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tv   New Day  CNN  March 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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with chris cuomo, and alisyn camerota. good morning, it's 8:00 in the east. let the health care battle begin again. house republicans finally turning their repeal and replace talk into something concrete. the first draft of their plan to replace obamacare. critics pouncing from their own parties and democrats saying it doesn't go far enough or it goes too far, and the reality is millions may lose their coverage. >> and this is as president trump continues his unsubstantiated claims that president obama wiretapped him during the campaign, and comey, will he speak out about trump's claims? we begin our coverage with sunland. >> unveiling their plan to replace and repeal obamacare,
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and already criticism and concern coming from top republicans, and even the white house is not fully embracing and endorsing this bill. president trump taking to twitter a few minutes ago saying, yes, this is a wonderful bill but notably he said this bill is up for negotiation. >> it is obamacare gone. >> house republicans unveiling their long-awaited replacement of obamacare. >> when we repeal and replace obamacare, it will amount to the biggest entitlement reform in at least the last 20 years. >> central to their bill, the elimination of the individual employer mandate, to tax people without insurance. and the coverage incentive, and premiums for one year that let their coverage lapse, and capping federal funds to the
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program for each state in 2020. obamacare subsidies now replaced by refundable tax credits determined by age and income. what will stay? obamacare's productions of pre-existing conditions, and children can remain on their parents' plan until the age of 26, and some are already divided calling it obamacare 2.0. >> we are calling it tax credits that we actually send people checks. >> proposing the bill did not offer any estimate of how much their plan would cost or how many people would lose coverage. >> the biggest concern i have, will it lower health care costs and premiums to those people that i serve? >> the plans will be much less expensive than obamacare and far better than obamacare, and it will be unbelievable. >> the white house releasing a
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statement calling the bill a important step toward restoring health care choices and affordabili affordability. arguing millions and poor of working class individuals will be unable to afford health insurance under the plan, and democratic leader, nancy pelosi, calling it the make america sick again bill. the wheels on all of this will fo be turning and they hope to have this bill on the floor in the next few weeks. trump finally unveiling his new travel ban, and joe johns is live at the white house with the latest for us. hi, joe. >> reporter: hi, alisyn. some call the charge
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unsubstantiated and some call it evidence free, and what is clear the aides for the president of the united states have been working very hard to try and defend it, or to at least call for it to be investigated, which brings us to the justice department which is under increasing pressure to speak out. the fbi director, james comey, was, quote, incredulous after the weekend tirade accusing former president obama of wiretapping his phones during the 2016 election, and comey concerned the president's unfounded allegation will make the fbi look bad, and then the justice department silence on the matter now frustrating comey. >> we have only heard unsubstantiated anonymous sources make those claims and i don't think director comey commented. >> sean spicer doubling down
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trump's accusation, but he, like the president, offering no proof. >> there's no question that something happened, and the question is, is it surveillance or a wiretap or whatever, but there has been enough reporting that strongly suggests that something occurred. >> as for the fate of president trump's relationship with the fbi director -- >> i have not asked him that yet. obviously he is focused today, first and foremost on this effort to keep the country safe. >> john kelly says he doesn't know anything about the president's charge, but he, too, is backing trump's explosive claims. >> if the president of the united states said that, he's got his reasons to say it. he has some convincing evidence that that took place. >> meanwhile, the president circumventing cameras for the rollout of travel ban 2.0. >> signing his executive order behind closed doors, the white house releasing one photo. the resized 90-day ban includes
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six instead of seven muslim-majority countries. iraq, a crucial partner in the fight against isis after his advisers urged him to remove it, and current visa holders and those with a green hard from the six countries can travel to the u.s., and syrian refugees are no longer banned indefinitely. >> this executive order provides a needed pause so we can carefully review how we scrutinize people coming here from these countries of concern. >> this morning the top prosecutor for maryland will be on the hot seat on capitol hill and will inbound a conversation hearing for deputy attorney general. he's likely to get some tough questions about the russia investigation and called on to say that he would want a special
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prosecutor to look into the questions. it's also likely that he could get questions about the president's position on wiretapping. chris? >> joe, appreciate it. let's talk about the state of play with chris collins, a member of the house energy and committee, and one responsible for the new health care bill. we will talk to you about that, congressman, always a pleasure. >> good to be with you, chris. >> on the wiretapping. help me understand this one. unlike some of the other claims that came out of citizen trump, candidate trump, and even president trump, this one can actually be answered by the man asking the question, president trump, he can know whether or not there was a fisa warrant with his name or his associate's names or organization's name on it, so why doesn't he know the answer? >> well, i think as sean spicer said, whether it was actually wiretapping with a fisa order or
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whether it was another type of surveillance, i don't think it's unreasonable to say as we are investigating other charges on the russian front, let's put this in the mix, and this would be a house investigation, and not a special prosecutor. if we are going to do investigating, let's investigate this. i don't personally have any knowledge, whatsoever, chris, so i am just hypothesizing. >> i am with you, and you are in the same boat of everybody who talked about this on behalf of the president, and nobody can point to anything, and they come to the same conclusion of let's put it in the mix, and the reason not to put it in the mix is it would be a distraction, and it takes you back to the same premise, he knows the answer to this, and even if you go with spicer's, you know, his whole jumble of answer there, whatever the answer is, the president is a phone call away from knowing the answer.
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>> well, again, the investigation can't hurt. i don't agree that it would be a distraction from what they are doing. it's not like they don't have the resources to do, if you want to call it, both at the same time. let's let it play out. many of us, myself included, i don't have any details and an investigation, whatever conclusion it comes to, it may not take -- >> you guys speak out all the time about pointless investigations that unfairly go after people, and you and i talked about that, and isn't that what this would be, trying to track down whether president obama put a hit on trump, and you have comey going out to go to the doj to squash it, and why waste time when there is proof you should already have? >> those of us not on the
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intelligence committee, and we never know if there's a fisa court order or not, and those are ultra-secret type of situations. let's let it play out. i don't have any information, and we are going to be doing an investigation on the russian investigation, so throw it in the mix. >> on health care, is it a true proposition while there are specific advantages for people under this plan, people are going to lose coverage if this plan is put into effect, will you own that? >> i don't agree with that. people are talking about the expansion of medicaid, which is not being touched until 2020, and that's two years and ten months from now, and on january 1, 2020, and states like new york that did choose to expand can continue the expansion indefinitely but will be
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reimbursed at their standard reimbursement rate at 50%, and i would argue it was unconscionable that we were compensating 90% for healthy working, and 50% for the blind and this will stay if you want 50%, you get 50%. it's up to the state's personal choice. it doesn't mean anybody will be knocked off of the expansion, and i suspect they won't and most states that chose the expansion, i believe, will keep it. >> it's not just your governor, my brother in new york state, they are all saying the same thing, yeah, sure, collins, you won't knock them off with your federal bill but i will have to as the governor because you are not giving me as much money anymore, and you are saying to the states, you will have to make it up, and we don't have the money so we will have to take people off the rolls, and the review of this, and 11
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million adults in 32 states that gained coverage through the expansion will lose it and become uninsured. >> i disagree, and i would like anybody to explain to me why the federal government was paying 90% of the cost for able-bodied adults working but did not have a high enough income versus 50% for the blind and disabled and the elderly? that, i don't think you can defend. all we are saying is if a state in their best judgment want to cover people through the expansion, and in the case of west virginia, they will get 73% instead of 90. >> you are assuming they don't have the money. in your case, 73%, you would still be asking them to pay an amount of money they say they don't have. and a lot of them on the individual level, tax credits and no more subsidies, and the urban institute did an analysis
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proposed by tom price, and now the man holding the reigns at health and human services, and there are deductibles as high as $25,000 for individuals and higher for families, because it's not enough money for people who don't have money to put into a health savings account to buy care, and they will wind up not having coverage. don't you have to own that to also own the cost savings? >> well, it goes back to the fundamental question. do we want a single payer socialized medicine, which is what the democrats want, or do we want individual accountability and personal choice letting businesses decide what coverage works for their employees, and letting them get that coverage through trade associations and chambers of commerce. that's the fundamental divide where the democrats believe in the socialized medicine model, the single payer system, and the republicans do not, we believe in personal accountability and personal choice. >> but don't you have to own the
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accountability with that policy position? i get what you are saying, and a lot of people would argue and a lot of people made trump president on the basis of repeal and replace, and he suggested everybody would have continued coverage and everybody would get what they wanted, but if you do what you want to do in this plan, people are going to lose coverage. you seem reluctant to own that, or is that just straight talk? >> you don't know that. >> people say it's impossible for it not to happen, and you won't have enough money in the system for these people to get the coverage that they now have. >> well, the people today, on a browns plan with a $10,000 deductible in arizona don't have insurance. they don't have insurance that provides them any coverage with a $10,000 deductible. the companies that stopped insuring people because under the essential benefit program they could not afford the insurance and that threw some of these people into some of the
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medicaid expansion and they could not find a doctor that would take medicaid. obamacare has failed and what we are coming up with is putting people back in charge of their health insurance, the tax refundable credits allow them to negotiate and pick a policy that works for them, and it's only going to be given to them if they purchase a policy. this is not a check that they can use to go and buy a new suit or clothes, and it's personal choice putting folks back in charge, and all those folks that had their cut, they don't have to have two part-time jobs. those were the failures of obamacare that we addressed in the american health care act, and i think americans, once they come to understand the glide path that nothing is changing on the expansion until january 1 of '20, they will get repweimburset
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50%. we are shifting a lot of control on medicaid back to the states. new york decides to send a taxicab to pick up people to take them to the doctor for medicaid, and new york has to ask why are we doing something nobody else does? >> the question is going to be is different better. we will have to see if you get your lifetime caps and your coverage like before and what accessorily means. appreciate you making the case as always. >> very good, chris. alisyn? >> as you and chris collins were discussing, the hard work is just tpweupbibeginning, and who winners and losers in the plan, and one of the architects of obamacare is here to explain that next. omy, with the help of the lowest taxes in decades, a talented workforce,
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the plans will be much less expensive than obamacare and far better than obamacare, and you will get your doctor and everything you want to get. it will be unbelievable. >> a lot of unbelievable promises. that was then-candidate donald trump over a year ago duh straoe describing what it would look like. good morning, professor, one of the architects of obamacare. >> good to be here. >> what are the pros and cons
5:21 am
having read the outline of the republican replacement plan? >> the basic question is why does this plan exist? you have a plan that reduces protections for the poor, the sick and the old to give a tax cut to the rich? >> how so? explain how that is true in what you read in the proposal? >> sure, we are all reacting quickly to something we read last night. let me focus, how does it reduce protections for the sick. first of all, by removing the mandate, it raises premiums for the sick, and has it hurt the old? it now says insurers can charge the old five times what it can charge the -- >> why should the old be charged five times the amount? >> because they are sick, and the healthy are young and strong
5:22 am
and the mandate was unconstitutional -- >> i get that part. but in terms of the elderly having to bear the brunt, how is that going to make sense to elderly voters? >> it is not. especially when you realize the third group, the sick, and many elders face illness risks. you have the situation there, and then the treatment of the poor. let's focus on this because this is really striking. under the affordable care act no poor person has to pay more than 10% of their income for health care premiums, and then you can have somebody on the poverty line paying 25%, and if that person would happen to lose their job and be uninsured for two months, if they want to be insured again they will be charged 30% more. >> if you don't have coverage
5:23 am
for 63 days or something like that, you can be charged a premium plus 30%, but i am giving the points of push back from the other side. they will say that health care is not a right, and you can't force me to buy something just because it's good for somebody else. and that this comes down to single payer versus choice within a system, and that that's what people wanted and that's what the election determined. some people may not get the same coverage, but everybody will have access and that's what freedom is. >> so a couple responses to that. first of all access is meaningless. we all have access to many things and if we can't afford them, it's useless. it's about making health insurance affordable and if you do not bring everybody in the insurance pool, you cannot make it affordable. we are all in this endeavor together. that does not mean a single payer system. under the mandate, if you chose not to buy insurance you pay a
5:24 am
penalty which is a small fraction of what you are imposing on society, and you could just stay out of the system, and so this was a system designed to bring society into the health arrangements that works for you at cnn and all employers. >> not to bring up a sore subject, but, of course, you remember a couple years ago when you got into some trouble for suggesting publicly that one of the advantages of obamacare was that it was sort of so dense and the lack of transparency would help because, you know, most americans wouldn't put in the time and energy to have to read through to really see what they were getting. the reason i bring it up is because is that relevant again this morning? i have here what chris printed out last night of the multiple pages, do you think voters and all the people you think would be disadvantaged do really understand what this replacement plan means for them because, you
5:25 am
know, we have seen people, all the anger at town hall meetings where they think something is going to be taken away from them, but who will put in the time to sift through this dense stuff and really get it? >> let's be clear. that's not really what i said. the point i was making in those ill-advised comments was that sometimes when laws are complicated it's hard to follow them and that basically that can sometimes be necessary to grease the wheels for the political process, and here's the big difference. when the affordable care act was passed it was done with unprecedented transparency, and there was dozens of hearings and now, given the attacks href kwraed on me, they want to jam through a bill without having any hearings or any score from the congressional budget office. we have no idea how many more americans will become uninsured, and who is going to win and who
5:26 am
is going lose? there was month of debates on the affordable care act covering these topics and there's nothing on this law and that's hypocritical. >> how big of a deal is it that the politics of obamacare do have a lot of negatives? you have a point about spiking premiums like in arizona, and you said you could keep your doctor and plan, and it wound up not being true, and are you dead in the water because of those situations? >> i don't know what is dead in the water? certainly you have premiums that have gone up a lot and those happens to be the cases where the republicans strongly opposed the underlying working of the laws, and if they allowed to encourage healthy citizens to sign up, and so i don't think you are dead in the water in any
5:27 am
sense, and if they allowed the law to have the conditions to succeed, it would have succeeded. >> thank you for helping us under this better this morning. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> this is just the beginning, and as we get into the details, we will do some of the work for you, but as alisyn said, you have to do your own work -- >> or you can stay up late until 1:30 in the morning and read it for us. that >> i did. >> i know. >> you can't trust anybody else as much as you trust yourself. fbi director comey said to be incredulous by the allegations, but he has not said anything himself. reaction from democrat senator dick durbin, next. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one.
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i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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the white house is calling on lawmakers to investigate president trump's allegations that president obama illegally wiretapped trump tower. earlier on "new day," republican jason khaeuf kwreuts had this
5:32 am
response. >> i learned long enough you don't pre- suppose the outcome. i think it's a legitimate question, and the president is emphatic about it and we will look at it and try to figure it out. >> that's what republicans say. what will democrats do? joining us now is a member of the judiciary committee, dick durbin. what do you want to see happen with president trump's accusations of president obama wiretapping him? >> donald trump is destroying the credibility of the office of president 140 characters at a time. this charge that he has made about some wiretapping before the election without a sin tilla of evidence, has been refuted not only by the former president but the national head of intelligence and the head of the federal bureau of
5:33 am
investigations. the republicans in congress still want to take this seriously. why? so they can avoid a serious investigation, an independent, transparent investigation, of the russian involvement in the last election. >> what do democrats do? >> we will continue to press forward. we pressed for the recusal of jeff sessions from this matter, and that virtually has happened and we will confirm that today in the committee, and we want the appointment of a special prosecutor so we have an independent person that will look at the involvement at the russians in the last election, and i favor calling for an independent commission that goes further and publicly and brings to light what happened in the last election. >> about jeff sessions' recusal, today congress will take up the issue about the man that would over see any russian
5:34 am
investigation, and this is the number one guy that would rise to the overseer because of jeff sessions stepping aside, and so what do you want to hear from him today? >> this is not a routine hearing by any means. his position as deputy attorney general would put him in the lead of determining whether or not the russians were involved in the campaign, the last campaign, and we're going to ask him pointblank whether he thinks a special prosecutor is necessary. understand, this is not an ordinary change of power in an administration. we are dealing now with deep constitutional issues and issues of a historic moment. >> so you want to ask -- basically that's a litmus test? you will ask him directly will you appoint a social prosecutor, and you will support him if he does and not support him if he says no? >> i will give him a chance to
5:35 am
explain his position. i respect him. he was first appointed by the republicans and held office as u.s. attorney under the democratic president, so he comes to this position with credibility. i want to hear him out and hear his explanation. a lot has happened since a week ago when we last met. >> so it has been reported that director comey was incredulous by the accusations leveled by president trump at president obama. should director comey come out and publicly say something about this? >> he's done virtually that by asking the department of justice to report publicly that there was no wiretap as alleged by president donald trump. i think he has gone as far as he can go at this point, and the fact that republican leaders in congress still take these baseless allegations by the president seriously to the point where they wish to investigate him on the chance he might be right, and that tells you how far they will go to avoid a real
5:36 am
investigation of the russian involvement in the last election. >> i want to ask you about donald trump's immigration plans. his secretary for dhs, john kelly, came out and basically suggested a plan for deterrence, to stop families from trying or even attempting to cross the border illegally. let me play for you what he said. >> we have tremendous experience in dealing with unaccompanied minors. we turn them over to hhs and they do a good job of either putting them in kind of foster care or linking them up with parents or family members in the united states. yes, i am considering in order to detour more movement along this terribly dangerous network, and i am considering exactly that. they will be well cared for as we deal with their parents. >> what he was saying, he is considering separating families and minors from their parents. what is your response? >> understand what would lead a family to send an unaccompanied
5:37 am
child on a dangerous life-threatening journey to the border of the united states, think about the conditions and the country's where they live in where that would lead to that desperate condition. i have seen these kids, and some of them as young as 5 and 6 years old, and we want to make sure the united states treats them humanely and fairly and we give them a chance to have a safe life from this point forward. i hope the general will keep in that mind, whatever his policies would be. >> last, your reaction to the republican replacement plan for obamacare? >> well, of course, as you start looking at it more carefully and closely, we realize that millions of americans will lose their health insurance, and many who will have health insurance will not have a policy that is as protective today as we have under the affordable care act, and of course, understand, the republicans, always the guardians of the national treasury issued this report without any score and any determination of its impact on our budget deficit by the
5:38 am
congressional budget office. >> all right, senator, thank you very much for hitting all the news of the day and giving us your responses that. >> thank you as well. and trump weighing in on the gop replacement plan. what is he saying? we have it in the bottom line when we come back. how's the new project going?
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time thing for the 5 things to know for your new day. and trump doubling down on the unsubstantiated claim that president obama wiretapped the trump tower during the campaign. house republicans finally revealing their obamacare replacement plan after vowing to make health care more affordable and accessible. the white house telling planned parenthood it could keep getting federal funding if it stops providing abortions, and planned parenthood rejecting that idea saying the money they get goes towards women's health
5:43 am
services and not abortion services. president trump calling the leaders of south korea and japan on monday reaffirming the u.s. commitment to their security. meet the littlest queen bee. the youngest contestant to earn a spot in the scipps competition. her winning word janana. >> do you know what it means? >> you have never heard that word other than if you had food in your mouth and trying to say something else. >> it means knowledge in indian philosophy. >> she did not need to define it, just needed to spell it. for more 5 things to know, go to for the latest.
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and then democrats threatening to block the nomination of the attorney general. why? and then david beckham is now using his acclaim. >> he's committed to helping children around the world as a unicef ambassador. >> with my involvement in unicef, it's about shining a light on certain situations. >> he started the seven fund. water sanitation, aid, malnutrition and violence. >> a child dies every five minutes around the world. how is that possible in this age? >> back in his travel to several countries to meet children and raise awareness. >> i want to see the changes being made, and i want to see what really needs serious focus. >> the seven fund reaches
5:45 am
children in every part of the world. >> that's when you really get these people sitting up and taking no tuesday bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. otice.
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twitter weighing in on russia and the republican's wonderful
5:49 am
new health care bill. that's his word. let's get to the cnn political analyst, mark preston. the president had been asked, do you think you will be able to keep people covered? he said, yes, yes, very important. it's almost impossible to read this initial proposal and see it as covering everybody. it's almost certainly going to reduce the coverage numbers. what is the plus/minus. >> the plus is the republicans said they would repeal and replace and the minus is it's not going to be as inclusive as you said. they talk about access to health care and not necessarily coverage of health care. the fact of matter is, even though they released it yesterday and seem to be moving forward on it, and they don't have support within their own republican conference for it, let alone democrats. >> and we just had jason chafe
5:50 am
kwreuts on who likes the replacement plan, and he said it might mean that low income people will have to make better choices, is what he basically said. listen to this. >> we're getting rid of the individual mandate. we're getting rid of those things that people said they don't want. americans have choices and they have to make a choice. maybe rather than getting the new iphone they just love, maybe they should invest in their own health care. >> wow. the way that it is structured, the tax credits for low to middle people, it could not help them because they may not make enough money where tax credits could help them. >> are we at that point where you will have to make a choice between having a cell phone and health care? is that what republicans are saying they are comfortable? >> i will be kind enough to him and say he inartfully said what
5:51 am
he said. >> i want to hear the president say that, he campaigned talking exactly to that group of people and saying you are doing too much with too little, and your wages have not gone up, and he just had one of the advocates of your plan and say your problems are on you and put the ipad down and pay for something. that's not only an inaccurate representation for what is true of a ma your tjority country, a let's you know where their heads are and who they are trying to please. >> add to the mix, too, again, they don't have full republican support, and you have rand paul calling it obamacare, and you have the conservatives over in the house of representatives saying they cannot support the bill, and they can't even get it out of the starting gate or looks like they will not be able to get it out of the starting
5:52 am
gate, let alone to completion. >> and the president's accusations of wiretapping the former president, president obama wiretapped trump tower, and jason khaeufets said we will look into that. how do you think that will go? >> one, i have been saying this since the president tweeted saturday morning at 6:30 that he had been wiretapped by the former president, that it's irresponsible what he did. the fact of the matter is, if there was any real validity to it, would we really see the united states president being the one to announce it on a saturday morning via twitter? it doesn't seem to add up. and are they going to investigate it? sure, it's the responsible of an oversight committee, and they should investigate it. >> why? this is not like the far fetched things coming out of trump, whether it's the 9/11
5:53 am
celebrations or the birther, and he can find out this information from a phone call. it's a distraction to the committees. >> it would take all about a few hours, quite frankly, for jason to find out if this happened at all. and donald trump could find out right away, and it would take one telephone acall, and everything we have heard from intelligence officials in high-ranking spots, they said it never happened. >> and jeff sessions refused himself into the ties between trump's campaign and russia, and now the number two person would oversee those investigations. the hearing for him is today. how will that go? >> there will be fireworks from the democratic side. the bottom line on this one is it's going to be a proxy war between the democrats and the trump administration in what would be a hearing most people would not pay attention to.
5:54 am
>> they will tell us right now you will assign a special prosecutor? >> i am sure. >> we just heard it. >> "the good stuff" next. your insurance company
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terrible, but it has a good ending. >> okay. >> just the worse nightmare if you are in the baby game or have been. a georgia mom wakes up and finds her 1-year-old son blue in the face and not taking a breath. davis immediately calls 911, and an officer, joe dwyer, nearby and says i will take the call. >> we really thought it was over, honestly. it was real scary. >> i just kept seeing it in my head over and over, as i was doing the compressions, fight, fight, fight. >> he puts the training to work, baby cpr, and little amir starts breathing. everybody in the room broke down crying tears of joy. >> it was almost like a guardian angel god sent to us that day. >> oh, my gosh. thank gosh for that officer.
5:59 am
>> an officer answers a calls and saves a baby. trump is tweeting again, and comedians are taking notice. queue the late-night laughs. >> i don't know if you were paying attention but donald trump seemed pretty steady. he gave the big boy speech in front of congress, long pants and everything, and it was very impressive. i was afraid he sold the timeshare in crazytown. well, he's back! >> one of trump's tweets read terrible, just found out obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. there's no way trump knows what mccarthyism is. >> he is a private man that likes to keep his thoughts to himself. >> now, these are allegations with enormous significance if
6:00 am
true, so of course the nation immediately responded by saying, hey, you spelled tap wrong. >> and just like that, the white house had to set their sign back to zero. >> cordin, an unusual appearance in our late-night laughs. time for "newsroom" with poppy harlow and john berman. >> good morning, guys. we will see you soon. good morning, everyone. i am john bermans, and i am poppy haar brloharlow. all of a sudden a new warrior, moments ago, the president tweeting our wonderful new health care bill is out for review and negotiation. and it reveals two things we did not know before for certain. first, the president is owning this bill


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