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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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or worse yet, leap off the wall. cnn. all right. thank you so much for joining us. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. no regrets. no proof. potentially repercussions. why sean spicer had the chance to walk back the tweets claiming he ordered wiretaps on the phone during the campaign. instead told reporters the president had no regrets for leveling the allegation. what he did not do is offer any evidence to back it up. meantime the chairman of the house committee that's going to be investigating it even though the president could clear it up with a few phone calls sugges d ed people shouldn't take presidential tweets literally. >> now a question that won't go away. where is president trump's proof that predecessor barack obama
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tapped the phones. white house still doesn't have an answer. >> where is the evidence. where is the proof that president obama bugged president trump. >> nothing has changed. no, it's not a question of new proof or less proof or whatever. it's the answer is the same. i think that which is that i think there is a concern about what happened in the 2016 election. the house in senate intelligence committees have the staff and capabilities and the processes in place to look at this in a way that's objective. that's where it should be done. frankly if you see the response especially on the house side as well as the senate. they welcome this. >> white house press secretary sean spicer made it clear the president is not about to take any of it back. >> the president withdraw the accusati accusation. does he have any. >> why would he withdraw it until it's adjudicated. that's what we're asking. >> spicer insisted the unsubstantiated accusation should be taken at face value. >> there's nothing as i mentioned to jim. not walking anything back or
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regretting. they have the appropriate vein you and capabilities to review this. >> spicer refused to say whether he personally believes the president's stunning charge. >> do you believe the president obama ordered someone -- >> i get that's a cute question to ask. my job is to represent the president and to talk about what he's doing and what he wants and he's made very clear what his goal is. what he would like to have happen. and so i just leave it at that. i think we've tried to play this game before. i'm not here to speak for myself. i'm here to speak for the president of the united states and the government. >> democrats are perplexed over the allegation. >> donald trump is destroying the credibility of the office of president 140 characters at a time. >> top republicans on capitol hill withhold judgment. >> do you think it was appropriate for the president of the united states to accuse the predecessor of wiretapping him. >> i think we have an existing committee, the intelligence committee looking at all aspects
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of what may have been done last year related to the russians or the campaigns and we'll leave tlit. >> have you seen any evidence of that. >> no, i haven't. >> is the white house offering anymore public support for fib director comey today. >> not really. the white house was being very careful about questions of confidence and the fbi director as you know privately raised questions other the week about unfounded claims of president of bugging trump tower and asked if the president still supports conymy. said he has no reason to believe the president does not. that's hardly a ringing endor endorsement. sort of a nonanswer. heard them say time, and, again, he would like to not answer the question anymore. i don't think that's going to happen. >> was sean spicer asked today whether the president -- why the president wouldn't just call up the department of justice and find out about whether it was
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requested. >> you know, he has been asked that question and that option is available to the president. what we understand the president has not talked to the fbi director ant this. has not put that request forward. it does feel like if you were to sit in that briefing room today they sort of wished all of this would just go away, but of course now we know that with the white house asking these congressional intelligence committees to investigate all of this, this may be the last thing that they want is for these committees to big into these questions specifically whether the president can back up these claims so far he hasn't been able to do so. >> jim acosta, thank you very much. more breaking news. announced today law firm public hearsay on the 20th. plans to look at wiretapping charge. yet to see evidence backing it up. over on the other side. democratic nebraska of judiciary committee. voting on the nominee who would control any justice department
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investigation in the election and/or contact with the trump campaign. he joins us now. we heard sean spicer say today the white house stands behind the president's accusation against president obama. the whole thing is very serious. merits congressional information. i want to play a clip of the republican house intelligence chairman said this afternoon. let's listen. >> president is a neo fight to politics. doing this a little over a year. i think a lot of the things that he says you guys sometimes take literally. sometimes he doesn't have 27 lawyers and staff looking at what he does. which is i think at times refreshing and at times can also leadtous have to be sitting in a press conference like this answering questions you guys are asking. at the end of the day, i think tweets are very transparent way for a politician of any rank to community case with their constituents. i don't think we should attack the president for tweeting.
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>> so the white house says take the president literally. and then you have nunez saying don't take him literally. do you take the president literally? >> these statements are really surreal and strange and scary. they are scary because we're dealing with wiretapping and surveillance, which goes to the core privacy rights of all of us as citizens. the president of the united states is making a charge that he was illegally wiretapped by his predecessor. and now saying through the white house that there is no need for him to provide any evidence right away and it should be investigated by one of the congressional committees. there is an investigation. it's by the fbi. it's into russian hacking a massive cyber attack on democracy that may have been tied to the trump campaign and
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then to the trump transition and now to the trump administration. and that's why we need a special prosecutor because these charges are profoundly serious anderson and to kind of brush them away in the way that's done, i think is really all disservice to our democracy. >> chairman nunez also argues the sitting president of the united states point out waged a incredibly successful campaign lasted over a year is a political neo fight. do you buy that? do you think the president understands the political consequences of what he's doing? >> the president must understand is political consequences of what he's doing. anybody who has campaigned for president and won is no longer a neo fite and must know also now that he's president he has access to all of the intelligence information. >> he could call the fbi right
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away. >> he can call the fib or call in the fbi and other intelligence folks in the administration and some of them in place. some not, but the point is he's the president of the united states. the kinds of warrants necessary for wiretapping this kind of surveillance are issued and approved only by a court. foreign intelligence court or article three district court. so we're not talking here about something done lightly or easily by any president. presidents alone cannot order wiretapping. they do need a warrant. >> you said you're sport of the president's nominee for the deputy attorney general who would be overseeing the russian investigation because attorney general sessions recused himself obviously that your support is contingent upon him making a special counsel. he said and we should point out a bipartisan background hasn't read in on the case. can't make that call. does that seem understandable to
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you. >> you know anderson, this nominee assigned is a career professional prosecutor. he should know better than anyone how important it is to have an independent credible prosecutor in this role. how can he investigate his own boss as deputy attorney general. how can he investigate the attorney general or the president of the united states. and he has to make commitment to follow the evidence where it leads and that can be done only by a special prosecutor. i support by the way the work of the intelligence committee. it should continue and conclude its investigation. may be a need for a select committee or special collection or reports or findings or recommendation. only a prosecutor can go after criminal wrongdoing. and that's why an independent prosecutor is necessary. so i understand the reasons that he may be unwilling to commit,
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but my view is, he has to show more than just poise and pedigree real independence are necessary here. the best way to show it is by committing to a special prosecutor. if he doesn't, i will oppose him. >> senator, i appreciate your time tonight. thank you want to bring in panel. republican consultant. washington correspondent for the new yorker. trump supporters senior contributor. dates back to the reagan administration as does he. anchor louis joins us and daily senior. we always try to mention ronald reagan. >> that's a harsh one. >> we like to be the first ones to mention ronald reagan. >> the democrats clearly want an independent counsel to lead this investigation. the fact of the matter is under the justice department regulations the department attorney general if confirmed would be the one to decide. >> he would appoint them. >> there's no independent counsel loss. you don't have that. look, it does seem like an independent investigation is what is needed.
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there's a cloud surrounding all of the questions about russia. i have to say i'm a little confused listening to senator bloomen thalg as to what exactly is the crime or the targets of the special counsel. has some investigation. all been very vague. we don't actually have the justice department clearly saying this is an ongoing investigation targeting these people. so for a senator to call for a special counsel without knowing that is a little bit unusual. >> the senators who are doing that and the members of congress who are doing that are partisan democrats trying to plant a flag to rally their troops in order to engage in this sort of bipartisan rhetoric which is poll ridesing and definitively against the president. if there are to be a special counsel right now, it would be a wimp hunt. they would be em poured to go
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look for things. try to find something. you do need probable cause. you do need to know sort of what the crime is that you're investigating. the other way to do is the congress can pass a law. they can appoint a panel to investigate. >> unlikely to happen. >> unlikely to happen, but, again, if there were enough cause, right, if clear nenough that something needed to be investigated there are checks and balances. >> when you hear nun ez saying don't take the president of the united states literally. does that -- do you take him literally. >> you can be not right and correct on this. the media for months has been playing russian game and taking information clearly from people who are getting information from
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surveillance. the "new york times," january 20 hiened wiretap data used in inquiry of trump aides. how does the "new york times" know that. what are their sources. clearly sources some people in the government who knew this. there's headline after headline after headline with this. i'm all for an investigation. let's get into it. let's see where the information is coming from. one other thing. >> back to obama. >> the literal thing. shouldn't -- should the president of the united states be taken literally. should his word be taken literally. >> tii think the american peopl corey lewandowski said this earlier. he communicates in a way the modern media is not accustomed to. one thing i want to say about the direct accusation against president obama. you mentioned earlier john iran controversy before we went on the air. i was there. president reagan was repeatedly accused of doing this deliberately. point of fact it wasn't the president at all. it was staff members.
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admiral john point dex terre. he didn't know. is it totally possible someone in the obama administration could have authorized this. absolutely yes. >> sound like you're saying don't take him literally. take him seriously. >> always take him seriously. the media and opponents are playing checkers. when they bring up fake news. turn it around on him. bring up the russians and all this sort of thing, turn this around on him and time after time they end up on the losing stick. >> accused the president of wiretapping him. that's the fake news. what is the literally or serious way to take that statement that makes it more correct than it is. >> why is the "new york times" reporting this. quote, unquote, wiretapped administers to the white house. >> you're avoiding the question. >> that's one accusation he made. there's been no evidence provided. the president. >> the president is in charge of his administration.
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he said barack obama tapped his phone. is there any evidence. >> according to the "new york times." yes. yes, there is. wiretap communications have been provided to the obama white house. >> he said barack obama tapped hid phone. >> i mean, even guys, even the things mark is talking about and breitbart talking about. >> look, mark le vilevin said, friend of mine said he doesn't know, but let's find out. >> but the president seems to think he knows. >> the president i assume reads the "new york times." i assume he reads "the washington post." he has to see all these stories that his administration is leaking like a sglm i get that. >> he's blaming the form early president. there's no evidence. >> the former president was in charge of administration. >> getting something a normal person. >> that's not how it works. >> somebody not a pathological liar and in and outs would called up the fbi. call up stuff. i had serious. >> let my finish. >> who says would call staff and
5:16 pm
say i have serious concerns. i think there was a wiretap. they would go through process. he wouldn't attack the former president on twitter without going through some process. this is a very serious accusation. >> was in charge of administration. >> can't the president call up the fbi or staff and find out. >> had his attorney recuse himself. >> declassify anything in court. >> you can imagine the headlines of that. let's now wait because we've had to have the attorney general recuse himself. >> if he uncovered that president obama did in fact do this. >> clearly that was a headline. >> i think he knows something here. going on within the administration. it's a disagreement. >> we're going to get to the rest of the panel continue the discussion off the after the break. more on the question why can't the president clear this up himself. talk about that. later new wikileaks. what they claim to reveal the cia uses. . pretty stunning stuff. have a mobile phone, use a tv. presume you do. you know you're watching. you'll want to see this report.
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all seems beautiful to me. pointed out the media takes them literally. before devin nunez said that talking to reporters when he fielded the question a lot of people have been asked. one we receiptly touched on already tonight. >> why would the president want dwresz to investigate for information he already has. >> i think there's a separation of powers aspect here. i mentioned to jonathan. we think it's -- >> why waist that. >> it's not a question of waist it. it's a question of appropriateness. >> if he has the info. he's sitting on the information. and found out and directing.
5:21 pm
you talked about they have resources and staff. which they do. why spend the resources and staff if the president found out this information happened. >> i think there's a difference between directing the department of justice which may be involved in an ongoing investigation asking congress as a separate body to look into something and add correct to look adds an element that wouldn't necessarily be there if we were directing the department of justice for example. i think we made it clear how he wants this done and where we go from this. >> back with the panel. does that answer make sense? if the president has the information, he wouldn't need to direct congress. >> i give him credit for thinking on his feet there. pretty clever answer. i think it's absurd. fire off a tweet without knowing the information and it's weird. and i think we would all concede that, but i also think that
5:22 pm
democrats are you democrats, you know, the old expression if all you have is a hammer you think every problem is a nail. democrats can't stop donald trump except to take him down with scandal. reminds me of republicans in paranoia about barack obama and trying to delegitimize him vaeia birther. now i'm not saying it's weird. it is weird. the idea of this point calling for a special prosecutor. what are special do special prosecutors do. they look for things to prosecute. then they have subpoenas is dp you would never know once you get that special prosecutor. you never know where that might end up. trying to take him down with this. i agree we're not there yet. if there was an evidence would suggest a crime then maybe go to special prosecutor. >> for those who say the, you know, evidence of russian hackihack ing according to intelligence communities all of them basically is not evidence
5:23 pm
enough. i mean you mentioned birtherism. another sort of made up claim he's ridden on if you are years and never announced. we get this from him periodically. with regularity. just makes up things and leaves it up to everyone else to sort it. >> try to sort it ut. i think it's a real problem to see everything just sort of strategy. what should the democrats do. how do they win? we have a again we're sort of moving towards a constitutional crisis when the president habitually and regularly makes
5:24 pm
things up. we don't have a system intended to cope with a president who makes things up. >> also major insinuations that somehow donald trump and his administration are having secret meetings with russian spies and all this broken dagger. it's really out of a novel. zero evidence. there's roosevelt. we have policy changes in rnc plat tomorrow. substantial links between trump aides and russia. we have a russian cyber campaign against the united states that the intelligence committee agreed happened. right. so i don't know. i think it's a little unfair to say the democrats are just looking to take him down.
5:25 pm
it's similar to birth erisbirth there's serious things here. >> come up with a plan and policy and agenda. i think they're going to make the mistake republicans made for a long time. >> i do want to get on point. you do have a point that democrats should focus on the fact there's a health care plan about to be rammed down the throats to cause people to die and get sick. i said before, i think the obsession around the russian thing is not wise publically. >> got to take a quick break. obamacare is danger from conservative lawmakers. is the bill dead on arrival. we'll look at that. [ ominous music ]
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more breaking news tonight. facing seersz head winds in the gop itself. repealing obamacare was a campaign promise of president. today proud to support plan republicans have introduced. called it a work in progress. no price tag yet. no word on how many people will
5:30 pm
recover. bill mattingly has details. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after repeal bill saw the light of day, this is the first most important stipto giving relief to americans from this terrible law. >> lawmakers from the president's own party already threatening very exist tenence. >> i think the bill as it stand is dead on arrival. it's dead on arrival in the house. >> bolstered by pressure outside conservative groups including this rally. brothers for prosperity a football field away from the capitol hill building. >> they're going to have the shortest lived majority in the modern era if they fail to repeal obamacare. >> creating a real math problems for republicans. majority in the house given the unified opposition among democrats in five vacant seats right now allows leaders to lose
5:31 pm
just 21 votes. republicans can only afford to lose two of 51 members. moderates have been looming of attacks on how many people the bill will cover. something sources tell cnn the congressional budget office told gop leaders will likely fall far short of obamacare's projections. what matter cents we're lowering the cost of health care and giving people access to affordable health care plans. the government will always win the war. if we mandate people buy what we say that have to buy. the government will always estimate they'll buy it. that's bogus. >> conservatives remain skeptical. refundable tax credits replace obamacare subsidyings providing aide for individuals without employer insurance to purchase plans. then there's the restructuring of medicaid. a hot button issue across the country given the program's expansion many states took under obamacare. four gop senators say they will oppose any bill that doesn't
5:32 pm
protect medicaid enraleighs in their state. >> i really believe we're going to have tremendous support. i'm already seeing the support not only in this room. i'm seeing it from everybody. i got elected to a certain extent. i would say pretty good little chunk based on the fact repeal and replace obamacare. and many of you people are in the same boat. >> really the only question that matters here seems to be can this even pass the house? >> yes, exactly right. look, if you talk to house republican leaders, they say they're in okay shape right now. house speaker paul ryan guaranteeing when the bill hits the house floor in a couple of weeks, have the requisite number of votes to pass it. no question right now. it's kind of an open question. you talk about those conservatives not just those weary, but those who are already
5:33 pm
outright opposed and that's exactly why you're seeing a blind the scenes effort. that's really kicked into high gear. as i speak right now, president's budget director going back and forth between meetings of conservative republican study committee and conservative house freedom caucus trying to bring members along. also you saw trump take to twitter to nudge rand paul himself. believed he would come over. efforts are going to have to multiply in the days ahead. house officials make very clear, it's going to be the president and the president himself who can get this across the finish like. that means twitter, that means phone calls. means face-to-face meetings. one house republican aide told me look, do you really think these individuals from red districts will tell the president no to his face. that is a calculation they're willing to sit on right now. they feel good and all come around. >> thanks very much. phil just mentioned before we went on air. president trump tweeted saying i feel sure my friend rand paul will come along with new and
5:34 pm
great health care problem. he knows obamacare is a disaster. lots to discuss. joining me now. senior economic adviser for the trump campaign. rice, some lawmakers calling this obamacare light. others as you heard obamacare gone. which is it? light or gone. >> that's exactly the problem anderson. this is motorcycsmoking out rep. some said repeal and replace only cared about repeal. they didn't want replacement. other republicans including maybe president trump because he said it direct your attention the campaign over and over again, he really did want a replacement. they are discovering the math is not there. if you get rid of tv taxes that supported the affordable care act and you also get rid of the mandate that younger and healthier people have to have insurance, then you don't have the wear withall to replace what
5:35 pm
you had before. >> this was a draft plan put forward yesterday. everything has been scrambling to look through this today. and find out what's in it. what they like and don't like. and anderson, there are things i really like in this bill. i think for the most part, it does gut obamacare. that is a promise republicans made and has to get done. what they replace it with, bob had has a point. not a lot of consensus right now on the republican side what you replace obamacare with. this is the first strike at it. i think it's going to go as you reporter just said, it's going to go back and forth between the conservatives and house leadership until they have something that can get the votes. let's not forget.
5:36 pm
donald trump was elected elected no small. >> what do you think is going to save people money. insurance was going to be provided across state lines. big reform republicans are going to offer. it's not in this. i've read the entire bill. it's not in this. nothing in this for middle class families. families who voted for trump. the poor people. this is basically a huge transfer of resources from the poor and the sicker to the wealthier and also the healthier. this makes no sense from any standpoint. >> that's been kind of liberal
5:37 pm
talking point on this, but the truth is, there are provisions in this proposed law that will would allow people to buy insurance across state lines. said this many times on the show aerpd anderson. i live in virginia. i have an ohio auto insurance policy. why can't you buy an insurance policy in another state. increases competition. one of the big approximate with obamacare right now is that one in three counties in america, there's only one insurance company left providing insurance. now, bob, that's not competition. that's a monopoly. >> i think steve, that actually argues for a single payer plan. that's a discussion for another day. >> that's interesting. >> that's no competition at all. >> actually we have no competition right now. enormous consolidation among insurance companies going on right this very minute. >> right. the fact there's no score from the congressional budget office. we don't know officially how much this plan will cost. how important is it to you to
5:38 pm
have the information before this goes any further. >> how can you possibly vote on this if there is no information on coverage or cost. this is absurd. we're talking about tens -- let me just finish. we're talking about tens of millions of people. obamacare affordable care act. you had hearings. you had aetss from the congressional budget office. omb. private groups that were actually doing analysis. here you got nothing. and they're barking up tomorrow. wand want to get it through as quickly. >> it's interesting. >> i know. let me just can you. that argument that he made. that was made by republicans about obamacare the idea this was being rammed through. rammed down people's throat sgls exactly. >> seven years anderson. not like this is all of a sudden something republicans have brought up. it's been seven years the republican haves been talking about repealing obamacare. now, i thought what you were
5:39 pm
saying nancy pelosi will read the bill after we pass it. i don't want republicans voting. i want a very thoughtful process here. i want to headacmake sure every does read the bill and knows what they're voting for. problems in the current version. no question about it. got to work on those and get them straightened out so you have a plan. what i want is a plan that does cover every american. i think that donald trump is there too. buff also reduces the cost for people by insurance competition. >> preexisting condition. so we have to get the congressional budget office numbers. you agree with that. >> we got -- >> i do. i believe the people and preexisting conditions need to be taken care of. >> we'll end on that agreement. more thank you robert. coming up wikileaks claim tots reveal the cia's tools for cyber espionage to get around edescripti
5:40 pm
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wikileaks released a giant pile of what it says are secret cia documents how the agency
5:43 pm
uses technology to spy on people. saying they're not real. doesn't comment. what's in the documents is certainly a fascinating look at everything from a an iphone to smartphone tv being turned into weapons for espionage. >> some of the cia's most sfits kated spying tools. retained thousands of files. hundreds of millions of lines of code from the cia massive hacking operation. wikileaks show the documents team of hackers developed malware to be able to hack into any device people use. can remotely control iphones, ipads, android devices. taking video, listening with microphones. >> we should be worried if they're being used against nonintelligence targets. >> cia is not allowed to spy on americans inside the u.s. privacy advocates worry other
5:44 pm
agencies may be using the same tools. one cia hacking operation called weeping angel that can tap into smart tv. >> they can turn my tv into a spying device. what happens when i turn it off. >> it's not actually off. a lot of people remember the little red light. there's still a computer in there listening for the remote to call back again to turn on. otherwise it wouldn't be able to do so. what the cia can do is latch into that. eventually when the tv is off, still listen to the microphone in the television. call it fake off. >> wikileaks says cia hackers can bypass encrypted apps. according to wikileaks t cia explored the possibility of hacking into the software of modern cars. >> it can be accessed from outside and perhaps taken control of. this can let you do a whole lot of things from playing music to taking control of the car entirely and crashing it. if you want to asan nate somebody. >> using the consulate in germany as a secret base.
5:45 pm
cia hackers spy on people. the white house and state department wouldn't comment. documents released by wikileaks have not been authenticated by independent experts. cia says it won't confirm their existence. wikileaks says some of these hacking techniques would allow the cia to mask their hacking to make it look like someone else did it. one former cia analyst says if this claim is true, wikileaks has dealt a significant below to u.s. national security. >> every time a place like wikileaks blows our ones, it means that the bad guys evolve and use counter measures to defeat the abilities of the the united states to spy on them and track them to target them and so forth. >> wikileaks says there's a broader security problem here. the cia can get hands on hacking tools, the bad guys can too. cyber criminals. other hackers, hostile countries hacking teams will be able to hack into phones, tvs,
5:46 pm
computers. contacted by cnn, the drcia say it does not comment on the authenticity of intelligence documents. >> joining me now, former fbi as well as cia official. former house intelligence chairman mike rogers. some of these techniques listening to conversations through phones, tvs. by passing encryption apps. if it's legitimate, how damaging is this to the cia. >> it can be quite damaging, but misunderstanding for most of the american population. let's take a simple piece of this anderson, if you're in north korea or iran, what are you doing, looking at documents saying does this give us a clue about what's on our systems already. or b, does it allow us to defend against something that might be installed on our systems tomorrow. i think it's a simple question. there's a more complicated questions i face. you might assume the terrorist we chased had a high level of technical sophistication. the answer is anderson, they
5:47 pm
didn't. so even if you don't reveal a great deal of information about what the cia is up to, even if you say for example, that you think there's an encrypted app that allows yo tow communicate with a friend securely, i saw terrorists every day who had very simplistic understandings of u.s. capabilities. had no it. no information technology capability. i fear even simple people if there's not a lot of information revealed will look at this and say, wow, i didn't understand how they could get around encrypted apps. i got to be more careful. that's what i worry about. >> wikileaks is saying as well is this doesn't just have ramifications for enemies of the u.s. even for anybody, it makes everybody more vulnerable the hackers if there are open doors into the technology we're using. the phones we use. then the cia knows about them. that can leak out and hackers can then get access. >> well, first of all, the
5:48 pm
shocking cia is engaged in espionage. i want to talk about cyber center real quickly. this is their job. is to go out and collect information on very targeted individuals. the cyber center was created to make sure that the agency had the capability to keep up with technology, to go after individuals that had information of value. some notion this is widespread big data collection is simply wrong. it's not accurate. and i already see that out there in the folks who don't like the intelligence services saying oh, this is a big conspiracy. doing it everywhere. what the problem was if you're worried about iphone or whatever app you may be using listed in the leak documents, yes, nation states and sophisticated counter intelligence folks are pouring over these documents. yes, that's happening, but also we're seeing this growing sophistication outside of nation states.
5:49 pm
international organized crime groups and others pouring over this information who are saying, well, if they figured out how to do it. we can figure out how to do it as well. that is equally concerning to me. >> that gets to what wikileaks has been critical in the cia for that it's not just now that the information is out. it's the very fact that the cia found these holes or whatever it is that allowed them to break into encrypted apps or the television by not closing those holes, leaves it vulnerable for other hackers as well. >> it's a legitimate question. can you ask him why he didn't have that sense of human minor when he grilled me. to answer your question, anderson, raises a fundamental question. back in the 1970s, 1980, 1990s. the u.s. government could collect information without looking to the private sector and silicon valley for
5:50 pm
assistance. now if you look at who owns data, google, amazon, yahoo, i think those are the companies that own data and those companies through their congressmen, through conversations with the u.s. intelligence committee, in in this case have a legitimate question. does the u.s. government, when they identify a vulnerability in commercial apps provided by google, amazon, et cetera, should they have a responsibility to notify that company? i personally think the answer to that is yes, but we don't have an answer from the government yet. an ohio company that makes baseball bats and where most of the voters voted for president trump, do they think the president's wiretapping claims are home runs? introducing flonase sensimist. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. part of our america uncovered series, where we try to get out of washington and the talking heads, we go to ohio. six weeks into the presidency, we wanted to hear what they think about how it's going, what they make of the recent controversies swirling around the president, here's what gary found. >> reporter: at the phoenix bat
5:55 pm
company in ohio, they make baseball bats big league. literally for the big leagues and the minor leagues and for others. it's a small business where most of the employees say they voted for donald trump. and on deck? some of those employees. >> the first hundred days of a presidency are an important barometer of how it will turn out. this weekend donald trump is precisely at the halfway point, 50 days. how do you think he's doing so far? are you happy with it? >> he's making a lot of progress, fulfilling a lot of campaign promises. so i'm encouraged that he's following through when most politicians don't. >> i think the republicans in congress aren't real happy. now they've got to do something. they've got a president from their own party who's pretty driven to get his agenda, and they've been making excuses for years that they couldn't do it, couldn't do it, and i think they're going to have to put up now. >> reporter: this weekend on saturday, donald trump tweeted,
5:56 pm
how long is president obama going to tap my phones. >> my initial reaction was, look, this guy gets access to intelligence that you or i don't get, and if you're going to throw out that big a hand grenade, i'm pretty confident that you've got information that leads to you do that. >> donald trump has said this, no other evidence of it. does that trouble you. >> it troubles me that he's still on getter atwitter and pu this stuff out there at all hours of the morning without any substantial evidence that i know of. >> reporter: do you think he uses twitter to distract from other issues that he doesn't want people talking about? >> i think every great politician using anything they can to distract. >> reporter: we then shifted to obamacare and the lack of specificity to this day about what'd hike to slike to see in replacement. >> he still won. now he's the president. he's got to work with
5:57 pm
republicans and democrats the republicans need to get off their rear ends and to something. he can't do it by himself. >> reporter: congressman sha chaffetz was on tv. he said something about self-reliance, but i want you to look at him. >> we're getting rid of those things that people said they don't want. and you know what? americans have choices, and they've got to make a choice, so rather than getting that iphone that they love, maybe they should invest in their own health care. >> he's just saying the truth. unfortunately, people are going to be offended by it. >> if we're talking about self-reliance, i'm for it. i had to >> i think he's categoryizing a whole category of people who he shouldn't. >> reporter: there have been rough spots since this term has gotten under way but they shared these sentiments. >> he's accomplished a lot in a short period of time, and it's
5:58 pm
refreshing, and i'm refreshed by the idea that he is not beholden to special interest groups. that's what excites me. >> reporter: these bat makers, anderson are loyal to donald trump but not blindly loyal. they say he has to ten to earn their loyalty by keeping his promises. gerald, the man in the upper right hand corner of the screen says he used to work for another company in ohio, that company moved to mexico and he lost his job. he's happy working at the baseball bat company but he feels that donald trump must keep his word in keeping companies from going to mexico. the white house standing by president trump's tweets claiming that president obama tapped his phone. the latest reaction from capitol hill next. p up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear.
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