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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 8, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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almost. >> close enough. >> very cool indeed. thank you, samuel. a quick programming note. you see there on the screen tonight at 9:00 eastern, comedian trevor noah will join van jones for a town hall. you don't want to miss "the messy truth with van jones." "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, dana. speaker ryan says republican fights on the hill are growing pains, growing pains. does that count as a preexisting condition? "the lead" starts right now. republicans backing off president obama ticked off, but president trump not tapping out. after he claimed without a shred of proof that the former president tapped his phone. repeal and repeat? conservative critics blasting the plan to replace obamacare as president trump heads out to make his first big sale and warrants of an electoral blood bath if republicans fail. plus, cia secrets leaked, how america's spies can turn our
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gadgets against us. now that the secret is out, though, how much is u.s. national security at risk? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to begin with the politics lead. welcome to obama tapped my phone island. population, president trump. the white house saying the president has no regrets about his fact-free claim that then president obama tapped his phone last year. even though just about everyone else in this city in the know or with the power to investigate the claim says it's not true, or that they've seen nothing that can support the accusation. that includes republican leaders on the hill. that includes officials at the white house. and it also includes fbi director comey who in his first appearance since president trump's tweets over the weekend did not address the claim at all. even the president's own press secretary when pressed said that the matter is above his pay grade. today we learned that president obama no stranger to donald trump's needling might need another surfing get away after seeing the president's tweet
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storms. cnn's sara murray is live at the white house for us. the president would request the investigation from lawmakers, but theoretically he's the one sitting on this nonexistent evidence. >> reporter: it's a little bit of a conundrum here today, jake. white house press secretary sean spicer went further today saying there is no reason to believe the president is the subject of a counter intelligence probe, but still not offering any proof as to why the president would suggest that he had been wiretapped by former president barack obama. it's been four days since president trump's shocking claim that president obama spied on him. and while there is still no evidence from the white house, today senators say they want proof. >> the president has asked congress to look into whether or not his campaign was wiretapped by the obama administration. i will take up that challenge. >> reporter: in a saturday morning tweet storm trump alleged that obama ordered a wiretap on trump tower. the home of then candidate trump
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and the location of his campaign headquarters. today republican senator lindsey graham and democratic senator sheldon whitehouse penned a letter to the justice department and the fbi asking for copies of warrant applications or court orders related to trump wiretaps. they wrote, we would take any abuse of wire taping authorities for political purposes very seriously. we would be equally alarmed to learn that a court found enough evidence of criminal activity or contact with a foreign power to legally wire trump campaign or trump tower. trump's claim inspiring other senators to ask for more details. >> as far as the information from the president, i would like him to turnover any evidence that he has supporting his tweet from this weekend about surveillance. i think that would be helpful to our investigation. >> reporter: the seemingly unfounded wiretapping allegation casting a shadow over trump's
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other ambitions. at a health care markup today, one democrat called out his gop colleagues for their silence on trump's claims. >> you would think we were asking someone to comment on whether or not president obama was a criminal who wiretapped president trump at trump tower because they have been silent on that. indeed, every outrageous statement, every crazy tweet they are silent on that. >> reporter: as for the fbi director, sources tell cnn that james comey was, quote, incredulous about trump's twitter allegations. at a cyber security conference today, comey wouldn't address the issue head on, but made it clear he plans to serve out his term. >> you're stuck with me for about another 6 1/2 years. >> reporter: meanwhile the subject of these allegations, former president obama denied to a spokesman ever surveilling a citizen. he was irked and exasperated and
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in a state of disbelief about trump's wiretapping claims. now, president trump may have lobbed this wiretapping allegation to try to move the conversation away from russia, but that's not exactly what's happening. there are a number of senators who have made or are about to make the trek out to cia headquarters. they want to view the raw intelligence about russia attempting to meddle in the u.s. election and attempt to find out for themselves whether they see any evidence of collusion between former trump advisors or trump campaign advisors and russian officials. jake? >> sara, thank so much on the subject. just back from cia headquarters, senator mark warner, the vice chair of the committee says he has even more questions about russian meddling in u.s. politics. after reviewing raw data from intel officials, cnn senior congressional manu raju just spoke with senator warner. he joins me now. manu, how much would the senator reveal here? >> well, jake, he didn't say specifically what he saw, but he
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said that the information that he did see leads him to more questions about exactly how russia meddled in this election and in his words, attempted to help one candidate over another. take a listen. >> a lot of what we saw today was the evidence underlying how russia manipulated the news, how it hacked into the dnc and john podesta and leaked out in favor of one candidate against another candidate. but i think these efforts beyond even the whole question about whether there were contacts between campaigns and the russians -- >> reporter: is there anything to suggest that the trump campaign was involved in coordinating that released information? >> at this point i'm not going to get into that part of the discussion. that's part of our investigation. it's always been about the misinformation. it's been about the hacking and selective release of e-mails. and it's been about whether there's been any contact between either campaign and the russians as part of the election.
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>> reporter: so, jake, mark warner making it very clear they are still looking into that idea that donald trump, his campaign associates may have been discussing having contacts with officials tied to the kremlin during the campaign. i also talked to another member of the intelligence committee, susan collins of maine who was not ready to say whether or not they are able to assert whether or not there were any contacts between trump officials and russian officials, saying they are still looking at that data. but, jake, susan collins also saying there should be a public hearing on -- by the senate intelligence committee on the issue of russia because of this committee's outbreaks in secrecy. she believes the public deserves to know as well, jake. >> manu raju on capitol hill, thanks so much. joining me now is democratic senator diane feinstein, she serves on the intelligence committee. thank you for joining us, senator, appreciate it. so, you're on the intelligence committee. have you seen any evidence that president obama tapped donald trump's phone? >> no, i have not.
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and it's all rather shocking to me that a sitting president would make this kind of an allegation about a former president without any proof whatsoever. and as you know, the obama white house people and the obama people have responded and said that it was absolutely false. so, to keep this going with no proof i think is really dangerous for president trump. >> what do you think might be behind the president's claim? do you have any idea? >> no, i don't have any idea. it may have been some right wing news channel. i don't know. as we all know, sometimes these things are wrong on these news channels. but this is different. this is a sitting president of the united states who makes a charge against the former president, and it's a serious charge. and i believe it's patently
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false. so, without any back up, the present president is left out there making a material allegation that is false, and i don't think that's a good thing to do. >> there do seem to have been or continue to be investigations into trump associates and their relationships with russians which might mean that the fisa court approved some wiretap of communications. do you know, can you talk at all about any possible fisa warrants to listen to conversations of trump associates? >> that's easy. no, i can't, because i don't know of any fisa warrants in this area. >> the trump administration and president trump himself have talked a lot about how much they hate this culture of leaks. you in the past have talked about this also in 2012 after two big front page new york times stories, one on stucks net, the cyber attacks against
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iran's nuclear facilities and also president obama's secret terrorist kill list. you condemned the intelligence leaks. you said, quote, we have a problem, we want to stop that problem. is president trump onto something when he complains about these leaks? >> well, as you know, wikileaks has just done an apparent dump of some 9,000 files which, if true, could be very serious. and the allegation is that this is a contractor. well, this is the third contractor now that's done this kind of leaking, which really is just about espionage and beginning with snowden, and then an nsa contractor, and now a contractor allegedly putting this out through wikileaks. i think we really need to take a look at the contractor portion of the employee work force because you have to be loyal to
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america to work for an intelligence agency. otherwise, don't do it. don't come aboard as a contractor. but to come aboard and then scrape the system or do a major dump of highly classified material is really very dangerous for this country to allow to happen. and we've got to get to the bottom of it and stop it. >> there are americans who saw the wikileaks dump, what they're calling vault 7th, suggesting that cia hackers are able to infiltrate phones, television, computers, turn their own electronics against them as surveillance tools. are you concerned about the cia having that power? is there enough oversight to make sure that it's not abused? >> well, that oversight is one thing of that, and maybe there should be more. we do not do a lot of oversight in that direction.
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the other thing is, if the technology industry in a national security event, like a terrorist attack and the police have a device and the police ask for help in opening that device and the industry will not comply, then it leaves the government at a sufficient and major disadvantage. so, it seems to me that what we need to do is work out some form of accommodation. if you don't want these massive leaks to occur, there has to be some way that if the government needs help and that help has to be qualified, related to a very serious crime and/or a national security incident that takes lives, then i think the company should help open the device. >> senator diane feinstein, democrat california, always appreciate it.
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>> thank you. thank you very much, jake. >> whose side are you on, nancy pelosi's or donald trump's? that question was pose today republican members of the house today. but it doesn't seem to be enough to convince some skeptical conservatives who are wary of this new health care bill. we'll talk to one of the skeptics coming up next. hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
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welcome back to "the lead." let's stay with politics now. president trump meeting with skeptical conservatives on the hill today as he throws the weight of the white house behind the house gop's repeal and replace health care bill. selling it to his own party will be the first big task for the presidential deal maker. cnn's phil mattingly is live for us on capitol hill. phil, already there is squabbling between the white house and republicans on the hill about who is at fault for something of a rocky roll out. >> reporter: look, the kind of blow back certainly caught everybody off guard. the intensity of it wasn't expected. they expected some, but the intensity has certainly added to the pressure here and it's not just from conservatives. it's from outside interest groups and interests as well. the american hospital and health systems put out a letter saying
1:18 pm
they have significant concerns. the american medical association said they can't support the bill because of potential reductions in coverage. all this makes very clear, jake, republican leaders, this is their bill. they have a lot of work cut out for them. for house republicans, the big sell is on. >> this morning we will answer president trump's call. >> reporter: two committees launched the first legislative action in a long awaited obamacare repeal bill. speaker paul ryan making a not so subtle pitch and still skeptical and even out right opposed members. this is exactly what you campaigned on. >> i have no doubt we'll pass this because we're going to keep our promises. >> reporter: even as he acknowledged despite those promises and the full-on support of president trump, he still has problems inside his own party. >> what you're seeing is we're going through the inevitable growing pains of being an opposition party to becoming a governing party. >> reporter: sources tell cnn gop leaders blitzed their members behind closed doors tout
1:19 pm
with house majority whip steve placing a split screen slide on a projection screen of trump and house minority leader nancy pelosi. the question scalise asked, whose side are you on. the gop aides realize it will take more than that as conservatives continue to threaten to sink the bill altogether. >> it is a lump of cole. ultimately it will result in the key miez of our country or debilitating insolvency and bankruptcy. >> reporter: among those in need of persuading, senator ted cruz who despite the allegation tying his father to the assassination of jfk. >> what is he doing with lee harvey oswald shortly before the death, before the shooting? >> reporter: and this unflattering tweet about his wife heidi will be welcomed by president trump at the white house tonight for dinner. and some lobbying on obamacare. and with good reason. on the other side of the aisle. >> mr. chairman, i'm simply asking for recognition with regard to a parliamentary
1:20 pm
inquiry. >> reporter: there is no help on the way as democrats today spent hours criticizing the bill. >> does it cover more americans? no. does it cut the deficit? no. >> reporter: mocking the process and the president at the same time. >> bad. sad. >> reporter: as well as the components for maintaining preexisting condition protections to allowing kids to stay on their parents' health care until the age of 26. >> there is a lot of plagiarism in this bill. >> reporter: and attacking the legislative sprint now in full effect. >> last week this bill was literally under armed guard in the capital kept a secret as donald trump's tax returns. >> reporter: the democratic efforts falling short of derailing any aspect of the gop plan. underscore that the gop leaders from trump on down, the issue is their party. and they simply aren't there yet. >> look at what this does -- this is a conservative wish list. >> reporter: and, jake, i'm standing right outside one of the committee rooms where they
1:21 pm
are actually slogging through the legislative action. but an important note here. there are no changes expected to these bills, at least in committee. so, how do you get those skeptical or down right opposed conservatives to come aboard? we're starting to get a hit of president trump's strategy, some of the house freedom caucus members, most conservative of the house republican conference. they will be heading to the white house to bowl, persuasion in full effect, jake. >> phil mattingly, thanks so much. let's talk to one of these sk skeptical conservative republicans who says he won't vote for the bill. he joins me now, also the chairman of the conservative house freedom caucus. congressman, thanks for coming on. appreciate it. >> jake, always great to be with you. thanks so much. >> the number three republican in the house scalise told you and other republicans today when it comes to this bill, you're either with nancy ploelosi and u oppose this bill or you're with president trump and you support it. >> i'm a straight shooter and
1:22 pm
what happens is if it's a bad bill, whether it's on our side of the aisle or the democrats' side of the aisle, i'm going to stand with the american people. donald trump and i are not at odds. we want to make sure that we repeal the affordable care act and replace it with something that drives down health care costs and insurance premiums, and this doesn't do it, jake. and, so, when you put those slides up, that doesn't do anything to compel people to look at this. these are principled decisions. we have to have an honest debate and hopefully negotiate to get to a place where there's 218 votes in the house. >> do they need to get rid of the refundable tax credits in the bill, which some of the house freedom caucus members have called republican welfare? is that one of your big objections? >> well, that is an objection, but that's more a tactic on where we get there, jake. i can tell you in our bill the one we endorsed doesn't have refundable advance tax credits. but really, we had even some of our members saying what about the working poor, how do you
1:23 pm
handle that? and, so, we had amendments looking at dr. rand paul's bill to make sure that we can supply some money, at least seed money to make sure that we do that. but to do a new entitlement program, do i have a problem with that when indeed it's not even means tested? if you're a certain age, you get it. it does have a cap on it and that's an improvement. i would acknowledge that. but really right now what we're looking at is my big concern is will it drive down insurance premiums and the analysis that i've done at this point would suggest that it doesn't, and it doesn't even cover as many people as perhaps what we have right now. >> beyond allowing more competition across state lines, what do you think would be an effective way to bring down premiums? >> well, one of the ways, jake, that you could bring down premiums is to allow insurance companies to offer different kinds of insurance. everybody talks about this being a full repeal, but the fact of the matter is we're still mandating insurance companies
1:24 pm
what they offer and how they offer it. so, if i want to buy a catastrophic plan that has a deductible of 25,000 or 50,000, and fund my health care needs through an hsa, i can't do that today because the law prohibits it. we need to address that. that starts to drive it down and so until you really have more flexibility in the insurance industry, we're not going to be able to drive costs down. >> are you prepared for the political pressure of this? president trump says he's proud of this bill. the plan is going to be wildly popular. he's working to convince republicans to support it. he sent out a tweet yesterday. i guess it was a nice tweet about his friend rand paul coming on board, but some people thought it was a way of like showing like, hey, i'm paying attention to who is opposing it. are you at all concerned? >> political pressure, getting a call from your own president, of course, i would be not honest if you say, are you worried about that type of political pressure. but i can tell you this. i believe when the president understands the fact that this
1:25 pm
is not going to really help millions of people, that he'll be with us on our side because i campaigned with him. i know what he said in north carolina and other states in the south. and as we see that, it's all about making sure that we provide more affordable health care. and, so, as the president weighs in, that message that is being reported is very different than what i heard from the vice-president and director nick mulvaney which says we're open to amendments. let the negotiations begin. we're a willing partner in that ready to negotiate, ready to get to yes. >> congressman mark meadows, republican north carolina, we'll have you back as this process continues. appreciate it. >> thanks, jake. >> schools shut down, companies closed l as rallies take place around the world on, quote, a day without a woman. plus, a criminal investigation being opened into the wikileaks dump of some scary cia documents that say the agency can hack into cell phones, tvs, cars. are more leaks on the way? stay with us.
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welcome back. we're back with our national lead now. today is international women's day. rallies and demonstrations are being held across the nation, calling for gender equality. this year following a contentious election it's become a platform for something of a progressive political movement. the same organizers behind the women's march in january pushed for a so-called day without a woman, calling for a social and economic boycott. let's bring in cnn national correspondent deb in new york.
1:31 pm
deb, are you seeing the same level of protests that we saw the saturday after the inauguration? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. you can hear the cheers here as women are speaking about this movement that they have organized today. international women's day, it has a different tone this year than it has in the past. as you take a look at the crowd, it is not as much to celebrate women than to rally them to take action. a number of folks who i spoke to, they decided ton go to work, to honor the strike. others are not spending any money to show the economic impact that women have. but there is this surge that we are seeing, this post-inauguration women's march and it's really a resistance to the trump administration policies, many policies which the women and the men here feel are an assault on women, immigration, look at families that are being separated because mothers are being deported for violating the immigration laws. but you've also got the issue of the travel ban which references
1:32 pm
gender-based violence. well, the targets of the violence the women are not allowed in this country. there is also the global gag rule which prevents u.s. international aid organizations from providing any sort of family planning which involves choice to end pregnancy. so, there is a lot of energy here, a lot of motivation and women coming together along with a lot of men, teachers i've spoken to, people in the media entertainment industry, people that are social workers and they are here to make sure that those things that they stand for are not disregarded under the new administration. jake? >> all right, deb, thanks so much. thousands of stolen supposed cia documents detailing some of the tricks of the spy trade, phones and tvs, they can be used by hackers to lift your conversations, to trying to control your car. the urge in search now by the cia for the source of this big leak, that story next. like what? like a second bee helmet with protective netting.
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welcome back to "the lead."
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i'm jake tapper. topping our national lead, the hunt is on for the source of thousands of stolen secret cia documents and files that were handed over to wikileaks, a trove of material includes specific tricks of the spy trade employed by the agency allegedly to conduct surveillance and gather intelligence. among them turning smart phones and smart tvs into recording devices, even when they are powered off and bypassing encryption technologies by taking control of a iphone before the app gets to work. wikileaks is promising to release even more compromising information. cnn's barbara starr joins me now from the pentagon. barbara, the fbi and cia have opened a criminal investigation into the source of this leak? >> reporter: a very major investigation, jake. tonight the cia is not confirming publicly any of the details, but a short time ago issued a statement saying all americans should be deeply troubled by anything that wikileaks does that could harm national security.
1:38 pm
the new investigation is an acknowledgment the documents appear to be largely authentic, detailing how the cia hacks into common devices like phones, televisions and computers overseas. the trump administration won't publicly confirm the leak, but appears to have known about it for sometime. >> all of these occurred under the last administration. that is important. all of these alleged issues. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. >> reporter: the white house says this time it's a serious breach. >> this alleged leak should concern every single american in terms of the impact it has on our national security. >> reporter: the fbi and cia will investigate for potential criminal activity and who might have been behind it. officials would not say if they believe an employee, a contractor, or a foreign government was involved. wikileaks claims former u.s. government hackers or contractors leaked the material to them. >> there's things in the story that make it look like the
1:39 pm
information is, for the most part, real. but there's problems about how you would get that if you were an individual. so, we can't tell, but i think it's either an individual or the russian government. >> reporter: officials say documents detail hacking programs that have been used as well as some being developed to collect intelligence overseas. one allegation, the cia can hack into smart tvs, placing televisions into a fake off-mode that can listen to conversations and relay those conversations back to u.s. spies, according to wikileaks. wikileaks also suggests the cia was even studying technology that would allow them to take control of a car by hacking into its systems. the document mentions products made by apple, google, microsoft, and samsung may have been hacked. it's no secret operating systems have shown vulnerabilities and
1:40 pm
manufacturers regularly offer fixes. the most notable hacking in a terrorism case came when the fbi paid a private company more than $1 million to hack into the phone of san bernardino terrorist saeed farouk. even now the fbi saying. >> there is no such thing as absolute privacy in america. there is no place in america outside of judicial reach. >> reporter: and the next big worry is that wikileaks could publish the actual computer codes. it would be a virtual road map for anyone who understands it to be able to conduct the same kinds of attacks. jake? >> barbara starr, thanks so much. so, if the spy agency can do all this, should you be more worried about the cia or about america's enemies who now have this information? we'll talk to the former cia director next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. let's stick to the national lead. federal investigators are trying to determine who provided wikileaks with thousands of documents with critical surveillance tools used by the cia. joining me is the former director of cia and retired agency four star general michael hayden. thanks so much for being here. >> thanks, jake. >> a lot of people are focused on the spy craft tools they use. you're more focused on the damage this could potentially do to national security. >> the warning given to legitimate foreign intelligence targets as to how we could come after them, and frankly the signatures that would suggest we are coming after them. >> so, now, you think, for instance, north korea and iran, they're just throwing out their smart phones, trashing their samsung tvs? >> i think every intelligence service on the planet worth its weight is now going through these documents with great care to see what it is they have, they do, that makes them
1:46 pm
vulnerable to this suite of tactics, techniques procedures and tools that have now been made public. >> of course, there are a lot of civil libertarians out there who think, wow, this is a lot of -- these reveal a lot of ways that the cia could spy on anybody. >> sure. >> are you confident that there are enough mechanisms of oversight so that this kind of thing wouldn't be abused? >> yeah, i am. look, this is a human enterprise. humans make mistakes. the veil of tears of original sin, bad things can occasionally happen. jake, we just spent, what, the last 72 to 96 hours pointing out that the president of the united states doesn't have the authority to tap the phone of any american. >> right. >> you have to go to a court. that process, that procedure, that culture permeates all the american intelligence agencies. so, although these tools are very, very powerful, all right, i'm comfortable knowing what i know, living what i've lived, that they are targeted against
1:47 pm
legitimate foreign intelligence targets. the scary part is that legitimate foreign intelligence targets use the same devices that you and i do. >> right. diane feinstein said earlier in the show, member of the senate intelligence committee, that there isn't a tremendous amount of oversight by the senate when it comes to how to use these tools and to make sure they are only used for foreign targets as opposed to american targets. >> look, this is a very complex and huge undertaking. there is oversight. there is legitimate oversight. the senator said maybe there should be more. maybe there should be. i will offer you one thought, jake. the baseline here, we are the most overseen intelligence community on the planet. no other parliamentary oversight body has as much invasive oversight of day-to-day operational activities as does the american congress, which is not to say it's enough yet. we may actually want to have more. >> are you at all suspicious of the timing of this? president trump praised wikileaks a lot in the past,
1:48 pm
obviously wikileaks, whether it was their goal or not, they certainly helped the trump campaign. and here we have a situation where president trump is complaining about intelligence, complaining about leaks, complaining people around him complaining about the so-called deep state out to get him. and then voila, a couple days later this huge trove of documents about the cia and their abilities to spy on people. >> i must confess that the thought occurred to me, but i would not suggest it is anything more than perhaps a potential hypothesis. a thing you might want to look into as you go forward. i don't know that the russians actually committed the theft. this may be what wikileaks said it was, an insider. but with regard to the timing, i mean, look, i'm now pretty close to the position that wikileaks is acting as an arm, as an agent of the russian federation. >> you have proof of that or you just mean -- >> no, this is my making
1:49 pm
assumptions based upon what's happened over the past year and what wikileaks has been doing. look, jake, they claim to be a transparency organization. i wish they would emphasize transparency in some of the world's autocratic nations rather than one of the world's great democracies. >> you talk about the culture at the cia but i have to -- and the intelligence service in general. this leak, this hack, whatever it was, follows documents revealed by edward snowden, chelsea manning and nsa contractor harold martin who stole documents revealing some of the most sensitive offensive cyber weapons. what's the problem here? why does the u.s. government keep having problems with individuals within their own ranks revealing this information? >> so, i mean, there's always been a count earn intelligence problem. when rur the director of cia or nsa one of the things you take home with you every night, i wonder if there is a mole inside my organization. we have a long history of people breaking in. >> sure. >> what's different now, jake,
1:50 pm
is we're living in a world of big data. everything is data. when espionage of this nature takes place, it takes place like big data so we've got these massive leaks of manning, of snowden and now what we see happening at cia. >> i also want to ask you just about president trump's tweets over the weekend and his suggestion, with no evidence at all and everybody who is in the know either says they have no evidence of it or it's not true, that president obama ordered a wiretap of him and it happened. are you confident that president trump has people around him who can tell him what's true and what's not true? >> you know, that's a wonderful question and i've made the comment several times since saturday morning that it seems as if the president woke up saturday morning and forgot he was the president of the united states because if this really were a question for him, all he had to do was rollover, hit that button on the phone and say, get comey and the acting director of
1:51 pm
national intelligence down here before lunch. i've got questions. that's all he had to do. but he reverted to this, for whatever reason. of course, there's been a lot of speculation about it, but he wasn't acting as president or presidentially. >> do you think -- you worked in the bush administration and there were, i know he had people around him that could say -- he had people that disagreed. he had dick cheney, but he also had condifficu rice. >> let's lay it out as a fear, not a conclusion. the president seems to confront the truth tellers whether it be about the judge telling him about the law or you guys trying to report the news or the intelligence guys trying to report their view of the world. they become intelligence, in quotes, the dishonest media, or this so-called judge. there seems to be an attempt to invalidate, de-legitimatize folks coming to the president or within the president's sphere
1:52 pm
with information that cuts across his preassumed narrative of the world. that's a bad thing if you don't have that kind of dutch uncle kind of guy. jake, maybe after everyone else leaves, say, mr. president, a word, to bring up a concern. >> yeah, but if that person is steve bannon, where are we? general michael hayden, thank you very much for your insight. appreciate it as always. 6 million people in desperate need of food. some have already died of zar vegas. will politics get in the way of saving lives? stay with us. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free.
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welcome back to lead. i'm jake tapper. world lead, isis is claiming responsibility for horrific terrorist attack on the military hospital in afghanistan. the attack left more than 30 people dead and at least 50 wounded. terrorists disguised as doctors
1:57 pm
stormed the kabul facility this morning with guns and grenades. a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance as they opened fire on staff and on patients. afghan commandos killed the three other militants after several hours of heavy fighting. the president said the carnage, quote, trampled all humana bus. more than 6 million people gripped by hunger and disease in somalia, the united nations says the ongoing drought is driving the african nation to the brink of famine. diseases like cholera and measles could make the dire situation even more tragic. the united nations is pleading toer help. warning more than half of somalia's population is in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. cnn international correspondent david mackenzie traveled deep into somalia to bring us this story. >> reporter: flying above drought stricken terrain where somalis fleeing al qaeda linked terrorists now fear famine the most. it is no doubt somalia is insecure. we're in an armored personnel
1:58 pm
carrier. the u.n. general says that is no reason to ignore a looming humanitarian process. it is a dramatic situation of countries like somalia that create all the conditions for terrorism to prosper. >> terrorism became a global problem everywhere. >> reporter: speaking of terrorism, donald trump just instilled another travel ban affecting somalia. is that a helpful way of dealing with the threat of terrorism? >> i have said time and again that countries have the right to protect their borders and to manage them in a responsible way. but that should not be done with any form of discrimination in relation to nationality, to religion, or to ethnicity. >> reporter: here survival is the only concern. he is tired, gaunt. i fled with my children nor than 100 miles on foot, she says. he cried the whole way.
1:59 pm
her child is exhausted. a famine hasn't been declared yet, but that means little to the sick and the hungry at the regional hospital. the u.n. says more than 6 million people desperately need food assistance. that's half the somali population. the united states is the u.n.'s biggest donor, but the secretary general faces a white house that is threatening to slash u.n. funding and foreign aid budgets. the new somali president was given a make somali great again in his first meeting with the u.n. ambassador. now a travel ban. does it weaken the relationship? >> well, it's something we have to work on. we have to work with the u.s. government to see that this ban must be lifted. >> reporter: his country in need, once again, of an international community he hopes is still willing to help. the somali president a dual u.s. citizen says the renewed travel
2:00 pm
ban will hurt the potential for the u.s. and somalia to fight terror. jake? >> our thanks to david mackenzie. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i now turn you over to one mr. wolf blitzer. he is right next door to me in a place i like to call "the situation room." thanks for watching. >> happening now, breaking news. more questions. key lawmakers get a look at cia intelligence on russian meddling in the presidential election, and they have more questions after seeing evidence of actions favoring one candidate. and as lawmakers move forward on president trump's claim that he was wiretapped and his demand for an investigation, should he be careful what he wishes for? massive difference. when damaging leaks helped his election campaign, donald trump proclaimed, quote, i love wikileaks. now that wikileaks claims to have released documents on cia hacking, the white house says there is a massive difference between the two cases. tough sell. presidum