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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 4, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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all the president's men, i'm don lemon. the white house in turmoil, war with the press and the truth a. congress woman saying some people may end up in jail. is president trump taking a page from president nixon's book? plus, advertisers deserting bill
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o'rhymely, 20 people pulling their commercials from the o'reilly factor. five women who accuse the fox news superstar of sexual harassment and verbal abuse received settlements totaling $13 billion. that's one pricey o'reilly factor. the co-creator of show time the circus and richard nixon the life. mark, we are 75 days in, we have there russia cloud over the white house, it seems to be getting thicker every day. tonight president castro from the house spell jens committee, watch this, this is what he said to wolf blitzer about the russia investigation. >> have you seen any hard echdz of collusion yet? >> well, i guess i would say this, that my impression is i wouldn't be surprised that after all this is said and done that some people end up in jail. >> really? and how high does that go if
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your suspicion or that's all we can call it right now? >> well, that's yet to be determined. >> but you think some people are going to winds up in jamie, not just one individual, but beam e people pleural, is that what you are saying? >> that's my impression, yes. >> he said he wouldn't be surprised if people ends up in jail. we know two more trump's panel has connections, two congressional investigationsnd way. have you ever seen a more interesting shall we say start to an administration? >> as a circus, that's for sure, that's why we bought the show back. no, usually you don't have this kind of thing ever in the administration much less in the first 100 days. it may hit a huge distraction when the trump administration is trying to get their footing. so the problem is that you have most of your capital and you can do most of it as a president in the first 100 days. when you have these distractions
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and hearings going on, it's hard to get through those major priorities you set out in the campaign. >> did the president call the russia investigation fake news, which it isn't? you have a new biography out of richard nixon. a lot of people are drawing parallels between trump and nixon. is that fair? do you see snit. >> i think there is a lot of coincidence the penetration of the dnc, allegations of eaves dropping and wiretapping that leaves everybody sort of to make that quick comparison. i'm not so sure that the case has been made yet. there is still an awful lot we don't know t. one thing i will say is that the trump aides are acting like the nixon aides acted. which is they're not making a clean breast of this getting it off the table quickly. they're dodging, making diversions. that's unfortunate, because i think that could lead them down this same path that nixon is in. >> as you are watching this, mark, you watch oum of this play out, do you agree with what john
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said? you are behind the scenes getting a perspective of this i don't think most people get? >> well, it's kind of an insult to the nixon administration to compare. they knew what they were doing. you know, in the case of the trump administration, they came in as disruptors. they came in with a very shallow bench. i work with an administration that it was a bush. they had been if power, around power for generations. so they had deep, deep benches of people put into positions. >> are you saying they're inept? >> i'm saying what trump campaigned on, he was going to disrupt, do things differently. he's not doing it in a traditional way that any other president has ever done it. there are consequences for that. part of the consequences are that you have a group of people who haven't dealt with a corridors in power before. i think a lot of these are probably low crimes and misdemeanors of people having meetings that aren't aware they were supposed to have meetings.
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we will find out later in congressman castro's. that's a serious allegation. the problem is, at the bottom line at a time when you should be using most of your capital, you are being diverted by multiple investigations going on. i am spending my time all over the hill today, they're all hearing about russia. >> i think you may have spoken similarly to what you have said before, maybe they just don't know. maybe it's just ignorance, maybe they don't know they were meeting with people. maybe the game before was about making money, we don't know the conflicts of interest how they work. the washington post is reporting this, the seeds of chaos can be found in the transition, which he says went off the rails almost immediately. do you see evidence the white house is learning from their early misstep? >> no, not at all. and you know, market talk, you could never imagine james baker letting this go on the way it's been doing. you could never imagine andy
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card let this go on or dig cheney let w -- had something eat away at a presidency like this it's unprecedented. my republican friends out in the country are scratching their heads, this is not at all what they expected. they expected a republican president sid and a republican congress. i think because he has the republican congress, if he was somehow to get a grip on his impulses and bring in a pro with some professionals, he could have a successful presidency. but every day that goes by, it just adds to this feeling, you know, this is the marx brothers for duck soup begoneia. >> okay. let's talk about course correction, they report trump's inner circle was given 30 binders of material, detailed road map to guide the team through the transition successfully. they chose not to follow it. how does that compare to past
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presidents? if they went back and bought the the handbooks, could they do course corrections by that? >> well, donald trump has shown no signs of following anybody's rulebook but his own. i will say part of what trump does successfully surprise people especially when nay have low expectations. you had some conversations i know about the health care bill. i'm getting some pretty strong signals just tonight that this thing may get back on track. >> that would be a huge surprise pulling that back out now. >> do you think they can do it by -- because they leave on friday. >> well, i don't know about friday, don, i'm just saying that everybody has buried this thing for good. you know, at least for the next year or two. i think there are some pretty productive meetings going on with key players. >> that would be classic donald trump, to pull that pack in and get a w on the board sometime in the near future. he may have a very successful meeting with the chinese leader. so this week is the stage for him to be a foreign policy
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president. and we have been dealing mostly with domestic issues, we'll see on the international stage. >> if he get it back on board, is it health care or appeal in place or fixing obamacare? >> i think it could be a version of repeal and replace. it's ultimately a thing where it gets sent down in the states where it becomes a federalist approach. >> let's talk about a different subject here, sort of. i want to play a clip of the interview with ivanka trump. gayle king from cbs. watch this. >> did you ever face police it that jared and ivanka are police it in what happened to the white house? can you weigh in on how you feel about that? there have been article, parodys what do you think about that accusation? >> if being policomplicit is wag to -- is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive
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impact, then i'm complicit. i don't know that the critics who may say that of me if they found themselves in this very unique and unprecedented situation that i am now in would do any differently. >> ivanka's role in the white house is somewhat mysterious. is the president well served by surrounding him with family, loyalists with no government? >> i don't think that there is anything inherently wrong about that? ion kennedy had bobby kennedy as an ad advisor, certainly, if she brings good ideas and moderation to the president, it's great. it's a win-win for everybody. the problem is it seems she is one voice in many in a choir that's not singing off the same sheet of music and you have a president dashing off to florida to play golf and not doing the tough stuff that he promised he was going to do to solve the issues that are facing working
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america. >> mark mcken non, co-creative executive producer of "the circus" inside the greatest show on earth. the first episode of season two is sunday, right, on show time? is that the first episode, am i right, or the second? >> it will be the fourth. >> oh, i was wrong on both of them. i want to play a clip. then we can talk about it. >> we got a few president. you all know who the new president is. right. so a lot of people in the country are talking about that. one word to describe president trump. one word. >> crazy. >> okay. >> business. >> disrespectful. >> trouble. >> trouble. okay. >> interesting. >> money. >> complicated. >> ungrateful. >> troubling. >> misled. >> careless. >> surprising. >> confused. >> unexperienced. >> truthful. >> hard working.
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>> unpredictable. >> you know they say from the mouth of babes, they're 5th graders. what did you take away from that? >> they were amazing, we took last week, part of what we wanted to do is get outside of washington, hold a mirror up in america to see how the country is responding, we went to wisconsin to new orleans, and the net take away is a couple things. one, people are paying attention like they've never paid attention before. you have 5th graders talking about executive orders, we had a national civics lesson going on the thing about donald trump is he got everybody to pay attention and learn about their government. the other thing is america is not nearly as hysterical in washington as the media is and everybody else in d.c. even trump's strongest opponents are saying, listen, it's only 60 days in, you know, we've seen tougher times and greater challenges and we survived those, so, there the a sense in
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america, where there is high levels of concern, but there is also a sense that, you know, we have guard rails on our democracy, we have gotten through tough times. we will get through this those for donald trump are excited about what he's doing and shows no sign of their support waning at all. >> not a mistake, let's hope. >> thank you, gentleman, when we come back, company after company pulling commercials from bill o'reilly's show the stunning allegations. nd 70. alright, and before that? you mean after that? no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire? oh yeah sure... ok, like what? but i thought we were supposed to be talking about investing for retirement? we're absolutely doing that. but there's no law you can't make the most of today. what do you want to do? i'd really like to run with the bulls. wow. yea. hope you're fast. i am. get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change. investment management services from td ameritrade.
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>> tonight we have all the reports against bill o'reilly, at least 20 companies pulling support after five women received settlements of $13 million. a regular says o'reilly broke her promise after he rejehe rejected her advances. >> i just want a non-toxic work environment for my daughters and their generation. we need to change the system. the work place is not a mating marketplace and if you are looking for a date, do like everyone else and go on and tti. >> let's discuss, a former plaintiff against bill o'reilly and fox news alan dershowitz, author of "taking the stand,py life and the law."
8:17 pm
lisa plume an attorney for o'reilly accuser wendy walsh. it's good to have all of you on. let's talk about the particulars, start with you, 21 advertisers have pulled their ad from "the o'reilly factor." so what's going on here? >> well, look, i mean, it's movinger, treatmently fast, 24 hours ago, one advertiser had pulled their advertisements from the o'reilly factor. as we were going into the commercial bragg before this discussion, it was 20. now like you said, it's 21. i want to read you the statement that fox news put out if regard to the matters in full. we value our partners and are working with them to address their current concerns about "the o'reilly factor." at this time those clients have been reexpressed into other fox news programs what that means is that the advertisers are pulling out of the o'reilly factor, but they're staking with fox news, 21st century fox. so this sort of financial department being made by this
8:18 pm
boycott is not quite as extreme as it would be if they pulled ut en masse. you can see there is pressure on fox news, on bill o'reilly. you have to anticipate at the very least, bill o'reilly is going to have to issue an extraordinarily full-throated explanation and apology for what happens here. >> interesting. i think you think alan where the rubber meets the road. he calls it the no spin zone. the huffington post is calling him the no sponsor zone. you say it's -- >> it's the democracy at work the market in moderation. if you live by the ratings and you die by the ratings and the advertising revenue. this is a real check and balance on somebody who is supposed to be a check and balance on government. in the end, he's going to have to have a full investigation. fox has no choice. they're going to have to hire louis freed, former director of
8:19 pm
the fbi or somebody like that, the way they did in the penn state case and have a complete, independent and full investigation. let the chips fall where they may. if he and any woman that makes a complaint deserves a full investigation. any man who is complained against deserves a full investigation. i think both sides would benefit from a full investigation. >> i will ask you this, a former producer who accused bill o'reilly of sexual assault. this is back in 2004, of sexual harassment. in 2004, bill o'reilly settled the case. they settled with three other women since then. i spoke to a woman last night who accuses o'reilly of inappropriate behavior in 2013. are you surprised that your lawsuit didn't change the absence of bill o'reilly or fox? >> not at all. as a matter of fact, many big companies have window dressing. they set up what they call a hot line and they say, you know, if
8:20 pm
you call in the hot line, can you go to hr, it's going to be taken care of. it will be anonymous. and there will be no retribution. you won't be retaliated against, and that's most of the time not true. >> you are not surprised? >> i'm not surprised at all. i'm also fought surprised more women have come forward because when someone operates the way he's operating in the past with reference to my client, they always continue. always. >> here's what's -- i'm surprised. because i think the culture is changed when you, or is changing. we're in the middle of a change in the zeit guides here. do you think this time i'm wrong with that? >> i this i the culture is changing in certain ways, mercedes benz not only was the first advertiser to pull out of bill o'reilly's show, thank you, mercedes benz, they did it with
8:21 pm
a statement because they support women's equality. they gave a statement about supporting women's equality. i encourage every advertiser as you go on your way out, before you turn off the light, make a supportive statement against sexual harassment in favor of women's equality. on the one hand, corporate america reflects those values, on the other hand, we have the president who is the gropeer in chief. we have bill o'reilly who would never have a job at any other company in america except fox news with this number of allegations with $13 million in payments and women after woman coming forward. fox news covers for him. you have to ask the advertiser, why do you stay at a company that covers for a person leak this, why not pull out entirely? >> this is the national organization of women. they are calling for fox to fire o'reilly it reveals a cruel misogyny that runs to the car of his character, women have the
8:22 pm
right to go to work without facing harassment, fox news doesn't get that basic concept. what kind of message do you think this sends to employers if, you know, hearing this from the national organization of women and the fact that he's had these allegations before him, lisa, and he's selling there? >> it's absolutely appalling. in the press conference yesterday, i called no for an independent investigation. they hired their own attorneys to protect and represent them. they did not do an independent investigation. they did the investigation employers do to protect themselves. i called for the division of human rights in new york t. state agency that's supposed to protect the right of women, people of color and other disenfrmped groups. i recorded the code section which empowers them on their own motion to do an investigation. it's rarely used, but it's legally very sound. this was a perfect time for them to do that.
8:23 pm
we had over 30 women, according to published reports who have brought sexual harassment complaints against fox news formally or informally, in a time for you to use your power. get in there. do your investigation, make findings and clean house. >> you are saying inconsistent things. i agree, there should be a complete and thorough investigation. you are saying they should fire him before there is an investigation? let's hear the recording. every woman who makes a complaint is entitled to have her complaint investigated. every man who's complained against is entitled to have those complaints investigated. >> yes. >> we should all be in favor of a completely objective investigation and then if the investigation establishes that he's guilty, he should be fired. but if it doesn't. >> i will say something that benefits morelli camps say. i will tell you something he can't say. he represented them in 2004. now there are recordings.
8:24 pm
>> but you want to hear what happened at the time when i represented andrew macris. they hired epstein, becker and green, came to my office, negotiated for two days, and the next day they said the case will be settled by 10:00 tomorrow morning. at 10:00 that morning, instead of settling the case, they sued me for what they called civil extortion, which does not exist in the laud and it was unethical what they did. okay. because what i'm saying is that they don't only attack the victim, the person who is charging them with sexual harassment, but they attack the attorneys, too. >> right. >> because they want to stop the attorney from bringing the lawsuit. most attorneys who represent plaintiffs come from either small or medium size laurms and -- law firms and these companies
8:25 pm
hire the law firms to crush plaintiff attorneys. a number of plaumlaw firms aroue country, civil rights law firms, called me, they wanted no represent me for free. what they didn't anticipate was an hour-and-a-half they sued me in nassau, i sued them in manhattan and did a press conference with 60 journalists and reporters, i stole the narrative from them. but i didn't back down. >> so that speaks to the culture s. that a corrupt coupleture or how the law works? >> it isn't how the law works and we could speak to an expert right next to me. >> and we will. we will hear from you. everyone on the other side of the break, we'll be right back. you're here to buy a car.
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>> fox news advertisers go around a show in the wake of sexual allegations, this comes less than a year after the networks chairman roger ails resigned over a sexual harassment scandal, but what does this say about the culture of fox? back now with my panel. you say they tried to crush the little guy. bill, you wanted to weigh in on
8:30 pm
this? >> i wanted two quick points, one is if terms of this desire for an investigation, which obviously everyone on the panel seems eager to have, there is a federal investigation taking place right now into fox news and how it handled payments to roger ails no the women that accused him of sexual harassment, now i understand that that is a different sort of investigation. i do believe that an investigation like that by the district court will unearth new material that might be relevant to this case t. second thing i wanted to point out. it goes to what benedict was talking about, about this hot line. i talked to many sources inside of fox news, sources close to fox news this notion that somehow the hot line was a place where women could go, where they can call and set their frustrations or speak up about sexual harassment that they had experienced, no one i talked to, many of the women i talked to
8:31 pm
never even heard of that hotline. many were scared to call that hot line, they feared retribution and failed that roger ailes when he was there might have been tapping their phone ep. the notion that the hotline was an outlet for them. >> lisa said the same thing last night. >> i think fox talking about the investigation probably has to announce or reserve that now to its shareholders that they may be liable for a significant amounts of money and publicly held operations have an obligation to disclose to their shareholders when they are vulnerable to these kind of potential lawsuits. i think they're hitting fox where it matters, o'reilly. i still want to go back to the necessity for having an objective investigation to protect both of us. we don't want women's accusations simply to be believed. we don't want men's denials to be believed. we need a thorough and complete
8:32 pm
investigation. >> i think most people agree with you. when it starts to be four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, it's like with, you know, cosby thing. there is going to be a trial and in the cosby case, we will get a result. >> lisa, why would any women talk about that hot line? but with reference to that hot line, if you listen to a bill o'reilly set in the last couple of days, he is trying to say no one complained to hr against him. no one called a hot line. this is ludicrous. all right. and it's not a defense. and he would be much better off seeing that we know that a lot of this is very, very true, to say nothing because what he's saying is not true. >> lisa.
8:33 pm
>> force fox, this is not my first case against fox news, i am happy to talk to women. first of all, it's the alert line, 21st century, their own policy does not require people to use it. it's simply available. there is no law, who was on the other independent of the hot line? no idea. the roger ailes theory. >> you know who is on the other ends. >> who? >> someone who will report back to the company. >> of course. >> make sure they retaliate. that's who the on the other end. >> this is a complete red hering. i don't care about fox news shareholders, i don't care about rich, arrogant guys like bill o'reilly. i care about women and women's sexual rights. when we are not talking about comments up to including sexual misconduct and sexual assault, we are talking women's careers, women over and over afen who have accused people of sexual
8:34 pm
harassment and been driven out not only at fox news but often out of the television industry, themselves, that's been in the "new york times" and agency articles, to get in-depth interviews, that's why it's so important. that's why we need to keep our human rights, we is entrusted to protect women's rights. >> he said if women come forward, usually they never work again. >> in the television industry, look at andrea -- >> i know lots of people who wanted to file skrim nation charges, whether african-american women, what have you. they don't do it because they don't think they can get another job. >> the state board does the investigation. they can set up a hot line. we're, no, is obligated to kind of a trusteeship. where they're obligated to have a hot line where the reports come to the state agency. they can do the investigation. the state agency can protect the women instead of having to call the very, very people who might be able to fire you.
8:35 pm
>> so let me ask you this i think everybody thought for the most part roger ailes built it. he's gone. do you think bill o'reilly can survive this? >> you know, that's probably a question that's very, very hard to answer. because one thing that we know about the world and especially in america, it's not about protecting people. it's about protecting profits. but there is one way he can survive, if he demands an investigation and he fully participates. we're talking about how he can survive. if he demands an investigation, he produces all the records and materials, he opens up the settlements. if there are tape recordings, he allows them to be play ed. >> if he's innocent. >> we were discussing roger ailes on this program. what do you think? >> i think it's disheartening if we can pull back. it's certainly disheartening for many of the sources at the
8:36 pm
company that i've spoken with, is we have been through this movie before. and when roger ailes was ousted last summer, there was a sen series feeling 21st century fox was serious about what it said was a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment or any behavior that made female employees uncomfortable t. fact that the company re-upped its contract with bill o'reilly after paying out $13 million in set himments to at least five women that creates a culture where people don't have a trust in that pledge and don't have faith in the company. i think that's what's so hard here in terms of giving this company the benefit of the doubt. we seen it once br, we see it again, i think it's time for transparency. >> fox news the conservative leaning network of family values, then have you this happening, how do the viewers back that up? >> you have books on family values t. reason that he's paid
8:37 pm
out this money. that's what he said a couple of days ago is because he doesn't want to hurt his children. he would never do anything to hurt his children. he better stop hurting women? we'll see how the investigation comes out and what comes of it. thank you. we come back, congressman elijah cummings calls one of the president trump's advisers, a white supremacist type person.
8:38 pm
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top democrat in the house making a blunt assessment of president trump's top aid steve bannon. here to discuss is adam goodman and simone sanders, and van jones. good evening, everyone. mr. jones, this morning, representative elijah couplings had strong words for steve ban none, he is speaking about martin luther king, jr., on this the 49ing anniversary of his assassination, listen to this. >> in a way, he would be pleased to have seen the first african-american elected president to the scene, for people like me and others who need opportunities that would not have had them back then, but at the same time, when we see a
8:42 pm
guy like bannon pull as far as i'm concerned a white supremacist-type person sitting in the white house sitting in the white house and i'm paying his salary. i think he'd be very disappointed. i think he'd be disappointed with all the hate talk that we saw and the climate. >> what do you think, right on? too far? what? >> he's speaking for an awful lot of people. there is a deep concern about bannon's background, yet, this whole thing, we now politely call the alt right, which is a made-up marketing term for white nationalists and white supremacists. bannon has had a relationship with those people through his publication and that is just very, very disturbing. i can't imagine if there is some other kind of hate movement that obama, i want somebody from that hate movement. there is a pub alreadyer for the people in the hate movement in
8:43 pm
the white house. so if anybody would have stood for that. people that know bannon say they think well of him. but this sort of record is disturbing for a lot of people. i think cummings is speaking for those people. >> do you think that mlk, jr., that he would be very disappointed, he said the current administration? >> no, i don't think that he would be. i think the difference between congressman cummings, who i have a lot of respect for and dr. king is that i don't believe dr. king would have gone out and said these insulting words and unsubstantiated claims against people that he was going to work with. the difference between dr. king and congressman cumming, i believe, is dr. king was willing to come to the table, sit with these people, work with them. he knew j. edgar hoover had history and was on the record saying things we probably would not like about black people. he's willing to work with them and put those things aside to
8:44 pm
get it done. i think dr. king was at the able to. >> congressman cummings has harsh things to say about the president and about other people and elijah couplings has said he is willing to work with this white house. >> that's true. >> the democrats that showed up at the inauguration. it's not like he is unwilling to work with president trump. he is giving his assessment, he is very outspoken, you are talking about dr. king here. >> right, i don't know if congressman cummings ever met steve bannon. i don't know if he knows him personally, to go to the level of calling him a white supremist-like, i think is beyond the pail, can you say you don't like him, you don't like breitbart, that's fair, to go across the line and go into somebody's personal character when you don't know that for sure on a public stage like that is a line too far. >> let me bring some numbers in here for you, according to a new survey by the city of chicago, there is a huge partisan divide between republicans and
8:45 pm
democrats and so they asked whether arkin americans are worse off economically, because most just don't have the motivation or the will power to pull thems out of poverty, 55% of white republicans agreed, 26% of white democrats. why do republicans believe that in such high number? >> i can tell you there is a problem with racism on both sides of the divide. >> that there is too much of it. i wonder if i can, don, comment on the bannon part, because bashing bannon has become a sport in a town where ostracizeing, demonizing, one uping your opponent seems to be the way to go. what is not being discussed that certain terms of african-americans in america today is after eight years under the former president, where we had stagnateing wage, poverty on the increase, we had homeownership decreaseing, why after eight years of failing to advance in terms of economic empowerment, suddenly a new
8:46 pm
president with what 70-some days in office is being judged as unable to deliver. i think this is normal washington one hundredsmanship. >> he was talking about bannon, not the president. >> i think owe o'. >> you know, i hear that all the time, people saying eight years, do you think he is going to turn over hundreds of years of history in this country in eight years with a president that many people didn't want in office. they said their first order of business was to make him a one-term president. do you think he would be able to turn over that big ought try and racism in eight years? >> absolutely not. >> what's the point then? >> well the point is -- >> when you do you el with issues that came to race, he's not just the president of plaque people. he's the president of all people. dammed if he did, dammed if he didn't. anyway, i don't want to go back. >> that's the right question if you are asking, don. this is a president who of course scored more support among arkin american, spanish than
8:47 pm
mitt romney in 2012. he has a chance to economic empowerment in my opinion to advance the wall. >> simone, you want you to weigh in, i didn't get the full question, where the blacks are inherently lazier, 42% of white republicans agree, compared to white democrats, that shocking? does any of this surprise you? >> no, don, because i mean i work with a lot of people right now that do polling, focus groups and people are living in selos. facebook is designed for you to see things that you only like. if you don't like what you are seeing, there is a motor or mechanism to make sure you don't see it again, folks live in silos. that's what we seen in this late effort polling. i think we have to break down these silos. i think it's why, i think it's important that we have candid conversations like this, make no misthey any issues that were present in the african-american
8:48 pm
and latino community were there prior to president obama and under the obama administration, we had 75 straight month of sector job growth. folks made real gains, like i said you can't undo 100, 246 years of slavery. you can't undo that in a year. so we have real work to do as a society and community, but you know, we need some actual gains, some actual policies on the table. >> we have much more to talk about. i have to take a break. stick around. we will talk about that and kendall jenner being called tone deaf, why people are not happy with the commercial.
8:49 pm
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8:52 pm
and we had a good laugh about that. [laughter] that's a commercial made the johnsonville way. jenner unveiled her new ad for pepsi and quickly became part of a back lash. ♪ we are the lions, we are the jones ♪ ♪ we are the movement this
8:53 pm
generation ♪ >> don. >> go ahead. >> literally they used kendall jenner to call out the resistance to sell a freakin' can of soda. there were no people in riot gear as there often are. this is absolutely crazy and it had a white woman in the center of a movement when it's brown men and black women putting their lives on the line. i'm a coke drinker. >> i don't care who's that front of the movement. if there are white people who care enough to talk to about these issues, there's not a
8:54 pm
problem. beyonce used lemon aid to prove her point, kendall's using pepsi. >> here's the difference. i think that authenticity really matters. we're in the age of authenticity and there's really no prior reason to think that she cares about any cause. so you have this weird generic cause. i don't think it was a good move for her or pepsi. if she wants to establish a track record of caring and then doing it. >> can you blame her though? >> yes, i can. >> if somebody offers you that amount of money to do the commercial? >> not that commercial. she should do commercials she's authentic about. >> there were a lot of critiques about beyonce coming out with her video because she's been silent about the movement before that. >> beyonce has funded a lot of
8:55 pm
people and got a lot of people out of jail. >> and you don't know that kendall hasn't done that. >> i know people in the movement and the movement don't know kendall jenner. >> i don't know that she has but i didn't know that beyonce had either. but they both want be to engaged and that's fine. >> they only have to run the ad a few times to get the message across. is it the right message? >> the beehive is coming after you, paris. >> get him. >> bye, y'all. wll ♪when you've got...♪ ♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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in the city of chicago violence knows no age limit. until recently they were on par with the highest homicide rate in tedecades. leaving some people afraid to go outside. meet jennifer. >> we are in a state of emergency here in the city of chicago. five, six, seven year olds are losing people they love and care about. i'm a law enforcement officer but i'm also a mother and a member of this community. we can't arrest our way out of this. once i saw that there was another side to policing, i
9:00 pm
thought that i could do more. >> you see how officer maddox gets people caught in the cross fire and while you're there, nominate someone you think should be a 2017 cnn bureau and don't miss unseen enemy. the story of how a deadly disease could turn into the next pandemic. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. be right back here tomorrow. good evening. tonight after weeks of seeing one puzzle piece after another, something new happened. the puzzle itself just got bigger. it now stretches to the indian ocean a string of islands where a meeting took place making headlines. the brother of a trump cabinet member and


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