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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  April 3, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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interference in the u.s. campaign. the president meets with three world leaders this week. former national security adviser flynn's offer to tell his story in exchange for immunity, let's go to brian nobles. >> reporter: good morning, we said this a lot, but this could be one of the biggest weeks of president trump's presidency. he has a whole host of meetings with important leaders, capped with the president of china xi jinping. donald trump lays it on the line for china telling them they need to get involved to deal with the problems in the korean
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peninsula, and neil gorsuch, the nominee for the supreme court is expected to get a vote sometime this week. republicans confident they're going to get him confirmed. the question is will they do it with the 60 votes customary for a vote like this? all this as the cloud of russia continues to overshadow this administration. adam schiff the ranking member, reacted to the news that michael flynn is willing to make an immunity deal. schiff said his committee may not be interested. >> we don't want to do anything that will interfere in any case that the justice department might decide to bring and we have to determine whether we need him to learn information we can't learn from other sources so it's very early to consider this. >> reporter: even though russia continues to be a big issue for the trump administration, the president himself is not backing down tweeting on sunday morning
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quote the real story turns out to be surveillance and leaking. find the leakers. all this as the president has a very busy week in 41 front of h starting this morning. thank you. days ahead of the president's meeting with president xi jinping. the u.s. warning it will take action on its own unless china increases pressure on the regime. >> the president said china will either decide to help us with north korea or they won't. if they do it will be very good for china, if they won't don't it won't be good for anyone. no longer take the excuses from china that they're concerned too, they need to show us how concerned they are, they need to put pressure on north korea. the only country that can stop
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north korea is china. she's meeting with president trump. coming up ahead. the supreme court court pick neil gorsuch, the committee expected to vote today to advance his nomination to the fu senate. 52 republicans, eight democrats needed for confirmation. so far though only three democrats are supporting, with indiana, joe donnelly to get on board. >> mitch mcconnell is vowing to get gorsuch confirms even if it means changing the rules. >> all i can tell you is neil gorsuch will be confirmed.
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how that happens depends on our democratic friends -- to kill a supreme court nominee never happened before in history. if they are able to get him confirmed by friday he would be able to join the supreme court to participate in the final cases of this year's term. joining us this morning, cnn politics reporter eugene scott before he heads off to the game tonight. good luck to the tar heels, but so much to get to with the president and the scotus, and in particular that meeting with president xi jinping with china. the fact that the president desperately needs and wants a win. how can he come out of that meeting with china saying or claiming some sort of victory? >> i think people who support him already frustrated with how china has responded or not responded with north korea, it's tough talk, already a win, but what we need to see is something
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to come from it. he hasn't really given details as far as what he would do to hold china more accountable. there's been testing that perhaps he could approach it with trade and make things a bit more difficult with them, but he hasn't clarified what he wants them do to be tougher on north korea. if he gives an example and says i'm going to do this and put this before them or i'm going to move in this direction, i think they would be more moved. keeping the north korean's contained is in the best interest of china. what is the president putting on the table? a grand bargain, u.s. troops in the peninsula, we just don't have any meat from the article of the "financial times." >> i think it's important to note that donald trump hasn't said what china has done that
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has been insufficient so the whole idea that they're doing nothing right now may not necessarily be as true as the trump administration is saying. he just wants them to do more. let's talk about the scotus nomination neil gorsuch will clear a hurdle this morning we believe with the judiciary committee and mitch mcconnell has been clear, he's going to be confirmed, it's up to the democrats how he's going to be confirmed. how risky is chuck shumer's saying they're going to filibuster, how risky is that? >> i think it's a good move in terms of doubling down and making it very clear that they're going stand against neil gorsuch. gorsuch is likely going to get on the bench any way, mcconnell has been very clear saying he's going to get on by any means necessary. >> the next pick could be a
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dramatic landscape pick because it could be far to the right and shifting the balance in the court an then republicans would have nothing in their way. >> it could, but quite frankly we do not know who trump is looking at based on the list during the campaign, as we have seen in the health care debate. i think it is a bit of a risk, but i think what they have to focus on is their base and doubling down on trump and they're not going to give any wiggle room. >> you could have kennedy, ginsburg, a number of justices could retire. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about the "l.a. times," with this remarkable series of editorials, they had so much to complain bitterly about about president trump that they're rolling it out over four days and this is the "la times,"
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but correct me if i'm wrong, didn't they think president trump could become president? >> listen to what he said. >> the polls, they come out with these polls and everybody was so surprised, actually a couple came out right, "los angeles times," they did a great job. >> but -- is going to tear him apart. part of it, what is most worrisome about trump is trump himself, man so unpredictable, reckless, so full of blind self-regard, it is impossible to know where his presidency will lead us. there's a whole bunch more just like that that are going to roll out over four days, is he going
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to be tweeting out about dishonest fake news? >> i would think we would be disappoint bid the disappointed by these arguments. they're really not new arguments. they're arguments people have been putting out since trump entered the presidential race, what impact it will have isn't really clear, it will just rehash the problems that californians had. >> he spoke to people who did not have a voice and that frustration is real and i think some of these media insiders, he would call them the media leaks, now he can pretend to be presidential, can be the president we want him to be, he's not, he's the president he wants to be. >> but it doesn't hurt him with his core supporters, and strengthens, his war, this is
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going bi coastcoastabicoastal. >> a discovery, michael flynn initially did not include thousands of dollars in speaking fees from three russian companies. they were absent from the forms back in february before he resigned. he did include them in a second filing. he was paid to speak for a speech in moscow, a network intelligence officials say is a propaganda tool for vladimir putin, also paid by two other russian companies for speaking engagements in the u.s. flynn's lawyer says the first filing was a draft and he has fired extra paperwork since being fired. disclosures show ivanka trump owns a large piece of the trump hotel. her value is 5 to $25 million. these details came from her
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husband's disclosure, they say ivanka trump will submit her paperwork later this month. it is unclear whether they request she divest her interest in the hotel. >> yeah, that washington hotel is certainly a focus. president trump warning china to stop north korea's nuclear ambitions, what's behind this tough talk? more thon that next.
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president trump meeting with c china president. a reaction from china, let's bring in will ripley live. good morning to you, will. the president saying china can stop north korea's nuclear program. what's the united states -- >> reporter: sorry having issues with the earpiece, but this
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tweet and the statement president trump gave with the "financial times" is certainly -- well it's not phasing the chinese, they put out a statement a few hours ago saying during the overnight hours secretary of state tillerson had a chat with china's top diplomat and not mentioning at all any specific conversations about north korea. we know that the united states believes that china holds the key to reigning in north korea. they believe that china has economic leverage over the country they have not utilized but the bush administration also relied without success on china to solve the north korea problem, which is why president trump is saying the united states is prepared to go it alone, which means they might be willing to go at it alone, he
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said he would be willing to sit down and have a hamburger with kim jong-un as he said during the election campaign. the probably least likely according to most analysts would be some military preemptive strike. the united states is not taking that off the table but would create a whole lot of problems, a destabilizing event that could trigger potentially a catastrophic event given north korea's sizable artillery close to the city of seoul. >> global focus on the meeting with president xi. >> ten times he's been the pyongyang and there. a win away from number six
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gonzaga seeking its first title every. how will it pan out tonight. andy shoel has the bleacher report next. so you're having a party?
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how nice. i'll be right there. and the butchery begins. what am i gonna wear? this party is super fancy. let's go. i'm ready. are you my uber? [ horn honks ]
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[ tires screech ] hold on. [ upbeat music ] the biggest week in tv is back. [ doorbell rings ] who's that? show me watchathon. xfinity watchathon week! now until april 9. get unlimited access to all of netflix and more, free with xfinity on demand. andy scho happy national championship day, everybody. we started with sk68, now two left. >> and after that everybody can get back to work. good morning, andy. >> reporter: good morning, tonight's game is david versus goliath. tar heels have a much bigger fan base, enrollment 29,000 compared
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to just 7,000 for gonzaga. cory wire spoke with coach. >> we're not on a one-year mission, we're on a 20-year mission, we've been trying like crazy to build this thing up to the point where we can get it done. >> done it last year and turned right around and did it again, it gives me chills about what achievement they already have, but you know, somebody is going to win, why not let it be us. >> tip-off is a late one. 9:20. the odds makers are calling this one a tiebreaker. >> women's teams south carolina
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team wins the national title. >> the world champion chicago cubs getting their title defense against the cardinals, wilson contreras gets a hold of this one, the three-run shot ties the game but in the bottom of the ninth randle grichuk with the bases loaded cardinals beat the cubs in the opener 4-3. the first pitcher ever to hit not one, but two home runs on opening day. too bad the giants play in the national league. giants would go on to lose the
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game to the diamondbacks. this really is one of the greatest sports week of the entire year. opening day for 24 teams today. the masters ramping up on wednesday and of course the nash championship game tonight. >> bumgarner has got to dh. that swing is a thing of beauty. >> he at least needs to be a pitch hitter on a few days. >> and anna cabrera against indicate fkate for the brackets. meetings with three world leaders, one a very critical meeting with the president of china. more on that next.
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a critical week for president trump starts today. and the president is already putting china on notice to stop
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north korea or the u.s. will. and today a crucial vote in the senate on advancing supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. welcome back early start everybody i'm dave briggs. >> and i'm christine romans, 30 minutes past the hour this april 3rd. looming questions about russia's alleged interference in the election. the white house hoping to turn the narrative away from last week's big story the russia connections and former national security adviser michael line's offer to tell his story in exchange for immunity. >> reporter: we've said this a lot, but this could be one of the biggest weeks of donald trump's presidency, he has a whole host of meetings with important foreign leaders that's
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going to be capped with the summit of the president of china xi jinping. this after an interview with the financial times telling them that china needs to get involved with the problems in the upper peninsula, also a opportunity for a big win as neil gorsuch the nominee for the supreme court, republicans confident they're going to get him confirmed. the question is will they do it with the 60 votes customary for a vote like this. all this as the cloud of russia continues to overshadow it. schiff said his committee may not be interested. we don't want to do anything that will interfere in any case
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that the justice department may decide to bring and determine whether he can really add value to our investigation, so i think it's very early to even be considering this. >> reporter: even though russia continues to be a big issue fwr the trump administration, the president is not backing down tweeting the real story turns out to be surveillance and leaking, find the leakers. the president has a very busy week starting this morning. critical days ahead, meeting with the chinese leader xi jinping. the president is vowing unilateral action on north korea unless china increases its pressure on the regime. financial times, the
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president said quote china will either decide to help us with north korea or they won't, if they do, it will be good for china, if they don't, it won't be good for everyone. here is nikki haley. >> no longer take the excuses from china that they're concerned too, they need to show us how concerned they are, they need to put pressure on north korea, the only country that can put pressure on north korea is china. do we want to continue to see these ballistic missile attacks from north korea or does the president want to do something about it? >> the senate judiciary committee expected to vote on neil gorsuch.
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formal debates to begin tuesday. all 52 republicans and eight drams are needed for confirmation, so far only three democrats are supporting gorsuch, with joe donnelly the latest to get on board. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell vowing to get gorsuch on board even if it means changing the rules. >> how that happens really depends on our democratic friends, never happened before in history. >> if republicans are able to get gorsuch confirmed by friday he would join the supreme court this month, christine in time to participate in the final cases of this year's term. joining us to discuss this, so much going on cnn politics reporter eugene scott. what is the game plan of
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democrats here? they want -- they think this is mer merrick garland's seat. they want to show their disapproval but doesn't that embolden the democrats to have a even more conservative appointment later on? >> i think it certainly could but i think the democratic strategy is resistance, chuck schumer wants to demonstrate we will not give an inch for our vision of what we think will make america best and is going to encourage them not to support. he says he doesn't think gorsuch will get the eight he actually needs. but according to mcconnell it doesn't matter, because they're going to get the votes. you have an ideological shifting pick that the
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republicans can ram through whoever they want and can be far to the right, how politically risky is this for chuck schumer to play to the bass here? >> i think he's basing this off the list that the president put forward of some of the potential judges he could put up. i don't know if there were any on there that could be farther right. >> oh, yes there are. >> who? >> the guy on the right certainly would shift the balance in this court further to the right, but it's a fascinating dynamic. >> i think what the republicans have yet to prove to the democrats especially looking at health care which they still are working on is perhaps he's not counting on them to be so unified that they're going to put some idea that far right. yes, i think it was a name that the president perhaps put out to more of the right electorate but we saw with health care he can't count on all republicans
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especially those right of the most right. >> and now fascinating interview he did with the "financial times," he almost threatened republicans saying i'm going on health care, it's alive by the way and i'm going work with the democrats if you don't work with me and that won't be as good for america, but sometimes he dangedan dangles the democrats. >> and we saw that with paul ryan not wanting to work with nancy pelosi. >> the article basically laid down the gauntlet to china declaring the united states will go alone on north korea which is a remarkable statement from the president of the united states. almost every statement by the way he makes is a remarkable statement by the sitting president of the united states. >> as i reflect on the campaign i'm trying to think of maybe something more positive or
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forward moving that the president has said about china and their leaders but i can't think of something, it's just the latest in the on going attacks on the country. he has said perhaps the method he could use to be harder on north korea forward or passed is he can strengthen trade policies with china, whether or not china is going to be threatened by that is not clear. >> all you need to know about this "financial times" interview is he said his wiretapping allegations are true and wasn't even the lead story to come out in this interview, it is turning out to be true which is clearly anything but, also bi coastcoas with the "l.a. times" scathing four-part take down of president trump. they can't contain to one day,
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but let's hear what they said about the l.a. times a short time ago. >> are the polls, they come out with these polls an everybody was surprised, los angeles times shocking, they did a great job. >> so now his opinion about the "l.a. times" might change, it will roll out the entire week, here is part of what they said, still, nothing prepared us for the magnitude of this train wreck, like millions of other americans we clung to the slim hope that the new president would turn out to be all noise and bluster. instead 61 some days in and with about 1,400 to go before his term is completed increasely clear that hopes were displaced.
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>> elites california was not a state that supported trump, he will never allow us to forget that, but i think what this actually does bring to attention is the fact that the president is having a hard time unifying the country and repeatedly said he wanted to be president, not just for his base but for all of americans. and we're seeing these approval ratings at record lows, also talk about being there for eight years, whether he can do it or not, it's not clear. >> so nice to see you. you're going to get on a jet plane and go see your tar heels play. >> good luck to the heels. >> gonzaga my thing, but i'll be happy if your team wins. thanks. 180 staff members unveils holdings of the white house team. and interesting some from
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michael flynn did not include speaking fees. he was paid to speak for a state funded russian -- flynn's lawyer says the first filing was a draft. and gary cone filed $75 million in income, that's income. he disclosed a number of stock holdings, he is the economic director. also known why goldman sachs is also known as government sachs. >> one wealthy cabinet. ahead president trump warning china to stop north
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korea's nuclear am bibitions ore u.s. will do it. more on that next.
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all right. critical meeting, president trump meeting with the chinese president on thursday, he is warning china to get north korea under control or says the u.s. will go it alone. let's bring in will ripley live in beijing, set the table or maybe he's broke the china already. that's a terrible joke. could china just fix the north korea situation? and also could the u.s. just fix it? >> reporter: china would tell you they can't stop north korea's nuclear program. they think the united states is to blame in leader kim jong-un's
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determination to grow his arsenal of war heads and missiles with a potential additional nuclear launch imminent. china continues to trade really they are the only meaningful trading partner with north korea, responsible for their growth which is really minuscule. they don't want to see a destabilized north korea, that would be catastrophic having people pouring into china, but they're not letting themselves get lured in by these somewhat provocative words from president trump even though they are less provocative than on the campaign trail. he made a point of saying how much he respects chinese
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president xi jinping. we know there was a meeting between rex tiller ton ason and china's top dip plomat. but they are going to try to get what's best for wchina. he played be shinzo a babay. >> he doesn't want them out playing d playing. >> a corrupt sport. >> this is a good piece on, we'll tweet it out. maybe he wants to set friendly relations with president xi jinping, let's look at what's
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coming up on "new day." curious about what you think it is how politically risky it is with gorsuch and what could be coming down the road with a pick? >> i think you have to look at it in terms of culture, what's wrong with the filibuster, it's just a procedural rule, the democrats started this and they kept the supreme court somewhat exempt for reasons, but what's this issue really about? it's about culture. are you concern that the senate will devolve where the house is, where the culture is completely detox fified where nothing can done, literally legislative constipation, would you want that in the senate. that's what they are saying where the risk is, they can go ahead an filibuster then the
2:50 am
senate majorities republicans change the rules like they did with harry reid. it's about culture. and i know the word constipation caught you up there, dave. >> it did. it did. >> pun intended. gorsuch means a lot here, his age. where he is from a jurist standpoint. what will that mean for the vote. also we're going to pick up on what you were talking about the golf, dealing with china, dealing with north korea, the president make a provocative statement, we can do it alone. how? we'll discuss it. >> chris cuomo, pearls of wisdom. the second day of the quarter will the rally run on? we will see. cnn money next.
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>> . in just a few hours, the intelligence committee will hear testimony of the russian interference. this coming with airstrikes that killed civilians. a kremlin spokesman telling the abc news that the relationship is maybe quote worse than the cold war, what's behind that? >> reporter: it could be true, in stark contrast to the expectations of what this trump administration was going deliver between moscow and washington, he was introducing all sorts of
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ways of rebiuilding the relationship. working on the national terrorism, cooperating on the war on syria, none of that though has come to pass and led to the dashing of all the hopes certainly on the russian side and from the amount of criticism about russian's activity in syria, in the past couple of days the russians have been returning the compliments criticizing u.s. military action with the civilian deaths caused and the u.s. saying that isis is using civilians and baiting them to attack them. why did the u.s. bomb these buildings with civilians, doom them to death. so that has not come about. should be a interesting meeting. let's get a check on cnn money stream.
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stocks high on a second day of the quarter. asia closing with gains overnight. three things investors want to see as we start q2 first progress on tax reform, this is the big prize, second an economy that keeps humming, a monthly jobs report this friday, finally strong corporate profits the expectations are really high here. earnings growth forecasted to be the fastest in five years. >> tesla delivered a record number of cars, jumped 69% about 25,000 vehicles the majority were the model s, more than 1,000 x suv. shareholders have been patiently waiting to see tesla ramp up production and get through the thousands of pre-orderers s on
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books. the president said i can't talk about timing, i don't want to talk about when we'll get it done. i'm focused on health care. that was the "financial times, n n" investors want to see. there's a lot of the disagreement about border adjustability how to treat imports and exports. differences between what paul ryan and his team would like to see and maybe what reince priebus and bannon -- fascinating stuff. thanks for joining us this "new day" starts right now. enjoy the national championship and baseball. a critical week for president trump starts today. >> we need to see definitive actions by china. >> it is hard not to interpret statements as a warning.
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>> if it comes to the necessity to protect ourselves, we have options on the table. >> wherever the russia evidence takes us is where we go. >> when i see the president use the word fake, it should setoff alarm bells. >> neil gorsuch will be confirmed. >> mitch calls it a filibuster. we call it the 60 vote standard. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome viewers from united states and around the world. this is monday, april 3rd. president trump facing the critical week of international diplomacy yet. he is being provocative ahead of the meeting with the chinese president. would the u.s. act alone on north korea? >> military threat from pyongyang clearly at the tonip
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the president's agenda. today, president trump meets with egypt's president and jordan's king. all this over the showdown over the supreme court nominee with the vote this week. it is day 74 of the trump presidency. we have it covered for you with joe johns at the white house. hi, joe. >> reporter: good morning, amimo alisyn. the president meeting this week as the administration takes the most important steps yet on the world stage. meanwhile, playing in the background, questions of collusion with the campaign and the russia investigation. president trump kicking off a critical week of diplomatic talks. hosting egyptian president abdel fattah el sisi at the white house and then a sit down


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