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tv   New Day  CNN  March 24, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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continues right now. >> president donald trump issues an ultimatum. >> he will repeal and replace this broken law. >> we're supposed to make health care more affordable. this legislation does not do that. >> it sounds a lot like obamacare to me. >> we have a good chance but it's only politics. >> the votes aren't there. it's going to pass and that's it. >> have a duty and obligation to tell the president. >> he badly damaged the credibility of the investigation. >> the evidence war rans us doing an investigation. >> that cannot prove collusion took place. >> we need a select committee to clear this whole issue up. >> this is new day with chris cuomo and allison. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day does he
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have the votes? the latest count has 27 republicans saying they will vote no. four others leaning against it. >> republicans have been promising to repeal and replace obamacare for 7 years. that is a big stick and you have the president's reputation for being a deal maker which is all on the line. let's begin with jeff live at the white house. imagine, jeff, this was supposed to be the easier part. and nothing but upside down frowns in the senate they thought it would happen yesterday and they were looking for a big symbolic victory and now they will take any victory they can get. he is likely to get one this afternoon. we're told likely in the 3:00
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range or so but all of this is very flexible of course and he says if it doesn't pass today he will move on. all of this is flexible. people at the white house were over on capitol hill last night working the phones, work face to face meetings here trying to get some of these republicans on board and the question that hangs over this comes from this senior administration official that we talked to overnight that said this which republicans want to explain to their constituents why they voted to keep obamacare? that's what the white house is counting on this morning is the pressure underway so long to repeal that? will they stand against that? but outside groups and conservative groups are saying don't vote for this bill. so those are the pressures here but the president talked to speaker ryan for 45 minutes into
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the evening last night talk about the way forward on this the blame game is already starting here. the president himself is leading the charge on that. he believes that some of his advisers have not been as strong on this. he is placing some blame we're told on speaker ryan but allison i can tell you that the blame will also come to the president here. he knows full well his agenda. the rest of his agenda also at stake here that's why he is still all in on this. >> very high stax on every end. president trump and the gop making the high stakes gamble with their vow to their voters to replace balm care. it is set to move forward hours from now. what's the dealing there. >> a lot of anxiety and high drama here on the hill. the last 24 hours we have seen
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negotiations as well as public shaming and now the very latest, the finger pointing that jeff had mentioned the vote was delayed and now we're seeing here 216. the majority is needed to pass through the house. republicans cannot afford more than 21 defectors and now showing 31 republicans either no or leaning no. >> we have been promising the american people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing. >> republicans remain deeply divide. duking it out into the night behind closed doors 30 members
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spoke out in favor of the deal trying to unite the parties before today's vote. >> it was principled. it was emotional. it was robust. >> only one republican speaking out against the bill but many indicated there were no votes. >> i thought the bill misses the mark. >> i am a no vote. i'm concerned this legislation does not lower premiums. >> the chairman of the house freedom caucus that's been against the bill despite receiving multiple concessions from the white house is telling his members to vote their conscious we are trying to get votes to move to the yes. >> they mainly focus on repealing essential health benefits from obamacare. a move they say will lower
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premiums. a weeks worth providing more bad news for the bill. the congressional budget offices estimates will cut savings in half to $150 billion in ten years. and 20 million more uninsured americans in 2026. that estimate does not include the most recent changes to the bill. changes that would give more pow tore states to determine what they consider to be essential benefits and provide it to health and substance abuse and infant and maternity care. >> house speaker john boehner predicted last month that republicans would never repeal obamacare because they cannot agree on that bill. several lawmakers say that speaker ryan is about to see wln that prophesy will come true. all eyes of course on the full house vote later today. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. the house rules committee is
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meeting right now on the health care bill. live with more. what do we expect there? >> this is a rare very early morning meeting of the rules committee which is important because it indicates the wheels are starting to be set in motion to push toward a full house vote at some point later today. this is essentially the last legislative step that needs to happen before the bill is braug to the floor so what this committee here will be doing is voting on all the last minute changes. the results of the negotiations that leadership have that add to the bill. and they know what is going to happen here but certainly a last chance to add a little political theater but the most important thing that's going to happen
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from this committee later is they're going to set the time frame for office when potentially the bill will be brought to the floor. how long that debate is going to last, chris. >> appreciate it. joining us now, chris collins of new york he is voting yes on the gop health care bill. >> good to have you as always. >> good to be with you. >> do you think you get it through the house today? if so, why? >> i'm counting on my team members to do the right thing because it is a binary choice right now. balm care will stay in place and we're not bringing this back up there's a piece of this and big economic driver for our economy
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and jobs and we now have those that don't have insurance coverage or competition and they're down to one and if we don't get it passed and we move on and obamacare stays as is there's a lot of pain for america across this country they make it clear that the lower you go it could hurt you they say i need the medicaid. you're cutting it and you're going to hurt me in the interest of cutting taxes and returning money to rich people.
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the fact that we are reducing the federal share from 90% and whatever the normal share is. >> how is that not cutting though chris? >> i firmly believe the state is going to keep the expansion and if they do then there is no cuts but new york had this anyway. it was called family health plus moving those people into expansion are going to move on.
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there's plenty of waste and bloat in the new york program for sure. i could fix that this afternoon in an hour and a half. >> good i'll tell you the guy to call but the point remains the same. you're giving them less money overtime for medicaid and that's why the cbo is saying you're going to have more people uninsured than today. that's the fact they're saying we are going to lose 14 million people next year how do you get your arms around it when there isn't a change. they're saying we're going to lose 14 million people next year
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i think for all the hype you probably have a better chance of getting it through the house there's a lot of pressure on you guys. so if that is the motivation you get through and then in the senate you're going to meet a different reality and would you agree with these statements that the number insured is well over 40 million people. that will take time and must have universal health care. could wipe out their savings or drag them into bankruptcy. how can we engage in the pursuit of happiness as our founders intended? do you agree with all of that? universal health care for those reasons? >> we have decided that we're not going to stand behind a canadian style what we would
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call would be debated and rejected and and over the border every day. >> let me ask you this, do you know who said what i just read to you? >> no, i don't. >> donald trump wrote that in 200 in his book. making an argument for how wrong it is to not provide coverage to everybody. do you think he has his mind on this? that's why it's not being touted as trump care? he doesn't agree with you guys. he doesn't agree that not covering people is the way to go. >> all of us want everyone to have insurance. some, certainly the young have decided it's not worth it. but again the other side, the
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dark side of universal care, the cancer drugs you don't get in europe because they put in roi. you're a certain age. your life expectancy does not justify the cost and you're not going to get the treatment. we give people 85 years old a replacement hip if they need it and people making 20 grand. i don't understand why you are unwilling to own that reality it seems to be a wheel of progress because you're trying to have it both ways. >> it's not a reality until it happens and we don't agree on the people going to lose coverage. the debate on universal coverage or single payer system we had that debate. america solidly saying they don't want a canadian european style medical system where
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there's an mri. you might say it's specialized care. >> it's playing out that way because it's so hard to get. it's hard to get approvals and it's harder in places like canada and they come over here to try to get that. i heard those reports before it's a horrible thing. >> well, the aca is in a death spiral and there's no competition. >> if it's in one third of the county that's not a death spiral. if i told you that one third is in trouble you're painting that as a political gain. >> we're going to see what happens today and i think america once we get into secretary price making changes not scored by the cbo for cost or for coverage and we'll convince some democrats in what we call our third bucket of
4:16 am
selling it to reduce costs. >> you price the plan on where you are and not where the company is and we have to get it in phase one and that's this afternoon and as the president said it's going to pass or not. if it doesn't we have obamacare unfortunately the train wreck in obamacare will play itself out later this year. >> thanks chris. >> coming up dr. tom price someone of the architects of the bill that goes up for the vote today. how does he make the sell to
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>> all eyes on the u.s. capitol there. here's a live shot where in a few hours the house will vote on the gop health care bill, or not. president trump issuing an ultimatum to house republicans vote today or keep obamacare. so there's a lot at stake. with our great panel. and let me start with you. and deal making so how is it go. >> well we're already seeing it going and he is calling their bluff. he is walking away from the table and seeing what republicans do. one of the interesting thing is
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trump has been working with them. and he is not necessarily seeing the deal actually kind of fall ago part that they want it at the end of the week will it's question will be voters are going to hold you accountable. and in the policy as maybe others in washington. >> welcome to the show and to the family my brother. so another thing that he done seem to be putting his arm on here the way he does most things he like. could that be because he doesn't agree? he wants a win. a page out of his own book he
4:23 am
wrote calling for universal health care saying that the idea that millions of americans live day-to-day in fear that an illness and injury will wipe out their savings and drag them into bankruptcy how can we engage in the pursuit of happiness as our founders intended. >> that was 17 years ago. >> but he has not said i was wrong. he never said that about anything. >> he said very recently he wants everyone covered. >> i mean look, the most consistent thing about donald trump from a policy perspective is how inconsistent he is. this is someone that was a democrat much of his life prior to running. i think in the primary campaign in 2016 he is a strong b conservative on things like the
4:24 am
health care vote he never engaged in anything like this certainly at this scale like ever before what you see is him hedging his bets. >> you're trying to get there and you're not there yet. the whole let's start the blame game and i do think he is always looking out as many politicians are. he is always looking out for himself and he doesn't have that core belief system because he believes in himself. >> what do you think and what do your listeners and viewers think? do they like this bill?
4:25 am
>> i'm not sure they're all that different from the members of congress despite all the complains of several years agatha democrats rushed a bill without ever having read it. you remember that quote that came back to haunt her and it's in regard to that. there's a big picture problem for the gop and i do not rule out that they are successful later this afternoon. the affordable care act say what you will about it and the simple objective was to provide more americans with health care coverage there's no common denominat denominator. and next week arguably in the senate and they had seven years to get it together and you can ask secretary price in the next hour when he's your guest but to my way of thinking there's not a
4:26 am
universal cause here that brings them together other than to continue to be against obama. >> they want to talk about how big it is and then not own it. >> what they always tell us is they will have more options. people don't have options now. you only get one choice and no choices and we're giving back our freedom. >> right. a lot of experts say it sounds good. not true. the bigger problem is let's say they get through the house. it's a friday. i'm rolling the dice. i'm saying it gets through the house. it's too big to ignore the repeal and replace plan. now you get into the senate. that's a much tougher challenge.
4:27 am
>> they're really not going to survive the senate. it's not about conservatives or moderates in the senate. we're talking about people like senator tom cotton that's not a moderate by any stretch of the imagination. and it's concerned about those numbers that are going into the system. he's concerned about how the feedback from the governors has been you guys are shifting all the responsibility on us and one of the interesting things i'm hearing a lot this week is that you know republicans in the house are saying well we have gotten mitch mcconnell to do x, y and z and that's not by chance. he understands the game is going to be different over there and he's not willing to make hard and fast commitments about what is going to happen because he
4:28 am
cannot guarentee that virtually any of this stuff is going to be passable in that chamber. where he is going to need 52 votes, some from moderates and some from conservatives where this health care bill is deeply unpopular in their states. >> is paul ryan being john boehn boehnered? does his political future rest in the hands of the house freedom caucus. >> i'm sure john boehner would love being made into a verb. yes in some ways it's meet the new boss same as the old boss. what was the problem in 2012 the problem is the same it is now. the house freedom caucus. the 40ish most conservative members want purity. you lose another moderate and
4:29 am
you lose someone that's from a state that relies on the medicare expansion. you lose a swing congressional bill and that's your problem is sometimes the math doesn't add up. i'm with chris not just because we have the same first name. i do think that they will find some way to get it through although i mean, who knows, but the bigger problem is the senate bill, let's say the senate passes something, it's going to be radically different from the house and then it goes to a conference committee and i don't know that a piece of legislation comes out of that conference committee so this is step one of a multistep congressional process. they thought this was the easy part. >> >> there's a lot of commonality. what do you think are the chances it gets through today?
4:30 am
>> you know that my privilege to predict anything about donald trump to with draw on new day about 9 months ago. >> it's a new day. that's why we named the show that. >> okay. i would say slightly better than 50/50 that they win this afternoon which means vegas would vote against it. >> thank you very much for all of your great insights. >> one of the things clouding this process on health care is what is going on with this wire period tapping and now we just saw an apology from nunes but was that enough after he kind of put the whole committee under a cloud of doubt about whether or not they can be objective. why aren't the democrats calling for nunes to recuse himself if they think what he did is so bad? next. kevin kevin kevin
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at the end of the day that's sometimes you make the right decision and sometimes you make
4:35 am
the wrong one but you have to stick by the decisions that you make. >> that was nunes apologizing for disclosing surveillance information to president trump and the media before briefing his colleagues this as he has possible collusions between him and russia. he is a member of the house intel committee. good morning, congressman. >> good morning allison. >> so chairman nunes apologized? is that it? problem solved? >> not problem solved. it was interesting and odd to hear the apology because of course he is pretty close with the president who at the very core of his being celebrates never apologizing. but the democrats have been saying this and we have been joined by republicans and senators and this is an
4:36 am
investigation of a degree of seriousness that requires that it be done by an outside bipartisan commission. as much as i appreciate him and consider him a friend so once again we are showing why this should be done by an outside commission. >> do you think that chairman nunes should step down? >> at the end of the day that's a decision that no one other than speaker ryan could make but that's certainly an alternative and as i pointed out as much as i have a friendship with congressman nunes it was just a couple of weeks agatha he and the chairman on the senate side were admitted to working with the president to knockdown stories they didn't like in the media. this has been a persistent problem. >> why aren't you and other democrats calling for him to
4:37 am
step down given that track record? >> there's two things that are happening here. first, we're calling as we have for a long time for the right answer which is an outside commission. secondly, remember, as long as there isn't an outside commission we are the only game in town and i will tell you from the inside that while the chairman's behavior on the outside going to the media and the president has been troublesome and passed doubt on the investigation inside he has said yes to our requests. and inside he has been working constructively with us. if he is removed who do we get now and somebody less constructive inside than congressman nunes. >> fair enough. that's a fair point but you now believe that your work on the
4:38 am
commission condition be independent and impartial. >> it has cast a real question mark over the commission but look we will not remain blocked and we will walk out of the door in a second if that happens but so far it's been constructive and as the american people know the more we work the more things are uncovered that suggest a heavy body of circumstantial evidence that this investigation is warranted. >> let's talk about that. let's talk about the substance of what you're seeing because the ranking democrat has said it's actually gone beyond circumstantial. that's the language that he is using. do you know what he has seen that makes him think it's more than just people in the same room at the same time, were there phone calls that might have been about other things?
4:39 am
>> yeah. i don't know and this is one of the challenges for the investigation. you have this group called the gang of 8. they get briefed on matters that ordinary members of the committee may not. what is happening here is i haven't seen specific evidence that adam is referring to. i think in his capacity as a member of the gang of 8 he has seen probably much more provocative evidence that allows the congressman that is a very careful individual to say the case here is more than just a heavily circumstantial case. >> on tuesday in front of your committee former cia director john brennan is going to appear as well as james clapper and former attorney general sally yates. do you think you'll get
4:40 am
something out of them as to whether there's some form of collusion? >> no, i don't. these b public hearings are not the venue in which that kind of thing comes out. you saw director comey on monday and he confirmed an investigation into links and possible coordination with the trump campaign and he will go no further. remember that director clapper and john brennan are still bound by their obligation to keep classified information classified so i would not expect too much of the hearing and there is now talk the republicans floated the possibility that that may be a closed hearing. we're obviously going to resist that but they're feeling some buyer's remorse for what happens when this gets into the room with a lot. >> on the flip side what about what nunes was imlying? will you be able to get information as to whether or not there was surveillance of some kind of the trump team?
4:41 am
>> well, we need to be very careful here and i understand that this is pretty technical but nunes has not said there was any surveillance of the trump campaign. what he said and let me use his words he said that there was legal incidental collection of people associated with the trump campaign that had nothing to do with russia. so let me just take a second to tell you what that means. every minute of every day we are collecting information on bad guys. it might be terrorists or drug dealers and we try to listen in on to their phone conversations and every once in awhile two drug dealers may say hey how about that president trump in the united states. that's incidental collection on a us. person, president trump. that happens all the time. because sometimes they either talk about or talk to americans
4:42 am
that's completely unrelated to the wild charge that there was wiretapping by the obama administration of trump tower. >> rest assured there's lots of people watching us now and talking about it. thanks so much for all of the information this morning. >> and commenting. not so much. we just learned that president trump is making a big announcement this morning but it isn't about health care. interesting. is there a distraction at play? next. weeds. nature's boomerang. at roundup®, we know they keep coming back. draw the line. one spray of roundup® max control 365 kills weeds to the root and keeps 'em away for up to one year. roundup® max control 365.
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trump is going to make an announcement about the keystone pipeline this morning. it would carry crude oil from canada to refineries on the gulf coast. they oppose the pipeline saying it cuts across fresh water. >> a major battle shaping up over supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. chuck schumer revealing he will vote against him and plan to filibuster his nomination. he will do whatever it takes and includes the nuclear option. >> they're expected to face discipline following the security breach at the white house. earlier this month a 26-year-old jumped multiple fences and was on the white house grounds for more than 15 minutes. jonathan is his name. he was apprehended right under the president's bedroom window.
4:47 am
mr. trump was in the white house at the time of tins dent. got to get that straight. >> well, democrats are calling for an independent investigation of the alleged trump-russia ties after house intel chair briefed the president on surveillance or at least sensitive information. our experts break down what happens next. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™.
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searching for answers may feel overwhelming. so start your search with our teams of specialists at cancer treatment centers of america. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at a daring rescue caught on video. a deputy in florida narrowly saves the lives of two young women. cnn's boris sanchez has this heart pounding story in this edition of "beyond the call of duty." >> harrowing moments caught on video captured on board a carnival cruise ship as the thousand foot vessel looms over two young women, a sheriff's deputy in florida springs into
4:51 am
action in the nick of time. >> it's unbelievable how close we were. >> at the time we weren't thinking about the fact that it was coming on us so quickly. we were thinking about how we need to get on this boat. >> west virginia college students skyler and allison on spring break in florida went jet skiing off port canaveral. but not long after taking off, the pair lost control at the mouth of the harbor and capsized, at the same time the carnival magic began to leave harbor, the friends struggled, unable to get back on. >> i was literally screaming what are we going to do because i didn't know the deputy was even remotely close to us. >> they were panicked. you could tell they were winded. >> as they desperately try to swim away from the ship, deputy tanner rushed over, still unsure if he could rescue them in time. >> i was worried i couldn't. once i got up to them, i knew i
4:52 am
could get them. i reverted back to what we trained, what we practiced. >> nearby ashley watched in terror. >> you see our jet ski bouncing down the side of the cruise ship. i know it hit the cruise ship. we watched it. >> as the ship southwest by only feet away, deputy primmer yanked skyler and allison to safety. >> towards the end when we were being pulled up, there was a point that i was like, we could not even be here right now. we're so lucky he was here. >> he's my hero. that's exactly what he is. >> a lot of the times with this job people are real quick to let you know about the bad, and a lot of times you do little things and it goes unspoken, and that's just part of the job. it's part of being a deputy, part of being in law enforcement. it's something we do. i'd do it for anybody. it doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. it's part of my job. >> boris sanchez, cnn, miami.
4:53 am
>> doing their job, saving lives. so house intel committee chairman devin nunes is apologizing to democrats for briefing the president and the media on incidental surveillance before telling them first. in an interview last night, nunes tried to explain why he did it. >> to me it's clear that i would be concerned if i was the president. that's why i wanted him to know, and i felt like i had a duty and obligation to tell you. as you know, he's been taking a lot of heat in the news media. i think to some degree there are some things he should look at to see whether he thinks the collection was proper or not. >> but it's not that simple. nunes himself made this an even more muddy situation. so let's discuss with phil mudd, former cia official and mike rogers, cnn national security commentator and former house intel chairman. mike, you had the same job, you never did anything like this,
4:54 am
never heard of anybody doing anything like this. we know that. it deserves observation. he goes to the president and says it's so important i had to tell him. he later says i haven't looked at all the documents. i'm not really sure who got caught up or what it was about. how do those two statements go together, mike? >> it was a bit unusual. obviously he heard something that certainly bothered him and he thought he was going to do something about it. in an investigation like this, it's best that both sides aren't running the the microphone candidly. i know adam schiff came out, the ranking democrat and said he had more information on collusion. all of that needs to stop candidly. we have some huge issues facing that intel committee and our national security around the world. think about the defense minister from russia, a guy named shoigu who said we're going to ramp up our propaganda, we're creating a new information warfare unit. the intelligence committee would
4:55 am
do well to work on that issue, let the fbi do the criminal piece. they're going to get that piece right. you may like it or may not like it, depending on your political bent on what comes out of that. but they'll do it right. then have the intel committee focus on things they could impact on resources and other things that will be needed to confront what is a huge and growing problem, and that's the russians engaging in information warfare at a level we've never seen before. >> phil has been making that same point, mike. phil, to why you say it's so important, is that we're getting distracted from him. when nunes runs to the white house with information that could only be helpful to the white house, and the proof of it is, the reaction afterwards wasn't nunes came to us with information that the investigation is about actual collaboration. it was, i feel like vindicated. that's what the president said afterwards. that seems to have been an obvious motivation to do this, and it's a distraction. should it be called out, phil
4:56 am
mudd? >> it should be. mark the calendar, mike rogers is actually right, it may be the first time and the last time on "new day." >> a rare group you've gotten into. when mudd attacks you -- >> there's a reason his name is mudd. >> let me break this down quickly. this is about democrats and republicans. democrats are talking about collusion. i think the fbi should be investigating collusion and determining whether with the department of justice there should be charges. republicans are talking about who was wiretapped, whether the unmasking of names is appropriate and whether names were leaked. fair questions, not questions the americans should have. the americans should be asking not only what happened with russian interference as mike was talking about, but how we secure the next elections. for example, should the federal government including the fbi have a role in going to candidates saying we're going to help you secure your servers? instead we hear a democrat going to the microphone every time he
4:57 am
reads intelligence, a republican going to the microphone and neither talking about russian interference in elections. that's what we should be talking about. >> mike, why isn't it obvious in washington the same way as it is obvious to everybody else that the politics are too thick? they're not going to objectively or independently investigate this, it should kbo to a special body. that's the argument being made. do you agree with that? if not, why not? >> we have a special body investigating this. it's called the fbi. remember, all of the insinuations, if you're for one team you want it to be some criminal action between the campaign and russia. if you're on the other team you want it to be only about the leaks. that's bad enough. so i think we just need to remove that from the picture. i do believe we need to let the fbi do and complete its investigation. they can and they will get that piece right. i have no doubt. i have a high degree of confidence that investigation will come out. again, depending on your political bent, you may or may
4:58 am
not like what they come out with, but that's what's going to happen. i think we ought to let that process happen and remove the political piece from the committee. clearly they're having a difficult time navigating the intense partisan politics of these issues, because the russians we do know are engaged in information operations. it's not just about the campaign. it's about other information operations that the russians run as well. that's where the committee -- big bang for the buck. they could actually help educate the american people about how aggressive the russians are being in this new information warfare division that they've established. by the way, they call it propaganda. i think they say they want it to be clever, smart and efficient. well, many argue that they've accomplished that. by the way, with this shear partisanship, chris, they've ramped up their ability. the russians think this was the most effective information operation ever because even if they didn't get everything they wanted out of it, it still lives on with this sharp partisanship.
4:59 am
it spent two are o three weeks saying putin is the largest guy on the face of the earth. that sends a message to our friends and adversaries overseas. you can see them reacting to this, hey, maybe this putin is somebody we need to work with that we might not have worked with before. this all has consequences. we get sometimes so tightened up in our bubble here we forget the national security picture -- our enemies and adversaries get a vote, too. we seem to have lost that. >> phil, roger is saying politicians can't handle this, leave it to the fbi, but there may be value and other questions congress can look at. what's the line for you? >> i absolutely agree. why is the congress looking at collusion. the bottom line is whether the fbi does the investigation and the department of justice determines if someone should be indicted or not. that's not for the congress to decide. i don't know why they're wasting my money doing that. the bottom line for them is a bigger national security question. putin won this one. can you imagine us going to the
5:00 am
europeans, the americans saying we want to lead you in this fight against putin. >> mike rogers, phil mud, thank you very much. a good weekend to both of you. we're following a lot of news. a live interview with hhs secretary tom price that's about to happen right here. let's get after it. >> go with our plan. it's going to be tresk. >> president trump issues an ultimat ultimatum. >> people are being bribed to vote yes. >> this is the only train leaving the station. >> the bill keeps getting worse and worse. >> tomorrow we're proceeding. >> do you have the votes? do you have the votes? >> judgment call on my part. >> congress must create an independent bipartisan commission to expose the trump-russia connection. >> we continue to get new information that makes a more complete picture. >> you haven't seen any new evidence of collusion? >> not that i'm familiar with, no. >> the president feels


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