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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 15, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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white house about whether or not the administration will provide evidence about some of the president's claims about being wiretapped. as that evidence been produced so far this morning? >> reporter: it did not hit my "in" box this morning, john, we don't have that evidence that. regarding the fbi director, there appears to be some confusion on capitol hill. we heard last night from senator sheldon whitehouse, a democrat, saying he was given assurances from fbi director james comey as to whether or not the trump campaign was under investigation by the fbi about its ties to russia. but senator lindsey graham is now kellogg our colleague kate bolduan that now, he hasn't received any insurancassurances comey about this. here is what senator graham says. >> i've seen no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. i've seen no evidence of a
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wiretap being requested by the department of justice, a warrant. but the longer it takes to answer my letter, the more concerned and suspicious i'm beginning to be. >> reporter: senator graham is holding a subcommittee hearing later on this morning, trying to get to the bottom of what russia tries to do to undermine elections in western democracies, sort of like what they did in the united states, john. yesterday, you're right, in the white house briefing room i tried to press white house press secretary sean spicer as to whether or not they had any evidence that the president was wiretapped by former president barack obama. of course the house intelligence committee has been demanding that information. they're now giving the white house, the trump administration, and the justice department until monday to turn over that information. here is what sean spicer had to say as to whether or not they will turn something over. here is what he had to say. >> ahead of what they may or may not submit -- >> reporter: it's possible there may be nothing? >> no, at least from where we
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stand, we know there's a significant reporting on the subject, that -- >> reporter: something will be put forward? >> i feel very confident of that. >> reporter: sean spicer said not only does he feel confident something will be presented, he's also saying, john, once that investigation is turned over and once these investigative committees, these intelligence committees look into this, that the president will be vindicated after making that claim on twitter ten or 11 days ago that he was bugged or wiretapped by former president obama. by the way we have not heard anything from the president on that, since he was tweeting this ten or 11 days ago. you mentioned he will be out talking to the public today. he will be in michigan, giving a speech there. then down in tennessee doing the same thing. i doubt very seriously he'll get into it at those two events. we may go through today without hearing from the president on that subject as well. >> so far it's been an evidence-free zone. while sean spicer says he's highly confident the white house will turn over that evidence, we have not seen it as of now
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despite your pressing. jim acosta, thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. >> reporter: you bet. president trump leaves the white house, goes on a road trip, first to detroit, as you heard from jim acosta, and a campaign-style rally in nashville. how hard will he campaign for the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare? how hard does he need to campaign? maybe very, because many members of his party appear to be on the fence or fallen off the fence. suzanne malveaux on capitol hill, what do you hear? >> reporter: john, there are very few lawmakers prepared to sign off on this in its current form, the house form. i'll take it from the democrat as well as the republican side. on the republican side here, later today, about 1:00, we'll see senate republicans, the conservatives, freedom works, hold a rally. we'll hear from senator rand paul as well as ted cruz. they'll be pushing for it, even pushing harder, saying this does
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not go far enough, it doesn't have big enough changes, they're calling it obamacare-lite. they're really putting the squeeze on their fellow republicans in the senate, moderates like lisa murkowski from alaska who is not ready to sign onto this, because of the damaging cbo report that came out, that said it would be devastating to poor people and seniors who would simply not be able to afford to get proper health care. my colleague manu raju actually caught up with the senator yesterday, trying to see if there was some wiggle room or she would be able to support this. here is how this went down. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: do you support the house care bill? >> would you give me a minute to get to my constituents, please. >> reporter: it's a yes or no. >> would you please be respectful. i've been sitting there for two hours. come on.
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>> reporter: so john, you can see some frayed nerves there. people are really under the gun here to see whether or not they're actually going to sign off on this. the problem she's having and many other republicans is really with the rollback of the expansion of medicaid, which would be a very damaging thing in her state. this is what democrats know and they're taking advantage of. house democrats will be holding a 10:30 press conference. they've already revealed their strategy, they're looking vulnerable republicans who have these races in 2018. those republicans in states where hillary clinton won in 2016, in states where they actually have a lot of seniors and they're counting on that medicaid aid. and finally, where the governors of some states have also stated they were going to expand medicaid, and now that's being rolled back. that's going to be a big problem for them as well, john. >> suzanne malveaux for us on capitol hill, where all the action is, both on health care and on intelligence.
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what more will we learn today? let's discuss. with me now, brian fallon, former press secretary for hillary for america. ana navarro, cnn political commentator, jeffrey lord, contributing editor at the american spectator. welcome, one and all. ana navarro, look, sheldon whitehouse, democratic senator from rhode island, says he believed he would learn by 2:30 today whether or not there is a criminal investigation by the fbi into these alleged russian contacts between trump associates and russia. not clear whether he in fact will, not clear, even if he does, if it will be made public. why is it an important answer to get today? >> because this has been going on for a such a long time. it's a steady drip, drip. it erodes trust in the president of the united states. i also think there are all these different charges flying around. and we have got to get to the bottom of it. as american people, and certainly our legislators and our law enforcement, we cannot
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lower our standards for how we measure the president of the united states. this idea that he can be throwing around baseless charges against a former president of a very serious crime with no evidence and offer no proof of it for weeks and weeks is just highly irresponsible. and i think most americans refuse to lower their standards to say, oh, well, we're not going to take him seriously, when he puts things in quotes, it's not serious, it's not literal? no. he's president of the united states, we're going to take you seriously and literally. >> jeffrey lord, are you waiting with bated breath to here from the fbi director? >> sure. i've written an entire column going through this evidence, it's been in "the new york times" and "the washington post" for months and months. >> we don't know what evidence he has.
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>> but john, we know, reporting from john solomon and cara carter, he is a former ap reporter of 20 years standing and former executive editor of "the washington times," talking about surveillance, a trump server, a trump tower server ent far from here. something is going on here. all these intelligence sources have been leaking to the newspapers for months. we know in fact there is something going on. >> look, what we don't know is that president obama ordered wiretaps of president trump as president trump -- hang on, hang on. i'm not done. there has been no evidence of that provided. likewise, jeffrey, we've seen or heard no evidence, we've heard from intelligence officials that they've seen no evidence of collusion between the russians and trump campaign associates. brian fallon, to you, i imagine you too would like to see some of this evidence if it exists. >> absolutely. hey, maybe jeffrey is right,
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maybe there is no underlying criminality here, maybe there is no collusion. but there is certainly a lot of smoke here. if i were the white house, they among all other people should want to get to the bottom of this to try to move past this. right now it's drawing down on his political capital that he needs as he attempts to lobby republicans on capitol hill to support this trumpcare proposal that's coming under such criticism. the last things he needs is senators like lindsey graham questioning him on russia. he should of all people want to get to the bottom of this. if i were him i would be encouraging the fbi director and other members of his administration to cooperate with inquiries on capitol hill. if there's nothing there, let all the facts come out. but more facts are coming out everyday. roger stone, close associate of president trump, admitted to having conversations on social media with the individual that the fbi says was behind the hack of john podesta's easily and the
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dnc. that raises troubling questions. >> roger stone admitted to having a back channel with wikileaks, for long time, publicly. he does say, his claim is there's been no collusion with him or guccifer or wikileaks. ana navarro, your friend, member of congress ileana ros-lehtinen, says she's a no vote, she says there will be less funds to represent poor and elderly with their health care. you know if the republican leadership is losing her, they're in trouble. >> it's a very bad signal. ileana ros-lehtinen, my congresswoman and my friend, this is not a woman who goes out of her way to be a thorn in leadership's side, on the contrary, she is a team player, a loyal soldier, a good
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republican. this is her 14th term, she's been in office for 28 years. when she is saying no, it's because she knows that it's going to mean something very bad for her constituents. iliana's district, the 27th district of florida, has got one of the highest enrollment fs fo the aca, who are enrolled and receive subsidies. the effect would be devastating for that district. iliana is a good soldier, and a team player, up to the point where it hurts her constituents. she has never hesitated in putting her constituents first, whether it's health care or immigration or whatever issue. that's what she's doing right now. if you've got the freedom caucus, the far right conservatives, then the iliana ross na-lehtinens of the world saying it's a no vote, that's a very troubling sign for this vote. >> some say the president should
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wash his hands of this, let the ryan plan, as he calls it, fail, then maybe let obamacare fail. that's his strategy. what do you think of that? >> listening to ana here, i'm beginning to think that that might be the thing to do. i mean, obamacare is failing. it is in fact imploding. insurance companies are backing out. i'm beginning to think, with all of these problems here with the ryan plan, et cetera, the best thing is to just step back and let it crash. and then when it crashes, there will be incentive to do something else, a free market replacement for it. but if we're going to have this kind of problem here, then step back and let obamacare follow its course. and that's not good for people, but if that's what they want, there they go. >> i hope people are making note of it, you have jeffrey lord, someone who has the ear of donald trump, who certainly listens to what jeffrey lord says, that it isn't worth it. make a note of that. brian fallon, we all lived
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through last night, the release of two pages of donald trump's taxes in 2005, he made a lot of money, he paid a lot of taxes. brian fallon, you say we shouldn't be distracted by this. what do you mean? >> i think that if rachel maddow had been able to obtain, say, the full return from 2005 and we were really able to investigate the true nature of his financial holdings, any connection he had to foreign governments, maybe that would have been worth spending some time on. but these top two sheets of the return from one year, a year, no less, in which he actually paid $38 million, this is actually a good report for donald trump. the white house should be trump he telling thi i trumpeting this saying what are all these democrats talking about saying i don't pay any taxes? i think the more that democrats talk about this, they're helping donald trump. i would say focused on health care and all the issues that republicans on capitol hill are
7:14 am
having. >> i agree about cut and bait on this repeal effort, i'm glad you're airing that. >> it's a big moment, i hope people note this, jeffrey lord just ran away from the trump health care plan. thank you all so much. we should note that speaker ryan will be on the lead with jake tapper, that's today at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. how will he respond to sports of donald trump maybe starting to move away from his health care notion? still to come, the republican who says that the cbo report on the health care bill might just change the game for him and members of the house intelligence committee, they will speak publicly. what is the very latest on that committee's investigation into the alleged contacts between trump associates and russia? stay with us. ways been dreamers. we've been a symbol of the future. a standard. a star.
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the list of republican lawmakers who are undecided about the republican plan to overhaul obamacare, the list of undecided is growing this morning. new jersey republican congressman leonard lance says he will not vote for a bill that has, quote, no chance of passing in the senate. he joins me now. congressman lance, so we're clear, as it stands right now, with no changes, are you a yes or no vote on this plan? >> i'm leaning no, because i don't think the current bill can pass in the senate, john. and i want to make sure that the legislation is able to pass in both houses of congress. that's the only way, obviously, it can reach the president's desk. >> so you're voting no or leaning no because you don't think it will pass. what is inside the bill that leads you to believe that it won't pass? what's jumping out at you or
7:20 am
what's jumping out from the cbo report? >> regarding the cbo report, of course the fact that this might disadvantage those reaching retirement age, those in their 50s and early 60s before reaching medicare age, there has to be a balance between that group and younger people who have not signed up and have chosen to pay the penalty. and i think we need to do work in that area. i am a proponent of the medicaid expansion. and the amendments that we passed out of the commerce committee included that expansion, at least until 2020. and i certainly do not want to move in the other direction in that regard, as some of my colleagues here in the house would prefer to do. new jersey is one of those states, john, that expanded medicaid. >> sure. so let me ask you, congressman, let me play you some sound from then-candidate donald trump where he says flat out that he won't cut medicaid. >> i'm a going to cut social like every other republican.
7:21 am
i'm not going to cut medicare or medicaid. every other republican is going to cut. even if they do, they don't know what to cut. i do. >> "i'm not going to cut medicaid," he said that during the medicaid. if he signs this bill, is he breaking that promise? >> i think the president's heart is in the right place. i think we should work to make sure the medicaid expansion should continue. i'm not sure it can continue at a 90% reimbursement rate. that's because the supreme court ruled that not all of the states had to expand it. and i think that is a challenge. but i certainly hope that it can continue at least in the states that have expanded it. >> but this plan, do you think this plan does cut medicaid? >> the plan regarding traditional medicaid moves to a per capita system. that was supported by president clinton in the 1990s. but i think we should have a healthy discussion regarding that. but i commend the president for
7:22 am
making sure that there are no cuts in social security and in medicare. and i hope that we are able to work with the white house in this regard, because we need the support of the white house as well as support here in both houses of the federal congress. >> so congressman, you of course are from new jersey, one of the states that did expand medicaid. you know, and i don't like putting people in ideological boxes, but people could say you're coming from the more moderate wing of the republican party. one of the issues when counting votes for this plan is the other side of the party, people who are in the freedom caucus, things like that, they are dead set against this for the opposite reason. they say it doesn't go far enough in terms of cuts, it spends too much money. listen to what mo brooks from alabama told me yesterday. >> it's still the largest welfare program ever proposed by the republican party. >> so how do you get what he wants and get what you want and still pass a bill? >> i'm not in the freedom
7:23 am
caucus. i respect the views of all of my colleagues. i hope that we move in the direction i have sucked. and john, i also think the democrats have to be involved, because the exchanges are failing. i was in a markup for 27 hours last week, we spent 12 hours discussing the name of the bill. i would challenge my democratic colleagues to come to the plate as well to make sure there are more choices. in five states there's only one choice for the individual market, one-third of the counties of this country, i know that's not one-third of the people, largely rural counties, i hope the democrats will come to the plate as well. moving beyond that, i favor of course purchase of policies across state lines, tort reform, that cannot occur in reconciliation. but i think we should be discussing that as soon as possible. >> do you think the speaker should pull the bill as it stands right now, congressman? >> i think the speaker is doing the best he can, and i think that the bill has to be
7:24 am
strengthened, i hope, and i expect that the president will work with the speaker and with the senate majority leader and that we should come together on this issue. >> do you think it will pass? >> i don't think it's going to pass in its current form, because i don't think it would pass in the senate. >> congressman leonard lance from new jersey, thanks so much for being with us, appreciate it, sir. >> thank you very much. any moment, top lawmakers from the house intelligence committee are set to speak about their investigation into alleged ties between trump associates and russia. what have they learned? what are they willing to tell us? stay tuned. wake up skin. neutrogena® hydro boost hydrating tint. the first water gel foundation with hyaluronic acid it plumps, quenches... delivers a natural, flawless look. this is what makeup's been missing. neutrogena®
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good morning, everyone, john berman here. next hour, the house intelligence committee is expected to hold a news conference on its russia investigation. this comes as senator lindsey graham says he has no idea
7:29 am
whether the fbi will respond today to a request for more information on russia. let's bring in cnn's senior international correspondent fred pleitgen in russia. fred, everyone dying to know, what's the reaction from the russians? >> reporter: well, you know, so far the russians have been reacting, they've been reacting, the way they've been reacting throughout all of this. they say they had nothing to do with the u.s. election. we've been going around moscow speaking to analysts and to regular folks on the ground. they've been saying basically two things. on the one hand, regular folks we've been speaking to say, we don't believe our government had anything to do with this. but a line we've been getting is a lot of people are astounded by the fact that americans believe that anybody could have interfered in their lelectoral process. many here feel that the u.s. is such a strong nation that
7:30 am
another country could have changed the outcome of the election, that's what we hear from a lot of ordinary russians. then of course we have the russian government in the form of vladimir putin, dmitry peskov, accusing the u.s. of sparking what he calls hysteria, he calls all of this lies and says there's nothing to russia meddling in the election of it united states, john. >> we have to remember that much of russia has said all along has been disputed by u.s. officials, 16 u.s. intelligence agencies say the u.s. was hacked. always interesting to hear what they say. but it needs to be taken perhaps with a grain of salt. frederik pleitgen, always great to have with us, appreciate it, sir. on capitol hill, republican support for the republican health care plan very much in question this morning.
7:31 am
some conservative groups, key constituents on so many members, putting pressure on president trump and republicans to abandon this plan.
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a big development right now in the debate over the house plan to repeal and replace obamacare. cnn has just learned the white house is acknowledging that the house bill in its current form cannot pass the senate. that apparently the view from the white house now, according to an adviser to a senator that attended a meeting last night. that adviser says negotiations will continue on the negotiation. some members, including
7:36 am
florida's ileana ros-lehtinen, says it will hurt her constituents. our guest is a member of freedom works, which is holding a rally against the legislation in washington. david drucker will be part of this conversation too. adam, this development from the white house, apparently admitting it's got a voting problem in the senate. >> just to be very clear, our event today is not against the legislation. but it's for repeal. that's what's been promised to the voters. that's what grassroots conservatives have been fighting for since 2009. what they want to see is a bill that actually takes a look at the 2015 bill at that time that repealed obamacare. this little, i'm not sure it's going to pass the house and will hit some problems in the senate. that's why i have been
7:37 am
advocating, only five republicans in 2015 voted against full repeal, so why don't we use that as the default position? >> this bill does more than repeal, so in essence you are against this bill as it stands right now. david drucker, your reaction to this news from the white house. maybe they're admitting to what is apparently growingly obvious, that there is a numbers problem. >> i think they always knew there was going to have to be some changes. you have conservatives who think it doesn't repeal enough, leaves too much of obamacare in place. it does leave a lot of the goodies from obamacare in place without the things people don't like. that's what makes this a difficult policy position. even in states that expanded medicaid, you have a concern that it will pull back too far and leave people without insurance. of course you're dealing with in
7:38 am
this particular instance a president who has liberal inclinations on health care. and i think that's what republicans in the house and senate are trying to balance, how do you get enough votes there, how do you satisfy the president? i think the question for adam is, groups like his that want to see a strong repeal and a real market-driven solution to replace obamacare, how much compromising are you willing to do to help president trump get a win on his first big legislative effort. >> adam, answer that question, it's a good one. >> sure. we're trump's number one ally in draining the swamp. the house freedom caucus is his number one ally in draining the swamp. we're looking for a bill that repeals obamacare and sets into motion where you can have free-market-patient-centered health care in the future. no one is looking for something that solves all of the problems. the one thing that unifies republicans today is repeal. if you're going to start and use
7:39 am
your reconciliation bullet to use the legislation, why don't you start with something that everyone agrees let's repeal obamacare. >> but adam, would that include something that leaves fewer americans uninsured, according to the cbo that number 24 million in ten years. would a compromise from you include that? how about seniors, their premiums, their health care costs going up according to the cbo? will you allow provisions that protect seniors? >> if you try to take care of everything at once, you get stuck in that conversation, where it's cleaner to just say repeal it. then i think senator rand paul has a very good bill that starts to address those issues. the repeal that republicans passed in 2015 had a two-year window where you could figure out specific pieces of legislation to take care of special problems if there is a population that will be underserved in the market. but first you take care of obamacare.
7:40 am
you make sure that the mandates and regulations are all done and gone, clean the slate, and start over with a patient-centered plan. i love what senator paul is putting forward as the replacement. first repeal it, then figure out the solutions to the problem. >> the rand paul plan is not the republican plan, nor the white house plan, right now. the ceo of newsmax, a friend of president trump, and jeffrey lord, a political commentator that president listens to, they say it's time to abandon as well. do you see trump supporters running from this? >> i think trump supporters are protective of the president's image and want him to succeed. they're leery of him being a part of an effort that doesn't come to fruition. i don't think that trump, however, can escape responsibility for this. if there's anything he's
7:41 am
supposed to be good at it's deal making and negotiating. this is his first big test. even though speaker paul ryan had a lot to do with this bill, he worked with tom price, trump's secretary of health and human services. he has worked closely with the white house to try to produce something that trump has said he wants, a bill that would take care of everybody, cover everybody. that's what the president said. i think if the president runs from this and cuts bait, i don't think it helps him over the long term. i think the signal that sends is, when things got tough, he couldn't negotiate a deal. when you're dealing with health care or tax reform or big government spending bills on infrastructure, you're always going to be faced with moments like this. if you can't do this, it's going to weaken him politically. i understand why his supporters want him to back away from this but i don't think it would accomplish what they think it would. >> adam? >> i was going to say, i think the person who is really going to be weakened in all this is speaker ryan. why is it he didn't bring in the house freedom caucus to discuss this bill before he rolled it
7:42 am
out? the freedom caucus found out about the bill the same way we did, probably watching cnn or something. so going forward, i think it's going to be a much better strategy for the speaker to start working with those members of the of members of the freedom caucus before he starts rolling out pieces of legislation. i think trump is giving a little deference to speaker ryan. i think going forward you'll see a stronger relationship between the freedom caucus and the white house directly to avoid this kind of problem in the future. >> what is ted cruz bringing to this? >> he's been one of those saying there's no way you can have the senate and the white house and then come back to the american people and say we couldn't get it done because the senate parcel amen tarrian parliamentarian got in the way. i think he's looking for every possibility so people like me
7:43 am
who are concerned about the regulations that are still in this bill, the ryancare bill, if ted cruz can maneuver a little bit in the senate, that gives us more discretion to get more regulations out of the bill. >> the problem is can you satisfy ted cruz and leonard lance, who we just heard from a few minutes ago. thanks so much, gentlemen. big discussion tonight on cnn, wolf blitzer and dana bash host a cnn town hall with health and human services secretary tom price. he will answer questions about the new republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. maybe he'll answer questions from members of his own party, tonight at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. president trump's new travel ban set it kick in in just a few hours, unless it gets blocked again. three federal courts hearing arguments today that could decide its fate. hole lot of money by switching to geico. huh. we should take a closer look at geico...
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minutes from now, members of the house intelligence committee will hold a hearing on president trump's connections to russia. sunlen serfaty, what do we expect to hear today? >> reporter: john, not only do you have this press conference by leaders of the house intelligence committee, but you have many other committees up here on capitol hill looking into the russia ties. many senators speaking out about what information they believe they could potentially get today. first and foremost we'll hear from adam schiff and representative nunes at 11:15 from the house intelligence
7:49 am
committee. it's interesting, they are appearing in something of a united front today, something we don't usually see, they've been at times very contradictory in their message, but no doubt they'll be pushing forward because they are will to hold the first public hearing about russia. they've invited fbi director james comey to appear before that committee. it will be interesting to see what evaluated to say. there is a big mood of anxiety on capitol hill, a tense time, because you have three separate committees looking into the russia ties, not only potentially what communications trump campaign advisers had potentially with russia during the 2016 campaign, but you also have now this expanded probe looking into the claims that president trump made that he was wiretapped, john. >> do you get the sense that some republican senators and members of congress, members of the president's own party, are getting impatient? >> reporter: they certainly are.
7:50 am
we're hearing that from many people. we heard that from senator brown this morning, who has been very stern and given a lot of warnings to the administration, if he doesn't get the information that he would like, and he heads one of these key subcommittees that today will meet on this, that he will subpoena. so a lot of big words coming from people on capitol hill and a lot of movement on this, a senate committee will be holding a closed-door hearing today and that big public hearing on capitol hill on monday. >> sunlen, keep us posted. legal battles facing president trump's travel ban continue. three federal courts are hearing arguments against that executive order today. one in maryland has already started, two more get under way this afternoon, one in hawaii, one in washington state. the one in seattle will be heard by the same judge who blocked the first travel ban. despite some of the changes,
7:51 am
immigration activists are still challenging it. cnn's jessica snyder is following it all for us. jessica, what are you seeing? >> reporter: john, a lot leading to the travel ban version 2.0. the question in all of this that's looming, will any federal judge step in as they did last time, that seattle judge, to halt president trump's revised executive order or will these judges let the ban take effect? the trump administration is fighting hard to say this order is very different and therefore legal. they're citing several instances, saying the ban doesn't apply to visa holders or green card holders. there is no indefinite ban on refugees, just a 120-day ban. in addition, the order no longer prioritizes religious minorities and there is a provision that
7:52 am
people can object and be heard. the trump says that's all enough to pass constitutional muster. but civil rights groups around the country say, wait a minute, this is still intended to ban muslims and that's why the courts should stop it. we'll see, john, what action these federal judges might take if any. as you mentioned, that seattle judge having a hearing again in another case. will he act? it arraignments to be seen. >> jessica schneider, keep us posted, thanks so much. fireworks in the march madness first four. a star player chokes his own teammate. cory wire has more, next. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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you're not going to make it. best-selling brand? do you think you can make it? uhh... make it... every time. nice! going further to keep drivers moving freely. that's ford... and that's how you become america's best-selling brand. march madness officially tipped off last night on turner's true tv, that's a lot of t's right there. cory wire joins me. one game got heated between two
7:57 am
teammates. >> right, not opposing teams, jo john, but teammates, we don't see that very often. mt. st. mary's and new orleans, you have traven thibidoux benched. the story of the game, that little guy, junior robinson, 5'5", smallest player in division 1 basketball. mt. st. mary's gets a win, they will now go against number one seed villanova waiting in the wings. >> i wouldn't have guessed once out of a hundred times we're going to play villanova. but dreams come true. it is march madness. this is part of the madness. we're looking forward to it.
7:58 am
>> tonight's game on turner's true tv. we want to spotlight the head coach, 16th seed north carolina central team is going to go to play. three years ago his son b.j. recovering in the hospital from second degree burns, spilled coffee on himself. he had to make a tough decision, do i go coach my team playing in their first ever ncaa tournament or stay with my son and my wife as my son is recovering in the hospital? his wife told him you need to go to be with your other family, your team, in the biggest games of their lives. >> this is really my first time. i don't remember anything from that weekend. i don't remember no plays from the game. i don't remember anything. i just felt some guilt as an affair, saying i'm coaching a basketball game, my son is in the hospital. i always wanted to get back here for a bit of a selfish reason, to have them have the
7:59 am
experience. i landed in the hotel last night, he's running around a thousand miles an hour, i can't get no sleep, i'm like, man, why did i bring you? >> they play uc davis followed by usc and providence. i cannot wait to hear john berman's input on this, carmelo anthony's fashion decision. it was cold in new york but his outfit lit up the interwebs and people had fun with it. who wore better, george costanza or 'melo? what do you think of this? >> i think there's no defense for that outfit, no defense like from carmelo anthony, get it? see what i did there? >> you are the man, love you,
8:00 am
john. >> thank you so much for being with us. if you have any ideas about my brackets, tweet me @johnberman. thanks for joining us. "at this hour with kate bolduan" starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. john berman, thank you so much. hello, everybody, i'm kate bolduan. a big hour of breaking news and major events, the first coming moments from now. both leaders of the house intelligence committee will be talking about their investigation into president trump's possible ties to russia, we'll bring that to you live. this as we wait for fbi director james comey to confirm or deny his office is also investigating any trump ties to russia. also this. republican senator lindsey graham warned if comey doesn't come forward, he'll send him a subpoena to get to the bottom of all of this. the backdrop today, president trump making his first public remarks since the blistering


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