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tv   Anderson Cooper 360 - Post Address Analysis  CNN  February 28, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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thank you. former kentucky governor making the democratic, opposition response. it's always a tough chore if you will to deliver that kind of a response following a one hour presentation by the president before a joint session of congress. >> it is indeed a thankless task. i suppose the democrats wanted to show somebody representing a, obamacare, because governor brought it to his state, and b, somebody representing part of the country they didn't do so well with in the last election, white working-class voters, but it's a difficult task to equal the president of the united states speaking in the chamber of the house with all the majesty and pomp and circumstance. >> little trolling of the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell as well, who is from kentucky, to have the governor who was in
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office during obamacare's enactment and decided to not just bring obamacare but do so by accepting medicaid expansion which a lot of people in his state liked. >> it's interesting though, because this is frequently used as opportunity of the opposition party tohowcase rising star and former governor replaced by republican after his two terms were over, with all respect to him, he's not one of the party's rising stars. ex-government official. makes you wonder why not pick someone who is current democratic governor from a red state or maybe a brand new star in the senate like pamela star or cory booker. >> maybe he's not a real leader and future of health care, national security. go to jeff zeleny getting
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reaction from the speaker right now. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan walked by just a few moments ago. one of the big questions hanging over the speech was how much the president would embrace the house republican health care plan. did the president embrace the house republican health plan. >> it was a home run. i think fantastic job. >> in what he did he move the ball on health care? >> excellent job. he did a great job. >> did he answer how to pay for things tonight? >> reporter: to that question the speaker did not answer. but talking to other fiscal conservatives walking by, mark
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sanford of south carolina told me a couple of seconds ago the president did not say how he would pay for these things and was a quote, major deficiency in the speech and something they have to see how to afford. deficit spending is out of vogue and can't afford all the proposals. that's where the rubber meets the road. promises with the reality of governing. but so far the republicans in the house very happy the president embraced their plan at least in broad principles. >> now they have to deliver. >> over the next hour or so, playing key moments. play the part of the address where president trump was addressing carryn owens and speaking about her husband. >> we are blessed to be joined tonight by carryn owens, widow of senior chief william ryan
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owens. ryan died as he lived, warrior and hero, battling against terrorism and securing our nation. i just spoke to your great general mattis, just now, who reconfirmed that, and i quote, ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemy. ryan's legacy is etched into
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eternity. thank you.
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and ryan is looking down right now, you know that, and he's very happy because i think he just broke a record.
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for as the bible teaches us, there is no greater act of love than to lay down one's life for one's friends. ryan lay down his life for his friends, for his country, and for our freedom, and we will never forget ryan. >> truly extraordinary moment, carryn owens. william ryan owens her husband. van you were saying while you were watching that, significance of that moment. >> he became president of the united states in that moment. period. there are a lot of people who
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have a lot of reason to be frustrated with him, fearful of him, mad at him. but that was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in american politics period. and he did something extraordinary, and for people who have been hoping that he would become unifying, hoping that he might find some way to become presidential, they should be happy with that moment. for people hoping that he would remain a divisive cartoon which he often does, they should be a little worried tonight. that thing you just saw him do, if he finds way to do that over and over again, he'll be there ooet years. lot he said in that speech that was counter factual, not true,
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not right and i oppose but did something you can't take away from him, became president of the united states. >> and there was humanity in what he did and him looking at her. and as commander in chief, this is important, refuted the reports that nothing of value was recovered from that raid. and he quoted general mattis, basically said don't take my word, this is what i was told by the secretary of defense is that there were things of value that will be of u to your country. >> but ryan -- >> most important thing that happened there was her response. jumping up and applauding for her husband's accomplishment. >> her face. >> that she was validated, he was, and sacrifice was meaningful. she had been hearing political -- you're a wife hearing political discourse about whether a success or not
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and you're distraught because you lost your husband. and the country is arguing about whether the mission -- and for him at state of the union address in front of the world to say, your husband's life mattered and served this country well, and she responded to that. that was a moment that -- you can tell -- it's emotional moment that as van said was very healing for everything. >> we'll fight about everything else but that. >> and van is exactly right. he walked into that room as winner of controversial election and walked out as president of the united states. no doubt. that speech was soaring, inspirational. getting ready for the inaugural, drawing from jfk and ronald reagan. you could see drawing from both. torch handed down, from jfk's
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inaugural and that moment with the navy seal is exactly what ronald reagan would do and response from his wife -- >> is it was really ronald reagan, bringing people in to tell individual story. >> her response -- >> she was extraordinary. >> and forces a reset for the progressives now. in other words, there was a particular way to deal with him up until tonight, rely on him to be a divisive cartoonish clown and continue to insult people to pull your base up. if you assume he's going to stay in that, you run a particular type of thing against him. if he figures out how to do things like that to the democrats, i think the dr democrats, i think the democrats -- >> that's what is so interesting about tonight. heard from -- said president seemed to be raising questions about the anti-semitic threats
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made and who was behind them, reverse of people we expect and what does the president believe. clearly a rejection >> i said i thought he would benefit greatly from the speech. i agree with everybody else you have to be dead not to appreciate the moment, the exchange what we just saw. that said, when you say that the president took the torch and -- problem is, very often he takes that torch to people. and whether he can maintain the equianytimity and bigness even to tonight when he gets home to twitter account is challenge for him. it's been a problem throughout. even when he has good moments,
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he gets in his own way and slides down the pole again. >> there is also something about this change in tone that i think a lot of people at least in our camp will question the authenticity of. that was totally authentic moment. i will absolutely give him that. but there was great riff at end of the speech. we are one people with one destiny, bleed the same blood, salute the same flag, all made by the same god. and i wonder how many people who feel like their families are being ripped apart, saw that sincerely. they may not feel that this particular speech was about them. may be a change of tone but really the actions will matter for them. >> it was much more than a change of tone. for a republican conservative sitting here listening to that speech, not hearing one word about cutting anything. nothing. >> regulations.
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>> yes. that's great but not hearing about any major reform on -- not hearing anything you would see from a traditional conservative republican. pro-growth economics set aside. but almost post partisan speech. all sorts of meat for the democrats to cheer for and in fact they did. very reluctant, i was watching as jennifer and i sitting -- >> great. >> sat down and didn't want to applaud. by the end of the speech were repeatedly getting up. couldn't help it. talking about -- >> steve bannon speech? jared kushner speech? >> all of the above. >> i'm told a lot of hands and not just mille i was texting with someone tonight, told they were trying to maximize the entire speech
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writing team. lots of hands on this. but add one more thing. i think donald trump is confusing. >> you think? >> listening to the speech and see the immigration shift earlier this afternoon, then embracing nato which is new. conservative republican hearing all of these things and wondering how it pay. talks about wanting drug prices down but lauds drug manufacturer for finding a life-saving drug which is expensive. thinks trade is good, except when he wants to be a protectionist. you can go down the line with donald trump as conservative or democrat and scratch your head, where is he? >> resolved not by speeches but subsequent. heard he wants to increase the defense budget by 10%. doesn't want to cut social security and medicare, a pledge
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he made, politically solid position. therefore he is going to have to massively cut, we hear, the state department. when he has payouts to peace and outstretched hand to a peaceful world and all of that, well, there are consequences of these deep cuts. when he talks about cures and you have to cut medical research in order to try to pay for the defense increases. >> cut fda, that's where you get the cures. >> i know something about this. i have a child with a chronic illness and wife who started a research foundation to try to find cures. truth is basic research that needs to get done has to be funded by government because it's not profitable for pharmaceutical companies to do this research that ends up as useful cures. so you know, it's not right to say -- and that's why by the way, both republicans and
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democrats have in recent years plussed up kurz, gone for the moon sho on canr and so on. all i'm saying is, the words are ing to have a confrontation with the reality. math is the math. and tomorrow morning we'll wake up and that process will begin. >> so much of the math is regulation. i agree with you. i supported the -- more money to national institutes of health. and republicans were doubling nih funding. no question there. but what is going on at fda, a lot of these organizations, within government, crushing medical innovation, and that is unloosening that -- hasn't appointed fda commissioner. big things to do in the future. >> more with the panel ahead but quickly to wolf. >> chuck schumer is joining us. we have a bunch of questions.
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start with jake tapper. >> appreciate you joining us. there were obviously attempts by president trump this evening to raise issues that are traditionally embraced by democrats, talking about trade, new infrastructure, lowering cost of prescription drugs, paid maternity leave. did you hear areas where you think you can work with president trump? >> well the problem jake, this is simple. another one of his speeches where he talks like a populist but the way he's been governing is opposite, governing from the hard right. he's talked a good game on trade but ran in the campaign, said would declare china a occurrencely manipulator first day of the presidency. hasn't done anything, backed off. infrastructure, haven't heard a peep about any plan. say now next year.
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health care, investing in kmeld research, budget he proposed yesterday have no choice but to slash medical research and education. problem with presidentrumps e speeches and realities are very far apart. american people don't want a speech. heard a lot of those. they want action and action he's giving them is first disjointed, they don't know how to really run a government. but gives them action, goes to hard right. said clean up swamp and fills up cabinet with billionaires and bankers and swamp residents. divergence between the speech like campaign promises and reality is miles apart. that's why had a rough 40 days and will have rough rest of his term until his reality catches up with the speeches. he's got big trouble. >> as you negotiation the democratic party is in one of
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its worst positions in modern history. can you explain the reasoning behind allowing former governor basheer give the democratic response? >> two reasons, first reason, one of the mainstays of what president trump is trying to do is repeal and replace aca, which is working. nobody shows that better than the governor. governments went way down. 500,000 people insured, lot of them rural people, who donald trump tries to appeal to. so he makes one of the best cases why we should keep the aca, maybe make changes but keep it. reality once again. the republicans in the trump administration are in a total pickle. can't put a plan together because they don't know how to deal with it. second reason, governor is from a middle class, middle western
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background and talked about something we've been talking about and is reality that president trump is breaking his promises to working people by his actions every day of the week. governor mentioned for instance, hour after the inauguration speech which also talked a lot to average folks, he helped big banks by raising mortgage rates $500 per mortgage per year. >> i think you'll agree it was digified venue and polished performance by the president of the united states. getting good reviews so far not just from republicans but democrats. was this a new donald trump tonight? >> well, we'll see if he changes the way he's governed over the last 40 days. cabinet is there for a long time. they're not anything close to what he talked about tonight. his positions on aca are in the same dilemma they were before he gave the speech.
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speeches go away quickly. nobody remembers what the president said in the inauguration and he's had a rough 40 days. same thing is going to happen with this because it's so divergent from what he's actually doing, talks a populist game but lets hard right govern. he's going to have big trouble. i think this speech will be of less consequence because nothing to do with what he actually does and american people have eye on what he actually does. >> this is dana bash, mostly your people heeded your call to use restraint, be polite and mostly didn't say much of anything, including applause in the bipartisan moment but was a moment where it sounded like boos and gasps in the hall when president announced office to serve americans who were victims
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of violent crimes by immigrants. were you one of those booing? >> i was restrained. got up and applauded our soldiers and families in the gallery who got our respect. but the speeches, as i said, when you see what he's doing in washington, has air of unreality to it. so i wasn't applauding much. >> thanks for joining us. >> get mitch mcconnell joining us right now. bunch of questions for you as well. let's go back to jake for the first question. >> leader mcconnell, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> obviously there was a lot in the speech that was a bit different from what you normally would hear from a republican president delivering an address to a joint session of congress. what did you make of the president's call for more
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infrastructure spending, paid family leave, reduction in prescription drug prices? >> first let me say, find semysf in agreement with van jones first time in political life. for people not committed to donald trump already, he did become presidential tonight. and i think we'll see that reflected in higher approval rating. and also seeing my colleague chuck schumer, he was having a hardtoma cr time critiquing it. change. didn't vote for change in congress, wanted somebody to sign the bills we want to pass. repealing and replacing obamacare, comprehensive tax reform and deregulating america
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and getting it moving again. inspirational speech, widely applauded as you can imagine on our side but greeted with a lot more applause and respect on the other side than i would have anticipated. >> the president, senator, gave us -- spoke to a few reporters today, including jake and me and said this, quote, the time is right for immigration bill as long as there is compromise on both sides. are you ready for comprehensive immigration reform right now? >> yeah. we're anxious to see what the president wants to do about imgrachlgts we node we need a stronger border and immigration plan that actually works unlike now. very much taupe -- open to proposal from the president. >> open to status for residents
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of the united states? >> tauopen to what the presiden recommends. there are a lot of things that need to be changed by how we hale legal immigration and serious illegal immigration problem. >> it's dana bash. ask about health care, and i don't need to tell you, there's splintering among republicans in the senate and even more so in the house about acceptable replacement for obamacare. do you think what president trump said tonight helped? if so, how? >> it helps. we all know the status quo is not sustainable. bill clinton said during the campaign, it's craziest thing he had ever even. if hillary clinton had won the campaign, we would be revisiting obamacare. it has to change and we believe has to be changed in way
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consistent with many of the things the president recommended tonight. we anticipate coming p with a proposal that speaker, myself and president all agree on and trying to sell to all members because we anticipate no democratic support for this monstrosity. they're stuck with it. the american people want it, had elections about it. ready for us to tackle this and come up with a better health care program. >> thanks for joining us. anderson, back to you. >> van nes, how thrilled are you tt you and senator mcconnell are on the same page? >> can i take it back? >> i don't know whose career took -- >> we accept. >> trying to get me killed. honestly, two things, substance and tone.
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substance of the speech i disagree with entirely. immigration piece alone. acted as if the immigrant community is criminal. all these things. reality is immigrants committing less crimes and giving more than taking from the country but at some point democrats have to take yes for answer. asking for him to be more presidential and less divisive, pretend like maybe being the president matters to him as much as to us. tonight he showed glimmers to that. if we can't as democrats say thank for that part, we're adding to the problem we're trying to solve. not going to get there if everything he does we attack even if he's right. >> that is the question. does it last beyond a teleprompter speech? >> and i want to bring the roses and softballs down to earth. it wasn't as though he had no
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divisive language in the speech. he said -- or false statements in this speech. >> everything he said about immigration is wrong. >> what he said about immigration reform is we're living in environment of lawless chaos when in fact crime by immigrants and in general is down 71% since 1994. said obamacare is collapsing, imploding, disaster. when in fact before obamacare the price of health care rising between 30 and 60% in the each five years beforehand. he said the worst recovery in 65 years, 75 months of straight job creation. in 2015, wages grew 5.6%, biggest increase had been on record. we are at historic low unemployment. i'm just saying, he's using red meat language in there.
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noz total cumbaya speech. >> this is a historically slow recovery. can't argue that it is. 1.5% growth last year, average of less than 2%. that's just reality. wages been basically flat. >> that is not true. >> obamacare is -- you have third of the counties with one plan. there's a huge problem. >> we need to fix obamacare, no doubt. >> maybe overstated the case. this is not red meat. >> false. >> what donald trump did was about as mild of criticism for a president, if you look at other things said by others. >> lawless chaos, disaster. >> lot of stuff that got democrats off their seats. that's the story. >> add emphasis to what friends across the room


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