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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 7, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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and the republican bill, and only at the tail end did we get into the russian wiretapping and sean spicer is saying president has no regrets. >> i want to turn back to wiretapping and david chalian is now joining us. as sean spicer was speaking, mitch mcconnell was up on hill echoing the same, which is they don't have any information that what the president accused president obama of doing ordering a wiretap of president obama is accurate. >> and apparently that's a real sore point with the president who wanted republicans to rush to the mike focrophones to say
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investigate this and oh, my god how could president obama have done this to president trump, and they were quiet, with the ni microphones except f microphones except for john mccain and lindsey graham. the question is why would the president want congress to spend money investigating a question to which he has the answer by virtue of his tweet? and can make that public any old time he wants. >> let's talk turkey here. this is a president on a twitter storm clearly angry about the way that his staff had handled things, deciding to take things into his own hands and try to change the subject, who knows, probably divert attention from russia, all of the above. and sean spicer was asked and
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probably one of my favorite moments of this briefing whether or not given the fact that nobody has been able to back up this declaratory statement that president trump said whether or not he'll stop making statements like this on twitter, and he said i'll get back to you. >> i doubt pretty much he'll get back to us and i'm sure he knows that president trump is watching him maybe tweeting at this moment. >> in the oval office. >> yes, indeed, but i think gloria is exactly right. this is awkward, weird to watch. spicer sort of say and not say, not say whether or not he believes this, not talk about evidence and this idea that you can't take what the president tweeted at face value that you need a congress and sean spicer says you need the credibility of congress as if to say that the president himself didn't have credibility and guess what, he doesn't have any credibility on
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this because he hasn't shown any evidence. imagine if he had evidence of this action by the former president it would be the biggest political story in 50 years or so and he would want to put it out there and we will wait to see what he does. i think they are hoping this does become like groundhog day and every day they can refer to congress and say they'll take it up but at some point they're going to have some sort of resolution to this. >> but it is our responsibility -- look the president tweets stuff all the time and it is one of the biggest challenges i think for the media and trump era is to try to figure out when to ignore it and know it is just a diversion around when to take it seriously, you can't not take seriously when you're accusing a former president of wiretapping. that was a no-brainer. having said that, do you think -- you're a ruouters
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report. >> i think journalists have the responsibility to tell the truth, report to the truth and when accurate or a statement comes from a person we're covering found not to be accurate to follow-up on that just as we have the responsibility to correct or own mistakes absolutely that's what the white house core should be doing and all of us should be doing. >> i want to switch over the health care and the whole talk was the new hhs secretary tom price who used to be on capitol hill writing this legislation which had no chance of ever becoming law when president obama was in the white house, now put the stamp on what the white house did but said something very note worth that the hot water that president obama got in by promising everybody can keep their doctor.
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>> as you recall, the last administration said if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you like your plan you can keep your plan, both promises turned out not to be true. we think it's important for them to select their treatment and our goal is to make sure they have the opportunity to select their physicians. in terms of premiums we believe strongly through this whole process as it takes effect that we'll see a decrease not only in the premiums that individuals will see but a decrease in health care costs. >> what did you make of that, david chalian. >> i think specifically there as you noted he wanted to separate what was the lie of the year or whatever it was during the obama years, what he says is yes, you
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can choose your doctor or have health insurance but i thought a couple of things were note worst. one it was so interesting to see both tom price and sean spicer emphasizing this is impacting just the individual market, medicare not affected. vets you get tri-care, you have veterans care, this doesn't impact employer-provided insurance and i thought it's like a robert gibbs press briefing it was the identical talking point that is the obama administration was trying to argue that it wasn't this radical shift but affecting the whole market. shawean spicer clearly laying t ground work, that the ceo, when this estimate comes out, he's already laying the ground work for de-emphasizing the important
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of that because he says the number of people covers and the cost may not be realized until fac fa phases two and three get introduced. shawn was saying well, this is just phase one. that's a tricky road, because he's trying to muddy the water. >> for people listening in. >> sorry. >> no, it's okay, to hear washington alphabet soup why does it matter because this is to explain how much things cost for government and therefore the tax payer right. >> and in a non-partisan way. >> they try and play it over the years of who will get coverage under this big plan. so the question is will there be
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a decline in coverage? can also say will your co-pays and deductibles increase? they can talk about that well wait a minute how will this affect the medicare trust fund going forward are they going to rob peter to pay paul here? so sean is setting it up exactly the way you said david but there are going to be questions about part one and the cost of part one because there's no tax increase as president obama had to off-set his plan. >> if there's that, you also have republicans saying yeah, but, this ceo was not accurate in terms of the cost ultimately of obamacare at least where we are right now almost ten years after it was eight years after it was passed. but there's that, then there's shoe meet other foot in that republicans now are many conservatives are so upset at the notion that even though they talked a lot about transparency,
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it's only 66 pages that they haven't been able to look at it that it's going to be done perhaps properly in house but they're saying they're going to take whatever passes right through and shove it to -- >> we already sort of nowhere the democrats are going to be but the republicans are divided on this bill, and the fact they are divided about some it was content as well as how it's going to be handled or pushed through if that's going to happen in the senate will make it harder to become law. >> thank you everyone for hanging in for that lengthy press conference from the white house. appreciate all your insights. a few moments from now we're going to hear from some republicans including senator rand paul. stay with us.
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not surprisingly democrats argue it will hurt by ripping obamacare apart. many conservatives are pinning it as obamacare light and here is how health and human secretary tom price announced it. >> we want a system that's affordable, accessible for everybody, a system of the highest quality. a system that incentivizes
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innovation in the health care system, through both transparency and accountability. >> joining me now is tammy lubby, thank you so much for joining me i should tell our viewers that you are definitely an expert. will this deliver on prices promised? >> well, let's go over some to have basics first, it's just for the individual market and medicaid market but the republican plan keeps kids under 26 can stay on their parents plan, those with preexisting conditions protected no annual lifetime limits on coverage and keep the cap on out of pocket costs but does get rid of employer mandates and giving people refundable tax credits
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based on age rather than income. there are now 11 million americans covered, but they want to over haul it which covered more than 750 million people. it would change federal support for it. >> in terms of americans getsing health care through obamacare. >> let's talk about the losers, low income people may end up losing out, could be left uninsured. obamacare provided subsidies more generous for low income americans, that's going to change, obamacare restricted compared to younger one, this will allow to charge older people more. if wep want to look at the
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winners, younger people could be the winners, older people are going to be charged more, also higher income people are going to win. fewer taxes, rolls back the taxes on the rich americans that help pay for obamacare and people with higher income, many middle class people but with higher incomes will be able to qualify for the tax credits they put an income cap on it so not the wealthy wealthy will be able to and on top, insurers will feget a tax break. >> thank you for break k it down. >> what is this going to cost and when will we know the final price tag. phil mattingingly is on capitol hill following all this among republicans. >> reporter: the interesting element is we don't have answers
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how much it costs or how many people it will cover according to tcongress congressional offi. on the cost that's where you're hitting on conservatives. there's a concern there will be a million multiplied people dropoff based off of obamacare itself, but the conservatives basically saying we're not even willing to negotiate what's being put out right now. this is dead. in fact that's exactly what senator rand paul told me a ful a few minutes. >> i think there's going to be some head counting going on and i think the bill as it stands really is dead on arrival. i think it's daead in the house. i don't think conservatives are for this. >> reporter: ominous words from
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senator paul. they can only afford to loose to and still move this through. dana, you know how this works better than anybody else, and we're seeing it take affect right now. the trump administration starting their blitz to sell this vice president mike pence meeting now in his private office along with health and human services secretary tom price meeting with wary conservatives trying to bring them along to make sure they know we get you have problems with this but this is the vehicle, this is what's moving forward and what the administration supports. one key component, again you know this better than anybody. the closer is the president, the president is the one that's going to have to get on the phone, sell these behind the scenes but also sell the american public publicly. i'm told officials saying expect that to happen soon to get out and try to sell this proposal.
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there's no question, this is not a clear path and the conservatives make up the core of concerns. >> i've heard this from senior republicans over there that they are expecting the president to be the salesman in chief. thank you. heritage action for america has panned the republicans health care proposal releasing a statement which says in part in many ways the house republicans proposal released last night not only accepts the plaus of obamacare but expands on them. secretary price responds on them. >> i think this is the beginning of the process and we look forward to working with them an others to make sure we come one the process that aligns with the principals that we defined that they adhere or agree to as well, we need a system that's
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affordable for folks, accessible, of the highest quality, invecentivizes innovation. >> i want to talk about the substance to have bill and republican politics. let's start with the distance. in your statement you said there's no significant difference between this effort and obamacare. is that really fair. >> i'm not sure that's kpaexact how we said it but they're starting with the obamacare ak techu -- architecture in place. many americans wealthier eligible urnder obamacare, the federal government, insurance company and your boss should be the players. that's the architecture this
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bill keeps in place and what conservatives want to do and repeal and replace it is make it a free market based system where it's really the individual and his or her doctor making the decisions. >> president trump tweeted not surprisingly he said this don't worry getting rid of state lines to i think part of what you were referring which will promote competition will be in phase two and three of the health care rollout and you heard that from secretary price as well, so does that give you comfort? >> it doesn't, when you're building house the foundation matters and it keeps this progressive mindset in terms of regulations and how you're subsidizi subsidizing getting pair and not getting at the linking of insurance and your employment. ultimately when you look at phase two, that's all stuff that can be rolled back by a future administration. phase three, why would any
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democrat sign on if it's getting at the architecture of obamacare, it has to be done with 51 republican votes deliver on that promise you have been making ever since 2010 and let's have a national debate of making a health care system that serves our citizens better. >> what you just said makes perfect sense when you were trying to set the parameters for debate for conservatives in ma snoi -- minority. you are limited by the number of seats and votes that you have. given that reality do you understand why they are doing what they are doing to try to cobble together as much of a change they can to get the philosophical ideas you just pointed out. >> they're going about it the wrong way, in 1977, it was done on reconciliation entire federal
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welfare program was repealed on reconciliation and replaced. let's take away the architecture and rebuild it with something that serves the american people better. >> for republicans who support this bill, do you think they run the risk of being primaried from the right? >> i think we're in the moment wherever republican wapt wants to get to a yes, what we are hearing and some to have questions are a lot of voters saying this doesn't look like it's going to pass muster. >> thank you for your time. appreciate i want. moments from now senator rand paul will be speaking among others who are criticizing the health care plan and reactions to president trump's claims and
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also wiretapping at trump tower. all that ahead.
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another breaking story we're following, now learning that the senate intelligence committee will review president trump's wiretapping claim against his predecessor. i want to go to manu raju, you spoke with the number two republican john cornyn about this, what did he tell you. >> reporter: that's right, senator cornyn also sits on the intelligence committee. they're actually meeting right now in the room next to me, dana getting briefed on north korea but also have the major investigation underway looking
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into russia, russia meddling in any potential contacts between trump associates and russian government officials during the presidential election, i had a chance to talk to senator cornyn, about president trump making the claims and cornyn suggested this is something the committee itself will be looking into. take a listen. >> what i can tell you is that the bipartisan investigation is well you should way and the c iit shall cia produced a mass amount for the select committee to review. >> reporter: part of the flynn transcripts with the russian ambassador? >> i haven't seen that. >> have you been briefed on that as a committee? >> i can't really talk about things classified so i can't answer that question but can
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assure you that vice chairman warner a democrat, and chairman burr a republican have committed to a bipartisan investigation, that's all anybody reasonable could ask for. >> reporter: are you going to ask about the question of wiretapping? >> i think all of that is part to have investigation. >> reporter: interesting, dana even the number two senate republican cannot say whether he believe it is president of the united states made an accurate claim of president obama surveilling him and i asked if he's seen any evidence that donald trump was wire trapped mcconnell's words, no, i have not. >> great rereportiporting, and recently quit after actions
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taken, ned was a senior spokesperson for the national security counsel and should note he has donate today the clinton campaign and democratic party. you said that the president's tweets on wiretapping were on outburst that should frighten all americans. okay, that's what you pause it, but knowing what you know about intelligence and about the way it works, do you think that there is any way his accusation could have merit? >> absolutely not, let's take a step back, anyone who has insight including director clapper, director comey, mike hadden all of whom were appointed by republicans in office have said there's absolutely no merit to this personally i would not know, but the people who would know have been uniform saying there's
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absolutely no truth nor could be any truth to what donald trump has alleged. the president of the united states does not have the authority to direct surveillance against any person whether it be a national citizen or foreign. >> do you think it is possible that the obama administration during the obama administration that was a wiretap at trump tower separate and apart from the president himself actually ordering it as donald trump alle alleged? >> let's pretend for a moment it is. that means the department of justice using information provide bid the law enforcement and intelligence communities went either to a judge of the foreign intelligence surveillance court and made the case that president trump or smp in his or bit is an agent of a foreign power or all theternati
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made the case that president trump or someone in his network was engaged in criminal activity, so if president trump believes that's the case that's essentially what he is saying and should be concerning. >> i want to switch topics to the travel ban, he revised the travel ban, are you more comfortable with what you see now? >> i have never been comfortable in any form. it was a ban with cosmetic tweets to a fundamentally bad policy. it makes us less safe because it alienates the people we need to combat terrorism around the world. there's absolutely no merit to this. refugees are already subject to the most rigorous screening, on average it takes 18-24 months
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many of whom are women, children, religious minorities, and this travel ban is maybe good politics for president trump, but not good national security policy. >> i know the answer to this, but want bring it up but surprised to hear that the department is considering separating children from their parents at the border. do you think there's any way that's going to fly? >> it's certainly not humane and taken back hearing from the department of homeland security but very much seems to be the direction their headed. >> i want to go to republicans on capitol hill not happy with their own party and president's replacement of obamacare. >> it meant we need today cover the preexisting conditions making sure people didn't get
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kicked off their health care plan, making sure there was an adequate safety net. i can tell you those two things are still the focus of not only the house freedom caucus but senator lee, rand paul and senator ted cruz, we're going to be talking about a number of scores in the upcoming days, cbo scores and what score that this mean and what does it mean for the american people, i can tell you there's one score that the american people will pay attention to and that is does it really lower their health care costs and their premiums? that's the only score that really matters and if this doesn't do it then we need to make sure we find something that does do it and with that i'm going turn it over to the gentleman from ohio who plans to introduce a piece of legislation that really repeals the affordable care act the gentleman from ohio jim jordan. >> thank you, mark.
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mark is exactly right. our goal is to bring down the cost of insurance for middle income families and working families across the country, we think you have to get rid of obamacare completely. tomorrow i will introduce the bill that ever single republican voted on 15 months ago the bill that actually repeals obamacare, our goal has been to repeal in one and it is sponsored by dr. paul in the senate, there are three plans, cassidy plan, like obamacare you can keep obamacare, the plan brought forward which i believe when you look through it is obamacare in a different form. then our plan the one i think is consistent with what we told the voters what we were going to do, repeal obamacare, replace it with market centered, doctor
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centered plan, and provides affordable insurance for all americans. think about this we put on president obama's desk a bill that repealed obamacare got rid of every single tax, mandate and now the republicans are bring forward a piece of legislation that we're going to put on a republican president's desk that says we'll repeal it but keeps medicaid expansion and actually expands it, keeps some of the tax increases, that's not what we prommed tised the american p we would do. repeal it, separate legislation to replace what we currently have with a model we think will bring down the cost of premiums for the hardworking people of this country who sent us here to do just that. now turn it over to sponsor of the replacement plan in the
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senate dr. rand paul. today i will introduce a companion bill to have complete repeal. a clean repeal. we'll be doing this in if the senate as well. in 2010 and 2016, this brings us together, complete repeal, clean repeal. as congressman jordan said, we voted for it and every republican voted for it. that's what we should do again, but we are divide. we have to admit we are divided on replacement. we are united on repeal, but divided on replacement. let's vote on what we voted on before, a clean repeal. separate out the replacement plans, conservatives have a
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replacement plan, house leadership has replacement plans i'm sure draemocrats would likeo go and revote on aca, but the only way i think this gets done is separate the issues separate out clean repeal from replacement let's get it done, repeal items us and i think can get that done, i would like to introduce my colleague and friend senator from utah. >> what's been introduced in the house in the last 24 hours is not the obamacare replacement plan, not the obamacare repeal plan we've been hoping for, this is instead a step in the wrong direction and as much as anything a missed opportunity. look, we've seen what happens when congress decide to put f d
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forward a plan negotiated behind closed doors, it's not usually a good product and i'm not speaking about anything that's inherently democratic or republican, or conservative, this is a common sense value, we need to have one which can start with basic ground k principals. the two parties are in wide-spread disagreement when it comes the obamacare, but there's one plan and only one that has passed in republican congress and it's this plan being introduced today. that plan passed with the support of every republican in the house of representative and every republican in the senate and it did so just in the last 14 months, so i think we ought to put this forward. ought to get it passed and let move the ball forward in around interim process, to propose ideas that will benefit the
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american people. that's what we want to do and what this process, this bill, 20 15 repeal bill would do. now my pleasure to introduce congressman from south carolina. thank you. >> about a half an hour ago, maybe less than that the white house wrapped up its daily press briefing in the press and instructive that sean spicer said repeatedly the health care bill introduced is a work in progress. it's interesting that former colleague congressman price now secretary price said the same thing at the beginning at the conference, ilgt's a work in progress, we have now an opening bid and i think conservatives
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are saying okay, we have an opening bid, but might not we constructively look for ways of refining what's been introduced and that's ultimately what the press conference is all about. very simply asking this question, which is do we need to lower the bar in what we believe in conservative simply because a republican is in the white house, so the bill the senator is going to introduce a bill that is saying wait a minute, to their point something there was unanimous accord on house and senate side, let's stick with that plan and not just respectively but perspectively as well in looking forward, let's not lower what we believe or lower the bar on what we believe simply because the republicans in the white house on new ideas, so you look at the idea of a cadillac plan that's
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based in current bill being talked about i don't know is that a lowering of the bar? you look at something like the refundable tax credit, is that a lowering of the bar? it was ronald reagan said -- will guarantee eternal life is -- government. this is going back to things and principals long worked on the republican side and have espoused and grabbed hold of in the last 14 months. >> the newest member of the freedom caucus. we're told we're known by our enemies and known by our friends. i'm glad to be known by our friends. glad we got finally got a bill out. it's a starting point and some
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people ask what i told president trump when he came down the aisle for the state to have union and i said you're being told we can't do some of the things we did two years ago with obamacare and was true and still true, so as long as we're able the get amendments to the floor that will fix some huge problems with the bill now filed then we'll be okay, but they better not be a rule that prevents amendments that are badly needed to fix this flawed bill. that would be a major problem. we don't need as mark said don't need to start new entitlement programs and we certainly don't need to have the bottom line effect what mark meadows was talking about that prices of insurance don't go down, so there are things that have to be
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done, have to be included but we got a starting point and i think midst the harsh ex-cements we have a racehorse, and we'll get it done. about eight years back in how we started to do health care reform about eight years ago, the heads of insurance companies walk into the white house looking at their shoes and something was wrong there and eight years later the head of aetna says we're in the death spiral and what they arranged eight years ago obviously didn't work, top down government control especially at the federal level does not work. we've seen that. and so now interestingly the press comes and says hey, the cars in the ditch, how are you guys going to fix it in two
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weeks? and the answer always would be we should have done free economics and free economic health care in the past 20 years, we focused on 18 million coverage, not on the prices and now health care costs going up 25%. the speaker, health insurance premiums price cost going up 25%. the goal has shift the cost curve down, all of you in the press can hold us accountable to that, that means not a reduction in the rate of increase, not down to 15%, it means costs go down by negative 1% and that's what the american people are dying to see. it happens with cars, cds, we have people sending us examples,
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$150,000 haer $150,0 $150,000 heart procedure here cost costs $15,000 in india. it would make that much easier to solve with the cost issue. just so we have the numbers there straight, we currently have $100 trillion unfunded mandatory spending problem in this country, we promised $100 trillion to the next generation, the federal government created that problem. now we're going to create another entitlement on top of 100 trillion, in your reporting that context is very important to lay out. one of the goals we have or at least i have is i want to push as much of this down to the state level as we can. the federal government being in charge. we have a unique capacity to
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print money, the states have to run a balanced budget i trust them more to be fiscally responsible. those are some of the major ideas not tinkering around the edges, what it means to do free markets and put in the mechanisms to make sure that becomes reality. thank you. >> tom garrett. i want to thank congressman jordan, senators lee and paul, my cohorts in the freedom caucus for having me here today's. this is simply too important to rush through. the proposals that came out yesterday were shrouded ain a cloak of seek -- secrecy, the debate must be had to work within the frame work division
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of our founders. we know historically freer markets and i understand it's not a commodity like sneakers but lead to lowerer costs and can do this without creating entitlement. the eighth wealthiest individuals on the planet erts had to put the united states currents debt in liability and perspective imagine that we can extract every dime down from wealth and the eighth wealth yes, sir people in the planet and apply that to current standing debt. what percentage of our debt do you think that would pay off? pay off under 10%.
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we hear the use unsustainable again and again and again in this town and some things really are and new entitlement programs and spending true is and we can curve the cost curve downward and do so without further incomberring other places. we're resolute and will stand here and do what's right not just for today but for posterity. thank you very much. >> mr. john parkinson -- go ahead. i heard you guys using the optimism that the president would negotiate with you, but today he had a tweet he term d this as a wonderful bill. do any of you want to use that term? >> no, but there are
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improvements in the legislation from the leaked draft but there was a wonderful bill that ever single republican voted on just a few months back and tomorrow senator paul and myself will be introducing that same piece of legislation and that is exactly as i said earlier consistent with what we told the american people we were going to do, repeal obamacare, how about using the bill we all supported then replace it with something we actually believe is going to lower health care cost? >> mr. jordan can you talk to mr. jordan and mr. me doadows y met with the vice president, he said this is the bill when i hear all of you talk it sounds like you were trying to get somewhere where you can support a legislative product here at the end of the day but as you just alluded to mr. jordan and mr. garrett said this, wrote this in the dead of night so on, so forth so why would you trust
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them? >> chad, of course we're trying to get somewhere to repeal obamacare, we know what the disaster this has been for the american people, they spoke loud and clear on november 8th, but mr. garrett's comments were right on target, doing it right. that's why we're going to introduce our legislation tomorrow. that's why we think the two pieces of legislation that mode.
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how we can look at repealing fully and replacing the affordable care act in a meaningful way that drives down premiums. so -- >> thank you, everybody. and mike pence is going to be here in a few minutes. we miss mike when he's not around. [ laughter ] >> so, i want to thank the members of the house deputy whip team. they'll be very important over the next number of months. we have a great team and we're going to have a lot of victories, a lot of wins, but we have a great team. together we're going to do incredible things for the great citizens of our country. as i said during my joint address to congress, i think you mostly liked that, right? >> liked it a lot. >> we're witnessing a renewal of the american spirit, a surge of optimism and a new national pride which is sweeping across the land. i see it. there is such spirit whether it's for the business things we're doing or whatever. it's such spirit that we haven't
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seen in the country in a long time. jobs are pouring back. you saw what happened with exxon where they just announced a massive jobs program. we're going to have some fun. now, we have to remember obamacare is collapsing and it's in bad shape, and we're going to take action. there is going to be no slowing down. there is going to be no waiting and no more excuses by anybody. we're all now -- i can proudly say i'm a politician, i'm a politician, but we're going to get it done. and you're the leaders that really will get it done for all of us and for the american people. obamacare is in very bad shape. i believe that if we wait two years it will totally implode. it's really pretty much imploding now, steve, when you think. but it will implode and people will be like, please help us, please help us, and that will be the democrats asking for help. they already are asking for help in the true sense of the word because it's a disaster. the insurance companies are
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fleeing. some states are up over 100% in costs. the deductibles are through the roof. you don't even get to use it. so, we're going to do something that's great and i'm proud to support the replacement plan released by the house of representatives and encouraged by members of both parties. i think really that we're going to have something that's going to be much more understood and much more popular than people can even imagine. it follows the guidelines i laid out in my congressional address, a plan that will lower costs, expand choices, increase competition, and ensure health care access for all americans. this will be a plan where you can choose your doctor. this will be a plan where you can choose your plan. and you know what the plan is. this is the plan. and we're going to have a tremendous -- i think we're going to have a tremendous success. it's a complicated process, but actually it's very simple. it's called good health care. so, i want to thank you folks
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for being with us today, ladies and gentlemen, and we will do something really, really important and really good for the american people. i think it's going to go very quickly. i hope it's going to go very quickly. as you know, after that we work on the tax cut. we're going to be planning a major tax cut. i know exactly what we're looking at. most of us know exactly the plan. it's going to put our country in great shape and we're going to reduce taxes for companies and for people, and i can use the word again, massively. it's going to be a big tax cut. the biggest since reagan, maybe bigger than reagan. so, i look forward -- i really look forward to working on that but we can't really get to that unfortunately because of the way your system works. we can't get to that until we take care of health care. so, we'll take care of the health care. i appreciate your great support and let's get it done. thank you. thank you all. fantastic. thank you. >> mr. president, thank you for having our deputy whip team to the white house.
12:55 pm
and thank you for your commitment on following through on what to most americans is probably one of the most important promises that was made not only by you, but by all of us in getting this majority both in the house and senate and the white house, and that is rescuing the american people from the failures of obamacare. we've heard the message for years. we've seen the dramatically skyrocketing costs. you're seeing double digit increases every year in most parts of the country in health premiums for families. many families are seeing deductibles that rise a bofrm the $10,000 range which means people don't have access to health care. people don't have the ability to choose their own doctor. you talked about this the other night and one of the best speeches i've heard from a president standing at that well in the house chamber when you addressed the joint session and gave an inspirational speech to the country and laying out the things you're going to do to get the country back on track and create jobs and to secure america. one of the things you talked about is how it's wrong
12:56 pm
unelected bureaucrats in washington tell you what you can and can't buy for your family in health care, one of the most personal decisions families make. this bill finally starts the process of not only repealing obamacare, but also replacing with reforms that put patients back in charge of their health care decisions. that lower costs for families. let them actually choose the decisions between them and their doctor which is so personal. and so as we start this process, the people in this room, the chief deputy whips are the ones that are going to be working directly with members to ultimately pass this bill to your desk so that we can quickly provide that relief from obamacare to the people of the united states. and i know we are honored to have our former house colleague and now our vice-president of the united states who has been involved in this fight from the beginning as well, vice-president mike pence joining us, too. thank you, vice-president. >> thank you very much, steve. and again, we're going to work quickly. it's a great bill. we're going to have tremendous -- i really believe
12:57 pm
we're going to have tremendous support. i'm already seeing the support not only in this room, i'm seeing it from everybody. and i'm seeing it from the public. i got elected to a certain extent, i would say pretty good little chunk based on the fact repeal and replace obamacare. and many of you people are in the same boat. very important, so, let's get it done. thank you all very much for being here. thank you. okay, thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> and there you have on display the republican divide. the president and republican leadership trying to get through the republican plan and before that conservatives who do not like it and we want to continue that discussion right now. with me is peter maeries i, professor of international business at the university of maryland, david ho ppi former chief of staff to house speaker paul ryan and speaker consultant at one national health coalition. let me start with you, peter. you stand on this divide where the sort of i guess fair to say
12:58 pm
more conservatives and the caucus stand. you don't like this plan. >> no, this is not a conservative solution. it's really not a solution at all. it's a repackaging of obamacare. it won't lower costs. if this goes through, six months from now, 18 months from now, ordinary people making $50,000 a year will pay more out of their pockets for health care. prices will be higher and the republicans will be terribly embarrassed by the outcome. >> your reaction? >> well, this is a part of a process and the first step in a process. obviously if you're using reconciliation, there are things you can do and things you can't do. but this is a start. what everybody wanted on the republican side is to change the direction from more and more government control to a patient-doctor centered market oriented system and that's what this bill starts to do. now, we will, as we work through it, there's going to be a process of marking up the bills in committees and then going to the budget committee. marking it up and going to the floor and to the senate. we have that. >> it is more market oriented. >> yes, it is, but it doesn't do
12:59 pm
enough. and it doesn't recognize also markets aren't going to solve every problem. the president talks about interstate competition. if that would solve the problem health care prices would be lower in california and new york which are as big in some countries and near not. i don't know how creating come p/e tilgs across the maryland/virginia line does any good at all. if they won't come to bear our health care costs are higher than in germany where there is an insurance solution like ours, but they regulate some prices, then they cannot succeed. >> and i just want to say hopefully our viewers can still hear us. we had some lighting issues here. it's not personal, peter. go ahead and respond. >> the one nation health care coalition is trying to work with the people and sigh here is the direction we can go. one of the things you have to look at in the market oriented side is health savings accounts. that is an issue they're starting to build up. more options, transparency, more ways to get money into a health savings account. i think it will help in the market, it may not be perfect
1:00 pm
but this is the first step in the process. >> if an airplane is losing altitude, pushing pieople out te side does president help the process. >> did you for showing discussion in the republican party. appreciate it. that's it for us. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, dana. the one issue that once united republicans is currently dividing them. "the lead" starts right now. the replacement president trump backing the house republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare, but we still don't know the answers to the two biggest questions, how many people will be covered and how much will it cost. is your smart tv watching you? wikileaks releasing what appear to be stolen cia documents loaded with cyber secrets. why you may want to watch what you say around your television or smartphone. plus, they protect our ports and our