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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening from washington. we begin with president trump trying to do what he does best. close a deal. they are predicting failure this evening. a dinner for republicans, he pushed again for the house republican legislation to replace the oraffordable care a. this is something they campaigned on. the president will promise cheaper health care and insurance coverage for all. the new legislation did not deliver and republican members delivered too much, spending not
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enough cost savings. >> president trump trying to close the health care deal and laying out the stakes. the president sources warns republicans behind closed doors their seats and the entire gop majority will disappear if the bill fails. speaker paul ryan agreed. >> the president said he believes many would lose their seats if it doesn't pass. do you agree and have you done enough? >> house members in the room and the president said his deal making skills were on full display. >> there was no animosity or brow beating. i have to tell you. the guy is talented. >> not everyone was convinced. >> did he change your mind at all?
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>> no, i said the president did a great job, but the bill is still bad. >> you are going to vote no. >> that's what i plan to do, yeah. >> the chairman warned that support is not there yet. >> there are not enough votes. >> that are even after republicans sweeten the deal designed to bring both sides closer together for states to deal with medicate including work requirements for enrollees and trying to convince moderates in tax credits to make the bill more appealing to older americans. it's unknown if the changes will be enough. win or lose, trump is all in on a bill that hangs in the balance. >> joining us now from capitol hill, you have been talking to sources, do we know where the vote stands now? >> they are short and they are supportive and there is work to
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do. it's work that is being done. president trump's visit is a very important moment and moment that both the white house and gop leaders are saying has been coming for weeks. now the real work is going on behind the scenes. he is clearing his schedule to meet with any members. some of the conservative caucus members are shoveling over to the white house? small groups, an effort to peel them off. mike pence is meeting with the same members. the question becomes can they close the deal quick enough. that vote is scheduled for thursday. there is no question whether you are talking to the conservatives with problems and moderates who won't get on board or leadership sources themselves. there is work to do on the bill if they want to get it across the finish line in the house. >> thanks very much. before air time i spoke to a skeptic of the bill. >> i am still a no vote and i am
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very, very confident right now there are not the votes to pass the bill as it stands. if they want a vote thursday, i think that will end up putting egg on some folks's faces. that doesn't mean we will ban the health care reform. it has to be done. we can't ignore the aca where in a third of the localities there is one choice or no choice. what i don't don't get is this must be done right now on a do-or-die date. it's not to get it done right away. it's to get it done right. >> the panel with washington correspondent for the new yorker and gloria goerger and jeffrey lord. also with us is commentator and clinton campaign director and obama communications director and trump senior adviser jason miller. gloria, will they bring it to a
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vote if they don't think they have the votes? >> there is no reason for them to bring it to the floor. i think paul ryan can count pretty well. at this point they are moving full steam ahead and the president going up to the hill was a pep rally, but it also was kind of a warning shot. he said to people look, if we don't pass this, many of you will lose your seats. what is unsaid i is might campaign against you or we might find somebody to primary you. there is a little bit of fear here, i think. members are always going to vote in their self interest because that's what they do. they have to decide whether it's in their self interest to buck the president and stick with the principals if you are a conservative or if it's in their interest to get a win right out of the block so they can say we ran on repealing obamacare and o placing it. >> he is clearly all in.
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>> yes, he is and good for him. i'm glad he is wrestling with this and trying to bring voters over. that's what a good president does. you look at the rest of his presidency and if that was successful and he was 65% in the polls, he would win this. being 37 or 40. that's hard. >> let me tell you, donald trump is not going to campaign against republicans in the mid-term elections. that's not going to happen. one of the guys he is having. >> he might have the primary vote. >> the one you need to change the head of the freedom caucus. he won his general election by 30 and didn't have a primer. they know their vikt districtings pretty well.
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they oppose what they think of as obamacare light. what i that are going to be able to say? you didn't support our president. this was the ryan care obama light. these are the most conservative members of the house. they are in gerry mandered districts where they win by overwhelming majority. they are conservative districts and they have breitbart on the right on their side opposing this legislation. >> would you advise the president to go out this fast on obamacare. you could have done tax cuts or infrastructure or talked about it saying i wish i had been able to do something. >> structurally they need to go with the repeal and replace before they get to tax cuts and the other things. it seems to be the consensus to take this on first. this is something that
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republicans have been running on for the last six years. i would not want to be a republican up for election in 2018 who voted against the chance to repeal and replace obamacare. they made key adjustments and will bring on board conservatives and moderates and i think it will pass on thursday. >> given that they have been running on this for seven years, do they have their ducks in a row. >> the dynamics have changed. they have been running on it, but obamacare is at 53% approval. company's is 37% or 38% or whatever it may be. if you are a republican, put the conservatives aside. if you are moderate in the house or the senate and you are looking at the politics, you are looking at the fact that not only are the politics questionable, but people lose their health care and seniors will have attacks and kicked off medicare and people with disabilities will be screwed over. that's not a hard call.
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the dynamics have changed and the politics have changed for a lot of people. >> do you buy what the democrats are saying. this plan will hurt the very people who voted for donald trump? >> they will be saying that to be candid when obamacare came in. i was writing a column about a man who his to which his daughter attributed obamacare. a lot of people were angry about what happened when obamacare came into being. politically speaking with the conservatives and i practice some of them. they look at this and margaret thatcher's phrase about the socialist ratchet to say that liberal or democratic governments and a republican comes in and sits on it until the next time and it keeps moving further left. it's their job to move it back in the other direction. ryan care package is the socialist rch et has been moved
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left and they want to sit there and hold on to it. they are opposed to that and they will fight it. donald trump's challenge here, this is uniquely meant for him. >> do you call it ryan care or trump care? >> it's hugely unpopular and begs the question knowing they don't have the votes. why are they rushing so quickly into having this on thursday? they are staring at a recess in a couple of weeks and these republican leaders know that if these members have to go home and based on constituents again like they did a month ago that the bill is doa after the recess. they are trying to jam it through and fulfilling every criticism they made about obamacare. they are forcing it through without support. they know they will raise it. >> this is the first leg of it.
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garrett said he doesn't think they will get around to it after this passed. they will move on to other stuff. that's what he is concerned about. >> he has a good point. they want to do this under the budget bill ask they can only pass with majority. part two and part three as paul ryan is talking about, if you can barely get this through, how are you going to get anything else through the senate where you have to break a filibuster. that's the land of the unbelievable. now that obamacare has been changed and the other legislative fixes they need will get some buy in. democrats will oppose this and once it's law, they might join hands and get the 60 votes in the senate.
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>> i have an unorthodox view about this. they should have gone with their tax cuts and infrastructure because the most important thing is lift the economy and everything else will flow from that. as long as you have a strong economy. a big stock market rally. that's in question. if they have to spend or four or five months trying to find a solution and they push tax cuts back, they are wailing. >> even trump listened to the argument. you have obamacare now. >> they will get into tax cuts with regard to the phases two or three, they need to get that out there. let's start making the democrats who are running in tough seats in 2018 start saying no. the joe donnellies in indiana. they need to be putting the
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pedal to the metal. >> we don't know what's in part two and three. unless they are addressing the huge gaps that are coming left for people on medicaid now and unless it gives funding to planned parenthood, i don't think democrats will rush in. >> the president just finished speaking a few blocks from here a day after director comey rebuked him. what he did not talk about next. ivanka trump has no official title or role in the white house. why is she getting top security clearance? something that candidate trump said he would not seek for any of his kids. details when we continue. ( ♪ ) i moved upstate because i was interested in building a career. i came to ibm to manage global clients and big data. but i found so much more. ( ♪ ) it's really a melting pot of activities and people. (applause, cheering)
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the wire tap claims has the white house said anything else about providing proof? >> the white house is standing by it and the president is standing by it. he is not standing by very loudly and has not said anything at all this week. it is an uncomfortable moment and has been rejected across washington from capitol hill everywhere but here at the white house. sean spicer the press secretary was asked about it at the briefing. listen to how he answered. >> can we expect the president to this week present evidence he was wire tapped by barack obama or speak about it? he didn't mention it in his rally. >> let's see how the week goes. >> let's see how the week goes. hardly a full response, but the period has not denounced this. we will see if he ever explains what he was talking about. >> as of now, the only thing he explained was in an interview i
9:18 pm
think i fox where he said he saw something on brett bayer and he talked about the "new york times." to not report that. >> he has not apologized as general and others have. his question is about credibility. he is trying to sell a major legislative agenda item, the health care bill to congress. he has an approval rating at 37%. that eats away at his ability to do that. that makes it more difficult to do. the question is one that hangs over the white house more difficult than they thought it would be nine weeks in. >> the credibility issue is a huge one. we go to rallies and they are as
9:19 pm
behind him as they were. the poll numbers are pretty low. >> she is popular with republicans, but the saying is you shouldn't take him literally. just take him seriously. when you are president of the united states, your words do matter. not only to people who look to you in a time of crisis, but to foreign leaders abroad. we saw last week that the courts took him literally and quoted, for example, his interview with you about the travel ban and muslims. the fbi director took him literally when he said there was no evidence of what donald trump tweeted about barack obama. they have to start taking him literally. >> president trump in a speech said i will never lie to the american people. lying implies sbebintent.
9:20 pm
you can't get into his head, but at a certain point when shfs proven time and time again what he said was false, at a certain point whether it was a lie or a mistake and whether he believes it then, he shouldn't say it then. >> there are a couple of possibilities. i'm told when things come out, he believes it's true. you can't shake him off for whatever reason. >> after a while when you have the levers of your government say there is no proof of this. >> i agree. there have been hints from the white house and the republican chair and house intelligence committee there would be something more coming about surveillance.
9:21 pm
it's clearly a falsehood to say he was wire tapped. to the larger point, the classic study of powers no longer with us. presidential power is the power to persuade. how much respect they have for your words and you personally. he is holding with his base, but his power to persuade has been badly eroded over the last 50 days and it's much more difficult to govern than it was. >> the country has changed to the point where the president doesn't have a lot of people he can persuade anymore. president obama faced this when sometimes he would go out and champion a piece of legislation and it would have the opposite effect. it would rally partisans on the other side. because we are so polarized, you
9:22 pm
don't have that many people in the center or the other side to persuade. he has 80 to 90% and that's the only thing that matters to him. that doesn't excuse him lying. >> if he reached out he would be more able to persuade. >> when obama was giving a speech in las vegas and they said please don't give the speech because it drives away the republicans from the deal we want to cut. that's the paradox. >> this is a much larger issue than pulling people in for a bill. that's the time when you are the president for all people. you should always be. you look at president bush during 9/11 and president obama during the newtown time.
9:23 pm
people are looking for somebody to calm them and soothe them and deliver that speech from the oval office. i don't think he is positioned to do that right now. that's problematic for the country. >> i think when that moment comes that the president will be ready. >> but the country won't be ready to receive it. the quiet car on the train and the rest of the country. that being said, this administration knows what success on the messaging front looks like. that was fantastic. they were forced to stand and clap and the policies are going to be that was on obviously this
9:24 pm
network and on the thursday. if they are sticking with the policie policies. >> to that speech and houses of congress, the policies are his tone was something that appealed to a lot of people across the area. he became the president and he got a lot of heat for that. i do think he has the samabil y samability. >> when he speak out about this, listen, i think to be serious here, i know democrats are saying they want to go through this whole list of people. republicans should respond and ask for members of the obama white house staff.
9:25 pm
that is a serious question. >> the president's strength to date is a base of support that despite all the controversies kept him at least 40%. you have three ingredients that are create ag i situation where you might see the bottom fallout. you have the fbi director confirming a permanent storm cloud with an enduring storm cloud. even if no collusion is found, take it from me, it takes a toll over the course of many months. he is out there campaigning for a bill that drives a wedge with had his core supporters in terms of the bill. if he fails to succeed it cuts away his ability to negotiate the art of the deal. that's another thing.
9:26 pm
what's the blow back on democrats. it's still -- >> what jim comey will do is have a timeline for thou is resolved. >> trump voters voeed for him because they didn't like or didn't trust hillary clinton. this cloud raises the same questions about donald trump as does his temperament and could potentially drive away the trump voter fist he can't. >> he is not selling the bill. you have to take this issue and
9:27 pm
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another break of tradition in the white house. ivanka trump has been known as a key adviser and the white house confirms she getting an office in the west wing that signals her role in the white house is growing. you may remember that on november 16th shortly after the election with the transition team looking to security clearances for his adult children. he said he was not getting security clearance for his children. he said it was a typically false news story. >> even though she will not have a formal title, she will have top security clearance. a controversial move considering she has no government, national security, or foreign policy experience. >> thank you all very much.
9:32 pm
>> for her father it's not a surprise. the 35-year-old is in the inner circle and has been at his side in washington since he assumed the presidency, conducting round table discussions on women's issues withed hads of state like canada's prime minister justin true doe. >> i'm honored to be here and looking forward to hearing from each of you who served as tremendous role models and so many other business leaders. this time on workforce issues. >> i want to thank new daughter, ivanka. >> ivanka is here right now. and it really is very, very special. >> getting a shout out at a
9:33 pm
february press conference. >> helping her and working her will be ivanka who is a fabulous person and a fabulous, fabulous woman. they are not doing this for money. they are not doing this for pay. they feel it. both of them. >> like so much of the trump presidency, the arrangement is unprecedented, raising questions about conflicts of interest and the nature of her role itself. >> it is a very important thing that ivanka trump observe the ethics rules in the white house because she is an employee and subject to the rules like everybody else regardless of whether she is getting paid or not. that is irrelevant. she has to follow the ethics rules and i hope she does so. >> ivanka has yet to speak about the role or what it could entail. day to day activities working with her kids or at the white house via social media.
9:34 pm
this father-daughter relationship is unprecedented and ivanka's exact position continues to drive speculation and more questions than answers. kate bennett, cnn, washington. >> if hillary clinton was the president and chelsea clinton was attending meetings without a portfolio and getting security clearance, would that be normal? >> no. but this is not either. it's normal in terms of donald trump's world because he always had ivanka trump by his side in business and she is a business partner as are his other adult children. what is strange to me is she doesn't have a title. everybody who knows the turf in the white house, you need a title. she doesn't have one because she could be everywhere.
9:35 pm
if i were in the white house and you were talking about this during the break, that would make me nervous. >> if i was working for a company and my boss's kids were there and they could walk into the office at any time and say what they wanted to the boss, i think it would be a weird dynamic. >> parallel with the clinton foundation as chelsea took a senior role and it caused intrigue. this is very unusual. we have not experienced this in american politics, a family taking over the white house. >> this happens in other countries where you go to the presidential palace and you get into the inner sainct um where the president and their cousin is sitting around watching a soccer game, but it's strinj have it hab here. >> we had presidential daughters who were famous. teddy roosevelt had alice who
9:36 pm
had a huge hat. he said listen, i can either be president or manage alice, but i can't do both. when franklin roosevelt was there because eleanor was gone a lot, his daughter, anna was gone. this is like how a private company is done. she is sitting next to angela merkel. >> i would give her a pass and whatever helps him become a better president. i do question the national security clearance. >> her husband has national security clearance. she now has national security clearance without delineated responsibilities aside from her interest in working women. so she can be in on meetings that other people in the white house cannot be in on. she is privy to conversations with her father that others are not. i would be wary of this and
9:37 pm
ivanka's power. >> all of these people say to have the advisers without a portfolio who are able to go into meetings and leave and get into the president's ear and they are all competing in different ways. why is it the security clearance that for you raises a red flag? >> because it comes with a capacity to read anything that comes in. that's access to the national's highest securities. i don't know why she would be at the table with the head of the joint chiefs of staff to determine whether you are sending soldiers in. >> what are about the ethics issues that we haven't budged about how divorce side she from her business and if she has that security clearance.
9:38 pm
>> because jared already agreed to the full ethics regimen and they are married, all of her financial interests should through jared already -- >> the paperwork has not been filed. >> that should go through the office like any other staffer. the other thing what people are hinting at with the former chiefs of staff argue for a strong chief of staff and not a top revy white house. this is the most top heavy white house. you have about seven advisers the the same level as the chief of staff. >> just ahead, john mccain is voicing concerns about chairman paul manford and what he is facing. [waitress] more coffee? [student] yeah, thanks. [student] oh yeah for sure... [waitress] yeah ok
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more breaking news. growing questions about former trump campaign ties to the prorussian president. here's what john mccain said a short time ago. >> i have serious questions about some of the people around the presidential campaign.
9:43 pm
they have close ties to the russians and including an individual who has paid large sums of money by the russian stooge as the president of ukraine. you talking about paul manford? >> him and the republican platform and that provision of providing lethal weapons to ukraine that disappeared. it requires further investigation absolutely. >> they are investigating over consultant work and his name came up more than once yesterday. >> director comey, did paul manford ever register as a foreign agent? >> that's not something i can comment on. >> whether he registered or not
9:44 pm
is not something you can comment on? >> he was donald trump's campaign manager in july of 2016, correct? >> i don't want to get into considering questions about any individual u.s. person. >> it's obvious from the public record, but i don't want to answer questions about somebody. >> okay, well, the facts would show he never did register. as the ranking member pointed out and it should come as no surprise that the republican platform which was drafted at the republican convention in july of 2016 under went a significant change with respect to the american response to russia's illegal invasion of ukraine and the aggression in that country. it appears from our standpoint that we had someone pulling the strings there. >> the ukrainian lawmakers tried
9:45 pm
to hide payments from the ousted president through a shell company. they have been unable to view the authenticity. they denied the signature was his. you want paul to come before the house intelligence? >> a couple people like michael flynn have the bizarre commonality of having been senior and not what sean spicer said for the trump campaign and ties to russia and here's the kicker, they have been lied about in the case of michael flynn and any number of others. that doesn't prove anything.
9:46 pm
why they had the ties and get the ties and what it may mean. what does it mean in terms of connections? >> to get them to come would require a subpoena? >> that would be up to him and his lawyers along with a few others. it seems like there are four or five people here. they may choose to not come voluntarily and we would need permission to do that. if they don't want to speak, they have the right not to. we probably want a further conversation with jeff sessions. i don't believe he has the deep
9:47 pm
and long standing ties, but we should be able to talk to them. >> carter page? >> he would be on that list, absolutely. >> were you surprised when you heart he had a limited role for a limited amount of time? >> i run five campaigns and i don't know how you can condition vince them that that's a limited role. if you talk about the little old lady that makes phone calls, that's limited. campaign chairman is not limited. sally yates will be testifying. do you know what you are hoping to hear? >> and it was a blockbuster in
9:48 pm
that investigation. >> did it surprise you that he went that far? >> i expected him to put the lie to president obama wire tapped trump tower. the comprehensiveness in what's in that investigation was a surprise to all of us. >> do you have an idea of how many more hearings you will need this may go on? >> this is something that will be frustrating to the american people. what will happen next week with yates and brennan and clapper, that's not essential for the investigation. what is is the depositions that will occur. at the end of the day, 24they nd to understand what happens. a lot of this is classified and
9:49 pm
we can't discuss in open session. >> if at the end of all of this, there is nothing there and nothing can be proven, there has been this cloud over the presidency and the white house, are you concerned as a democrat that this has blow back on the democrats? >> there is enough circumstantial evidence, we have a president who will attack everybody from merrill streep to the cast of hamill to mexico to australia. he will attack everybody. >> it's surreal. >> nor matter what vladimir putin does. he can violate the nuclear treaty and do what he has been doing with harming his opponents, he not only does not criticize putin, but holds him harmless. that's >> if this is just people showing bad judgment having connections they're not willing to disclose, maybe that's all
9:50 pm
there is. if that happens at a minimum we say to ourselves the it was a bizarre moment in history when the president of the united states for the first time in our history wouldn't stand up against a clearly antagonistic power. vladimir putin wishes us nothing but ill and, yet, donald trump is strangely silent about that. if this the turns up to be a series of bad judgments, that's what it will be. but they've given us plenty of circumstantial evidence to ask the questions. >> i appreciate your time. thank you. coming up, more breaking news. how al qaeda may have factored into the ban on some electronics. we'll be right back. you excited? it's sold out. don't fret, my friend. i masterpassed it! you can use it online and on your phone i masterpassed it. you got the tickets? onward! playing the hero: priceless masterpass, the secure way to pay from your bank
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♪ new rules for what you'll be allowed to carry on some flights. new rules partly inspired by spejs about al qaeda. they say a ban on electronics bigger than a smart phone on some international flights is obviously meant to keep people safe. we spoke to a member of congress. they said the decision to implement the ban was base on the new intelligence and the evaluation of new intelligence. when asked why, she was told the intelligence community believed the threat to be persistent and
9:55 pm
emerging in their words, and they had to act. more now from renee marsh. >> reporter: in a move the department of justice is demanding international flights from ten overseas airports in eight mostly muslim countries ban almost all electronics larger than a cell phone from the cabin of the plane. the uk following the united states lead will now ban large electronics in the cabin of certain flights indicating there's intelligence creating concern. >> it's clear that with the new restrictions the united states is essentially saying that they do not have full confidence in these airports in these various countries to stop bombs getting on planes. >> reporter: tonight sources tell cnn the e llectronic ban w in part by new intelligence. a u.s. official saying al
9:56 pm
qaeda's affiliate was perfecting techniques for hiding explosives in the parties of electronics. the department of justice said the intelligence, quote, indicates that terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation, and are a greszively pursuing innovative methods to undertake their attacks. proof of terrorist groups continued efforts to target commercial aviation. sources say a sophisticated laptop bomb blew a hole in that aircraft. but u.s. intelligence has known for years terror groups have been working to perfect and conceal explosives to smuggle on board. why such a drastic ban now? >> one scenario is that the new administration in the united states has re-evaluated the
9:57 pm
threat stream to passenger aircraft, taking into account all the intelligence coming in over the last several years. >> reporter: the ban is indefinite, and it's unclear when it would end. if airlines refuse to comply, they lose travel certification to fly to the united states. >> thank you. much more ahead in the next hour. including president trump's all out efforts to close the deal on the obama care replacement deal. the question is is he locking into the votes they're going to need? details ahead. e gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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