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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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someone documenting it all for us. >> people do the right thing. >> they do, almost all the time. it's time for cnn "newsroom" with john berman. if you had to choose, who would you save? >> i have to sit next to you every day. i'd choose you. >> cuomo could stop the train by looking at it. >> with miss muscles. >> that hurts j.b. we've known each other for a long time you know i'd have a different answer if she wasn't there. >> john berman, i miss you. i told cuomo, he needs me. i'll be back soon. all right, guys. let's get to the big show. good morning, i'm john berman. is there a criminal investigation into president donald trump, the trump campaign, trump associates? you might think we would know the answer or at a minimum that it's an easy question to answer. but with all the microwaves, quotation marks and debate about what is literal and serious, it has been hard to tell, if there is literally an investigation,
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it would be serious, literally. we could know within hours. finally democratic senator are sheldon whitejoses fbi director james comey led him to believe he would make things clear by this afternoon. republican senator lindsey graham says he's ready to subpoena the fbi if he doesn't get answers. >> congress is going to flex its muscles. the president of the united states asked congress to look into this as to whether or not the trump campaign was surveilled during the 2016 election by the federal government. i'm going to get to the bottom of it. if it needs a subpoena to get there, that's what we'll do. >> shortly president hits the road. it's a good thing air force one has plenty of carry-on space, he's carrying heavy baggage. how hard will he campaign for the health care plan. senior washington correspondent joe johns at the white house for us now with the latest.
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are we going to hear from the fbi? is the house and the administration going to turn over the evidence it says it has that president trump was wiretapped. >> based on what we're hearing from capitol hill, don't bet on it. senator lindsey graham kind of poured cold water on the notion that we're going to get some type of affirmative assurance from the fbi director as to whether or not there is any investigation into a possibility connection between russia and the trump campaign. that seems to contradict or at least conflict a bit with something that was said just yesterday by democratic senator whitehouse from rhode island. he suggested there would be an assurance of some time and he told a number of reporters including manu raju he thought
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there would be some assurance. anybody's guess as to what's going to happen. but what is clear is senator graham is going to continue pressing on the issue of russia as well as pressing on the issue of wiretaps and the president's allegations. let's listen. >> i've seen no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. i've seen no evidence of a wiretap being requested by the department of justice, a warrant. but the longer it takes to answer my letter, the more concerned and suspicious i'm beginning to be. >> reporter: very suspicious. why is all this important? the fact of the matter is senator whitehouse and senator graham are the two top senators on a judiciary subcommittee that's holding a hearing today on the issue of russia and its m.o. in undermining democracy. they wanted to get word from the fbi, not clear if they'll get that today.
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>> we will keep pressing. the fbi will keep pressing senator whitehouse. joe johns, thank you so much. the white house and paul ryan have a math problem, mainly subtraction. the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare, it appears to be losing votes from across the spectrum of the republican party. cnn's suzanne malveaux on capitol hill right now. there are some republicans who flat out don't even want to talk about this. >> reporter: no, they don't. this is a big battle day for republican reform and the republican bill on both sides. democrats as well as republicans. we'll start on the republican side on the senate, conservatives holding a 1:00 p.m. rally. we're talking about rand paul and senators ted cruz pushing that this is not actually hard enough. they have to make greater, more drastic changes here. they're calling it obamacare light and they're squeezing moderate republican -- peeling the squeeze saying this is a damaging cbo score.
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one of those people, senator lisa murkowski of alaska. this is a clip where my colleague manu raju tried to catch up with her and get her sense, get her take on whether or not she will support this plan as it is written now. >> no, no, no, no. >> are you supporting the health care plan at this moment? >> would you give me a minute to get to my constituents please? >> just yes or no. >> would you please be respectful. >> i'm sbg very respectful. >> -- for two hours, come on. >> reporter: clearly senator murkowski not ready to sign on to this. what she has a problem with, which many other senators have a problem with is you have a rollback of medicaid expansion. that is a big problem for her. what he'll see on the democratic
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side, house democrats will be holding a press conference at 10:30, they'll be making their case this is too harsh, specifically targeting republicans who will be vulnerable, up for re-election. those who are from states where hillary clinton won for 2016, also states that have lots of seniors and who are counting on their health insurance, and finally those states that decided to go ahead and expand the medicaid under obamacare and they are going to lose under this new republican plan. those are the people that they're going after, so this battle goes on, john. clearly it is heating up. >> suzanne malveaux on capitol hill, thanks so much. want to discuss, with me errol louis, rebecca berg, national political reporter for realclearpolitics and salena
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zito. she does it all. sheldon whitehouse from rhode island told manu raju that today by 2:30 he expected to learn whether there is an faib investigation into alleged russian ties between -- with the trump campaign or donald trump or trump associates. i don't know if senator white house was overselling it or not. if ha is the case, if we do learn that today, it's a big deal. >> of course it's a big deal. there's a question mark as to whether we republicans awill learn from the fbi. the fbi may say we want to keep this between us, don't want this to be publicly disclosed. the fbi tends not to comment publicly on on going investigations. it's possible they will get this information and we will not. it's possible we may learn this
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information and that may be a huge piece of news moving forward, especially as we're beginning this investigation publicly on the senate side into russia and its ties to trump and the campaign. next week on capitol hill the senate intel committee will begin its hearings. if there is a disclosure from the fbi this investigation is on going, you can bet that will inform the on going senate intel committee investigation as well. >> likewise, if there's not an investigation, i think that would be part of the hearings as well, something the public wants to know, something the white house wants to know. it will be hard for fbi director to appear today. he's scheduled to appear on monday. silence between now and monday. it will be hard for the fbi director to maintain. republicans get antsy and impatient. we heard lindsey graham on "new day" this morning. he said it would be a big
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screw-up if the fbi doesn't provide what it knows to the various committees in congress. >> that's right. chuck grassley saying he may hold up confirmation of some of the mid and lower level employees of the justice department if he doesn't get any answers. congress has been put in a difficult position. they're supposed to provide oversight. the question is asking them to look into questions swirling around about intelligence, wiretapping and what's going on at trump tower during the creation of the administration. yet, they're not providing the information either to congress or to the public. >> look, we are days away from either evidence or a subpoena. i think that's clear. either will there be evidence today and david nunez says there will be a answer.
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on the issue of health care right now, the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare, illiana ross layton, republican from miami, who tends to vote with leadership. last night she says this is not a plan i can vote for. too many of my constituents will lose insurance and less funds to help the poor and elderly with health care. that's madam brock. let's meet mr. hard place, mo brooks said he's against it. >> it's the largest welfare program ever proposed by the republican party. >> salena zito, these are tough waters to navigate. you've got people on both sides of the party saying they don't like the plan, they won't vote for it. how do you satisfy one without upsetting the other? >> you don't. if you remember in 2009 and 2010 with obamacare when it was being
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rolled out you had the stupak 11, 11 conservative democrats who are not going to vote for it. this is complicated, it's messy. in a good way it's done pretty transparently. you have 435 members of congress who all have incredibly different districts, incredibly different needs and populations and ages. everyone is looking out for their back yard. i suspect this will continue to be messy. one of the things we will see that we're not talking about as much is i think trump will show a willingness to completely change his mind on a number of key components on this if he feels as though it's not being sats factually -- looked at broadly as being a successful move for his administration and
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for the country. i think this mess is going to continue for a couple of months. >> that's a very big point that you just made there. i don't know if you have reporting on this, but the idea that the president, the white house might be willing to change his mind on key points, that would be big. it's been an open question. also a big open question is how hard is thement really going to campaign for this bill as it is. he goes to tennessee tonight. how hard is he going to push for this bill, this bill, not saying obamacare stinks. he says that a lot. how hard will he push for the bill on the table right now? >> i think he'll push hard pour the bill on the table now. i think if the bill changes, he'll come back out and say, had a good bill before, i have a better bill now and we'll go with this one. as it changes and as the parts start to move and he sheds some things and adds other things, he'll take the next version of it and he'll go out there and hold rallies and talk to the
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people. that's what he's effective as, at least he had been up until november. >> you know who doesn't seem to like the plan, british comedian john oliver who has a show on every week. he did something amusing, whether you agree with it or not, it's funny. he put an ad on "fox & friends" this morning talking about the bill. i want to play that ad for you. >> if my premiums go up and subsidies go down, i'm going to wind up paying more. that's basic math there, fellow. that's like replacing mile catheter with a garden hose. i don't want that. if that happens, millions of vehicles like me might get real angry which is worthying about if you're the sort of person who really likes being popular. you get that, right? right? you get that. >> let's stipulate that all
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viewers may not be donald trump voters. we will stipulate that. one of the issues for republicans and the president is seniors are looking at this, people before 62 or 65 and realizing they could take a hit. >> that's what the cbo scoring indicates. that's what democrats are going to play to. we know seniors tend to vote and vote in big numbers. ileana ros-lehtinen is in one of those districts, about 23 of them, where there's a republican member of congress, but the district went for hillary clinton. these are folks who are not going to really sort of play games in congress about alienating seniors, alienating some of the small business owners, alienating some of the other categories who are going to take a hit under the republican plan. they know, just as you're alluding to, the president reserves the right to change his mind. it's part of his art of the deal. he can walk away from a deal at any moment. he talks about it all the time, that's one of his strengths. they're not necessarily able to do that. if he walks away from the deal and leaves them holding the bag
6:15 am
with not just a bad plan, but having voted for a bad plan, they'll be punished at the polls. >> we have to watch this over the next few hours. thank you all so much. tonight wolf blitzer and dana bash are hosting a town hall with health and human services secretary tom price. they'll be here to answer your questions on the new bill. obamacare, what comes next. it airs at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. if there is an fbi investigation into russia and the trump campaign, what does that mean for the administration right now? we'll talk to a lawyer who once worked inside the white house. plus, we're days away from the first crucial hearing into the alleged russian ties. we'll speak to one who gets to ask questions during these hearings and he tells us he's running out of patients. >> travel ban take two, the president's revised orders hours away from kicking in. it has to get over three legal challenges today.
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democratic senator whitejoses he believes fbi director james comey indicated he would reveal to the senator by today whether the fbi is involved in a criminal investigation into the trump campaign or trump associates and alleged ties with russia. shall done whitehouse believes it will happen by 2:30 today. senator lindsey graham says he's not sure it will happen. one thing we know is there are a lot of questions and the alleged ties. the fbi has been asked to provide a lot of information about it. so, too, has the white house and the administration. they missed a deadline to provide evidence to a house committee. that was yesterday. that deadline passed. the white house still says they have evidence it will get handed over, but house minority whip steny hoyer is not so sure. listen. >> president trump is so
6:21 am
extremely confident that he has so many things that are not true. if they had proof, it seems they would have disclosed it to the congress, but more importantly to the american people and president trump would have been happy to do that. the fact is, i think his representati representation. >> steny hoyer with the democratic view. richard painter, former white house ethics lawyer that served under president george w. bush. always great to have you with us. sheldon whitejoses he thinks at least he will know by 2:30 from the fbi director whether there is a criminal investigation into these alleged ties into trump associates and russia. what would that mean? functionally speaking, what would that mean if the fbi director says there is this criminal investigation? >> well, it depends on who is being investigated and for what. we just don't know what's
6:22 am
happened right now, other than there has been criminal activity by the russians inside the united states probably with the cooperation of some people inside the united states, some collaboration with someone, we don't know who. what is crucial is that the trump administration not try to cover everything up, not try to make the mistake that president nixon did with watergate. get the information out, anybody suspected of being involved should be out of the government. people should be prosecuted if necessary and we should go along with the business of government. absolutely no coverups. it's time to get the information out. the public has a right to know what's going on here. >> why do you think it's been so hard to get an answer on this? it seems like a basic question that the nib should be able to answer and congress should be able to get an answer, too? >> well, generally the fbi should not comment on pending investigations unless there's a very compelling public interest of pending investigations. they broke that rule a week
6:23 am
before the election with a hillary clinton e-mail letter when they had absolutely nothing on that computer that was worth looking at. it appears they're quite selective in how they approach that rule. they generally don't comment on pending investigations. in this case, however, i do think they need to tell members of congress at least if they're investigating anyone in connection with either of the two political campaigns that have already taken place. there's no risk of influencing an election. at this point the mayamerican people have a right to know. >> you have the resignation of the national security adviser, the attorney general recusing himself from investigations, this has already affected this administration. maybe more transparency would be better in this case. lipid say graham was on "new day" today, mr. painter, and he was talking about what evidence he has seen, what he hasn't seen, what he still wants to know. listen to what he says. >> to get a warrant, chris, to follow the trump campaign, there's two ways you can do it. the foreign intelligence service act would allow you to follow
6:24 am
campaign operatives if you believe they're enter angting with foreign agents. the second way is a criminal warrant to follow the trump campaign if you believe they're taking services from a foreign government in violation of our campaign laws. i want to know were either one of those warrants ever issued? i don't believe they were, but the longer it takes to answer that question, the more suspicious i get. >> does congress have a right to those answers. does the public have a right to those answers. >> at this point we need to know what happened, to what extent the russians were collaborating with americans with respect to espionage inside the united states, who those americans might be, what's being investigated by the fbi. it is critically important that congress at least be informed about this information, and if it's not sensitive intelligence information, that ought to be released to the public. this is a very serious situation where a foreign power has been
6:25 am
able to conduct spying inside the united states. high ranking officials have lied about it. the attorney general misrepresented his contact with the russians to the senate. general flynn lied to the vice president. other people may be lying. we have a right to find out what is happening in our government and what the russians have been doing in our country and who has been helping them. >> richard painter, thanks for joining me. >> thank you very much. so where is the proof? the trump administration missed one deadline to provide evidence that president obama wiretapped president trump. congress is getting irate. what will they do about it? a key member joins us next. this bar is made with cranberries and almonds. so, guess what? we call it cranberry almond. give kind a try.
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good morning everyone. john berman here. republicans on capitol hill may be running out of patience. the white house may be running out of time when it comes to president trump's claims he was
6:30 am
wiretapped by former president obama. in a few hours, the top republicans will meet with the media as the panel says it may have to subpoena the justice department for proof of the allegations. in the senate south carolina governor lindsey graham may seek a joint select committee to investigate if the fbi doesn't meet a request for evidence he's asked for of these wiretaps, all this as a monday deadline for the justice department providing the evidence gets closer. the justice department missed a deadline already on monday. there are hearings in front of the house intelligence committee. one of the members who will be part of those hearings is democratic congressman mike quigley of illinois. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> we've been hearing from sheldon whitehouse, democratic senator who sits on the senate judiciary committee. he says he thinks he might get a comment himself from fbi director today about whether there is a criminal investigation into these alleged contacts between trump soegts and the russians. he thinks they'll get confirmation of that on his
6:31 am
side. do you already know the answer to that in the intelligence committee? >> i think the intelligence committee can answer that, but we've been briefs on that in confidential settings. i'll leave that to mr. comey to decide whether he's going to tell anybody else. the fact is the american public needs to know. that information needs to come from director himself. >> just to be clear, there is an answer and you have it, you just can't tell us, which is okay. we don't want you to reveal classified information. >> i respect the director's decision on what he's going to brief to this committee. it is very unusual for the director to talk to the public about the subject of investigations and whether there's an investigation at all. i think the american public deserves to know this. i just respect the confidentiality of our briefings. >> good, fair point. your committee asked the justice department for evidence of president trump's claims he was wiretapped by former president
6:32 am
obama. they missed the deadline for that. it's 9:31 in the east right now. have you yet received the evidence? >> we haven't received any evidence. i don't expect we'll receive any evidence. i don't think any evidence exists. they have had now until monday. what's disturbing is the director of national intelligence refuted this, the fbi director asked the justice department to refute this. i don't know what's more disturbing, the president perhaps lying to the american public or actually believing anything he says at this point. it's dangerous, unprecedented. >> maybe they have evidence. sean spicer yesterday said they are going to turn over evidence or he's highly confident they will turn over evidence. you don't see him as highly confident? >> i've listened to mr. spicer and ms. conway's remarks over the last several days, and they seem to be backtracking. they don't seem to have clear understanding. if they had the evidence, it would have been beyond
6:33 am
comprehension they wouldn't have released it while they made the acquisition or at least the first deadline. we look forward to monday to see what they're saying. at this point in time it is honestly a load of gibberish. i'm reminded of the poem the jabberwalkie. we don't understand it. we know something died. i feel the same way about the rantings in the white house. i don't understand it, but i know something is dying, and that's the understanding that truth matters to the american public. >> you have a public hearing on monday where you have a lot of people coming before the committee, including fbi director james comey. much of this will be public. in public, what's the one question you want answered? >> i think there's any number of questions. i think the most important question on the top of my head we could ask, are we going to get the full cooperation from the fbi and the intelligence committee and the white house investigating whether the russian government was hacking
6:34 am
and had cooperation, what did they do? what were their active measures involved with the democratic process here in the united states. was there collusion? the question is, are we going to get cooperation from the white house, are we going to get cooperation to follow the facts wherever they go so the american public knows exactly what took place. >> are you getting cooperation from the fbi at least? >> it's at the initial stajsz of the investigation. i think what the committee will need is the resources to investigate it, the cooperation it needs, subpoena power. we're going to need help from the republicans on the intelligence committees, and unfortunately we'll need help from the white house at a time when it appears more they're likely to obstruct such an investigation. >> overnight there was an interesting development when we got a tiny bit of information about donald trump taxes, 2005 apparently paid more than $30
6:35 am
million in taxes. does this answer some of the questions you and your democratic colleagues have had about his tax returns. what more do you still want to know? >> when the president was asked about these sort of things in russian involvement, here is a good question. you didn't invest in russia. did russia invest in trump? that's what the american public deserves to know. if you're looking for investigation here and asking yourself why such an incredible close tie to putin and russia, why are you talking about lifting sanctions involving ukraine? what are the possible motivations? the american public deserves to know, if there is a glimmer of possibility there is a conflict of interest, cooperate, let us know what's taking place. the tax returns are the obvious first question. >> we only did get two pages of one year. i have to ask you, he raised a lot of questions there and you
6:36 am
are on the intelligence committee. have you seen any evidence of those questions you've asked, that his positions on ukraine aren't just a policy position. people are allowed to have policy positions without being paid off by the russians if that's the insinuation you're making. >> i think it's a fair question. >> do you have any evidence that the answer is yes? >> i think what we're talking about here is i haven't prejudged one way or the other. i'm saying that's a key part of the evidence to help us understand what's taken place. this is the very early stages of this investigation. i will tell you it's unfair for me to prejudge in any way where i think this is going to go. what i'm saying is, if you are taking away a key piece of evidence in that investigation, those questions will remain out there. democratic congressman mike quigley, i always thank you for bringing up lewis carroll. thank you, sir. >> thank you.
6:37 am
>> three federal courts hearing arguments today that may decide the order's fate. could the new travel ban get blocked again?
6:38 am
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call now and get amazon chime at no additional cost. we are hours away from president trump's travel ban kicking in. some judges may get to weigh in first. three federal courts are hearing arguments challenging that executive order, hearing those arguments today. one in maryland got under way. two others expected later this afternoon, one in hawaii and one in washington state. the hearing in seattle will be heard by the same judge who blocked the first travel ban. the difference between the two orders, valid visa and green cardholders are exempt from the ban. cnn's jessica schneider
6:42 am
following it all. >> here we go again. several hearings today, some on lawsuits brought by the state, others as the question is looming, taking effect at 12:01 a.m., just past midnight. will a federal judge step in and halt president trump's second executive order or let the ban take effect. the trump administration is fighting hard to say this order is very different and, tlfr, legal. they point out many facts including that the ban does not apply to legal residents or green cardholders or current visa holders. they also say there's no indefinite ban on refugees, just that 120-day ban, and already approved refugees can enter the country. they also say the order no longer prioritizes religious minorities. the government says there's a robust waiver provision which means people can object and be heard. civil rights groups are round
6:43 am
the country saying wit a minute, this is still intended to ban muslims and that's why courts should stop it. we'll see as the hours tick down what actions these federal judges might take if any. john, it's important to note we aren't expecting the same kind of chaos we saw last time since veegs is a holders will be allowed in. last time, of course, there was a lot of confusion among agencies. this time we understand lawyers will be at the ready if there are issues, but we're not expecting mass protests at the airports or a lot of issues like we saw last time. john? >> jessica schneider, thanks so much. get ready to pay some more in your monthly bill. rate hike round two expected today. what it means for your bottom line. you know who likes to be
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president trump heading to detroit where he'll announce plans to review, maybe change new tougher fuel economy standards. the rules were put in place by the epa just before president trump took office. a group of 18 automakers asked for the review. they say keeping the rules as they are would push up the cost of new vehicles since the technology needed is so expensive. critics argue keeping tougher standards saves americans money since more fuel efficient cars save on gas. if you have a credit card, a savings account, looking to buy a car or home, pay attention to this. the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates for the second time in three months. they'll do it in a couple of hours. christine romans, cnn's chief business correspondent, the start of "early start" here to
6:49 am
explain what it means. >> it means the borrowed money is going to be more expensive. in particular, credit cards. if you have debt, the balance you keep on the credit card, it's going to cost more money every month. interest rates on credit card debt will rise. new auto loans could be more expensive. mortgage rates are expected to rise, tied to the ten-year treasury note, tied to what the fed does with interest rates. increased savings rates. the last one has been a big bone of contention for seniors, more conservative mom and pop investors. it used to be you could have certificate of deposit or money in a bank account and get some money -- >> savings accounts have been because this is i think where the big money is for many famous, one of the their biggest investments ever. 15-year mortgage, 3.42%. these are still very historically low. but you can see those bump up.
6:50 am
if you're talking about locking in a mortgage rate, now is the time to lock in on that. what is the fed looking at? >> what is the fed looking at? >> great question, i'm so glad you asked that. this is near full employment, economists say. broad based jobs growth. look at the final box on your screen. inflation in february, consumer prices up 2.7%. that is a number we call the cpi, the strongest consumer inflation in five years. that tells us the economy is strong enough that it's generating inflation. the fed's job is to tap on the brakes a little bit to make sure that inflation doesn't turn into overheating, which turns into a recession. >> we haven't seen a number that high. you were telling me janet yellen has 2% as her target for inflation, if it's over that, we'll see the brakes put on. >> we'll be looking at janet yellen at 2:00, we want to know what she says about the president's policies, pro-growth
6:51 am
policies, will she make any comment about how that could be detrimental or helpful for the american economy and what kind of risks she sees. i would like to see her be very clear about timelines for rate increases. the more clarity, the more the market can handle it. >> janet yellen, the second most powerful woman in the world, after christine romans, thank you very much. president trump's and his associates' alleged ties to russia. we could learn from the fbi today whether or not there is any criminal investigation into this. one democratic senator tells us if he will learn that, coming up. shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months.
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is your microwave spying on you? if so, you bought the wrong microwave. nevertheless, kellyanne conway opened up a new oven of
6:56 am
conspiracy theories with comments this week. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: talk about a hot button issue. ever since kellyanne conway said this about surveillance. >> microwaves that turn into cameras, et cetera. >> reporter: microwaves have been turning into jokes. pizza, popcorn -- he espionage? one twitter post featured a polaroid microwave. kellyanne's photograph from the oval office couch was swapped with a microwave selfie. even when kellyanne clarified -- >> chris, i'm not "inspector gadget." i don't believe people are using the microwave to spy on the trump campaign. >> reporter: the tin foil "make america great again" hat spoofs continued. >> microwaves that turn into cameras. how do you think we filmed this show?
6:57 am
jim, show them camera 3 over there. >> reporter: with all these memes and jokes, you never know who you're going to find. in the microwave. former president obama. michelle, barack, and hillary. colbert, ready for his close-up. agent kellyanne conway's entire body got stuffed in a microwave. the spinmeister was spinning again. it's amazing what can be spun into video mockery. take the south korea expert with his kids on bbc. his wife skidded in to drag them out. >> next time lock the door. >> reporter: "the daily show" called the scene a giant metaphor for the trump administration. there's kellyanne. >> it's not a question of
6:58 am
delaying. >> reporter: if you can't take the heat, get out of the microwave. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. our next big hour starts right now. good morning, everyone, i'm john berman. enough already. this morning some members of congress including republicans say they're done asking questions. they want answers. this when it comes to the alleged russian ties to associates of president trump. very shortly we will hear from the house intelligence committee to learn the latest about what they have or have not been told by the administration about some of the president's claims, so far it's "not told," will that change this morning? stay tuned. democratic snenator sheldon whitehouse said fbi director comey would make clear by this afternoon, at least to him,
6:59 am
whether there is an investigation into alleged ties by the trump campaign to russia. and senator lindsey graham says he will subpoena the fbi. >> the president of the united states asked congress to look into this as to whether trump was surveilled. i'm going to get to the bottom of it. if it needs a subpoena, that's what we'll do. >> president trump is heading to detroit to talk about fuel standards, but he's carrying baggage with him on the plane, namely the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. how hard will he campaign to save this plan as it seems to be losing support across a wide spectrum of his own party? senior white house correspondent jim acosta joins us now with the very latest. jim, you've been pressing the white house about whether or not
7:00 am
the administration will provide evidence about some of the president's claims about being wiretapped. as that evidence been produced so far this morning? >> reporter: it did not hit my "in" box this morning, john, we don't have that evidence that. regarding the fbi director, there appears to be some confusion on capitol hill. we heard last night from senator sheldon whitehouse, a democrat, saying he was given assurances from fbi director james comey as to whether or not the trump campaign was under investigation by the fbi about its ties to russia. but senator lindsey graham is now kellogg our colleague kate bolduan that now, he hasn't received any insurancassurances comey about this. here is what senator graham says. >> i've seen no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. i've seen no evi


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