged by questions about whether he approaches this the way he does other things that he doesn't like. is that fair criticism? that's what we're taking on this morning. >> thanks. the stock market is on a streak. one stock probably part your 401(k). we'll get an early start on "your money" next. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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this morning, iraqi forces say they're making progress in a large-scale push to retake western mosul from isis. u.s.-backed forces are cleared terrorists from a key village overlooking that city's airport but the battle ahead will not be an easy one. as the war rages on, iraqi forces have discovered tunnels built by isis. cnn's international correspondent ben wedeman is live in erbil, iraq. ben sh ben, we know this is going to be a fight. is there a plan to help civilians in the city? >> well, there's a plan in the sense that the iraqi government has said it's going to set up what it calls safe passages out of the city. but the problem is, as we saw when they were battling for the eastern part of mosul, is that
2:55 am
not both sides respect these passages. so, when we were speaking with people who had taken advantage of those, they said that when they tried to leave eastern mosul, they came under fire from isis snipers. so, really, the problem is that, you know, the city, the west is under fire. intense artillery fire. frequent air strikes by the u.s.-led coalition. so, whether you say or you go, if you're a civilian in western mosul, you are putting yourself at risk. in addition to that, of course, there's a shortage of food, medicine, safe drinking water, electricity. and heating fuel as well. so it's a very difficult situation for the civilians themselves. as far as the battle goes, you mentioned that village called albu saif which is overlooking the airport. and there, in fact, we've got -- we've seen the kind of challenges that they're going to -- the iraqi forces are going
2:56 am
to meet when they go inside the city itself. they're there in that village, they uncovered a network of tunnels, bomb making factory. they found a very large car bomb ready to go. and so, therefore, it's anticipated that that is really just a taste of things to come, for when they actually enter the city. in recent weeks we've seen an increase in the use by isis of armored drones which is something that they hadn't used much in the past. and that's just one of the challenges that's going to be facing iraqi force s as they actually get inside the city proper. boris. >> it took months to take the eastern part of that city. now another large challenge looming. ben wedeman live from iraq. let's get an early start on "your money." the dow jones rising at an eight-day winning streak.
2:57 am
and another record high. in just over a week, the dow's up 688 points nearly 3.5%. that's helped to more than double the gains for the year. nasdaq and s&p 500 also hit record highs yesterday. it could be a struggle for more gains today. we've been watching the futures, they started higher, now they're flat. the biggest gainer on the dow on tuesday's close was walmart. shares climbed 3% after the company beat profit estimates. walmart stores had their best quarter in nearly five years. but it was the company's online sales that really impremissed investors. they surged at 29%. that's faster growth than amazon. amazon has say higher sales total but the big gains shows walmart is making gains. and wells fargo employees out of a job this morning. the bank fired four employees who worked for the units responsible for the illegal sales practices.
2:58 am
wells fargo admitted last fall it created more than 2 million fake account in customer names. now, the bank is still under investigation by the department of justice, congressional committees and several states attorneys general. but that story is is not going away anytime soon. even waking up early. there's going to be a new team in place. "early start" with christine romans and david briggs. welcome aboard, david it premieres at 4:00 a.m. >> thanks for joining us i'm boris sanchez with ana cabrera. "new day" starts right now. the number one priority is making sure that people who pose a threat are immediately dealt with. >> we have some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out. >> new dhs guidelines could target millions of undocumented
2:59 am
immigrants. >> we have to fight hatred in all of its very ugly form. >> president can't condemn anti-smetism. with the chief architect in his west wing. >> no matter how many times he talks about this, it's never good enough. >> tensions run high at town halls across the country. >> if you answer any of that, i'll sit down and shut up. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> we've been forgetting a lot of heat. >> things are getting hot out there. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it's wednesday, february 22nd, 6:00 in new york. millions of people living illegally in the united states could be targeted for deportation. crossing the border illegally automatically means you could be deported by the letter of the law enforcement has been
3:00 am
tailored to felons. dangerous criminals. you can see the white house rejecting the charge that president trump is pursuing nasty deportations. >> this as the muslim community awaits details. president's new travel ban. and the jewish community reacts to >> let's begin our coverage with joe johns live at the white house, joe. >> good morning, the administration says only enforcing existing law but the new guidelines authorize a more robust enforcement of existing law the obama administration used to focus only on the most serious felons, people convicted of crimes and now the focus is on people accused, even suspected of crimes. >> we will have strong borders agai


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