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tv   Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta  CNN  March 25, 2017 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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to come and be engaged and be involved. we need you to keep telling your neighbors here in west virginia, we can do better. that we're renewing and restoring this country. that we can put america back on a path to a brighter future. and this i know we will do. because i have faith. you know, over the mantle of our offi bac in the year 2000, there's been a framed copy of a verse from the good book. it's in our home in indiana. it's in the governor's residence in indiana when i served there and now it hangs above the mantle in the home of the vice president of the united states. and it simply reads these words. for i know the plans i have for you, plans to prosper you and
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not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. you know, in november, the people of west virginia voted to give america a president. a president with the strength and the courage and the vision to make america great again. you voted to give us a new leader who would make america prosperous again and i believe with all my heart that with your continued support and faith and with god's help, together, we will restore this country. that our best days are ahead and that together, we will make america great again. thank you, west virginia. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. >> vice president mike pence there in scott depot, west virginia, sounding very much like back on the campaign trail
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hearing very familiar refrains about digging coal, tax plan, repeal and replace obamacare and tor forgotten no more. you recall hearing a lot of that language on the campaign trail. this is coming the day after the devastating defeat for the gop health care plan with the president and house speaker paul ryan pulled before it was voted on, so let me bring back now my panelist, jane newton small and steve moore. all right, jay, to you first. we heard the vice president there again kind of reiterating some blame of the failed health care plan saying congress wasn't ready. all democrats and a handful of republicans were standing in the way, but again, kind of reiterating a promise that repealing and replacing is still on the agenda. >> that was striking and surprising to me since just yesterday, house speaker paul ryan basically said, obamacare is now going to be the law of
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the land for the foreseeable future and admitting defeat they were not able to get the votes in order to repeal this. i don't see how they're ever going to get enough votes given this failure this week of the bill to suddenly turn around and say there's votes down the road for it is really hard to imagine and also a really striking they would blame it on democrats. democrats were never going to vote to repeal the signature law of the last president of democratic barack obama. never going to get them to get on board with that. they certainly were on board for a technical fix and that's what president trump was hinting at this morning, eventually, obamacare will explode and as some sort of fix or a bill. >> working together. >> right, that's what democrats want to see. >> vice president talking about some democrats celebrating that this was a victory. he said a victory for the status quo. that victory won't last very long, so see, then that is a
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pledge that there will be another step perhaps at this whole repeal and replace concept that was a campaign promise. >> i think that was the significance of the seepeech wa mike pence saying this thing is not over. i still believe before the end of the year, there will be a vote that succeeds in the house and the senate and by the way, it will happen without a single democrat vote as you just no interest and not true that d democrats are interested in lowering the cost. they're against the repeal of the regulations, they're against medical malpractice reforms. all of the things that the republicans have talked about in terms of reducing costs, every democrat has been opposed to and -- >> i guess what you heard chuck schumer clarify that democrats are not on board with repealing it but certainly making some mends to it. so perhaps that's something to talk about or things that both
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sides are willing to work on, but not at the expense of repealing the plan altogether, the health care plan altogether. >> the problem with that is that this is not a fixable law. it's like saying you're on the titanic and you want to take some pail out of the water. that's not going to work. the system is not working. i'd love to see ideas to do that but can't do it in the framework of obamacare. we're going to see 25% or 35% increases this year in the premiums on top of the huge increases we've seen in the past and if we stay on the current course, they're going to see tens of millions of people lose their health insurance coverage because they won't be able to afford it. >> so steven, you know, the trump white house was counting on this health care plan going forward so that it could help put this administration in a position to get more money toward its budget plan. is that possible now or does
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this mean back to the drawing board for its budget plan, for tax reform plans, as a result? >> there's no question that donald trump needs a victory. he needs a legislative victory. he's stalled for the moment on obamacare and i think that means the next big thing will be tax reform and possibility of maybe meg tax reform with an frastructureplan, call it a jobs plan, get the business tax rates down, put some more money into infrastructure projects to get jobs back in this country. i was just looking at this morning's public opinion polls and they show what has been true for the last two, three, four years which is still jobs and the economy are issues number one and two for the american people. >> steven moore, jay newton small, thank you so much to both of you, appreciate it. much more in the newsroom right after this.
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breaking now. we learn one person has been shot on las vegas boulevard near the cosmopolitan hotel. a section of the strip is now closed. las vegas metropolitan police said there is no active shooter at this time. we'll update you as that story develops. in the meantime, this comes on the heels of a brazen heist ath which sounds as if it' straight out of an oceans 11 film. police say at least three masked men, one wearing a pig mask, robbed the luxury jewelry store at the famous hotel just before 1:00 a.m. this morning. you see right there, the image of that person wearing that pig mask. authorities say the burglars were carrying sledgehammers and smashed their way through the end of the high end store inside the hotel. one suspect allegedly armed with a gun. the bellagio hotel was placed on lockdown during the incident. you're seeing video from the early morning hours.
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all the suspects are in place custody and are being questioned. no one was hurt during the incident and no shots. that incident were fired. corrupt, dishonest, enemy of the american people, who could i be describing? these are the words that president trump called the media and that relationship doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. >> as you know, i have a running war with the media. among the most dishonest human beings on earth. >> some of them right up there, the world's most dishonest people. >> disgusting reporters, horrible people. >> they're corrupt. they lie and fabricate stories. >> the biggest rigger of the system is the media. the media is rigged. it's rigged. it's crooked as hell. >> yet when the health care bill was being pulled yesterday, the president picked up the phone
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and directly called "the washington post," "the new york times." so for months in defeat, president trump immediately began spinning the story. sometimes, he was known as doing such a new york real estate mogul and he'd been doing it on the campaign trail and t as president, he was doing something very similar. still criticism on the media. so bill carter, a cnn media analyst. bill, now, here he is, president. he's looking at the biggest defeat of his presidency and amazingly, he telephones bob costa at the "washington post" and bob costa wrote an incredible story in the post just talking about how, yeah, and he was tweeting about it in the midst of this conversation. so what does this tell you about
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the president reaching out to the "washington post" and then later also, "the new york times," sort of a lifeline when he was staring at this defeat? >> i wouldn't call it a lifeline but looking at delivering news in a straightforward way. >> that's interesting you say he respects because he doesn't utter that. >> a lot oftheatrics. he would call me. he wanted to be in that newspaper. he has great respect for that newspaper. but of course, when he's out there throwing red meat to conservatives and they hate the media, he feeds them that but he was in duress but didn't go to the conservative media because the conservative media was blowing up this plan and really pumping up the opponents, the
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freedom caucus. >> so did you indicate he is maybe confused or at a moment too where he's not really sure on who to trust or where he might get a favorable reporting. what's the root of this? >> he likes favorable reporting, obviously, but also, i think, has to respect the tafact there are news organizations that deliver the facts. this was a factual situation. it went down to defeat. he was explaining himself and rather than get mixed up in the ideological aspect of it, he wanted to talk about the facts of it and his intentions. he wanted to put the blame on the democrats but he wanted to explain the situation but not get tied up in the ideology. >> it's interesting. i use the word favorable when i
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think of factual reporting, but we know the president has used the word favorable in terms of, like, popularity contest. so do you see though, however, that something is evolving in him? you know, historically, analysts will say the presidency changes the person. is this an indication there's a change now in the president trump? >> i would never jump to that conclusion with mr. trump because he's always all over the place, a volatile character. he's a narcissist. it's about himself. but maybe this is a situation where he realizes, dealing with only these pure ideologues cost him in this case. >> a realization. >> and he lost some moderates because of that and maybe if he had done a mainstream bill and brought the democrats in, et cetera, they could have gotten success instead of failure and he wants success. >> and do you believe like in
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his tweet this morning that working together is on the horizon? do you believe that in him? that he's willing to reach out as opposed to expecting others are going to reach out to him? >> remember, he also said he wants obamacare to explode first which is very irresponsible as a lot of people could be hurt by that but i think he may have step back from this particular experience and said, there are some people here, we can't deal with them. they're never going to, they wanted to get rid of the limitation with the age of 26 and the preconditions. he knows that can't work and also remember the promise he'll deliver with a bill that covers everybody, so he's caught in that. in order to make that work, he has to find a path that's in the middle. i think if he really wants to make it work, that's where he'll go. >> good to see you.
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thank you so much. >> with the health care bill, dead in the water, president trump and his former aides ties to russia, that's thrust back into the spotlight. up next, why congressm adam shiv is doubling down on his call for an independent commission to investigate the kremlin's role in the 2016 election.
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all right, just a short time
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ago, republican senator lindsey graham spoke out on the investigation of russian meddling in the 2016 election and that investigation, so appearing at a town hall in his home state of south carolina, graham insisted russia needed to be punished for their involvement. >> i have legislation that i think would get 80 votes if we could ever have a vote that would punish the russians for interfering in our election with sanctions beyond what we have for their interference with crimea. i want a vote on that as soon as we can. let me tell you why. the russians are trying to interfere in the french election which is at the end of april, so i want to vote at least in committee in the senate before the french elections to let the europeans and the russians know that we care about what russia did in our own backyard. the germans have their election in september and hope to pass that bill and put it on
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president trump's desk in september to punish the russians so they won't do it again. and the investigation, we've lened two things. the fbi's investigating trump campaign operatives for potential ties to russia. here's my belief. [ cheers and applause ] it goes wherever it goes. no politics stands in the way. let the fbi do their job and what happens happens. >> let's discuss more of this now with david rode, a cnn global affairs analyst, investigation analyst for reuters. good to see you, david. senator graham said the u.s. should work with other countries whose elections are coming up like frans and germany. can the u.s. be influential, particularly, as it relates to russia, threatening to interfere with those elections? >> it can, if there's legislation passed or new sanctions, it would have an impact to russia's economy that's very weak and the bigger
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statement that graham made was to have the investigation go where it's going to go. the failure of health care, the sort of, this did weaken president trump and embolden republicans like graham to not defend him when it comes to russia. >> and also, graham said the house intel committee is about to fall apart and he's making direct inference to devin nunez, the chairman of that committee. reporting to the white house before even talking to his own committee. does this look like the divide is widening as it pertaining to republican leadership? >> i think it is, there is a divide among republicans. now, again, health care, looks like a big unwieldy party. i think democrats let the house continue because they're in the minority, they don't have power. i was in washington thursday and friday, so they need to cooperate. the democrats want to keep this
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going. i don't see the whole investigation in the house derailing immediately. >> and then devin nunez took it a step further and lindsey graham commented on that, the fact that what was going to be a public hearing tomorrow involving john brennan, james clapper, sally yates, now that will not be so public. what does that mean to you? is that to the detriment to the committee's investigation? >> this is very political. i don't think the private hearings will work. the democrats will complain something is covered up and the other news, paul manafort said he was willing to maybe testify before one of these investigations. that's a really bad narrative for the trump administration. paul manafort is the swamp. he's a political -- >> former campaign manager. >> yes. there was a story by the associate press that he was receiving $10 million a year from a russian oligarch to lobby
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on behalf of russia. that's the swamp. and if manafort comes forward and questioned, i don't see how he's going to talk his out of this. most americans don't even know who manafort is and heomes forward as a lobbyist making $10 million a year for the russian oligarch. >> and coming forward voluntarily to testify again, private as opposed to public but acknowledge i am a hardball player and have sharp elbows and always play politics the way it's supposed to be played but one thing isn't in my bag of tricks. treason. so how revealing potentially do you believe this testimony could be? whether it's stone orm manafort. how much do you expect they'll say? >> they'll say he had nothing to do with this, but stone predicted and warned that john podesta, hillary clinton's
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campaign manager would be embarrassed soon and then soon afterwards, wikileaks releases the damaging e-mails that had been hacked by russia according to u.s. intelligence services so how did he know they were coming? again, i see stone's testimony and manafort's testimony kind of raising more questions rather than ending the investigation. >> david rohde. thank you so much. i'm fredericka whitfield. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" continues right after this.
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i'm ana cabrera in new york. great to have you with me. you're live in the sh"cnn newsroom." staggering defeat on health care. his first legislative push since moving into the white house ended in failure. candidate trump promised over and over again to replace obamacare with something better. the man who once wrote about the art of the deal came up short on capitol hill. the first time. so now what? what members of congress tell their constituents? here's what lindsey graham had to say at a south carolina town hall just today, watch. >> i don't think one party is going to be able to fix this by themselves. so here's what i think should happen next. i think the president should reach out to democrats. i should reach out the democrats and we should say, let's take a


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