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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 27, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the omar mateen's would be held by the fbi and not released. >> general tata, peter baker, thank you so much to both of you. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brianna. if we've learned anything this year, i guess from the world series to the nba finals, super bowl, election night, the oscars, the words of yogi berra, it ain't over till it's over ring loud. "the lead" starts right now. what's it going to cost to make america great again in president trump's eyes? putting the finishing touches on his speech to congress as we find out what in his budget gets whacked. he was the candidate who said "i love wikileaks." now donald trump's press secretary is asking his staffers to hand over their phones in an effort to keep information and leaks from the media. plus, reports of a new brutal purge in north korea as investigators try to trace the poison that killed kim jong un's half-brother.
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good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the politics lead. seems to be one of the most packed days so far of donald trump's presidency. the president today speaking with the nation's governors, with health insurance executives, with congressional leadership and simultaneously preparing with his team what could be the most pivotal moment of his presidency today, his address to a joint session of congress and the american people tomorrow planight. explaining how he'll replace president obama's health care law and what will happen to the millions of americans who only have insurance because of the law the president seeks to repeal. the president also anticipated to explain how he plans to, quote, do more with less in his federal budget while also boosting defense spending by 10%. cnn's sara murray is live at the white house today. sara, the president's budget director said today, quote, we are taking president trump's
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words and turning them into policies and dollars in this budget. what does that mean? >> well, the president certainly will be making a lofty request from congress. remember, this is the beginning of a long process of wrangling between the president and between congress, just because it is what president trump wants does not mean it's what president trump will get. by his initial top line, what we see is a big increase in defense spending and big questions about what's going to be on the chopping block. >> reporter: donald trump is aiming to ratchet up u.s. defense spending as he prepares his first presidential budget. >> this budget will be a public safety and national security budget and it will include a historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military of the united states of america at a time we most need it. >> reporter: a budget official telling reporters today that trump will ask for an additional $54 billion in defense spending.
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that's a 10% increase. and more than the total discretionary spending for the entire state department and environmental protection agency combined. but so far, there are few details about how the administration would pay for the sharp increase in military spending. most federal agencies will see their budgets shrink, a budget official said. both the epa and foreign aid are expected to face sharp cut backs. >> we'll do more with less and make the government lean and accountable to the people. >> reporter: trump security-focused budget sure to be a key topic in his address to congress on tuesday. all eyes are on what trump will say on repealing and replacing obamacare and whether he'll finally serve up specifics. >> you'll hear about that tomorrow night in great detail. >> reporter: as trump huddled with mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan today, the two gop leaders plan to press him to publicly tout the house gop plan on health care. the president regularly blasts obamacare. >> people hate it. but now they see that the end is
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coming and they're saying, oh, maybe we love it. there is nothing to love. it's a disaster, folks, okay. >> reporter: but the political risks of the repeal and replace process appear to be weighing on him. >> let it implode. politically i think it would be a great solution. because as soon as we touch it, if we do the most minute thing, a tiny little change, what's going to happen, they're going to say it's the republicans' problem. >> reporter: he is meeting with gop leaders amid-rising concern from republicans on the hill that trump has not embraced the role of salesman in chief for a health care overall which could put plans to repeal obamacare in jeopardy. >> obamacare is collapsing under its own weight right now. >> reporter: after meeting with insurers today he joked, if health care goes awry he won'ting shouldering the blame. >> reporter: many republicans made clear the only way to cut into the nation's debt is if you
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are willing to take on entitlements. this president said he will protect them. it was interesting to see house speaker paul ryan leaving the meeting. he has been a champion i trying to repeal some of the programs. he says when you repeal the health care law that is an entitlement. white house press secretary sean spicer alarmed apparently at the leaks coming from his own building. called his communications team into his office with and the white house counsel, checked their cellphones to make sure they were not using apps such as signal or confide. jeff zeleny is at the white house. sean spicer also told his staff not to leak news of his anti-leaking meeting. so how do you and i know about it? >> jake, it leaked.
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that is an example of journalism 101 or washington journalism 101. some leaks are sanctioned. some leaks are not sanctioned. all leaks are not created equally. no one knows that more perhaps than the president himself who has spent a lifetime in new york dealing with tab loit tabloid r and others. i am told he signed off personally on that meeting with sean spicer and his staffers to check their cellphones. it allows you to send messages and then they disappear. i am told it was sanctioned by the president, he knew about this and it was designed to send a signal across the government entirely, not just here in the white house, that they do not want leaks to happen. sometimes to send the signals, smaller leaks have to happen. jake, the bottom line is that the president is frustrated by this. and sean spicer, his role, among many, is to enforce what the president wants on these press
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reports here. so that's why he had the meeting last week. >> jeff zeleny at the white house. thank you. the effort to plug leaks comes at the same time calls are getting louder to investigate whether trump's campaign advisers repeated communications with russians last week crossed any ethical lines. it was said he had seen no such evidence of contacts. he focused attention on the leaks coming from the intelligence community about the contacts to the press. cnn's manu raju joins me now. manu, this comes as a top republican says a special prosecutor should handle this. >> that's right. darrell issa over the weekend saying there should be a special prosecutor looking into the situation. you are not really hearing much support from other republicans including devin nunez himself who believes it can be done through the house intelligence committee. today he tried to reassure the public that he was moving forward in a deliberative,
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bipartisan manner. he significantly tried to downplay reports of russian contacts with the trump campaign during the elections, even as his committee has just begun to look into the issue. here is how he described it it to reporters today. >> can you say categorically there were no contacts whatsoever between officials affiliated with the russian government and the trump campaign? >> not that i am aware of. we still have not seen evidence of anyone from the trump campaign or any other campaign, for that matter, that's communicated with the russian government. >> reporter: now, jake, a few hours later adam schiff, the top democrat on the committee, talked to reporters, actually raising concerns about mr. nunez's comments hoping they could discuss these things together. he disagreed that there is no evidence or nothing really to look into regarding those contacts. here is what he said. >> i just want to make something clear and that is the committee has reached no conclusion on
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whether the trump campaign col -- colluded are russia, russian officials nor contacts. nor could we. >> this comes as the white house has actually spoken with both devin nunes and richard burr the chair of the senateta intelligee committee. a lot of criticism from democrats about whether or not this can be an independent investigation going forward. i talked to a republican on the committee, susan collins of maine, who told me i think all of us have to be careful to not create a perception that the white house may have a role in this investigation and other -- some democrats on the committee suggesting that perhaps this suggestion could be compromised if richard burr is discussing these matters or pre-judging the outcome of this investigation. so a lot of discussions
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welcome back to "the lead." sticking with politics. before the break we were talking about congressional efforts to investigate possible trump campaign ties to individuals in russia known to u.s. intelligence. complicating that right now, white house efforts to control what you might be hearing about the story. i am joined by senator mark warner of virginia, the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee. senator, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, jake. >> the white house acknowledged today that it reached out to the chairman of the intelligence committee, senator richard burr, to talk to journalists to shoot down the "new york times" story about trump campaign advisers talking with russians known to u.s. intelligence. you say it's caused you grave concerns about the independence of the senate intelligence committee into the matter? how grave?
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do you feel senator burr is too compromised to lead the investigation? >> even today, jake, we have bipartisan members of our committee staff going through intelligence. we have had very good cooperation from the intelligence agencies. i believe the investigation is making appropriate progress. i have also been very pleased to see bipartisan statements from members of the committee, not just democrats but members like susan collins and marco rubio, and i think you'll see others, saying this investigation should be bipartisan, it shouldn't have political interference, it can't go where the white house wants it to go. it needs to go where the facts lead. and that's the thing that's so remarkable, is, if the white house is correct -- let's even give them the benefit of the doubt for a moment. by trying to bring in others to
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interfere with a news -- investigations, they're going to color any results that would come out. so i am not going to get into my individual conversations with members of the committee. the committee will -- a number of us are meeting this afternoon. we'll have an open hearing tomorrow. we need to get this resolved, because this is the committee that has the jurisdiction. we have started this investigation. it's been moving forward bipartisan. the american public deserves answers. and there's a lot to investigate, i can assure you. >> senator, your leader, senate democratic leader chuck schumer, of new york, told cnn, quote, senator burr is on notice because what he did was wrong and this is not the way to conduct a fair and impartial investigation. it certainly gives the peern appearance if no the reality of lack of impartiality. do you agree? what does that mean, being on
1:17 pm
notice? >> as my statement was on friday night, i agree that this is not the way that we should be moving forward. the validity of this investigation depends upon it being bipartisan. and we have seen -- i have been very complimentary of the chairman prior to this time, that he had been moving this forward in a bipartisan way, that we're going to go after the information, wherever the facts lead us. the best news i have seen since that very disturbing news friday night is to see the overwhelming bipartisan support from other members of the committee, democrats, republicans, the like, who are committed to getting the job done. and i'll again remind your listening audience, we have not brought this investigation to a halt. we have got people, professional staff, today reviewing intelligence. this has been ongoing. we're already into this process, getting deeper every day. and my hope is that we're going to have a product that, one way or the other, we'll be able to
1:18 pm
share with the public and remove some of these clouds, or turn information over to the department of justice. >> over the weekend congressman darrell issa. a republican. trump supporter, said a special prosecutor should be appointed to probe the potential ties between president trump and his associates with russia. you don't agree? >> listen, there would be any kind of special prosecutor you would have to have the attorney general recuse himself because of his relations with the president. that is another route to go. i have said from the outset that i think this committee is the way to go. but if there is any indication that there is an effort to try to stymie or stop us from getting access to information, then we've got to look at other options. that's the ironic thing here. we have been getting the access to the information we need to do this investigation.
1:19 pm
and the screwy thing about this white house is, if their version of the facts is true, why would they try to mess this up at this point, because now this puts in doubt any resolution that, in effect, would clear them because it would appear that they tried to have undue political influence. >> senator warner, thank you so much. stick around. i want to get your reaction on the yemen raid and the navy s.e.a.l. killed in that operation. stay with us. [second man] how you doing? [ice cracking] [second man] ah,ah, ah. oh no! [first man] saves us some drilling. [burke] and we covered it, february fourteenth, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning to our world lead now. a possible blueprint to defeat and destroy isis.
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the white house has received potential plans from the pentagon to accelerate the fight against the terrorist group in iraq and syria. cnn learned the options include military, diplomatic and financial measures. cnn's barbara starr joins me live from the pentagon to talk more about this. what's the process from here? what next? >> what we know is this afternoon at the white house top officials already having their first meeting, but it is very preliminary. they say they're not yet ready to make decisions about the way ahead. the pentagon plan, according to a senior u.s. official, lays out how to rapidly destroy isis in less than ten months. >> i have also directed the defense community to develop a plan to totally obliterate isis. >> part of the 30-day review, significantly increasing the u.s. military presence and risk to u.s. troops inside syria.
1:25 pm
options being explored include sending u.s. artillery units into syria for long-range support for local units moving on the city of raqqa and putting u.s. troops near the front lines to look for isis targets. it's already happening inside iraq. >> if we bring out the smoke, they can take it now, move up and try to mark the location. >> the plan also includes diplomatic and financial options. but the pentagon leaves stepping up the military campaign something president trump has long advocated. >> i know more about the isis than the generals do, believe me. i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> top u.s. generals warn, even with more than 50,000 isis operatives killed, the international reach of the threat is a worry. >> we estimate probably over 100, 120 countries have provided 45,000 foreign fighters just to
1:26 pm
syria and iraq alone. that's one element that makes it a trans-regional threat. >> national security adviser lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster breaking with his boss, cautioning the term "radical islamic terrorism" is not helpful for u.s. goals. president trump seemingly, with a vote of no confidence so far on the military campaign. >> everybody used to say we never lost a war. we never lost a war. you remember. some of you are right there with me, and you remember, we never lost a war. america never lost. and now we never win a war. we never win. we don't fight to win. >> the coalition has liberated 60% of isis held territory in iraq and is pushing to get isis out of the stronghold in raqqa, syria. whatever options president trump does approve, they will be costly and they will add to the risk for u.s. troops. jake. >> barbara, i have to ask you
1:27 pm
about the other story in the news today. we cover gold star families on the show as you know. bill owens, the father of ryan owens, the navy s.e.a.l. killed in yemen last month spoke to the "miami herald" and was critical of the raid and of president trump. he said, quote, why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn't even barely a week into his administration? why. for two years prior, no boots on the ground in yemen. everything was missiles and drones because there was not a target worth one american life. now all of a sudden we had to make this grand display? he is also calling for an investigation. >> this gold star father is calling for a much deeper investigation than what is currently going on. right now there is, if you will, a fact-finding investigation that's done on the death of every troop who falls on the battlefield. what exactly happened. they are also investigating how it was that one of the aircraft involved went down, and they are investigating civilian casualties in yemen.
1:28 pm
but none of that really goes to what this gold star dad wants. he would like the answers, what was the white house decision-making inside the white house that night about deciding to move ahead with this mission. let me read you one more thing that mr. owens said. and he said, don't hide behind my son's death to prevent an investigation. i want an investigation. the government owes my son an investigation. i think it's fair to say, when the white house was asked about this today, there was no sense that they are going to meet mr. owens' requests anytime soon, jake. >> barbara starr, thanks so much. let me bring back senator mark warner, the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee. your reaction to what william owens, this gold star father, had to say about the yemen raids. do you think the trump administration rushed this operation? >> i think we need to get a full briefing. and i understand why this
1:29 pm
father, who my understanding from the press, wasn't that anxious to meet the president since the president had been so disrespectful to another gold star father, and he deserves the answers, because one of the things that we need to make sure is, there were questions that there was a lot of valuable information gathered from this raid. beyond the whole question of the safety and the planning, was there really valuable information gathered. we have not had that briefing yet. we expect to get that briefing i believe within the next week. >> as you know, anytime there is loss of life in a military operation there is an automatic investigation by the pentagon. is that enough? or should there be a more robust investigation, and who should be in charge of it? >> let's go ahead and look at what the pentagon finds but then also, for the intelligence committee, if part of the purpose of this raid was to gather valuable intelligence and there have been reports from the
1:30 pm
white house that valuable intelligence was gathered, we need to get that report. we need to see how thorough it is. we need to see whether that intelligence, in effect, warranted the kind of risk that this raid appeared to take. >> senator mark warner, democrat of virginia, vice chair of the senate intelligence committee. thank you for joining us today. he was the president on 9/11. what george w. bush has to say about president trump's travel ban. that story is next. e different. it's nice to remove artificial ingredients. kind never had to. we've used real ingredients, whole nuts, and natural flavors from the very beginning. give kind a try.
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with 9 lobster dishes.est is back try succulent new lobster mix & match or see how sweet a lobster lover's dream can be. there's something for everyone and everyone's invited. so come in soon. welcome back to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. sticking with politics. the panel, senator rick santorum and former michigan governor jennifer granholm. president george w. bush was on
1:35 pm
the "today" show talking about the president's travel ban. >> a bed-rock of our freedom is a right to worship freely. >> for or against the ban? >> i am for an immigration policy that's welcoming and upholds the law. >> obviously a big division between george w. bush and donald trump on this issue. senator. >> look, there is a difference between me and george w. bush on this. he was for immigration reform, that wing of the party that has shrunk dramatically over the past few years. look, as far as the travel ban is concerned to me it's simple. i think the trump administration played it out badly. there is absolutely sufficient reason to suggest that, in the countries that they put forward, you can't do proper vetting because there is no nation-state to get the proper vetting done. and that, to hold and suspend immigration from those countries until we have the resources to be able to do proper vet something a very practical
1:36 pm
approach. >> interesting. so these seven states you say cannot provide proper vetting, right, for anybody coming over? i bet you there are a whole bunch of other states that also cannot provide proper vetting. you would suggest he rule ooll n immigration from any state that does not provide proper vetting. >> two things. proper vetting and secondly a place where jihadist activity. terrorist activity. if you go to a state -- i don't know. pick a state maybe in africa, southern africa where there might be a problem. if there is not a lot of terrorist activity that threatens the united states, i wouldn't be worried about it. if it's north africa. probably is. >> that would be a significant expansion of the travel ban if that were the plan. we all know that what these seven states do not provide are people who come to this country and commit terrorist acts or at least that's been the history, and we all know the department
1:37 pm
of homeland security did a whole internal assessment which completely pushed back against the need to have these seven states be the states. so it will be interesting to see -- i know it's supposed to come out this week -- exactly how i refines it. stephen miller, his guidance at the white house, basically said the outcome will be the same. if the outcome will be the same he'll get the same results in the courts. >> i think one thing the white house is trying to push back on which is the idea of defining terrorist activity as only meaning somebody who has come from that country and successfully killed somebody. they are looking for a broader expansion, including anytime you try to commit a terrorist. a somali at ohio state tried to mow down with a car, wielded a knife. didn't kill any people but that would count. >> the question is what are the guardrails around it?
1:38 pm
how far out do you go? is it somebody who has not taken any action but has a tweet or some sort of social media presence? it's so hard to know how far out you go and which countries you include. it's a dangerous thing but we'll see. the court will be very interested in what happens. >> tomorrow night we'll hear from president trump on what -- presumably we will, who knows, until it actually happens, on what will replace obamacare after it's repealed. one of the white house spokespeople was on some of the sunday shows except for the one they boycott every week and they were not really able to answer the question about can you guarantee that those who now have insurance because of obamacare especially through medicaid expansion, will have it again? that seems to be a thorny issue for the trump people and for the republican congress. >> remember, the republican party has always been -- conservatives have always been about making sure people have the opportunity as opposed to making sure that there is a program in place that everybody will be fit into.
1:39 pm
what we need to say is, yes, everyone will have the opportunity whether through tax credits -- >> access. >> -- as opposed to everybody will be in the medicaid program. a lot of republicans would like to see the medicaid program shrink and have more people move into private markets but they won't guarantee everybody will be shoved in there with a mandate or something. it's a hard question but it's a difference between opportunity and access as opposed to mandates and costs. >> it's easier to give an entitlement program than to take it away. whether it's obamacare or the bush drug prescription benefit. >> right. this is going to be the republican challenge on this. they have put out some principles. every one of the plans out there will guarantee that people will either lose health care or lose benefits. can i say one thing, though, jake. they keep saying -- the president said it again today -- that obamacare has been a dismal failure. if you look at the rates of increase under obamacare
1:40 pm
overall -- >> premium increase. >> presume increase and the presume increases before obamacare, in the five years before obamacare increases went up 32%. in the five years before that, it was 63%. in the private market. obamacare's increases since 2011 have gone up 20%. so it's been much better. medicare -- medicare's increase has gone up 1.4%. so it begs the question, why don't we consider using a program that works, that people appreciate, it's medicare, lower the age of medicare eligibility, and you might in fact get a lot of people happy and cause the premiums to stay flat. >> i know you want to weigh in. go ahead. >> look, the democratic answer is always put everybody in a government program. >> that government programs happens to work. that government program works with the private sector, too, by the way. >> it does work with the private sector. one of the areas that actually -- that i supported was the medicare prescription drug, which has actually been the most
1:41 pm
successful. >> why don't we expand it to everybody, and cut the investments that he's going to be putting into the military by just, you know, a little bit, and allow for an expansion of a program that only has very narrow band of increases? >> the answer is what we need to do is we need to push on innovation. medicare piggy-backs off a lot of innovation in the private sector. there is a lot of cost-shifting with medicare and medicaid that allows them to hold down their costs. >> let's just have it continue. >> it doesn't work unless you have a private-sector system to off load some of these costs. the government fixes the amount of money that can be put into it. the better approach is -- i am advocating this to the trump administration if they're listening. >> he watches cable. >> i think he watches tv enough to know what you guys are reporting because he comments a lot on. >> sure does. >> look, what we did in the 1996
1:42 pm
welfare reform was the most popular things republicans ever did in this town. we took a general principles. block-granted the money to the states and said states, innovate. we'll cap the money. we'll give you enough to cover your folks but cap it and allow innovation. >> senator, governor. >> we didn't cover half of what we thought. >> thank you so much for being here. bomb threats reported at several jewish community centers in multiple states. that one governor is calling for an investigation. lie to the boss and be executed. south korea says north korea reportedly killed five senior officials because they misled kim jong un. here's to the wildcats 'til we die... this i gotta try bendy... spendy weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct at and join the weekenders.
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we're back with our national lead. a kansas man is facing murder and attempted murder charges for last week's bar shooting outside kansas city. he made his first court appearance a short while ago for allegedly killing someone and injuring another bar patron. the victim was from indian and
1:47 pm
an engineer for garmin. he was having a drink after work with a friend. the suspect could also face hate crime charges. witnesses told the local affiliates before firing his gun he told the men, quote, get out of my country. also across the nation today what is becoming a disturbing trend of violent threats and vandalism targeting jewish communities from coast to coast. today at least 16 jewish community centers and schools in 11 states reported bomb threats according to the anti-defamation league. some had to evacuate buildings and move children to safe zones. this comes after vandals toppled head stones at a jewish cemetery in philadelphia. the second act of grave desecration in a week. allen cossack joins me live in philadelphia. several jccs and schools in philadelphia were targeted as well, alison? >> reporter: that's right, jake.
1:48 pm
at this cemetery authorities are not ready to say this is a hate crime, though you look at what's happened behind me at one of the d desecrated tomb stones. disturbing to say the least. detectives tell us the vandalism was limited to this jewish cemetery here. there is concern about this troubling trend that seems to be growing across the country of these incidents against jews. you mentioned the dozens of bomb threats against jccs and day schools happening today, not to mention last month as well similar bomb threats at jccs. then less than a week ago in st. louis at a jewish cemetery there, vandalism similar to what we are seeing here in philadelphia. jake. >> alison, we should point out we're seeing the larger communities rallying around these targeted populations. we have seen many muslim-americans helping rebuild the jewish cemeteries.
1:49 pm
>> you are exactly right. people from all faiths are coming together to support the jewish community. you mentioned the muslim community. they are especially coming out. what happened in st. louis, a muslim community activist started a crowd-funding site and raised $130,000 so far to go toward restoring that cemetery in st. louis. and some of that money is expected to trickle down here in philadelphia. i talked to one muslim-american today who travelled two hours from new york to philadelphia, not necessarily to lend his money but to lend a hand in the cleanup. listen to what he had to say. >> this could be our cemetery. this could be our grandparents who have been attacked, and they are defenseless. we pray that justice is brought here so that the jewish community not only here but throughout the country where they're being attacked everywhere can move on and prosper. >> reporter: salam told me he and his friends were ready to actually guard the cemetery from more vandalism if it was
1:50 pm
necessary saying an attack on one faith is an attack on all faiths. >> alison kosik. thank you so much. you've seen by now the worst mix-up in oscar history. that wasn't the only flub. what you didn't know about last night's oscars, next. you're gonna love birds eye steamfresh vegetables.
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in our world lead, new signs that north korea's leader may be continuing to terrorize people within his regime and abroad. for one, kim jong un completed a new round of purging according to south korean officials. he apparently ordered the execution of at least five senior officials in his own government for allegedly making false reports to him. then of course, there is the murder of his estranged half brother kim jong nam. this morning a south korea spy agency said the hit was ordered from the top, calling the assassination, quote, a state-sponsored act of terror by
1:55 pm
the north. bringing in matt rivers who joins us live from kuala lumpur, malaysia. why does south korea believe the north korean government ordered the assassination of kim jong-nam? >> south korean intelligence officials, jake, say it was two different ministries from north korea operating here in malaysia that actually carried out the attack. it would be the ministry of foreign affairs and also of state security. and while they didn't provide any evidence backing this up, any independent corroboration that cnn could see, what intelligence officials say happened is that both ministries each set up teams of two men. what those two teams did here in malaysia was recruit the two female suspects that are really at the center of this, because as you can see an cctv footage from the airport the two females. one an indonesian and the other a vietnamese were the two people who smeared the vx nerve agent on kim jong-nam's face that led to his swift and sudden death.
1:56 pm
the north koreans denied any role in this. and the malaysian police have not gone so far as to say that the north koreans had any involvement in terms of orchestrating this from a governmental level, but the intelligence officials in south korea do believe that these orders came from kim jong un himself. >> matt, as you know, malaysian authorities have said that a nerve agent called vx is what killed kim jong-nam. experts say that even just a drop of vx is lethal. are malaysian officials certain that there is no more threat to the country from this nerve agent? >> reporter: what they say they are certain of is that there is no more threat inside terminal 2, the part of the airport where this attack actually took place. they sent in hazmat teams over the weekend. there was no contamination left over. they did not find anything. what they can be less certain of, though, is the threat to the rest of the country.
1:57 pm
they haven't said how the nerve agent got to the airport. was it manufactured here in malaysia, trafficked in from somewhere else? the fact is, no matter the answer, it's certainly not a good thing for malaysians that an internationally banned substance of this level made its way into the country. you can see in the autopsy results, jake, that were released. a health minister in malaysia said kim jong-nam's death was painful and incredibly swift. it shows you just how deadly this chemical can be. and the threat it could pose to order malaysians and also people transiting through a busy international airport. >> matt, quickly. his body still in the morgue. what's next for that? >> reporter: well, what malaysians -- the malaysian officials are saying is that they won't release the body until his next of kin provides a dna sample to prove his identity. north korea not playing ball so it's not clear how long the body will remain in kuala lumpur.
1:58 pm
>> thank you. we would be remiss not to mention the pop culture lead. may go down as one of the biggest blunders in oscar history. >> this is not a joke. "moonlight" has won best picture. "moonlight," best picture. >> that, of course, after "la la land" had been announced as the best picture winner. but the "la la land," "moonlight" mix-up over shadowed a different oops moment during the in mem mem oriam. the video showed jan chapman rather than janet patterson. also worth noting a new record set for the most african-american oscar winners in a year. five taking home awards in four different categories. "moonlight" became the first film with an all-black cast to
1:59 pm
win best picture and its star, mahershala ali won best supporting actor. the pakistani president saying the first muslim-american winning an award. then she deleted it. b.a.s. because he identifies with a sect persecuted in pakistan and several other muslim majority countries. in another interesting story iranian director farhadi fon for best foreign language film. he boycotted the oscars over president trump's travel ban. the first astronaut to space accepted on his behalf. and it was tweeted, proud of cast and crew of "the salesman." iranians have represented culture and civilization for
2:00 pm
millennialia. he did not mention that the iran government regularly films artists in kangaroo courts for crimes against the government. somehow it didn't make it into the tweet. i guess that 140-character limit could be a problem. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning it over to wolf blitzer. happening now, call to arms on the eve of his first address to congress, president trump calls for a big increase in defense spending. as the pentagon comes up with a plan to defeat isis in less than a year. special prosecutor. while a key republican law enforcement says a special prosecutor should investigate alleged contacts between the trump campaign and russian operatives, the white house is pushing back. supported by the house intelligence committee chairman, who warns against a witch hunt. plugging the leaks. the white house launches an extraordinary crack-down, including checking staffers' cellphones to see if they're


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