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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  March 7, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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travel ban. that's rolling out. substantial changes from the first one. how does it affect national security and will this hold up in court? good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. they called it obamacare. this one, they are calling on twitter #trumpcare. the technical name is american health care act. after years of promises to repeal and replace, the republican plan to dismantle obamacare is finally at the starting gate. just at the starting gate. republican leaders face a tough job rallying support. the headline of the plan, eliminates the individual mandate and employer mandate. replaces with a new set of incentives. including the replacement of obamacare subsidy with refundable tax credits to encourage people to buy insurance on the open market. it also would eliminate the medicaid expansion and states
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would receive a set amount from the federal government every year. >> the bill might be branded as repeal, it keeps several popular items of obamacare. children can remain on the plan until age 26. it allows people with pre-existing conditions to continue coverage. these were two cornerstones of obamacare. one change is insurers allowed to hike premiums for people who let their coverage lapse for any reason. >> up to 30%. you have to have something to replace. >> president trump signaling effort. house introduced the bill. time to end the nightmare. >> that came from the potus account. nothing from the personal account. today marks the important step toward restores health care and affordability back to the american people. president trump looks forward to working with both chambers to repeal and replace obamacare. the president and republican leaders have work cut out for
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them. with both chambers expresses reservations. >> republicans start the sales pitch for the repeal bill with an 11:00 a.m. news conference by the chairman of the committees that drafted the measure. speaker paul ryan is defending the plan saying it will drive down costs and give americans access to affordable health insurance. republicans are holding out. the former chairman of the house freedom caucus. jim jordan. he cited the taxes. this is what jordan told cnn. he said i don't see any significant changes here. we put on president obama's desk a bill that got rid of the taxes and on the republican president's desk a bill that keeps the taxes in place? >> and minority leader nancy pelosi who helped pass obamacare eight years ago, slamming the
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bill. she says in part, it would force tens of millions of families to pay more for worse coverage. republicans have decided that affordable health care should be the privilege of the wealthy and not right of every american. republicans are vowing a long battle with the travel ban. the changes are dropping iraq. the ban now blocks people from sixcountries. it blocks them from obtaining visas for 90 days. suspend admission for refugees for 120 days. you can be granted a waiver, but on a case by case basis. it removes language prioritizing religious minorities. it also exempts green
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cardholders. >> in an either to avoid the chaos from the first executive order, it will be phased in on march of 16th. john kelly says it will be looked at for strong vetting. >> there are countries out there like some that will be vetted. >> donald trump signed executive order away from the view of reporters after more than three weeks of repeated delays. the first blocked by federal courts. >> joining us with the latest on the travel ban is cnn justice reporter laura jarrett in washington. what are you hearing? >> yesterday, i am great lakes
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a immigration advocates seem to say yes. this may remedy issues. people have more notice that it is happening this time around. they say it still suffers from some of the same legal flaws because it discriminates against the six muslim majority countries. obviously the government has a very different position. administration officials stressed on a call that the executive order was not in any way a muslim ban. christine. >> laura, the administration failed when it faced the first set of legal challenges. can they fight back? >> reporter: what they have done this time around is made it more difficult to figure out just who can sue. it carved out green cardholders and visa holders. those are essentially moot. we will find out if they are
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right about that. >> the confirmation hearing for rachel brand at the justice department. you will be abe an at the heari. >> reporter: the associate attorney general will oversee the justice department lawyers that handle the travel ban lawsuits. you can expect a fair amount of questioning from senators about her independence from trump on this issue. you may hear some dig in over jeff sessions. over 300 terrorism cases investigated by the fbi were committed by people who came here as refugees. christine and dave. >> another busy day for her. busy 47 days on the hill.
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to sleep like this at night. this is the new success story. and at t-i-a-a, we're with you. start today at t-i-a-a dot org. an obamacare repeal bill and revised version of the travel ban all on the same day. embarrassment of riches for the political execution. analyst ellis henican with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> we are feeling loaded. stop talking. let's get into this. in "the wall street journal" kevin brady and ken wallden writes about the plan online. here is at the heart of it. medicaid flaws worsened by the programs and legislation would
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frozen reeze enrollment. it goes on and you can read that on your screen. at the heart is transferring from the federal government to the states. will that leave fewer people insured? >> yes. anytime you put a firm sellicei on that, yes. 11 million of them got that coverage from expanded medicare. one of the big successes of obamacare. >> a vote scheduled for wednesday. what is the fight going to look like? >> you know, you have replace part and repeal part. repeal is a lot easier. so many divisions even in the gop. the freedom caucus and harder core conservatives worried about how much it will cost and impact. the moderates don't want a lot of people tossed off insurance. the democrats will oppose the whole thing. >> there are two factions.
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the tax credits that some don't like it and some are concerned about the medicaid expansion. they will get through the house it appears. >> seems to be. >> how do you get through the senate? >> not yet. they have to find some way to reach out to democrats and as you mentioned, maybe moderate republicans. this plan -- the president promised we would love this thing. this is so great. better. cheaper. cover everybody. i have towhave to tell you, we covered every word of it yet. we are just reading it. >> the individual and employer mandate is gone. >> isn't the mandate, you have to pay more. your premiums. >> your premiums can get jacked 30% if you let insurance lapse. >> that's right. >> is this another masked mandate? >> the word mandate sounds awful. that got a lot of younger healthier people in the program
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to pay for us slightly older folks. >> a mandate to have car insurance. you don't hear republicans screaming about how we should be forced to buy car insurance. that is one of the original arguments why we should have health care mandated in the country. >> in the end, insurance scheme is a complex thing. there are healthy people. younger people. i have to tell you. i think we may be peeling them off one at a time. >> health care is complicated. that is why we have been fighting about it for 35 years. >> we're not done yet. >> i think this is an historic moment. the president can take a victory lap. you finally have the bill. it is not under lock and key. it is out in the open. now where it goes from here is critical. >> start today. 11:00 republican house members try to explain. >> the two house members. >> glued to cnn. the president tweeted yesterday about exxonmobil. >> not about health care. >> or the ban.
2:15 am
>> he was talking about exxonmobil. taking credit for 45,000 new jobs and $25 billion investment in the gulf of mexico. president trump congratulating for the job program and it includes language directly from the exxonmobil press release. 45,000 construction and manufacturing jobs in the gulf region. buy american and hire american at the principles at the core of my agenda. the american steel of keystone. thank you, exxonmobil for the $20 billion investment. he tweeted out this video taking credit for his policies spurring this investment. traditional business republicans must be going crazy. >> for years, we have been hearing government should not pick winners and losers. helping one company succeed. would it be rude for me to say
2:16 am
where the secretary of state came from before he became the secretary of state? >> exxonmobil. >> coincidence? >> it is uncomfortable territory for fiscal cover sernservatives >> this is a way he can say i'm delivering for you. >> stay on jobs? >> i think you are right. that is the message that resonate more broadly than some of the other stuff. we do need jobs. we need good jobs. decently paying jobs. it is hard to come up with a system to come up company by company and dissolve these in a batch of a few thousand of a time. we need some broader concept here. >> conservatives like to create conditions for the dindustries that create jobs. >> investor wealth doesn't equal job creation.
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>> come back at 5:30. >> let's dig deeper on changes to medicaid under the health care bill. the plan covers 70 million people in medicaid. it was expanded under obamacare. 16 states chose to expand medicaid under obamacare. they have been pressuring not to repeal. the proposal rolls back the expansion gradually. remaining untouched until 2019. the following year, it eliminates the match for expansion. states get a fixed amount per enrollee. states, not the federal government, on the hook for costs. states don't have the money to make up the difference, they would reduce eligibility and curtail benefits or cut provider payments or combination to make the math work. all this could hurt poor adults and low income children and women and disabled and seniors.
2:18 am
you can read more on cnn money. >> it is an interesting sell for senators and governor as we hear from them. >> people on obamacare, premiums are rise and health care costs rising. >> insurance companies are fleeing obamacare. we shall see. we would like to hear from insurance companies. let us know @earlystart. tensions rising after the north korean's latest missile launch. what authorities are doing to address the threat. live from seoul next.
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president trump speaking with the japanese prime minister and acting president of south korea. all this as a special u.s. defense system deployed to south korea. that's where we find cnn's alexandra field live with more this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, dave. good morning. we are learning from north korean state news that kim jong-un personally supervised the ballistic missile launches off the coast of japan. we learn this involved a military unit trying to strike u.s. bases in japan. this missile launch comes at the same time that the u.s. and south korea are conducting joint military exercises. exercises believed to have provoked the launch of missiles. kim jong-un called an end to the exercises which he perceives as a threat or a sign of invasion, he would say. officials in japan, u.s., south
2:24 am
korea and china have all cond n condemned the missile launches. happening at the same time we are seeing the first pieces of the missile defense system designed by the u.s. arriving in south korea. a controversial defense system designed to intercept the nuclear threats from north korea. u.s. and south korean officials are noting the launches and saying this installation will go forward and officials are saying this deployment needs to happen as soon as possible. it could happen as early as july. those first pieces are arriving certainly drawing more ire from north korea. at the same time, north korean diplomatic relations reaching a new low with malaysia. north korean state news announcing all malaysian citizens in north korea will not be allowed out of the country. at the same time, malaysia saying north koreans in malaysia
2:25 am
are not allowed out of the country. this is after the death of the half brother of kim jong-un, kim jong-nam. they say they are hiding in the embas embassy. north korea is now using leverage to ensure the security of citizens in malaysia. malaysia is doing the same thing as far as citizens in north korea are concerned. a lot of countries condemning the actions of north korea. >> alexandra field in seoul. we appreciate it. back home, remember the fight over obamacare and managing to push that through? that was the big fight. now republicans have their turn. they need to muster their votes to repeal obamacare. can they do it with their replacement? how does it effect you?
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the republican plan to replace obamacare is here. but not everyone in the party is on board. what does it mean for your health coverage? the president's travel ban is in effect. can it withstand legal challenges? trump care is trending this morning. i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. it is 30 minutes past the hour. after years of promises to repeal and replace. the republican plan to repeal and replace is at the starting gate. republican leaders have a tough job rallying support. here is the headline.
2:31 am
it eliminates the individual mandate and replacing with a new set of initiatives. including the replacement of subsidy of tax credits. it would also eliminate the medicaid expansion. states would receive a set amount of money from the federal government every year. >> although the bill might be branded as repeal, it keeps several popular components of obamacare. children can remain on the parents plan until age 26 and allows people with pre-existing conditions to continue coverage through the most popular provisions of obamacare. one change getting push back. insurers would be allowed to hike coverage for people who lapse coverage up to 30%. president trump tweeting from the potus account. house introduced the bill to repeal and replace obamacare. time to end the nightmare. >> the white house adding today
2:32 am
marks the important step to restoring health care choices and affordable. president trump looks forward to working with both chambers. the president and leaders have work cut out for them. >> republicans start public sales pitch for the repeal bill this morning with an 11:00 a.m. news conference with the chairman of the committees that drafted the measure. speaker paul ryan out front defending the plan saying it will drive down costs and give access to affordable health insurance. key republicans holding out. the former chairman of the house caucus. jim jordan telling cnn i didn't see anything changes here. it sort of doesn't change my position. we put on president obama's desk a bill that got rid of the taxes and a republican congress is putting on a republican
2:33 am
president's desk a bill that keeps taxes in place. >> and nancy pelosi who helped pass obamacare slamming this bill. this will force tens of millions to pay more for worse coverage. >> on any other day, president trump signing a new revised travel ban would be the top stories, but not day. vowing another long legal battle against this version of the ban. six countries, syria, libya, somalia and yemen. there are key changes this time. among them, the new version drops iraq from the list of banned countries. also travelers can be granted waivers to come to the united states with that decision made on a case by case basis.
2:34 am
the new version removes the religious minorities. it exempts citizens from the six countries who are green card holders or visa holders. >> the revised ban will be phased in march 16th. other countries are also looked at for extreme vetting. >> the list will be expanded. the countries out there like iraq has done by the involvement of the prime minister to cooperate with us better to get information we need. there are 13 or 14 other countries. not all muslim countries. not all in the middle east. >> trump signed the executive order away from reporters and co cameras. the first version blocked by federal courts. >> joining us for the latest is laura jarrett live in
2:35 am
washington. what do you hear about the legal challenges? >> reporter: advocates say the travel ban may remedy some of the process issues from the old one. people have notice it is happening. it still suffering from legal flaws because it discriminates those of the six muslim majority countries. the government has the exact opposite position and administration officials stressed the executive order was not a muslim ban. strong statement from the administration. christine. >> the administration, laura, failed when it faced the first set. can new challenges be fought back? >> reporter: they narrowed the executive order and made it more difficult to figure out who exactly is going to be able to sue. they carved out green ca
2:36 am
cardholders and visa holders. those lawsuits, all those in the past, are essentially moot. we will find out if they are right about that. >> a lot of attention on hearings these days. one for rachel brand. if confirmed, she would oversee the justice department. how is the travel ban expected to play in? >> reporter: this someone that would go under the radar. she is going to oversee, if confirmed, the justice department lawyers that handle the lawsuits. you can expect a fair amount of questioning of her independence of the president on this issue. you may hear senators dig in on the new information that we heard from the first time yesterday from the attorney general jeff sessions that ov over 300 terrorism cases investigated by the fbi were committed by people who came
2:37 am
here as refugees. >> thank you, laura. a confirmation hearing at the doj. sessions recused himself from the russia investigation. we will get to the political news in a moment. plus, north korea's latest missile launch prompts action from the u.s. to the far east. what al lilies are doing to adds the latest threat. we go live to seoul. boats, motorcycles... even rvs! geico insures rvs? what's an rv? uh, the thing we've been stuck on for five years! wait, i'm not a real moose?? we've been over this, jeff... we're stickers! i'm not a real moose? give him some space. deep breaths, jeff. what's a sticker?!? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. that's why i use excedrin.n hold because of a headache.
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an obama repeal bill and revised version of the travel ban all on the same day. embarrassment of riches.
2:42 am
joining us this morning is ellis henican. he writes for the metro papers. good morning, my friend. more access. lower prices. affordability. quality. >> it will be wonderful. >> they have to sell it. how do you -- what are the problems in selling this to other republicans? >> the first thing to remember is that you can get worse coverage cheaper. if you provide fewer benefits, it can cost less. maybe that is where we are going. from the point of view from the republicans, there are two facts. moderate republicans worried about throwing off some of the 20 million new people who got coverage through obamacare. >> we don't know yet. we don't know the cost or coverage. >> you are right. we will find out pretty soon. on the more conservative side of the party, right, questions of how much it will cost and whether there is entitlement reform or tax credits apply and
2:43 am
who is going to get them? how much money it will cost. >> the rand paul, ted cruz, mike lee facts of tax credits and the medicaid expansion. rob portman has 700,000 people covered by that. positives. no mandate. individual or employer. you can stay on parents coverage until 26. what else? >> pre-existing condition. >> that may be the very biggest of all. >> that is what made obamacare obamacare. for the first time in history, you could get insurance if you had cancer. >> christine, the old system was cruel. if you had an illness and stuck in the job or couldn't find coverage otherwise. this is complicated stuff. it is very difficult to come up with a plan. a reason it took seven years to come up with a plan. to find a way to satisfy all of
2:44 am
the constituents you mentioned, it ain't easy. >> it gets through the house. through the senate? >> the senate is tough because of the exact pressures you are talking about. assume the democrats wi will oppose. >> is it difficult for republicans to oppose a bill that gets coverage for americans? >> you are right. don't forget all of the town hall meetings with congress members across the united states we have seen in the past couple months. that is an indication of the public reaction. this is something that affects real people. this is not an ideological argument. >> a lot of people cannot understand their own health care. it is a very opaque system. you can see why this is fraught with misinformation. let's ask about james comey and the fbi. >> he's incredulous.
2:45 am
>> a better word. >> i have seen that word more in headlines in the last 24 hours. where does this go from here? this spat between the fbi and the executive branch? >> the first thing is the president cannot simply replace the fbi director. he serves with a fixed term to protect him from things like this. he has been leaning on sessions trying to get the justice department to say hold on a second. this obama phone tapping at trump tower has no evidence to support it. >> but it was started by the tweets. who can put it out? who can stop this once and for all and say it did or did not happen? >> i think it is a delay strategy. the only thing the president can do is congressional committees, you guys go and investigate this. come back months later and maybe by that point we'll get it. >> and committees investigate this as part of the other investigations in russian
2:46 am
influence. >> delay is a strategy. >> we will hear from sean spicer at 1:30. we will hear from kevin brady and ken walden. selling the plan. the bill you waited for. ellis, thank you. >> glued to cnn all day. >> plenty of coverage. a tough break figure caltfi. for the cleveland cavaliers. >> hines ward explains in the bleacher report. >> good morning. the cavaliers signed andrew bogut hoping to give them the size they need to get back to the championship. 58 seconds into the game, bogut playing defense collides with the heat player and hobbled to the ground. collides. that looks awful. he had to be helped into the locker room. diagnosed with a fractured left fibia. after the game. he witnessed the injury.
2:47 am
>> i heard it break. as soon as the collision happened, i heard it break. i went over to him. he said it. i already knew. i heard it crack. >> u.s. women's soccer star megan rapinoe will no longer kneel. she will now stand for the anthem. last year, rapinoe kneeled after colin kaepernick started kneeling. finally, leonys martin turned 29 yesterday. his teammates gave him the gift that keeps on giving. ♪ >> a mariachi band followed him around all day on monday during spring training.
2:48 am
outfield. batting practice. everywhere. he was loving it. the birthday bay was sporting the giant sombrero. get this, martin is cuban. i'm not sure mexican mariachi band came from. i think it should be a new birthday tradition for the team. >> i think the mariners ought to do their homework. >> i would love that. we need a mariachi band walking around here. hines, i needed that. thank you. >> we should have had a mariachi band. >> doughnuts. time for a look at what is coming up on "new day." kwa alisyn camerota joins us. ali. >> good to see you. chris is behind me getting ready. >> working? >> we have so much news for enthusiasm morning. i barely know where to start. i don't know how we will fit it
2:49 am
into three hours. we have the details of the republican replacement plan for the affordable care act. we have congress member jason chaffetz on to talk about that. we have the revised travel ban and the fallout from president trump's claims about illegal wiretappi wiretapping. we have all that and we have some all-star panels. dissect and analyze. we will do that in 11 months. >> all that and a gun show from chris cuomo. >> the all-star panel. trying to drink water from a fire hose. nice to see you. ali, talk to you soon. silicon valley may not like donald trump's policies, but investors are loving life. a lot of money made in tech. an early start on your money next.
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dialogue about north korea now under way at the highest levels following that country's latest round of missile launches. president trump speaking with the japanese prime minister and acting president of south korea. this as we learn north korean leader kim jong-un personally supervised the missile launch and wanted to threaten bases. we have all this and more with alexandra field. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this is a discussion for the united nations security council which is talking about north korea on wednesday this week. it was this morning in seoul that we saw news from north korea state news agency that kim
2:55 am
jong-un personally supervised the launch of the four missiles and it was a unit with the ability to strike bases in japan. and the u.s. is reaching out to the prime ministers of japan and south korea reassuring the allies. there is a controversy ever trofrn system of the missile defense system. u.s. and south korean officials are moving to deploy the system quickly as possible. the u.s. and south korea and japan and china have north korea's missile launch and diplomatic tensions have reached a high between north korea and
2:56 am
malaysia. north korea announced no malaysian citizens can leave the country. malaysia announced no north korean citizens can leave the country. all of this has to do with the continuing spat over the murder of kim jong-nam. the half brother of kim jong-un. malaysian police want to speak to three citizens in connection with the investigation. they believe the men are holed up inside the north korean embassy in kuala lumpur. police are saying they have all the time in the world. they have sealed off the embassy and wait for years, they say, for the men to come out. dave. >> always a question of holding north korea accountable. thank you, alex. 56 minutes past the hour. a check on cnn money. stocks are barely moving. the dow fell 50 points. snap tanked 12% yesterday. ending the day below the opening day price of $24.
2:57 am
now when it did ipo, it soared 4% above the price. now it is below the $24 mark. critics are concerned about snap and the users and hype. it is struggling to turn reach knew in revenue into profit. top executives quick to speak out. lyft's founder says the company stands against the order. the founders will meet with the aclu to talk about it. uber spoke out about the order. the sentiment has not changed. the immigration ban is unjust and wrong. more than 100 companies joined the fight against the original travel ban. apple, facebook, google, microsoft. silicon valley may not like trump's policies, but investors in silicon valley don't seem concerned. facebook, amazon, netflix and
2:58 am
google. so-called f.a.n.g. >> i'm just picking up. >>. facebook up 19%. amazon up 13%. alphabet is up 7%. apple shares are up 20%. a lot of these are widely held stocks. apple is the best performer in the dow this year. the tech stocks are thriving. as the ceos speaking out against donald trump's immigration policies, they apparently investors love what could happen in terms of lower taxes and environment to operate in and make more money. >> tech stocks and bank stocks. >> thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts now. >> obamacare gone, we repeal the taxes and mandates and subsidy. >> we have seen opposition.
2:59 am
d it doesn't go far enough. >> they will go far of the coverage. >> there is no question that something happened. is it surveillance. a wiretap? >> if it is true, it is earth shattering. >> james comey incredulous after the trump allegations. >> there is no reason not to have trust in james comey. >> this will bolster the security of the united states. >> it is not a universal privilege when national security is at stake. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> all right. welcome viewer in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it is tuesday, march 7th. 6:00. let the health care battle begin. again. we have the plan to replace the aca. was the proposed able to keep people's coverage as he promised? the simple answer is no. many criticizing. both parties. we have the facts and experts to
3:00 am
explain what is in the proposal and what it means. >> and all this as president trump continues the claims that former president obama illegally wiretapped him during fbi chief james comey is reportedly, quote, incredulous over president trump's allegations. it is day 47 of the trump administration. let's begin with sunlen serfaty on capitol hill. >> reporter: repeal and replace obamacare but already major fault lines are emerging within the republican party. within hours, there was criticism and concern coming from many republicans and even the white house isn't yet fully endorsing this bill, only calling it an important step forward. >> it is obamacare gone. >> house republicans


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