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tv   New Day  CNN  April 6, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> and the effort around them, he helps the shows around him. >> if the ratings say as they are, they have no reason other than public posture they were cleaning house to do what they want. >> what kind of company do they want fox to be? advertisers are speaking out because the big companies are trying to have more social responsibility. >> thank you both very much. to our international view viewers, thank you for watching us. for you, cnn news room is next. for the u.s. viewers, a big meeting between china and the united states. let's get after it. >> these heinous actions by the assad regime cannot be tolerated. >> the world has an obligation to protect the people of syria. >> if russia has the influence in syria it claims to have, we need to see them use it. >> the world is waiting for him to lead.
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>> we have a big problem. that is the country of north korea. >> this is a real test for the president. >> i believe susan rice abused the system and she did it for political purposes. >> we are not going to let the white house distract us. >> the president removing steve bannon from the national security council. >> three months? it seems like three years. foreign policy has to be consistent. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to "new day." america first policy put to the test with several controversies. he said the chemical weapons crossed the line. the question is what will the u.s. do? >> meanwhile, president trump meets with the chinese president a few hours from ynow. it is day 77 of the trump
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presidency. we have it all covered for you. we have joe johns at the white house. >> reporter: good morning. a defining moment for the trump administration. as a candidate, trump railed against china and trade policies and promised a win at the negotiation table. today, as he comes face-to-face with the leader of china, for sure trade issues will be on the table. these two world leaders will have more to worry about. >> these heinous actions by the assad regime cannot be tolerated. >> reporter: president trump confronting crises during a week of high stakes diplomacy. including the meeting today with president xi jinping. >> my attitude toward syria and assad changed. >> reporter: the president opening the door to greater action in syria in the wake of
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the horrific chemical attack pe perpetrated by assad. >> when you kill innocent children, innocent babies, that crosses many, many lines. i do change. i am flexible. i'm proud of that flexibility. i will tell you that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me. >> reporter: a significant shift for a president in the past has advocated against inter convenience venetia intervention in syria. and fought for a ban on syrian refugees. >> i'm putting people on notice that are coming here as part of the mass migration, that if i win, if i win, they're going back. >> reporter: united nations ambassador nikki haley warning the united states may take action if other countries fail to respond. >> when the united nations continues to fail, there are
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times we are compelled to take our own action. >> reporter: a starkly different tone from her comments days ago when she told reporters our priorities is no longer to focus on getting assad out. those comments and others from secretary of state rex tillerson prompt bipartisan rebuke. >> the remarks we are no longer going to go after assad as one of our major policies, i believe caused assad to do what he did. >> i don't think it is a c coincidence that we see this. >> how many more children have to die before russia cares? >> reporter: president trump condemns the kremlin, but in lighter terms telling the new york times, it is a sad day for russia because they're aligned. north korea's latest ballistic missile launch presenting
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another major test for trump when he meets with the chinese president today. >> we have a big problem. we have somebody not doing the right thing. >> reporter: china's role in the north korea nuclear threat will be a point of conversation. the president has knowledacknow will be difficult particularly after the criticism of china on the campaign trail. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. that's what they're doing. >> reporter: the visit of the chinese president to mar-a-lago today assures that the administration will be moving quickly beyond the upheaval that occurred yesterday with the removal of the president's powerful aide steve bannon from the committee of the national security council. chris. >> a lot of questions of what that means. we stick with breaking news. we have developments in syria. russia said what happened there
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is a mondstrous crime. they still won't say what happened. turkey's justice minister is going further. they are saying they have done autopsies and results show that chemical weapons were used in the attack. 86 people so far known to have been killed. many more injured. that's the reality of what's going on in syria. we have images of the aftermath. yes, they are disturbing, but they are the truth. emergency workers took more than 30 victims of the attack to turkey. where three of the victims have since lost their lives. some of those killed included young children. turkey blames bashar al assad's regime for carrying out the attack. >> how will donald trump deal with the crisis? we have gordon chang and david sanger.
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national security correspondent for the new york times. david, let's talk about syria. the president had a belated response to the sickening images of the chemical attack. once he saw the images, he admits how much it impacted him. that is what turned his point of view to now thinking something has to change in syria and something has to be done. where is he? how do you interpret the president's latest words? >> it's a little hard to interpr interpret, alisyn. the president tends to react to what he sees. i think the emotion is what we all felt. huge horror. we have that huge horror now for five years since this all began and certainly through the chemical weapons attacks. the question now for the president, i think, is threefold. first of all, can he get the russians to actually intervene
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and stop this in a way that president obama and secretary of state kerry could not? that's going to be part of the task for secretary of state rex tillerson who is going to moscow next week. previously scheduled. if what will be the administration's first face-to-face encounter with vladimir putin. the second big question is can the united states define and can mr. trump define what his objectives are? what he didn't do at the press conference yesterday, does he want to intervene and protect the conversation? does he want to try to change the regime? and so far he has not described that. i'm not sure they figured that out. i think the third question is for a president who argued so strenuously during the campaign
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and before he was running, that the united states should stay out. is he actually willing to risk american lives to go into what is a huge humanitarian crisis for us, but not a strategically vital crisis for us? >> what do you make of the change in attitude from congress? we should remember that president obama got straight with what crossed the line and didn't. he went heavy into thinking military action should be taken. he got rebuffed. saying the american people didn't want it. they didn't have resolve. this time congress is chirping saying there is a menu of options. they are laying it out. both parties. could that make a difference? >> it could make a difference. ultimately what president trump decides to do and david makes the point, rhetoric does not make policy. you have a viseral reaction to
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that. he has to decide what to do here. what is difficult when you see the images. there is a 24, 48, 72 hour which people are outraged. people say we have to do something. unfortunately, we have seen it before. david makes this point. this is not new. we have seen this before within weeks, the resolve starts to fade because of the geopolitical concern. the resolve starts to fade. other things happen in the world. our attention span moves on. that's the question here. how much does donald trump care? he clearly actually genuinely is fae affected by the images he is seeing out of syria. what does he do about it? does he act soon or does he lose momentum and go on to other things and move on? which sadly is the blueprint of
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the practice that we have seen over the past few years. >> gordon, let's talk about another crisis. north korea. the president has said recently north korea is china's baby. that's the language he used. in other words, it's their problem. today it is front and center as the president of china comes. what do you expect to see from the first meeting? >> we don't expect to see too much, i think, in terms of substance. the white house on tuesday said there was going to be a framework we establish with china. that means they are kicking the can down the road. the real problem is north korea is our problem. within four years, they will make a nuclear warhead to a missile that will hit the lower 48. that will drive the assistance to north korea. things like the ballistic missile program. nuclear weapons program where
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north korea is getting help from china. >> chinese said they are not helping them. we talked about how you believe that is not true. what is the risk of bait and switch where trump is going into the meeting probably as a top priority is a win. china can offer that with nothing to do with north korea. david sanger made a point. they can offer investment. we can put money into the united states. that's a win in trump's eyes. >> is certainly is. because trump said things, it creates reality for him. rhetoric is not poliicpolicy, b rhetoric causes problems for him. that creates a dynamic that has to be considered down the road. i'm concerned that what you have is trump talking about the clock running out on north korea. you know, that's not only a threat to force, but imminent threat. you have the threat of syria.
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neighbori nikki haley talking about that. the thing that concerns me. adversaries on both sides have links among themselves. this problem wican spread from e side of asia to the other. >> in terms of china, we hear the u.s. doesn't have leverage and an agenda to take kid gloves approach with north korea. why don't they have a vested interest in stopping the craziness in north korea? particularly they don't want a refugee crisis on their hands from people pouring in from north korea. >> chinese have a long-term interest in north korea. this poses more of a threat to china than to us. on a short-term basis, north korea is advantageous for china. every time north korea does something provocative, we become distracted. we don't talk about south china
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sea and taiwan. we go to beijing and ask for cooperation. that creates bargaining chips for chinese. on the short-term, that is how leaders in china think. this is really good for china. >> david sanger, to the subject of your piece this morning. the president watches cable news. he sees the images. anybody with a heart is going to be affected by them. now there's different talk than decidedly what was said days earlier about syria. could the same thing happen during the two days with the chinese leader? >> it could. i think where we're headed in syria and russia is something more akin to american policies. you could see that happen in china's case as well. in the case of china, you have a new leader in president trump going up against a now fairly
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seasoned leader in president xi. i think gordon had it exactly right when he made the point that to president xi, north korea is useful as a buffer and distraction away from the trade issues and south china sea. what does that mean to president trump? he has to try to layout to president xi as convincingly as he can, that the cost to china of letting this problem fester is going to be high. that means that he's going to have to describe how the united states will deploy more than just missile defense that is currently installed in south korea and china surrounded by a lot more u.s. military. a lot more missile defense which the chinese really hate. the question is can he be convincing on that. the other interesting question is for president trump to decide. i doubt he raises this with president xi.
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we reported last month there is a very large u.s. covert program under way to try to sabotage the north korean missile program using cyber and electronic means. i think one of the big questions does president trump have the confidence that program gives us the protection that we need. there's a lot of reason to suggest it may not. >> chris, the last word. >> i would say this is a week that president trump has been tested. he says he is flexible. he is going into a meeting with the country that he condemned more than any other on the campaign trail. that "rape" quote i forgotten about that you played earlier. this is the person who has built his campaign in his presence on the idea that he can make the best deals. he can sit in a room with adversaries and make deals other people can't. at some point on health care, we saw, that not work out. he was not able to convince the
4:17 am
freedom caucus and moderates. let's see if he can do more. >> a window into how extreme trump's comments have been that c irk cillizza forgot. >> panel, thank you. how is donald trump's reversal on syria playing out in the republican party? we will ask senator ron johnson when he joins us next.
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it's concerning that the secretary of state 72 hours ago or last friday said the future is up to the people in syria what happens with assad. almost nodding to the fact that assad stays in power. i don't think it is a coincidence we see this. >> welcome to reality. to president trump when it comes to syria. now new questions about how he will handle the crisis in syria. the president says that seeing the images on television of the kids and people who were killed
4:22 am
by what is believed to be a n noxious gas affected him. joining us now is ron johnson. chairman of the homeland security and governmental affairs committee. you have a big hearing coming up today. i want to talk about that. what is your take on the emerging international crisis? the latest chemical attack brought syria in sharp focus. you heard rubio. do you share his reality on this? it is time for the u.s. to do more. saying assad is safe and not our concern was a mistake? >> good morning, chris. first of all, that is not how i interpret ra interpreted the secretary of state's comments. i never believed they got rid of all of their chemical weapons. what secretary tillerson was talking about because of the inaction of the previous
4:23 am
administration and world community, assad and russia and hezbollah and iran, asserted their position in syria. that will not change anytime real soon. what we need to do is focus on the next step. we need to defeat isis. we have to start asking questions. what is the primary ground force to defeat isis in raqqah? who will hold that ground? once we do that, it changes the conditions on the ground. we can put pressure on the assad regime. i don't know what the trump administration's reaction is. after the last chemical attack, i spoke with then ambassador powell. my counsel to her was strike soon. don't wait. i will back you up. they did not do that. they waited. they dithered. they came to congress. it was way too late at that point. you act. what we have to do is we have to
4:24 am
defeat isis. that has to be the first action. >> this attack we are dealing with right now is not about isis. except it emboldens them. it powers their case that everybody is trying to kill them and isis is their salvation. putting that to the side. i'm talking about what senator rubio said. he is saying assad is safe was a mistake. you seem to suggest that you would be in favor of doing something? >> i don't believe that is what secretary tillerson was talking about. >> it is not secretary tillerson. i'm talking about senator rubio. >> i don't believe secretary tillerson was saying assad would be safe long term. i don't see how somebody who slaughtered 500,000 of his own people will stay leader of the country long term. short-te short-term, because we have done little, they have solidified position. we have to defeat isis.
4:25 am
this is an affront to human ty. i think targeting convoys there, hospitals, that is an affront. the previous administration and world did nothing. we need to defeat isis. when we take out isis in raqqah, it will be a two-fer. we eliminate that caliphate. we eliminate the inspiration that isis has had by existing and we change the conditions on the ground in syria which means we can act and try to stabilize the situation. >> they are two things. assad is not attacking isis. he is attacking who he believes is a political opponent to him. some belief russ-- how do you d what just happened to the kids
4:26 am
and people on the ground by attacking isis? they are different fights? >> i don't want to telegraph what the administration will do. i will support actions against the assad regime. i'm saying what is most effective right now. our next step is really substantive. this will change conditions on the ground. defeat isis. hold that ground as we move forward. we could declare no fly zones. we can probably enforce them. more difficult to do it now than it would be require to russia entering the fray and putting in better surface-to-air missiles. things are complex. we need to start acting. the substantive thing is defeat isis and hold that ground and it changes the equation on the ground. >> you also made a point that national security should be our priority. protecting the homeland. yesterday, you had a big hearing with dhs secretary kelly. what came out of that that the
4:27 am
american people need to understand? >> first, a great deal of consensus that our border is not secure. my senate colleague said she is not aware of any senator that is not worried about securing the border. now we have to fill in the details. i think secretary kelly was appropriate in terms of all of the above options in manpower and technology and barriers in the right spots. we will approach in level headed fashion. we are all committed. democrats and republicans have to be committed to securing the doppler rad border. >> one of the headlines is kelly saying we are not having a wall from sea to shines sea. we will have other things. that is a contradict of what president trump said. >> i thought the wall was a m
4:28 am
metaphor for securing the border. now we finally have an administration who is committed to securing the border in whatever shape and form that takes. we do need better barriers. we had border patrol deputies and chiefs telling us fencing works. we need more of it. we will do it in a thoughtful manner. secretary kelly is going through the study. we will go through step by step and introducing technology and building manpower force. fixing personnel problems to hire the people to keep the border secure. >> senator ron johnson, i never heard the president refer to it as a metaphor. thank you for being on "new day." >> have a great morning. does president trump have a plan for syria? what do democrats think about it? we get the other side next. g wo d has never been easier.
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i will tell you that attack on children yesterday had a big
4:33 am
impact on me. big impact. it was a horrible, horrible thing. i've been watching it and seeing it and it doesn't get any worse than that. my attitude toward syria and assad has changed very much. >> president trump changing his stance on syria after a chemical an attack that killed at least 86 civilians including children. this as the president meets with the chinese president. what will the president do about the international crises? we have gary peters of michigan with us. thanks for being here, senator. >> great to be here. >> what should the white house did about the chemical attack in syria? >> it is time to take a strong stand against assad. i heard the president's comments yesterday. we're not sure what that means. he had a change. we do know that previous
4:34 am
comments where perhaps assad should stay and not get involved. that should not be the case particularly after the horrific attack on syria. >> you are calling for assad to be ousted? >> absolutely. he has no business being there. he needs to go. and i think the trump administration needs to make a strong statement to that effect and also actively engage the russians. we have the russians denying this activity. they are clearly with assad and i think this is probably another test for the trump administration. are you going to continue to side with the russians or are we going to have a path for america? trump should try to work with russia to get them to condemn assad and make sure the world community unites to push him out. he simply cannot stay. >> it is fair to say the administration's message on the
4:35 am
fate of assad has been mixed. as recently this week, you heard ambassador nikki haley saying that is no longer a u.s. priority getting rid of assad. yesterday, she said something that sounded differently. i'll play what she said. >> when the united nations consistently fails in its duty to act collectively, there are times in the life of states that we are compelled to take our own action. >> senator, what does that mean? take our own action? >> i'm not sure. i don't think any of us know what that means. we have foreign policy from the trump administration that is all over the board. they are okay with assad one week. then they are not. they will take direct action. you cannot run foreign policy by reacting to the events of the day, but not giving direction. that is why you have incidents like the one now with the
4:36 am
chemical attack. you need firm, consistent foreign policy. the world needs to know where the united states is. the trump administration has no idea. they are making blanket statements that have no substance. i think it is an example of why we need to make sure we have a state department to function and bring diplomacy and consistency to foreign policy. that is surprising that the trump administration is basically trying to slash the department of state budget. our diplomats. our folks who are experts in the area to provide advice of how we have a consistent strong policy. >> senator, frankly, you make it sound easy getting rid of assad as that is the obvious answer, but i think the trump white house said in the past that regime change has not always proven easy or worked out well. what happens then? you get rid of assad and what happens the next day?
4:37 am
>> i have to take a variety of steps. i won't say this is easy. you have to get the world community together. you have to make sure the russians are not there protecting assad. the russians are not our friend. they are not a friend to the world community. they are causing chaos in that area. he needs to go. we also need to make sure we're protecting the syrian people. i have consistently talked about having safe zones that require the world community coming together to have areas where people can feel safe. the world community can step up and provide that type of security. the syrian people have been at war for far too long. the tragedy there is absolutely catastrophic. it is time to find some stability and it is a multistep approach. it starts with getting rid of assad. it leads to safe zones to keep the people safe. we work toward a political solution to bring people together. >> sfet enator, i want to ask a the meeting with president trump and president xi.
4:38 am
they will talk about another crisis. that is north korea ballistic missile testing. i know your concern is closer to home. you want the president to press the chinese president about unfair trade practices and things that affect the people of your home state of michigan. if the president presses china's president on that is stufstuff,t that diminish issues in north korea? >> i think it is essential he pushing the economic issues. we should stand up for american jobs. that should be priority when he meets. you mentioned the dumping of steel. we have trade violations across the board. the united states has to let the chinese government know we will not tolerate the behaviors anymore. we will have swift and tough action and trade enforcement. we have to deal with currency
4:39 am
manipulation which is an ongoing issue that impacts our ability to have fair trade. we compete with the chinese every day as long as the rules are fair. chinese don't have that view. they take advantage of us every step of the way. the president needs to make it clear the united states will not tolerate that. >> senator gary peters, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> chris. all right. so fox news bill o'reilly got a huge boost as a defender. the president of the united states weighs in. this is not the first time the president has taken the man's side of a harassment allegation. we have the history of it next. areere to sit idly by we are leave a mark. experience a shift in the natural order. experience amazing. whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies.
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outbreak of severe weather has been pummeling the southeast. in alabama, parts of atlanta are under water. you can see here crews rushing to rescue these folks who were stuck in the flood. cnn's meteorologist jennifer gray has the forecast. what are you seeing? >> alisyn, it is not over yet. we had almost ten tornadoes reported yesterday. the threat is still there. not as great as yesterday. we will have that tornado watch in effect for portions of virginia, north carolina. zooming out. we have strong storms in north florida. we will see a wet day across the east. a bad day for travel. look at the radar.
4:44 am
showers coming through new york city. impacting places like boston. here is the severe threat for today. damaging winds, hail, isolated tornadoes. this is in an hour. you can see richmond in the rain. d.c. getting that as well as we go through lunchtime. new york city will be wet for you. as well as boston. chris, watch out for flooding as well as travel delays. thank you. i appreciate the update. another story this morning, president trump defending fox news host bill o'reilly against sexual harassment allegations despite no knowledge of the allegations, trump said o'reilly should not have settled and he thinks he did nothing wrong. this is not the first time the president defended high powered men. cnn's brynn gingras has more. >> reporter: as bill o'reilly fights off sexual harassment claims, donald trump is in his
4:45 am
corner. the president saying o'reilly is a good person and quote, i think he shouldn't have settled. you should have taken it all the way. i don't think bill did anything wrong. five women accused o'reilly of sexual harassment received payouts totaling $13 million according to the times. the cable show host denies the allegations. more than 30 advertisers are pulling their dollars from "o'reilly factor." the comments may seem like deja vu as the president defended roger ailes when he was sued for sexual harassment last year. trump characterized ailes as a good person. >> i can tell you that some of the women that are complaining, i know how much he helped them and recently and when they write books that are fairly recently released and they say wonderful things about him and now saying horrible things about him.
4:46 am
>> reporter: trump was criticized for seemingly blaming the victim decades ago after fighter mike tyson was convicted of raping an 18-year-old beauty pageant. >> mike tyson was railroaded in the case. a young woman dancing for the contest. dancing with a big smile on her face. looked happy. >> reporter: the president's recent remarks about o'reilly comes days after declaring april national sexual assault awareness month. many women went public with allegations during the campaign last year. that after this notorious audio leak of trump bragging on a bus. >> they let you do it. you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: trump called it locker room banter. he said he is a changed man. >> anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflkt wect w
4:47 am
am. i said it. i was wrong. i apologize. >> reporter: brynn gingras, cnn. the first foreign policy is being put to the test for the trump administration. what is the trump doctrine? two people who worked for george w. bush's white house discuss how they see it next. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and. neutrogena® hydro boost hydrating tint. wake up skin. the first water gel foundation with hyaluronic acid it plumps, quenches... delivers a natural, flawless look.
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president trump is facing international crisis. you've got consequences for what happened in syria, potentially in north korea and russia. the president's america first policy is now being tested. what exactly the trump doctrine. joining us now two former officials in the george w. bush administration. former bush speech writer and current senior editor of the atlantic. so david, let me start with you. it was meddling doesn't work. we're going to stay out. we're going to fight isis. we heard it loud and clear from tillerson and haley just within
4:52 am
days. and then coincidentally or not, you have this bombing or ugly images and now we see a change. >> one of the defining characteristics of donald trump and america's adversaries in the world have surely noticed this is he issues threats and does not execute them. we see that at home and abroad. i think we're all glad he doesn't sue every newspaper he threatens to sue. but adversaries notice he doesn't see the newspapers he threatens to sue. he doesn't carry out the allegations of voter fraud. and i think international adversaries are taken the mark. >> matt, marco rubio says he thinks it was a mistake. he doesn't think it was a mistake that one day assad hears he is not on the u.s. radar and the next day he kills kids with toxic gas. what do you think?
4:53 am
>> a pretty serious charge and comments from marco rubio, but it shows you that words matter and a moment to reflect on the fact that the whole world was watching when they talked. there is a lot of pomp and circumstance, and then really hits. and the world is a very scary and dangerous place and this rather green foreign policy team is having to confront it. >> what do you think we're having to do here? the window is not that big. what we saw in 2013 was every bit as bad and much worse than what we just saw. so nothing happened there. yes, you're getting more chirping out of congress to do something now than you did out of obama back then, but do you think anything happens that is materially different? >> if that's to me, chris, the
4:54 am
concern i have is this, we continue to follow this kind of false choice of do we knock out a dictator or do we knock out the terrorists or do we knock out both? what i worry about is air strikes only go so far. they sound great because it doesn't sound like there will be boots on the ground. but the fact is if we're going to get serious, it is a big deployment. we have done this in other countries and we look back at a country and say was that the right way to approach it, being that interventionist, that aggressive? i think the real question americans have across the cro country is do we put our brave young men and women in the military in between radicalized suni and shea and let them lose their lives and say what was it for. >> but americans are also going to weigh and measure the
4:55 am
president based on what he's promised to do. that's happening at home and with promises abroad. they have crossed too many lines. now i feel differently. north korea will go it alone. he had written in looks he had thoughts of going after north korea. will he act on those words? >> look at the north korea situation. the trump administration's idea seems to be to put pressure on china, to put pressure on north korea. why didn't anybody think of that before? everybody has thought of that before. how many instrumentalities do you have against china and how do you use them? donald trump has one fewer and that is that he and family are financially beholden to the chinese.
4:56 am
the chinese just tried to give the kushner family a $400 million bail out on a troubled office building on fifth avenue. the chinese recognize how the trump family does business because that's how their leaders do business and they understand if you put a little something on the table you get a warmer smile. but taking those makes it difficult for you to say this time it's different. this time we really mean it when we say you have to cutoff your trade with north korea. >> using that word e mo. you don't like what he says, why? >> it doesn't make any sense because if there is any power on the globe that the u.s. has been toughest on, it's china. >> what do you mean by toughest? you mean how he's talked because
4:57 am
there is something to what david's saying in terms of his actions. he wants to be close to china with his business relationships. politically he said they're raping the u.s. >> most observers would say he is dramatically changing our position vis-a-vis china. i know it's true because everybody in washington is panicked over what this means. the one thing i see is this, which is no longer are we going to shed america's interests. i think he's going to put america's economic interests front and center. and i think china understands this very clearly as well. i think we can make all of the -- you know, david could make all the charges he wants about the ethics around donald trump's business, but at the end of the day, the ethics is overseen certainly by ivanka and jared, some of the most premier
4:58 am
democratic lawyers. they have set this up in the correct way. yes, it is unconventional. but nobody can question the fact that donald trump is going to be tougher on china than we have seen on any president in the last 20 years. >> we'll have to see on what he actual dly does. last time i checked, lawyers do what you tell them to do. >> the ethical thing he's talking about is the collapse of fannie mae. that's the first time on air any republican has referenced her at their moral guide. but these are new times. >> we're following a lot of news here on new day. let's get after it. >> when you kill innocent children, that crosses many, many languages. >> this would not have been possible had they not had the cover putin has given. >> how many more children have to die before russia cares?
4:59 am
>> north korea's capacity is increasing. you have to communicate your willingness to take action. >> be strong. don't led china continue to take advantage of us. >> i think the national security advisor advised things will go better if mr. bannon returns to a more appropriate role. >> what has gone on here with lawful, appropriate and pretty routine? >> this is new day, with chris cuomo and alison cam rot toe. >> good morning, everyone. president president is feeling t the weight of the world today. this after seeing the images of children choking on gas. what action will the u.s. take? >> same question looms over trump's biggest world leader meeting yet. the president of china, will that tough talk lead to progress
5:00 am
on trade with china. or with north korea, how can trump come away with a much needed wineed ed win. >> a very busy day. live at the white house. joe? >> reporter: chris, this really is a defining moment for president trump and this admi administrati administration. as you said he railed against china and his trade policies on the campaign trail. he promised a big win at the negotiation table. now going face to face with the leader of china certainly trades will be an issue. but these leaders have a lot more to talk about. >> these heinous actions by the assad regime cannot be tolerated. >> president trump confronting multiple international kgs nati including today's meeting with the chinese presiden


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