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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 28, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that's all the time we have. thanks for watching. "cnn tonight" starts right now. see you tomorrow. >> trump white house facing accusations over a cover up. over ties to russia. the administration denying it blocked former acting attorney general sally yates from telling the house intelligence committee what she knows about the trump campaign and russian officials. that hearing was supposed to happen today but was canceled. the man who canceled it, committee chairman devin nunez. saying he's moving forward with the probe. but democrats charge he's too close to the white house and must step aside. they want to know who signed him into the white house grounds to view classified information
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which he briefed president trump about before sharing it with the rest of his committee. all these questions about russia waiting to be answered, this from the press secretary spicer. >> if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that's a russian connection. >> that happened. i want to begin with senior political analyst and gloria borger, april ryan the white house contour for american radio networks, the woman who got spicer talking about that russian salad dressing. welcome to all of you. it's appropriate to start with you, ms. ryan because you have the quote of the day. you can't make this stuff up. so, plenty of moving parts on
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the russian investigation. the white house denying that administration blocked sally yates from testifying on the russian trump connection but chairman nunes would not say if the white house asked him to scrap the hearing. listen to manu raj catching up and we'll discuss. >> are you going to stay as chairman and run this investigation? >> why would i not? you need ask them why these things are being said. >> can this investigation continue? with you as chairman? why would it not? aren't i briefing you continuously and keeping you up to speed. >> you got to go talk to them. that sounds like their problem. my colleagues are perfectly fine. they know we're doing an investigation and that will continue. >> did the trump administration seek to have sally yates not testify? >> you're speculating. i'm sorry. whenever there's time we'll hold a press conference. >> did they ask you to cancel
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the hearing today? >> come on. >> why did you cancel the hear ing. >> nothing's been canceled. >> the answers are perplexing np the chemicals say this looks like a cover up and now the first gop congressman is calling for nunes, his recusal. gloria, what is going on here? >> i think you see the house intelligence committee imploding completely. i think you see democrats led by adam schiff on that committee saying nunez can't be -- don't his job and can't do an impartial investigation. you see signs of so so-called conclusion. and i'm not talking about the white house and the russians. i'm talking about nunes and the white house. and it's a difficult situation which is why it makes sense to
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me to have some kind of an independent investigation or a joint committee or something that would take this or try to take this out of the realm of politics because you are dealing with serious national security issues here. i know that devin nunes says when pro-to a we should be concerned about the unmasking of people who were incidentally, in some of these communications, and all the rest. but that is a diversion. that is a side issue right now. the major issue in front of the congress is the question of any kind of russian ties to people in the trump transition. >> we're not talking about -- yeah. we're focusing on how he got his information. why did he go here and there. do you agree with what dwloglor said, april.
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you're there every day. >> i agree whole heartedly but at issue and at question, can there be fair intelligence committee investigation on this? and at this point it does not look like it. even though the intel chair is saying that he's still in charge and really this is left up to speaker ryan. to see if this is really something that can fly because it doesn't look like it will be. he will be the one that will have to basically remove the intel chair from this. and again in question is the i am proprieties that have happened. checks and balances are not checks and balances right now. looks like check mate. >> i want to go to you because you broke the story regarding sally yates at the washington post. the white house were not a fan of your scoop. take a look at this. >> on the 24th, ms. yates attorney sent a letter to the white house counsel requesting that consent saying if they did not receive a response by march 27th at 10:00 a.m., they would
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conclude that white house does not assert executive privilege over these matters. the white house took no action that prevented ms. yates from testifying. that's the story, that's what the documents show. the report in the "washington post" is 100% false. >> so he's right in a sense but context is everything because here's the thing. the hearing was canceled on friday so there was no need for them to reply. >> exactly. if you have a game that's rained out, you don't expect the refs to show up. there's one point i completely agree with. a lot of this russian reporting is based on sourcing. our story is not based on sourcing. ours is based on a series of letters among lawyers. if people have doubts or questions, they should read the letters that are published with our story and makeup their own minds. the reality is what happens was there was this back and forth that was somewhat contentious
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and when it seemed to be coming to a head, they pulled the plug on the hearing. i think that's very straightforward. >> here's the key point of your story. you saidiates and another witness at the plan meeting, former cia director john brennan had made clear by thursday that their testimony to the committee probably would contradict some statements that white house officials had made. according to to a person familiar with the matter. and the next day the hearing was canceled. >> right. so what you see both in the letters and in our kwfgsz people who are familiar with these discussions is that both yates and brennan are trying to work through their former agencies and with the current government officials to make clear what they intend to say, where the lines are and they're having these discussions but with yates it became complicated because of this whole issue of privilege and it was never really resolved
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because the hearing was canceled. >> mark, while this house appearance to be stalling here and people are questioning whether they can have one, the other question is where nunes got the surveillance intel. people will say we don't like to reveal our sources. the white house is refusing to say who signed him on to the white house grounds. is that problematic? >> it is for a couple reasons. one, we have to acknowledge we're going to find out who signed him into the white house. it might not happen tonight. look, it's washington. nobody keeps secrets in washington anymore. especially when you're a political official. why it's problematic is just the appearance of it looks like they're trying to hide something. they don't want to give up information. this has been their problem all along. with every turn and development in this russia investigation, the white house has not been
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forthright or willing to work with the jury present of justice or with capitol hill, specifically the democrats. they have not been as forthcoming as they should have been. >> do you think we'll figure out who let him onto the white house grounds? do you think we'll get answers? >> eventually. there was a lot of speculation about working for nunes who went to work at the white house on national security matters and so he would seem to be a natural suspect as it were to have at least facilitated this visit by nunes. >> but nunez was asked about michael ellis by manu raju today and his response is "you're asking too many questions." >> right. >> i hate that. >> but can i just say on the question of the executive privilege here.
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this was actually, to me, the most significant development and it's actually a good thing for people who want to get at the truth. he took privilege off the table and that's astonishing. i've been covering investigations for years in washington and white houses, democrat and republican jealously guard executive privilege as much as they can to thwart congressional investigators and whether he knew what sean spicer was going to say today or not, the fact is spicer locked the white house in to a position that really allows for testimony far beyond any other white house counsel. >> do you agree with that? >> it's a great point. absolutely. he gave the green light. for her to testify. i suppose this is a white house that occasionally changes its mind.
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and doesn't have any compunction about doing that. i suppose they could come back tomorrow and say there are legal issues here and we don't want her to talk about x, y, and z. but it seemed spicer came out there knowing he was going to say that. it didn't seem off the cuff and the fact that this story had become public had sort of forced their hand and made them not want to seem to be covering up her testimony. >> guess what everyone? >> i think it's important. >> guess what, everyone. you're coming back because it's such a great panel. gloria, you'll be the first out of the break. show down in the white house press room. april ryan, mix it up with spieshs. we'll hear directly from april right after this as well. look closely. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning
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the trump administration's alleged ties to russia. back with me my panel including that reporter, april ryan. gloria, you wanted to make a point? >> i to give the floor to april. >> as you do every single day, you ask tough questions. >> for the last 20 years. >> so you asked about this russia connection. it got a little tense. let's play it and then we'll talk about it. >> april, go ahead. >> sean, don't seem so happy. you're like go ahead. anyway, with all these investigations, questions of what is is, how does this administration try to revamp its image 2 1/2 months in. you got other things going on, you've got russia, you've got wiretapping. >> no, we don't have that -- i get it, but
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i've said it from the day that i got here until whenever that there is no connection. you've got russia. if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad, somehow that's a russian connection. but every single person -- i appreciate your agenda here but the reality is -- no, at some point report the facts. report the facts are that every single person that has been briefed on the subject has come away with the same conclusion. republican, democrat. i'm sorry your disgusts you. you're shaking your head. i appreciate it. but understand this at some point the facts are what they are and every single person who has been briefed on this situation with respect to the situation with russia, republican, democrat, obama appointee, career, have all come to the same conclusion. at some point, april, you're going to have to take no for an answer with respect to whether or not there was conclusion
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it seems like you're hell bent on making sure whatever image you want to tell about this white house stays. zimmerman just . >> i am just reporting. >> because% at the end of the day -- you're asking me a question and i'm going to answer. please stop shaking your head again. >> i mean, what are you a child? as you put it today. you said you were road kill today. he was so combative. >> he's frustrated. you can clearly see that and today wasn't a pretty day. the administration wanted to come out and combat this "washington post" story. and anything about russia, they're very concerned with because of what's been happening with nunes. this whole scope from the day after the president was inaugurated, there's been problems from the podium, from the time they started talking about the crowd size to today. they're frustrated. they're trying to find their footing.
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i understand the job he's trying to do but i'm also doing my job as a reporter by asking the questions and i did not ask a question that was wrong. i just asked after the series of questions from everyone in the room, how do you change the narrative from this negative picture to something that -- >> we don't have that. we don't have that. that's your narrative. i'm just channelling him. which is odd to me because yes, that is the reality of it but basically what she's saying is this is all your fault, buddy. >> right, sorry, april. >> i did not say that. >> these are some serious issues, right? and everyone's tense. i think what you're seeing in similar ways to the way the clinton email tested parts of government. it's testing government in different ways and people are stressed out. >> can i add one thing? what he said is not correct.
11:19 pm
the subject of potential russian collusion with the trump campaign or associates is the subject that everyone is investigating. and i interpreted his comment as in even if his strange attacks on april as saying that everyone's looked into this and nobody's found anything. well, the fbi's been investigating this since july. we don't know the conclusion of that investigation. it is the subject we are all looking into and his statement made it look like it's been is asked, answered, looked at and moved on. that's not what director comey said when he testified last week, the fbi director. >> right. and april struck a nerve with spicer. and we are watching him live on television every day. with lots of press secretaries over the years at that podium there are lots of contentious tos and froes, right?
11:20 pm
you guys all know that. >> ever like this though, gloria? >> i don't know that it's ever been under a microscope like this. and i can can't vouch for everything, but there's been lot of contentious moments in those press rooms. but the problem he has and april, you know more than i do that the problem he has is he's pushing this boulder up a hill and keeps getting rolled over by it. and that's because the story won't go away and every effort, every effort they make, whether nunes is making the effort to cancel hearings or to divert people's attention to unmasking, which is really an issue that is not what's in front of everyone. whatever they try and do it isn't working. and i think today -- let me just say this to the earlier point,
11:21 pm
which is i think today sean spicer made a mistake. because he said we welcome yates' testimony and in doing so, in doing so he kind of opened a pandora's box because of course now she's going to testify and whether she does it publicly or privately, she's going to testify because he's given her license to do so from the podium. >> mark, have you ever seen it like this. i've seen moments but never on a daily basis. lewinsky scandal you can find contentious moments. a couple things about sean spicer. all of us know sean and all of us know april. this is the second time she's mixed up with the white house. she mixed it up with president trump. but it wasn't her fault. she was asking a simple question they took umbridge with. gloria talks about pushing a
11:22 pm
boulder up the hill. he is being asked to go out and do the unanswerable. to give an answer for a question that there is no answer to. and often times -- >> he's not being forced. >> i know. but let me just say this because i do think i'll bring it full circle here. he's supposed to go out there and speak on behalf of the leader of the free world because we know that donald trump sits back and watches the briefings. >>, yes, he does. >> and he should be speaking directly to the american people and world leaders, what have you but he's really having to speak to donald trump because donald trump critiques everything. . >> and there's no indication that sean spicer's job is ggt get easier. >> the key here is there are specific matters that the committees can go into and can
11:23 pm
the advance ball one way or the other. certainly calling sally yates but also calling michael flynn, put him under oath, why he had those conversations with the russian ambassador and who instructed them or did he have conversations with the president about the conversations he was having with the russian ambassador? those are the areas where the committees can cut through all the back and forth and the noise and get some facts on the table and we might start to get some answers because this is going at an exceedingly slow pace. we're learning a lot about the atmospherics and very little about the core facts at hand and i think that's what we ought to all be focussed on. >> i want to get your response but i want to play this first. because you got mentioned a lot today. watch this. >> april ryan, a respected journalist with unrivaled integrity was doing her job
11:24 pm
just this afternoon in the white house press room when she was patronized and cut off trying to ask a question. one of your own california congresswoman, maxine waters was taunted with a racist joke about her hair. too many women, especially women of color, have had a lifetime of practice taking precisely these kinds of indignities in stride. but why should we have to? and any woman who thinks this couldn't be directed at her is living in a dream world. >> and we're back to the campaign it seems like. >> no, it wasn't the campaign. >> i know. but seriously those are very strong words. what did you think of the secretary's comments? >> i was surprised.
11:25 pm
i arrived home and was with my daughters and someone said did you see hillary clinton and i was like no. and i saw it and couldn't believe it. i was shocked. but i did go on twitter and said preach. >> is it an audience of one that he is. yes, he does work for the white house, but ultimately he works for the american people and he -- the american people deserve the truth and you should be respectd and as long as you respect him, he should respect you. and i thought he was really combative with you and it was not a good answer. >> well, let me say this to you. that end of the day, he's going to do his job and i'm going to come back tomorrow and i'm going to keep coming back. i understand what sean is dealing with and i understand what i'm dealing with as well. what i will say, and i'm going to go back to the comment about atmospherics, part of
11:26 pm
the picture is the fact when sean is like that or any press secretary is like that it's the reflection of the leader of the free world. the way he came in the briefing room was a reflection of the president of the united states. so the president probably was angry about the what happens article and other things that are going on and it showed in sean spicer in his appearance that podium today. >> yes, gloria, i got to cut you off. but you're coming back. >> hillary clinton is back. she's not walking in the woods anymore. >> no. >> not at all. >> more after the break. don't go anywhere. at blue apron, we're building a better food system. where instead of paying for middlemen, we work directly with family farms
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11:31 pm
something. >> you've been doing this 20 years? >> >> 20 years this year. >> i wanted to apologize for tweeting at preston during the break. one other point of something that happened today just to show how bad things are between the white house press core and the white house. first time i remember this has happened when the white house announced today it will not be sending or allowing any white house staffers to go to this annual white house correspondent association dinner. president trump said he would not be there and the white house staff quote out of solidarity, is what they told the correspondents association will also not be going. in previous years news organizations didn't want to go because there's too much coziness. between press and the white house. >> i heard this is the weekend to go. >> i've never gotten so many invitations. >> it's an easy ticket this year.
11:32 pm
>> >> this year is the year to go. i will tell you this and i may not -- i shouldn't be telling you but i'm going to give you a little scoop. there will be a major theme and one of the major themes of the night will be the first amendment, the freedom of the press. that's a major theme that night. some of the cabinet secretaries have been placed at some of the tables. i shouldn't say this either. i'm not going to say the name, but there supposedly was a cabinet secretary at bloomberg. so now with this memo to the whca, that will not happen. >> wow. >> i guess i'm going to go now. because i need to be there. so if you're cnn, i'm going. >> you can sit with me, don. >> all right. gloria, let's go if you'll be my date.
11:33 pm
that is interesting as well because this is all about the first amendment. so let's talk now about gloria, the president trump's son-in-law senior advisor, jared kushner who testified behind closed doors. this russian cloud is hovering over the inner circle. >> it is, and with real reasons. jared kushner apparently -- we know he met with the russian ambassder and we just learned he met with an em sarry from a russian bank with ties to putin. and you have to scratch your head and say did he do it as just as a per if you think tori meeting just a perfungtry meeting or as business man jared kushner and all you'd have to do is google it and in three seconds you would have known it might not have been a great meeting for the president's son in law to take. you have to ask yourself was there something to it?
11:34 pm
was it just naivete? was it just disorganization on the transition which we know is disorganized? you can't jump to a conclusion. there's something definitely nefarious here, but you also have to look at the reporting here which says that this person, by the way this bank was under sanction, okay. so why would the president to be son in law meet with this person who represents a bank that was under sanction by the united states government? >> it's unclear if it adds up to anything or not but there's reason to question kushner's judgment. >> of course. absolutely. that guy was a sanctioned individual and this is all the more reason why this and a lot more should be public hearings with people testifying so we can
11:35 pm
see answering all questions and we could take the measure of jared kushner who we never hear him talking. to get people under oath explaining what they were talking about, who they talked to, what instructions they had, this is key. and i just want to come back to the point i made before. we're nearly three months into this and i don't see the ball moving very fast. i think that's at a danger for the democrats infelicity white house. the democrats have got to at some point or the people who think there's something there at some point got to be showing some cards or coming up with something or this is going to look like just one big -- >> and not great for the american people as well super they have to live through this drama.
11:36 pm
>> i think one of the things people haven't keyed in on is what the white house did by saying we want her to talk, that actually increases the pressure on nunes. because they've canceled the hearing and haven't said when it's coming back. or, frankly, if it's coming back. and that just puts nunes under more pressure. where he's under fire to say when is this hearing. because everyone's fine with it so when is it going to happen? and i don't think that's a great moment for nunez either given what else is going on. >> final word, quick. >> if the house doesn't do it, does the senate invite her up and she does it in the u.s. senate? you guys were great. i wish we had you for the whole two hours. good stuff. >> good night, don. >> don't shake your head, don. >> nice yellow, gloria. stands out. and don't start none, won't be none. don't start causing trouble.
11:37 pm
actually keep your feet to the fire. we appreciate it. thank you all. >> i just do what i do and ask questions. thank you all. many on capitol hill calling for devin nunez to recuse himself. i'm talking to a democratic member of the committee. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me
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growing calls for nunes to recuse himself from the investigation into possible links between the trump campaign and russia. eric swa well join us live. tubs recent actions by chairman nunez are what a coverup to a crime looks like. those are your words. why have you come to believe that. >> i said the actions by the white house and now using chairman nunes to further delay our investigation. russia attacked our democracy want us to take this as seriously as they do. michael flynn lied to the vice president about his contacts to
11:42 pm
the russian ambassador. senator sessions at the time mislead his confirmation hearing. donald trump made a deceitful claim about wiretapping by president obama, and now they're inviting the chairman over to the white house to see classified information and keeping all the committee members in the dark. that doesn't look right to me. i think we need to reclaim our independence. >> here's what you said about chairman nunes. here's what he said on manu raju today. are you going to stay as chairman and run this investigation. >> why would i not? you guys need to go ask them why these things are being said. >> can this investigation continue with you as chairman? >> why would it not. aren't i briefing you guys continuously and keeping you up to speed? >> but they're saying it --
11:43 pm
cannot run with you as chair. >> you got to go talk to them. that sounds like their problem. my colleagues are perfectly fine. they know we're doing an investigation and that will continue. >> so he has confidence in himself. the question is do you have confidence. i'm wondering what your colleagues are saying or know about this investigation. don, i like chairman nunez. i worked well with him in the past. but for the independence and credibility of this investigation he should recuse himself. the republican also is calling for that this evening. a lot of what we do doesn't involve russia and for him to be the chairman of the committee, i think italy also serves us well if he steps aside for the russian investigation. let's talk about the canceled testimony the former acting general, sally yates. they say they did not communicate about her testimony and they still want to hear from her. so why did the chairman cancel that hearing? >> we were supposed to be -- i
11:44 pm
should be here reporting what we yates heard from yates, brennan. that was supposed to be a continuation of the public hearing we had. no reason was given but we know sally yates had sought to testify, wanted to make sure the white house wasn't going to privilege and the white house never got back to her. a letter urged her to be cautious about what she said thp pis is what this is what you do when you don't want information in the public light and i think the white house could be more forthcoming. >> you think that the white house did not want her to testify publicly at least or did not want her to be heard from because it would not look good? >> it's sure easy to say we want her to testify the day that the hearing is canceled. that's not what their actions were when the hearing was set up and she had agreed to come in and was already ready to appear. it's very convenient for them to say that now.
11:45 pm
i think we need try their word and have a hearing in the public and see if they allow her to do it. >> here's what your web page shows. it's a graphic connecting the dots between trump, his advisers and russian interests. given that so much is so uncertain in this investigation. do you think this is premature? and would it be better if you waited for all the evidence? so far nothing has been proven. i think what you said, correct me if i'm wrong is you have to figure out whether this is a confluence of events or if there's a conflict. >> they went after what we hold sacred, free and fair elections. we should make sure we hold any u.s. persons accountable. and right now there are serious dots that continue to connect, personal, financial, and political ties that trump and his team had that were converging at the time of the russian interference and i think the american people want to better understand that especially when so much of our work is done in a classified setting.
11:46 pm
we have put out the unclassified facts. all we want right now is to follow the evidence, see writ takes us. it's in our president's interest if this is not a pattern to be clear. and if they are a convergence of personal, political, and financial ties with russia's interference, then people needed to be held accountable. >> thank you very much. coming up the white house says it made no attempt to block sally yates from testifying so why was her testimony canceled? at blue apron, we're building a better food system.
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attorney for the middle district of georgia and former congressman who was a senior advisor to the trump campaign. so good to have you on. >> glad to be here. >> so i want to speak with you now first mr. moore. >> sure. >> the former acting attorney general sally yates, other intelligence officials they've been asked to testify before the house intelligence committee before on these leaks between
11:51 pm
russian officials and members of the trump campaign but then on friday, chairman nunes suddenly cancelled that. you know sally yates. what do you believe would have happened today if that hearing had happened as it was supposed to? >> it's getting to the point where they told you the sun rose in the east you better go check because there's no credibility coming out of the executive branch right now. think also when you think about it you're likely to hear that president trump's vindication has turned into implication. the worst thing that can happen if you think about it from a lawyer's point of view and i've both prosecuted these cases and defended them, the worst thing is for your client to get caught up in somebody else's wiretap and that's what it sounds like has happened here. somebody in the trump team is
11:52 pm
probably caught up in a tap and i think that was set to come out. so i don't think there's any question they did not want her to testify. i'm not surprised to hear them say that oh, we're all forit. i think probably a week or so when the hearing gets rescheduled you'll start to hear things from white house lawyers say there may be some presidential privilege there and suddenly spicer and the other members of the executive branch will start to say well, we can't do this. the president would be happy to but our lawyers won't let us. >> salaryuate social security not exactly popular with the administration. back in january yates ordered the justice department not to defend the president's executive travel order, got a lot of criticism for it. the president remarked she had betrayed the administration. she's also the official who notified the lieutenant general michael flynn may have misled about his meetings with russia.
11:53 pm
if she testified publicly today, would that have been a further blow to this admission strags already under a lot of pressure under last week's hearing? >> i don't know. i think it would be awkward. number one as you know the white house did not stand in the way of her testifying. it was the chairman of the committee and you've stated that who counciled the meeting so -- and i checked with nunes' office and they said they had no communication with the white house about counciling it but it seems to me she'd have a tough time testifying because here was a woman who was a prosecutor. she was looking into the russian wiretap. she apparently knew about general flynn's conversation with the russians. so -- and then now she's a witness. i don't exactly see how she shifts gears and wears two different hats. >> so what russian wiretap was she looking into? >> well, i don't know, but she apparently knew about flynn or felt like flynn had been compromised
11:54 pm
so she had that information from some source. then there's -- >> would that make her a more credible witness if she has all this knowledge of the investigation? >> i don't know because i don't know how you switch between, hey, i'm on your team to now i'm just a bystanding witness. we have to remember this is a very political set of hearings, so i just think she would be a very -- an interesting witness to put it mildly, but as i understand what devin nunes had to do was he wanted to get comey back in before he had yates and before he had clapper back. needed to have an invitation. comey said i want to have adam schiff's signature. >> her attorney said she would be speaking on things that had already been commented on by officials both democrat and republican and intel officials as well. >> you know, they always say that, but then they get in the hearings and i've seen it where witnesses say things -- they get out of their lane. remember again the white house did not stop her.
11:55 pm
they had the opportunity to invoke privilege, but they did not. >> did the white house stop her? >> sally is a consummate professional. i think the fact that the white house didn't give a yes or no but stayed silent on it, she decided with counsel there's an issue here. the idea that she's somehow partisan or obama appointee, if that's the case, and i like jack and he's done some good things in south georgia when he was representing us, but that means nunes, who was basically on transition team, has no business leading the investigation because it may be skewed some way. that's just not the system we have. sally is a professional. she was acting attorney general at the time. she was privy to information. it's not uncommon, i don't think, to have the attorney general give information to a congressional committee. this is really one of the most
11:56 pm
important things we can be talking about. that's whether or not we got in bed with the enemy. >> do you think there should be an independent committee? do you think they can still do their job? >> i think they can do their jobs. on cnn tonight you had james langford. people forget the senate has a totally different -- maybe the sniping back and forth that you see in the house is totally the opposite of what you have in the senate. they're going step by step, democrat and republican, and having a very dignified hearing and investigation. i think the house unfortunately there is a lot of politics around it, and that's what i would be concerned about. >> i've got to go. thank you. appreciate it. straight ahead, jared kushner's meeting with a russian bank who has ties to vladimir putin. he'll now be questioned by a senate committee.
11:57 pm
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the trump administration's intriguing ties to russia. if there's nothing to hide as the white house insists, why all the unanswered questions? this is "cnn tonight." why did jared kushner meet with the head of a russian bank who has ties to vladimir putin? american intelligence called the bank chief a spy. jared kushner set to testify in front of the house intelligence committee. >> if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that's a russian connection. >> and first lady melania trump


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