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tv   New Day  CNN  March 15, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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president trump's tax returns. >> this is the tip of the iceberg. >> this report would be a mistake for democrats to get distracted by. >> donald has a long history of leaking information about himself. >> americans need to know if indeed the former president of the united states wiretapped the trump towers. >> he feels very confident this will vindicate him. >> james comey expected to confirm if the fbi's investigating trump's ties to russia. >> too many people losing insurance. that's not what president trump asked. >> this is the american health care act. the president is proud of it. >> if it's so good, why aren't they rushing to have their names on it. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and allison camerato. >> alisyn is off. poppy is with us. >> we have a rare glimpse into president trump's finances, kind of. someone leaked a client copy of his 2008 tax returns. they reveal he did pay in taxes, how much money he paid and how
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big his business losses were that helped lower his burden. but they are far from the whole story. >> there's even more that they don't tell us. we're talking about two pages. a question this morning, is this just a distraction from the growing number of issues facing this president. the battle over his own party's health care plan. the battle within his own party and the cloud of russia looming over his administration. so much at stake on this day 55 of the trump presidency. let's begin with suzanne malveaux in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. with the release of trump's 20051044 has more questions than answers. whether he skipped out on paying his fair share of taxes more recently. interestingly enough, the disclosure is being treated more like a distraction from those who have been calling for his tax returns throughout the campai campaign. >> reporter: the player khan public finding getting a glimpse. investigative journalist david
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k. johnston getting the first two pages of 2005 taxes, paying $38 million on taxes on more than $150 million in income, giving him an effective tax rate of roughly 25%. the white house confirming the figures in a statement on tuesday night. the move comes as the white house is battling negative headlines on the gop health care bill and the president's wiretapping claims, prompting johnston to speculate whether the president himself or one of his staffers sent him the document anonymously. >> do you think it's possible he could have sent them to you? >> i think it's entirely possible. remember donald has a long history of leaking information about himself. >> reporter: democrats largely dismissing the tax disclosure. >> i don't think we learned anything at all interesting tonight. this report tonight would be a mistake for democrats to get distracted by. >> president trump are's son suggesting the release was positive development. breaking news, 12 years ago,
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donald trump made a lot of money and paid a lot in taxes. #scandal. this after president trump insisted for months he could not release his tax returns because they are still under audit by the irs. >> i'm not releasing tax returns because they're under audit. almost every lawyer says don't release your returns when the audit is complete. depends on the audit. depends on the audit. >> reporter: the dnc suggesting the president may have other reasons for keeping his taxes to himself. >> early this morning, the journalist who received the tax forms spoke the "new day." here is how he explains what happened. >> do you think it was possible that it was sent to you by the president? >> yes. donald has a long history of leaking things about himself and doing it directly or incorrectly. it's a possibility. the anger with which the white house responded suggests not likely, however. when something gets leaked, he's happy about it. >> the dnc urging folks not to
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focus on this with the new health care plan threatening to kick millions off their health care plans. >> in just hours, fbi james comey expected to repeal to lawmakers whether the bureau is investigating ties between the trump campaign and russia. this as concerns grow about the gop health care bill after the cbo scoring. more republicans are backing away saying they cannot support a bill if people will lose coverage. cnn's joe johns at the white house with more. >> reporter: think about what you're saying there, you've got health care, you have the russia investigation, you have wiretaps, an extremely challenging period right now for this white house on multiple fronts, and not clear at all the extent to which the administration is going to have control over any of it. president trump facing pressure from members of his own party
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confronting internal revolt over the house health care bill and his unsubstantiated claim that president obama wiretapped phones at trump tower. >> a lot of americans need to know. >> reporter: amid this turmoil, fbi director james comey could confirm today whether the bureau is investigating ties between trump's campaign and russia. leaders of a senate judiciary subcommittee also hopeful comey will also respond to their request to provide evidence regarding the wiretapping acquisition. >> they're about to screw up big time if they keep running to the intel committee and not answer that letter. >> reporter: earlier this week sean spicer qualified trump's accusation, but now he's sounding defiant. >> he feels very confident it will ultimately come of this, it will vindicate him. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle showing growing frustration about the white house's failure to provide any evidence to support trump's extraordinary claim. >> i think, frankly, the
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administration should come forward with whatever proof they have. leveling a charge like that is a huge deal. >> you do not make those kinds of allegations, criminal allegations against a former president as he did so recklessly. >> reporter: this as the white house battles criticism from gop conservatives and moderates over the trump endorsed health care plan following the release of the non-partisan congressional budget office report estimating 24 million more americans will be uninsured by 2026 under the gop's replacement plan. >> right now i'm a firm no. i candidly don't see how we get to 216. >> i'm concerned. that's not what president trump promised. that's not what republicans ran on. >> reporter: one top gop source saying, quote, headlines are terrible, fraying nerves within the gop. >> reporter: republican senator lisa murkowski refusing to
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answer cnn's manu raju. >> yes or no, do you support the -- >> would you please be respectful. >> reporter: president trump silent over the report as the administration continues to discredit the cbo's findings. >> cbo coverage estimates are consistently wrong. this is the american health care act. the president is proud of it. >> so what is the president doing in the midst of all this? one thing he's doing is hitting the road. headed out to detroit today for job creation event and south to nashville for a big rally. >> some video there of murkowski getting um close and personal, in the face of the cnn reporter just for asking what's she's going to do on the health care bill. one man in congress who will not be distracted by trump's taxtion or by the wiretapping
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allegations, russia on mind. the man on your screen, republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina. he's a member of the judiciary and armed services committees. you will get face time with james comey, the director of the fbi today. you have criticized that the fbi has not been forthcoming enough to your liking. >> number one, director comey will not appear before the judiciary committee. he's not a witness. we have four people who will talk about what russia does all over the world to interfere with democracies, the tools in their tool box. we wrote a letter, senator white dlooes house and myself wanting to know if there's evidence of a warrant issued by the trump campaign. he hasn't answered that letter or confirmed if there's a trl investigation of the trump campaign. he needs to answer the letter and give the nation some information about what's going on here. >> three things. one, i thought he was coming today before the judiciary committee to say whether or not he's investigating ties between russia and the trump
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administration. that's not true? >> no. there's a misunderstanding here. two weeks ago we met with director comey, senator whitehouse and myself. i told him by the 15th of march i'd like to know if there's a criminal investigation because i'm about to launch a congressional investigation of russia. i don't want to interfere with your investigation. i think it's very important that congress know whether or not there's a criminal investigation so that what we're doing doesn't interfere with what comey may be doing. if there's not a criminal investigation of the trump ties to russia, i think the country needs to know it, congress needs to know it, and he has never promised to answer that quest n question. chairman grassley said something very important yesterday, that he would be willing to block the deputy attorney general's nomination until director comey gave us the information we sought regarding warrants and investigations. >> so nothing could happen today in terms o of the fbi.
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he may decide not to come forward. you're saying he's not on the plan and hasn't answered your letter. >> so what we would do next is subpoena the information. i like director comey. he's in a bad spot here. you have the current president accusing the former president of basically having his campaign surveilled. the way you would do that is get a warrant either through the fisa court or a criminal court. i want to get to the bottom of it. the fbi would know if a warrant was issued, they would know if a warrant was applied for. i want to answer that question. if they do not provide the answer to that letter we wrote in a bipartisan fashion, there will be a bipartisan subpoena following the fbi. >> hold on a second. you gave the fbi until the ides of march, march 15th -- i don't know if that was intentional. that was a dramatic play. if he does not come before the committee today, if he does not fond to the letter, you'll subpoena the fbi. >> i never asked him to appear in person today. i like comey. i think he's a good man.
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i want to know -- don't you want to know if there's a criminal investigation of the trump campaign? >> yeah. >> don't you want to know if there's a warrant issued? >> you will subpoena the fbi, is that what you're saying? >> i will subpoena the information requested in the letter with the support of my chairman senator grassley who has been terrific. the n rahhinging democrat is senator feinstein. they have helped senator whitehouse and myself. congress is going to flex its muscles. the president of the united states asked congress to look into this as to whether or not the trump campaign was surveilled during the 2016 election by the federal government. i'm going to get to the bottom of it. if it needs a subpoena to get there, that's what we'll do. >> the subpoena would be for the wiretapping, not for information about any evidence linking russian interference to anybody in the trump orbit? >> you got it. we want to know if a warrant was ever issued, the information provided to the judge or judges in question, what did you give
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them? did they give you a warrant? i want to know that. that's the letter which would be backed up by subpoena. the question is there an active investigation of the trump campaign regarding their ties to russia? no one has ever told me there is. director of national intelligence clapper said a couple weeks ago on his watch there was no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. so i want to know that this has been raised by the current president, i think congress should look into all things russia. if there's a criminal investigation, chris, i don't want to get in the middle of that, because that should be protected. >> that's why you're not going to include it in the subpoena. >> right. >> you also implied that you don't think there's anything to the wiretapping allegation. you think the president put it out as a distraction. you've been one of the proponents of the simple logic is he should pick up the phone. jim comey is not going to duck him the way he's ducking you. that's his boss.
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he could know the information right away and declassify the information. is that true? >> number one, i don't know if the president can pick up the phone and ask questions about an investigation of his campaign. the bottom line is people have asked the president to deliver any information you have, the trump people, about what may have occurred. they've given us nothing. i've seen no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. i've seen no evidence of a wiretap being requested by the department of justice, a warrant. but the longer it takes to answer my letter, the more concerned and si suspicious i'm beginning to be. >> i think the law is fairly clear. whether she should is an ethical consideration. you can talk about that all day. >> it might be legal, too, actually. so i don't know. >> the flip side of it is this. people say you keep talking about the russian connections and contacts and there's nothing there. clapper came out and said there's no proof of collusion. comey has not jumped at the
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chance to tell you what he's doing with any russian investigation. this is about political hate directed towards the president. >> i don't have political hate directed towards the president. i've talked to him twice in the last week, had great conversations about health care and national security. but the president raised this issue a week or so ago saying he believed his campaign was wiretapped by the former president. there would be a way to find that out. once you raise it, you've got to answer the question. is there a warrant? was a warrant ever issued by any judge anywhere in america to allow the trump campaign to be wiretapped? i'm going to find the answer to that. if there is a criminal investigation on going regarding the trump campaign and their ties to russia, i want to know. i'm going to pursue all things russia because here is what i do know, the russians tried to interfere with our election. i don't think they changed the outcome. it wasn't a 400-pound guy sitting on his bed who hacked into the dnc. it was russian intelligence services. they took that information, gave it to wikileaks and tried to
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basically embarrass secretary clinton, and if we don't stop russia, it could be iran and china tomorrow. it could be republicans on the receiving end of this. >> those are separate considerations, right? >> right. >> why they did and how they did what they did as russia, that's something everybody believes deserves inspection. whether or not trump had something to do with it is a separate inquiry. >> absolutely. >> to this point there hasn't been any proof of that. >> you're right. i have seen no hefd. i have requested whether or not any evidence exists. to get a warrant to follow the trump campaign, there's two ways you can do it, the foreign intelligence services act would allow you to follow campaign operatives if you believe they're interacting with foreign agents. the second way is a criminal warrant to follow the trump campaign if you believe they're taking services from a foreign government in violation of our campaign laws. i want to know were either of those warrants ever issued.
5:16 am
i don't believe they were, but the longer it takes to answer that question, the more suspicious i get. >> senator, let's get at the real question that's behind all this. you either believe what's coming out of this white house or you don't. that's something you guys are having to deal with. i know there's a lot of spin. i know what politics is. i grew up in it. >> right. >> but this is different. do you believe what's coming out of this white house on a daily basis, or do you feel that you have to check everything these days? >> well, i don't believe that the statement made by president trump that he believes the obama administration surveilled his campaign is something very, very serious. and he challenged the continue to get to the bottom of it, and i will. you can't leave that hanging. in termination of the president's efforts to reform health care, i've been impressed by how much time he's spent as a person to try to get a better bill. republicans have an opportunity to do this by ourselves. we also have an opportunity to screw it up by ourselves.
5:17 am
right now the house bill in my view will have a hard time getting through the senate. rand paul says he can't vote for refundable tax credits in the house bill because that's an entitlement in another name. medicaid in the house bill allows for open enrollment for another year and a half to two years, and that's a problem for me. the president is working hard to find a bill that will replace obamacare. my advice to the president, if you can't find a better plan coming from republicans, don't buy it just because the republicans want to sell it to you. let obamacare collapse, and it will. then try to replace it in a bipartisan fashion. that's what i would recommend he do. >> i want to hear from you before we let you go about why you think obamacare is going to collapse. but i want to go back to one question i didn't get an answer from you on. i said do you believe what's coming out of the white house on a regular basis. on the wiretapping allegation, i get that because the president raised it and put it on you, you have an opportunity to dig into
5:18 am
it. i'm asking you, just like with wiretapping which you don't seem to buy, do you feel that has become part of the normal now which is, they say things that aren't necessarily true which you have to check up on? >> well, i think every president says things sometimes that doesn't work out. this was at another level. i never heard this before -- >> he accused the president of a felony, called him a bad or sick man. >> right. >> he didn't seem to base it on fringe reporting. >> right. i want to make sure that the accusation that the former president was involved in surveilling the current president is put to bed forever. as to this president, i had a good conversation about how to rebuild the military. we're talking closely about health care, how you can put an infrastructure bill together. i want to work with president trump. it's not a credibility problem other than this one issue to me has to be solved. >> we'll leave the deeper discussion about health care to another day when we understand
5:19 am
the politics a little better from where we are right now. you're still dealing with the cbo score. we know russia is a priority. we will continue to cover it. we will not be distracted. >> great ger view clarifying a lot of open questions this morning. coming up for us here, the showdown over health care. which of these plans is best for americans? the one we have now or the gop's replacement? we've got two experts joining us next who have been digging into the numbers. what they have found straight ahead. i tell them the thickness of your enamel determines patients they ask me about whitening all of the time. essentially how white your teeth are going to be. the strength of your teeth needs to be there in order for that whiteness to last. i would definitely recommend the new pronamel strong and bright to my patients to keep their enamel strong,
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after a pretty brutal cbo analysis, more republicans are demanding changes to the house gop plan to replace obamacare. how do these two plans actually stack up against one another? let's talk about this with two experts, former health and human services secretary under president george w. bush tommy thompson as well as former acting administrator for the centers for medicare and medicaid services, andy slovet. nice to have you here. governor thompson, i want your response as someone who is very supportive of this bill. i assume you agree with spicer that this is the one shot that the republicans have to undo obamacare. but here is how republican senator tom button sees it.
5:24 am
>> i believe he is behind it. >> there is no three-step plan. that is political talk, some mythical legislation in the future that is going to garner democratic support and help us get over 60 votes in the senate. if we had those democrat it votes, we wouldn't need three steps. >> you know, senator lindsey graham said to chris moments ago that he would advise the president not to buy a republican plan just because republican plans are selling it to him. his advice would be, if this isn't the right plan, let obamacare collapse and then do something about it. why do you think it's the wrong assessment? >> i'm not saying it's the wrong assessment. i'm saying we're just starting the process. there is a great opportunity to make a bill that will work well for the american public. that's why i have the full confidence in paul ryan and the republicans getting it accomplished. the bill now is going to be the bill that will end up on the
5:25 am
president's desk. everyone knows that. it's going through the trek, the traverses of congress. it's going to take a lot of amendments, a lot of concessions. that's going to come. the same way the obamacare bill, if you remember back -- obamacare was written by speaker pelosi in the house and henry reid harry reid in the senate. they had to pat another bill three months later in order do make the bills work and gave the power to the secretary of health. all that is going to take place. we've got a great chance to make this bill a very good bill. >> i hear you, but that often takes time. what we're hearing right now is this urgency, this expediency that's needed so this can get done by the end of april, so broader tax reform can get done by the end of august. would you say to your fellow republicans slow down? >> i would say let's improvem t improvement. let's see how we can make this bill better. there are tremendous
5:26 am
opportunities to improve for more people. it's the same way with all legislation, it takes a long time to get a good piece of legislation through both houses. this is a controversial subject. health care is very, very complex. >> it is complex and it takes a long time. you're hearing from the white house and other republicans we don't have that time right now. andy, let me bring you into this. you ran two of these big agencies, the centers for medicare and medicaid. when you look at what needs to happen to get something that works for the american people, you need the insurance companies to play ball, to be happy and stay on board. part of the fundamental crisis for families with obamacare, they can't afford it. not enough young people got into the risk pool and you had big providers like humana and aetna pulling out. in some places folks only had one option to buy their individual coverage. how do you change things for the insurer so you don't have aetna
5:27 am
saying we pulled out because we saw more than $430 million losses in this since 2014. >> i think you have to evaluate what does this bill actually do. it does a come things. it instantly drives the cost up by an additional 15 to 20% by taking away some of the things that drove the healthy people into the market in the first place. it sends it the wrong direction. as a result of that, 14 million people will lose coverage, scheduled to go to 24 million. on top of that, you have the basic program that covers seniors, people with disabilities, people with low incomes slash by about 25% to pay for a tax cut. it's hard to figure out how to get some place better from those starting points. i think the insurers look at that and say you're taking away the major protection, the individual mandate that's
5:28 am
causing people to get into the market and drive more healthy people into the market, this is not going to head in the right direction. >> i hear you, but that doesn't answer my question as to how does this plan -- how do you believe, andy, you would fix the fundamental problem with obamacare? >> i think the thing that, if you go back and look at the aca and look at what improvements can be made, there are some. i think one of the major things we've learned is people above 400% of poverty level in certain states have had their costs go up too much. there's -- you've got to fix that surgically. you don't start that by starting from scratch. you fix that by extending subsidy levels higher, extending the reinsurance which worked in the first several years of the a krnchtsa aaca. 2015 about $8 to $10 billion intended to stabilize rates was taken out by congress.
5:29 am
that drove the costs up. that's responsible for some of the lack of competition we have. easy to fix. i think this cbo report and s &p have both said the market is moving to a place of stability. if we change our thinking and get focused on surgical changes, we can get there. >> we're out of time, gentlemen, thank you for joining us, you'll both be back. >> we need to be bipartisan, and the rates are going down in the republican plan, not under obamacare. >> going down in a few years, up the next two to three years. thank you very much. we will have you back, i promise. up against a break. >> thank you. >> also tonight, a big thing you're going to want to watch. join wolf blitzer and dana bash for a live town hall with hhs secretary tom price on the gop's health care plan. the trup white house is trying to delegitimize judges, the media, the ng co-al budget office. is it working? we have two key players from the
5:30 am
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all right. so the trump administration goes
5:34 am
after anything that attacks the trump administration. now the congressional budget office, they're being attacked by the trump administration for their report scoring the gop's current health plan. this is not the first time. several institutions have been taken on since the early days of the presidency, even before, federal judges, the media for sure, intelligence agencies. cnn political commentator jason miller, former communications at visor for the trump campaign is with us. good to have you with us. >> good morning. >> karen finney, former senior adviser and senior spokesperson for hillary for america. i always enjoyed having both of you on during the campaign. you like to get after it. let's do it now. we'll get to these institutions. for one quick headline, it is circulating around. we are not saying it. i cannot prove it. it says client copy on these self-serving couple of pages from the 2005 taxes, paint a
5:35 am
good picture of trump. fueled speculation did he have thing to do with the leak. there are others on morning tv going much farther and saying it's painfully obvious he leaked it. you know everyone around him. do you think there's a chance this happened? >> not at all. i think this is a complete joke to make a crazy allegation like this. further, i think it goes for journalist whose are making such claims, it really is a knock on people who are out there doing good work in journalism and fighting for free press. i think this makes people at home look at and say how much can i believe of what i'm seeing on tv or reading in the newspapers. >> in fairness, it wasn't coming from a journalist, but a pundit. you have to know what you show, make your case. that's why this show tries to distinguish itself this way. let's go to the overall strategy. you don't like what i say, mail her, you tell me i'm fake news. you come after the media as the opposition, the enemy. you don't like the judge, you go after judges as not having the
5:36 am
constitutional authority. you don't like the cbo, you say it stinks. does that work and why do it as a strategy? >> i think speaking purely in communication terms, there's a bit of working the refs when you're pushing back on stories that you think are inaccurate or aren't fair. i think, too, when we're talking specifically about the administration, if you look back, this is a tough campaign, tough transition period to the leading and governing and there's been a lot of unfair coverage leveled towards this president, this administration and they'll push back and set the record straight. they can't always rely on the media to do it for them. i think they're looking at doing some of that on their own. >> finney, negative coverage is not necessarily unfair coverage. >> true. >> how you go back at coverage matters, also. what is your criticism of the, i'm not only saying your story is wrong, i'm thinking any institution that disagrees with me is corrupt strategy. >> i think going to the premise
5:37 am
when you introduce this segment, what we've seen from the trump administration is, if a fact is something we don't like, then it's fake, it's falls. in an institution like the cbo puts out a report with numbers we don't like, then we attack it. in and of itself for the cbo to say 24 million people will lose their health care coverage in the next decade, that is not an attack. that is actually a finding. i think that's really the distinction. i think what we're seeing from the trump administration here, and i will say i think sean spicer does a valiant job, jason just did with the verbal gymnastics trying to put the best face on it. there are facts that matter. i think, number one, mr. trump likes to put things out there to deflect from the actual topic, like the need for a true independent investigation into potential ties to russia. for example, on the a tax returns, creating drama around
5:38 am
the potential of who actually leaked it, that's not what's important. what's important is that what we've learned from the tax returns is we don't see the schedules which are the attachments, so we don't know where the money comes from. >> we didn't really get the return. >> he's now created this scenario where people are running to the shiny object about who leaked it. >> we know the two pages that came out were marked anonymous. it was odd for the president to tweet about it saying who is this reporter. the guy won the pulitzer prize for reporting on taxes from "the new york times." not exactly a nobody. >> to the main point, does it work and is that enough of a justification, a line you shouldn't cross in delegitimizing critics. >> absolutely. >> there's oulz going to be a level of where you can push back and where you can't. that's a judgment called based on the situation. talking about the cbo scoring
5:39 am
for a moment, they were off by 13 million when they were scoring obamacare. >> on one aspect and specific problems they highlighted. who runs it now is a man that secretary price said all these great things about. now they're attacking. >> you're not disagreeing they were off by 13 million. >> they were off but there were reasons for it that they laid out. >> you see my point. the administration sees those numbers and they disagree. they think what they're doing with their bill will increase competition -- >> instead of saying that, they say the cbo is consistently wrong is what spicer said. he offered no proof of the pattern of era by the cbo. they got things right about obamacare as well. and in a story he called false and misleading, without proof again, from politico, they did their own internal analysis to look at what the cbo did and it came out the same, actually worse. >> that was modeling off trying to predict -- >> he called it false and
5:40 am
misleading. the head of the omb came on and said -- >> if they're not the ones out there pushing back, no one is going to do it for them. >> how you push back is what mattersment finney last quick word. i've got to go. >> here is the point. the more donald trump and his administration put out untruths and pray on the declining faith that people have in their institutions anyway, they're preying on that and manipulating that. that's bad for the country. at some point people are going to realize donald trump is spending more time protecting his own image and attacking people he doesn't like and congress, like you just had with lindsey graham is going to have to spend more time and money trying to track down whether or not these things are true rather than creating jobs, and rather than taking care of people. >> when people are throwing out crazy conspiracy theories like this russia nonsense. >> it's not nonsense. there's plenty of evidence. >> karen finney, jason miller. you have to be careful about who
5:41 am
throws out crazy conspiracy theories. we've heard plenty from the president of the united states. appreciate you being here. poppy? >> coming up for us, the new trump travel ban facing several legal challenges in the courts around the country. before it takes effect, will it stand up to the challenges this time around. we have "the bottom line" straight ahead. ♪ for millions of baby boomers there's a virus out there. a virus that's serious, like hiv, but it hasn't been talked about much.
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>> could reveal today if the bureau is investigating the trump campaign for the alleged ties to russia. south carolina governor lindsey graham says he's prepared to subpoena comey if he doesn't respond. >> the cbo score of the republican health care bill causing more division in the country. moderates saying the plan not what was promised. >> nine more active and high ranking members in a bribery scandal. millions digging out from a monster storm. the storm claiming at least seven lives. that's the five things to know. go to newday up next, the leak of the president's taxes, two pages of them, what do they tell us? is this all a distraction? we'll get "the bottom line" on
5:46 am
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time for "the bottom line." president trump's tax returns have come to light this morning kind of, like two pages from 2005. they don't answer a lot of questions, but with so many pressing issues facing the white house right now like health care, like the russia cloud, is this all just a distraction. let's get to cnn political analyst mark preston. still a lot of talk about where sthe these tax returns, two page, came from. the journalist who received them, david k. johnson earlier this morning, i ask could this have come from the president. he said, yeah, it could have. what's your bottom line. what do you take away from what we've learned or haven't learned. >> one, 12 years ago, they don't tell us anything. it's two pages. it tells us how much he made and how much he paid in taxes.
5:52 am
a very good story for president trump in the sense that it has focused the attention away from some of his problems, as you mentioned right now, the health care bill which is on life support right now in congress. in fact, we'll see president trump in tennessee today pushing forward and trying to get support. in addition to that, as chris just spoke a short time ago with lindsey graham, lindsey graham says we may hear from fbi director comey whether there's any investigation -- >> if not, what did he say he's going to do? >> use subpoena power. >> subpoena information. >> which is a very big term for our viewers out there, very big term specifically when you're talking about the legislative branch going to the executive branch -- >> sub company, punishment. it's saying you have to come in. >> company the political play on these taxes. seems like you gave it to trump two ways. one is this is a good reckoning for him. he didn't pay as much in taxes
5:53 am
as some might like. who pays more taxes than they have to. and this buffoonry saying he put them out. now you're giving an opening for him to say fake news. no evidence he put them out. >> we've seen in the past that, in fact, if i was one of his advisers, i wish i would have come up with diversion nair tactic. >> there's no proof it came to him. it says client copy. >> there never will be any specific proof, i don't think we'll ever find that out. it has steered the conversation away from what his problems are at this point and we saw his son last night go on twitter, and in all his supporters, if you look on social media, all the supporters were saying, look, donald trump gave us his taxes. guess what? he didn't give his taxes, ghaef taxes from 12 years ago. >> he didn't give us anything. he's going to say, you heard what preston said, he said i did it. where is the proof?
5:54 am
fake news. >> he's done it so far. it gives him another talking point that the media is against him. >> so the one area where the president, you can't argue with the fact that he lost on the first executive order travel ban. he lost on that one to the courts, the power of the judiciary. they come back with take two. take two on the travel ban takes effect at midnight. five states challenging it in court. how do you see it playing out? >> when we saw it when it was first rolled out, it came out red hot. it wasn't hand ltd correctly. they weren't allowing visa holders and green cardholders in. it was done so quickly without the support and guidance and advice of those who understood the ban, that it really blew up in their face. i don't think we'll see it happen this time around. there are exemptions for people in there. it will affect six countries and i think people have moved on. >> have they removed the hurdles, do you think, legally?
5:55 am
>> i'm not a lawyer by any stretch of the imagination, but i have heard jeffrey toobin, our legal analyst say this could be fine. >> that man knows his stuff. >> you may have a legal right to do it but is it right to do it? >> a moral question, absolutely. >> the big hall is tonight where hhs secretary tom price puts it together for us. a lot of negativity in the air. you know what we have? the good stuff next. so you don't miss his first birthday. tickets, i need to see your tickets sir. i masterpassed it. feeling like father of the year: priceless masterpass, the secure way to pay from your bank don't just buy it. masterpass it. tech: don't let a cracked windshtrust safelite.plans. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"...
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a man in new jersey is being called a hero of jumping in front of a train to help an elderly woman walk across the tracks. it sounds like a storybook, but it's true. here is the dash cam video. you can see the 89-year-old woman trying to get across the tracks. the good samaritan, john mango, sitting in his car waiting at the railroad, he saw the bar coming down, the red flashing light. he jumps out of his car, helps her across the tracks just seconds before the train barrels past. the local police chief called the entire incident a miracle that he was in the right place at the right time. she wasn't aware. another good samaritan who is
6:00 am
unidentified. >> i love that. someone documenting it all for us. >> people do the right thing. >> they do, almost all the time. it's time for cnn "newsroom" with john berman. if you had to choose, who would you save? >> i have to sit next to you every day. i'd choose you. >> cuomo could stop the train by looking at it. >> with miss muscles. >> that hurts j.b. we've known each other for a long time you know i'd have a different answer if she wasn't there. >> john berman, i miss you. i told cuomo, he needs me. i'll be back soon. all right, guys. let's get to the big show. good morning, i'm john berman. is there a criminal investigation into president donald trump, the trump campaign, trump associates? you might think we would know the answer or at a minimum that it's an easy question to answer. but with all the microwaves, quotation marks and debate about what is literal and serious, it has been hard to


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